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October 02, 2010



Mike Farrell
Recruiting Analyst
Miami only has room for roughly 15 players in this year's class so with eight already committed it has to be picky and careful with offers. That being said, it really hopes to close out with some big names, especially if it wins the ACC as many think and end up in a BCS bowl game.
Sammy Watkins is a must-get in my opinion and it's down to Miami and Clemson and the 'Canes are battling Florida State and others for tight end Nick O'Leary. Bryant Dubose is also a very good possibility in this class and Miami is hoping to keep Jabari Gorman and Robenson Therezie at home. Those are some of the big names, but with a huge finish and a move back to national prominence, others could emerge if they visit. Last year no one expected Miami to land Seantrel Henderson and Latwan Anderson after National Signing Day, so anything can happen.


Jimbo Fisher on the upcoming game

“This is one of the great rivalries in college football,” Fisher said. “This is the reason your kids come to Florida State, to play in that game. Miami has a great program. Playing them down there will be a tall task, but hopefully we’ll grow and accept the task.”


Well really Jimbo the reason kids go to FSU is it is just so #^@%!^! easy to get into......

GrilleMaster B

Soooo... they go to Florida State to play against the Canes? That's pretty depressing if that's how you recruit your players! "Don't ya wanna play against the []__[]?" WOW! Our players come here to play FOR the []__[]... not against other teams! What a stupid comment! Great recruiting practices you got there! That's like the Wizards going to Carmello Anthony, "Hey, don't you wanna play a ton of games against the Trio-5 this season?" Just plain stupid! This is why FSU will always follow our shadow... they will forever be at Miami's mercy!




From www.theacc.com:

Jacory Harris finished 13 of 33 for 205 yards and two interceptions. His touchdown throws matched his personal high set against Duke in 2008.

Hankerson had seven catches for a career high 147 yards.

The past three games these teams played all went to overtime, highly entertaining back-and-forth affairs people didn't want to leave.

Harris and the Hurricanes, though, looked like they had put this one away by halftime after Hankerson's 7-yard TD catch with 10 seconds left before the break put Miami ahead 27-14.

But then Harris showed why he can both amaze and frustrate fans of "The U."

He was called for intentional grounding near his goal line, forcing Miami to punt from the end zone. Clemson took advantage of the good field position that followed with the last of Ellington's three touchdowns to cut the lead to 27-21.

Harris then escaped a game-changing mistake when Hurricanes lineman Seantrel Henderson, a 6-foot-8, 355-pound freshman making his first start, covered up the quarterback's fumble.

Clemson's last serious threat ended on its drive to the Miami 20. That's when Brandon Harris made his big stop, flipping Ellington out of bounds short of the first down.

GrilleMaster B

Oh yeah... Andre Ellington meet Brandon Harris... TWICE IN THE GAME HE LIT HIM UP AND ELLINGTON STAYED ON THE GROUND!

now known as usagainstheworld&thereferees

i have no business sharing this-- but. . .

about kevin everett (almost)



canechic - thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

Old Skool

Will be be hearing from SCUM this week?
Or is he afraid of losing his FSU street cred by writing intelligently.


86 - I'll be down there shooting the game. With what you said, I'll probably be leaving then around noon or 1pm at the latest

Should take me about 4 hours or a little less to get there


It sounds like a valiant effort to try and get Sid Rosenberg off the air .. but .. he and Joe Rose are the kings of that station

Even before that station thinks of hiring someone for on-air talent, they ask the opinion of both Joe and Sid and they're basically one of the final steps in saying whether that person gets hired

There's always a very slight chance he and the station could possibly part ways, but, it's beyond unlikely. If he does leave there, it will be on his terms - unless he does something absurdly stupid off the air in his personal life

And when I say unlikely, I mean like Terry Porter's flag throwing will be reversed and the Canes will be given the National Championship - that type of unlikely

Sid doesn't just kick the ant pile - he drops a BLU-82 Daisy Cutter bomb on it ... that's his shtick







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