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October 09, 2010



Maybe we should have run out naked....dont know if it would have helped, but maybe they would have been more lively....something!!




Hey Mac, did you predict the game score? I wanted to, and thought we would win......kinda glad I did not!!!

Posted by: VACane | October 10, 2010 at 02:32 PM

LOL Yeah, and naturally I was way out there in Pluto with it.

IF Hurricane fandom are straight-up HONEST, then I don't think any Cane loyalist thought the ' unthinkable' would happen last night. Yes.?

So, Cane rowdies. Which Miami QB would give Team Shannon the best opportunity to win against lowly Duke next week.

Because my bottom dollar is on Whipple, Jr. And come to think of it. Why didn't Highsmith enter the game last night.

Sean Spence is a Beast!!!

There are still a lot of good young men out there who are real proud south floridians who'd love to help build the U back to it's glory days and they know that no matter how many down years we'll get, irrelevancy will never be an issue down here, the hotbed we're in in terms of recruiting is just too pertile for us not to get back to where we wanna be.


I think Highsmith is on he way to being moved to DB.

Bad Bart

ugh...still sick to my stomach over that game....


I see no point in RS Morris at this point. I know I don't get to see him at practice and see what issues he has, but let him get some playing time this year and next year. So he starts as a Junior and you have a red shirt Bridgewater behind him and then we start building depth finally


Mac, your scores are usually right on, and your takes well thought out and informed. Cannot see you not on a field somewhere.....pull my leg mate your stuff is too good. I dunno, I like to think we can beat Duke.....give J12 a blow....not to punish, to nourish and realize there is still a team....rest him. Whipple seems bright....Little High has probably more experience....start him, but get Whip Jr some reps.....cannot hurt. Maybe a week of thought and perspective....cause we got to get up on the horse again....and ride like hell now.


I never thought we would get desroyed like last night....knowing UVA program like I do....I never thought they would beat us at the OB like that either...


I DEFINITELY respect you even more now VACane!

The ability for a person to admit they may have erred is almost non- existent anymore! I'm certainly not beyond reproach and have admitted to being "on my shit" on here before. Much Love brotha!

Humility..wow! Now tell me more stories...I'm now impressed and you have my ear!

I apologize for the harsh words...I need to work on respecting my elders even more.

Hey fellas, last night was A COMBINATION OF RESPONSIBILITY between coaching and effort by our players...we witnessed both and EVERYBODY ON HERE IS RIGHT.

Except (LOL) those who say this team won't bounce back this season at all. We won't have a 4 loss season and play in a 3rd tier bowl unless Jacory goes down.


I was at the game last night, on the Canes sidelines, within 2 feet of all of them

I got a ton of great video, behind the scenes stuff

I could hear everything that was said by players and coaches in the heat of the moment or during down times of the game that pay sites like Canesport or whoever would give their first child to have so they could print it. I could see everything that people watching the game on TV at home or just paying attention to the plays on the field at the game - couldn't see. I'm not even going to get into that again, about people at home only seeing what the cameras and director are letting you see for those few seconds. Everyone knows that Randy is stoic, so why the hell are people still crying about it? You should've seen Whipple during the game, he wasn't exactly that fired up either. I saw Randy take his headset off and basically throw it after FSU TD pass rec. that happened 2 feet in front of me - the one that they went to instant replay about and then confirmed on the field

I sat in the dugout with Edge and Duane Starks and his lovely wife, I talked with them for a while about what's going on and their thoughts

I shot Whipple calling out Stoops after the game and talking with him for a while on the field

Duane broke down what he thinks is up with Jacory - here's a guy that played DB for the Ravens and won a Super Bowl ring with them

