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August 02, 2010





Keoki...LMAO! U ready for some FOOTBALL?

Three days until Camp Shannon opens.


Any word on Collier and Futch?


Great stuff Ungar!

Amazing how consistent Miami was as far as being THE Superpower in the college football world. Truly, The Empire.

I love how everyone else's best games ever where against us. The kids better get used to having the Bulls Eye on their back again.


You gotta love this opinion on who is Reggie Bush as a man....



At 6:50


Ungar, good stuff! The quality of the content in these articles blows all other sites out of the water, good job by all contributors!

Go Canes! Is it 9/2 yet?


Great article Ungar!


Miami VS Penn State At the 6:29 mark a face mask penalty should have been called against Penn State and Tim Johnson...So obvious...Should have given the Canes a 1st and goal...

Vinny played horrible...No excuses!


I was overseas and didn't get to see that Miami-Penn St. game but just looking at the stats now has me dumbfounded. I can't believe it was that close with all the ints Vinny had.


Philly- Collier reportedly released from his scholarship this morning. It's unofficial, but people in the know are not denying it.


Here's the official word:
http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com...iami-hurricane/ Thearon Collier may be done as a

He's not officially kicked off, but he won't play this year. If he chooses, he can continue taking classes at UM. If he wants to transfer, he will be rleased from his shcolarship. But he isn't on the team this year, regardless of what he chooses.


Sorry about that link- here's a better one:

Sarasota 'cane

My God no!!!!!!! That means that there are only 5 other guys who are capable of replacing him!!

Take me now...take me now... (Actually I'd like you to wait until after the OSU game to "take me"...)

Go 'canes!


Hope he gets thru this tough time in his life. Stays in the classroom, etc... don't make a bad situation worse.


Ungar...you did your research homey. Part II with #s 6-10 tomorrow night at 7 PM.

Stay tuned...it get's better!



It's looking increasingly likely that the third named storm of the season, Colin, will form, as hurricane season enters what are typically the most active months, August and September.

The system is still days from being a threat to any land mass, but forecasters are already monitoring this tropical depression intently because it's in an environment favorable for development and because of its expected west-northwestward track in the coming days.

Residents in the Caribbean, Florida and the Eastern Seaboard will need to watch the progress of the storm in coming days even though the initial National Hurricane Center forecast indicates that the storm may turn northward into the Atlantic before reaching the Caribbean.


Man...they push back cuts to friday..im starting to think their wont be any cuts and their just scaring these kids! lol


anybody that cares check out how Allen Bailey just dominates Wake Foerest!



Folks, add to that the fact that each of those losses end up as cover stories for SI (except for the BYU loss), and it shows how each time we lose a big game it is a big deal.

orange 'n green in the vein

Farewell sweet Pimp. Best of luck to you, I enjoyed watching you do your thing these last two years.


I think this is probably a good thing for Collier. It gives him a chance to evaluate things and figure out what he wants to do with his life. He should be focusing on his classes more than anything else anyway because that is the most sure fire way to assure that he will be able to take care of himself and his loved ones.

Despite any travails he may have he is actually kind of lucky if his tuition is still free in because on every campus there are kids going through similar struggles but many of them won't get the chance he will get.

I really wish him the best whether he decides to stay or go.


Go Canes!


Excellent article Ungar


Went to see Jeremy Hellickson lst night

I know it was just 1 game but he was everything he was advertised to be and more

Once again the 813s own came thru with a clutch 2 run double


I have a plan for a Part II (but since this one got split and already has a Part II maybe I call it Episode III and Episode IV like in Star Wars) with a similar theme.

I know some folks mentioned games like the LSU 40-3 game, or the UVA 48-0 game, or my personal puke-inducer UA 29-0 (the end of an era), but changing any play in those games didn't seem like such a big deal. Ten plays that change ten games seemed like more of a simple goal.

Thanks for those that have read it, and the rest of you, you wanted to hear football from me, so READ IT!

Oh and SOUP was kind with the knife folks, feel free to write articles for him.



And, since I wrote the article, that counts toward my 50%, right? So here is a joke to keep it even....

So, I took my sons to their first Canes game a couple years back. There was a real loud guy with a big head and an orange shirt behind us, shouting at the top of his lungs. The Canes won, and my sons enjoyed it so much that they bought NCAA Football '09, but that's not the point of the story.

The youngest kept looking at the ground after the game, and I didn't understand why. So I asked.

He said "I'm trying to help that poor poor man."

"What poor man?"

"The one in the orange shirt who was broke."

"Why did you think he was broke?"

"Because he was so upset about losing a quarter...."


