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October 05, 2010


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

We were discussing how much better our stats would be if we played anyone else's schedule but ours.

I made a list of the teams every team we have beaten has wins over

Here are the powerhouses our past opponents have beaten.

New Hampshire
Delaware State
North Texas

Yea, that's what I was thinking too

Posted by: solarcane | October 05, 2010 at 08:20 PM

If Miller wore a no hit jersey at practice today, does that mean we will see Storm get a couple carries Saturday?

Posted by: solarcane | October 05, 2010 at 08:27 PM


Solar, I watched FSU play Wake and they don't look as sharp as they did last year and not nearly as fast and intense on defense as they looked in 2008 when they played Wake. Wake gave up 48 to Duke and 68 to Stanford but FSU could only manage 31, and that last TD came on a low-class move by Dumbo by passing with less than a minute in the game.

Wake looked like D-II school. Seriously. They're running a literal option, and they have NO speed.

It's not the same team. I'm about to watch the VA game.


Time for some great leadership!!!
Posted by: Montreal-Cane | October 05, 2010 at 09:45 PM

You are right monte
When they asked Brandon Harris why the defense is playing so well this year he said it's leadership.



thanks for that.
I haven't seen FSU play a down, not even on ESPN hi lites.

I think our D will be ready for Ponder if he starts that roll out and run stuff.
I think Spence will have another big game.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, I expect Storm to get some touches and he damn sure better make the most of it with all the bytching and moaning he was supposedly doing about maybe having to RS.

And on leadership, it's because they have multiple leaders out there. I don't think the offense has multiple leaders yet. They have maybe two or three.


DTX - ya, I have family in Flower Mound, Irving, Frisco .. and I also have a lot family where Charles Hardin Holley (Buddy Holly) was born and all the little towns around that. The type of towns to where even if they have only 1 stop light within the entire city limits, they'll still have a Dairy Queen no matter what (or a cafe that is in a old Dairy Queen building) and a real mexican restaurant

I was thinking of also hitting up the sports departments of the Universities around there as well such as SMU or TCU .. maybe even Dallas Baptist - as well as the television stations out there

Can't move though until a job is in place, but if that happens, I'm out of here


CGNC - yes, yes, I am looking to relocate ... don't cry for me Argentinaaaaaaa


lol every year we win one game and I see NC post....I hope the team takes one game at a time..


I think Spence will have another big game.

Posted by: solarcane | October 05, 2010 at 10:04 PM



If Ponder does that option deal where he rolls down the line then pitches it right at the running backs feet Spence will be ACC player of the week lol!


watching the FSU Virginia replay on espn3
Ponder is running more than he used to.


Captain O...here goes the short version on the Canes offense from Whipple, to J12 to the WRs. I'll do it quick cuz I'm outta time, effort and energy right about now.

First of all I'll state the obvious (but it IS important): watching from the WAY upper deck U see a LOT of things U don't see on TV. Here are some of my observations:

1. WRs: There were several times during the game where the WRs were certainly to blame for some of the incompletions. I'll give U two examples.

One the first play we saw 2 WRs in the same area running what appeared to be the same exact pattern deep down the left side of the field. They were over 30 yards from the LOS but only about 3 yards apart from each other and made the same break in the same direction. Now if they were 10-15 yards apart I could understand that but they were not and they brought BOTH defenders into the play. No way that was the plan.

On the second play there was what appeared to be a rub route (pick play) where the 2 WRs ran a short crossing route on the right side of the field about 15 yards downfield. On was supposed to run over and the other under the crossing point to "rub" one of the defensers off of the other WR. Instead they basically ran into each other and Jacory threw the ball on time but the WRs were still getting untangled and the ball fell INC. It looked like an awful throw by J12 but it was entirely the WRs fault.

1. J12: Is very inconsistent to say the least. Every time he drops back to throw everyone collectively holds their breath in the stands. On the TD passes he was absolutlely brilliant: on target, on time, good reads and good technique. But I can tell you that when he clearly throws some passes COMPLETELY up for grabs and/or into double coverage (and he does) people just look at each other like WTF was that and how can that even be the same guy? The one deep INT he threw was an INT from the time it left his hand to the time it came down 5 seconds later in the Clemson defender's mitts.

3. Whipple: Is a good coach who knows more about football than I will ever learn but the consensus among fans at the game is that he tries to get too cute too often and often ends up out-thinking or out-smarting himself. When Miami had the ball at the five yard line just BEFORE J12 threw the INT in the end zone, 99% of the fans in the stands were yelling OUT LOUD to RUN THE BALL! Now if Miami is going to be an "elite" team again they have to be able to punch it in from the five on the ground. At the very least settle for a Bosher FG and go play defense.

