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September 07, 2010



Miami at Ohio State (-10)

“Again, a good team, getting double digits on the road,” Korner said. “But I’m not sure where the line will go during the week. Personally, I think the Buckeyes handle them


That is by NCAA Football: Opening line report, Week 2 By TIM SULLIVAN Covers.com.

I do NOT see how we could be 10 point underdogs!


Nice abs.


Seriously, congrats to Lacee on her acceptance to law school. I know that took a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as smarts. Good luck to her in her future career.

It is great to be a Miami Hurricane.


After tallying only 24 sacks in 2009 (the program's fewest in the past two decades), the Canes recorded a third of that total (eight) against the Rattlers in Rick Petri's first game as the team's new defensive line coach.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/09/07/1811297/canes-want-to-turn-up-the-pressure.html#ixzz0yqBmqFP1



"You can't say how it's going to affect you until the game comes," coach Randy Shannon said, but added that the team spent three or four days in the offseason preparing for crowd noise. After OSU, Miami will play at Pittsburgh and at Clemson before its next home game.


U: Leonard Hankersons Story



PBP: Jack Nicholas on grandson Nick O'Leary.


Big Three:



Frank Beamer lost that game down the stretch playing not to lose



Iowa football player runs into a pickup truck...


VT lost the game because their d is young... same problem we had last yr...


I think VT lost because Boise was just better than them lol


Yes... and VT is competing with the U for ballas.... well... hopefully our resurgence will affect our competition... not getting that quality playa. VT d line looked small to me...it may have been the unis...
This yr Canes are not only fast but big and strong... we wont fade in the fourth q ...


It was Hokie Pokie. Now it's just Hokie Chokie! R. Williams for Heisman! Not with 44 yards against Boise.

Guys, we needed Boise to win. If our conference looks weak then how do we leap frog an undefeated Big 12, Big Ten or even SEC team?

We NEED all ACC to win those OOC games. Now Boise doesn't have another ranked team on their schedule.


Oops. I meant "we NEEDED VT to win."

Sarasota 'cane

If UM goes undefeated they will play for the 'ship. Now back to the task at hand...

Contain Pryor, win the game.

Go 'canes!


I bumped into a member of the band, talking about the former super-cheerleader Yamma Yamma.

When I think of Canes' cheerleaders, I always remember the hard work he did in getting the student section rocking even when the team was not doing well.



Q: What was your most memorable experience as a UM cheerleader?

It is impossible to narrow it down to just one. Having the opportunity to represent UM for four years was an amazing experience I will never forget. One particularly memorable moment was escorting Edgerrin James into the University of Miami Hall of Fame.

You see that Damian Berry? Get into our hall of fame, you get escorted to the ceremony by a UM Cheerleader!

Run for 200 yards a game, and I guarantee you will get that escort!


My key to victory is - UM put more points on the board than OSU. That is all.

Posted by: BEERicane | September 06, 2010 at 01:00 PM

There are times when BEER goggles get you in trouble, and somethimes, they help you see clearer than the sober folks around you.

This is one of those times. I don't care if we have 50 yards of offense and win by one point, because tOSU misses a late extra point. I wan't more POINTS than them, and nothing else.

Good job, BEERicane.


Speaking of Cheerleaders did anyone get a good look at the VT squad?

It looked like they were getting ready to shoot the Purina Calander


If UM goes undefeated they will play for the 'ship. Now back to the task at hand...

Contain Pryor, win the game.

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 07, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Still, we gotta cheer for Oregon State, the only remaining real game BSU has.

After all, we saw when BCS stood for Bowden Charity System.

Do we want to see it turn into the BSU Charity System?


Yea, and that's what Auburn thought. Are the week 2 rankings out yet? Oregon State lost this weekend so they should drop outta the top 25.

Sarasota 'cane

Our schedule guarantees us a trip to the 'ship should we go undefeated, But that is a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way away!

Contain Pryor, win the game!

Go 'canes!


Lunchtime link:

Can I say it again?

Everyone needs to stay balanced no matter what happens on Sat. Win Lose or (if it was the 1950's) draw.

It's a long - long season...



If we win Saturday that is fantastic.
That's a big win against a Big name school.
And ghost of the past can be laid to rest.

If we win Saturday and lose a Coastal Division game later, Ohio State isn't going to matter in the long run.