I talked with Storm Johnson and his parents after the game for a good long while

I talked with Tommy Streeter for a bit

I even talked with Christian Ponder after the game

I talked with recruits that were at the game, and came out of the Canes locker room - and let me tell you something that pisses me the f*ck off about some people ... if a kid wants to go to a certain school and really wants to go there, he'll f*cking go - and if he doesn't, then you didn't lose him b/c he was never yours anyway. I feel bad for certain kids if their coach has a stick up his ass about a certain college that he roots for and would potentially tell his kid not to go there b/c that college had a bad game. You think that Teddy Bridgewater is not going to come now? Chickillo must've called up all the other schools right after the game and told them he's not going to Miami now, right? B/c that's basically what I've read from a couple of people on here, saying that if they were a recruit, then why would they want to come play for Miami after last night? Well, that tells me what kind of person you are then. Maybe I'm just a different cat, but, if I'd go to a school that I wanted to - regardless - b/c if they did suck, then I'd want to go there and help them. I remember someone on here bringing up how much respect they had for the kids that went to the Canes during the probation years - I had respect for them as well. I'd rather have a kid that wants to come to my school to help them win, not a kid that wants to hop on a f*cking gravytrain like a f*cking bandwagon fan. I think we've seen those players before following 2003. Think about the kids that still came to the Canes after they got destroyed by Virginia at home, think about the kids that still came after going 5-7, think about the kids that still came the next year after that - Brandon Harris, Sean Spence, Mike James, Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon, etc.

I could tell you about the text messages that Teddy Bridgewater sent to Larry Blustein after the Ohio State game - I called 86 after the game and told him verabtim what Bridgewater wrote down

I was in the post-game conference for the Canes and the first question that was asked about the whole "travesty" was by a guy that Sebastian57 and others from the 813/727 probably know b/c I filled in for him on his show on ESPN 1040 when he asked me to (he's a Cane alum) - and any other coach out there, Saban, Spurrier, Urbie Myth, etc. would say the EXACT same thing that Randy said, not calling it a "travesty" .... believe me. I've gotten into a lot of arguments with that guy about the Canes - example, after the busted play in the Clemson game for their first TD, he starts yelling that he never liked Lovetti's defense and how much they suck - but then, they get 6 turnovers that game and afterward he's praising them, saying how much he likes them. I was talking with him yesterday on the field, and he kept bringing up what a travesty this game was ..... you can say it only so many times before it just gets old. Ya, it was an ass kicking, thanks for the obvious. But to constantly just harp it on over and over and over while it's happening, did I say that it gets old?

And how exactly do you expect players to act immediately after a game like that? Of course they're going to be down and it's going to show in their interviews. People want to say that the players are sorry and have no heart or whatever b/c of the way they act in their interview immediately after the game? How the hell many times have you seen a Lt. Winslow type rant from any college player? That was a once in a long time type tirade. They just got their ass beaten down and basically the life sucked out of them, at home. They were all pissed and dejected on the field as soon as it was over - I have it on tape. I thought that Olivier Vernon, Seantrel and Orlando Franklin were going to murder someone. I've seen players like Derek Jeter, Derrick Brooks, Martin St.Louis, Evan Longoria the exact same way in their interviews after a crushing loss - they looked lifeless

It's over with. 10-2 is what a lot of people thought. 11-1 was a pipe dream. 12-0 was the ultimate wet dream for this year.

And just like others have said on here, you can put a stop to any head coach that you'd love to have at Miami, b/c it's unrealistic

I'm a huge Boss Man Shannon guy, but I also said that it's a 5 year plan and if it doesn't happen by that time - then some serious thinking needs to take place by the powers that be to possibly find another solution

I will attest to the thinking as well that Jacory just isn't who we thought he was ... but there's someone on the way to rip his job from him. Trust me

One last thing, as I was walking to the elevator last night, Herbie came walking out. I didn't realize how tall he was. I said to him "Herbie, how's it going?" .. he said "pretty good, how about yourself" .. I said, "I've been better. I drove 4 hours and sat through the worst traffic in my life to watch my team get their teeth kicked in and then their ass stomped on" .. he laughed, said "ya, I'm sure you've been better. Keep your head up though, this team needed this wake up call"

Herbie still a fan. Funny.




" So many of coach Randy Shannon's legion of detractors will have their strident voice back, ready to consign a season now at 3-2 to the disappointment bin even though the schedule turns significantly easier now. " Greg Cote

One has to give Cote kudo's for his arrogant sarcasm.

Because Coach Shannon and his Hurricane staff, as well as the upper-class Miami leadership, will have their most difficult task at hand, the next several days. Bloody DISSENSION anyone- IF it hasn't set in already.

And that task, is healing Miami's FRACTURED psychological, as well as emotional state of mind!

