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October 05, 2010



Going to the woods for a couple of days.

"Whos got this?"

Us against the worlds refs?

Cat5? Cat5?


Hey Solar, As a guy who has caught literally tens of thousands of fish, for light tackle and a kayak those are trophys.

Besides in north Georgia mountain lakes there isnt a lunker bass behind every rock.

Go Canes!!!

now known as usagainstheworld&thereferees

where's streeter and thompkins in this camp???

now known as usagainstheworld&thereferees

native-- don't think i can keep up with you! btw-- watch out for sasquatch out there in them woods!




Miami/FSU 75,000+ Primetime!!!!!! Wish it was in the OB!!

Man o Man am i going to miss the OB Saturday night.


Great work on the posts, you are easily the 2010 MVP here.

I know it takes you hours each week to comb the net for us.
that is just awesome!

Thanks for the fishing support, living in South Florida I have caught a few fish too, I love the sport.
I'm passionate about these tiny kayaks.
I can't wait to get on Lake Lanier and have a 40 pound Striper pull me across the lake.

Come on down some weekend and hit the lakes with me.


solar..one of these days..one of these days..im coming! Your so close, yet so far lol.. IJuststarted an overnight shift doing inventory control at walmart to help with these legal fees, me business etc..so im gonna be short on time..I will be working during the Miami-FSU game..sucks!! lol


sneak over into the TV section and see if the manager will turn all the TVs on the game for you, what do the customers care?


"I think I’m ready for the deep ball, I think I’m ready for all the deep routes – me and [Florida State CB Xavier Rhodes]," Reid said. "You get kind of bored out there, you get kind of tired breaking on short stuff. And sometimes you want deep balls and that’s what we’re waiting on."

Yeah, he was borsed versus Alabama when they had a 46 and 36 yard TD pass, right? He sounds like McDaniels from before the Canes knocked out four of his teeth. Afterward, he was talking about how Jacory tricked him pretending he was gonna throw to him. Sneaky stuff there by Jacory. I hope he does the same trick to Reid.


Six, this OSU DL isn't as good as last year's version, let alone the 2002 version. DVD will handle Sanze. McGee and Hill can do the job too.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | September 11, 2010 at 02:33 PM


Posted by: SOUP | October 07, 2010 at 12:33 AM

SOUP, nothing good happens after midnight. Where was the Captain wrong?

OSU DL not as good as last year? True.
Rushing totals 28 rushes for 141 yards long of 42 yards, 4.3 average, and only 2 sacks.

DVD handle Sanze? True.
Sanzenbacher, Dane 3 37 0 19

MCGee and Hill do their job? True.
13 Ryan Hill 3 tackles, 1 for a 3 yard loss.
21 Brandon McGee 2 tackles.

We lost, but not because of his vault comments. Just sayin....

PS: Captain O, you owe me one! 8-)


solar..that is what I was thinking..the tv in that section are on espn a lot..and as long as TENN is playing lol..they LOVE college football around here, so it should be easy..the hard part is finding reasons to leave the back area lol



this Halloween costume has you written all over it



new http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8MrKqVT0-4 read the description


Danny Choo, Stormtrooper

Check out the dude that spins in around 1:16 lol!


aight back to football.


man thats like watching 3D without the glasses!


SOUP, double Native's salary!


solarcane, that was somewhat the goal.. them vids take a lot of time but its fun and yet i'm still holding back..


I dig what you are doing.
It's fun to spend hours hacking things up and saying OK thats pretty good, but I can do even better.

keep em coming!


I don't usually like Dinnich, but this gem - regarding her predictions for this week - cannot go unnoticed:

"I’d ask SEC blogger Chris Low for help, but he’s too busy hanging out at the Gainesville Police Department waiting for the next Florida story to break. After all, he’s got some time on his hands since he only has to cover one team in that league. But I digress …"





Man that's pretty sassy for H Dinnich.
I'm sure the SEC rednecks will be on her arse about that lol!

Old Skool

For those with time to check out cool vids, here's one for you.

Ever imagine what it's like to jump through a glass window 15 stories in the air while you're on fire with no parachute?