We lose to Ohio State and win every other game we will still be in great shape.
Alabama and Ohio state aren't going undefeated.
Boise State will but they will get hosed out of the NC game for two 11-1 teams, one of which might as well be us.

1 game at a time.


I would like to see us come out motivated either way... if its a negative thing...get pissed and take it out on our opponents..if its positive use it to motivate everyone else. Use it to focus on the task at hand.... Kick some azzzzz!!!!!... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


Nice to see the hurricanes get off on a good foot against inferior talent. Those games in the past would be the ones I feared the most. I hated bitting all my nails off against Dukes and Central Floridas of the world. I am a little nervous about Ohio State but regardless of the outcome I just want to see a good game. I want to see the canes flying all over the ball on defense and j12 staying off the ground! I cant wait for the game, and I hope that everyone is doing well and safe while they travel to support our canes!

DallasTX Cane

I dont think anything is guaranteed and our tough schedule took a hit this weekend. Starting at #13, we need wins over top 15 opponents and now both Pitt & VT will be 2-loss teams (once we beat them!) at best. That'll hurt at the end. Keep your fingers crossed both win out - after losing to DA U.

Maryland may have won, but they didn't impress and should have lost. Navy lost two fumbles inside the 6 yd line & had the 1/2 run out while on the 1. Navy shouldve won that one.

Burns me that Bosie's season is basically set. They're no longer "the underdog" and need to play a schedule on par with other top 10 teams if they want a 'ship. There's no debating though that they can do some serious coaching and can ball. I'd like to see them play ranked opponents back-to-back without a month+ to prepare. No doubt they, TCU and perhaps several other non-BCS teams can play with the best on a single game basis. The real test is can they play a BCS conference schedule for an entire season (well...not a big east schedule) and still come out unscathed.

Overall...great 1st weekend of college football! Some very good games...some blowouts (expected)...some top teams struggled (flo-riduh)

Oh yeah...and...that FL high school team got jobbed and robbed, used and abused by those crap-azz-clown refs in OH. say what U want about taking care of business...I say they did. They played a higher ranked team, on the road, and scored one that didn't count; then came back in the last 2 minutes, converting at least 1 4th down; had a play on the goal line where none of the refs would blow the play dead even though forward progress was obviously stopped - no time outs left...were the refs trying to run the clock out? - then had the entire pile push into the end zone and still no call from the refs. Obvious even to the commentaters - terrible job.

Old Skool

Former University of Southern California star running back Reggie Bush is expected to be stripped of the Heisman Trophy by the end of the month, Yahoo Sports is reporting.


DTC - I agree 100% w/ your comments on the HS game. NEVER have seen anything like it...ever! Maybe the '72 Olympic USA/Soviet Basketball game?

I have a feeling BSU won't pull it off. Hell, they could easily lose to Oregon St. To me, the achilles heel is BSU's secondary. It looks nothing like last year's squad. Did you see how open Boykin was open on the last play of the game? Why was Boykin deeper than BSU's db's? And this was against VTech!! VTech is never going to win when forced to throw, and they passed better than they ran last night w/ their so called dual Heisman backfield.

VTech has many an issue to address - even special teams!! and BSU still had to pull it out in the last second after leading by 17.

On NFLU - Sammy Shields made the team as the Packers' Nickel back.

Javarris James and Darnel Jenkins both made the Pats practice squad (not exactly celebratory time, but hey, they have job and their dream is still alive). Jason Fox made the Lions, Jimmy Graham made the Saints and Sharpton made the Texans (5 former Canes representin' the Texans!). Dameon Lewis was cut. Is any team going to catch the Canes?

Countdown to Columbus!!

Go Canes!!


Man, what is Sneaky Pete thinking?

What he "built" was definitely founded on sand!! He can only be thanking his lucky stars he was able to land the Seahawks job or he REALLY would be wearin' it now.

All the "stars" that were to come out of the University of Spoiled Children have not exactly lit it up. Maybe one or two WR's, Bush is not worthy of the second overall pick, only Carson Palmer has made it as QB, Brian Cushing suspended for PED's, where's Norm Chow, Lane Kiffin will probably make more of a mockery of the school than his predecessor (birds of a feather...), the AD was sent packing...and because no other team has really stepped up in the Pac 10, they are still the darlings of ESPN.

Where's Beeno Cook this decade?

