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September 03, 2010



really ???


can we talk on osu now?
yeah, baby

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

MacJones deserves 2 t-shirts for that..lol


Hope you boys are prepared for an embarassment on 9/11. The Ohio State University killed your program back in 2002 and now that yer FINALLY starting to creep your way back up the ladder were gonna knock you chumps back down again. Lol...after these next two years I don't see your AD penciling OSU back into your schedule for the foreseeable future. GO BUX!!!

Posted by: Ben | September 03, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Ben...if U are indeed a Buckeye fan have at it, but tread lightly my friend and keep it clean.



Is there any word on who's def not gonna play in next week's Battle Royale ???

I know it may too early but I just wanna know if Regis and Jeremy Lewis are gonna be in... (I saw Lewis hobble off the field in crutches) and IMO, we need every big boi up front we can get...


soup,good to see you and fran..i did make it in after all.ive never been so drunk in my life.im done with the booze!!!!


really ???

Posted by: dadesfynest83 | September 03, 2010 at 12:53 PM



soup,good to see you and fran..i did make it in after all.ive never been so drunk in my life.im done with the booze!!!!

Posted by: canezilla | September 03, 2010 at 12:56 PM

Roger that! U can start drinking again for the FSWho game. LOL


"Six...you're right...but chill (please)...lol!"

I sort of agree. There have been many good things to come out of Ohio, we cannot hate an entire state over one bad call 8 years ago.

We got Lebron James from Ohio, he's pretty good.
Canton Ohio is nice, got some Canes in there.
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is there.
Bernie Kosar, need I say more?

Let's give Ben a second chance, he didn't say anything ALL that bad, IMO.

The Advocate


Well done with the polite gentlemanly warning of a real Canes fan.

Is anyone else concerned about our rushing output? It was pretty pathetic. 4.3 YPC? Against FAMU? Our O-Line looked horrible. Yes, I said it. On Jacory's sideline pass to AJII he had a gaping hole and a delayed blitzing linebacker up the middle. If we allow Rolle or Homan to do that, or even someone from the DBs, we're going to be having a lot of trouble. I was impressed with Berry's TD reception. I think we need Lamar Miller to run that route against the Buckeyes. I want to see more of Mike James in PA Pass. And I'm not sold on Berry's PA Pass blocking ability. But I loved, absolutely LOVED, the way Jacory was slinging it, despite the horrible near INT.

- The Advocate.


LOL @ BIG BEN up there - so called Suckeye fan. A-typical stating that they "Killed" us back in '02. Talk is cheap son, the storm is coming to a stadium near you and please...please....please play that zone on defense that you are sooooo good at, and then come see us on the blog after the game!



Six, Lebron is a turncoat and once one...you're always one. He is a HUGE Buckeye fan and when we lost to them in 2003, he was all over the news up here talking smack about us....F him!

Onion (lol)...DO NOT let that corn ball on our sidelines EVER. Not practice, not a game...not nothin! He'd probably spy for them.

Ben, U hate that you love it.

We should move Bailey back to DT. The NFL knows his potential and what he can do, especially in a 3-4 scheme, but for us..right now...we need him at tackle. All of his sacks from last year were from the inside. He didn't make a sack from DE, but did set the edge the best and got great pressure almost every play.

Andrew Smith (if healthy) or Marcus Robinson, Bailey, Forston, and Vernon should start with: Ojomo, Dye, Porter, Regis, Holmes, and Robinson providing depth.


Does anyone else follow LA on twitter? All this kid talks about is women from back home. No talk about the team...No talk about the U...No talk about last nights game...No talk about how bad we wants to play....Only complaining about girls back home.

All the while the other players are tweeting about FAMU game, OSU game and the team. I know this kid might redshirt so he might not be as hyped up but come on son...you are at THE U! You gave OSU the finger...now act like this is a priveledge.




Advocate, I agree that we still have issues.

That almost INT was disturbing.

Miller dancing instead of bulling forward, costing three or more yards.

The failed FG attempt.

But overall, the OLine allowed 0 sacks, the DLine got 8 sacks. We had few penalties, and none of them were atrocious (except for the kickoff return called back).

I feel good about this team, still.


Advocate- that play scared me as well! But overall the line was OK, even with a 3rd team RT out there to start. I was a little concerned about the rushing game, but they seemed more intent on getting the two minute offense and passing game going. Will we see more of that next week, or is the staff sending a message to Ohio St. about stacking 8 in the the box? I agree with all of your thoughts on the RB's.

Sarasota 'cane

Orange on one side, green on the other side!


Go 'canes!

