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September 29, 2010



Everyone still sleeping?


PBP- Storm Johnson

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon said he has no plans to redshirt freshman tailback Storm Johnson.

Johnson was a standout during fall practice, running for 132 yards on 12 carries in one scrimmage. But with tailbacks Damien Berry, Lamar Miller and Mike James ahead of him on the depth chart, Johnson did not play in the Hurricanes' first two games.

Against Pittsburgh last Thursday, Johnson saw action on kickoff coverage. Shannon said he's hoping to get Johnson "20 plays a game in some form or fashion."

Asked if he was considering redshirting Johnson, Shannon said, "No, because he can help us right now."



It took five years and three positions, but Ryan Hill is finally making his mark at the University of Miami.



It may not be too long before Henderson is in the starting lineup or rotating with Jermaine Johnson at the position. Shannon said Joel Figueroa, who has started the last two games at right tackle, is splitting his time in practice this week between guard and tackle. Figueroa, a senior, was a guard his first three seasons at UM.



Everyone still sleeping?

Posted by: CaneWarrior | September 29, 2010 at 05:51 AM

Not a chance, CW.... Ha.


death valley better get ready-- canes coming.


SS- Henny

Henderson's role likely will expand this week after starter Joel Figueroa and Jermaine Johnson struggled against Pitt. Figueroa, Shannon said, "knows he has to get better."
Read more:


Kyle Parker

Parker and other two-sport talents such as Washington quarterback Jake Locker, who signed with the Angels in the summer of 2009, and quarterback Kenny Kelly with the 'Canes in 1999 are able to continue playing college football because of an NCAA bylaw that reads "a professional athlete in one sport may represent a member institution in a different sport…"



“When that ball is in the air, the receiver’s job is to catch the ball,” Byrd added. “The quarterback’s just got to put it out there and the receiver’s got to make a great catch. Great receivers make big plays in big-time situations.”
And if they realize they have no chance of catching the ball and it’s about to be intercepted?
“You either bat [the ball] down or [commit] the 15-yard [pass interference] penalty, one of the two, but don’t let them catch the interception, that’s for sure,” Byrd said.


Posted by: NativeCane | September 29, 2010 at 05:23 AM


U- Meeting of Top 2 Recruiting Classes of 2008

When Clemson and Miami (FL) play on October 2 it will be a meeting of the two programs who had the top two recruiting classes in the nation in February of 2008 according to ESPN.com. Miami signed 12 ESPN Top 150 players in that class and Clemson had 10,
mean¬ing the two schools signed 22 of the top 150, or almost 15 percent.


Posted by: NativeCane | September 29, 2010 at 05:32 AM


MH- Sleepy

Sean Spence was a little guy, maybe 9 or 10, when he disobeyed his father for the first and only time in his life, said his best friend and University of Miami teammate Marcus Forston.

``Yeah, that's right,'' said Spence, UM's strong-side linebacker who leads the team in tackles with 24 and is sixth nationally with 6.5 tackles-for-loss. ``I was young and he had me raking the yard while my brother was across the street playing, and I wanted to play. I got mad and threw the rake down and ran from him.''

Samuel Spence, coach of the Miami Northwestern junior varsity football team for years, would have none of that. The elder Spence raced after Sean, his middle of five children, ``down the block with his belt,'' Forston said.

``He chased me, I gave him a move and he fell,'' Spence said. ``He let me go play.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/09/29/1847549/sean-spence-a-giant-defensive.html#ixzz10uSmaNKC

Henny- Figs






Posted by: NativeCane | September 29, 2010 at 05:45 AM


Native...U da MAN!!!

I'm off to the 386 then the 904 later today.

Then on Thursday it's Northbound and down, rollin' up to Clemson.

See ya'!


Off to the 717 today, then SE bound to VOL country to see fam on Thursday...THEN..

You know what it is..
Tigers 21

I will be there, traveling from 10 hours away
I'm just sayin...



Go canes


Great job Rays!

As for running up the score: Theres really not much a coach can do when he has his backups in. They want to make plays as well

Now against a rival there is no such thing as running up the score

You hate them they hate you, its not like theres levels of hate

So run it up if the chance is there


Or does it simply not matter at all as long as it doesn't happen to U?

