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October 31, 2010


Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Am i first?????


We suck!

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

Coz' if i am, can i collect my shirt during the Maryland game????


Well...at least the only team truly beating our Canes is the Miami Hurricanes.


Morris looked like the best QB in the Canes team. Its very difficult for a true frosh to come in, without taking 1st team reps, on the road and down by 2 TDs and still produce.

The play-calling didn't help him yet it appears he is much better than Spencer and more talented than J12. It may be time to turn the page on the J12 era and go with Morris who is a better fit for this offense.

I have been a little down on J12 because I have not seen the focus, awareness, maturity, development and growth you would expect for someone who played so early. We are now past mid-season and stats speak for themselves - J12 is mediocre at best and has had an interception-prone style and low completion percentage and passer rating. That will not magically change before his career is over. He is what he is and that is not a good fit for this offense. In addition, his teammates do not gravitate to him and he is iMmature to recogonize his limitations and strengths.

Its time to yurn to a strong arm QB that can manage the game and develop so the Canes can salvage their season and some hope going into next year

Posted by: WindyCanes1 | October 31, 2010 at 12:15 PM


Maybe last week should of told us alot when it took Rolle to come in here to inspire these guys to play with that fire

Man, that just shouldnt have to happen

Each and every player needs to look in the mirror and stop looking for inspiration from the outside

People like to point at the coaches but where is the intensity on the field. Anyone can give a self hi-5 after a tackle

Why is it that I see emotion from #17, #77, #65, #6, #72 and #82 and other pups even when a big play hasnt been made. A bad play happens and you see them leave the field or on the sidelines pizzed off


Whipple's play calls are just aggressive. He attacks instead of seeing what the defense gives him. And for an offense like this to work, you have to have studs at every position. We don't. We have a bunch of talkers and wanna bes.

We need an Andre Johnson at WR that slams DBs to the ground. We don't have a single physical WR on the field. They let DBs push them all around all day. Nothing to do with coaching.

We need a mentally strong QB. We need a football player at QB not a brand maker. I REALLY liked Morris, and it was a great decision by our own Randy Shannon to play him instead of Whipple Jr. Not a bad decision by the coach everyone wants fired, huh?

We need an all-in-one Cleveland/Gordon TE. Loved watching Gordon sprint down the field to block for TBen's TD, but hate seeing him drop passes with his stone hands. Where was Asante all game???

We have RBs, but we're not using them like we should, but how can you when down 24-0? You have to pass unfortunately.

Our Oline is still suspect, but that's not surprising due to the many rotations we have done to find that wall of protection. We should pound the rock to give those guys confidence going into the passing game. Nothing like laying bitches out on run blocks to help the Oline's mentality.

Our Dline is here one week and gone the next. I did not like Bailey's excuse last week when asked what took him so long. He used a Randy Shannon's answer that it happens in bunches. Well then let it happen in bunches EVERY DAMN GAME!!! Where art thou Vernon? Forston? It was Virgina, right? The team that was 0-3 oin the ACC, right? Where the hell was the Miami Hurricanes?

Our DBs are soft. BH may be a shut down, but only one INT for the year is weak. JoJo still playing at safety while Ray Ray is riding pine should tell you something as well. McGee and McCarthy both blew the coverage on that one TD pass.

We should run a 4-1-6 because we truly have only one LB. Cookie shows flashes but isn't consistent enough. McCarthy is still lost at MLB. Not sure why we didn't see Cain especially when the other guy on the field isn't getting it done. How many wideopen TEs, and runs up the middle are we going to let happen before we makes changes on gameday? Sit everybody until you find somebody.

I would rather have a Game Day stud out there than a Practice Day stud. Some guys shine on Game Days and don't in practice. It's just the nature of the beast.

I wanna see Morris start next Sat. J12, take as long as you like bud. Take the rest of the season off if you have to. We want you healthy brother! *wink* *wink*



Coz' if i am, can i collect my shirt during the Maryland game????