Often times Whipples play calling is described as disjointed, confusing or even bizarre. Now I am told be reliable sources that he has ONLY been setting something up for FSU and the games beyond like GT and VT but I'll believe it when I see it. And I hope to see it vs FSU!


Why sports talk radio show hosts should do their research before doing an interview:

Leonard Hankerson was a guest on the Michael Irvin show today and Kevin Kiley asked Hankie a question at the end of the interview

Kevin Kiley: "Might you be thinking about the NFL at the end of this season .. or .. are you thinking maybe you come back for your Senior year ... and don't give me the old, uh, I'm not thinking about it right now type of a thing .. cause I know you're thinking about it"

Hankie: "I'm .. I'm a Senior"



Looks like no Miller for FSU. In steps Coop. Ride or die with Berry and James. Sprinkle in some coop and we will be fine.

Sarasota 'cane


Parlays are hard to pick with the point spread, and 5-6 team parlays are almost impossible! It's like trying to win the lotto! The odds increase with each team you add, but you'll be surprised how many you miss, even if you think you have a lock! That's why they call it gambling. You may pick the "winner", but the spread will kill you more often than not.

I used to play football cards in Colorado where all you had to do was pick three or more winners from selected college and pro games. If you picked three, you had to nail three, same with four, five and six!

I would recommend placing bets on individual games, and no more than three teams on a parlay. Let us know how it turns out!

P.S. I think Caesar's has the best sportsbook room in Vegas, but that might have changed.


Go 'canes!


Miller has YET to play at full speed.

Not due to injury just due to being tentative and thinking too much instead of just running.

He is WAY faster than he has looked so far because he is not playing up to speed.


watching the FSU Virginia replay on espn3
Ponder is running more than he used to.

Posted by: solarcane | October 05, 2010 at 10:22 PM


Good think RS has them preparing for that!



Like I said RaizeCane...4 PM.

Bring your Captain and Coke.

Canezilla is a stone cold drunkard! LOL

Posted by: SOUP | October 05, 2010 at 07:29 PM

Can't make the game.....heading over to the Hard Rock in Tampa for a bachelor party I can't get out of. But they have screens everywhere so will be watching.


Florida State Seminoles vs Virginia Cavaliers Highlights oct. 2nd 2010




the spread is currently -6.
my degenerate friend - who gambles for a living -- especially on college ball --- thinks anything less than -10.5 is a LOCK for the Canes...


I've tried to explain that it's VERY rare the CANES cover @ home...

(Look it up --- we sux @ home against the spread)

He aint listen...
CANES by a TD and a half....

A win and we goto Duke up 10

A win w/o injuries is all I care about!
(But bring it down to 5 vs FSU and we're done!!!)



now known as usagainstheworld&thereferees

see why im concerned about them being flat?

> Shannon told WQAM's Joe Rose on Monday he went "ballistic" on the team for being lazy during Sunday's practice. Apparently, he wasn't the only one. Defensive lineman Allen Bailey said he did too. "Yesterday I kind of went ballistic in practice too," Bailey said. "Guys got a little complacent and I was upset about it. They understand last year was the same situation against Virginia Tech and we screwed around and didn’t take it as much serious as we did. I got on a couple guys."

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/10/continuity-big-reason-for-ums-defensive-success.html#ixzz11ZBvVzpm


SS- Benjamin drops

"If the ball is coming to me, I got to either knock the ball down or come down with the ball," Benjamin said. "I got to help my quarterback out in any situation



Of getting passes repeatedly thrown to him, Hankerson noted, “When it happens like that, I just feel like I’m in that zone. I wouldn’t say give me the ball. We’ve got other players that can make plays. But it feels good making plays for the team.”
As for the quarterback throwing Hankerson the ball, Shannon was asked by a reporter during his weekly press conference about the status of Harris’ injured shoulder. “You’ll find out Saturday,” Shannon snapped in response to the question.



^^^^^^I like THAT Randy^^^^^^^^^^^

the "U" is America's team

FSU can't hang with us....smash them Canes. Play like a bunch of crazy men on saturday night. Hell play like CHAMPIONS today......



The Joel Figueroa experiment at right tackle has apparently ended. Figueroa played guard last week, but didn't start. The starters at Clemson: Orlando Franklin at left tackle, Harland Gunn at left guard, Tyler Horn at center, Brandon Washington at right guard and Seantrel Henderson at right tackle.

``I said at the beginning of the season we've got to build and I said we're going to play our best five,'' Shannon said. ``We played our best five. Fig moved inside and we have some depth now.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/06/1859439/no-contact-in-practice-for-injured.html#ixzz11ZQ3ST1F


The new-and-improved Miami defense is playing a lot like the swarming Miami defenses of old -- fast, furious and intimidating -- by forcing fumbles and recovering them, by tipping balls and intercepting them. In the past five quarters, UM has forced nine turnovers. In 54 quarters played during the 2009 season, the Canes had 21

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/05/1859295/pursuit-of-turnovers-driving-canes.html#ixzz11ZQlvotd


PBP- Coop

After sitting out three games, Graig Cooper is expected to be back on the field when UM plays Florida State on Saturday.