The Advocate

Two things have me worried about the OSU game. Truly, and if these plays don't work, then just tell me I'm an idiot after we squash them. But Two offensive types of plays and Two defensive ones...

OSU has the ball...
1) WR sweeps. FAMU was able to do zone read and break outside a few times. Our DEs were not so great at popping the TE and delaying the second level attack (Cookie got blocked well, as did Kylan a few times). If those Suckeyes do that against us a few times early, we could be in for a long day. From that opens up Pryor and middle traps. Beware of that.
2) Our LB pass coverage. The OSU TE might be covered by Ray Ray - and that's my hope, but put it this way. We think BHarris can stop Posey. We HOPE DVD can do something against Sanzenbacher (kid has been a bit of a letdown from all that hype - he let Shields beat him last year). Problem is we might be running a 2 deep or playing with fire to let DVD take him on one on one or not giving BHarris some over the top help. Point it, the OSU TE is good, better than numbers indicate, and we'll have trouble covering him AND the backs out of the backfield without an excellent, and I mean excellent pass rush.

We have the ball...
1) Need to get much faster off the ball. I was not impressed with how our O-Line blocked FAMU on the ground. Horrible, really. I was expecting a lot more in the way of holes. We seemed easily corralled. Berry still held the ball out a bit at times too...not liking that one bit.

2) Our O-Line's pass protection. I was not impressed. We looked sluggish. Really sluggish. And we left gaps for LB blitzes with an O-lineman left not blocking. Aside from Franklin, we were not looking like the type of O-Line that can block the OSU D-line well from a technique standpoint, and allow someone to hit that 2nd level. I may be wrong, but I didn't see it.

- The Advocate.


What was up with our special team play. We had no one back twice to return punts but never really made an effort to try and block the punt. Anyone have any thoughts on this.

Sarasota 'cane

- The Advocate.

Posted by: The Advocate | September 03, 2010 at 01:19 PM

Please sir, step away from the crack pipe! While there is always room for improvement, your analysis does not provoke one single memory from last nights game. I watched both the UM and OSU games side by side and UM was faster, more precise, more powerful, and just plain more fluid than OSU. I've never seen a 45-0 game reviewed quite like that in my life.

Go 'canes!


New Manny

27 Ave Cane

Any news why Storm Johnson didn't play???


Good blogging Ungar.

Message to Brandon Harris: Pryor loves to throw to Posey's back shoulder (its his safest bet..with that weak and inaccurate arm).

This is the same defense from that great effort and ridiculously ref'd game against UF two years ago. The only difference is that they are twice as big, fast, and experienced than they were in that game now!

If we had any offense that day..we would've won. Now we have an offense, mature WRs, a capable/confident QB and a competent offensive coordinator.

My point is this: I don't judge other teams like Ungar said on the last blog. "All I care about is this U" -- Kellen Winslow

Don't care about OSU's blah blah blah. Have we improved? is the question. Our destiny depends on Us. Shannon keeps stressing that "its a process"...this is what he's talking about. Don't skip steps and give every step its rights (focus & attention).

My last point is: why would any player be nervous or scared about this game? We've worked our process and respected every step up until this point on Sept 11th.

We've been running up the side of a hill (adversity) for several years now..its time to run down (prosperity) the other side now.


The Advocate

Sarasota - are you kidding me? 4.3 ypc against FAMU? You think that's gonna fly? I'm just stating things I definitely noticed. Watch the film and you'll see a few RB flares that worked. I'm just saying we need to prepare for that.

On the good, however...
Jacory was slingin' it.
No one dropped a pass - That is a knock on wood scenario. Need to have sure hands.
Vernon is quick and fast.
Spence looks to be in good form.
Ray Ray made a great pick6.
BHarris blitzing is a beautiful thing. Worked against OU and it might just foul up OSU.

- The Advocate


Ok what its gonna be? u have fans giving too much credit to beating FAMU, then u have people being too down on this or that. This game was a scrimmage, only purpose was to get the guys playing football again and to get a win. That great OSU DL had zero sacks against Marshall, still wont say how our oL will do against the but it also proves they are in no way invincible. The biggest thing was J12 threw no picks, and on that almost pick, the FAMU player was blitzing, that was not him throwing into coverage. Next thing people talking about open blitzers, sometimes there are more blitzers than blockers, sometimes the QB is responsible for taking care of him. The pass pro was excellent our first team had their way with FAMU, u couldn't say the same for last year. Still the test awaits, jump on OSU early with our hurry up and put our foot on their throat


Any news why Storm Johnson didn't play???

Posted by: 27 Ave Cane | September 03, 2010 at 01:35 PM



What was Storm suspended for? and will Storm and Clements Redshirt because Coop is back??

