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October 02, 2010



Tennessee lost the game because the head coach screwed up by having too many men on the field. LSU got a free play.. they fumbled the snap that Tennessee was penalized on... that coach needs to be canned.. LMAO


Do any of u believe that da Canes can compete wit Bama?

Posted by: diesel9 | October 02, 2010 at 10:42 PM

That's an easy one, DIESEL19. No not Vin Diesel. LOL

Team Shannon won't be able to run with Roll Tide Until the Whipple Factor and Jacory and his ' checking-in ' Cane brothers ' get it together ' on the turf. No.

Now, on the other hand, Miami's steady D-unit can compete with anyone in the nation- albeit it's mighty difficult to ball when your Hurricane backs are up against the wall, in the ' red zone. ' Ohio St. anyone.

Yet, the Hurricane offense will continue to improve as the season progresses. And, I absolUtely have no doubt of that.

In other words, once Miami's offense ceases to take three steps backwards, and two steps forward, the TEAM will be a LEGITIMATE Top 10 squad come mid-November!

In other words, it's all about the offensive CONSISTENCY FACTOR of a Cane sort. LMAO

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Six, yeah you have to wonder what Marshall is thinking sometimes. lol

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer


UM-Wash 2001

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Macjones, yep. Whipple and J12 have to get it together for us to take the next step.


On a nuetral field we could go toe to toe with anyone in the country

Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 02, 2010 at 11:56 PM

To borrow a phrase from the ESPN COURT JESTER-lol, not so fast my Cane friend.

Miami's offense still needs to improve by leaps and bounds. And until then, Team Shannon will be the ' little brothers ' of the Ducks, Crimson Tides, Buckeyes, Herbie CornSUXkers and Horned Frogs, for instance.


Watching replay, no excuse for that blocked PAT. Bosher kicked it low. You just can't do that. Surprising really. He is such a great player.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | October 03, 2010 at 12:39 AM

What! Yous never missed a ' four foot ' putt. LMAO


Am I the only one who is tired of RS covering for J12? Don't get me wrong, i LOVE shannon and want him here..but he threw TB3 under the bus, basically saying J12's picks were his fault. The guy is 5'9 or something, he is not going to win an jumpballs in double coverage with 6 ft corners. Both picks in Clemson's game were ALL J12....I just think RS needs to light a fire under his a$$ and call him out for his bad desicions instead of blaming the ol, or wr's.....JMO


Miami's offense still needs to improve by leaps and bounds.

Posted by: macjones | October 03, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Leaps and bounds? Nah. J12 just needs to take care of the ball. We had another chance to completely control the game early but the two picks took us right away from that.

J12 is not leaps and bounds. He's just a smidgen of a step back for this offense.

I was really worried about his INTs dividing the locker room. Me being a defensive guy knows how frustrating it is to get your O the ball back just to have them turn it over.

But from what I saw Saturday, I think our D is just accepting it. I saw numerous guys from the D go over to J12 and talk to him. That's a VERY good sign.

Sure wish he'd use his feet more. Does he not understand how much better it will make him as a passer when Ds have to plan for his mobility? RUN J12! RUN! He could run to the line of scrimmage then bombs away because of the cheating-up safeties.

Oh well. It is what it is. Just take care of the damn football.



In closing I am convinced the officials nationwide have made it their mantra to punish the U for our brash behavior of the 80's and 90's. It seemed as if every freaking play was under review and they were saying we are going to make sure this game stays close. The officials during the Pitt game were no better.

Posted by: canesteeler | October 03, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Glad to see some Hurricane fandom have FINALLY WOKE uP!

Because, this thing with the officials has been an Ungoing affair, like forever. Even the Miami teams of 2000-2005 had to overcome CORRUPT game officiating.

However, those stellar 200-2003 Cane teams were so nasty, that they could over come 95+ yard penalties. No.

Again, as I yapped bout' yesterday evening, A.D. Hocutt absolutely needs to send a FORMAL LETTER OF COMPLAINT to the chief of A.C.C. officiating, and nipped this unsavory matter in the bud!

For believe it or not, some A.C.C. crew will do their best to derail Miami's opportunity to play in their first A.C.C. title game.


At this point Miami is the best thing ACC s got going... the only ranked team as of last week. And Miami is the biggest draw on national tele. These refs must be really red neck to cut their own throats like that.
They better learn in the future to ride the coattails of a Randys success.... who is going to bring in the big bucks. Just look at the history ...baby... UUUUUUU


Leaps and bounds? Nah 360CANE

It's called bloody POETIC LICENSE, baby. LOL

My point is simple. Miami's offense is nowhere near a Oregon, Stanford, Boise St., Ohio St. and yes Herbie Cornsuxkers, for instance... YET.

