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October 05, 2010



... and about Ted Ginn.

I was thank full we did NOT draft Kyle Brady. (Wanted ILB Patrick Willis)

Then I was sad when we traded him AFTER we got Brandon Marshall. He needed a #1 receiver like that to open the field up for him. But what do I know, I'm not a coach.


...Miami has to play well to win.
Posted by: SOUP | October 06, 2010 at 06:43 PM

It's -7



DZ8 - I have torn the Bucs a new one more than a few times over the years b/c of their drafts, but I still love them .... except those players they drafted that I have no idea why

Michael Clayton. Gaines Adams. Carnell Williams. Sabby Piscitelli. These are just a few.

Clayton - Steven Jackson was there waiting and when the Bucs had a backfield of Mike Alstott, an old and used Charlie Garner with knee surgeries, a Michael Pittman who you didn't know what you were going to get except Roid rages and domestic abuse, and Earnest Graham

Williams - there's a reason Ronnie Brown was taken 3 spots before him .. and the Bucs finally draft a RB, after passing on Jackson and Peterson? DeMarcus Ware, Shawne Merriman, Aaron Rodgers, Antrel Rolle would've looked nice in a Bucs uni

Adams - Adrian Peterson was there waiting and Carnell Williams was coming off a bad year, an injury year

Piscitelli - everyone and anyone was there waiting, including the janitorial staff working the NFL Draft


solar - those pics are sweet, the hooked up kayak looks nice

But ya, did you just use a minnow net to catch that fish or what? ha

They use that for bait out here in the Gulf

Old Skool


Believe me I'm ready. Next week I hope to start making plans.

Great comment by Ferman: "We have to play well to win" ...Hmm I would imagine that would cover almost every sport or game ever invented even chess and parcheesi.

How do you top that? Whoever makes the fewest mistakes will win?


Old Skool - whoever scores the most points, will probably win

Ya? That's right, that right there is a balls hanging out type of prediction


Herbie on Joe Rose Show

"I've been saying, for like 10 games, Jacory Harris is going to stop throwing it into coverage .... now I'm to the point to where I'm not saying that anymore. He's going to throw it into coverage .. and that's, that's what he does."

"I'm now to the point, when I'm watching these games, I'm getting razzed by the ESPN guys on the bus when we're watching Miami .. and .. Ya, just keep sayin' it, he's not gonna, he's not gonna .. and now I'm to the point where I'm done apologizing for Jacory .. he's not going to not do this .. he is going to do this, every Saturday .. if you're a Miami fan, just know going in, he's going to throw the ball into coverage and let's just hope for Miami's sake that Leonard Hankerson and the group of receivers that they have will be able to adjust back to the ball, find it and make a play .. otherwise, he's going to throw 2 or 3 interceptions every single game"



I'm sure you guys/girls have seen this story .. if not, it's pretty interesting - including the whole "play at half speed" possibility

How exactly do you do that unless you physically tape the players arms behind them, or tape their legs together like in a 3 legged picnic race



I here ya man,
Consider I'm sitting in a kayak cockpit that's 30"x45" so I gotta an excuse to hold that fine Smallmouth next to the camera...
that's my story!

Six, thanks brudda!

yea I have been fishing in the big water quite a bit also.
I like both.

Bass fishing with 6 pound line and artificial bait using a kayak to move around is maybe a million times times more difficult than sitting in a 35 ft Robalo drinking beer while the boat tows dead fish into water containing 100,000 fish per acre.

Actually to be more truthful, it's the 6 hour drive to the ocean has put a damper on my saltwater adventures lol!

Now that Gulf fishing the flats for Redfish, that IS the ticket I agree with you there.

I was wearing my Paddle Faster shirt down at the Texas Roadhouse just the other day!


"I think I recognize that fat bastard!"

that's what she said

Sarasota 'cane



Miami-FSU Rivalry...





Wassup Legion?? Down here in the 305 attending to some rough family business, and things are moving forward.

But by game time we'll be MORE than ready to be at Joe Robbie to watch The U take on Free Shoes University!

Glad this game is at night! You would think that GameDay would be at our show; Chris Fowler was on WQAM earlier today and said, "just win some more Canes and we'll be there..."

OK whatever there ESPN, WE KNOW what the REAL game to watch on Saturday!



Angry...glad to see U checking in. Hope U are holding up well?

Canechic posted about the family issue, sorry for your loss.


Skool/Six...Ferman was responding to a question I posed: "Is this a slam dunk for Miami?"

He said: "No it is NOT. They will have to play well to win."