Dont throw with a big lead late. Bottom line.

Miami fans are still pissing about Meyer tacking on a late field goal.


What Oscar did wouldnt have been such an issue if that scab of a program was playing the `Canes every year

IMO I dont think that turkey neck does it if the game is played every year but sadly we will never know

dj moonbat

Dont throw with a big lead late. Bottom line.

Miami fans are still pissing about Meyer tacking on a late field goal.

Posted by: Tcoak | September 29, 2010 at 08:47 AM

I don't think it's fair to the third-stringers to put them in and not let them play the real offense. The team doesn't need to go for kill shots, but if you need to pass to make some first downs, you should let 'em do it.


Imo ,dont care what the score is JUST WIN


Thanks NativeCane.

Thanks for the email Canez1.

Good stories Six about Sean Rodriguez and your right, the Tampa area might not *deserve* a major league baseball team.


In the 1968 game, already up 42-14, Ohio State scored another touchdown. Woody then called for a two point conversion, which they converted. When asked why he did it, Woody said; "Because the rules won't let you go for three."

Love that quote^^!!


Undecided Recruiting Updates:

Jadeveon Clowney – 6-5/240 – DE –South Pointe (S.C.)
The Latest in Recruiting: Clowney has about every option that a top prospect can have, but I give the home state team the edge in the end. Just like Marcus Lattimore a year ago, I feel South Carolina has the lead here. Alabama is in and Auburn is a school I hear more and more about as well. Some have Alabama in the lead, others have South Carolina, but I still like the Gamecocks at this time.

Tim Jernigan – 6-2/285 – DT – Columbia (FL)
The Latest in Recruiting: Many expected Jernigan to be on Florida’s commitment list months ago, but he decided a while back that he was going to take a look at his list, take his official visits, and then make his decision. Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU, and Michigan were schools he told Scout he would visit and he still plans to visit those at this time. But, Florida is still the school Scout feels all others are chasing.

Isaiah Crowell – 6-0/210 – RB – Carver (GA)
The Latest in Recruiting: Crowell is another elite prospect that has about each offer out there other than one from the Texas Longhorns. USC was a favorite school of his growing up, but the Trojans are not in the picture any longer and while he still lists schools like Clemson, Florida State, and Miami, it will be Alabama or Georgia for Crowell. He has visited Tuscaloosa this year, but has yet to visit UGA, but Georgia holds a slight lead at this time. This is a very tight race.

Tony Steward – 6-1/215 – LB – Pedro Menendez (FL)
The Latest in Recruiting: Clemson, Alabama, and Florida among others are still in the mix for Steward, but it would be surprising if he did not pick Florida State in February. Most feel the Noles have led from the beginning and he has been getting to know many of the FSU commitments over the past couple of months. There are no locks in recruiting, but it looks like FSU is in the driver’s seat at this time.

Jay Rome – 6-6/240 – TE – Valdosta (GA)
The Latest in Recruiting: Rome’s father Stan played football and basketball for Clemson and Jay admitted to Scout that he grew up following and rooting for the Tigers, so many felt Clemson was going to be the school for Rome. They still may, but Georgia and Alabama have jumped up and grabbed the lead early in the fall. Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and Florida are Rome’s top four at this time.

Sammy Watkins – 6-1/185 – WR – South Fort Myers (FL)
The Latest in Recruiting: Clemson looks to be in the lead right now for Sammy Watkins, but it is tough to know by how much. Miami is up there, but he has yet to visit that in-state school. LSU and Michigan are in there as well and he should take official visits to these four schools. His teammate and close friend Dallas Crawford could play a role in his decision as well because they talk a lot about playing together.

Jermauria Rasco – 6-3/250 – DE – Evangel Christian (LA)
The Latest in Recruiting: Rasco steadily added offers from late in 2009 through late spring 2010 and he ended up with over three dozen offers to look at. Texas has always been a school high on his list and LSU consistently does well with top in-state prospects, so those two are in this along with Alabama and Florida State. He has yet to rule anyone out, but those seem to be the four that have the best chance to land him at this time.