And the main line reason why the quacky Ducks won last night, is because Oregon's D-coordinator made the ' emergency ' halftime adjustments. That's all.

Now, in bloody stark contrast, as Captain Optimist alluded to above, the Whipple Factor seems to go into ' quicksand mode ' in the second-half. LOL

Why's that!

Nonetheless, this is only the fourth game of the season, and by Game Seven, Team Shannon should be a fine-tuned offensive machine.

No not offensive in a negative way. LOL


Cav - on passing plays, you see the result of what Jacory basically lets you see

Then you see Whipple chewing his ass out on the sidelines when the play doesn't go well. Why? B/c I'm pretty damn sure there were other options out there that Jacory didn't use

Jacory is a Junior. Ya, it's his 2nd year in the system - take that as you will. Some people will say that he should know the offense by now, others might say that it's only his 2nd year in the system and he's still learning

And weren't you singing the praises of just how great this OLine was, going into this season and weeks before going into the Ohio State game? I believe some of us said that it would take until the end of the 4th game of the year, starting the 5th for this OLine to basically gel? We were scoffed at by that thought ... well, look what happened. SHenderson and Brandon Linder are getting more playing time, esp. in the Clemson game. That wasn't the case in the first 3 games. The OLine is finally starting to take shape ... and it's after the 4th game, starting of the 5th

Are you wanting Whip to line them up in the pistol formation like Bama and Nevada does, or maybe the spread single wing type offense UiF runs at times, or just having a single back with Jacory under center - running play action or just simply handing it off?

Whip does a good job. At times, ya, it can be frustrating ... then again, when you look at those times - do you really just need to blame one person? If it's something such as a dropped pass, or a piss-poor thrown INT, or a missed tackle .. ya, that's pretty easy. Then again, solar and others can pretty much tell you the entire story by seeing the entire field while at the game

I can't tell you how many times yesterday that the Canes fans around me were yelling at the TV, yelling for Whip to just line up and run the ball down their throats. The Canes would try that and would get stuffed behind the line. Then they'd yell about the conservative play calling and I'd tell them to rewind time and remember that's what they were yelling for them to do. Then they'd yell about Jacory throwing the ball, with him sucking all kinds of out-loud, how they want Spencer Whip in there ... then Jacory would make some throws they'd cheer about - and I'd tell them that if Jacory goes down, they're not getting Spencer, they're getting AJ Highsmith

You don't think Whip makes adjustments as well? Remember the first drive after half time against Pitt? Right down the field, 3 pass plays, a run play and TD I believe

I'm not saying he's perfect, but damn, the players have to execute as well .. and ya, sometimes the D of the other team has a coach and some players that are okay that make adjustments

Just watch the highlights that 31spooner or Rusty98um put together .. look at the formations .. look at the play calling .. look at the execution

Right off the bat, nothing special, I-Formation with 2 wide up top and SHenderson lined up next to the RT, Byrd goes in motion behind the RB and Jacory hands it right off to Berry, he goes up the gut over RGuard for about a 20+ yard scamper

If you're the Clemson D, what are you looking for? There's an extra OL in there lined up next to the RT, they're in I-Formation ... you're pretty much thinking it's a run - then you see Byrd in motion running behind the RBs, possible end-around type play?

Hankie's first TD, what did they do? Lined up 4 wide, Jacory under center, had Berry in the slot behind Hankie, the Safety bit on Berry running a possible wheel route and left Hankie streaking down the field with his hands up all alone like he was the first kid running on the field to practice

Hankie's next TD, same exact formation with Jacory under center, the safety #2 McDaniel bites helping to cover TBenjamin on the outside, Hankie beats his man and Jacory throws basically the same exact ball that he did for the first TD

The play-action screen they set up for Mike James

The TD pass to Mike James to put them up 21-14, almost the exact same I-Formation they started the game with, with Berry, except Mike James was lined up as the FB in an off-set, with TBenjamin faking the possible end-around instead of Byrd and Mike James was wide open

Shotgun, one back with Lamar Miller, 3 wide with Chase Ford lined up next to Orlando Franklin and they run a draw - on a 3rd and 10 .. he runs for about 13

Clemson runs the same play, with :35 seconds left on a 1st and 10 - difference was, the Canes stuffed it for a 4 yard loss. Execution and adjustments made by one team and not the other

:24 seconds left in the 1st Half, 4 wide with Jacory in the shotgun with one back on the Clemson 29, Jacory hits Hankie in between 3 players to the Clemson 8.