That's how it went down. In the context of the conversation his response makes more sense.

Wanna know what Manny just told me?


Thanks SOUP... Yeah I've been playing the roll as CaneChic's rock, since her family is leaning on her; which I'm glad to do...

All the plans are set so now we've just been decompressing a little; had a chance to go on Campus to visit Nicole. It was a GORGEOUS day in Coral Gables today... I really don't know how those kids & football players focus all week!

Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday.



I'm glad to see you posting.
You have a wonderful family there.
They are counting on you.


What's the record for having no hitters thrown against you anyway?


Greg Reid for FSU is a baller!!!



Solar...was it a go or a no?


I see Butch Davis has his team preaching "It's us ahgainst the World"
and the fans reacting with "Everybody hates on UNC"

I wonder where he got the idea?


no answer to my message yet

once a Seminole always a Seminole I reckon soup.


It's OK, U gave it your best shot, we can run The Short List instead tomorrow. OGV included a nice breakdown of the UM-FSU series and the game.


apology to native if he posted this one already.
I didn't get to read the AM posts.

Florida State CB Greg Reid says he has been bored lately and is ready for Miami to test him deep

Confidence has never been an issue for Florida State CB Greg Reid. And, well, he’s especially confident entering the Seminoles’ game on Saturday at Miami.

Florida State CB Greg Reid says he's ready to be tested by the Hurricanes' vertical passing game. One of Miami’s greatest strengths is its receiving corps, led by Leonard Hankerson and Travis Benjamin, but Reid said on Wednesday that he’s “not afraid” of the Hurricanes’ talented receiving tandem. Reid said he hopes Miami QB Jacory Harris throws the deep ball and tests the Seminoles’ secondary.

In fact, Reid said he has been “bored” lately and is ready for a test.

“I think I’m ready for the deep ball, I think I’m ready for all the deep routes – me and [Florida State CB Xavier Rhodes],” Reid said. “You get kind of bored out there, you get kind of tired breaking on short stuff. And sometimes you want deep balls and that’s what we’re waiting on.”

Hankerson is second in the Atlantic Coast Conference with 388 yards receiving but Reid he’s “not really” concerned with Hankerson or Benjamin, who’s also a skilled return man.

“I’m not really worried about them guys,” Reid said. “I’m just worried about scoreboard. I’m not focused on a certain receiver … I don’t believe nobody got the heart like I got for football and I’m not afraid.”

Reid said he hopes Harris tests him.

“Just try me,” Reid said. “Not too many people after the first couple of plays try me and that’s when I’m going to prove my point … hopefully I’ll make a big play. I mean, like I say, I’ve been wanting people to try me and I kind of want to prove to the d-line, that the secondary … without the pressure and everything, and without the sacks, we’ll help the team.

“That’s what I really want to get them to understand.”

If this kind of thing sounds familiar it’s because it is. Kind of. Reid spoke with similar confidence before the Seminoles’ game at Oklahoma. The Sooners then did what they wanted in the passing game against the Seminoles.

“After a bad game at Oklahoma and after a decent game [for] a couple of weeks, I’ve built up confidence, you know what I mean,” said Reid, who had two interceptions last weekend in the Seminoles’ victory at Virginia. “I feel like my confidence level is way up now and I feel like I’m ready to play.”


My take on Reid’s comments: Certainly, there are some who are likely to criticize Reid for being outspoken. And there are some who’d prefer Reid to let his play do his talking. I don’t think Reid meant what he said in a taunting, disrespectful manner. He’s simply confident. And isn’t this the kind of thing that makes the Florida State-Miami rivalry fun? Here’s hoping the PC police don’t come down too hard on him. Nothing wrong with showing a little bit of personality.


thanks soup
I'm sorry man.

I would give him hell when I see him but he's about 6-4 250 with a 34 inch waist.

Aces & Canes

I don't think Reid should be talking that kind of smack. Did anyone see the OU - FSU game? Reid got burnt all day long, he got burned on at least 3 td's, and he's worried about the score board, that didn't turn out so good either. I just hope J12 and company don't get baited into that. Just stick to the game plan and take care of business!!

now known as usagainstheworld&thereferees

I see Butch Davis has his team preaching "It's us ahgainst the World"
and the fans reacting with "Everybody hates on UNC"

I wonder where he got the idea?

Posted by: solarcane | October 06, 2010 at 09:38 PM

really? looking forward to playing them-- but for now-- fs-shoes!

go canes!!!


I just hope J12 and company don't get baited into that. Just stick to the game plan and take care of business!!

