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October 09, 2010



Shannon has done a great job recruiting players. We have nfl type players... its game day ...in big games...bowl games..we dont play to the standards.
What is this bottom crap? Its a matter of our guys finding the rite coach. We had bad coaches and good coaches and then bad coaches... its our history... weve one bad clappy and a good recruiter mediocre coach. I know we are going to get back to the top ...its what the college is all about.


I was watching the Broncos vs Ravens and Willis McGahee scored a TD so the streak does continue


still freakin pi$$ed



That Kehoe loser is a Gator troll from the SS blog... he finds his way here every so often before Solar or Soup X's him out. It's just best to ignore him... he's just looking for attention.

No worries... we're gonna keep on playin' and get this figured out.

Just hope JH12 gets a needed rest and some physical therapy.

Are Whipple and Lovett BOTH on the sidelines for our team? Do we have anyone upstairs? Six, do you know the answer to that?


So, this, is what mutiny looks like.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | October 10, 2010 at 05:21 PM


Well said o 'n g, well said.


Over 800 posts SOUP... like the old days.

(I still liked it better when it was one LONG A$$ page!)

orange 'n green in the vein

Somebody call a WHAMBULANCE for the blog, so many hissy fits, so few hours after the fact.

WR's need to catch the ball. If it hits them in a bad spot, the hands, one more time and they drop it, I'll scream.

D needs to sack up or step off stage left. #44 not named Morgan, I'm looking at YOU.

ACC officiating is so biased against UM we should have never left the Big East, at least those officials knew which side their bread was buttered on.

Mr. Football II needs to start practicing yoga in his off-season, stretching does two things; builds strength and prevents injury.

F[]_[]CK Dumbo and his slap happy @$$ group of redneck village people. We'll win the one that counts at the end of the year.

Now I'm back to my vacation in Daytona Beach, I'm going body surfing and if I get attacked by a shark I'm going to do to it what should have been done by the home-team to the visitors last night, BUZZSAW!

Have fun running replacement names amongst yourselves.


Its the perfect time of the year to be beaching it in the 386

Go `Canes
Beat Duke


monte roach,
You two need to post a lot more.
We need your balanced non emotional observations to counteract The Sky is Falling vs We are the 2001 Canes 24/7 extremes.

I always admire how DTX waits about 12 to 24 hours before posting his evaluation.
He is usually calm collected and realistic.

OGV that was a classic one liner brudd!



It's NOT 2001?

Where's the time gone?


Duke - Miami 1:00 ESPN.com or ESPN3 or whatever it is...


They're 3-0 against unranked teams, outscoring those foes 106-24. They're 0-2 against ranked teams, losing those games by a combined 81-41

"stats don't mean anything at the beginning of the season you need to wait till about halfway through to really know what's up?"

Ok what's up?


I waited about six hours before posting, but nearly 21 hours later I still pretty much feel the same way. We were exposed as frauds last night, in every possible way. The excuses are over, Coker can't be blamed any more, and the time to trust the coaching staff has passed. Reality sucks.


FSU plays a bunch of cupcakes

Didn't we just stand on the tracks while the cup cake beaters roared through Miami?

We were the best team in Florida for six days though.


Roach...800+ is good for the blog.

Losing is not so good for the Canes.

I wish Miami won 45-17. Then we might break a 1000! And be happy...


We were the best team in Florida for six days though.

Posted by: solarcane | October 10, 2010 at 06:35 PM


Heavy sigh...


Reality sucks.

Posted by: j.w. | October 10, 2010 at 06:33 PM

It took college football to teach U that?




A lot of people, from multiple blogs, want to sit Jacory for the Duke game.

Hasn't Duke dug in our azzes for the last few years WITH the starting QB's (and the rest of the starters as well) in the game?
Do you personally think that's a good idea?


The "Big" schools are using OUR tax dollars to fund their programs and to pay for their over-priced coaches.


Why do you keep your head in the sand? Must be the default explanation of an ignorant and defensive commenter. Top tier coaches generate money for athletic associations. BIG money. Boosters, alumni, and fans pay the salaries, not Your tax dollars. Give that nonsense a break.

Post a link to this "1.5 billion" you like to reference.


