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August 21, 2010



Miami vs Oklahoma 1986 - 3rd quarter part 1

I was at this game... Oky was a power house ... they were undefeated ... no other teams they played could stop that wishbone... watch this.... JJ against Berry


You see Shannon on the kick off team on the replay of their fumble.


the OB was electric that day.


Put me down for Telemaque and Berry as my LOF.

Posted by: SwagGirl | August 22, 2010 at 09:29 PM

I gotchU! Good to see u on the blog.

U need to hook up with OcalaCane and get U some of that FRESH roasted coffee. He's opening a coffe shop near down town Ocala in the next few months too.


the OB was electric that day.

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | August 22, 2010 at 10:13 PM

I was there with U and indeed, the OB was EN FUEGO with energy that day!


did i read somewhere that someone transferred? Whats the scoop?

Posted by: raizecane | August 22, 2010 at 09:53 PM

Just Collier to USC which U already knew.


Look I don't ask for much, and I give a lot.

PLEASE click and post a comment:


Is that too much to ask?


OK this poll is CRAZY! More people (35%) think we will beat OSU AND Pitt on the road than think we will beat FSU, UNC and VT at home (26%)! WTF?

Total Votes: 126


UM will beat VT, FSU and UNC at home



Miami will lead the NCAA in sacks with 48



Miami will beat both OSU and Pitt on the road



Jacory Harris will win the Heisman trophy



The Hurricanes will lead the ACC in rushing



Miami will average over 35 PPG


Did Captain Optimist find a way to vote 50 TIMES? LOL


New article from Justin at The Miami Hurricane student newspaper:



I voted for the two road wins. I think we will squeak out a victory against OSU and absolutely blow out Pitt, who I think is way overrated. The FSU game is a real trap game on the schedule, coming after three consecutive ranked opponents. I fear injuries will happen, and if they happen in the wrong places, OL or MLB, it could make FSU difficult. I think FSU will have one loss by then (maybe even 2) and will need a win badly.

I think we easily handle NC this year. But VT is a talented team on offense. They are loaded at running backs this year and they did dominate us last year. I am still concerned about stopping running quarterbacks and Tyrod Taylor is a good runner and an improved passer. While I don't think their defense will be as good early in the year they get the advantage of playing us late in the year. I think that game will be for the division so it will be tough.

orange 'n green in the vein

I voted for the upsets, I actually think The 'Stache could be the tougher opponent. They ran a really efficient pro-set power I offense last year at times.


IMO there's no way a one dimensional team like Pitt, breaking in a new QB making his first start ever against a defense like ours, can beat us.

And Wannstedt is so freaking conservative there's no way he lets a young kid take any chances.

They have a hell of a young RB, but he'll be lucky to survive the game if he tries to run him 30 times.


I think it will be an interesting match up for the Canes DBs to go up against the Pitt WRs ... Brandon Harris has to be matched up to Johnathan Baldwin

Baldwin is a legit 6'5 230 lb WR who had over 1,100 yards receiving last year and 8 TDs

The other Pitt WR will most likely be Mike Shanahan, a 6'5 220 lb kid - who knows which Cane will draw him

I don't even really think twice about how Brandon Harris is going to be this year - last year he made me shake my head a few times though on coverages or how he played a WR off the line .. but he still made more plays than he missed

Brandon showed a lot in the FSU game, when he was called for a bullsh*t PI at the end of the game on a 3rd & 3 with :17 seconds left on the Miami 9, which allowed FSU an extra 4 downs -but- he came up HUGE when matched against a taller WR (Fortson) on the very next play when FSU tried a fade route up top

Funny that the 2 DEs for Pitt who make the most impact are from Ft.Liquordale and Coral Springs ... just more players to add to the well known fact that everyone recruits the state of Florida, and usually those players don't exactly sit the bench


Pitt also has 3 new OLineman, at both Guard spots and Center

Dion Lewis between the Tackles? Would be surprised to see if they run him primarily there

They have 12 days to prepare for the Canes .. actually, it's more like 21 days to prepare for the Canes b/c they play Utah as their first game on 9/2, then they play New Hampshire on 9/11 and then play the Canes on 9/23

They shouldn't even take more than 2 days to prepare for New Hampshire - they'll be looking forward to the Canes hours after they play Utah their first game


Don't forget about the Tigers in the valley. Here's a video to remind you guys what its like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1GcKVHqYu8 See "U" in Clemson....chumps

the "U" is America's team

Gville Tiger....ur boys still lost the ACC title game.




