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September 05, 2010




Old Skool

Maybe could be... NO


Of all the Pro-style offensive attacks in the nation,

Is ours the best?


I ask that because I'm watching the Air Raid vs the Run n' Shoot.


Did anyone watch the Tulsa - East Carolina game that just ended? What a WILD shootout!




***jus in case no one caught this, it was like 2nd to last on the last blog...(I really need a spot on my 3rd "burn"), thx for the help...***

what I'm burning on...

u guys need to stop hatin on Marve, he got what he wanted in being closer to his daddy, that's all that matters...

I'm tryna come up with an accurate adjective to describe FU's offense yesterday...

Say it ain't so Storm, is he really wanting to pack up n leave???

I'm not gonna be home and around other Cane's fans for when we take over the "Shoe" and turn it into the "Glass Slipper"...I'll be in the 404

(any suggestions on where to catch the game??? If not I'll be having fits ann yelling in my girlfriend's sister's living room, solo...thx)


Say it ain't so Storm, is he really wanting to pack up n leave???

Posted by: dadesfynest83 | September 05, 2010 at 06:08 PM

I am NOT going anywhere.


Club Atlanta Hurricane and Alumni Club

Event Name UM vs. Ohio State Game Watch Party

Event coordinator Anne Lalinde

Address line 1 Mazzy's Norcross
Address line 2 7160 Jimmy Carter Blvd.

City Norcross
State/Province Georgia
Zip/Postal Code 30092
Country United States
Event Begin Date 9/11/2010
Event End Date 9/11/2010
Event Start Time 03:30PM


I don't like Canez1 b/c he punked out on rolling down to hang with me during halftime of a Canes game

F*** you Canez1







Hahaha. Ah man, I can't even type that with a straight face without laughing


great finish i nthat game, six! Althoguht it broght back some bad, bad memories. . .


GEEZ ur resourceful SOUP, that was quick...thx a bunch !!!


Six lmfao!!!!

We were right by the shytter waiting for u guys.

Place was a madhouse!! I was draggin my girl behind.

This year no doubt. What games r u plannin on?

Im going to shoot for all of them and probably land 5.

I have a gay azz wedding on fsu day. Still pissed at that. Hate friggin weddings.

Drinks are on me my man.



"Miami hasn't been same since losing to OSU, but appears to be on right path"

Here is an article from today's Columbus (OH) Post Dispatch that aptly hints at the psychological advantage OSU players/fans will have over us if we don't let that 2003 NC game go. Truth is, these players don't owe the Canes of old, they don't owe the players who played in that 2003 game, and they don't owe the fans who watched Terry Porter throw that late flag.

This is a new program and Shannon has taken the right position in not playing into the media's prodding about the symbolism that a game 7 years ago has on next Saturday's game when he said that "A loss is a loss." That's simply the way the players and us as fans/alumni or just lovers of the game must go into next Saturday.

If not, then we play with a sense of insecurity, an inferiority complex of sorts, as if Ohio State owes us something. Let's not base our game off of karma, let's base it off of intense preparation, recruiting, Game-Day execution and good coaching. We have all these variables and we will do just fine.

When it comes down to it, there are two questions that OSU must answer and two questions that Miami must answer to determine who will prevail and by how much.

For OSU, they must answer the following: (1) Can they handle our team speed on defense? and (2) Can they temper our excellent passing game?

For us, we must answer the following: (1) Can we (i.e., our LBs) control the running game (both of Pryor and their bevy of running backs? and (2) Can we control the line of scrimmage and give J12 time to throw the ball (as well as our RBs holes to run through)?

That, my friends, are the core issues facing both teams next Saturday. We are a bigger, faster and stronger team from that early 2007 game against Oklahoma. So, no need to talk of the past, lets focus on how grateful we are to be in the present (with a collection of highly intelligent, dedicated and smart players) and how promising our future will be. And that future includes Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010.

Check out the article at the link below:



Quick, jump this ship is sinking!!!

John Blake resigns from UNC effective immediately (was named top recruiter in nation at one point I think):

John Blake enters his fourth season on the North Carolina staff as the Tar Heels' associate head coach, recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach. Blake, who coached with Butch Davis in Dallas, has developed some of the top defensive linemen in the country at all levels, including high school, college and the NFL.

Over the past three seasons in Chapel Hill, Blake has tutored a number of highly skilled defensive linemen, including 2009 first-team All-ACC selection Robert Quinn at defensive end and second-team pick Marvin Austin at defensive tackle. Quinn (19 tackles for losses, 11 sacks) and Austin both return in 2010 and are considered among the top five talents in the country at their respective positions.

Last season, Blake's defensive line dominated the point of attack and Carolina finished sixth in the nation in tackles for losses, No. 6 in total defense and No. 10 against the run. Defensive end E.J. Wilson and defensive tackle Cam Thomas were selected in the 2010 NFL Draft as Blake continued a history of developing professional talent.

