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September 16, 2010



Nicely said, mano



hey coming to u from a remote area in the far east!


Let's just let it go --

Have fun

Posted by: darCANEgel | September 16, 2010 at 05:34 PM


Time for some of that medicine for sure.




Palm Beach 13...good to see U bloggin' on the regular. See U around!


9/23/10-Time to unleash the beast....Dyron Dye

Im looking forward to see how some of these games shake out now that league time is here


86, you rock ---
out of office...
Cant we all jUst get along??

Canes, baaby


The ACC will get much better before the end of the 2010 season...Too much talent...
A game to watch for this saturday 7:00 pm on ESPN Clemson at Auburn.


That NC vs GT game should be sweet!

Old Skool

“Gentlemen, this is a football,”...“This is a cruel and tough business. We have to produce. We’re only here because we want to win, and when we lose, we’re gone. Therefore we have to win! Therefore you have to win! And we only want winners!”

Part of a speech from Lombardi, the play. Dan Lauria (the father from the Wonder Years) stars as a Lombardi which opens on Broadway Oct 21.



9/23/10-Time to unleash the beast....Dyron Dye

Posted by: Sebastian57 | September 16, 2010 at 06:04 PM

Who was it that said Dye was gonna be the starting TE at UM this year?


I sure the heck dont recall saying that. I was all about him having sacks this year

I do remember watching him playing in HS and he was unblockable. He is made for the DE position. Now he did play good at TE but that 1st step of his and that backside pursuit is made to be a DE.

I am more then ready for him to get some meaningful P.T.


41-17 UM

No Mercy




Sebas...i was not implying that it was U. But someIody said it, or that he would be a TE at UM this year?


Time to forgive and forget the loss. Canes 34 - Pitt 3.


I knew what you meant. I just figured that someone who said that couldnt of seen him play in HS

Or if they did they saw something alot different then I did when I was watching him

Thats what makes us lucky about living around here, we get to see alot of these kids play before they head off to college


You mean Bailey isn't going to play TE? :)

Where's Stephen Wesley when you need him?


A source is saying Seantrel Henderson is being moved to TE


NCST-Cin on ESPN or http://www.channelsurfing.net/watch-espn.html


I remember that prediction, Soup!


A nice drive led by Wilson for the Pack right there


Yep, I have let it go.

Until they come down here, that is.

Fair enough?


Isnt Tampa Plant on espnu tonight?


darCANE..that is why i started off with "Correct me if im wrong" lol...as for us..we went 9-4, but to me at least..anyone who knew Miami football would of known we were still young, didnt have much depth and A LOT of injuries on D..so IMO, this year we would have good reason to be a top 15 team, we grew into jrs & sr's and were healthy. I dont know much about Arkansas, but it seemed like there was just some buzz that turned into a top 15 ranking. Like I said, I could be wrong lol..bur I agree, it all doesnt matter..heres to 11-1 lol


Yes they are on right now


NCST showing good things tonight!

NCST 14 CIN 0 1st


Abilene just scored



Watching the NC State vs Cincy game and Cincy's d-line isnt getting and penetration at all. Russell Wilson has all day and 2 Christmas' to throw.

Hope this is a good trend for the ACC this weekend.


Plant scores at the end of the 1st qt. to even the score. Wilder rushing TD



When I said scheduling Memphis,Toledo and Cincinnati in the same season was gravy,

Explain to me again the part I was told about Cincinnati being a very good program, on the rise?


wilder scores


NCST they create the most turnovers in the ACC so far....


3 Minutes left in the 1st half

17-14 Plant

Wilder is just running people over. I just dont know how that running style will work out when he gets to the college level and starts going against the big boys

That would be hard to hold up for a 12-14 game season

orange 'n green in the vein

Ryan Mallett is the best pro QB prospect in the SEC and Petrino is magic with passing attacks. He's also has a great receiver corps to work with and the D was expected to be improved this year due to returning experience. Add it all up and you've got a buzz worthy team that has a chance this weekend to prove the promoters right.


I agree on Mallet being a real good Qb.
I'm wondering if Arkanas' defense is sound enough to keep them ranked high.


rock-on, bro!

One of my favorite gringo toasts:

"For better or worse, but never for granted."




Updated: September 16, 2010, 9:59 PM ET Urban Meyer: 'It's not a dirty program'



It's an extremely dirty program!


Wilder won't be able to run over Ray Ray and LA....The U future looks promising....I just can't stand the fans calling 560/790 in the a.m. bashing and bashing....
We will just get better, and people need to be patient....