Steverino(This guy isnt scared of work)







"He was very forthcoming about what happened at the end," Schlabach said. "I'll be honest, I tried to get a little more out of him than he was willing to give. He told me over and over that he didn't want this to be a book about Bobby Bowden being mad.

"He said, 'I tried to be nice and classy, but I had to tell the truth.' I think he's upset about how it was handled."
Read more:


….Defensive end Allen Bailey said he’s impressed with freshman offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson. The 6-foot-8, 335-pound Henderson is “ a strong dude. Kind of agile for a big boy.” Bailey is arguably the strongest player on the roster, but said using his strength against Henderson “would waste a lot of energy.”
Read more-


Bryce- NCAA




Gville Tiger, Take one of these every morning, Its what I do!


solar is wise and knowledgeable...

Posted by: DZ8 | August 22, 2010 at 05:05 PM

No, no NO!


And Wannstedt is so freaking conservative there's no way he lets a young kid take any chances.

Posted by: pb | August 22, 2010 at 11:22 PM

Don't understimate The 'Stache.

Even a blind squirrel...


See "U" in Clemson....chumps

Posted by: GvilleTiger | August 23, 2010 at 01:40 AM

Tiger...if you are gonna post a comment on our blog don't come sneakin' in around 1:40 AM. Man up and be more upfront about it and check in around 8 PM tonight for some lively discussion.

In fact I challenege U to post three reasons why Clemson beats Miami in 2010?

And U can leave out home field advantage, we will graciously give you 3 points for that but not a victory.


'I'm out to close my garage door before DZ gets over here"

This dude is hilarious...ROTFL!

All-Time LOF: Offense Steve Walsh (the accuracy and touch on his passes was amazing). HM: Kevin Williams

Defense: Rusty Medearis, Sean Taylor & Tiger Clark (most passionate and balled out of control in big games).

Seantrel has been stoning AB in practice...I knew it..lol!

Heard Shannon had twin boys on the way: Justin Nicholas ("just a nick") and Flaron ("flyin aroun") Can Shannon stop saying"freshmens" out of context and also stop calling Seantrel....Shantrell..I know girls named Chantrell...lol!


Tiger...there are several of us going to the Clemson game. We would love to meet up for some FRIENDLY tailgating. We'll take photos and put you and your possee up on our blog. If you are interested in having some rivalry fun email me at:



Tiger, something like this:


But don't be surprised if we take all of your women like this:



Best QB we'll play this season: Christian Ponder (including whomever we play in a bowl game).

Hardest game this season: FSU

Pitt is a tougher team than OSU, but the OSU game will be tougher because of the hype and refs (they will try to impact the game..especially in the "High Heel"). Pitt would beat OSU head to head.


Thank you Native!!! The Early Bird is SO convenient on The Space.


I'll just wait outside your garage with a tub full of Kool Aid, the orange and green kind solar!


People who think Clemson is going to be a pushover now that Spiller is hurting the Dolphins twice a year are in for a rude wake up.

They have excellent talent on their defensive line AND secondary.

They have returning starters on the o line.

A talented, returning QB and two talented RBs that got PT last year.

Also that game is AT Clemson *after* we play Ohio St and Pittsburgh.


Unless F$U somehow improves that poor D alot from last year, they will not hang with the `Canes for a full 4

I dont think we as fans have quite been able to grasp how dominate this D is going to be

We have fallen in love with the O and rightfully so but this D will be able to shut down the opponents more then in previous years

Nation be an alert!!!!!


Thats true DZ8..Clemson will be tough. OSU would 7-5 vs. our schedule this year and UF would be 9-3.

