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November 01, 2010



The pass to throw comparisons for the last 5 Canes games.

In the Clemson game: 33 passes/43 runs, Canes win

In the Florida St game: 49 passes/36 runs, Canes loose

In the Duke game: 34 passes/42 runs, canes win

In the UNC game: 32 pass/42 runs, Canes win

In the Virgina game: 42 passes/29 runs, Canes loose

Anyone see a trend?

Posted by: bahamacane | November 01, 2010 at 10:01 PM

We put in runs to kill the clock when we are in the lead!


liquid through the nose


I'm out


Solar...how did U find that?

Seriously LMAO! No seriously.


sf giants win the world series...what a cool scene it is around here.happy for these guys and thank you marlins for the castoffs:)

maybe one day we'll have that feeling again w/ our canes,sadly not any time soon me thinks:(


soup hang onto that
soup interviews captain optimist link,
that's one in a million.

OK now I'm out


WOW! When U lose your BIGGEST fan like 411 and old timers like Fran and Pre83 then U have lost the "CORE" of Hurricane fans.

I'm not talking fringe bandwagoners here, I'm talking CORE fans.

Posted by: SOUP | October 31, 2010 at 05:41 PM

SOUP - I should have noted that I am "done" with the U...not the Space!

My sentiments are based on what was noted on the second to last post of the previous blog by a FSU supporter.

I can only pray that he is not right. But at this point, I would lean more towards him being right.


Did anyone see that Javaris James carried the ball for the Colts tonight on MNF?

No, seriously, he played as the Colts are really battling injuries. He did alright.


I would love to have Manny or any Cane beatwriter do an "inside" story on the disconnect between the former Cane players and the current team/coach/AD/Admin.

You have a guy who virtually all he knows is being a Cane - player, assis coach, head coach now running the show and you have former teammates and players of RS pissed at the direction the team is going. Leon Searcy's comments were REALLY enlightening to me. There's no way they should just be brushed off. A true journalist could have a serious thing going should he/she be able to gain some traction with the truth of the matter.

What is just as difficult to believe is that RS would sell out. He had to know that the brotherhood would be broken if he sold out...and that it would not be ruined only for himself, but for the school moving forward and it's tradition and all that went into making it the U. Now that is a responsibility you would think could not be taken lightly. Yet, what do we get out of RS - reference the Joe Rose interview. I'm sorry, but if I'm Michael Irvin, Bernie Kosar, Alonzo Highsmith, Clinton Portis, hell, I don't have the next three hours to type all of the names -but there is no way they can let this slide into oblivion the way the current Admin would like it to.

RE the props to Donna for her revitalizing the Wisc program - Wisconsin is indeed light years ahead of where it was prior to Alvarez being hired. However, name one time the team has played for a NC. They haven't. The question is does Miami want above average success but not greatness? There is a BIG difference.

I have some ?'s for Donna:
1-If indeed a billion dollars were raised for the school, does that mean the football program does not see any of that $$. There are only some 15,000 students that are to benefit from that money. That's a pretty chunk of change per pupil. OSU and UF have nearly 3 times the number of students.

2-Even with the smaller enrollment, if admission standards and academic standards were lowered for say 50 football players, that is obviously a pimple on an elephants behind from a larger picture perspective. I am not implying that academics are not important, however, your average student does not have close to the work load an D1 football player has if only academics are demanded of them.

Something really smells and if it is true that the Prez & company really don't care if the football program realizes greatness again, then I can't care - I can't live in the past.

Sarasota 'cane

Something really smells and if it is true that the Prez & company really don't care if the football program realizes greatness again, then I can't care - I can't live in the past.

Posted by: pre83 | November 02, 2010 at 12:45 AM

Go read what you just wrote in ten years and you'll laugh. The only force strong enough to knock out "THE U" for the long haul is a REAL hurricane! If Randy and Co. are not the right hires then they will be replaced.

