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October 12, 2010



Go Canes!!!


Soup, I hope two beer guy in the orange and plaid took out his post game Seminole frustrations like I would have!




"We can't control Miami and their emotion and their circumstance," Duke coach David Cutcliffe said on a conference call Sunday when asked about facing an angry team.



"He's a big key to this offense and has been all three years I've been here. It's definitely good to see him back out there full throttle after knee surgery, working hard rehabbing and going through treatments."


Posted by: NativeCane | October 12, 2010 at 05:41 AM




``After watching film, we got together as a team and said, `This is unacceptable,' '' Byrd said by phone. ``We would have rather taken a loss in overtime, rather taken a loss to a field goal or great play at the end of the game than to lose the way we did. Unacceptable.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/12/1868688/sleepless-in-miami-loss-riles.html#ixzz128W5nV9J

UNC- Butch

Davis has owned the Hurricanes since becoming the coach at North Carolina in 2007. He coached his first victory against UM at Chapel Hill, 33-27. He won his second game in 2008 at Miami, 28-24. He won last year's game at Chapel Hill, 33-24.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/12/1868002/espn2-will-carry-miami-hurricanes.html#ixzz128WaEUdb

Posted by: NativeCane | October 12, 2010 at 05:51 AM


Soup, I hope two beer guy in the orange and plaid took out his post game Seminole frustrations like I would have!

Posted by: NativeCane | October 12, 2010 at 06:34 AM


sota cane

Can someone fill me in on what recruits were at the game and their reactions??? I see menocal said some were cheering for fsu..


FROM A respected blogger at another site:

#12 is so disappointing on so many levels. Maybe Marve, Cook, and Smith were right. It was never going to be fair competition. Coach bought into J12 and hooked his entire career up to the J12 bandwagon and they are crashing together. Marve made it even easier to do by not going to class and such, but perhaps it never was going to be fair. Perhaps we just hard only coach’s side of the story because we had on blinders. I heard from a good friend whose connected that scouts have said to him of record we are the worse coached team in the conference in terms of player development. THE WORSE. Hard to argue when you see guys that did NOTHING here start to excel in the NFL after going UNDRAFTED then getting some coaching (Rashad Butler, Sam Shields, Bruce Johnson).

I’m jus saying. I’ve done NOTHING but support Team Shannon from Day 1. I even defended and emailed Patrick Nix when he had his struggles…NO MORE. This team owed us more than what they gave us Saturday. Hell f#ck us, they owed themselves and the past Cane greats more than they gave the other night. Unacceptable on ALL levels.

Lets see how they respond? But if the past is any indication of the future, like C1 said, when have we seen it change? I hate to say it, but we’ll be here again in a few weeks saying the same things (GTech, VTech, or UNC) because I am almost sure one of them teams is going to bite us in the ass.

I hate to be a downer and I hate to be seeing that but that’s how I feel.

I’m from Missouri now….SHOW ME!

Posted by: SOUP | October 11, 2010 at 10:26 PM

Let me tell you as well ... on a kickoff during the game, I decided I was going to just shoot an isolated shot on Jordan Futch as he ran down the field on kickoff

I did. What happened. He was the first person to the ball and he whiffed. Completely whiffed. The FSU returner then busted it loose and I believe that is the play that Bosher had to step in and tackle the guy



Interesting comments.

The thing that eerks me the most about the last 3 and a half years is the complete lack of improvement in our (not so) Special Teams across the board. It's these units that provide the depth and valuable game experience that result in solid 2 deep Offensive and Defensive Teams on a yearly rotating basis.

Is it Coaching or lack of talent (recruiting 6 to 8 ... 6-1/200 lb High School Kamikazee LB's yearly) that is the constant problem ? And if it is a lack of young talent or kids that hate playing special teams because it's beneath them, do any of us really think that those type of players will ever develope into solid football players on either side of the ball a year or two later ?

Remember the days when we had our 2nd. team Kick Off coverage foaming at the mouth on the sidelines for a chance to blow somebody up and send their mouthpeices flying like a 4th. of July firework in the O.B. ?

Maybe the U Coaches should just stop trying to instruct these kids how to cover kicks on the field during practice and just sit them down in front of an X-Box monitor and pop in game film of Va. Techs Special Teams play for the last 10 years on a never ending loop, over n over n over n over n over n over n over for hours n hours n hours n hours...


