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October 15, 2010





the score this weekend will be closer than we all think. 24-17-- canes.


it's early.......


Also, Herbie mentioned that the OLine for the Canes needs a lot of work. Weird, b/c a lot of other people said that same thing before the season started as well.

Posted by: Six | October 15, 2010 at 01:53 AM


Half of the people here said it is all on the OL in 2010, while most of the others said it was on J12 or the DL.

Of those three groups the DL has performed best overall during 2010 but got blasted against FSU.

None of the three have performed or dominated consistently and there U have it and why Miami sits at 3-2.


Question: Had DE Allen Bailey been allowed to play MLB and DE Marcus Robinson play OLB where do you think this Canes defense would be now?


Question: Had DE Allen Bailey been allowed to play MLB and DE Marcus Robinson play OLB where do you think this Canes defense would be now?

Posted by: SOUP | October 15, 2010 at 08:59 AM

Still on the field...... LOL.


Read more at www.hurricanesports.com:

Harold Martinez and Nathan Melendres have seen and experienced plenty their first two years in Coral Gables. But with the University of Miami baseball team opening fall practice Thursday at Alex Rodriguez Park, it became apparent pretty quickly a new challenge is ahead.

Both players have started from the first day they stepped foot on campus and both have shown they belong on this level. But with so many veterans off of last year's team gone, Martinez and Melendres are being called upon to lead the `Canes in 2011.

Head coach Jim Morris knows how important it is to have leaders, and he is looking at these two juniors to embrace that role on and off the field.

"Harold got a lot better last year and he needs to get better again this year," Morris said Thursday before practice. "He needs to be a guy that hits in the middle of the lineup, knocks a lot of runs in, improves on defense and goes high in the draft."

It is obvious Morris expects big things from Martinez, who led the ACC with 21 homers as a sophomore in 2009. The expectation is also there for Melendres.

"[Harold] is the type of guy that is going to carry you and help you - like a Nate Melendres," Morris said. "Nate is in that same category right now. This is a big year for him. He is a talented player that should hit two, three, somewhere in the middle of the lineup.

"It's time for them to get it done," Morris added.


Sun Sentinel

Other teams wish to play at home. Miami after last week wants to be on the road.


Injury Report


Poll about Randy Shannon's job



Miami Herald


Linda Robertson wants to rest Jacory Harris now that he can finally face a defense that can help his stats, since he is injured.


But not according to Randy Shannon, who says "Jacory Harris is fine."



Players and former players are stressed and uncomfortable with that loss.


But not according to Randy Shannon, who says "Nothing to see here, move along."


Basketball on the witching hour? Yep, and it's a good thing, too.


Twitter comments

@CUTLERRIDGELAZ we were told there was a lot more enthusiasm in practice this week. Changes on special teams #UM about 13 hours ago

#UM injury report says DT Josh Holmes, LG Joel Figueroa and WR Tommy Streeter out, RB Lamar Miller and QB A.J. Highsmith questionable 4 Duke


Lee Chambers


Palm Beach Post

Illing Run Defense looks for a cure from Dr. Duke


"All We Are Saying.... Is Give Coach A Chance" - Greg Stoda channelling his inner John Lennon


David Cutliffe (who?) is a well-spoken coach that can make a 1-4 team sound better off than a 3-2 team. Is he a coach or a salesman?



Allen Bailey in 2010 ranks 7th on defense:

19 tackles, 4 TFL and 1 sack.

Marcus Robinson in 2010 ranks 14th on defense (missed one game):

9 tackles, 3 TFL and 1.5 sacks


Ungar...nice work there!


Know Thy Enemy

We still have Top Talent, really!


Blue Team in the Red Zone against Orange And Green defense


Eyeing (or is it eying?) a win against the Canes due to all the close games in the past.




PASSING YARDS 234.0 47th
RUSHING YARDS 147.0 67th
POINTS FOR 29.4 54th

Expect to see some Freshmen in action, including finding out if Cain is able (50%!).


Shocking, this guy predicts a Miami win, and that we will beat the spread.



DBJ explaining his Sid interview yesterday -- right now on Qam.