If the facilities are not up to snuff then they will also be replaced, although I have a hard time believing that they are not worthy of todays D-1 college athlete given the # of Professional Hall of Fame athletes from every major sport who train at UM in their off season(s).

Something is wrong for certain, but the melo-drama on all the boards since Sunday is way over the top. Shyt happens, UM has been here before. If we were Miami of Ohio I'd be worried, but this is the "THE U", which happens to be located in one of the most fertile football proving grounds in the entire USA.

You can't just lower your standards to attract an athlete that no longer qualifies to attend school. UF just kicked a 5 star DB off their team, and two other 4 star kids recently quit. 30 arrests AND they lost to Old Miss at home during the greatest run in their schools history! That's not UM and it never has been!

Those are real gang banging criminals up there. UM would punch you in the mouth ON the field, not steal a dead girls credit card after a horrible accident. You can't bring that type of scumbag onto campus and jeapardize everyone else's safety in order to win football games, and it's also an insult to all student athletes to suggest that a school cannot field a competitive team without a bunch of recruit's with questionable character.

There are a dozen coaches who could win the ACC conference with these kids, and believe it or not Randy is one of them. His biggest obstacle now is time, and he may not have enough of it left to prove me right. If blogs were around when Butch was our coach I'm not sure he would have made it to 1999!

This too shall pass... (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Go 'canes!


pre83ngood post. SOUP nice article.


Colorado Medical Society guidelines for return to play Grade First concussion
Subsequent concussions

I 15 minutes 1 week
II 1 week 2 weeks, with
physician approval
IIIa (unconscious
for seconds) 1 month 6 month, with
physician approval
IIIb (unconscious
for minutes) 6 month 1 year, with
physician approval

JH will return against GT at best.


Matt Bosher
And also for Manny...




``To be honest with you, the linebackers and defensive linemen all have to be on the same page,'' Ojomo said Monday, minutes after watching film on UM's next opponent, Maryland (6-2, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference). ``Some plays the linebackers would be on one page and the D-linemen would be on another.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/02/1903436/ums-task-reviving-porous-d.html#ixzz1479lqU5E

UM coach Randy Shannon addressed Hurricanes fans Monday at Racks restaurant in Boca Raton and told them freshman quarterback Stephen Morris would prepare as if he will play against Maryland at noon Saturday in Sun Life Stadium.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/02/1903640/stephen-morris-to-take-first-team.html#ixzz147AJ5ukX

Manny- This is very well written piece on Stephen Morris, Mark Whipple, and Monsignor Pace Coach Alvin Slaughter,


Along the way, he caught the eye of Canes offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, who monitored him closely before hand-picking him to be his future quarterback.

"It pretty much came down Stephen and a kid from California," Slaughter said of UM's recruiting efforts. "I think in the beginning Whipple didn't know Stephen had a big arm. If you saw Stephen throw the long out to Benjamin for the touchdown [Saturday], that's why he's there. When Whipple realized Stephen had a big arm and could throw that 18 to 20-yard out pattern -- something Whipple talked about wanting in his offense -- he absolutely loved him. Plus, when he heard Stephen was a good student with a 4.0 GPA, 1000 on his SAT, was graduating early and could get in the system, all that just made Stephen that even more appealing. Whipple got a kid who was football smart, very intelligent with a high IQ. That's what you want in your quarterback."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/11/will-freshman-qb-stephen-morris-be-ums-savior.html#ixzz147BrYbDV



Miami coach Randy Shannon made no announcement Monday whether starting quarterback Jacory Harris (concussion) will sit out Saturday's home game against Maryland and be replaced by freshman Stephen Morris. That news likely will come Tuesday.

But Shannon did switch UM's starting practice time. After holding early-morning practices on Tuesdays (6:50 a.m.) and Wednesdays (6:30 a.m.) since classes began in late August, the Hurricanes will now start workouts at 2:30 p.m. beginning Tuesday.

Shannon did not say why he decided to move practices to the afternoon.

• The Hurricanes' game against Georgia Tech on Nov. 13 will kick off at noon and will be shown on the ACC Network.