Posted by: Sean Spence is a Beast!!! | October 31, 2010 at 12:16 PM

I will not be at the MD game to give U your T-shirt.

I am NOT boycotting the game but have a previous family committment.

I do have two FREE tickets to the MD game that were donated by Fran if U want them and will USE them?

Email me at [email protected] ASAP!


It was not only Mcarthy who struggled at LB yesterday but Spence had his worst game of the season.

The D-line did not show up. D-line is all about effort and there was none yesterday. Go figure?


Here is the topic for the roundtable this week:

Who has done the best coaching job in ACC football this season?


Here is the topic for the roundtable this week:

Who has done the best coaching job in ACC football this season?

Posted by: SOUP | October 31, 2010 at 12:52 PM
Soup i think its between Butch and NC State's Tom O'brian. Butch did more with less, nobody predicted NC would have the season they did.

francis w

I agree with Windy wholeheartily. I hoped never to say or feel this way, but I do. I have refrained from being a homer and have read every post on canespace for 2 years. Many I agreed with some I had deep reservations for the guality of the info posted here. The creerleaders that predict big wins and great recruiting results have been totally wrong. I'v been a cane far longer than most of U have been alive, seen the up & down exhilerated and had my heart broken, I can't do it any more.
I had the last 2 sets of tickets from my season ticket package in my hand ready to tear them in half and shi*can them. Reason prevailed & I now place them on the open market, some of U may remember I am invested heavily in the stock market.Thats really fun !!! my tickets are in the East endzone along with a group of frenzied cane fans. Good visibility, lots of noise, tons of fun. 2 end of row 26 seats #23 & #24 section 127. Face value $59 each or $236 total for $135. If Soup is kind enough to be a faciliator it will be easy transaction. I will be in CooperCity Saturday Nov 20 !!


Shannon should go, end of.

Having said that, I have accepted what the program is, what the program will be. I intend not to get to worked-up about it. I'm going to enjoy the wins, watch when we're on TV, hope we beat a good team every now and then, not be suprised when an aweful team like UV beat us. It is what is, 6-6, 7-5, 8-4, a bowl win here and there.

We are over as an elite program, college football moved on without us.


I'm still frustrated, this much talent, accumulated by Randy, has been wasted by the coaches and Randy.


This is for all the cane fans saying farewell to the canes:


At least you did your way!


Your blog article Soup asked who is responsible.

Randy Shannon.

It's been 4 years now. What about the motto "No excuses?"

The buck stops with the HC. The chancellor and AD may love the gradutation rate, but when the disatisfaction of alumni and donors peaks and the coffers begin drying up, it'll be time for a change.

We're fighting, struggling to be mediocre. 12 penalties yesterday.

Regarding the MLB amd the QB position, all I can say is that you reap what you sow. McCarthy had 18 tackles yesterday. The guy is playing out of position. Harris / Marve / Cook / Smith / Highsmith / Morris...don't anybody tell me this mess hasn't been 3 years in the making.

The buck stops with Shannon. They're his coordinators (the ones that haven't left that is), his players, his program.

14-15 in the ACC says it all. Not even .500


Good stuff Windy & 360!

Hang in there fran and USAF!

It sucks. Big time. But this is our team. So no championships this year but the greatest thing in sports is that there is ALWAYS a next year:)


WHAT THE FUCK. Why ain't the Whipple Factor trying to establish the run!!!!!!!!

Posted by: macjones | October 30, 2010 at 01:50 PM

According to the somewhat reliable Miami Herald sports page, a former Hurricane baller says The Whipple Factor has to go!

And that six'ER would sternly say... Say it ain't so. LMAO

A very, very simple primer in major college football offensive tactics, is called for.

U'all Cane rowdies know whom my BETE NOIR is, but not the reasons why. LOL

Well, said college football team has a very, very, very good O-coordinator, who understands how to fit his QB's into certain ' styles ' of offense. No.

For instance, that Hinterland football team has a QB who's relative strengths are passing.