Go Canes!


We NEED all ACC to win those OOC games. Now Boise doesn't have another ranked team on their schedule.

Posted by: 360Cane | September 07, 2010 at 10:07 AM

360 - that's what I was saying all night last night. I want every ACC team to win until the meet us.....PERIOD.

DallasTX Cane

I hope you're right pre83. I dont care if BSU gets there, as long as they're legit. IMO they have had very good teams the past several years, but its like comparing apples to oranges when U look at the schedule they play. Its a testament to the coaching that they have even a decent team up there and its another testament that they have a team worthy of being in the NC discussion. Give that staff a lot of lead time and they can prep that team to play and beat anyone. So, I do admire what they've accomplished.

Sorry Solar, but strength of schedule matters...I don't think taking an 11-1 SEC or Big 12 team over a 12-0 BSU is "hosing" them, unless VT wins out and ends up much stronger then we all expect. I think VT ends with 3 losses and this win for BSU isn't as impressive at the end of the season as it is right now. 'Course, I've been wrong before. I will say that I don't think the Pac-10, Big East or ACC will get the same consideration at 11-1.


Hopefully after the end of this season BCS debacle we can at least add the "plus 1" format. Unfortunately it will take a Big 10 major program to get screwed for their to be change. But i see it happening

dj moonbat

The U was never going to get a 'ship with any entires in the L column (remember 2000?), no matter how well the rest of the ACC does in their out-of-conference games. And if the U DOES win 'em all, it's difficult to envision two unbeaten teams that would edge Miami out of the title game.

So we got to watch Boise State, one of the best-coached teams I've ever seen, beat VT at their own style of ball. It was great. The U will be lucky to put together that good a game against VT. Until Miami can do that, there's no sense worrying about the other stuff.

Fortunately for Miami, I don't think OSU is nearly the team that either Boise State or VT is.


DTX if strength of schedule mattered i think Boise State would be number 15 to 20 in the nation.

We can lose to Ohio State and win out and be in the top 4 teams in the country.


Isn't 2013 the last year of the BCS formula?

DallasTX Cane

The easiest thing they should do (and should have done from the start) is to mandate all BCS conferences have championship games. The champ games are basically like a 1st round of a playoff in that the supposidly 2nd best conf team is eliminated and so the "best" team from a conference advances.

IMO its been a huge disparity from the beginning of the BCS that some teams must win that "extra" game and some don't have to.

Of course, that is another ding against Boise's strength of schedule. Our CANES might very well have to play a top 20 (or better) FSU team twice to win the ACC, but still finish behind BSU.

For me...after the past 6-7 years...I'm very happy to see Us kick some azz, get back to UM talent level, get back in the "mix"...the NC discussion, beat FSU & VT, kick the crap outta UNC, etc. IF we accomplish all of that, I'll be a happy boy! Anything else is gravy right now.


That was a good game to watch last night. Peterson can coach

DallasTX Cane

SOS matters in the BCS formula.

Solar - I think thats true provided OSU wins out or only has 1 loss. OSU beats UM, but drops 2 others and all bets are off. Pitt lost and may or may not be as good as previosuly believed and the same is true for VT. FSU looked good...against SAMFORD. So, nationally they are also a ? All that means that our schedule may not end up as difficult as it looks on paper. It definitely would have benefited the U for both Pitt and VT to win.

This Sat will provide us plenty of answers, some great games, & plenty of new questions! LOL This is what makes college ball GREAT.

DallasTX Cane

Hey Cav or Capt O,

FINALLY!...our September is really our November. But, our November is probably going to be our November also. Is that possible in Cav's World? LOL

DallasTX Cane

Whats up CGNC? U r right on...Peterson is excellent.


Up one spot


Don't get me wrong, BSU is an EXTREMELY well coached team and I enjoy watching them play and appreciate what Peterson does/has done - at Boise State?!! Impressive. Period.

As with many others, I, too, have a BIG issue w/ BSU's schedule. It's one thing to prepare for 1-3 big games in a season with the others bordering on Div II competition than to have to prepare for at least somewhat competitive teams week in and week out. As in every day life, consistency presents a HUGE obstacle if your success depends on it.

It is what it is now as BSU is not going to join the Pac 10 anytime soon, so this is what we get.

Go Canes!


