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August 17, 2010



in there like swimwear!





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^^^^^^Sorry rented fingers^^^^^


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New U

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Stupid Gator alum tricks-


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soup-- thanks for the blog and for the follow up links-- got my "fix" for the day!


By Chris Low
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The scheduled series between North Carolina and Tennessee, which was to be played in 2011 and 2012, will likely be shelved.
Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said Monday night that nothing has been finalized, but that the two sides are currently in the process of trying to work out a contract buyout.
With an already demanding schedule in 2011, Tennessee had requested that the North Carolina series be pushed back until later this decade, according to Hamilton. But the Tar Heels weren’t interested in moving the series, leading to the current talks centered around Tennessee paying a penalty to get out of the series and nixing it all together.
Tennessee was scheduled to play in Chapel Hill in 2011 with North Carolina scheduled to come to Knoxville in 2012. The Vols’ 2011 nonconference schedule also includes Cincinnati, and Hamilton said he wanted to “break up” that stretch of games that starts with Cincinnati the second week of the season and then includes trips to Florida and North Carolina followed by home games against Georgia and LSU and then a trip to Alabama.
With North Carolina likely to come off Tennessee’s schedule, Hamilton said the plan was to add an eighth home game during the 2011 season against a non-BCS team.
Tennessee opens the 2011 season against FCS power Montana, which was a recent replacement for North Texas.


kyle parker did sign with the rockies...lol.. but he can still play? is that even right though??

i dont trust K-Rob either. Like with S.Henderson i think that K. Nelson will start by the Florida St game...best players will play


So, does this mean the Canes are the VERY FIRST gaame of the season?


I thought Wake Forest had the 5:30 slot?


I think unc lsu is the very first game ungar


but no, it is wake

Marshall at Ohio State 6:30 p.m. BTN (HD)
Minnesota at Middle Tennessee 6:30 p.m. ESPNU (HD)
Northern Illinois at Iowa State 6:30 p.m. (CSNC / FSMW / FSSW) (HD)
Southern Miss at South Carolina 6:30 p.m. ESPN (HD)
Towson at Indiana 6:30 p.m. BTN (HD)
DII: West Texas A&M at Grand Valley State 7:00 p.m. CBSC (HD)
Pittsburgh at Utah 7:30 p.m. Versus (HD)
USC at Hawaii 10:00 p.m. ESPN (HD)
Games not selected for nationally available networks.
Eastern Washington at Nevada 8:00 p.m. TBA
Florida A&M at Miami 6:30 p.m. espn3.com
Florida Atlantic at UAB 7:00 p.m. TBA
Hampton at Central Michigan 6:00 p.m. TBA
Murray State at Kent State 6:00 p.m. TBA
Norfolk State at Rutgers 6:30 p.m. espn3.com
Presbyterian at Wake Forest 5:30 p.m. espn3.com
Rhode Island at Buffalo 6:00 p.m. Time-Warner (cable)
Southeast Missouri State at Ball State 6:00 p.m. TBA
Southeastern at Tulane 7:00 p.m. TBA


So UNC LSU is the college season kick off game, and they play AFTER about two dozen team... makes sense

aight catch you guys tonight


I know exactly what you meant.

I read all about how we have the best student athletes and and everything.
Then I hear them speak in interviews and you realize what a sham the whole athletes are students is over half the time.

I'm not saying every jock is a dumazz,
When you hear guys like Jon Beason or Vilma speaking it makes up for a bunch of JJs and Kirbys.

Think Emmitt Smith

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Coward-azz SEC schools don't want to get their azzes whooped, too scared to go on the road to play anyone.

And to continue the 2001 talent comparison, the glaring-enormous difference between that team, as well as the 2000 team, and this team, is at LB. GINORMOUS difference. No comparison really. We won't have a group like those two for another 2 years. I hate that Futch didn't get a medical RS.


Bg callin out the gaytors on rivals radio...lol


Here is a stat sheet that compares where teams were ranked preseason and where they actually ended up.