Matter of fact, he was the ' starting ' QB last season, but is now the 3rd string QB.

This season, my BETE NOIR's O-coordinator, Shawn Watson, has a RED-SHIRT Freshmen calling signals.

This RED-SHIRT freshmen was overlooked by the vast majority of Lefty coast college football programs.

And the very, very, very few whom were interested, wanted said Red-Shirt Frosh QB to play receiver or corner back. Go figures.

Well, this RS-freshman QB has been breaking all kinds of records for that Hinterland football team.

In fact, this QB's strengths are his lightening fast legs and feet!

So, what does one Shawn Watson do. He naturally fits the offensive style to his QB, as well as his O-unit personal.

In other words, no need to STUBBORNLY attempt to fit a SQUARE into a ROUND HOLE. Eh six'ER, and like-minded Cane fans. LMAO


Well, I went ahead and watched the game and came away with the following -

21 of Virginia's 24 points came off of turnovers. 4 of those turnovers were thrown by 2 QB's that have never started a game (I think). If our D would have played liked they did againt NC, we could have still pulled it out.

Morris came in and did a nice job but I am not sold on him yet. He was daown 24 - 0 and Virginia was clearly not as aggresive being up by that much. They are also not a good ball club. Now if he did that against a good team, then maybe.

All i know is this team is like a ride at Disney, you just don't know if you are getting a "A" or "E" ticket for that day....


Take this "U" and shove it! If this admins wants to keep this horrible coaching staff they will do so without me. Been around a long time and saw this same movie with clowns like Fran Curci and Carl Selmer. The HELL with this bunch!


If all you guys on this blog are ok w/ 3-4 losses a year and are happy w/ good grades than Shannon is our guy. Until we get someone in here that can coach, this is what the continued reality of Univ. of Miami football is going to be. Shannon needs to go! Its been 5 years and all we are doing is running laps w/ this guy. Sorry, he has had his time and we have reached as far as we are going to go w/ him. Its time for someone new.

Posted by: MattInNY | October 30, 2010 at 06:29 PM

Oh YE SIMPLETON from upstate NY, yous are such a gullible one. Aren't U's. LMAO

Matty, FYI the ' powers that be ' are happy in one Randy Shannon.

And as long as Miami has the relative success rate in the classroom, and doesn't have a training room full of ' MUG SHOTS-lol ', the diminutive Donna, as well as the powers that be are CONTENT with 9-3 or 8-4 seasons.

U dig Matty!!! No. Well, la dee dee, la dee dah!

So, my suggestion for yous, is too find another college football program to cheer for! Perhaps Oregon, or a upper-echelon S.E.C. squad, or even a Boomer Sooner or Beamer Ball, might ' ALLEVIATE ' yous from your SIMPLETON Goober. LMAO

In other words MATTY, the ' powers that be ' at the University of Miami, F-L-A had the opportunity to bring in a ' name ' head coach after the Coker fiasco, but failed to come through!

Thus, enter one Randy Shannon.


We are over as an elite program, college football moved on without us.

Posted by: USAFCane | October 31, 2010 at 01:03 PM

The truth hurts.


Fran...I'll help u out anyway I can with the tickets. Sorry to hear that U have thrown in the towel, but many others have too and I FULLY understand your feelings.

U could always just go for the tailgate? LOL


Been around a long time and saw this same movie with clowns like Fran Curci and Carl Selmer. The HELL with this bunch!

Posted by: billb | October 31, 2010 at 01:49 PM

Bill...are U saying:

Randy Shannon = Carl Selmer


The current U admin is like the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. Championships do not matter. ACC titles are irrelevant. Making money is all that is of substance.

What is relevant is that we draw a certain threshold of people to the stadium, get our ACC revenue, and make a small profit. As long as we do so, 7-5, 6-6, the occasional loss to a IIA school is to not only be forgiven, but accepted as a cost of business.