For Morris, anything could potentially include trying to saving the Hurricanes' season and coach Randy Shannon's job. That's a pretty significant upgrade in role from a week ago when Morris was under the impression he was going to redshirt this season. It wasn't until recently when backup A.J. Highsmith injured his wrist that Slaughter said Morris started working a little bit less with the scout team -- just in case.

"To be honest with you I think he was only getting scout team reps last week," Slaughter said. "So, the only plays he knew were plays he knew from earlier on in the season. Those were the only reps he did -- and the individual reps with coach Whipple they do every week. [Spencer] Whipple and Jacory and Highsmith were getting those other reps. If you put that into the equation, the kid probably played good to great under those circumstances. I mean it was basic stuff they were running for him. It was like they just hoped they executed well and prayed for the best."

"When he gets more reps this week, I feel more comfortable he can do even better. They just have to limit the play selection and let the guys around him make the plays, not make Stephen Morris win with his big arm. But I don't coach the University of Miami. I'm just saying what I would do."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/11/will-freshman-qb-stephen-morris-be-ums-savior.html#ixzz147H3T7ao



Shannon said Sunday UM will limit its offense because of his inexperience. How much is unknown. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple called pass plays on Morris' first three career snaps Saturday, and UM was not committed to the run, which averaged 6.2 yards Saturday against UVA's 114th ranked defense. Morris showed his arm strength on a 60-yard TD completion to Travis Benjamin.




And this:



Solar, you are wearing my favorite hat in that fishing pic.

My son Rick bought that hat for me about four yrs. ago and I left it at my buddys house in crystal river on a scalloping trip where it lay on his mantel for a year and a half.
Rick passed away in July of last year and when my Buddy ( Ohio State fan ) found out he UPS'd that Bad Boy to my front doorstep and we had an emotional reunion.

That old U of M camo hat is now a family treasure that has been to Sun Life several times, Elk hunting at 11,000 ft., down Nantahala several times, on countless adventures and worn by many family members, friends, and by several of Ricks girlfriends.

That pic makes you a kindred spirit, thanks.

Go Canes!!!


Sarasota 'cane you need to take the advice of 66 more than anyone in the whole blogosphere. Your little UF rant is ignorant. It's amazing that you are still trotting out those incredibly tired comments at this point. It just shows what everyone knows. That you don't really live in reality.

This is gold.


It would have gotten me banned not long ago but now everyone will applaud it's cleverness.

Old Skool

This is the kind of guy we need at quarterback, someone who can avoid the rush and still keep his focus on the job at hand ...



sean goldstein


great post soup! keep it in perspective.

Sarasota 'cane

Truth hurts doesn't it Spif! Try as U might your teams record doesn't go away with time. Do you realize that UF is paying over 6 million a year right now for that abortion up in Gainesville?

Are you saying that UF hasn't had 30 arrests since Meyer took over, or that UF didn't lose to Ole Miss at home during their greatest run of all time? Dead girls credit card? That's who U are.

No one applauds U except your 5 other personalities Troll, you're pathetic. For you to trot in here like everything is peachy in Gainesville is laughable.

Go 'canes!



I posted an article about how much Wisky loves Donna and they say her greatest accomplishment at Wisky is how she turned the football program into a winner.

I argue you with people about this and I say give me some facts and they don't have any. Some have not even been to the school in years and some never. None of us are part of the administration and none of us important boosters.....so we have not a clue at all what really goes on and do not pretend like we do.

Things are not going right with the football program because we are not winning. Generally the same gripes we hear on these sites, were the same gripes in the 90's and then wala the '00 team and winning made it good again. So if we start winning again it may change but I doubt it.....because those supposed "iconic" days are long gone.

I continue to say 2 words NOTRE DAME....could you have a more storied football program? They lost this weekend to TULSA YEAH TULSA. You think they do not spend money on football?


I hear you and I understand exactly how you feel.
My son gave me that hat years ago and it's my favorite and has a tremendous personal importance to me.
It's as much a part of my fishing gear as my rods and reels.