In three seasons at UNC, Blake has sent five defensive linemen to the NFL, including 2008 first-round draft pick Kentwan Balmer. Blake earned rave reviews from NFL Draft analysts for his ability to develop Balmer into a first-round selection in just one year of coaching. "Kentwan had a great senior year under the tutelage of John Blake, who I think is one of the best defensive line coaches at any level," said ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr.

In addition to his abilities as a defensive line coach, Blake is considered by many observers as the nation's top recruiter. In three of the last four years, at least one recruiting publication has named Blake the nation's top recruiter. Three different Sporting News recruiting analysts named him the best in 2009. He also earned the same distinction from CSTV's Tom Lemming in 2008 and the Wall Street Journal and American Football Quarterly in 2007.

Blake was responsible for the recruitment of Austin, the nation's No. 1 high school defensive player in 2007, and Carolina's signing classes have ranked among the best in the country every season.

Blake came to Carolina after serving three seasons at the University of Nebraska, where he coached or recruited several outstanding defensive linemen, including 2007 NFL first-round draft pick Adam Carriker (13th overall), 2007 third-round draft pick Jay Moore and 2010 NFL first-round selection Ndamukong Suh. The Huskers defensive line was ranked the top defensive line unit in the country by CollegeFootballNews.com in 2006.

Davis and Blake previously worked together as members of Jimmy Johnson's staff with the Dallas Cowboys. Blake joined the Dallas staff as defensive line coach after Davis was promoted to defensive coordinator in 1993. That year, Dallas ranked eighth in the league in total defense and beat Buffalo, 30-13, in Super Bowl XXVIII. After Davis left to become the head coach at Miami in 1995, Blake remained in Dallas and won another Super Bowl title under head coach Barry Switzer.

A native of Rockford, Ill., Blake played for Switzer at Oklahoma from 1979-82, where he earned All-Big Eight honors at nose guard. He later returned to his alma mater to serve as head coach of the Sooners from 1996-98.

At Oklahoma, Blake began as a student assistant working with the defensive line in 1985 and earned a national championship ring that season. The Sooners lost just two games during his first tenure on the staff.

Blake's first full-time assistant position was at Tulsa from 1987-88, where he coached the tight ends and wide receivers. He returned to his alma mater in 1989 as the Sooners' defensive line coach, and then served as Gary Gibbs' linebackers coach from 1990 to 1992.

After Johnson hired Blake in Dallas, five players made the Pro Bowl during his three seasons. Blake's defensive line was considered one of the best in the NFL during his tenure. Among others, Blake tutored Pro Bowlers Charles Haley, Russell Maryland, Leon Lett, Chad Henning, Tony Tolbert and Jim Jeffcoat.

The Advocate

About Rolle at OSU - used to be a Canes fan

- The Advocate

orange 'n green in the vein

Good, only six more days of the suck-nuts title over-hype this year. I've had more than enough of Richard Pryor Jr.'s Heisman campaign already, time for Bailey to put him down for good.


12. (carryover from previous blog) perhaps bailey needs to move back to the inside???? seems to be standing straight up coming from the de position.


Tip of the iceberg dept.

John Blake statement:

"While I have enjoyed my tenure at the University of North Carolina, it has become apparent to me over the course of the past few weeks that my presence has become a distraction to my family and to this great University, too. Consequently, I have determined that it is in the best interests of my family, the University community at large, and the Football Program for me to step down from my position as associate head football coach effective today, September 5, 2010.

"I thank the Lord for the opportunity I have had to work with Butch Davis while at the University of North Carolina. I have grown to love and respect the school, my fellow coaches, and the young men who have worked so diligently to improve both as students and as football players. That love and respect has led me to the conclusion that the best decision for all involved is for me to step aside at this time. I wish the players, the coaches, and the University all the best.

"I thank the Tar Heel Nation for the overwhelming support I have received. The memories I have made here will last a lifetime. May God bless you all."

UNC Head Coach Butch Davis statement:
"Knowing John as I have over the years, it is clear that this was a difficult decision for him to make. I know how much John loves the players, coaching and the game of football. I am grateful for all of his hard work and effort in helping build this program. As difficult as this situation is, I have accepted his resignation. Throughout his career, I know he has worked hard to help young men become better people and football players. He and his family have made positive contributions to our football program.

"The Tar Heel family has tremendous passion for the University and everything it represents. It's one of the things that made me want to be a Tar Heel four years ago. All of us who are part of the football program have been both disappointed and embarrassed by recent events. Our student-athletes, coaches and I are committed to working every day, both on and off the field, to build a better football program, one that everyone associated with the University of North Carolina can and will be proud of."