Tongue in cheek aside, what appears will happen is that recruits will realize that Shannon and company will not be able to get to BCS title level. And once that happens, the days of Top 15 signing classes will be over and the South Florida talent will be driven away. After another three years, when Shannon's teams are performing at 5-7 levels due to the lower talent level, then we make a change. But the new coach will be in the same hole as Shannon was, if not deeper.

Also, for those of you clamoring for Mike Leach...why would he come here after we turned him down in 2006?


Look it all the top programs and what do they do WHIPPLE????? They run the f-ing ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple! Get off your high horse and accept that FACT! Run the ball or you are gone WHipple!!!!!


Ease up on Six

Hes a good man, theres no need to rehash the same thing over and over again


Solar: let me know your plans for GaTech game. Right now quite frankly I don't know what I'm going to do with the tickets.

Bloggsters: going to take a break for a while. I'm not adding any value, and don't even like all the negative venting I'm doing. I'm older - I know better.

Before another self-induced break, allow me to indulge one last time:

1. Bosher for MVP. Don't care how many PATs the guy misses - his tackles as last man back on KO returns nets him positive in my book. Plus, love the guys' passion.

2. McCarthy - for years he's given 200+% on every play, including special teams. I'm glad we've got him. Yes, out of position and has trouble "keeping up" with TEs and crossing routes, but the guy is a warrior. Without him the past 2 years we would've been in worse trouble at the LB position.

3. Like Whipple - think he's been an upgrade to the OC job. Like his attacking style and yes, his play calling. I know I'm in the minority, but he opened up this offense and instilled a vertical mind-set that was sorely lacking. With his guy in there at QB it'll be interesting to see how (if) the offense progresses.

4. STs: not a factor for years now.

5. O-line: when these youngsters get a chance to play together and jell, watch out!

6. HC: I've been pretty out-spoken about that one for quite some time. All about expectations, I suppose. 3rd in the Coastal, or bigger and better things? I vote bigger and better. Right now, that would mean a Top 25 ranking.

7. Last point: motivation. Darrin Smith and Lamar Thomas were discussing this after game yesterday. Who's responsibility is it - players or coaches? Same with execution? It's both. This team wasn't redy to play yesterday. Again.

At end of day, I will always believe a team is a reflection of their HC.

Sorry for rant - in the immortal words of Canez1, Go 'Canes!


I don't know if JH12 is "quick of foot" enough to be successful at Oregon.

Posted by: roachcane77 | October 30, 2010 at 08:33 PM

Harris didn't have to be ' fast as the wind. ' LOL

Oregon's O-coordinator would have the stubborn-LESS common sense to fit his ' offensive style, ' to Jacory's relative strengths.

The Ducks saw a winner in Jacory Harris, and absolutely knew they could, and would DESIGN an offense around Harris. Enough said.


This admin should pull all the scholarships and fire all coaches and start over. These guys just don't give a sh!t about anything. Kids these days are pathetic. THey have no heart or motivation for anything worthy. They "THINK" everything should come easy or just handed to them. Pathetic!


Ease up on Six

Hes a good man, theres no need to rehash the same thing over and over again

Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 31, 2010 at 02:05 PM

I AGREE 100%.


Sorry for rant - in the immortal words of Canez1, Go 'Canes!

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | October 31, 2010 at 02:05 PM

Alpha...we'll miss U while you're gone.

Come back after we beat MD and GT, OK?


Let's see how many people or players "SAY" they need to win out now. They say that after every F-ing loss which is 3 now!!!!! How about they actually start WINNING! Stop talking their sh!t and start performing. Bunch of no heart no talent talkers!


I'm done. I am packing up all the gear, banners, etc and putting them in a bag.

It is really difficult to understand the mind set of those in charge from the top down in Coral Gables. From DS to RS, from Kirby to the Trustees.

This is not the 1930's. A student athlete does not at all mean the same thing. Athletes who played major college sports and then go on to play that sport professionally now have the opportunity to make so much money that playing the sport is almost a minor leage endeavor. At least that is the way in which it is viewed from the majority of athletes and coaches in major programs. Hell, they don't even bother stating the major of the athlete any longer when showing the line up intros.