2008 recruits

It's safe to say that the Hurricanes wouldn't be 3-1 today and working their way back towards the national elite without the '08 group. It includes high-impact players like Jacory Harris, Travis Benjamin and LaRon Byrd on offense and Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, Brandon Harris and Vaughn Telemaque on defense.


Hennys progress

The 6-foot-8, 355-pound Henderson was beaten on one play in which Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers caused quarterback Jacory Harris to fumble. The ball was recovered by Harris, but resulted in a 7-yard loss.

"He still has some things he needs to fix, but we're pleased," Shannon said. "He played about 45 snaps and was knocking people off the ball, getting into his passing sets right. Anytime a young guy plays like that, you're more excited about him."



ESPN- Heather Dahlin'

With two teams ranked in the Associated Press Top 25, No. 23 Florida State and No. 13 Miami are once again the teams to beat in their respective divisions.



Native...as always, thank U!

Fort Pierce, here I come!


28-20 Canes over FreeShoesUniversity


No way will the `Canes come out flat against a rival

If my memory is correct, havent we lost the last 2 times at home to FSU?

There is no way in heck that Randy is going to allow this team to not be 100% focused for this game. There is way to much at stake


Canezilla is a stone cold drunkard! LOL

Posted by: SOUP |



Game 1....Cliff Lee(12-9 3.18 ERA) vs David Price(19-6 2.72 ERA) Rangers vs Rays at 1:37 pm

Lets go Rays!


Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 05, 2010 at 11:08 PM

Thanks for the advice.


Thanks Six... I love idiot reporters.

Weren't you saying a couple of years ago that we were running all those bubble screens and qb draws to set up or opponents the following year?

Well we're getting better, at least we're setting up opponents in THIS season.


Off topic, but Randy Moss traded to Vikings - http://sports.espn.go.com/boston/nfl/news/story?id=5653186

Figured I'd share the blockbuster news.



Often times Whipples play calling is described as disjointed, confusing or even bizarre. Now I am told be reliable sources that he has ONLY been setting something up for FSU and the games beyond like GT and VT but I'll believe it when I see it. And I hope to see it vs FSU!

Posted by: SOUP | October 05, 2010 at 10:41 PM

I think we saw a little bit of the setup last week. Since Whipple took over for Nix, he has been the anti-Nix, avoiding screens even when defenses were baldfaced blitzing.

We did one screen last week, and it worked. Then we did that quick line-of scrimmage slant, too. Both were practice for the short pass against a team that will be watching for the deep pass. I never want to see the bubble screen again, but a rb screen with Berry will do great.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

As we all know, Miami is clearly more talented than FSU, and arguably the most talented team in the ACC, but its going to come down to J12. If he can be consistent, and limit the INT's to 1 per game, then Miami will be ok this weekend. His inconsistency is the only thing that scares me. The offense has got to bury teams when they have the chance. Pitt and Clemson should have been over at halftime. If the Canes have FSU on the ropes, go for the knockout and not let them hang around and build confidence. With all that being said, im going Canes 31 FSU 17....GO CANES!!!


I put it in for a 3 game parlay.

Neb. -10
Kansas St.

I picked Nebraka but don't anyone tell macjones! I'm serious, don't tell him.

UNC -4

I went with Clemson. Think they'll bounce back against a regional rival. No way they have 6 TOs two weeks in a row.

UF -9

LSU has no offense and I think fla. will bounce back at home.

Thought about taking USC @ Stanford-7 and going with USC. Not sure they'll win but think it'll be a close one.
Also considered Alabama-10 @ S. Carolina, taking SC. Think it'll be a close game but don't feel comfortable betting against Bama.


Bama losing to Spurrier would be a funny twist. If the Arkansas game Alabama shows up, he could do it, too. But yeah, they are on a high and will start beating down the rest of their schedule.

LSU is a paper tiger, Florida is going to beat them down. Unfortunately, that will give them a bunch of votes and drag them back into the Top 10.

Stanford? At home against a falling Kiffenized USC? Oh yeah, Stanford all the way.

I disgree with your UNC-Clemson pick. UNC is getting players back, Clemson is on the road, after being beaten at home, while UNC was comfortably winning at home to get back to .500, UNC is gonna take that one, IMO.

But then, I never bet for money, so don't take my opinion too strongly...


FS competition to this point is not on the same level as the competition the Canes have played. Their stats on defense looks good, but it must be put in prospective.