Here's why stuntmen get paid the big bucks seen from about 8 different angles.



Cleaning up some folders,
Man I miss those Saturday Nights Under the Lights at Moroso



No doubt, Solar...

Usually - she fills her column with such dribble like:

"The biggest challenge [for Miami], though, still lies ahead: continuing to win."

Really, Heather?
You think?





Vintage Mike Barrow




That is insane! the guy or his widow deserve double what ever they paid him



That's one of my favorites!
Every time I see that I wonder how much worse that was gonna be if
Rohan Marley wasn't slowed for just a second.
Barrow was devastating, Marley getting there with him would have been a funeral.


Thought you would like that Solar! I think we win this game!!!


Old Skool - I like how they even gave the guy some Miami Hurricanes entrance smoke after he landed

Seriously though, that guy is a straight up beast

I've seen some crazy stuff that people have done in X-Games with those huge ramps, jumping a jacked up Subaru off a huge ramp across buildings, etc. but that guy running and jumping out of the window on fire, basically jumping blind b/c he can't see his target immediately and having that little room for error?

Can't even imagine the insurance policy

I was watching the making of the last Bourne movie, some of the stuff the camera guys would have to do to follow the stuntmen in that movie ... those guys are crazy as well. They'd have the steady cam strapped to them, as well as a harness on a line and follow a stuntman from jumping off a building into a window across the street


solar - always cracks me up watching kids play football, esp. when they have to lean their heads back sometimes in order to see through the bottom half of the helmet

It had to be some oversized Pop Warner type kids - I don't know why they called it Junior College or whatever, probably some kind of Optimist League type football

It looked like they either had a skinny kid with really long blonde hair on the OLine like Brett Romberg used to have for the Canes, or, that was a girl playing for them

That's probably the best the Canes have looked against a Big 11 Team in a long time


This is my one off topic post of the day ..

What a moron this guy is


It's 2010, but still the 10th Century in some people's minds


CGNC & solar - did you almost see the re-inactment of Barrow's hit on Vanover in the Clemson game last week?

Clemson was trying some sort of slip screen and CMac sniffed it out, came running in and it looked like the Barrow hit was going to happen exactly the same way again

All the guys I was watching the game with, we all looked at each other with wide eyes and I said - Barrow on Tanover part 2 almost happened

I was relatively surprised at how much restraint CMac showed in not unloading on the Clemson guy ... b/c you know CMac wanted to impale him

Old Skool


My favorite from a forgotten cameraman's perspective was a documentary on the ascent of Everest which was shown in Imax theaters.

You saw all kinds of shots of climbers struggling to make it across vast ice fissures, up sheer walls, across slippery bridges of snow and ice in howling winds.

They were always struggling toward the camera which means the crew went first carrying the heavy gear.


About ACC Football Officiating:

The Atlantic Coast Conference maintains a staff of veteran football officials to facilitate the administration of our games. These officials come from a wide variety of locations, occupations and experience levels. To handle the overall officiating responsibilities of the ACC, there are:

•10 seven-man crews of varsity officials
•30+ supplemental officials
•11 Replay Officials/Technical Advisors
•15 Replay communicators and observers

The ACC Coordinator of Football Officiating is responsible for the recruitment, selection, training and development of this staff. He coordinates the assignment, performance reviews, and overall activities of the entire staff. All officials are independent contractors and undergo a year round process to maintain their officiating skills. Upon selection, officials receive a thorough background investigation, attend regional and national clinics and meetings, and must pass a combination of written rules examinations and physical tests annually. Officials provide officiating services for the member schools of the ACC for scrimmages, spring games and regular season contests.

Officials must be at the game site at 6 PM on the evening before a game. They participate in a rules and mechanics meeting and review appropriate video of the previous weeks' games. A post-game review of their performance is conducted by a Technical Advisor after each game through video review. Performance appraisals are rendered at the end of each season.

Every game is monitored at the ACC's Game Day Operations Center where each foul is recorded along with a variety of plays to ensure proper administration of the rules is conducted. Emphasis is on accountability, uniformity, fairness, safety, consistency, and professionalism.



Living in rural Georgia I witness that mindset daily.

