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October 09, 2010



First, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th BIAAAAATCHES!!!!




Two equally matched teams. Three points decides the game.



An offensive explosion. Over 55 points scored.



A blowout. FSU is overwhelmed by Miami by 10+ points.



A defensive battle. Less than 35 points scored.



Miami falters. FSU pulls off the road upset.



From Manny:

"But the Hurricanes are is good as anyone in the country at shutting down opposing passing games. UM ranks second nationally in sacks (17 total), No. 2 in pass efficiency defense and has five interceptions in their last two games."

Giggity :-D

Posted by: CGNC | October 09, 2010 at 10:28 AM


From www.athlonsports.com:

Florida State and Miami failed their big September tests, losing big at Oklahoma and Ohio State, respectively. But the in-state rivals have remained at least somewhat relevant on a national level in October, with both teams entering this game ranked as they look to stay unbeaten in ACC play.

The last nine meetings between the teams have been decided by eight points or fewer. The teams rank 1-2 in the nation in sacks (FSU 5.0, Miami 4.3) and tackles for loss (Miami 10.5, FSU 9.4), a staple of each program during the glory years.

The No. 13 Hurricanes have won eight of the last 11 meetings against the Seminoles, including a 38–35 victory in a thriller to open last season. Miami quarterback Jacory Harris threw for a career-high 386 yards in that contest, and he is looking to regain some of that magic after struggling with turnovers so far in 2010. Harris has thrown a total of eight interceptions in the last three games, including two picks apiece in back-to-back wins at Pittsburgh and Clemson.

Harris, who has been bothered by a sore left (non-throwing) shoulder, must be sharper this week because he might not get much help from his running game. The No. 23 Seminoles rank fourth nationally against the run (74.8 yards per game), and they allowed just 25 rushing yards last week in their 34–14 victory at Virginia.

Sarasota 'cane

Let's get it done boys!!

Go 'canes!!


Gotta love The Giggity.


Fran...we will be in the exact same spot as last time with the same crew. We are leaving at 3 PM to get there before the gates open at 4 PM.

Call me when U get there. See U at the game!


Six...U must really LOVE TJ BBQ if U are gonna go that far outta your way before the game?

I'll try to get down to the field and get a photo of you in your school guard crossing vest if possible. ;-)


Anybody seen Chase Ford?




38- 17 Canes....Berry,, Berry ...Berry


35-24 Canes. FS will score a late, meaningless TD!


72% of America has voted on ESPN for Canes to beat FSU.

Some are concerned about Lamar Miller missing the game, but I think if Shannon really felt concerned, he will play Lamar. Berry and Mike James can break tackles and that can lead to big runs. I also see the Canes OL getting better chemistry to open up holes on a smaller FSU DL. Canes should run for 150+ yds.

I think its one game at a time, and Jacory has looked a little better each week. His chemistry with his WRs have to improve, and he must read his defenses both pre- and post-snap. Its time for Jacory to focus and mature, and I think he can. Plus, Jacory plays better at home so that trend should continue.

I can see the Canes putting up 400 yds of offense, but limiting FSU to only a few scores - as long as Jacory limits mistakes and I believe he will.


Jacory can only throw his gifted INTs when the Canes have possession. And the Canes cannot have possession if the Noles have possession.

Look for 4 Nole ball carriers to have over 50 rushing yards apiece today. The difference-maker by game's end.

Gonna be a squeaker, no doubt. But the Noles pull it out...34-31

In the Oklahoma game it was more a matter of underperformance than being outplayed. That question gets answered today.

Believe it.


I celebrated my 32nd Birthday yesterday. If anyone is interested in helping me have an even better B-day weekend..here's how you can do it and give me the best present:

Go to this game tonight (I won't make it), stand up, cheers our boys, and just rock the house for them! They deserve our support! They have been playing their butts off and haven't played at home in 37 days!

Please...Please...Please...SOUP and crew.

Give them a crazy homecoming as they dismantle FSU tonight...I'll be watching and you guys will be held accountable..lol!

Canechic and Angry: I pray for your family and hope you guys find peace and resolve during this trying time.

Go Canes!!

UM 38 FSU 17


The difference today will be: continuity, big game experience, leadership and maturity!

These are traits that FSU's team doesn't possess as yet. They have the pieces but they don't have the necessary adhesive to hold everything together. FSU has a bunch of very talented and capable players who play by themselves and not as a unit yet...thats the difference. Nolespeak, you guys have beasts and assassins at every position...the problem is that they're all mercenaries (out for self).

We come into this game road battle tested. We've been fighting heavyweight bouts on pay-per-view all season and today we fight an opponent that has been fighting on ESPN Friday Night Fights and actual got knocked out once (you don't say!).