:14 seconds left, 4 wide with Jacory in the shotgun with one back, same exact formation, AJohnson is lined up in the slot, closest to the LT and Hankie is lined up off of him with TBenjamin about 5 yards away .. AJohnson clears out the inside LB and takes a Safety with him up on a corner route, which frees up Hankie to cut across the middle, while TBenjamin started to run a slant, then stopped and went back up to where AJohnson was. TD

Clemson basically knew that the Canes HAD to pass at that point with only :12 seconds left and zero timeouts .. they did, they scored, Canes go up 13

2nd half, 3rd and 4, Canes line up 2 wide, Jacory under center with Berry in the backfield and Mike James at FB, off-set, they send Hankie in motion, he drags across the middle, while Mike James runs from out of the backfield, bird dogging Hankie with the same route .. Clemson had 8 in the box when Hankie started going into motion. What people probably didn't notice was Chase Ford lined up next to Orlando Franklin at LT, just engaging the LB and pushing him back about 10 yards which opened up a enormous hole for both Hankie and Mike James to run their drag routes through

Just watch it here, at 5:23


I've written enough about these plays, probably too much

Whip is fine in my opinion .. hard-headed at times possibly, but fine

Remember all the talk that people used to have about the Canes imposing their will on the other team, making the other team adjust to us? Seems like that's what Whipple thinks more often than not, here it is, if it's executed properly then have fun trying to stop it

Old Skool

I didn't see the game so I could be wrong but Oregon's high energy play (See the link to the NYTimes article I posted yesterday) could be the reason. They wear out defenses. Their offense has outscored the competition something like 114-7 in the second half of their games so far.


Posted by: Six | October 03, 2010 at 02:27 PM

Chit SIX, do yous have to jot down a freakin' THESIS all the time. LMAO

jUst messin' with yous. LOL Because it's all good.



Miami at #14 in the coaches' poll with the 'turds at #12. WTF is that about?

Why do the coaches have a say in the polls anyway. they don't watch the games or the other teams.


I didn't see the game so I could be wrong but Oregon's high energy play (See the link to the NYTimes article I posted yesterday) could be the reason. They wear out defenses. Their offense has outscored the competition something like 114-7 in the second half of their games so far.

Posted by: Old Skool | October 03, 2010 at 02:29 PM

Quite true Old Skool.

Yet, the bloody deal is this. The Ducks and Broncos could be standing on the outside of Glendale's relatively new stadium come national championship night.

Because it's safe to assume, that Roll Tide and Ohio St. and Oregon and Boise St. all have the highest possibility to go undefeated.

And the irony is this for Buckeye football. Their early win over a surging Miami squad could be the COUP DE GRACE that gets them in the Grand Canyon state. Non-conference schedule anyone.


When 23 fumbled the ball there at the end..going on the sweep .. it was either VT or RR that came in and blew him up. Our guy did not hit the ball .. but his hit separated 23 from the ball. He was rolling around what looked to me to be a hip pointer... i do not think their backs were the same runners as the first half... we beat them up... so at the end on Brandons stop... our guy did not even rap up... he just dove in an to the legs out from under their back... cause he had very little legs left.
We are bringing the pain.



Miami at #14 in the coaches' poll with the 'turds at #12. WTF is that about?

Why do the coaches have a say in the polls anyway. they don't watch the games or the other teams.

Good point! Plus the USA today poll is a fraud....Florida lost to Bama by 25 points and Miami by 12 against OSU... No way they should be ahead of us in this poll...


When Whipple calls a play, J-12 then goes to the line and overlooks the defense. If he sees the defense lined up in a way that could counter the offensive play called, J-12 has the ability to audible or adjust the protection.

The more i watch J-12, the more i am realizing that J-12 is having problems reading coverages, more specifically, the secondary. Where and how the safety lines up is confusing him.

He has had this issue from day one and the fact that you now see Whipple chewing him out on the sidelines tells me that they have gone over those coverages in the film room to the point where Whipple is expecting J-12 not to make certain throws when he sees the DB’s and safeties line up a particular way.

And what makes those interceptions even more painful is that in most cases he had didnt have to go deep because he had an underneath route with a RB , TE or WR open and as a last resort, he could have simply thrown the ball away!