I personally would like to see them both redshirt because this is IMO a wasted year for them because of all the depth


Six...you make some very compelling statements here about college footba...oh wait, you're just immaturely referring to a dirty river and comparing the state of Ohio to the Big Man's bowel movements...well I suppose if you want to avoid the topic of how badly we're going stomp the lowercase u next Saturday those are fine points...Go Bux!


Why didn't Fig start? Did they rest him on purpose or what? I thought he had his position on lock.




Watching OSU vs. Marshall right now and.....

I'm bored.

WR hitch, WR slant, protection breakdown..Pryor run, throw to Posey's back shoulder...thats it..Oh I forgot: Buckeye special teams are stellar. Marshall has blocked a FG and returned it for a TD and they have had a 63 yard kick return on the "Bux"...lol!

The defense pursues the ball well, Chekwa is hurt and the safeties look like babies (very frail and young), but were good in high school if that counts.



We won. They lost.

Canes beat an overmatched opponent by 45 points.

Our starting QB threw 3 TD's. He didn't throw any picks.

Our starting QB wasn't sacked.

The Dline got eight sacks.

The DB's got their first pick6 since Antrel Rolle. In 04'.

Nobody was carted off the field.

I wasn't sh!tting my pants in the 4th qtr.

I'm good for about a week.


I just irks me when I hear statements like...

"The Ohio State University killed your program back in 2002..."

I just don't c how a DOUBLE OVERTIME game that ended CONTROVERESIALLY, plus the fact that a RB that dominated most of the season that was not only held in check, but outrushed by ur own starting QB, equals "killed your program back in 2002..."

IDK, maybe it's just me :/


what channel is the game being replayedI have direct tv, thanks in advance


Jim Tressel has been quoted as saying, "the most important part of the football game is the punt".

This says alot about him.

Cavaleer?!? I need your opinion on this quote from the great one.


channel 610 on dtv.

the "U" is America's team

Miami 27

OSU 14

Nuff said....


Did someone fart again in here at 1:51 pm?

I swear, it smells exactly like when I happen to visit that waste of a state in Cleveland at the Gateway District

If you live in Ohio, chances are, you're trying to get out of Ohio

I'm not a fan of Joakim Noah at all, but he hit it exactly on the head when he said:

"I never heard anybody say I'm going to Cleveland on vacation. What's so good about Cleveland?"

The Pro Football Hall of Fame didn't ask to be put in Canton, it was built there against it's own will. Believe me, if a building could sprout 2 legs and get up and walk, that place would run to the nearest airport, hop on whatever crop duster or puddle jumper is located there and get the hell out of the state

You know how many people I work with that are from Ohio? I always ask them, you love Ohio, right? "Yes". Would you move back there if you could to work? "No". Pretty cut and dry

Ya, Bernie is from Ohio - ask him where he'd rather live, Florida or Ohio - go ahead and see just how long it takes him to think about it

Ask Latwan Anderson. Where did Cris Carter decide to have his son play in high school? Sure the hell wasn't in Ohio - oh right, he made sure he played for a juggernaut in the world of high school football, right down here in Florida. Hey, if Duron wants to go play at Ohio State just like his pops did - that's fine, but that's only 4 years of punishment that he's making his son go through

I don't care if Lebron is a turncoat or not - I don't even like the guy, I thought he was a huge crying tampon after the way he acted when the Magic sent him home in the playoffs and he didn't shake the hand of any Magic player after the game - headed right to the locker room and said he was a winner ....... but the fact that he left that city decimated, whether they want to admit it or not, is more hysterical to me than anything else. Their own native son just ups and leaves them - and that to me is hilarious in the fact that he ripped the hearts out of that town and its fans

That call in the Fiesta Bowl is not the primary reason for any vitriol for Ohio - it's just the idiotic attitude of some sense of entitlement that entire state has in its sports teams, from high school to professional. Browns? Cavs? Indians? Bengals? Reds? Buckeyes? Red Hawks? Penguins? Bobcats? Golden Flashes? etc?

32 years in between National Championships for the Buckeyes, and they act as if their sh*t is ice cream with with sprinkles on it? Seriously? Ya, the game shold've never gotten to the point to where it was decided by a blown call that everyone, besides Buckeye fans, agree it was - but to have that as your only defining moment in winning that National Championship? Go ahead and ask other fans, just say, "What do you remember about the Fiesta Bowl between Ohio State and Miami?" ... seriously, go ahead and see what it is

Take Ohio and shove it up your azz, b/c it's going to come out the same way it went in


I agree with you guys. They suck. The first game of the season and they weren't perfect. Why are these coaches still employed? 80% completions by J12 and with 4 drives in the first half all we had to show for it was 4 touchdowns. And they even almost touched Jacory once. Awful!