Nick O’Leary – 6-4/240 – TE – Dwyer (FL)
The Latest in Recruiting: Some felt early on that Georgia would have a good shot at landing O’Leary because his father played football there and his mother played volleyball there, but it appears UGA is a little ways down his list. Alabama was high at one time and now it looks like Florida State has made a strong push. You cannot rule Miami out either and both Florida and North Carolina have been mentioned in recent months as well. Right now, it looks like Alabama, FSU, and Miami are the three to watch the closest.

Stephone Anthony – 6-3/230 – LB – Anson (NC)
The Latest in Recruiting: One school jumped out in front a few months ago and they have held the lead since then. That school is the University of Florida. The Gators have held the lead for the linebacker for months now and it looks like it could be tough for anyone to catch the Gators. Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Virginia Tech are schools he still mentions, but it is clear that Florida holds a strong lead at this time. He plans t take his official visits and then make his decision.

Brandon Shell – 6-7/290 – OL – Goose Creek (SC)
The Latest in Recruiting: It is no secret that Shell wants to stay close to home, so Coach Reedy at Goose Creek told schools like USC, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma, thanks for the offer, but that Shell was staying in the South. Miami was on his list, but he has recently eliminated them, so now it is Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and South Carolina. The Gamecocks are closest to home and he has been there most to this point, so they have an edge and it looks like Georgia is right there with them. He will visit all four finalists officially.

Read on: http://recruiting.scout.com/2/1007121.html


Clemson: Weekend weather, nice.



As one of the hippies in the back, I will talk about why I am against running up the score. There are "unwritten rules" in each sport in regards to running up the score, and some teams get fried by the media for running up the score while others are given a free pass.

The New England Patriots in their 18-1 season would unapologetically run up the score on opponents. They admitted it, and didn't care, and the media would give them a free pass.

Here is why I have no problem with running up the score. Jimmy Johnson, holding a big lead, pulled his starters and allowed some cheap scores to Maryland. Next thing you knew, we ended up losing the game in the biggest comeback in NCAA football history. However, even when they would rein in their plays, would get accused of running up the score like when they trounced Notre Dame, and the media would jump all over them for it. Having Ara Parsegian and Brent Musberger ripping our team for daring to score against sainted Notre Dame did damage to our public perception for years afterward.


In basketball, you pull your starters and stars when you have a big lead and the other side has pulled their starters, a basic "white flag" message. But usually even scoring extra doesn't annoy the loser all that much. But if it gets too bad, some flagrant fouls will occur, so it polices itself.

In baseball, you don't play smallball, stealing and bunting and stretching singles to doubles or doubles to triples, when you have a big lead. That leads to players getting hit by pitch and even fights on the field. When you "show up" an opposing team, they WILL hit you hte next time you come up to bat, so it polices itself.

So, while I have no problem with "running up the score" when it is expected and understood by both sides, I DO like when I see a coach show class by NOT running it up, like Shannon did versus FAMU and Tressel did versus Miami. And it is cheap when a coach does it against a team not expecting it just to show up an opposing team or score voter points, like Florida did against Miami of Ohio and USF, throwing late long TDs to pad their stats. And the fact that unlike basketball and baseball, there is no recourse for the losing team other than 15 yard penalties. There is no "policing themselves" option available, so the 70-3 scores will continue.