But as he continues to throw interceptions, its becoming harder and harder for Randy to shield him from the criticism. If he doesnt get better, he will put Randy in the position of taking him out for a play when he throws picks because at some point the fans and more importantly, the team, will be expecting Randy to take some kind of action.


Kudos to our d for taking away their TE... they were going to him as the meat and potatos guy... but we stuffed it... so he has no where to go for the rest of the game. There were a lot of throwaways and coverage sacks. UUUUU


I snagged this from Shakin the Southland, a Clemson blog........After slamming their own team pretty hard, they went on to say......

Jacory Harris is a pathetic quarterback, and Mark Whipple is even worse for allowing him to throw the ball when they have so much success running it. He cannot look off a safety, he doesnt even know how, so I don't know why anyone would show him anything other than Cover 2 from here on.


SUPRISED!!!! did anyone see when hank caught the pass and ran for about another 7-10 yards? i have to admit that i was a bit suprised and the sight was a bit foreign to me because its been a long time since i've seen one of our receivers catch the ball in traffic and get the yac's (yards after the catch).

just sayin. . .


Posted by: BahamaCane | October 03, 2010 at 03:03 PM

The problem about your reasoning is even if Harris does not recognize the coverage scheme... and they could possible disguise it and run a stunt... but the receiver is not supposed to go into the coverage.

I am more angry at the illegal hit on Harris than on his interceptions . First because it was a head shot... that is unacceptable... then Harris is already in pain because of the left shoulder sting... give the guy a break... paaaaleeaaasssseeee

I saw Whipple on the side line yelling at Benji not Jh.


If a guy is hanging out in the middle of the field deep in the end zone then the receiver is supposed to cut his pattern off and go underneath the safety,.


How would you like to have a 260 pound beast come at you while you stand there and throw the ball instead of ducking... the guy throws you back 4 feet .. hits your helmet .. knocks it off and then lands his heavy azzzz on your hurt shoulder? Most Cane qbs would have taken the rest of the day off... the game would have been left up to the d... the rest of the season is in jeopardy. The ref stands three yards away with his finger up his azzzz.


Posted by: mi@mic@ne | October 03, 2010 at 03:14 PM
I am not talking about this game only, i am talking about J-12 decision making since 2009. We ignored it then because we said he was young and inexperienced.

You cant explain 25 Ints since 2009 solely on the receiver. Its the QB's job to read the defense. If you see your receiver is double covered, logic says dont throw it that way. And thats where many of his interceptions have come from, throwing into double coverage.

J-12 has 8 interceptions in 4 games. Dudes on pace to match break last years number! You and Randy can blame the receiver all you want, but like Bob Gresie said yesterday, J-12 needs to make better decisions and understand what the coverage is giving him.

I am not bashing J-12, but he hasnt improved in that area at all. he is making the same mistakes! But there is still time in the season to improve. Right now, he hasnt!


Your Miami Hurricanes have the nation's No.12 total defense.

And, the Canes have the country's No.2 pass efficiency defense.

Too bad the Whipple Factor and Harris and their Hurricane cohorts are nowhere to be seen in any Top 50 offense category.

However, that will absolutely change by mid-November!


Even when Patrick Nix was OC J-12 was throwing pics that baffled us!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

I think this article failed to mention the disruption of that stupid soccer game in the beginning!

ESPN, what were you thinking playing soccer games on college football saturday????

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Leonard Hankerson, 1st round pick maybe?



Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Heard rumors, number 1 rated prospect overall Clowney was at Death Valley with his head coach.

Hopefully our D made enough good impressions on him.


Even when Patrick Nix was OC J-12 was throwing pics that baffled us!

Posted by: BahamaCane | October 03, 2010 at 03:41 PM

Yeah, but ' checking-in J12 ' was a true freshmen then.

Nevertheless, Hurricane fandom have the absolute confidence in one Jacory Harris.

And, once again he'll redeem himself on national telly with a supreme game against F.S.Who.

Just U'all Miami fans wait and see!


Leonard Hankerson, 1st round pick maybe?

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | October 03, 2010 at 03:42 PM
How many college WR's would you take before him?

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Anytime gators get spanked the way they did is a great day!


If Harris is having problems... which it doesnt pan out that far back because it was reported that Whipple was not mad at Harris for the OSU game... so we do not know what goes on in the film time.

And Stevy boy from SC ... uses sign language when they come up to the line of scrimmage... maybe Whipple should communicate with some sign language like Spurrer.