And, VA Tech, Carolina and Georgia Tech will not be easy games for Team Shannon. Especially with an injured Harris under center.

For instance, both Beamer Ball and Butch's Heel squads have ' owned ' Miami lately. No.

And with the exception of last seasons Miami home win against the Rambling Wreck, Team Shannon hasn't done been successful against them, also.

Best case Miami scenario: 10-2. That's the eternal optimist in me.

Worst case Hurricane scenario: 8-4. I'm stealing VA Cane's wrathful thunder. LMAO


Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | October 10, 2010 at 02:27 PM

Couldn't agree more

Posted by: Six | October 10, 2010 at 03:02 PM

Preach brother, preach


Six that is good shat but can Shannon take this team to the next level? I am a fan of Shannon's and I back and support the team like they were all my children but damn enough is enough. They did not show up at all. WE were out coached out played and just punked the entire fuc---en game! Man all I want from my squad is to show up and play like hell. Too often we do not show up under Shannon.


Duane broke down what he thinks is up with Jacory - here's a guy that played DB for the Ravens and won a Super Bowl ring with them. SIX


Don't just keep Us in bloody suspense. LMAO



I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

I don't think you challenged my manhood at all. I'm not angry, or mad, or upset with anybody here. For what? I don't come here hurling insults, or shooting down other people's comments/opinions, and in return, don't have it done to me.
What's there for me to feel emasculated about?
I thanked you for seeing me out. Meaning I was appreciative that you took the time to try and understand what I was saying, INSTEAD of just shooting my theory down, or simply casting me off as some jilted, overly bitter, post-game loser fan.

Bottom line.......I don't get bent outta shape when someone disagrees with me. I'll try and explain myself until I'm blue in the face, but you can go through all the Canespace archives.

I don't win off that.


VAcane speaking of naked the police arrested a fan last night and carried him out butt ass naked. I will say this FSU brought some fine ass women to Sun Life last night!


Hurri, thats why I asked what you meant by me "seeing you out"...i assumed that you were implying that I was "calling you out"...my fault...I apologize for assuming.

Really Six, I know you have relationships to protect, but please give us a little more bro!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all looking for a positive fix after that game last night. I need a silver lining...please...I'm a Canes junkie..lol!

Can you PLEASE paraphrase or give us a little gist of what Bridgewater said or implied??????


Hey fellas, last night was A COMBINATION OF RESPONSIBILITY between coaching and effort by our players...we witnessed both and EVERYBODY ON HERE IS RIGHT.

Except (LOL) those who say this team won't bounce back this season at all. We won't have a 4 loss season and play in a 3rd tier bowl unless Jacory goes down.

pbcfrcane, how about in longest yard when they are talking to Goldberg about the Iguana in shower? Funny as hell....can you see the boys rolling through the smoke naked....big Bailey with a Monster Magnet!!!!LOL....hell you guys crack me up with humor....we need it today....great stuff on here!!!
Friend, you helped me see myself in the mirror....I have no problem seeing that I can be a JackAZZ when angry or cornered....I felt we all were angry and cornered last night.
We have to get ready for Duke. It is bad to lose, but look at the film, see your mistakes and lets get ready. We have a tough run of games coming up...it really does not get easier. You have to spate out the waste and walk out on the new dawn.

Six good take my man, I hope these guys can get their pride back and Cowboy Up as the Red Sox say. Last night is done, we must learn from the mistakes....we made a bunch. It happens.


Canesteeler, was he a UM guy....he probably was like us....disappointed, upset, mad, got drunk......and did did a Mellencamp and Danced Naked....I can get mad and drunk if need be, but I do not think I would go that far....what a Hoot!!! I did see some fine ladies in FSU gear.....maybe we could give them some beads like Springer if they showed us the Teepees!!!


Out of the top 25 people. OUCH not that any of that crap matters at this point


still with the canes. but i got a lot of questions.

Sarasota 'cane

I'm glad you wrote that Six, I needed to hear that!

And Roach, UM is "broke"???????????????? I didn't realize that! I was pretty sure they just raised over 1.5 billion, but maybe I'm mistaken!

The "Big" schools are using OUR tax dollars to fund their programs and to pay for their over-priced coaches. UM is a University first, a University second, and a University third. They will never "pay" for the top coaches because they have their priorities in order, not because they are cheap.