It looked like they were getting ready to shoot the Purina Calander

Posted by: solarcane | September 07, 2010 at 10:42 AM


I was thinking the same thing. Well, not the exact same thing, but along those lines. What was cracking me up was the cheerleader who got all of the face time around the replay camera. She was busted. VT should have picked up on that and put in a replacement for her. Poor game management by the cheer and dance squad of VT for that game too.


Boise played some pretty good football last night

They took advantage of the opportunities that they created - example: 1st Qtr when they blocked a VTech punt and recovered it on the VTech 16 ... then took 2 plays to get it into the endzone

They also drove the field for a TD - example: 1st Qtr when they had the ball on their own 22, took 15 plays to drive the field into the endzone

Think about how VTech scored a couple of their TDs as well - 2nd Qtr, Boise fumbles the ball on their own 38, VTech takes 5 plays to punch it in. It's not like they drove the ball from their own 22 all the way down the field, like Boise did previously

3rd Qtr, Boise fumbles the ball and VTech gets possession on the Boise 32, then take 7 plays to punch it in. Once again, not like they drove the ball down the field, starting from their side

VTech had some damn good field position to work with on 2 of their TDs, starting both drives on the Boise 32 and the Boise 38

VTech finally starts a TD drive on their own side of the field with 5:30 left in the 3rd Qtr, on their own 23. Tyrod Taylor gets loose for a 29 yard gain, Boise helps by committing a 15 yard penalty, then the Boise DB whiffs by Boykin, on a 4th and 5, why was he so far off of him? Boykin runs in for a TD

VTech again, starts a drive in the 4th Qtr on their own 20. Taylor finds Boykin for 13 yards, Boise helps out once again with a 15 yard penalty to push VTech into Boise territory - the drive stops at the Boise 17 for a FGoal

Boise gets the ball back with 1:47 left in the 4th, after they shut VTech down in their own territory and force them to punt ... Boise gets the ball at their own 44 - then Kellen Moore drives them right down the field, going 4 of 5 with a 13 yard TD pass to finish it off

VTech gets their last shot, gets the ball at their own 35 after a 21 yard kickoff return - the Boise DB comes up HUGE on the first pass play by diving and knocking the ball out of the VTech WRs hands ... the rest is history and Boise wins

Boise scored a TD with starting field position on the VTech 12, the Boise 22, the Boise 20 and the Boise 44

Only once did Boise start with the ball not in their own territory for a TD ... they had to go 78 yards, 80 yards and 56 yards

VTech scored a TD with starting field position on the VTech 35, the Boise 39, the Boise 32, the VTech 23,

Two times VTech started with the ball in their territory and got a TD out of it ... they had to go 65 yards and 77 yards

2 of Boise's TD drives were both longer than the 2 TD drives VTech had

Boise just got it done, no matter how long they had to prepare - hell, VTech had the same amount of time to prepare for Boise

What are the Hokies now, 1-10 in their last 11 meetings with Top-5 teams?

Boise State is now 5-1 against major conference teams under Petersen - 4 of those opponents finished their seasons with no less than 10 wins, Oregon in 2008 & 2009, Oregon State and also Oklahoma in 2006 ... I'm going to say that VTech has a chance to end up with probably 9 wins this year

I don't like the schedule Boise plays either, but they generally do tend to take care of business during out of conference games against teams from bigger conferences under Petersen

I'm not taking anything away from them with how they played last night. That was basically a home game for VTech, about 2 1/2 hour drive, while Boise had to travel almost 3,000 miles for it

I can't really say much of anything bad about VTech either, considering the Canes are 2-5 against them since 2003 ... they have owned the Canes since a lot of the players on the Canes now have been 12 years old


Nice to see that picture at the stadium with 86 and the cheerleaders. I sure have aged, but am going to Columbus with my
Canespace shirt and my toes and nails painted orange. Can't wait!


Hi ya DTC! I was watching last night and I knew that Bud Foster would make his adjustments - but Petersen re-adjusted. How is life treating you these days?


"VTech gets their last shot, gets the ball at their own 35 after a 21 yard kickoff return - the Boise DB comes up HUGE on the first pass play by diving and knocking the ball out of the VTech WRs hands ... the rest is history and Boise wins"

That play by Boise was second only to that one handed grab for TD by their TE. Yowza


Marylou - nice to "see" you again. How have you been feeling?

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