Posted by: Aces & Canes | October 06, 2010 at 10:11 PM

I would not be surpised if UM is game planning for Mr. Reid.

Do U think they could know what specific moves and patterns he is susceptible to and also when (what time of the game) and where (on the field) to target him?

Nah, me neither. ;-)


By the time head coach Dennis Erickson arrived in Coral Gables to take over the UM football program prior to the 1989 season, Miami football had established itself as the Team of the '80s. But the Team of the Decade faced a new challenge as the decade closed.

The departure of head coach Jimmy Johnson to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys in February had also cost the UM program the services of six assistant coaches and several support staff. Miami's switch to a one-back offense caused much off-season debate, but the Hurricanes remained in their trademark 4-3 defense and had the talent on both sides of the ball to maintain their level of excellence.

Twelve starters returned, but the loss of quarterback Steve Walsh, running back Cleveland Gary, linebacker Randy Shannon and cornerback Bubba McDowell would be felt. Nonetheless, the Hurricanes reloaded and ran off six victories to start the season. Quarterback Craig Erickson was lost for three games in the middle of the season - including a 24-10 loss at Florida State - before returning and leading the Hurricanes on an impressive stretch run.

How good was Miami's defense? The Hurricanes didn't allow a touchdown for one 10-quarter stretch during the regular season, held six opponents without a touchdown and allowed just 9.3 points per game.


A combustible offense, a rock-solid defense and the nation's best special teams - by 1991 all these traits had become synonymous with Miami football and this team represented the zenith of its era. Quarterback Gino Torretta, a group of skill players nicknamed "The Ruthless Posse", and a linebacker corps that ranks among the greatest ever assembled, led these Hurricanes.

Miami was seldom challenged. When they were, the Hurricanes passed every test. They started the season by ripping Arkansas on the road and dominating a Houston offense that had terrorized opponents for four seasons up to that game. Their first stiff challenge came against Penn State on October 12 and the Hurricanes, behind staunch defense and big plays by Horace Copeland (80-yard scoring catch) and Williams (91-yard punt return for a TD) held off the Nittany Lions.

Two challenges in November punctuated the season. First was the annual grudge match in Tallahassee against Florida State. In what became known as "Wide Right I" the Hurricanes erased a 16-7 deficit in the final period on a 45-yard field goal by Carlos Huerta and a one-yard run by Larry Jones with 3:01 left to take a 17-16 lead. FSU marched down for a potential game-winning field goal in the closing seconds, but Gerry Thomas's 34-yard attempt was wide right.


CB Anderson Has a Bright Future Says Teammates

Oct. 6, 2010

By: Christopher Stock

Latwan Anderson was a prized recruit in the 2010 class.

We talked with a number of teammates who are saying that freshman Latwan Anderson has been doing well on the scout team.


that is,
what she said.


who loves solar?

I love solar.


this one is a must see

Pop Warner Miami Hurricanes!



^^ apparently Bosher's mom had him home doing his homework


Are those guys really junior college kids??
in that clip,

or really big Pop Warner kids??

Sarasota 'cane





Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Posted by: SOUP | October 06, 2010 at 03:46 PM

lol..Ok, I GOT THIS!!!! Im coming back home to the 305, they aint losing. VAULT ME!!!

emmitt smith

Pick: Florida State 26-23

Many college football reporters picked FSU to win because of the above...

Do not allow a sack on JH and we win!!! We will have to rely more on the running game than the first 4 games...FSU has more speed than Clemson and better DBS...

>>>>>>>>>and blah blah blah..... These clowns have no clue what da fuxx they are talking about. i'd like to ask this butt clown does he even know who FSU has played this year. when they played real competition they got trucked.

Sarasota 'cane

Is someone going to tell Brent Musburger that the "overpass" going through the site of the old Orange Bowl is actually a new stadium for the Florida Marlin's? That was one of the worst gaffs by a broadcaster that I had ever seen!

The dude saw two pillars being built for the stadium and instantly made up a story about the demise of the OB, and then he made up a story on the fly about what a shame it was that an overpass was going to replace the old girl. There was no reason not to believe the idiot if you didn't know what was really being built!

The nerve! I bet he also has no idea that when the Marlin's leave town for good, "The U" will be moving into their new dig's at the site of the new overpass! Maybe we should nickname the new facility "The Overpass" in honor of Musburger!

Go 'canes!

Sarasota 'cane

One other thing Musburger talked about that night was all the great memories the OB was host to, and then he proceeded to mention Flutie, and Namath and two or three other events, with no mention of the 'canes, Dolphin's, Marino, etc.!