If J12 can go then he will be on that field Saturday

Hes a tough kid and I expect him to be starting vs Duke

My concern is with the health of #6 and when he will be back in the lineup. We must have him back.....AND NOW!!!!!


Good point in that Duke has played us pretty close the last few years...but J12 is not the same. He walks very slow, moves slow....though he actually dashed a couple times last night....1 for 23 or so I think...he took off like a rocket. I cannot blame him with the pressure. Shoulder or hip or something is not right....seen it too much....and RS does not owe me an explanation, but it might be a good idea to sit him....not to punish but rest him, let him recover, nourish himself, and take the pressure off the kid....heck, I'd come down there and cook him a big old sirloin if he wanted me to, just to see him eat a good meal and smile for me.

I did not think the protection was that bad...run block was there at times....drops, strange progressions and combination of plays....but the D took a beating....MF was sideways a couple times getting bulldozed off the ball....as were others....we did a lot of arm tackling....and VT was in on some plays, jumped up thumping himself....but he missed some tackles...everybody had a tough game....we got whipped up front defensively....they had their way and scored...easy at times....then fatigue and frustration set in and the efforrt...lagged...I am surprised someone did not get a flagrant personal foul from the frustration...we did stay pretty calm....other than Cmac....that was unlike him...
I was pretty angry and disappointed obviously by my words...but heck I still love them, and know that it is done now. Lets get some rest tonight....and get after it this week. Gather your pride, feelings, strengths and thoughts and lets do better as we know we can. This week is the start of the Big Push.

Oh, for some of you who do not know...most of you do......pay no attention to that fat S#*T swollen, dry skinned creature behind the curtain....talking smack bout the boys.....he's just a raggedy Gator....who has lost 2 in a row and needs Timmy to rock him to sleep!!!


Duke played us tough because they had a great quarterback from HML the Miami coaches didnt bother to recruit. I always though this team is built for next year, we will have a very experienced team, UNC will be re-building, VA Techs QB will be gone, Ponder and the senior stud O line men will be gone from FSU, finally we will have the upper hand with experience and maturity. As for Duke, I say start Jacory, and like Bernie said many years ago when we played Boston College in the Flutie game, just run right the Fuk at them!
I also think the management still has a FSU hangover because this blog is stale and we need to move on! lets start a new positive blog! Beat DUKE!!!





I was wondering why we looked so big and muscular on computer.. than the our opponent LMAO

Bad Bart

Might be good, like some other guys said, to get Whipple and Morris some PT vs Duke. Duke IS pretty bad and our backup QB should be able to lead the team to victory over the Blue Devils. Let JiNT get some needed rest for his body and wounded psyche.


Looking back at that game last night, defensively, it kind of me reminded me of the butt whoopin' we took at GT a few years ago. Reason being, We just didn't have an answer for that stretch play that FSU just kept running over and over, the same way that We didn't have an answer for GTs midline triple option.
And to give our D-Lineman the benefit of the doubt, FSU just rightfully took advantage of the lack of depth (due to injury) at the DT spots. That stretch play against the type of defense (Miami 4-3) that we run can basically give you 3 double teams against along our defensive front. So think about it, you're already down bodies, and you have to take on 600+ lbs of human mass that can move...down, after down, after down, that's tough when you're down bodies. Defensively, it just came down to FSU running their offense better than We ran our defense, but we'll be alright...




Jimmy Johnson


OGV - LOl you made me laugh out loud - thank you


LOL Let's All Lighten Up Shall We?




It is time to do something different on Defense and Offense. Herby said it, it is hard to run "just" a pro style offense. And for that matter our 4-3 D needs some help. Every team knows exactly where our players are going to be and they block us. Attack the middle of the field-Run or Air. Pro Style or Base 4-3 works with superior talent. And we have to have well to run the ball....attitude to drive it down another teams throat! Then stops the run on Def. Run and Stop the Run. Randy needs to get some inputs on the pistol or spread. Needs a more attacking defense-Hell turn on the NFL-NFL defenses line up all over the place and bring the heat from everywhere. We need to help the kids with better schemes and plays.

I luv my CANES and we will be ok. But, we need to change!










I’m from Missouri now….SHOW ME!
Posted by: SOUP | October 11, 2010 at 10:26 PM

What are you guys like 5-0 now?

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