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October 07, 2010



Warriors come out to play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8MrKqVT0-4

Constructive criticism appreciated

DallasTX Cane

Yeah, lucky us...J12 throws it no matter who is where & regardless of jersey color & KW wouldnt throw it to (literally) save his life. No one questioned his arm tho.

Now if we could find a happy medium...


HM - it was a great effort - too blurry, I couldn't watch the whole thing, sorry


dam sun life only lit up half the stadium for non TV night games. messed my focus up crazy. tried to make the best of the LIMITED footage i have.


Isn't this the chick that used to get more camera time than the players at FSU games? C'mon Farve lol



i do recommend you watch it till the end. i always leave the best for last.. Thanks


yes, nova...
Jenn Sterger


Infield's gone and it's a football field again?
All seats sold?
8pm gametime?
ABC not espn?

Hey, Seemenholes!!!!
Come out and play'yah!!


DallasTX Cane


Absolute BEST photo of Jenn Sterger.


"Infield's gone and it's a football field again?
All seats sold?
8pm gametime?
ABC not espn?"

Wad you talkin 'bout darCness?!!

Reminds me of the really good old days.


Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes 31

Seminoles 20

Too much of the nasty Hurricane defense for Jimbo's F.S.Who squad to overcome!

And I'm being generous with the points for F.S.Who, because as Herbie says... J-12 is good for at least ' 2 interceptions per game. ' No!


Ahh, the good ol' days solar


Lebaretard is all about the Farve/ Sterger story right now...he's morally torn about the peni$ story...
Wow --
I just looked out my window and pigs are literally flyin around...(like the kids at practice, per Coach Shannon).

Out til manana, ladies...
Everyone seems to be playing nice...
let's keep it up after oUr first (2nd...3rd?) TO tomorrow night...



Interesting take on Sabado night's game between your Canes and F.S.Who.

Here's a snippet of what was said.

" Here's a note from Tyler:"

" I don't think Miami has run the bubble screen this year. Whipple is stuck in NFL mode; he thinks he needs to stay ahead of opposing DCs and pass the ball all over the place. This isn't working because 1.) Jacory Harris isn't that type of quarterback, and 2.) the offensive line is getting abused every time it becomes obvious they're passing a predominant amount. "

" I watched five Miami games from last season when making our preview, and two and parts of the third this season, and I have to say that Whipple has done an abysmal job in adjusting the offense to the current talent level. He lacks the tight ends, he lacks the pass protection, and he has a stable of talented backs that barely get the ball. Remember when Bud pointed out how crazy it was that Miami had 10 backs on scholarship? It would at least be understandable if they used them. Right now, Damien Berry gets 75% of the carries, with Lamar Miller and Mike James receiving token touches. "

" If I'm Mark Stoops, even if my defensive line can't apply pressure, I'm playing Quarters/Cover Two until Mark Whipple proves to me that he can restrain himself and run the ball consistently. After any mildly successful run, he gets this urge to run a play-action immediately after, and it's not working. "

I, also, do believe a Tiger fan said opposing D-coordinators should play a Cover-2. No.


Go Canes

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Warriors come out to play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8MrKqVT0-4

Constructive criticism appreciated

Posted by: _HM_ | October 08, 2010 at 04:01 PM


I always like the non-TV shots of the players. I didn't mind the fuzziness but it was a bit much after a while.


Whipple has been a terrible play caller during his tenure at UM. He does have flashes of brilliance, but if I were an RB I wouldn't even consider coming to the U with him as the OC. The RBs don't get enough carries throughout the course of the game. The guy fully commits to the pass or to the run. It's just that the running lasts for 2 series followed by exclusive passing until we either a.) have a comfortable lead then the running starts again (and it is conservative running just to kill clock) or b.) the game is over because we are mounting a comeback.

That being said, I was relatively impressed to see the utilization of ONE screen pass (WORKED!) and 2 opportune draw plays (BOTH WORKED!). I have hope that this gave us a glimpse into what is to come in that more draws and screens will be used to keep the d honest and that he isn't so stubborn that he only calls run or pass based series.

Canes win going away early in the 4th.


"you are probably right.
Whipple's ego won't let him modify the offense to take advantage of the best running back combo we have had in a long long time."