He kept shouting "Get The Quarter Back!"

Gin & Tonic

Nice article. The Canes have definately let some slip away in heart-breaking fashion.

You would have thought that old clappy would have used the 86 fiesta against state penn as a motivation and warning against overated state in the 2002 fiesta bowl. I still blame clappy more than terry porter and his mental instant replay 5 mnute late penalty flag for that loss.

30 days til FAMU......
39 days til overated state




G&T - did you just use "Clappy" and "Motivation" in the same sentence???? LOL


I was watching this show last night,, "Talkin Football", that comes on CSS..they were doing their top 15 teams. Their number #2 was OSu, which is fine..but they theystarted talking about teams that might derail them on their quest for a title...and they only talked about Wisconsin and Iowa..they acted like Miami was freakin FAMU or something, like they shouldnt even worry about us.....man I cant wait!!


Good read Ungar


Elliott - LOL I was at that game. Riley Skinner did what he wanted when he wanted because he could always read our D. Only reason we won was they whiffed on a punt and we recovered and then he got knocked out of the game at the end and they put in the backup.

francis w

Ungar.......Nice read although I lived thru all that I had already left South Fl and really was out of touch most of the time. We rarely got more than a couple canes games per year.
If U are not a writer U should be.


So, looks like one of Thompkins or Johnson are gonna have to replace Collier. They better be ready


Thompkins IMO has better speed and elusivness anyways. Pimp just amazed me how high he could jump. Hate to lose anyone, but a slot WR is one position we can easily lose and still be a better football team come the fall.

87' canes

Go Canes !!!!!


Wesley and Collier? Ummm, does anyone really care they are not on the team? Were they the difference makers to get us title #6? No way! These were average players at best. This is the Univ. of Miami! We can go and get a stud DE to sack QB's and a WR to return punts thats runs a 4.2 any day of the week. Who cares!! This is not even a story!

87' canes

IMO... Collier and Wesley are casualties of war, the price of doing business. Months ago we wondered who was leaving due to Henderson an Anderson additions to the 2010 class. This should've been a wakeup call to the entire team ( 1+1=4????) Instead u chose to cut class and or wallow in pity, now u are left with the decisions u made. Just like the DUI guy inbthe last story those two guys will grow to regret their decisions.

87' canes

Also I just watched the Eli Rogers interview over on eye on the u, I had to stop watching. It bought tears to my eyes. Tough to watch.


I think it's a little shallow that now these guys are off the team that certain people are saying who cares. They were both productive players at their position and their roles that they played. Without knowing all the facts it seems as though they made bad decisions, but no one should be saying who cares.


Manny being Manny http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/08/so-long-thearon-wr-dismissed-after-meeting-with-shannon.html

Old Skool

Jamar Hornsby: One bad seed.

First he's kicked off FU's team for using a dead woman's credit card and now ...

Former Mississippi football signee Jamar Hornsby and two others have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault in a 2009 attack on a man at a McDonald's restaurant in Starkville.

The three had initially be charged with aggravated assault, a felony.

Ole Miss football Coach Houston Nutt released Hornsby from his national letter of intent in July 2009.


87..I agree..tough interview to watch..but I will be pulling for that kid even more now


Jumping back to the previous thread, which still deserves attention.


This family are better people than I.

They are already FORGIVING the man that killed their four men. Not even a week later.

I just hope the judge and jury are not as forgiving. Even when the Pope and Ronald Reagan forgave their shooters, they still served time in jail.

Please don't EVER let that man get behind the wheel again.


Old Skool, I always wonder if the victim is consulted when these football players get reduced sentences for crimes.

Guy is beaten by three thugs for daring to go to McDonalds, and now they will be out on a misdemeanor. Doesn't seem like justice to me....


Excellent article Ungar

Posted by: Sebastian57 | August 03, 2010 at 08:42 AM

Excellent yes.......did I enjoy being reminded about those painful games? No.

If I have to watch a video clip of the OSU / UM game, I am going to curl up in a ball and cry like a little girl. Please save me the agony and DO NOT post anymore "what if's"


Go Canes


No talk about Favre retiring? lol


I'm still not buying it, 360. :)



You might want to skip the next article, raizecane. I don't want to make you get all Timmy Tebow on us.... 8-)

However, you need to consider that no other team in the past 25 years is 7 what-ifs away from another 7 titles. This team was not only able to go 5-4 in title games, but they were three other close calls away from going to another 3 titles.

FSU comes close with what, three Wide Rights and a Wide Left, but that's about it.

So, don't feel bad for the losses, feel good for getting to cheer for a team that got there as often as we have.

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