GrilleMaster B

As a HUGE fan of the []__[] and a personal tailgate friend to Canespace.com I have to DISAGREE with your blog on running up the score. First and foremost, in other sports mentioned, these teams are not PURPOSELY running the score up. 9 times out of 10 they have their back-up players in and especially in basketball they run the shot clock down to next to nothing before taking a shot. None-the-less, it is foolish to compare ANY of the sports to football. When you're up by 30+ points in the 4th quarter of a football game, what is the point of dropping your starting quarterback back into the pocket and take the chance of him getting hit and injured, possibly ruining the rest of your season? To see the fans of the other team cringe as the point total increases? To set meaningless records for your school? Do you think ANYONE will ever remember the 70-3 schlacking Wisconsin put on Austin Peay? Did they even move up in the rankings for this "record"? "No" to all of these questions! Now, if you are running up the score by simply rushing the ball all over your team (as UM did with their last touchdown against Pitt), that is fine. Your not taking major risks in injuring your most important skill position players. You're also running basic plays that act as "practice" for your O-Line. I personally feel as though running up the score on a team is much like a peacock flaunting its feathers or even better yet a "juice monkey" (aka steroid junkie) walking around a public place with their shirt off, when everyone else is wearing their shirt... IT'S ALL FOR SHOW! I remember playing UF in 2008 and them kicking a meaningless field goal at the end of the game to finalize the score at 26-3. Do you think those extra 3 points did ANYTHING for UF? The only thing I could remember from that was Urban Meyer getting bashed by both UM fans and sports commentators alike. Imagine this: his field goal kicker slips and twists his ankle, sidelining him for the remainder of the season. As I recall, they did win the National Championship that season and it was a field goal that put them ahead with 10 minutes to go. With about 3 minutes to go they score a touchdown, giving them a 10 point lead and virtually putting the game away. If they missed that field goal, they'd only be up 7... a one possession game. Hypothetically speaking, they miss the field goal because they have a backup in and Oklahoma finds a way to score (not needing 2 scores = less pressure to score quickly). UF would find itself in a position much like us in '03 vs. OSU... OVERTIME, something NO head coach wants to face in a game dictating who will walk away champion. I also recall us scoring a 40-yard field goal with time expiring to put us in overtime, a chance we might have never had if Sievers was hurt say kicking a meaningless field goal at the end of the game 2 weeks into the season against UF (we beat them 41-16, no need to win 44-16!). Intentionally running up the score, in my personal opinion, is absolutely ridiculous and I'm quite surprised you would even comment on this topic after watching Pitt NOT attempt to score against us at the end of the game... it was POINTLESS. Randy Shannon has class. He doesn't need to score 100 points a game to show this. Come on now...

dj moonbat

Shannon has class. He doesn't need to score 100 points a game to show this. Come on now...

Posted by: GrilleMaster B | September 29, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Yeah, but the thing is, the years when the 'Canes were awesome, they weren't ALWAYS a class act. Indeed, there were occasions when they went out of their way to be kind of jerks. That's OK by me. I grew up in Miami. You get that a lot in Miami.

GrilleMaster B

Oh, by the way... WHERE IS TOMMY STREETER and why are we throwing bombs to 5'10 Travis Benjamin in double coverage?


"Indeed, there were occasions when they went out of their way to be kind of jerks."

I was thinking about that at the end of the Dolphins versus Jets game. Rex Ryan goes out to shake Sporano's hand, and both of them are considered jerks by other teams. Saban and Meyer and Tressel and Miles and Kiffen and the guy he replaced are all considered jerks. Shula is a god here, but ask folks in New York what they think of him. Bellycheat is just about the biggest jerk out there. But then, most winning coaches are considered jerks, to the point it is a rarity.

Joe Paterno, Tony Dungee, and Randy Shannon are the rare example of coaches that are not considered jerks. Now if we can get Randy to be a winner like Paterno and Dungee, I will be a happy man.


heading up to Clemson. leaving this afternoon to visit family, then on to the game. Hope to see a strong contingent of 'Cane fans representing.
Go 'Canes!!!

GrilleMaster B

Yeah, but there will NEVER be a "Canes of Old", which all of our fans insist on calling us... College football has changed WAY too much over the years for this to happen again. Kids want to play ASAP, not get redshirted and have to watch for a season or 2. Back than, EVERYONE wanted to come to the []__[]. I'm willing to bet if this were the 80's or 90's we'd most likely have Denard Robinson on our team. He's a local boy but I'm sure he wouldn't be willing to sit behind Jacory for another year just to be able to have 2 years of starter eligibility. Not gonna happen. We're in a new era of college football. Recruiting is completely different now. Image plays a major role in this and we've done an excellent job of repairing our image after the Coker years. I like having Shannon as a coach. He shows class but could still go out there and get excellent players to come here (i.e. Storm Johnson). I'd rather us be regarded as a classy team than a team of criminals like the Gators. We've gone through that and it was fun at times, when we were winning, but when we lost it was THE WORST! Everyone loves to hate the []__[] because of this and the fact that our image has gotten better will only bring new bright faces to our squad for years to come. We could still have fun... just don't need to act like idiots!