UNC Director of Athletics Dick Baddour statement:
"Coach Blake had indicated to me in previous conversations that he would step down if he felt his presence with the football program would become a distraction. I appreciate and respect his decision to do what is best for the University and our football program. I know the young men he coached are tremendously disappointed, but Coach Davis and his staff will help and support them as the season moves forward."

Old Skool

Looks like Lane Kiffin offered Blake a better deal.

Or else John just wanted to work for a coach with a higher standard of ethics.


there is some potent ka ka about to be unleashed by the NCAA


At this rate UNC will arive for the Miami game in a van.

Old Skool

Solar LOL

The Wizard

Is there anywhere I can listen to a tape of BG's radio show. I just got home and missed it.

Old Skool

North Carolina could be the second coming of one platoon football.

Old Skool

I imagine BG's show is a downloadable podcast as well


Barking Carnival, a site much like EDSBS presents their version of the Blake timeline

pretty humorous



Iv heard on radio and read in many place that many in the coaching ranks that Blake is as shady as orgeron...they are top notch recruiters and position coach BUT if u lay with them eventually u'll get flees...


give us the hook up if you can


That's simply the way the players and us as fans/alumni or just lovers of the game must go into next Saturday.

Posted by: Chris | September 05, 2010 at 06:42 PM

While I agree that the best approach for Shanoon and the team is the one that was outlined, I think fans can bring whatever perspective they want.

If a fan wants to think of this as a chance for revenge or redemption, so be it. So what? That's the fun part of fanhood, nobody gets to tell you how you're supposed to feel, of if they do, fine, but you go into it any way you want. For some fans it's revenge, for some it's just a big game, for others it's one rung in the ladder to the NC (sounds like poll, Soup???).

Me, I'm thinking when we win, it will feel like revenge. Too bad we can't jack the trophy and bring it back to Coral Gables. But that's just me.


you hit the nail on the head read the link I just posted


the "U" is America's team

I'm shocked by this John Blake business....shocked.


You make a good point bad blood is how many bitter rivalries start.

Take us and Florida, or ND, for example.

Half the people that hate Florida don't really know the history of why they hate them,but they have grown up understanding The Gator is dirty and that's enough.

Same with Notre Dame, a lot of Canes fans only need to hear Catholics vs convicts to want to shove a Nun down a flight of stairs.

I'd like a series of games with Houston, that would bring some of the best inter city hating possible from two teams to college football. lol!


Why oh why does Solar waste his time blogging, when he clearly should be doing stand-up?

Come down in a bus........


My fault.

"In a van....."


GEEZ ur resourceful SOUP, that was quick...thx a bunch !!!

Posted by: dadesfynest83 | September 05, 2010 at 06:24 PM

I just know where to look!


Miami Hurricanes vs the Brooklyn Brawlers, huh Solar?


you guys can recruit some good information in here and theres no need for an investigation... upstanding canespace


thanks hurri,

This UNC scandal is especially sweet to me, having a son-in-law that is a Tar Heel.
( for now )


If U go here U can find UMAA clubs all over the Country. Some are more active than others:



Here is a link with all the box scores, drive charts and stats from this weekends games so far.

plus some heather on john BS



I root for Duke BBall, so seeing that sky blue on any uniform bares my fangs.


GT 384 total yds, 12 passing yds.



just trowin out some meat being a former hs qb.




"I think our home-field advantage will be even greater than normal for this one. Miami doesn't travel well to begin with, add that to the animosity Ohio sports fans have toward the city for certain basketball reasons and the fact that EVERY Buckeye fan is tired of hearing how that National Championship was handed to us... The crowd will be relentless." http://www.scarletbuckeye.com/football-talk/7227-game-2-14-miami-fl-vs-2-ohio-state-official-game-thread.html read more

orange 'n green in the vein

Crowd can't cover the wide-outs either is what the suck-nuts don't get.


News to OSU fan watch the rose bowl....mostly Nebraska fans there and we all know how that turned out.

Solar lol....just too damn funny!


thanks canechic

orange 'n green in the vein

Where's Cav? You know The Randy is only like 1-3 against top 10 teams, Tressel is 9-8 with an * so he's a game under .500 in my book. Somehow this is supposed to the be most decided of advantages for suck-nuts. Supposedly the home crowd is good for a TD also so no shutout this week I guess but still a good shellacking to put these bozo's back in their place for yet another year is on it's way. Last time we faced a national champion contender on the road in week 2 all the leaders were underclassmen and we hung tough until falling apart halfway through the fourth. Now we're going to have a different problem, how do all those leaders keep the focus going in a 2nd half that isn't going to be close but will have a crowd itching for any little sign of a comeback so midway through the 4th they're heading to beat traffic out instead of hanging around to get their throat more sore in a comeback effort doomed to fail.

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