...I hear Urban is calling ESPN, saying "Hey I got to 30 arrests, are you gonna do a 30 for 30 about the Gators now?"


Posted by: solarcane | September 16, 2010 at 08:56 PM

They were on the rise and a very good program when they had Brian Kelly. Now they have to find out who they are with the new coach. Schedules are made so far in advance thats not really fair.

How did CJ Spiller do in his 1st regular season start? (and for the record I said if they use him correctly he'll be a good NFL back, 3rd down/change of pace etc...)



Sorry if someone posted this already, but cool run by a hs kid hurdling over a defensive player after picking up a fumble:



NCAA might need to step in to solve arrest issue

By Pat Dooley

Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 11:54 p.m.
( page of 3 )

You’ll have to pardon your neighbor, the one with the Gator flag flying year-round, if he lets the newspapers gather in his driveway for a few days. Or if he doesn’t answer your e-mail.

Because Gator Joe is afraid to open his paper or log on to his computer.

His fear?

Another Florida football player might be arrested.

The number is 30 for Urban Meyer and that doesn’t count suspended players who were not arrested. Who knows how many of them broke the law to get into trouble?

I get the sense from the Gator Nation that they have grown weary of it.

As an alumnus of the university and a citizen of Gainesville, I know I’m tired of it.

No more excuses.

No more, “It happens everywhere.”

No more, “He’s really a great kid.”

Let’s solve the problem.

I don’t think the answer is to recruit less talented players with better character. Mediocre football players get in trouble, too. And mediocre teams get coaches fired.

In fact, I don’t think the onus is only on the coaches, whether it be Florida or Georgia, which has had plenty of trouble of its own. Someone else has to be involved. Coaches have a major conflict of interest.

Which is why players have little accountability.

Coaches want their best players to play and cringe at the idea of sitting them.

But imagine if you are a football player and you saw what Carlos Dunlap did last year. He put lives in danger. He received a one-game suspension.

A.J. Green got four for selling his jersey. Dez Bryant lost a season for telling a lie, he failed to fully disclose his interaction with former NFL player Deion Sanders to the NCAA last year.

So if you are a player, you have a mental checklist.

Let’s see, lying to NCAA — terrible thing to do.

Old Skool

Morning crew reporting in

Old Skool

Scout announcing Duke Johnson 2012 RB from Norland has committed.


Go Canes


My 2 cents:
I thought Allen Bailey played well vs OSU, they did not run on his side, and he was blowing up the point of attack
Nice to see Plant go down again..hate the team...hate Coach Weiner who is a dick..


Like I always said, losses are only good for two or three days on the blog, but wins are good for 5-7 days.

Just win baby!



Poll Results:














From www.theacc.com:

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -Russell Wilson threw for 333 yards and three touchdowns and North Carolina State beat Cincinnati 30-19 on Thursday night to improve to 3-0 for the first time in eight years.

Jay Smith and Curtis Underwood Jr. had first-half touchdown catches, and Mustafa Greene had a 31-yard scoring run that gave N.C. State a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. The Wolfpack led the entire way behind Wilson and a defense that pressured Zach Collaros much of the night.

Cincinnati (1-2) didn't run a play inside the N.C. State 32 until the final minutes, but the Wolfpack had a big lead by that point. Collaros connected with D.J. Woods twice for touchdowns, the first from 68 yards late in the first half.

N.C. State is off to its best start since winning its first nine games behind eventual NFL first-round draft pick Philip Rivers at quarterback in 2002.

Wilson bounced back from a frustrating performance last weekend at Central Florida, where he completed just 10 of 30 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown.

At the time, it seemed Wilson was having some of the struggles coach Tom O'Brien predicted after he missed spring drills while concentrating on playing baseball for the Wolfpack, followed by spending the summer playing minor league baseball in the Colorado Rockies' organization. O'Brien had said it would take time for Wilson to find his game again, though on Thursday night he played with the steady presence that made him an All-Atlantic Coast Conference quarterback as a freshman two seasons ago.

He completed 26 of 40 passes, including an 8-yard touchdown strike to Taylor Gentry with about 7 1/2 minutes left to make it 30-7.

At least Wilson and his teammates eased O'Brien's mind about playing a nationally televised game with only four days of rest. Not to mention give the much-criticized ACC - which has stumbled in its early nonconference matchups - a needed win against a team picked to tie for second in the Big East.


Im somewhat stunned to see that Pitt. hasnt picked up 1 vote yet

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