I second that Grille. It would be common sense to throw "jump" balls to the tall receivers instead of the shortest ones on the team. Just something that makes you scratch your head. If Jacory wants to take a chance like that he needs to throw it to Hank, Byrd, or AJ. Otherwise I chalk that up as another bad decision. I noticed the Dolphins were doing that throwing fades in the end zone to Hartline. I was like WTF! You have Brandon Marshall on the other side and those types of balls should be thrown to him regardless if he is double covered instead of Hartline. This should apply to the Canes.

GrilleMaster B

Wait a minute... I don't think ANYONE would consider Shula a jerk... NOT EVEN THE BIGGEST OF JET FANS! That was a ridiculous comment... the guy is HIGHLY REGARDED AS HAVING NOTHING BUT CLASS which is why so many opposing players continue to eat at his Steakhouse to this day.

GrilleMaster B

Agree, THE MAN, however Brian Hartline is still 6'2. He's taller than pretty much any DB in the league. But when you have "The Beast" at 6'4... you have to scratch your head. Worst comes to worst they call pass interference... FIRST DOWN! Very questionable WR usage down here in Miami lately...

francis w

On our way tomorrow morning (3 AM)to Brevard and Franklin N.C for 52 year get together of some of Notre Dame Academy grads (all girl school then).I have set the recorder for 12PM Sat hope I come home Wed to watch a canes victory.


Have a good trip francis w! Don't worry, the Canes will make you proud!


Fran, you should grab a ticket and head to Clemson, you are right in the neighborhood.

Go Canes!!!


New Manny!



I am not looks to start trouble, but I will say that your view of Shula is local.

Folks in Alabama hate him for ripping Saban.
Folks in New England hate him for ripping Belichek.
Folks in New York STILL claim he cheated by not putting a tarp on the field before they played the Jets.
Folks in Philadelphia still recall him cursing on national TV when he had the lead.

Yes, he is a God here, and he was my first football hero, but he is not without enemies.

I even had an idea that I wish they would implement:

Each metrorail and metromover stop, have a different famous person record the announcement.

Don Shula was one of the voices I wanted to hear.

"Government Center, next stop." Simple, but useful in promoting the city.


The funnies thing about that tarp argument is the fact that to this day, NY fans still don't get it- the Orange Bowl didn't have a tarp at that time!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit again joined me at 8 a.m. on Wednesday and offered his thoughts from the realm of college and high school football:

I told him that UM fans are getting down on Jacory Harris: "What are your options? Spencer Whipple and Alonzo Highsmith versus a guy in Jacory Harris who has so much upside who's just continuing to make some poor decisions? I like my chances with Jacory Harris and the experience and the skill set that he has. Nobody's more frustrated about what's happening than Jacory, I'm sure. It's not like he's not trying to make better plays. The frustrating thing, I can imagine, for Hurricanes fans is the whole offseason all they heard about was that Jacory's entire focus has been on not turning the ball over and making better decisions. And for the most part he has. He has six interceptions. Two or three of them were as much on the wide receivers as they were on him. But he's still putting the ball into coverage and he has to stop doing that."

Then, Herbstreit reiterated his deep belief in the Hurricanes' ability to run the table: "If I were a Miami Hurricane fan, instead of spending time worrying about Jacory Harris and taking shots at him, I would be looking at this week as pretty much, if you win this game, Miami's not losing another game the rest of the year. That's how much is at stake this week. I don't see anyone beating Miami. I've told you since August, this team's gonna win 10 or 11 games and go to a BCS bowl game, and I don't see any reason to change my mind. This game Saturday at Clemson is two of the best teams in the ACC going at it. I think Miami wins this game and goes on to win the rest of their games."

But what about Florida State? "Florida State's getting better. I'm not buying in yet, but they're definitely looking better."
-Kirk Herbstreit on the Joe Rose Show earlier


Fran, you should grab a ticket and head to Clemson, you are right in the neighborhood.

