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September 28, 2010




SS- Orlando, Orlando hear me now!

Monday, Franklin was named the ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week. He graded out at 96 percent with eight pancake blocks in Thursday's 31-3 win at Pittsburgh.



Asked how close the offense is to being championship caliber, LT Orlando Franklin said, "We're real far away. … We've got to concentrate on the little things and execute more. We left a lot of points out there."


UM - FSU on primetime


Steve- Defense, sacks.


MH- Futch




U- UM-FSU Tickets going fast


Veddy Intedesting


Fox- PowerRankings UM #14


Posted by: NativeCane | September 28, 2010 at 06:05 AM

the "U" is America's team

Good morning Soup! #2 will do.


Morning all...



Go Canes


Joe Rose's blog on WQAM is saying that SH is practicing with the first team offense at RT....


^^^^^CB Brandon McGee sustained an ankle injury!


Since we have a subpar QB, a bad coach, and racist fans......yes the U is destined for Hell....why oh why do I stay around?

Go Canes!


because you were here before they were lol!


Jacory plays to his potential consistently he's a real good quarteback.

Randy is getting better and learning on the fly, he is great for Miami, and Miami is the best place for him to coach.

Racists are fans of hate only.
They just pick the most popular targets to display their disatisfaction with their miserable lives.


I think I am just a glutton for punishment but at least I am not a Cubs fan too!


What have I done? What have I done to my kids?

This is great, Angry and I have said this numerous times when we saw Nick and Nicole crying after a Cane loss!

Solar you will love this:


Watch it is very short!!!!!!


This may be a better link, click on the link above the picture:





Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | September 27, 2010 at 08:58 PM

Good points Cav and like I said, Just My Opinion. And also like I said it will be hard or impossible for me to prove it because the guy has won. My point is the credit should go to the personel dept, veteran players, and assistant coaches.

Also you putting up links to his interviews just fits in with my belief that he gets a lot of credit around the league because he is an entertaining interview and so the writers like him. Just like Gruden, LaRussa, etc...


Seantrel Henderson, the nation's top recruit (this past year) out of Cretin-Derham Hall High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, was practicing at right tackle with the first team. Henderson is a 6-8, 355-pound beast on the field, and he has been used lately in goal-line and short-yardage situations. When Henderson is in there, the Red Sea parts. But he hasn't been in Coral Gables that long and he still has a lot of learning to do with his new offense, so he has been carefully used. It will be interesting to see how much playing time he gets at Clemson, which is the loudest stadium I've been in and could create havoc for UM's offense.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/09/tuesday-morning-practice.html#ixzz10ph3SMA6

I think the Canes will be running the ball with success up in Clemson


Posted by: canechic | September 28, 2010 at 08:45 AM

I Can't watch it at work!!! Dam this webcontrol!!!!

Canechic, life aint perfect. Just ignore those you disagree with:) Or make a statement but then move on. No sense arguing with silly people.

Thanks for the green tea advice, still can't find the emergenC:)


Can we redshirt Brandon McGee? How bad is the ankle? With Hill stepping up we can run with 3 corners and just burn this attempted redshirt year down the line in case of emergency.


I think the Canes will be running the ball with success up in Clemson

Posted by: WindyCanes1 | September 28, 2010 at 10:04 AM

I sure hope so. I think a lot of problems will vanish if we can run the ball consistently.

Old Skool

From an article about Orlando Franklin
He finished the game with eight pancake blocks and two lumberjacks.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a lumberjack?

Does it have anything to do with a chop block?

Maybe Orlando
Toppled the defender with a cut block
Felled him at the knees
Rolled him like a log in the water
Stacked him on top of the others like cordwood
Or split the defender in two


I think it might be when the defender is just running backwards on his feet in order to avoid being pancaked. Imagine a lumberjack spinning on a log...

Aces & Canes


I will be at the Clemson game. I'm tailgating with G. I hope to finally get to meet U and some of the other spacers. Yall better get there early. It's homecoming for clemson.

Go Canes.


DZ8, life is not perfect?? Wha????? Ahhh Come on Man.....LOL!!!


Good blog article on the injuries. I was sad to read about Curtis Porter

VA Cane

Hope all the guys get better from the injuries, they are part of the game and we do not want to forget those young men who play hard and sustain these unfortunate occurences, whether nagging or severe. We need them back.

I am 52 today...a gift from the Canes would be great, Beat Clemson on Saturday!!! It would make my week.!!


Btw about Henderson starting on Joe Rose show this morning he asked him if he would be starting and Shannon said no.


Canechic---Just don't pay attention to all the racists, the Cane haters etc. You are a better person than that. I suggest that everyone just ignore any really bad blogs and don't dignify their existence. They will go away. The true Canespacers know the truth about the wonder Miami Hurricanes. No matter what the circumstances and no matter what the score, they are our team, win or lose, rain or shine.


Happy birthday VA Cane!

... and I guess it's perspective CGNC, to some people in this world our lives here are very close to perfect.
Also the Porter injury might be a long term blessing as it'll allow him to redshirt, silver lining?


Thanks Mary Lou, I am just really bluesy because my daddy is not doing good at all and my heart is just breaking for him.

Happy Birthday VA cane!! :)



Shannons live press conf


That is awesome, and very true.
My son used to get so angry at Frank Costa He wouldn't talk all the way home lol!
My wife would say if it upsets you so why do you go.
He would give her that look, you know the one.

Looking forward to meeting you brudda!

catch you guys tonight


Sorry to hear about your dad, canechic.

carolina cane

Good move putting Sentrel in the starting unit. Figs is going to get Jay killed. Hopefully we will be able to cover a T.E. against Clemson and we need to keep the pressure up front so parker doesn't have all day to throw. Jay 12 needs to get over his color-blindness. Miller needs to have more touches. Canes win 27-17.