Shannon may not be the "guy", but neither is Mike Leach (I can't believe we are even debating having that train wreck here!), Jim Levitt, or any # of other sugggestions I have heard today!

Harbaugh?? Dreaming!! It's a latteral move from Stanford, and I'm sure Stanford pays more. Gruden???????????? When pig's fly! That guy could coach 90% of the NFL teams today!
JJ?? He wouldn't do that to Randy, and I'm certain he has no desire to as well!

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I can bet we have at least two years to figure it out, like it or not.

Go 'canes!


I had the feeling last week after the road trip that we did more healing than preparing. While fsu came off of a patsy schedule and looked fresh from the start. Our guys looked like they were another team out there from what they looked like against clemson... it cant be that much of a talent climb on both lines between clemson and fsu.
Jh started the game off with a couple of long throws that were so far off the mark that it was obvious he was going to have a bad nite. He is not healthy ... it does have a big effect on practice and focus.
In my opinion we need to play the easy teams outside of conference and try to get into the top 12 in the country as a pre season record. This is not going to be a quick turnaround. But our schedule got us to FSU unprepared because of the brutal games so we were not practicing to focus on tackling and getting better at swarming around the ball. It looked like everyone was on a different page last nite.
We also got to get better coaching on ST. Its not helping us with the tough schedule.. its making it more brutal.



We're all on the same side.


"Now the thing we don't know is maybe QB didn't want to come here because they knew Harris was the starter."

Gee I wonder if that was the reason Marve Cook Taylor and Cannon left.

Name 1 school in 120 that have FOUR backups transfer within a season of each other.

Jacory is the golden boy and he is gonna remain the starter until he graduates or takes a medical redshirt, which is right around the corner for his senior year if Bridgewater is any good at all.

Jacory has a great heart and is doing the best he can.
He is tall and thin and gets dinged up but he tries his best.
He CAN NOT make all the throws when he is dinged up no matter what the parrots on TV try and tell you.
Completely healed and no pass rush he certainly does throw a beautiful deep ball.

He isn't a real good college quarterback. He is one of the least motivating game time quarterbacks I ever remember playing here.

Sit him out for Duke let him rest.

On the other subject
Whipple won't be here next year one way or another in my estimation, I think Randy and Whip have had enough of each other.

Posted by: solarcane | October 10, 2010 at 01:55 PM
Play Whipple and Morris for the Duke game...I would like to see more of Storm Johnson...


FSU plays the all girls school of the blind ... where are they in the polls now? We go to the number 2 team in the countries home ... our d is forced to defend their own goal line from most of the game... and the st gives up half the field for most of the season... that 40 yrds places a lot more pressure on our defense... i would be pizzzed to.


Best post of the day! By Solar

Butch Davis, with all his distractions and heat for his job gets 3ed string true freshmen to step in for All Americans and has them play their azz off, even the ones that seem like they don't particular like him.
He somehow gets his very average quarteback to play like every game depends on him.

Spurrier, Harbaugh, O'Brien, Bielema, Kelly?

Life vs FSU is going to be hell with Fisher there and our current coaches here, what you saw wasn't a fluke.
More and more Dade kids are going to want to play for a coach and a program that is a real contender.

As realistic as winning the ACC is this year, we are finding ways to complicate it.
The better teams in the ACC are on their way back up in the rankings.

Posted by: solarcane | October 10, 2010 at 10:19 AM




Not only are we banged up... but FSU s o line is all juniors and seniors that played in lot more games as our d line.
The same thing with OSU.


Zak / Huri:

Maybe "coy" is the word you were looking for. I listen to Richt deal with the media here in Atlanta (Johnson for GT as well). They're both upfront, they don't relish the interaction, but they're upfront with the media, treat them with respect, play the game.

You're right - Shannon can deal with the media any way he wants to. But you reap what you sow....


Next yr it could be much better for us against fsu... our interior line should be better than this yrs.


Some good posts about expectations....going 2-2 through the recent gauntlet isn't that bad I suppose.

It's not that we lost last night...its HOW we lost that's so galling.

And the fact that it seems to be a pattern. That's troubling.