He lacks the tight ends, he lacks the pass protection, and he has a stable of talented backs that barely get the ball.

i'm jus sayin


The `Canes have run the ball more then they have thrown the ball

OSU just got away to fast from us

Pitt wasnt pretty running the ball but we dominated

171 yards vs Clemson was very effective

IMO its not Whipple as it is just guys dropping passes, making costly penalties. Our O is not good enough to overcome those type of things


Another reporter picking FSU



Score by quarters 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Miami 35 54 14 27 130
Opponents 10 30 17 3 60

This is very encouraging.
The team has come out of the gate focused and scored early (1st & 2 qtr) and defended late (4th qtr)


CBS sports picking FSU



Prediction Miami 35 FSU 24


31-27 Canes

Posted by: Canestruck | October 08, 2010 at 09:15 AM

That's what I said!


The "Party On The Patio" at the Hampton Inn was healthy tonight.

Major pizza, drinking and adult kinda fun was had by all.

The weather is here, wish you were beautiful...


I don't think our defense gives up 27

One of those would have to be an FSU defensive score or FSU special teams score

I'm still at UM 24 FSU 17


One of those would have to be an FSU defensive score or FSU special teams score

Posted by: solarcane | October 08, 2010 at 10:46 PM



sweet U vs FSU preview clip




I hope you aren't sayin what I think you are saying lol!


enjoy the weekend brudda,
Is Mr. Coffee II with you?


1st home game in over a month. Its a night,its soldout and its against FSU. The smoke

Tell me that doesnt send chills down the spine

There wont be any special team or turnovers returned for scores by them


There wont be any special team or turnovers returned for scores by them
Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 08, 2010 at 11:00 PM

thats why I'm thinking 17 would be a nice number for our D to hold them to.


From Manny

MNW lost to Central 25-22

FSU commit Devonte Freeman had 29 carries for 226 yards and 2 TDs

Teddy Bridgewater was 22-40 261 yards 3 TDs(2 rushing and 1 passing)


Is Mr. Coffee II with you?

Posted by: solarcane | October 08, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Nah, flying solo.


I'm O U T.

Nothing good happens...


In deference to it being past the midnite hour, I am not going to say anything specific. But I really think that if people carefully read the blog, you have one guy who thinks Jacory doesn't belong as a college QB, and another guy, while rooting for the Canes, acts like he wants FSU to cover the spread. And that is sad.


I was bored and not quite tired enough to go to bed and was surfing ESPN to send another E-Mail to send my nasty email to them about last Saturday and look what I stumble upon

Another ESPN employee getting caught by neighbors doing something to himself(they dont show it)Just interview the neighbors

Its getting as bad as FU over at ESPN now



MNW lost to Central 25-22

FSU commit Devonte Freeman had 29 carries for 226 yards and 2 TDs

Teddy Bridgewater was 22-40 261 yards 3 TDs(2 rushing and 1 passing)

Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 08, 2010 at 11:18 PM

Attended the game. Chatted with Joe Rose and a couple of scouts. Exciting game was decided on the last play. Saw the MNW players up close, and Brigdewater is bigger, stronger and faster than Jacory. Bridgewater has a good feel for the pocket and also has a solid arm. Bridgewater was clearly the best athlete and football player on the field. Freeman is pretty good too, but Bridgewater is an elite recruit at this stage.



I am not sold on Teddy. They brought him to the camp versus the elite high school quarterbacks. He did not shine even though Jacory was there as a mentor. I watched the 11-11, and I saw nothing special. Jacory has all the throws, all of Bridgewaters were flat. I think Teddy won in video games and not much else.


Had coversations with several people who know or think they know Jacory. I have come to the opinion that Jacory has been a little immature and not prepared for the next level in terms of work ethic and dedication.

I think that will change and Jacory will do a better job of avoiding INTs for the rest of the season. I think (hope) that Jacory will make better decisions and not surpass his INT totals for last year.


Posted by: WindyCane1 | October 09, 2010 at 12:24 AM

Thank you, We were hoping to make that game but it didnt happen.

Im glad to hear it was a great game and the positive reviews coming in for Teddy.

I told my wife that we might of missed this game but we wont miss out on our next chance


What scares me with a statement like that if true. Is that hes 4 games into his Jr.season and im not sure that can be changed just like that

Maybe its just time to let him go free and play the game. Im not at practices but I would like to see Hank and Byrdman start the game at WR and use TB3 in a different way

Cut the wings off of J12 and let him play free, it will pay off for the `Canes


Not sure what U mean by "cut the wings off" & "let him go free". This is isn't sand lot or school yard ball. U can't just run around and make plays b/c you're the better athlete and/or surrounded by better athletes. Plus, no way RS ever buys into such a philosophy. Think of how and who he's played at MLB all these years. He's a system coach not a "wing & a prayer" type.