Much to everyone's chagrin you will note that Boise State is the most underrated team since 1989, no matter how we try and spin, dilute or dismiss them.

The Canes meanwhile can thank the 06,97,95,and 93 editions for not coming close to their preseason ranking, bring the Canes into the highly over rated category.

We are just about to change that one though.


Posted by: solarcane | August 16, 2010 at 09:10 PM

I have known about that, just chose not to mention it. However,it is tough to be underrated when you start out the season ranked #1. BSU would proceed to go through their weak schedule and not trip, so they would pass teams with a loss. Miami started out much of the 2000's way up top, with no room to move up.

But still, the 93 team can't really be held too responsible, and the 95 and 97 teams, weren't they under probation? And 2006, we all know what happened there....

Glad you got the chance to look it over.


ungar yea I was gonna do an article about that stats sheet a little while back, but never got it fleshed out.

I think a lot of it is teams with an elite status history start out ranked too high quite often

Miami, FSU, Ohio St, Oklahoma for instance.

The thing is to not plummet 10 spots over the course of the year, for a decade.

Say you come in ranked 5th and end up 7th for instance compared to dropping a top 10 into the 30s.

OK this time i gotta go

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, OSU is perenially overrated and plays a schedule like SEC schools....scared to go on the road and play big non-conference games.

Boisie's the same though. They play an Oregon school every now and then the usual random suspects.

They're well-coached though, as I've said since the SS days. But this ranking is ridiculous because the top four teams in either division of the ACC would walk through their schedule undefeated.

VT should take care of this nonsense though.



take a look at this


Bg callin out the gaytors on rivals radio...lol

Posted by: Nashvillecane | August 17, 2010 at 09:25 AM

Had to do it. They are so arrogant!


It sounds like we are crossing the line to play the U level of football on Saturdays. Randy and the other guys who have been interviewed talk about the difference this yr in the level of talent on the field and the intense competition. We will see this yr by the games...if the best team we face is in practice.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Had to do it. They are so arrogant!

Posted by: bg1906 | August 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM


BG, what did they do/say?


"When you hear guys like Jon Beason or Vilma speaking it makes up for a bunch of JJs and Kirbys.

Think Emmitt Smith"
Posted by: solarcane

This is America, and in America we don't speak no EFFIN' "english", We speak AMERICAN. Now tell me, when's the last time that you replaced the word can't, for the word mustn't. What the hell does JJ need to master "english" for, it's not like He was planning on attending law school or anything, hell, you need to learn more Latin for law school than anything...SO FIZNUCK "english"!


Had to do it. They are so arrogant!

Posted by: bg1906 | August 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM


BG, what did they do/say?

Dude had come on bashing FSU and saying they've never had any good RBs and that UF was the shizzle and all that normal Gayturd Jazz.


Ferman's latest...

Chase Ford

I'll have an interview with him online later today but it's becoming very clear that he is going to have an impact this season is having a very good practice today


For anyone interested in downloading the 2010 Football Media guide, here you go: http://issuu.com/sportsmedia/docs/2010_um_footballmediaguide


CaneRock - are you serious?

Because if not, that was kind of funny

But if so, that was kind of scary and sad


I don't care what language you speak. Just speak with some intelligence. I am racist towards ignorance!

Education is simply wasted on the young.


Lee Chambers, it might not be a bad move after all…

Chambers was an All-State cornerback coming out of Coffeeville (MS) High School, where he had four career interceptions.

“I had fun with it in high school,” Chambers said. “I was recruited mostly for corner; I just loved running the football so I took my chances on that.”

ESPN thought so too…




OL Jermaine Johnson has worn jersey number 89 at recent practices.

Normally he's No. 78.

The number switch wasn't a case of a ripped jersey or personal preference.

It's because Johnson is also working at tight end.

"It's going well," Johnson said. "I'm helping the team out, the run game downhill. So that should be good."