Did he just put a camera up to his face and take a picture after that car missed killing him by less than an inch????


Solar, check out the hat:

Mrs. Native

Go Canes!!!


my browser won't open the pic, did you delete it out of photobucket?


Just went through photobucket hades, I dont know what happened???


If and that's a big if, Morris plays well or lights out the next two games and then Jacory is ready to play.
Jacory automatically will stat because he left because of injury not poor play.

Does that mean on Jacory's next pick , does Morris get to come in and then they battle for starting QB the rest of the season?

Or does Randy do the predictable thing and start Jacory the rest of the year because he's afraid to hurt Jacory's feelings?


Gary Ferman:

No. 1: Change the offensive philosophy and mindset

The Hurricanes have been trying to put a square peg into a round hole for two seasons now. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear – there is nothing wrong with Mark Whipple’s offense and Whipple is potentially a great offensive coordinator. The problem from my neutral perspective is that he doesn’t have the right quarterback to execute what he is trying to do, hasn’t gone and recruited a high-level pro-style passer in his time here and is stubbornly not adjusting to the above by running the football and taking advantage of the quality backs he does have at his disposal.

I have seen enough of Lamar Miller to believe he is a franchise running back. Damien Berry and Mike James are workhorses who are probably the most consistent players on the team. Storm Johnson seems as if he is only a notch behind Miller on the ability meter. Graig Cooper is looking better each week in his recovery from knee surgery.

I’ll go so far as to say that this team has five running backs who will play in the NFL.

Yet the outcome of the game is never in their hands. The Hurricanes seem always obsessed with the downfield passing game and the turnovers this team suffers through because of that is maddening. Against North Carolina, Whipple ran the ball more and enjoyed the best half of the season.

It’s as if Whipple is at a blackjack table in Vegas trying to win $1,000 and doesn’t have the patience to grind it out for an hour or two at a $25 table. He has to make his big score in the first five minutes after he sits down. I kind of understand that. I am the same way sometimes. But I am not sure it will work in the game of football with this cast of players. This isn’t Marino and the Marks Brothers or Peyton with Reggie Wayne.

Too much has been placed on the back of Jacory Harris, who was raised in a spread offense and just doesn’t seem comfortable enough in a pro-style attack. Now Harris is recovering from a concussion and may not be able to play against Maryland.

The running excuse is that the team went in the tank when Harris went down and found itself down 24-0 because of it. I’m not buying it. When a team is backed into a corner, that is when it is supposed to stand strongest and toughest. That didn’t happen.

And why were Spencer Whipple and Stephen Morris exposed to that wave of interceptions in the first place? Why not run the football more and use safer passes the way Whipple did in the fourth quarter when Morris excelled?

I say build the offense from the inside/out around Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson, two young guys who will be here for at least two to three more seasons, and a young offensive line with enormous potential.

The asterisk here is that offensive line, which has been brutally inconsistent. At times, they have been great. At times, they have been bad. There is no consistency and no discipline. They take way too many penalties in almost every game. They need to get tougher mentally and physically.

I am not sure if this reflects on the coaching of Jeff Stoutland or not. Let’s call it a group effort and suggest they all must step up their game. And then Whipple must trust and rely on them.


Honestly, we may never see Harris again. Morris is hungry and he's the right QB for Whipple's offense. Hell, he didn't hand pick the kid for nothing.

We saw Morris bring us back by only playing with the scout team all season. Let's see how he does after a week with the ones. I think I am actually excited again for a Cane game.



Every game we lose is because there is a definitive advantage in our opponent on their attack being better than our defense game plan. FSU ran the ball down our throats because they double teamed our good guys and made our lbs and backs play the run on an island.

Virgina came out like they have done in the past with to stretch the field and throw the ball to the backs and the receivers short to make our lbs play the whole field. Then they get the te on one of our lbs and he breaks open in the end zone.