I know its trying to simplify a pro detailed offense.. but the details are from teaching mostly and not all this emotional crap... its teaching and forming good habits.


Who is the highest ranked football team in the state of Florida again?

What goes around comes around.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Matt Bosher best tackling kicker of all time!

I credit him for the team nailing the coffin in the end along with B. Harris 4th and 1 stop.


Miami's offense still needs to improve by leaps and bounds. And until then, Team Shannon will be the ' little brothers ' of the Ducks, Crimson Tides, Buckeyes, Herbie CornSUXkers and Horned Frogs, for instance.

Posted by: macjones | October 03, 2010 at 01:53 PM

This is going on nuetral field of course

Ducks= `Canes have a better then average chance because of the D
Tide= We are not quite there yet. Our D is, but not the O
Buckeyes= Scoreboard, but I still think we have the better overall team
Nebraska= `Canes would take care of that
TCU= A no doubter


I always go by the mind action model... like if you simplify something you give up on people being about to think for themselves in some way... because they do not know the whys and the more details of what they are doing... so maybe Whip can have a class once a week with the chalk talk and just talk about his knowledge the game and who did the things... in other words give them the details to learn. But keep it simple.


able not about

the "U" is America's team

I don't worry with what J-12 does, I am more concerned with the maturity of this defense. Believe me when I say that we haven't even hit our stride defensively yet. These guys are on their way to cementing their own legacy.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

I don't get why other so called canes fans are still picking on Jacory, i thought instead of paying attention to his negative, they should pay attention to his positive side which is leadership and responding to adversity.

How many QB's can u say, even after throwing a couple picks, his confidence still doesn't break, i mean wow he kept throwing that deep ball whatever the circumstances were, that kid is ice cold!

Mentally, Jacory is unbreakable, i like our chances with him and will continue supporting him regardless.


The situation is and will continue to be Whip's demanding style when it comes to the way his players execute his offense.

He runs this team like a pro coach. jacory's job is to put the ball in spot "A" at this yard line and it's the receiver's job to be there.

it is precision offense with no margin for error. That is why I think Randy has gotten on Benjamin like he has. Why hasn't there been an issue with Hank on any routes this season?

Cause Hank is playing the game like an NFL WR.

It will get better. We are already a team to be feared.

Beat FSU and we are a Top 10 team again with plenty of room to move forward.

And as far as penalties go, forget about it. Show me more than a handful of seasons over the last 25 where we didn't average at least 6-7 and I'll be surprised.


Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Miami's offense still needs to improve by leaps and bounds. And until then, Team Shannon will be the ' little brothers ' of the Ducks, Crimson Tides, Buckeyes, Herbie CornSUXkers and Horned Frogs, for instance.

Posted by: macjones | October 03, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Ducks, Crimson Tides, Buckeyes . . maybe???

Cornsuckers and Horned frogs, not in a millions years, we'd destroy both those teams if we were to play them today, you can throw in Boise state there too.

Every single one of those teams are overrated.

Texas will destroy them Cornsuckers, Nebraska will get a heavy dose of reality check!

No way a Texas team coached by Mack Brown will lose 3 in a row, at the end of the day Texas is still Texas just like Miami is still Miami.

Cornsuckers equals Overrated!


"Most Cane qbs would have taken the rest of the day off..."

I dunno Mike,

I saw Kyle Wright take three times the beating Jacory has and suck it up.

Brock Berlin could take an azz whipping and not utter a word.

Walsh looked like he was gonna drive the team down the field in a wheelchair when he got lit up.

Vinny would run around almost peering out the ear hole of his helmet when they tried to break his neck.

We have had some pretty tough guys at qb I think.


mac - ya, I know brah, haha ... I admit I have a problem when it comes to writing, sometimes I just start typing and by the time I get done, I look at it and say "WTF, could I have made it any longer?"

Hey, gotta also pick up where my boy Calvin left us as well ... my posts are generally Cliff Notes length compared to his

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Leonard Hankerson, 1st round pick maybe?

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | October 03, 2010 at 03:42 PM
How many college WR's would you take before him?

Posted by: BahamaCane | October 03, 2010 at 03:47 PM

Right now, only Juniors AJ Green and Julio Jones would be ahead of him if they were to elect to go to the NFL, Hank would be my number 3 wideout picked in the draft.


Would J12 have gotten up after the smash Kirb' took when he saved the day vs FSU, in 07'?

Yeah, I know........Who cares, as long as Epps still makes the catch.

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