Ungar...nice work there!

Posted by: SOUP | October 15, 2010 at 09:18 AM

Who is this Ungar person you speak of? For I am... (music zing!) Legal Immigrant Cane! Native Cane was unavailable, so I donned my mask and did his part for the day.

And then you go a ruin my secret identity. I bet Peter Parker wouldn't let you know what he does at night! 8-)


Good Morning Canespace,

Have I missed anything? (Puts on his Clark Kent glasses, totally fooling the public forever.)


Its officially college football weekend now

Back to back weeks for the #1 falling

Badgers by 4 over OSU

The Manimal would of outgrown the MLB no matter what. #57 wakes up and he adds another pound of muscle

#56 I would have liked to seen what would have happened

I know this makes me sound like a no lifer but the more I have watched Miami game tapes again last night. I have no idea what we would be like without #31 and #1

#99 had been solid up until FSU. #44 not so much, as been said here more then a few times, hes playing at a position hes not suited to be playing

#57 is catching alot of grief on here but he is forcing alot of runners and QBs to cutback because of his rush. Its on others to make the stop. Sacks are the sexy #s everyone looks at but you can tell by the way teams try and block him that they know the force he is. He has a great motor for the game

#77 plays beyond his years. #74 is dominant and mistakes happen when trying to cover up for others

JSilk is making the OL look worse then it really is. He had plenty of chances to step up and throw it but either stood still or panicked. The dumpoff guy is there but JSilk rarely gave it a thought and im not sure why that is.


57...good comment and analysis of game tape.

Look, I don't pretend to know more than Randy Shannon about players and coaching defense I was just wondering "what if" about Bailey and Robinson.

Especially M-Rob. When he came in as a Freshman it was said that he could play ANY position on the field, from safety to TE, so why not OLB?

And just for ONE play before his career at UM is over I would like to see big #57 charging the LOS from MLB at full speed blowing a running play up into the backfield and not just stopping the play but shattering lives in the process.


DBJ explaining his Sid interview yesterday -- right now on Qam.

Posted by: darCANEgel | October 15, 2010 at 09:25 AM



Wait, Don Bailey Junior, right?


When do I take down my big U Miami flag flying on my corner of my house?? I am so embarrassed. Just kidding,but I'm still so darn embarrassed.
And I think there is something wrong with the great Alumni NFL players. They need a day with these boys and show them what being a U player means. Shannon looks like a statue, no players are leaders, taking it too them on the sidelines. It seems like you are in grade school and the teacher (Shannon) says silence. It breaks my heart, because I was always rooting for Shannon.


I get a razzing everyday from the GT fans here because of that beating by FSU.

I look at it as the team embarrassed themselves.
I didn't have as hand in it.

If I didn't continue to wear my U gear proudly I would be a hypocrite and a fair weather fan.
I know just how you feel.


Next year at QB Miami will have:

Jacory Harris
Stephen Morris
Teddy Bridgewater
Alonzo Highsmith
Spencer Whipple

Let the competition begin!


MaryLou...leave The U flag-a-flying. When we finish at 10-2 and go to the ACC title game U will be glad U did!


This next game is like buying a kid ice cream after he falls off his bicycle.

Duke sucks bad, 1-4.
Their fans will be just getting home from Midnight Madness, They barely acknowledge they have a football team.

If the Canes dominate the game we will see the usual empty WE ARE BACK! comments.

Another good stat padding game and time to rest some guys, is what it amounts to.


If Whipple is #2 Saturday I don't think we see Highsmith ever getting it back.


#57 ever was to line up at MLB and just run right at someone I would feel very very sorry for that person

He would change some poor RBs life when contact was made

Since you brought that up you do have me thinking. I wonder if theres ever been any thought of putting him back there in short yardage/goal line situations

Hes played MLB before and like you said, he would blow fools up

Count my vote as one in support of that


If the Canes dominate the game we will see the usual empty WE ARE BACK! comments.

Posted by: solarcane | October 15, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Actually, can we delete any messages that say that, unless they are followed by a :) or a 50%?

i really was gonna suggest that earlier, but solar reminded me that it WILL happen, especially if it is a FAMU style beatdown.