4th round knockout (4th quarter). We score 14 in the 4th to pull away. Mutual respect gets FSU thru the first 3 quarters of the feeling out periods.

MVPs: offense- Damien Berry defense- Olivier Vernon


" ….Miami will beat FSU on Saturday. I’m not very good at picking scores, but I’d give the six points and take the Hurricanes if my Dan Pastorini football card was at stake. UM showed me its for real last week against Clemson. None of FSU’s wins have been particularly impressive. " Jorge Milian, PalmBeachPost


Like I said yesterday. Oh yesterday. Those were the days. LOL

U'all bloody Hurricane degenerates absolUtely must LAY THE POINTS, and watch Team Shannon COVER!

Yous dig! No. Well, la dee dee, la dee dah. LOL

Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes 31

Seminoles 20

Too much Miami defense!


In the Oklahoma game it was more a matter of underperformance than being outplayed. That question gets answered today.

Believe it.

Posted by: Nolespeak | October 09, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Eh F.S.WHO pom pom waver, that's absolute BULL SHIT!

' Underperfoming?? ' How does any Seminole squad NOT GET READY for a Top 10 tradition-rich Boomer Sooner team. Be it in Norman or TRAILERhasse. LMAO

Heck F.S.WHO pom pom waver, yous Dumbo coached Nole' team had the freakin' entire summer to focus in on Oklahoma. LOL

So, please don't ' insult the intelligence ' of Cane fandom with that bloody WEAK ARSE LAME EXCUSE of ' underperfoming!

Because, Boomer Sooner literally BYTCH SLAPPED your F.S.Who squad. No if's, but's or may be's.


Hey Zakkee, gotta give you props for your keen "mercenary" observation and concede your righteous point...this season...while our young D learns a whole new scheme in its first year of deployment. We Nole fans ourselves have our fingers crossed this is the way of the future. Right now we are just glad it is much, much better than last year. And for that matter several years prior.

Like you, I believe this 4th quarter thing is the key. THE key. (Ain't it always!). As a long-time veteran of many Nole/Cane game viewings I know all I need do is just tune-in the final minute of the game to know the outcome and catch-up with all the pent-up intensity in only one moment. I just do not possess nearly enough resolve to do such a thing. I mean, C'mon already! Let's get this party started!

What I am certain we can agree on is that whoever gets the MVP honors this game is more likely than not destined to play a lot of Sundays, and shine while doing so, in the not-too-distant future.

Good Luck you guys, and may the best team win today, this the first of the two games we will play against each other this season.


Miami, F-L-A won't lay the BYTCH SLAPPING down on F.S.WHO, that Boomer Sooner did back in September. LOl

Nonetheless, the Hurricanes will end the streak of close ballgames against the Seminoles, and win by at least TEN POINTS!

As Jorge Milian of the Palmbeach Post mentioned, F.S.U.'s wins have been against highly unimpressive, LAME ARSE squads.

And when the Seminoles played a legitimate college football squad, they was MOLESTED! lmao

Jimbo's Nole' squad has improved since their absolutely embarrassing lost to OU, but not enough to defeat Miami at home.

Hurricanes 31

F.S.WHO 20

And the only reason why the Seminoles probably score twenty-points, is because Jacory is so damn Helter Skelter with the pass down field. LMAO


Everytime I've gone to the game up @ the Doak I have met intelligent, nice and - for the most part - respectful fans...

That said, it looks like either the can or the string must've broke over on the Semenhole internet...

Why other teams fans come to our site I will never understand....

What I do understand is we are where we are supposed to be going into this game:

If we only have two guys on specials and one rb out b/c of injury -- we're good.
We're solid

mac, don't even bother talking to these trolls...

Watch the 3:30 games...
blow the froth off a couple jars...
and get ready for tonight.

nuthin but


Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some prep football recruiting tidbits bout' a few ballers, that Team Shannon is currently recruiting, courtesy of http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa.football/recruiting/news/story?id=5658385

" One player to watch, who went from unranked and into the ESPNU 150, is Marqise Lee (Gardena, Calif./Junipero Serra). He debuts on the ESPNU 150 at No. 96. A converted basketball player, Lee is getting better each week. He has been an explosive player with big-play acceleration, quickness and speed. He's outproducing five-star teammate George Farmer. He's played well enough that there is a question about what position he will play in college. The initial thought was he'd be a safety, but he's playing so well at receiver that he is making it tough to move him away from there. "

" A couple big-name prospects slid a little in our rankings, notably TE Nick O'Leary (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla./Dwyer) and Wilder. "

" While O'Leary got a high grade from us, he made a slight slide from five-star to high-four-star status because tight end is a tough position to warrant five-star status. At No. 16, he is the highest-ranked tight end ever in the ESPNU 150. He's a great prospect, but to stay as a five-star at that position you need to be extremely well rounded, and we want to evaluate him a little more. He could end up with that five-star rank at the end of the season, but we want to see a little more from him right now. "


Yeah, O'Leary slid because he flipped the bird and he's gonna be a Hurricane and there is no way they could leave him as a 5 star. LOL


Leaving at 3 PM for the game.