Had our beloved `Canes beat FSU and run the table there is no way we could of played in that NC game

No kind of miracle would of helped

Now on to whats at stake: The VT game is on lock. Family members will be attending the game with me and I already promised them they a victory. It will be their 1st football game in the state of Fl. and 3rd game overall.

As for people asking for 4-5 wideouts. Who do you want out that you can rely on catching the ball

I hope #6 shoulder heals up and is ready to go by Saturday

The FSU game was the 1st and last bad performance by the D. Thats the part of this team that has to carry us and it showed that when they play bad we have no chance

It might not be by the scores everyone wants(50-0 wont please some) but the ACCCG is ours for the taking

the "U" is America's team

Fahgetaboutit.... fire Shannon!!! And fire him now!!! Lemme just say that if any of us were as inadequate as coach is at his job we would be fired at the drop of a dime. Its high time to cut ties with him.


Miami Duke is on ESPN3




I just came out from my hole... Did we still lose to FSWho? We did? Damn...

I'll come back out for the UNC game, cuz the Duke game shouldn't be close.


Caniak aka true cane

FSU is still scoring on us, oh my!!!!!!!!!!!


Last time I checked Jacory's stats (information that you can't use to judge anything by because its just true facts lol!)

He was 44th in the nation in pass efficiency after the Ohio State game.

His team won a couple games and Jacory dropped to 49th indicating the team was winning games, while Jacory struggled a bit.

His biggest supporters backed him up saying they would take him over any qb except maybe 8. He had lost his mojo and would snap out of it. We all hoped this was true.

Looking at his PE stats he is all the way down 83ed in the nation this week.

It's obvious something is seriously wrong with Jacory both physically and mentally.

He isn't responsible for missed tackles, bad special teams play, and dropped passes.

We were hoping he was going to be the leader that could carry a team on his back when they were down, that seems unrealistic now and in the future to me.

If Jacory is playing as the 83ed best qb out of the 120 schools in D1, it is disgraceful to think a Miami backup is worse than 84 starters in the country.

We have made some glaring miscalculations on the ability, endurance, and leadership of players we have recently recruited at our QB position.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

If they want people to show up for the UNC game, they better make all upper deck seats $19. After what we just witnessed on Saturday, Kirby needs to designate the UNC game as a Customer Appreciation Day..lol

DallasTX Cane

We have made some glaring miscalculations on the ability, endurance, and leadership of players we have recently recruited at our QB position.

Posted by: solarcane | October 12, 2010 at 10:30 AM

It seems, at this point in the season, that comment might apply to several other positions also. Gut check time CANES...10-2 and a shot at revenge with FSU = good season. Anything less is running to stand still.

Caniak aka true cane

I have absolutely no confidence in Shannon and his team. This season to me is lost, this sucks. Shannon needs to be fired, now



ACC Title will never happen with this team, i love how Cane fans keep thinking this team is championship calibur.

They only have "signature losses", never have big wins.

They will lose at least 1 more game, i would bet on 2.


Jacory will be alright, He's the leader that we always thought He was...and IS. He and The Team will get their MOJO back, I have confidence in Shannon and Crew...


Interesting take with very valid points...



The question and comments are endless with this team. The only true answer I can think of is this team doesn't have smart football players or smart coaches, PERIOD! These players are fast and athletic, but they just aren't smart football players. Out of position, no tackling/blocking fundamentals, no development period! FSU ran the same running plays all game and the same passing plays all game and Miami couldn't stop it. Terrible! Whipple is one stubborn mofo. This whole offense is based on timing with the sh!tty out patterns and square ins. If the timing is off then the offense looks terrible. No short easy passes to a RB or a slant to a receiver so they can run in space. Nothing simple. All ultra timing sensitive. Also, we have been duped into thinking that those Northwestern kids were all world. They clearly are not. I guarantee you that they would only come as a package. AJ might be the worst route runner I have ever seen. Spence is the ONLY player worth a damn from that team. Jacory is obviously hurting, but he has developed ZERO since he has been here.

JaKirby Harris

Duke 24
Miami 17


"The days of old were not always good but the days of the eighties and maybe even the early 2000's are gone. "

CC- I get what you are saying. But they are gone because the ADM wants them gone. Alabama recruits teenagers in this day and age. As does every school. So why do some of those schools have kick-a$$ programs???? Because their schools are more committed to it. This one is not. Plain and simple. And Damien Berry played hard. He always does.