The guy hates UM, plain and simple! At least Herbstreit will be there to keep him in check!

P.S. Fowler can stick it as well. He said UM/FSU was ESPN's 3rd choice for gameday behind ALA/SC and Mich. St./Mich. What a joke!

Go 'canes!



That sucks...


I GOT THIS!!!! Im coming back home to the 305, they aint losing. VAULT ME!!!

Posted by: Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad | October 06, 2010 at 11:41 PM

OK, U got it!


What a difference the years make, or maybe not. I remember when I used to get up for the Canes games during the 1980's for FSU week. Mostly, it was me reading the newspaper, reading quotes, trying to dissect which time sounded better prepared. As Wednesday and Thursday rolled on, I would get easily agitated as the game neared.

Now I watch 100 hours of video, played interviews, recent games, and relive the past. Wide Right I, II, Wide Left, Shockey, even see video of my favorite play in Canes history the Michael Irvin score to bring us back from 19-3. And still, as Wednesday and Thursday roll on, I still get easily agitated as the game nears. I can't wait until kick off.



I'm saying that next Sabado's game at Clemson will be a DEFENSIVE showdown. That's all. And, I'll let college football history be my witness.

Posted by: macjones | September 25, 2010 at 05:14 PM


Bottom line is that your CANES will lose two more games this year. The Clemson game and the UNC game we lose...

Posted by: elliott | September 19, 2010 at 11:26 AM


The U - 24
O$U - 21
Berry picks up the tough yards once the rain starts, puts this team on his back, and the U is back on the national scene!

Posted by: ChicagoCane | September 11, 2010 at 03:12 PM


Six, this OSU DL isn't as good as last year's version, let alone the 2002 version. DVD will handle Sanze. McGee and Hill can do the job too.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | September 11, 2010 at 02:33 PM



SS- Defense

"As a defense, we strongly believe in the motto: if you come up with three turnovers, you're in the game; if you come up with four, you win," Harris said. "That's the mentality we take into every game. We feel that if we can constantly get turnovers and get the ball back in our offense's hands, they can really score points."



It's unlikely that injured tailback Lamar Miller will play against Florida State on Saturday. For the second consecutive practice Wednesday, Miller wore a green, non-contact jersey.


Steve- Benji

“Florida State has always been a game he’s showed up in,” Harris added. “So this is the week he has circled on his calendar. He knows that in order for us to be successful, he’s going to have to come up with those big plays this week. He’s excited and he’s still working. He just wants everybody to still believe in him.”



MH- Benjamin

In his first two seasons at the University of Miami, Travis Benjamin has built an impressive portfolio against Florida State.

The sleek and speedy receiver/return man with the long dreadlocks was a one-man show for the home crowd as a freshman against the Noles in 2008. He scored on an 18-yard reverse, caught a 51-yard touchdown on a halfback pass from Graig Cooper and rolled up 274 all purpose yards -- the most by a UM player since Edgerrin James had 310 against UCLA in 1999.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/07/1861199/its-all-about-the-benjamin.html#ixzz11fCM1pnl

After having an extra point attempt blocked and two near-blocks on punts at Clemson, UM coach Randy Shannon said special teams work has been a focal point for the 13th-ranked Hurricanes at practice this week.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/07/1861336/ums-special-teams-get-attention.html#ixzz11fCqTo4I

Ten years ago Thursday, Chris Weinke and his Florida State University teammates left the Orange Bowl overheated and heartbroken after a 49-yard, last-second field goal attempt by Matt Munyon sailed wide right, spoiling the top-ranked Seminoles' perfect record and securing a 27-24 win for the University of Miami on a sweltering day.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/07/1861197/memories-not-wide-off-mark.html#ixzz11fDBEPPe





Florida State is winning in a way that it has not been accustomed to in the past 15 years. The Seminoles (4-1, 2-0 ACC) are averaging 208.6 rushing yards per game, third-best in the ACC. FSU has not finished a season averaging more than 200 yards per game on the ground since 1995.

The renewed running game could be just the boost the 23rd-ranked Seminoles need against No. 13 Miami (3-1, 1-0) on Saturday. The team with the most rushing yards has won 17 of the past 23 games in the rivalry.


After sitting out three games, Graig Cooper is expected to be back on the field when UM plays Florida State on Saturday.

Coach Randy Shannon said Cooper was “rusty” but looked better than he has in weeks during Tuesday morning’s practice. The senior tailback has missed three consecutive games with what Shannon has described as an ankle injury.


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