See U all on the flip side of a UM victory!


Yeah, O'Leary slid because he flipped the bird and he's gonna be a Hurricane and there is no way they could leave him as a 5 star. LOL

Posted by: SOUP | October 09, 2010 at 02:39 PM

Exactly. It seems the Top 3 H.S. recruiting services have that ' tendency ' to drop players ratings a notch, when Miami is in on them. I wonder why.


its because 3/4 of the sports media ANALysts and writers are Gaytor and Suckeye alumni.

the "U" is America's team

Miami 37


I cant believe what Georgia is doing to Tennessee today... let this be a warning.. we better be ready to go when we get on the field.


I cant believe what Georgia is doing to Tennessee today... let this be a warning.. we better be ready to go when we get on the field.

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | October 09, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Yous ' worry too much, ' mi@mic@ne. LOL

Both teams will be ready tonight, and there won't be any ' let done ' by either.

Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes 31

F.S.WHO 20

In other words, yous take out all of the tangibles, with the exception of the SOS.
And Miami has the deciding factor with road wins against Pittsburgh and Clemson.

Next, Team Shannon was competitive against No. 2 Ohio St., and the Cane defense played fabulous seeing that they weres in ' no man's land ' for most of the game.

Whereas, that Seminole squad was BYTCH SLAPPED by Boomer Sooner.

Heck, the only time F.S.WHO was competitive was at the coin toss. LMAO After that, the Noles' was bloody MOLESTED. lol


Bingo and Cigarettes....cigarettes and binnnnngooo...binnnngoooo and cigarettes ....cigarettes and binnnnngoooooo... stupid war chant... UUUUUUUUU


Spurrier is spreading out Bama! So far its working!


Whats up with Manny's breakdown of our game tonight??

He only used stats rather than any logic to make his predictions (which are sided in FSU's favor). The stats are deceiving because of the difference in strength of competition the two teams have faced.

How do you mention Greg Ried's return as justification for giving FSU the edge on special teams but fail to mention our 2 returns for TD against OSU in the Horseshoe???

I'm not scared about tonight...maybe I'll tense up as game time approaches.


Yeah. And Stevie has a O-coordinator who understands the right moment to call a run.

Carolina's timely 22 yard run was the play which setup the T.D.

All in all, it's still too early in the game to think South Carolina can hang with Roll Tide. Even at home.


SC just scored another td.. on a pass play... to complicated for the tide at this point.


WOW, 14-3 SC!


the old ball coach is known for doing something special ... this may be one of those upsets ...


loving these Canes and love this Space. Enjoyed so many of your comments.. UM Video and Writing Retired. GO CANES!!!


Spurier has gone 3,4 and 5 wide since the game started. I told you guys that Bama secondary is the suspect.

This is how you beat Bama, you have to get a lead on them to get them out of the run. All SC has to do is to continue to put 3 or 7 points on the board.

If they make Bama a passing team, there is a good chance they pull the upset.


WOW, 14-3 SC!

Posted by: BahamaCane | October 09, 2010 at 04:14 PM

Remember, remember the Hog game. Arkansas was in control eary, yet failed to cash in when it mattered most. The bloody fourth quarter. No.

Still, I wouldn't mind seeing Roll Tide fall this afternoon. Then, the initial B.C.S. standings on Monday would really be muddled.

IF Bama loses against Spurrier's Gamecock squad, here's my take.

1. Ohio St.
2. Oregon
3. Boise St.
4. T.C.U.
5. Alabama
6. Herbie Cornhuskers
7. Oklahoma

Yous know both the USATODAY/ESPN Coaches and Harris polls are in lust with the S.E.C. lol That's why I think they won't drop them that far.


I hope Pitt smashes Notre Lame.


Blitz and fumble sc will score again.


He sets up the run with pass


Lattimore is real!


21-3 SC. WTF!


21 babbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyy


No. 1 is going down today, baby.

Gamecocks score again...21-3.

Roll Tide escaped Arkansas, but they won't today.


Alshon Jeffery is real!

Sunday's await him.


Thats the ticket in college ball.. its opening it up ... we just made too many drops against OSU... they are catching everything.


Bama has to put the ball in McElroy's hands now.

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