And BTW - there is a new report I saw somewhere that said unemployed law grads are at an all time high. May want to rethink that.


Duke 24
Miami 17

Posted by: JaKirby Harris | October 12, 2010 at 11:44 AM

If that holds true....forget it....i don't even want to think about it.


They will lose at least 1 more game, i would bet on 2.

Posted by: SSFDballer | October 12, 2010 at 11:20 AM

SSDB- hi ya!! Hey look at the bright side! If we get any NCAA sanctions they can strip us of our bowl losses. LOL!!!!!


Montreal!!! The hockey season is young. Don't go tooting your horn just yet! LOL

carolina cane

We will blast Duke but of course it will be a slow beat down, something like 41-10. It will be a good week to see what what some of the other WR's can do, it can't get much worse. Our recruiting philosophy has to change. Our L.B's are average our Dee-Tackles are average and as of right now who does it look like that's big time that would even come here. I know Perryman and A. Johnson are considering us but the dee-tackle spot is what is worry me. When is the last time we had a stud on the dee-line?
J-12 is playing like he is punch-drunk but he is our best option and only hope unfortunately. The season is not lost yet but our 2 main albetros games are left, Va. Tech & UNC and for some reason we play against them like we did Saturday night. Jay -12 Is now a hot 32 for his last 90 passes and that's against average defenses! The offense just looks plain slow.


Let me encourage JH... because i see him bowed down in prayer on the side lines. So i do not doubt that he has a connection to the supernatural... But JH is being tested rite now. Look these things are the most difficult things that we face when we show some reverence for God... in what game we consider our most respect. Cause this game will be the closest thing we come to a personal relationship with pain.
If JH is giving God the glory then it is going to be an added test. But you must not give up. You will see your day coming... JH. You are learning to endure at this moment of time. But your vision of what will transpire on the field we be that much more of a focus to you if you keep your eyes on the important things.
I like to see a person with that kind of reverence...that seriousness will bring results as you grow... hopefully all of the pain this season that you experience will help you in your focus on these important things. I am looking for this to mature JH so that in the future he will be more mature when he gets his success on the field... keep on keeping on JH!

JaKirby Harris

Miami spends the same amount on the football program as Eastern Michigan University. If it makes you feel any better, we are doing better then they are. But don't expect UM to compete with the big boys. Just not possible.

JaSackity Brantley

Miami spends the same amount on the football program as Eastern Michigan University. If it makes you feel any better, we are doing better then they are. But don't expect UM to compete with the big boys. Just not possible.

Posted by: JaKirby Harris | October 12, 2010 at 12:14 PM

UF spends more than any other team in the country for the same result as UM. Don't expect UF to compete with the big boys, just not possible.


JH i have witnessed some necessary abuse that you received on the field.If there is any one more interested in your success it is i... i would wish the worse on anyone who does evil to you. I witnessed ... as well as most of the people on this site a very successful history of Cane football...
I like to see us so dominate on the field. I think its evil that we get treated with a lack of respect as if we were not even part of college football greatest memories. Look ... i dont know why we are going though this trial period. I do not like to be a loser. This is as personal to me as my own working life.
But i am going through this as a special trial. I can understand the difference between living my life through some other people and wanting to see success that gives me great joy. I know that we will be a great program again. I am praying for games like the one we had in Blacksburg when we won big with Clappy. That was a very strange game.. we deserve some gifts like that. I feel as if we must go out of our way to focus on success in our down time... like seeing the touchdown pass before it happens when we are resting. I remember feeling that we could not lose and we felt the pride of U every season. It is personal to me ... trust me... i want to see that kind of focus again.




The thing that speaks volumes is that no JUCO QB has been brought in to compete with Jacory! Others have said, "Why are we recruiting spread QBs when we run a pro set?" I still say the team was tired from the road trips--remember this kids really have to go to class.

Perhaps RS is not the harda$$ we thought! As far as scouts mentioning how underdeveloped we are, I bet these are the same ones that gave out all the 5-star rankings and are amazed when the 5-star plays like a 2-star. No merit


That said and Alabama lost to South Carolina and almost to Arkansas.....just a different world today. I am just saying that we as cane fans must except those "good old days" ain't coming back. I am just learning to get real about football......it is a changing.