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | September 29, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Fran...I still have two extra tickets if U wanna go? Email me if so...


Nice Post Playa. Herbie keeps it real


GrillMaster B...I was NOT advocating for "running up the score".

I was ASKING the question if YOU think it is wrong or not, that's all.

Thanks for posting your opinion!


I still have two extra tickets if U wanna go? Email me if so...

Posted by: SOUP | September 29, 2010 at 01:23 PM

Nice Post Playa. Herbie keeps it real

Posted by: CGNC | September 29, 2010 at 01:24 PM

CGNC...that goes for U too if Fran can't go.


This guy is one of my favorite coaches in all of college football, of all time

I rank Jimmy Johnson at the top of my list along with "The Don" Schnelly

This guy though is in my Top 5

Here's one of my favorite lines from this article I'm about to post ..

"Given the opportunity, Harbaugh would embrace the chance to become this Notre Dame generation's Jimmy Johnson."

Another favorite line from this article I'm about to post ..

"For Harbaugh, the goal in every game appears to be three-fold: Victory. Submission. Notoriety. As Cardinal center Chase Beeler, who was more forthcoming with the media this week than his head coach ever is, said, "One of our mottoes is, 'We're going to win with character. but we're also going to win with cruelty.'"

Here's the article, about Jim Harbaugh



Lunching at The Ale House in Daytona.

Heading to JAX after.

Lead, follow or get the hell outta my way!


Let's hope the Canes can generate some of their own "cruelty" against Clemson Saturday.

"Win with cruelty"


Lunching at The Ale House in Daytona.

Heading to JAX after.

Lead, follow or get the hell outta my way!

Posted by: SOUP | September 29, 2010 at 01:29 PM

Should have stopped at Kers Wing House instead.....better view :-)

the "U" is America's team

After praying to the porcelain Gods, they informed me after Jack Daniels consumption.......

Miami 37
Clemson 10
And I'm still feeling queasy


Ungar has it correct, in self-policing type sports such as baseball, there are things you do and don't do - and if you do the things you're not supposed to, you better expect a few sore ribs to some of your best players b/c they're about to have a fastball tucked nicely into them

I also think it depends on the opponent in football. If you're playing a FCS School, what's the point in dropping 60 or 70 points on them? Now, if you do put in your 3rd and 4th stringers, and you're running basic run plays and the other team just can't tackle you .. what are you going to do? But you don't open up your playbook when you have a big comfortable lead against an FCS school and start going "Bombs Over Baghdad" and run a 4 or 5 wide set while throwing the ball long

Ask yourself this. Why didn't Tressel go ahead and punch in another score against the Canes at the end of the game, instead of taking a knee? It would've helped them come strength of schedule time. I don't think he took a knee either b/c they play the Canes down in Miami next year

Here's what the head coach at Eastern Michigan said after Ohio State dropped 73 points on them ...

"My thing is this: You’ve got to stop them," English said. "So I’ll never whine about that. Yeah, he kept throwing. He throws the throwback to the quarterback and all that stuff but we were trying to score, too ..... I respect Jim Tressel. I don’t say that I’m (ticked) off at Jim Tressel. That’s the nature of the beast. The strong survive in this profession."

"Every dog has his day. I’ve had my days," English said. "I’m taking mine right now, and I’m sure there’ll be a day when I’m giving mine again. Whether it be here or somewhere else. But I promise you I’ll be back giving my butt-whuppin’s out, too."

francis w

Thanks Soup and Native but I have obligations in Franklin to meet my friend who was at the dance in (1960) Miami Springs when I met Jean and fell in Love at first sight.
Appreciate your thoughts.


Should have stopped at Kers Wing House instead.....better view :-)

Posted by: raizecane | September 29, 2010 at 01:34 PM

Been there, done that, TRU DAT!

Gin & Tonic

Lunching at The Ale House in Daytona.

Heading to JAX after.

Lead, follow or get the hell outta my way!

Posted by: SOUP | September 29, 2010 at 01:29 PM

Just missed you Soup. I just had lunch there, left around 1:15. Small world.

dj moonbat

Running up the score is like having sex with people you don't love -- sure, it might be wrong, but it still feels really good.

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