And don't get me started on the D. Its bad enough that UM allowed 1.3 yards/carry, but they actually let the opponent inside their 25 yard line once. FAMU dropped back 21 times and we only had 8 sacks, and only 1 INT on 11 pass attempts. R U kidding me? Any reasonably talented team would have had no less than 20 sacks and 10 picks last night.


The coaches should break the 20 hour/week practice rule and work these losers 20 hours/day until we see perfection!


I feel you dadesfynest83. No way did we get killed in that "game", but what he wrote was that they killed our "program" back 2002. We have been mediocre since that game (according to our own lofty standards). What he's trying to say is that they made us like them...not true but I reluctantly admit that loss did affect our program significantly afterwards. It definitely torn my heart out.

We can take a loss, but a robbery is a lifelong violation.


Thanks anyway but 610 is Big 10 Network:(


Ben - oh ya, I forgot just how you really broke down the match-up between the 2 teams in your original post .... it sounded as if you shouldn't even be on the computer, typing your thoughts, but should be on a television or radio show that can be heard nationally

If you just happen to stumble upon this blog, that would be surprising to me .... I know 86 and Company have made this into a well known Canes fan site

If you didn't happen to stumble upon this blog, then you'd already know that I went into depth about how this match-up will be and even was giving fair warning to Canes fans about how they shouldn't take this game lightly - breaking down the positions on Ohio State. I'm not talking about a 4 sentence, one post either ... I'm talking about "War and Peace" length posts that had just a tad more information in it than your drive-by elementary sh*t that you can see on 300 blogs elsewhere before a game between 2 teams

I'm surprised ESPN or Fox Sports don't have you as an analyst with your original post - great breakdown there palooka


Please enlighten me gentlemen...what has the lowercase u done since that '02 championship loss to The Ohio State University? Hmmmmmm? How many consecutive games had you Canes won until then? Ya, that's called killing a program...Go Bux!


Although not much more impressive im not going to take into account that -21 yard botched snap that went against the rushing stats

Leaving the `Canes with 35 carries and 177 yards 5.05 avg.

The 3 main backs 23-146 6.34 a solid effort even if it was against FAMU


Posted by: Ben | September 03, 2010 at 02:41 PM

My point proven, just like I said

Nice breakdown, once again, of the upcoming game

What a waste of blog space to write upon


One thing that we have to improve on is our tackleing.. It was absolutely horrible last night

No way we beat OSU if our defense tackles like they did.



I love the way you don't back down, but come back and give it to 'em even harder.

Marveling at the ferocity. Next time in a shitstorm I wan't you in the foxhole with me.

Bring it!!!


I love Brandon Harris, my favorite player, kid is a stud!!!


If we stop the run up the middle against OSU, we win!

Bailey and Ojomo will put pressure on TP all day.


Six, I'll have to carefully comb through this filth to find an intelligent and worthwhile comment and peruse your breakdown-i'm sure its entirely objective and unbiased...something Mark May would surely be proud of...ha! Goooooo Bux!


I was reading in the Orlando Sentinel that Ray Lewis III plays for a small high school in east orlando... he plays , lb and rb for this local high school.... i cant find it on line tho. Is this kid a potential Cane ?


Absolutely hilarious Mephistopheles!

Six, I'm looking at Charlotte, North Carolina right now. Mostly because of weather, economy, and education (time to start a family). These are my concerns with Ohio. I love Cleveland's people...period. Very passionate, hard-working, and family-orientated.

Our connection to our sports teams is definitely attributed to our lifestyle of hardworking and blue collar living...there isn't much else to do. While its not good to be that invested in a sports figure that his decision affects your whole life and livelihood. Your comment about our reaction is like a gift & a curse to me. You basically make fun of our passion for sports because you and the other people from "happening/en vogue/tourist attracted places" don't have any idea of what this feels like. So while you laugh and mock us (justifiably), I kinda do the same to you as well. Sports is all business for you guys and that can lead to fairweather fan traits. Its hilarious that we care....ok...well its hilarious to me that you guys don't..lol! They're both extremes and can be made fun of.

Our passion for sports is only bad when it leads to feelings of delusion and entitlement.

If Dwight Howard (hypothetically speaking) throws a couple of games against the Heat in the eastern conference championship this upcoming season, and then sets himself up to leave the Magic to link up with Kobe and Gasol in LA...and you guys don't get mad about it or care because your going to the beach that weekend anyway...then thats hilarious to me in the same way.

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