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October 21, 2010



Wish I was going to a hockey game tonight...have fun Soup! Go Panthers!

Really guys my son is up every morning at six to go to class! My Son had to be to school at 5am in the morning to go to practice when he played at LBHS. Coach used the same reasons RS did and hey they made it all the way to the state championship to play MNW.....they played every friday at 7:30pm after being in school all day. Getting up at 5am ain't never hurt no one! I used to get up at 5am run 6 miles go to work all day, take care of a house and kids in the evening pass out at 11pm and start the same cr@p the next day and I am old they are young....come on man!

Old Skool

the short list is now exactly that


Its football weekend time

Thank you for the short list

I look forward to this each and every week


For the 3rd week in a row in going to call for the #1 to lose although I havent seen that much of Mizzou this year I have seen enough of the Sooners to not be impressed enough with them

Mizz.by 6
Tonight the Ducks blowout the Bruins
Auburn over LSU by at least 13

I guess for an upset special ill go with the Falcons over the Toads

Old Skool

Thanks Chicago.
good article about Urban and Rainey

Old Skool

It highlights Urban's hypocrisy very well.


Heres a follow up from Doyel answering some of the hate mail the Gator fans sent after the article

Pretty darn funny

Before he even answers 1 question he throws out an insult

Read on......



"Terrell Pryor's 1990 step-flat-top haircut is the only thing more embarrassing for the Buckeyes this week instead of the most embarrassing thing as usual for them."

gawd I love that stuff!
sweet OGV!


The Ducks defy the odds and roll up in yet another uniform abomination

Go Nike!

go far

go far, far away.


Want a good laugh? You've GOT to read this... it's wicked funny!



primer helmets
jacked up Oakley Sunglasses logo
cherub wings shoulder embellishments

man these dudes deserve a whole lot nbetter.


roach LMAO!

his azz is chapped for sure!


Oregon's receivers look just like, well, receivers


OMG This team is so fun to watch. They look like we used to WTF!!!! lol Not saying they will win tonight or run the table but just fun to watch.

It's all about the O......I mean U my bad got all caught up lol


DBJ: “I keep going back to the 1999 season when Miami had players like Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Dan Morgan, Damione Lewis, Ed Reed and Clinton Portis and blew a 20 point halftime lead to East Carolina and got demolished by Virginia Tech 43-10. Lee Corso accused Miami of quitting. Did they choke, or lose because of sideline demeanor or lack of leadership or did they lose because like this team they were still learning how to win?”



Dayton - I wasn't comparing football to baseball .... why would anyone do that in the first place when it comes to practicing

What I was trying to get across, was that we lifted and ran early in the AM .. partly b/c it helped with getting that part of our regiment out of the way and onto our classes later

Also like I said, it kind of discourages you from wanting to go out and possibly get in trouble the night before hand

I don't know what to say if you really think that the team not practicing in the afternoon while its raining is why they don't play well in the rain

And how many games have you really seen the Canes play in the rain that they have or haven't done well - besides the VTech game that was a f'in monsoon and not just regular rain? Remember the game against Florida State that Sean Taylor basically took over? Was that due to Coker making those kids practice in the rain? Probably not - b/c both FSU and Miami weren't too sure footed out there

You think that coaches from other teams look and listen to the meteorologists every day and make sure they practice at a particular time when it's the highest possibility of rain?

You want to play better in the rain? Then don't wear visors in it like Jacory did for how many quarters at VTech ... make sure your equipment manager made sure to bring the longer cleats to install on the bottom of everyone's shoes ... dunk some footballs into some water to make them a little heavier and harder to grip for your QB to throw and WR to possibly catch

How many teams or programs have you heard of that purposely really go practice in the rain b/c they think it'll make them play better in it?