MaryLou...leave The U flag-a-flying. When we finish at 10-2 and go to the ACC title game U will be glad U did!

Posted by: SOUP | October 15, 2010 at 10:13 AM
As some dude name Soup would say, "THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE!"


you think Highsmith stays at Qb next season or do you see too much competition there?


Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 15, 2010 at 09:33 AM

Good stuff.

I think this game is going to be a lot closer than anybody (except Duke fans want). We just need to get the win and start cutting down on mistakes and I'll be happy.

And who cares about the Orange Bowl? It's over, gone, not coming back. If some of you guys were around in Schnellys days you'd say we can never do it because we have no weight room, our practice field sucks , etc...



A win, any win feels good, but UNC will be the first test to see if we "got our mind right boss" I think.
This next one is more like a name the score practice game.


Highsmith to safety.


Settle down everyone. I'm not taking that flag down until the season is over. I was just kidding. After the season, I put the USA flag up through the winter.
But, there is something really wrong with this team, no leaders on or off the field.


sweet job on the links legal50%superhero

back to work, see you guys tonight


Now for a hypothetical:

If you could undo and reverse either game, but in return you had to reverse the Clemson game, which would you do?

Meaning, we lose to Clemson 30-21 on the road, but you either beat OSU 36-24, or beat FSU 45-17. We would still be 3-2, and maybe even unranked, but would youswap it, and for which one?

I would go with changing the FSU game. As much as beating OSU would feel good, The would mean we would go from 3-0 to losing two in a row in the ACC.

Losing on the road to Clemson by 9, but trouncing FSU at home, that would feel better than where we are at right now....


you think Highsmith stays at Qb next season or do you see too much competition there?

Posted by: solarcane | October 15, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Everyone in the media and on every blog seems to think he moves to safety next year so I guess he moves? It was rumored from the first day he stepped on campus that he would eventually be a safety.


No doubt FSU.

And i got to the part in the book, Perfect Rivals, whith the Cleveland Gary "fumble". Let's just say the author is *kind* to Notre Dame.

Overall I'm happy with it though about half way thru.

And my Dad's a Notre Dame fan so I can give it to him for an Xmas present!


Marylou -- I understand you were joking (well, about taking down the flag NOT that there's no leadership on this team)...

Just remember Robert Hunter's lyrics:

Wave that flag
Wave it wide and high
Summertime done
Come and gone
My oh my

Leadership is one thing...
I'd settle for if we'd just start TACKLING for Christo's sake!!



Football is a GLADIATOR SPORT!!

But now at Miami, its a 7 credit character building course. They should take The U off of the Helmets!!

Bad Bart

Well, as disheartened as I am about the FSU loss, still kinda in shock about it actually, part of me would not be surprised if we lost to Duke.

I don't think it will happen, though. It would be nice if Jacory got some rest this game and let Whipple get some more reps. I say let Jacory start (to help his ego) and then sit him after the first quarter and run, run, run the ball.


Crush Duke, move onto North Cackalacka and crush them next

Posted by: Six | October 15, 2010 at 02:19 AM

LOL! I am hoping!! Make it to the ACC Championship game and come up here and I PROMISE really good bbq!


If J12 is uncomfortable under center, why can't we put him in the shotgun? We basically have no backup so why not? Spurrier finally figured that out with Wuerfel for their first NC game.

Bad Bart

I say we all go to the ACC Champ game if they actually make it!!


Posted by: SSFDballer | October 15, 2010 at 11:22 AM

I will expect you to have your game thread face on tomorrow irregardless - LOL!


Ungar...I am NOT trading the Clemson win for anything!

I was at that game and had I driven all that way just to see the Canes lose then the trip would have been a bust, even in spite of the great fishing and fun kayaking Solar and I did.


Bart, that's what I am saying. I live up here, don't really care for it all that much but I know where the good bbq is!

Let's Go Canes- the sky is not falling!!!!


Bring Butch Back. In a couple of years we will have an NFL team al around. He can make players. Watch him kick out azz again with average players. Again!!!!

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