We need to focus on being successful. The guys need to think about their responsibilities in their positions and imagine they are in a situation and they are bringing the wood so they are used to feeling thinking and acting correctly even when they make mistakes. They must program themselves to be better than anyone else in being the best. No more feeling sorrow or being negative.
Get some sleep when you have an opportunity to do something fun. You got to learn how to shut down. Sleep will make you more focused when you are ready to perform. You cant make your body do something when it is tired and not fed rite. Learn how to relax and rest.
Randy needs to keep the focus on the little things and be encouraging in having them done correctly. We must have all cylinders running in the game.
The coaches need to put their personal agendas aside so the players see them on the same page. We need to be above the game in our concern for the other person. Its time to practice thinking that we are going to be successful so that we dont continue to play flat.


And the guys on the canes team could go to any of these other colleges. MIAMI has NEVER EVER paid a good coaches salary...the funds just are not there. You cannot take funds raised for the medical program and place them in the football program. Do you guys really think the school spends less money on athletics today than they did in 1999?


I tend to believe this: on a regular basis, perhaps in each game, we get away from basic football. Blocking, tackling, hustling, thinking, play calling, desire , attitude.

We do not play aggressive up front, we miss tackles with our arms or by diving for the monster hit. You slid the head by keep it up to see what you hit, and wrap him, drive him. Catching the ball. You do not let it get to the body, get it in the hands. Blocking. Drive with the shoulder, tail down, legs drive. Special teams you go 110%, but you have to be aware and under control. You tackle with the shoulder. Penalties. How can one forget the snap, or block in the back, or hold. Not thinking, or lazy. Personal fouls. Stupidity, plain and simple.

Several have commented on Whip. Agreed, they got his number because of repetition. Play calling is probability, not certainty. Sound like math.You study the opponents and work against their weakness. You really must look at all tendencies, and weaknesses...as a group and individually. 2 runs and a bomb or a run and 2 bombs do not work. The first drive was good. Quick runs, short crisp passes....then we get to the red zone and stop. Miss a fg. You go back to the success next drive. With our guys speed, the bomb is nice but they know it, so J12 ends up throwing into it. 1 on 1 15 yards works just as well...and spread them for the run. Opponents are onto the stretching of the field. Just play deep.

Finally attitude. Not just the guys, but coaches. You have to feel this game, you want your guys to punish people with aggression, proper technique and no mercy, Ever. I like to see guys get up slow, walk off. Not from cheap hits, hard hits. I never see our staff into the lick. I relish in it, and my guys know it. I know they are teens, but they have learned to deal the lick, play with aggression and passion, go 110% every play, clean and hard. They know I expect that, and enjoy it. If they do that, its half the battle. I wish our staff was into it more, I know no other way.

Aggressive, hard, quick vicious blocking and tackling. Hard running at people, traps, and sweeps. Shorter crisp passing, 15 10 yards. Crossing routes, swing passes, draw plays. Spread them out and confuse them as to what is coming next. Thinking about each assignment on each play, knowing it, executing it. Thinking about on 2, coming off the ball first so you do not have to hold.
Getting fired up as a team, not individuals. Not resting on past accomplishments or glory, it is fleeting. Thinking about Duke, remembering that FSU whipped you because of the mistakes, attitudes, lack of effort, poor planning by everyone....and focusing in on your assignment, your job, the guy in front of you.

I think we hope that our talent will win. Talent is great, but it has to be taken for raw to pure. These kids may know the basics...but they have to be repeated over and over, even now, to get rid of bad habits. The staff has to do that....and sometimes you have to be assertive. I do not embarrass or flip out...I constantly teach and challenge, reprimand and reward on a level they understand clearly. Maybe this is not happening daily, weekly, monthly. It has to be dogmatic. You cannot assume they know until its over and over and becomes routine.

Again, I know I have teens, I am nobody and I am not wanted or needed by UM or anybody else. I coach for free, 30 years. I do know what works for mine. No I have no NCs, haven't made a meaningful block or tackle in years. My current team is succeeding as planned (and I mean they not me)... last 3 years 24 reg season games, 9 playoff games and 3 Supers...in a league with 32 teams. They are 5-0 so far, unscored upon.41 in a row doing the basics, adding new wrinkles to the basics. I teach them the basics, these kids do repetition of fundamentals daily, and learn new things. Looks good so far.
I have forgotten FSU, its time to refocus and prepare for Duke. I hope we can do some things by not blaming, but working together, staff and players. JMO


I know if the team has played a hard game and they are beat up they need down time. The more you are up and around the less you are giving you body to heal itself. The dedication of being the best is in times when no one is watching and you develop routines that give your bodies the best recovery.
If a team does not do the little things rite off the field then they are going to not be able to find the vigor necessary to perform.