We have played 2 teams that are as good or better than FSU and feared pretty well in both of those games. FSU has played one decent team and got lit up on BOTH sides of the ball. Also consider that Ponder isnt putting up the stats like he did last year.

Like i said before, the surprise of the canes team thus far, to me, is the o-line. I wasnt expecting them to hold up this well through the first 4 games and with the addition of SH and BL to the lines, the line just got bigger, more talented and more athletic. If they stay healthy, they will be playing at a high level going into the last quarter of the season.

This is going to be the best o-line FS has played against since their Okla game and the best d-line and secondary they have face all year.

If this team continues to play at this level and J-12 gets better in his decision making, the Canes are going to score 30+ pts and hold FS under 20.

FS defense was one of the worst in the ACC and unlike pro football where you can bring in top free agents to improve your team year to year, FS still has the same set of scrubs they had last year on defense plus a few freshmen. The scheme may be different, but you put lipstick on Cokerite talent you still have Cokerite talent.

Its a rivalry game and i expect emotions to be high for the first qt, but from the 2nd qt on, the Canes, if they play at their current level and execute, should pull away.

35-27 Canes (FS will score a meaningless TD at the end of the game on the 2nd team defense)


Bama losing to Spurrier would be a funny twist. If the Arkansas game Alabama shows up, he could do it, too. But yeah, they are on a high and will start beating down the rest of their schedule.

Posted by: Ungar | October 06, 2010 at 11:59 AM
Ungar, i believe that Bama and Ohio State are going to loose 1 game this season.

Bama is starting a bunch of inexperienced players in their secondary and to this point Arkansas is the only team that tested that unit and almost pulled out a win. Mallet threw for almost 400 yards in that game.

Spurrier my be trying to run the ball more, but passing is in his DNA. He has to be licking his chops so dont be surprised if Spurrier attacks their secondary.

Plus Bama's qb position to me, is the weak link on that team. McElroy is an average QB whose job it is to just hand the ball off to Ingraham and Richardson. If a team gets a lead on Bama going into the 4th qt and McElroy has to throw it, Bama nation holds their breath!

Ohio State almost got beat by an average Illinois last week. They have a couple more solid teams (Iowa, Michgan, and Wisconsin) left on their schedules so if one of the top 2 teams were to loose, i would put my money on Ohio State. Seems like every year they find a way to loose late in the season!




JMO of course but McElroy is a winning QB. The 1st play of the game last week when he double clutched because of the blitzing end, it showed he has a poise back there. His arm might not be the greatest and he isn't the best athlete but all he does is win. From high school onto Bama.


The Pats are now going to have 2 picks in each of the first 4 rounds of this upcoming draft?

Unreal. Hate them as much as you want .. bring up all that spy-gate garbage b/c they are AFC East bitter hated rivals (they still went out on a mission after the spygate flap infested the news and went 18-0 before losing by 3 in the Super Bowl to a Giants team that won their 11th road game - that included that ridiculous scramble by Eli Manning, an even more ridiculous catch by David Tyree & an insane effort by the Giants DLine) ..... but I still love how the Pats are straight up businessmen, they make the right moves at the right times & they know how to best utilize who they have

If you say they don't, you're either completely bias or you're not paying attention to them


If bama has to come back by more than one score, you are right, it isn't in his or their DNA.


I've always given the Pats credit. Hate them but give them credit.


With all that being said, im going Canes 31 FSU 17....GO CANES!!!

Posted by: Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad | October 06, 2010 at 11:10 AM

So I take it that:



Posted by: CGNC | October 06, 2010 at 12:58 PM
I can envision their sad little faces, nyuk,nyuk,nyuk.



See ya!

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Oh yea Soup..We Got This!!!!!! Have the cheerleaders ready for me, I need to take some new pics..LOL


U know what I really hate about the Patriots? They'll beat you with your former players.

Rob Ninkovic had two picks the other night and he was a Dolphin.
Sammy Morris sprang the key block on the kick off return for a TD. He was a Dolphin.
A few years back Miami cut Heath Evans and a couple of weeks later he gained over 100 yards as the Pats beat the Dolphins.
It goes all the way back to after they won their 1st SB and that picture came out with all those former Dolphins (TBuck,Izzo, Huard) holding up their middle fingers with a SB ring on it ( I though it was just good natured messing around by former colleagues/friends, nothing to take offense to).

(And Wes Welker doesn't count because he was a restricted free agent and we managed to get an additional 2nd round pick from them thru a trade. Also no way is he the same Wes Welker if he is in our offense as he is now with the Pats offense. I'll criticize the Dolphins but not on that move.)

It is the epitome of the Bum Phillips quote about Don Shula, "he'll take his'n an beat yours. An he'll take yours an beat his'n". Bill Belicheak LITERRALY takes your players and beats you with them.

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