Our problem is that we do not cover deep and rotate fast enough with our d backs and line backers. We are always one step too slow. The d backs take the wrong angles and do not wrap up. And we have yet to bring up the lbs and the d backs into the holes before the rbs get going. We get no penetration because we are always playing base d.
I remember that our best cane times on d was because we recognized where the ball was going and we always had the lbs or dbs up in the hole before the play got started. Now we just play the bend dont break philosophy. Maybe its because we dont have the guy with the motor that can scrape to the outside and always be head up on the runner.


Try again:


The thing I liked about Morris most was the velocity and trajectory of his passes.
The thing I liked second most was he knows when to move his feet and avoid the rush.

When he saw his O line leaking he moved right then, he didn't stick in the pocket and try to time his throw to a spot down the field.


Morris has two or three good games in a row .
OR the Canes go 8-4 because of crappy coaching I think Teddy B will go somewhere else.

I think TeddyB knows he can beat Jacory out , but Morris could keep him on the bench three years here. just a hunch


from my end it says this pic or vid has been moved or deleted.


The big qb with the big arm is on a different level than other qbs who are smart. Morris is comfortable dropping back and throwing on a rope for 60 yrds. Thats what pro style qbs are good at... velocity on the ball and quick release. It helps because if we get separation on the initial fake then its hard for the db to make up the ground lost if the ball is zipped.


Solar not sold on Teddy just a gut thing nothing more.


"Slaughter said another reason he believes Morris will be a success under Whipple is his arm strength. Unlike Harris who floats the ball downfield on deep passes, Slaughter said Morris can "throw the ball on a rope 72 yards."

Now that's exactly what I am talking about...


OK Solar,




native excellent !!

you guys look like your having a blast too!

I't will be great having you guys stay over and do the Chatooga trip this summer!


Ferman has hit the nail on the head with a SLEDGEHAMMER! 100% correct!


Solar not sold on Teddy just a gut thing nothing more.

Posted by: canechic | November 02, 2010 at 10:08 AM

I feel it too canechic, I think TB will be a good quarterback, but I feel like he wants to go to a team that is a top 5 contender when he gets there.
With the current events unfolding it will be interesting.

Six gets a lot of info on what Teddy is doing and thinking I'll ask him what he's heard lately.


I'm more comfortable finding QBs that fit this system. Do we really want to go through what we did with J12 again with TB?

Shannon better wake the flip up, and decide what type of team he's building here. We are pro-style so go after those pro-style players.


Native, you have a wife that is SMILING and PRETTY while going whitewater rafting?

More reason for NativeEnvy to come creeping up!


I continue to say 2 words NOTRE DAME....could you have a more storied football program? They lost this weekend to TULSA YEAH TULSA. You think they do not spend money on football?

Posted by: canechic | November 02, 2010 at 08:53 AM


To HELL with the U.F. comparison's ! They'll never be us and we'll never be them. F Them !

It's the morphing into Notre Dame South that has me worried. Two more Recruiting classes with the same results of the last 6 years and the transformation will be complete...

How do we fix this trend ? Hmmmmmmmmmm .


Here is an interesting piece By Sports Psychologists on evaluating high performance coaches



Five more years of this we might be able to beat Yale, Harvard and and Brown, heck we have an OC that won a NC playing advanced high school football teams.


Mrs. Native/Nantahalacide






A mean piece of water eats a Canes hat but at least she still had her purse. Ha.

Go Canes!!!


It really is starting to seem to me....you have to have a team who wants to win. Superstars are superstars but not always fighters. Right now both of these teams need fighters. This is their team, lest they forget. Do they act like they even care? I am not sure they do!

Compare the giants to the rangers or the yankees or to the phillies....the win in spite of everything because they are scrappy fighters and they want to win.

STOP RIDING THE JOCKS OF THE 5 STAR HIGH SCHOOLERS.....oh he is unhappy because the team is losing....he is unhappy because there is only one TV in the weight room.....he is unhappy because he will not start..babies that is what I say babies...give me some good kids with a huge heart who can persevere even when the chips are down.

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