Johnson won't be catching many passes as a tight end, though. He's working as a blocking tight end - he never played tight end in high school and the only passes he's caught in his career have been for fun.


"CaneRock - are you serious?

Because if not, that was kind of funny

But if so, that was kind of scary and sad."
Posted by: Six

Sad, please explain?
Yeah, I was BS'in around in the way I said it, but I BELIEVE in the context of what I said. Have had plenty of discussions about it going all the way back to grade school,remember getting kicked out of "english" classes because of it. Look, as many people as you run across in your line of work, do you really give a damn about they're regional dialect, do you really think less of people because of they're use of the AMERICAN language. I know that post of yours was a slight at that young man for using so called "ebonics", but can we get some equal opportunity slights for "valley girl talk" to. I took my boys to 3 football camps this summer, and the common them was "character over intelligence". And I don't remember any one of the speakers at those camps saying anything about grammar being a character skill. But hey, if that's how you want to continue to judge people, then maybe it's sad for you...


Thomas Sowell has some good points on ebonics etc...



If Storys' story is true it sounds to me like he's not a villain.


English was my bestest subject, lol.

Biggest and Brightest U fan ever!

Go canes! We are going to go 17-0!


17 year old Bryce Harper signs a 5 year / 9.9 million contract.


Something just not right about that.....



I quit high school in the 10th grade to help pay for my dad's hospital bills.
I slaughter the English language on a daily basis, as anyone that reads Canespace will tell you.

When a kid gets a free ride to an elite school, and is too lazy to even attempt to speak English, yea I think it's sad.
I'm not directing that at JJ or Freeman.

Those were just two Canes I remember mumbling and stumbling through interviews with tough questions like "What are the teams goals this year."

I'm glad to hear you say you were just diking around.

The more we let things slide as a country, the easier it gets to accept being below average at everything we do.

francis w

Just received an email from Canes ticket office, my season tickets are on the way. The times probably are not posted yet or at least I'v not seen them so other than Fl A&M @ 7:30 Sept 2 paitence is required.

francis w

raize I believe he convinced the team to put him on the 40 man roster.That starts a clock for his rise to the 25 man major legue roster. Even the Pirates did not do that for their #2 pick in the first round. Nor the #2 pick in the second round BTW both H/S pitchers.


"I took my boys to 3 football camps this summer, and the common them was "character over intelligence". And I don't remember any one of the speakers at those camps saying anything about grammar being a character skill."

Rah rah talk is what kids need when they are awe struck by a coach in a gym.
It's easy, it's desert.
A whole lot of football coaches aren't any more intelligent than someone doing another vocation.
There are a whole lot of crooked football coaches, giving pep talks on one's moral compass.

You have character or you don't, you don't learn it. You witness it in others, and might be inclined to improve yourself.

If a coach ever told me he was going to build my character, I'd know he was full of shyt.
You build your own character, mostly by things you do when no one else can see what it is you are doing.

Coach Shannon tries to encourage good citizenship and character by the way he leads his life.

John Wooden valued character above everything else, but he dam sure got the point across his players were going to college to learn something while in the classroom.


"I'm glad to hear you say that you were just diking around.

The more we let things slide as a country, the easier it gets to accept being below average at everything we do."
Posted by: solarcane

Solar, much props to your sacrifices as a young man. However--and pardon my candidness when I say this--I don't care, nor is it my job, to stand there and give somebody a grammar lesson every time they mispronounce something. I've sat down and talked with people who marched with MLK in the Jim Crow south who have "questionable" grammar, and NOTHING about those people were "average". Is intelligence important, sure it is, but at the end of the day, I'd have more respect for a TOUGH AND HONEST person any day of the week...


A great example is Edgerin James (I don't remember how he talks, so forget that part of the equation), Bruce Feldman talks about him in Cane Mutiny. Dreads and gold teeth, doesn't exactly look like an exemplary student-athlete, but Butch KNEW, that Edge wouldn't do ANYTHING, to embarass The U.