Anyway, Donna can attempt to appease the intellectuals of the university with whom she associates most of the time, however, should she not change course soon, it WILL hurt not only the athletics program but as well the university in the long run.

The football program has been able to compete and even dominate, not even ten years ago...now, it floats downstream with the masses. With more support from alumni of the most successful kind than nearly any other program...and it cannot follow the blueprint.

I honestly do not believe that most fans expect NC's EVERY year, but they do no and again and they do expect to compete at the highest of levels. Why? Because a foundation was built to make that happen and in a few short years, for reasons beyond comprehension, those in power not only neglected the program, but they have helped in trying to make it irrelevant.

The knee jerk reaction is to say that the school wishes to rid itself of the "thug" image it earned during the '80's. Sorry, Butch built the program back up, without the negative reputation. You can't tell me that the football program was a black eye to the school at the start of the new millenium.

The school is making more money from athletics than ever before from the revenue sharing in the ACC, and it lists money as the reason it cannot compete. Yes, undeniabley, money is a challenge as bigger schools have bigger budgets, but list what you bring to the table and you know you have a special place in CG.

To me, it is simple. The school has to commit to winning and that means putting people in positions there to make that happen. If it means spending a bit more money, you can't tell me it has to be an amount that breaks the bank.

The only reason I became a fan was due to the mentality the team brought to CFB right before it won its first NC. That is what set the team apart from the rest. It needs that to get it back again. Until then...


All i know is this team is like a ride at Disney, you just don't know if you are getting a "A" or "E" ticket for that day....

Posted by: raizecane | October 31, 2010 at 01:47 PM

There IT is right there.

What I do NOT get is that the players and coaches, during a week of practice, on the plane, on the bus, and in the lockeroom before the game, don't they "feel" it?

Doesn't ANY of them get a sense if they have collectively as a team, brought the E or A ticket with them to the stadium?

And if they do why doesn't anyone do anything about it?

Or as Canechic implies, do they just not care enough to do anything about it?


Who has done the best coaching job in ACC football this season?

Posted by: SOUP | October 31, 2010 at 12:52 PM

I would say it's a DEAD HEAT between Beamer Ball and the dude at N.C.ST. I believe O'Brien is his nom de plume. LOL


The only reason I became a fan was due to the mentality the team brought to CFB right before it won its first NC. That is what set the team apart from the rest. It needs that to get it back again. Until then...

Posted by: Pre83 | October 31, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Another long timer abandons ship? How many will it take before something is done?

Sarasota 'cane

A bad day at a 'canes game is better than any day at work. If any of you want to give me and my friends your tickets then feel free, I'll use them!

And when all of you "Thugs" and "East End Zone Crazie's" get through your menstral cycle, hopefully we'll see you back at Sun Life supporting the kid's and the university that have brought you so many good times over the years!

This too shall pass...

I understand wanting to "give it a rest" from time to time, but you'll be back, and you'll have missed A LOT of good times with the 'cane family along the way. So you might as well just show and byatch rather than not show up at all.

Win, lose, or draw...C-A-N-E-S...'canes!


I'm still frustrated, this much talent, accumulated by Randy, has been wasted by the coaches and Randy.

Posted by: USAFCane | October 31, 2010 at 01:05 PM

Perhaps some, but not all, of the Hurricane talent is overrated. Think the 2008 and 2009 classes.

For instance, that Hinterland college footbal team has a RED-SHIRT freshman calling signals.

And, this QB from Cali was absolutely ' under-the-radar' as QB's go. Matter of fact, the vast majority of west coast programs didn't think of him as a major college football signal caller. Go figure.

A slight few of the lower-tier PAC-10 programs recruited him as a wide-out or defensive back.

Said Hinterland QB has led his team to a 7-1 record, and he's breaking all kinds of QB records for his squad.