31 - 23 CANES

Too much D & too much Hank for FSU. J12 plays well at home.


Im just going off the 1 game ive seen live and the others I have seen over and over on my DVR

Our J12 is playing very stiff back there and not loose. Now why that reason is I have no idea

IMO either he has lost faith in everyone but Hank and doesnt trust they will be running the route they are suppossed to be. Has put touch on it and they dropped it and has put some heat on it and yet the still drop it

I would also like to add my own touch to this by saying anychance to have LM6 on the field then he needs to be on their. The other team points to where he is at when he comes in the game

The big difference this year is we have the D and return game to bring the ACC Championship to us


86 - I'll be leaving here and heading down to the game no later than 12pm

I'm supposed to stop by Tom Jenkins BBQ when I get there, meet some peeps, grab some grub and then head to the stadium

I'll be parking in Blue Preferred, wherever the hell that is

I'll give you a call tomorrow right before I head into Tom Jenkins and see where everyone is going to be before the game

francis w

Soup... I will be bringing my grandson with me instead of Jean she was afraid of the sellout and mob of people.
Do you remember the A&M game you brought us to a friend of yours and we had a hotdog each well I want to give them some of the sane (un cooked) if at all posible.

francis w

Six map of Sunlife perking


MH- Rivalry

The 13th-ranked Hurricanes will meet the 23rd-ranked Seminoles at 8 p.m. Saturday in the 55th installment of a series that consistently delivers thrills and, in this year's case, is back to having national significance.

For the first time since 2006, UM and FSU are nationally ranked in this matchup of old friends, former teammates and sometimes even relatives.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/09/1864528/miami-and-fsu-both-in-the-top.html#ixzz11r8kjEYZ

Reid- Keep talking

Sophomore cornerback Greg Reid is more than ready for the challenge, saying he has been bored with all of the short routes teams have used against No. 23 Florida State this season.

``I think I'm ready for the deep ball,'' Reid said earlier in the week. ``I think I'm ready for all the deep routes, me and [cornerback Xavier Rhodes]. You get kind of bored out there, and kind of tired breaking on all the short stuff, and sometimes you want the deep balls.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/09/1864702/florida-state-secondary-ready.html#ixzz11r9l2FDH

Who has the edge?



The University of Miami's game Saturday night against ACC rival Florida State is sold out -- the Hurricanes' first sellout since they began playing home games at Sun Life Stadium in 2008.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/08/1864405/miami-hurricanes-game-against.html#ixzz11rAP4PEi




SS- Game particulars


"They want to win this game bad," said fifth-year senior cornerback Ryan Hill, the only 'Cane from Tallahassee. "They're finally winning this year and they're on a roll, just like we are. Prime time in front of everybody in the country, we've got to show what we're about."


UM-FSU Rivalry greatest performers

There have been countless standout performances and plays since the Miami- Florida State series began picking up steam and relevance after Bobby Bowden was hired in Tallahassee in 1976. Here are some of our favorites:


Bianchi hates them more than us?




Bobby picks the U

Bobby Bowden likes what he sees from Florida State so far this season, especially on defense. But he does not believe the team he coached for 34 seasons will beat Miami on Saturday at Sun Life Stadium.

"I feel like Miami (has the edge) because they are playing in Miami," Bowden said Friday before a signing for his recently published book.


Saturday night's showdown between Miami and Florida State has many of the elements that made it one of the best games in college football through the years: Top 25 rankings, national TV coverage, trash talking and ... plenty of good defense.

When FSU and Miami ruled the football world, their defenses served as the backbone of their success. Now, after some down years, their defenses have them back in the national spotlight


Five keys to the game



Look for Jacory Harris to have a big game now that he’s back in Sun Life Stadium. In eight career starts at home, Harris has thrown for 18 TD passes and 10 interceptions. In 11 road starts, Harris has 19 TD passes to go with 17 interceptions. Harris is far less accurate in unfamiliar venues as well. He’s completed 56 percent of less of his passes in seven starts during his career. All seven games have been played on the road.




All the Hurricanesports News from FSU week



St. Pete Times


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