When you hear about Edges' life it is pretty remarkable. Working with grown men migrant workers at the age of 13. Seeing one man kill another for $3!

He now gives back and even if I'm going out on a limb and saying that his english probably isn't the "highest standard", we all know what kind of character he is made of.

But what about his cousin, or someone else who isn't related to him. Will his different-dialect english help or hurt him get a chance to prove his character to people that don't know him?

It's in your own best interest to be able to speak english well.


English was my bestest subject, lol.

Posted by: raizecane | August 17, 2010 at 01:13 PM

(pulls out red pin)

It's "most bestest" not "bestest". lol


CaneRock - sad for me? In what way? Our lead anchor, who was in the Miami Dade PD and also a PIO for them, is the FIRST one to point out soundbites that we take from stories everyday that involve people who speak like this ... whether they're white or black - and he is black. He'll be the first one to point out a young black man & correct the way he speaks b/c he feels they're being lazy and adding to the already negative stereotype that idiots perceive of a lot of black people

Is it sad for our main anchor as well, since I guess he's judging them like you say that I am? Or is it different, b/c he's a black man and I'm not?

It's funny b/c what I touched on about JaJuan, is what I've also heard from Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, James Brown (the sports broadcaster from NFL Today & Inside the NFL - not the Superbad singer who has a brand new bag and says that it's a man's world), etc. They're in the same thought process as me on this subject and have talked about it

So, does that mean it's sad for them as well?

You don't think people in this country don't blast the dimwits with the "valley girl" talk? Guys rag on them all the time, calling them dumb (fill in the blanks). Women esp. are 100 times more catty about absolutely crushing another female and impersonating her when it comes to the "oh my gawddd .. *smacking gum* .. are you, seriouzzzzzz"

Reality is - whether you choose to accept it or not - the world we live in, the business world and especially the marketing facet of it, are far worse "judges" of how a person speaks than I am. The reason I bring this up is basically for the good of the young man if he really wants to continue on with his football career into the NFL and make a whole hell of a lot more money by gaining endorsements where he has to actually speak

Don't believe me? Ask Michael Jordan. Ask Kobe Bryant. Ask Larry Fitzgerald. Ask Dwight Howard. Ask Jerry Rice. Ask Ryan Howard. Ask Emmitt Smith. Ask Dwayne Wade. Ask Lebron James. Ask Michael Strahan. There are plenty of examples. Hell, go ask Alonzo Highsmith if he thinks it's important for AJ - and listen to Alonzo as well. It's not a black/white/brown/yellow thing - it's a human thing and you'd be beyond naive to not think so

Do you know how many impressions I used to hear from other Bucs players of Reidel Anthony, when he played here? They'd rag on him and call him a straight country speaking (blank) ... and it wasn't just b/c of him having a country accent either

Do you know how many former NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB players have flamed out in their league - but probably could've made another living by being an analyst on a major network? The ones that you do see on the major networks who were former players, just how bad do they actually sound? Ya, it is hard for me to understand Shannon Sharpe sometimes - but that's mainly b/c of his speech when he starts speaking fast, not b/c he's butchering the language by incorrect usage of words

I love Carl Crawford - love that cat, he's my favorite Tampa Bay Ray of all time and in my top 5 baseball players I love of all time. You know what not only his agent, but others told him though as well, if he really wants to bring in more money? Improve his speech, so when he gets in front of cameras or microphones - companies will take even more notice and want him as a spokesman for them

Ya, if you run a cheetah fast 40 time, can destroy a RB like he was hit with a Daisy Cutter and read a defense - you'll make $3 Million or whatever .... if you can speak a certain way and present yourself a certain way as well to gain endorsements to rep a company as a spokesman - you'll make an additional $4 Million or whatever on top of that

And don't an insane majority of these kids who go to big time programs to try and make it to the NFL, usually have conversations of getting "paid"? Well, you know what helps? Exactly what I was talking about

Read what JaJuan said and tell me just how easy it would have been to replace just 2 words in the paragraph he text to Edward Aschoff of the Gainesville Sun

"When I turned around, her and a woman and her two daughters was about to fight," Story said in a text message. "So I came over because there was knives and I took a box cutter from my brother's (girlfriend), but one of the other girls had two knives. I tried to tell her to leave but she wasn't listening."