DZ8 - I was KIDDING - LOL (you knew that right?)


Happy Happy Happy to you VA Cane!


Posted by: Old Skool | September 28, 2010 at 10:23 AM

LMAO... We know this... there was a tree in the way and he removed it by the time the back came through....


Canechic sorry about your Dad!!! Here is something to bring a smile to your face


I guarantee it!


I knew that... I get jokes...

I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect! Fredo Corleone


Cool DZ8. I happen to like my life. It's not perfect but I like it :-D

VA Cane

Thank you all for the kindness, having good friends here makes life nice. I still struggle with the loss of my player, and another in jail with no bond.

CC, I know that feeling...my Dad is 81 as is my mom...shes gonna make 100, a fireplug. He has had heart problems cancer....and sometimes he's out of it...dementia. It is hard to get him on the phone to talk...Mom said she would get him on today. Even at 52, I cry for my pop....he was a great college player, played a year for the Rams....taught me this game....and it is very painful. They live in Radford, VA....11 miles from VT....been there since 1970...and they just celebrated their 59th Anniversary. I think of them often, talk to them a lot....God Bless you and yours in these times of want and woe....you are a kind, wise lady and may The Almighty QB your team.

VA Cane

Here in VA in Richmond, we have had rain for 2 days...clear now but major water supposed to be on the way....looks like from FL to NY with a tropical depression, clouds, fronts etc that the whole east coast will be....wet. Clemson SC and that whole Myrtle Beach corridor always attracts the water...so it looks like a wet one on Sat. The rain in Blacksburg was cold cold last year....we must be ready to slug it out toe to toe cause the airwaves may not work....I had a buddy who played at Clemson....the wind in that place can get bad.....so Lamar and Berry and the big boys...and gold ole J12 need to focus. We can do it gang!!!


Clemson is supposed dry Friday and Saturday so hopefully it will happpen.

Can't wait to go to the game!!


Changing my original prediction of this game due to weather predictions...

31-10 Canes!

Miller and Berry will each have 85+ yds and at least 1 td each! Defense will show up just like last week!


Canesteeler is O U T.

GUARANTEED that the Canes win, Canes win!!!

Matty in New York is IN? Email me your cell # to [email protected].

Posted by: SOUP | September 26, 2010 at 11:08 PM

From the previous blog. Sorry, I must have missed this. My cell number will be coming in an email shortly SOUP.

It sucks, I was not anticipating a noon start for this. I am flying from NY Sat morning to Atlanta and then driving from ATL airport to Clemson. Its about a 2 hour drive from there so I should be in Clemson about 11 or so.


Clemson coaches are focusing on the the Canes pass rush and the WR's! This is going to be a real good game!



Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

My point is the credit should go to the personel dept, veteran players, and assistant coaches.

Also you putting up links to his interviews just fits in with my belief that he gets a lot of credit around the league because he is an entertaining interview and so the writers like him. Just like Gruden, LaRussa, etc...

Posted by: DZ8 | September 28, 2010 at 09:59 AM


Larussa maybe, Gruden no friggin way.

The veterans were the same ones who didn't make the playoffs two years. So was the rest of the staff.

So what's the difference???

It's easy to see the impact of a HC in the NFL, man. The talent level is almost universally high, so it comes down to your ability to see all the details and motivate your men.

But it far from easy and if you can do it well you're clearly a cut above.

Just ask Butch Davis and Saban about the difference.

VA Cane

I have had about 15 of my kids from different teams call me today and wish me Happy Birthday. One of my boys starts at DE for VT....he just called and said Happy Birthday All American!!!! I wish!!! The point is that though I have never made a dime from coaching for 30 years, if at this moment I could choose between a million bucks and the joys of 30 years of coaching....hands down the feeling in my heart...money can buy a lot of things, but never the feeling I get from coaching these wonderful kids. That's why I pull so hard for these kids at UM....and I may express my opinion...and I may be dead wrong...but I will never make it personal or racial....Racism....the sin that keeps our world in such a tangle....without it together we could solve all problems. I really delve into with my players....I tell them the world is gray.....color it with your heart as you feel and as it appeals to you. JMO Go Canes...Beat Clemson!!


VA we have had rain for 2 days too, but it is gone now. We were DRY here for so long. I was in Lexington in July and the hills there were brown, hopefully it is better now


I'm not nervous at all if SH gets significant PT @ Clemson...I know he's not 100% ready to be able to recognize what the defense will be doing 100% of the time, BUT at 6'8" - 6'9" and weighing 320 something or more, I think his sheer size and athletism will make for the lack of experience...atleast for now anyways. PLUS, I'm positive the he will be yanked in a blink of an eye if he really strugles. I'm just wondering, why the sudden change? Has he been that good in practice or is the coaching staff feeling how I'm feeling about Figs.

Not to knock on big ol' #61 but, he's not a tackle...doesn't move like one and he's not athletic like one. I think he's better suited for guard. But I'm glad mount Henderson is finally gettin a crack with the 1's...it was only a matter of time. Still waitin on my favorite frosh to get on the fild tho...Latwan...

Go Canes...


Happy b-day, VA Cane!


proCanes: Who is the toughest guy to go up against in practice that you had to face on a daily basis and who was the best player on your team at the time?

Frank Costa

..........." Warren was closer to my year. Sapp could be real dominant when he felt like it in practice and most of the time he did feel like it, and he was real hard to go up against. There were times at practice where they had to take him off the field just so we could get some stuff done on the offense because we couldn’t block him."

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