I think the saddest thing about a lot of that kind of thinking is the fear many people in Appalachian America have of questioning their own religious leaders credibility.

Some of the people here will point out the failings of the Catholics and Jews with much enthusiasm.

When one of their own bilks millions from them or is caught sleeping with the choir leader or her husband, well that is just a misstep and they will pray on it and it will be fixed in no time.

I'm not throwing all Southern Baptists into that category though.
I have met several that are more forgiving and understanding than I could hope to be.


How Does Replay Work?

The members of the replay booth team consists of a Replay Official, a Communicator and a Technician who watch the game from the press box. During televised games, the video feed comes directly from the TV production truck. Stadium cameras provide the video feed for non-televised games.


•Replay Official: Ultimate decision making authority on when to stop a play for review and what ruling should be made.
•Communicator: Assists in providing the Replay Official with the best angles of video, enters data such as clock status, down/distance and yard line, and provides a second pair of eyes on the field.
•Technician: Maintains constant communication with the television video production truck and ensures all equipment remains operational.

Unlike the NFL, every play in college football is reviewed by the Replay Official in the press box. If the Replay Official believes the previous play was ruled in error and the play had a direct, competitive impact on the game, he may stop play for review by paging the officials on the field.

The only other way a play can be reviewed is if the head coach challenges the previous play. However, each team is limited to only one challenge per game, regardless of the outcome of any previous challenge. If a coach challenges a play, and the play is not reversed, the challenging team will lose a timeout.

While the Replay Official is reviewing the play in the booth, the Referee stands by on a headset ready to announce the decision.

Three Possible Announcements:

•�The ruling on the field is confirmed.� The video evidence confirms the on-field ruling.
•�The ruling on the field stands.� Meaning, there is no indisputable (conclusive) evidence to reverse the on-field ruling.
•�The ruling is (a brief description of the video evidence). Therefore, (a brief description of what the reversal means) include down, distance, hash mark and clock status.


Word on the street is that the UM-Clemson game is STILL "under review"...film at 11.



Posted by: SOUP | October 07, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Remember several times during the game I commented that ACC crew would be divided up and not be teamed up again?
You can't slow a game down that often because of officials being inept at their jobs.

The idea of hurrying to the line of scrimmage to catch Clemson in the wrong defensive package was completely eliminated by the officials.


Nah, SOUP, they followed orders, so they got a bonus.


Guess which TWO States from the conference have, by far, the most ACC officials residing there?



When was the last time a UM WR caught three TD passes in one game like Hank did against Clemson?

Who was it and against what team?

Old Skool

Downtown Eddie Brown and Penn State

It's a total guess. I have no idea


Looking back at that game I gotta give my man Ocala some props.

Consider we had the same view of the field you have of the city Miami flying in at around 10,000 feet or so.

At the beginning of the game there was a whistle.
Before any ref or fan said a word ocala shouted:

"DUDE! their nose tackle was off sides "

And that WAS the call.

Seeing their nose tackle at all was remarkable.

Seeing he was offside while viewing the play at a 45 degree angle from the upper deck bordered on Supermanish skills.


Spence had 14 friggin tackles against the Tigers. FOURTEEN TACKLES IN ONE GAME!

If we had three Spences at LB we by jammin Mon! Or how about Spence, Barrow and Marley?

I love C-Mac as a player and person but I hope he improves at MLB for the FSWho, GT and VT games. If he does our D will be deadly.


Downtown Eddie Brown and Penn State

It's a total guess. I have no idea

Posted by: Old Skool | October 07, 2010 at 02:40 PM

No it was a WHILE ago but more recent than that, but thanks for playing!


I'll say Lamar Thomas


Seeing he was offside while viewing the play at a 45 degree angle from the upper deck bordered on Supermanish skills.

Posted by: solarcane | October 07, 2010 at 02:41 PM


Good thing the intense guy from the 352 in the UPPER deck wasn't anywhere near the field or we would still be collecting his bail money!

Those refs would have gone down, hard.


Nope, not LT #36.

Santana Moss vs Rutgers in 1998.


Name 3 ACC coaches that are coaching at their Alma Mater?

Shannon and ??????? and ???????

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