Of course, that former B12 members O-coordinator ' designed ' his offense to suit his RS-Frosh's QB running strengths. Cam Newton anyone.


How long before the U partners with South Florida Burger Kings to give away tickets to Miami Hurricanes games? It happened before...


The current U admin is like the ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. Championships do not matter. ACC titles are irrelevant. Making money is all that is of substance.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 31, 2010 at 01:58 PM

But dig it! The University isn't making money off the Hurricane football program. Especially playing home games in front of a shameful attendance figure of 40,000. Give or take a few thousand.

Where Miami makes it's money to support the athletic department is from A.C.C. basketball revenue sources. The men's N.C.A.. Tournament anyone.


Why does the dolphins play so close to the vest?


Meanwhile in other news, the Heat are toying with the Nets!


Keep your heads up Cane fans. I'm as frustrated with this team as anyone out there. BUT, it's my team. I'm a Cane.

I can no longer stick up for Randy. Watching the interview following the game he was asked about AJ, and why he wasn't used at QB when J went down, his answer: "he's nicked". Fair enough, the reporter followed up with a question asking what exactly the injury was, Randy answer: "he's nicked"

Randy, get the fuq outta here!

I'll be at the game next weekend. Cuz I'm a Cane fan and that's when they play. Ill drive 4 hrs to get there... It's just what feels right... I might be a little late though, kinda like the team was yesterday...

Go Canes!


Good point macjones. But it's the money, regardless. As long as Miami doesn't dip to Temple like levels and get ejected from the ACC altogether, then why bust the budget and hire a top-name coach?

As for the football team, they already do not draw for home games (generally). So what does it matter if they let the team slip into irrelevancy? How much less money will they be making from home game attendance, since that is the one variable factor at work. If the U can be satisfied with 7K to 10K fans in attendance, then that is what it will be.

Sorry, but I am pretty cynical about this right now and have no confidence that anyone above Shannon knows what to do. I am tired of players mimmicking the Borg like nature of their head coach during games. I want emotion and a desire to win.

If the regime doesn't want this, then don't have a football team period. Shut the whole thing down. What's the point, otherwise, if it's not to win a championship?


Ease up on Six

Hes a good man, theres no need to rehash the same thing over and over again

Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 31, 2010 at 02:05 PM

What the bloody fUc!.

That six'ER's ' OVER-INFLATED ' ego has painted him into the Whipple Factor corner. That's all.

No sir bUbba 57, six'ER's Whipple Factor has slowly regressed since both the F.S.U. and GA Tech games of last season.

And Stoops Seminole D-unit was just the bloody COUP DE GRACE! Enough said.

Or, was the coup de grace for Miami's offensive offense the 2010 Duke game. LMAO


Did Shannon say that Jacory was "nicked" as well? Or did he out due to an "extreme upper extremity"?

That said, if you guys think that there is weeping and moaning over the state of our program, you should see how fans here are in agony over the state of Texas. They just lost to Baylor last night, a team that they had not lost to since 1997 and have beaten by an average of roughly 30 points a year.

Suwannee Refugee

So, now the Polly Anna gloves come off. Wow! I'm surprised it took so long. Most of us have been calling for this for a few games. I never saw this team as ACC or National Title contenders. They played the same way last year. Reverse those games that they won by 5 or less points and what's our record. The ball just bounced our way last year. Same team. Losing record.


Tony - Texas was in the NC just last year so I can see why the fans are pissed.

We are pissed for a different reason. It's just an emotional roller coaster with this team. I would rather be 1 - 10 and know we are bad than winning a big game (UNC) and then losing to a pitiful Virginia team where there is talk about going to the ACCCG.


Raizecane...the exact same complaints that people had before Vince Young emerged as a superstar have come to the forefront now. Plus it appears that Mack's recruiting and player development have slipped in the last two years.

Here they are upset in part because they believe that Texas cannot contend because of Greg Davis' system. Because Mack is so close with Davis, they feel that Davis will always be there no matter what.

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