Breaking NEWS!!!!!!!!
According to a few folks and the know, Coach Jon Cruden reached out to the university to let them know that he is interested should the head coaching job becomes available. The university has had talked with Gruden as late as August of last year about possibly replacing Randy Shannon who surprisingly led the canes to a 9 win season last year. Shannon is liked by the university because he graduates his players, however the school also understand that it needs to win and win big.
I am not saying that this will definitely happen, all I am saying that there has been an overture. Let's see where it goes


I think Randy did not have much of a choice last week... he could have been tough on the team but they were banged up... for whatever reason they did not have their legs..

The guys were out of position because the d line was not controlling the line of scrimmage. I think college ball is more like pro football... look at what SC did to Satan? They pulled away by controlling bamas interior on both sides of the ball,. We need to schedule the powder puffs...everyone else is doing it.


pbr (or whomever): agree, Shannon isn't going anywhere.

Cristobal's name did pop into my head earlier today though. Perhaps a hot coordinator from a big name program that's ready to take the next step.

Look at what Winningham has done at Utah. Is he a Mormon? Perhaps South Beach not a good fit.....

orange 'n green in the vein

So, this, is what mutiny looks like.


Commentary: FSU strong with Jimbo Fisher, but Miami Hurricanes' Randy Shannon should worry...

After the loss, Shannon said, "I'm not going to blame the kids ... we weren't ready."

Grading Hurricanes vs. Florida State: Defense gets a ā€˜Gā€™

Updated: 12:59 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010



Posted by: JGC | October 10, 2010 at 05:15 PM

:rolls eyes:


Miami- I saw something somewhere where they correlated the success of a team with the # of starts that the o-linemen had.

KC Chiefs a few years ago in the NFL, when they were running with a lot of success, WVa when they had Tricket coaching the O-line, FSU....

Again, we all knew the O-line was our achilles heel this year, and its playing out. Like the MLB spot, we just haven't been up to par recruiting / filling both those needs.

Shouldn't be surprises to anyone what's happening at those positions. Hell, someone had to know Sharpton was graduating!

I guess injuries can be the wildcard in those scenarios....


OSU played Indiana ... a basketball school.. their division is full of mediocre teams...
FU has two losses.. but they dont have the speed like the past.. FSU is going to beat FU this yr.
Boise does not play fast teams like florida players.
Bama gets beat by a very average SC team.. with a senior qb and probably a senior o line.
We get stomped by FSU .. cause they matched our speed and are coached better than bubba coached.
Randy still needs to grow as our coach. He needs to get tough on the team and play the guys who are swarming in practice if the other guys are banged up. He needs to keep that tempo even if its the younger guys.. give the qbs a chance in practice if JH is hurt.



He might be playing coy, but you, me, and anyone else with a working eyeball can see many of the things that #12 ain't the guy he was, pre-UNC. And the fact that most of us can see that, just makes him come off as uninformed. Not saying that IS the case at all. Also, I know Shannon doesn't OWE the media anything, and he can tell him the sky is pink if he chooses.

But how good does it look in the eyes of a potential recruit, or even more importantly, that potential recruits parents?

Caniak aka true cane

I want Shannon gone!!!!!!!



Yup. Preaching to the choir my friend.


Roach and Six, good insiightful posting

kehoe had the best supplements

Let's see....Been saying for years that:

Shannon is TURRIBLE (check)

Harris is frail, has a weak arm and stinks (check)

The coaching staff is a joke (check)

The LB's stink (check)

Shannon was a last choice coach (check)

The program is badly eroded (check)

Been saying for years that you haven't seen the bottom yet and IM RIGHT !

Nevin is right around the corner and even if only a quarter of what he says is true...the U is in a WORLD OF HURT.

And while this might feel like the bottom, it ISN'T


I want Shannon gone!!!!!!!

Posted by: Caniak aka true cane | October 10, 2010 at 05:31

Ive read that plenty of times from you

Is that all you have?

Speaking for myself here, im getting sick and tired of hearing all the fire everyone on the staff crap

I hardly ever speak up about things like this so sorry for doing it now

Its just this sheyat with firing RS and staff everytime the `Canes lose is B.S.


Good to be home.

10-2 is still there for Miami.

No more losing allowed in 2010.



Thank you for putting that post up

It was what ive been thinking but could never put into words like you did

Very very well said

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