SOUP, thanks for going back to a 2007 post that you vaulted...to make me look stupid..lol!

I guzzled the kool-aid straight back then. The worst part was that I asked for it...kids...smh.


We haven't been able to grasp it because we haven't seen it.

I agree that the defense will be very good, but they aint dominating if Jacory throws 17 int's again. I don't know why people would be in love with the offense. It played inconsistently in 50% of our games last season: Wake, UNC, Clemson, VT, Duke, Wisconsin and set the defense up to fail with turnovers.


For years I thought

Kool Aid Induced Optimism Syndrome or KAIO was unique to Canespace.

Then I stumbled upon this and find Captain Optimist moonlights in Japan



Looking over some of our opponents strength this coming season

Here is the UNC defensive backs 2009
hihite reel
I appears 12 of their opponents qbs had sore thumbs the day they played UNC.

Give these dudes credit they were in the right place at the right time every time no matter who they were playing



And that drumming in the James Brown Payback song is pure funkalisious.


What did J12 have before the UNC game? 12 picks in 9 games?
see solar, I can do rational

On the plus side he didn't throw any picks his last two games!


DZ Jacory will throw some picks again because hes a gunslinger, and I love that wants to throw deep and strike quick.

He is bigger and stronger and he won't get a lot of those same throws picked this time around.


back in awhile


you forgot wiser


Thats the wrong one .. now i cant find it...


I guess this kid is transferring to come play for Coach Morris

Cade Kreuter .. 6'5 195 lb kid - which means he has some raw power that he'll grow into

He was mainly used as DH for USC last year, didn't field a ball all year long

70 At Bats .. .243 BA .. 3 HR .. 6 RBI .. 12 BB .. 4 HBP .. 37 Ks (insanely too many)

He had the 2nd most walks on the team but led the team in strikeouts - weird




I'll still take this kid as a possible DH over how Ryan Perry was at the plate this year at DH for the Canes


On September 2nd, 2009, #11 Miami defeated Florida A&M 48-16 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. The Rattlers struck first as kicker Trevor Scott booted a 32 yard field goal, but it was all Hurricanes after that.

Miami scored 31 unanswered points as Leonard Hankerson and Jimmy Graham each caught touchdown passes from Jacory Harris. Mike James and Lee Chambers also had short touchdown runs. Miami would predominantly feature backup players in the second half, and that led to the Rattlers having some success offensively.

However, it was unwittingly a strategy that might have seen the Hurricanes find their featured tailback for the upcoming season in then seldom-used Damien Berry. Berry ran for 162 yards on just 14 carries and played his way into becoming part of a three-back rotation for UM for the rest of the season.

Posted by: SOUP | August 22, 2010 at 01:00 PM

I leave the blog for a few days and anarchy hapens....The date we played FAMU was October 10th in 2009. Our first game was against FSSCREW and we were urnaked..."Featured Back for the upcomming season".....the season was half way through?? The fact police have been notified..lol



Here is typical nonsense from Bleacher Report. I do not hate Clappy at all, he was a nice man, but not a HC.JMO

Aces & Canes

LOF picks: Ojomo & Thompkins, better late than never.

C A N E S.....Canes!!


Hey native, nice link to the 30 for 30 opening credits but I think that its funny that the #1 suggestion on the right of the page for that video is Lada Gaga - Bad Romance. LOL.

DZ8- You are absolutly right. You guys should listen to him.

Soup- Reason #1 We are 2-1 against Miami in the last 3 meetings. (Yes I know you guys beat us up here)

Reason # 2 We still have the QB that ripped your secondary to shreads last yr.

Reason #3 Our two RB (Ellington & Harper) are more that capapable of replacing Spiller.

And just for junk talking purposes- Reason #4 Jacory Harris is good but is HIGHLY overated.

And I will definitely take you up on the tailgating invite. That's what we do up here. I just hope you are willing to get to the game 8 hrs early because thats how we do.

And to everyone else, don't get so upset. Junk talking is what college football is all about. You guys should know that because Canes fans are the best at it.

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