The game is much more physical than in the past. Violence is not just hitting someone... its exerted over your own selfish desires. If you want to be the best you got to give up some things so you can be ready for the next game. You got to eat rite sleep more and spend time thinking about the rite things outside the program.

College football is much more competitive. I can see against florida state that we did not have our legs. In the medical field where people come on with life threatening and physical pain .. the nurses and doctors are trained to think and say things that will help in healing. They train themselves to do the rite things they learned in college. If we sit around and think about the things we did wrong then we are going to do the same things when we are in the game and it becomes tough. But if we are used to thinking rite then we will not let it affect us. It will be automatic.

sota cane

can someone fill me in on what recruits were at the game and what their reactions were???????


I just do not know what the problem is, it may be coaching, may be the school, may be the kids, I have not a clue.


The only reason i am saying this is because we are dealing with a doctor jeckel and mr hyde thing... It seems like we shoot ourselves in the foot when we come to games where we need to be the most focused and make the most mistakes ... it seems like we are dominating physically in one game and then another game we totally look weak.
If we know there is a big physical game coming up its more important to shut down after practice when we are beat up so we are ready...
Last yr we have the plague of injuries.. we were not the same team we started out with. This yr it looks like we are physically getting beat when we need to show up.


The only glaring thing that needs to be change immediately is ST.. the other stuff cant be coached.. its winning in the trenches.


I do this every day.. i set aside time to meditate... which is a form of creating a future circumstance. So i make it a special time... then when i am happy with the time i spent changing how i think i am ready to be what i was thinking. Its got to be something you plan. Its all about focus.


Posted by: VACane | October 12, 2010 at 12:59 PM

Good stuff. I have always been a big believer in winning up front. The saddest thing the other night was the way our D line got handled. I might be too close to the kool aid but I still believe in the kids on the d line, think they just had a "quicksand-like" night.

Think a return to basics is all we need. I hope a return to basics is all we need:)


JJ taught this... we always believed we could win. Randy has the same mind set but it doesnt come across in the games... like clapping for the team when things are not going rite.
Or not reacting to the game .. but looking as if he is trying to hold onto his emotions... i can remember JJ in the game against Michigan.. over on the side lines so focused that he was moving his hands up and down when their receiver bobbled the ball on the way out of bounds. What a classic JJ.

You got to feel the game so you are more of a coach than a spectator.


If they want people to show up for the UNC game, they better make all upper deck seats $19. After what we just witnessed on Saturday, Kirby needs to designate the UNC game as a Customer Appreciation Day..lol

Posted by: Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad | October 12, 2010 at 10:36 AM

How about $17? Make the price be the points scored in the previous game.

Then if we do get shut out, free game in the upper deck!

Max it at 30 bucks, though, so that the 45 bucks against FAMU jacks the price for the upper deck be too high.


I just do not know what the problem is, it may be coaching, may be the school, may be the kids, I have not a clue.

Posted by: canechic | October 12, 2010 at 01:19 PM

I feel the same way.......


JJ had the philosophy that the coaching was done in the practice ... he had coordinators to handle the game... so his thing was to rally the guys...its really not time for coaching.. in a game for Randy...Its being a cheer leader... unless you want to go back being an assistant. Showing confidence... being truthful to a player..this guy is beating you...etc.. talking to the refs about the bad calls in response to the crowd...



I have a vivid memory of MF sideways just getting driven off the ball. His head was wobbling, arms waving, standing straight up.....10 yards from the LOS. I am not picking on him...just stuck in my head. The basics are critical, along with bringing it.

You got to feel the game so you are more of a coach than a spectator.

Great point I feel the same....you got to feel it deep. I cannot knock RS, but even when I watch the games on tv, I have a clear out area so I can move around....and I always have a ball with me....just habit. I do not yell and scream...try to watch and learn more so I can continue to teach. Good points guys VAC


Dont be afraid to let the guard down a little and feel like a idiot... a little kid reacting to something that he has no worries over cause hes at home.

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