A woman and her two daughters WAS about to fight? So I came over because there WAS knives?

This has nothing to do with "ebonics", and he wasn't speaking "ebonics"

54 words he spoke, but 2 (or 3 if you want to count "wasn't listening"), he couldn't use WERE instead of WAS? Tell me, how does he go through those 52 other words correctly, but then can't get the other 2?

No one is trying to "master the English language" or asked to do that, as you said ... that's 2nd Grade English at the latest, depending on what state you live in

I'll give you a perfect example of speech or appearance and why it's important in the business/marketing world - Edge. Remember the ESPN cover he was on, head cocked back to the left, with a swagged out grin on his face, showing his gold teeth? Then what happened? His publicist or agent or whoever was close to him, told him to lose that look b/c in the business/marketing world, he's not going to make even more money by gracing the covers of anything major or repping anyone major if he keeps the look ... so what did he do?

He went from this ..


To this ..



Here's another example. Antrel Rolle & Adam Jones at the 2005 NFL Draft. ESPN cameras had them both zeroed in to show the world

Antrel ...


Adam Jones .. well, if you remember what he looked like as soon as the cameras went to him at his house when the Titans selected him above Antrel - he looked like Lil Wayne The Real King of the South album cover

America perceived Antrel one way, and Adam Jones the other

In their cases, perception was reality

Maybe as well in the football camps that they preached "character over intelligence" - they should've included that if you do have intelligence and general common sense, then you'll also generally have a pretty good character as it is. Why not preach to these kids to have both character and intelligence?

Someone sees that while they're either entering or leaving a building, there is an elderly person or handicap person or woman behind them or walking toward them - that person will hold the door open for the elderly or handicap person or woman ... that's showing both character and your intelligence as well

Someone sees a person trying to push their car that just ran out of gas or crapped out on them, from a stop light on a road to the side of the road or right up to the gas station that is 40 feet away, and they get out to help that person push ... that's showing both character and intelligence

It shouldn't be one over the other - they go hand in hand generally and it's too bad if those speakers didn't relay that to the kids

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

This is America, and in America we don't speak no EFFIN' "english", We speak AMERICAN. Now tell me, when's the last time that you replaced the word can't, for the word mustn't. What the hell does JJ need to master "english" for, it's not like He was planning on attending law school or anything, hell, you need to learn more Latin for law school than anything...SO FIZNUCK "english"!

Posted by: CaneRock | August 17, 2010 at 11:17 AM


THERE IT IS!!!!! hahaha

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

CaneRock - are you serious?

Because if not, that was kind of funny

But if so, that was kind of scary and sad

Posted by: Six | August 17, 2010 at 12:26 PM


He was dead serious, especially about speaking American. Eff those corn-ball, dismal azz Brits and the corny way they speak and write English. I'm so glad we've Americanized the language the way we Americanized rugby and "cricket".

Even our slang sounds better than their corn-ball accent and style.

Now it is a good thing to know the structure of the language for speaking and writing because it sharpens the mind. But even that should be done with an American style and energy.


Six ain't black???

Yo F this place! I'm out.



Wher IS mac jones de albuqurque while all this is going on?

We need the Canespace Ali G to rep the english style of slang. U dig??


Six, I ain't got but two words for you...Tiger Woods. And no, perception is NOT reality...


Just got my confirmation of tickets to the Canes/Pitt game 9/23!
Section 107 Row F

Sheraton right Canez1?


You're staying at the Sheraton too right?

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Six ain't black???

Yo F this place! I'm out.


Posted by: Canez1 | August 17, 2010 at 03:13 PM



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