Oregon's d-line looks tiny compared to UCLA's o-line!


solar - that's why I love Jimmy Johnson and have him as my favorite coach ever

You could tell though that he was irritated that Billy Corben didn't include how Jimmy got a lot of those players to graduate, b/c he was really proud of that

When Jimmy was on Irvin's show, you could hear his frustration seeping through the speakers


Solar - I used to think the same about Oregon's unis, but have come to embrace them. The dark green jerseys with gray pants are an even better combo.

All their combos make me think of the old Oakland A's....

With that field, I think they look cool.

UCLA's away unis look pretty good as well.

This is the kind of offense the 'Canes would look running! And to think Chip Kelly was coaching at where, New Hampshire? prior to going to Oregon.


Is Craig James' kid still playing for Texas Tech?


CGNC - I can't believe you included a pic of Willow, hahaha, I couldn't stop laughing b/c I've watched that movie probably 50 times


Bahama: I like listening to DJB, and he can say he's been there, done that...but he's not going to bite the hand that feeds him re being critical about program.


Ducks score, sharks score....come on Giants...west coast is alive tonight!


Read on......


Posted by: Sebastian57 | October 21, 2010 at 08:03 PM

WOW! Roasted Gator on a stick....


Sitting here watching the big O kickn UCLAs arse...

Anyone wondering if J12 kneels on the sideline and wonders how good he'd be if he'd gone to Oregon?? Yeah I know...blasphemy. This is a really good team tho


I know dallastxcane but watch how horrible the ball comes off this QB's hand.


Lets say you get caught cheating and get suspended for your senior year by the NCAA..

Your college football career is over.

Unless you go to UNC, because there you can redshirt and come back with a another senior year do over.

how convenient




Stars blind the Panthers 4-1.

Panthers had beaten The Lightning 6-0 in their home opener. Tonight the Cats were down 4-0 most of the night.

I stayed until the end though and good things happened. Met some Canes fans, gave them some Canespace cards.

I'm going again on Friday 11/26 before the USF gameon 11/27.

Who wants in?


Oregon's offense is the best that we have seen in college football this year. It reminds me of the old Canes under Dennis Erickson in 1989 and 1991.


I haven't watched that closely canechic. Just noticing that his receivers catch everything and his OL is awesome.


James is STILL at Texas Tech:



The OC for Oregon always calling the right plays.



UNC enters Saturday’s game on a four-game winning streak after dropping its first two games of the 2010 season. The Tar Heels suffered back-to-back 30-24 losses to LSU and Georgia Tech to open the year, but have since rattled off wins against Rutgers, East Carolina, Clemson and Virginia the last four weekends.

The Tar Heels’ offense is directed by quarterback T.J. Yates, who has passed for 1,495 yards with 11 touchdowns and just one interception through the season’s first six games. Yates ranks second in the ACC in pass efficiency (154.3) and third in passing yards per game (249.2).

UNC’s carries on the ground are split up by Johnny White and Shaun Draughn. White leads the team in carries (86), rushing yards (464) and yards per carry (5.4) while Draughn has 287 yards on 63 carries. Both backs have four rushing

Five different players have double-digit receptions for the Tar Heels - led by Zack Pianalto’s 30 catches. Pianalto also leads the team in receiving yards (302), while Dwight Jones (19 catches, 302 yards) and Jheranie Boyd (12 catches, 297 yards) are tied for the team-lead with three TD catches apiece.

Defensively, Zach Brown leads the Heels with 38 total tackles (24 - UA, 14 - A). Quinton Coples and Kevin Reddick each have 37 tackles, while Coples leads the team in tackles for loss (9.0), sacks (4.5) and quarterback hurries (9). The Tar Heels defense has 11 interceptions from eight different players.

Kicker Casey Barth has missed just one kick this year, coming in having converted 6-of-7 field goal attempts and all 22 extra point tries. Barth, who also handles kickoffs, has yet attempt a field goal longer than 37 yards. C.J. Feagles and
Grant Schallock have split the punting duties this year, while Da’Norris Searcy handles punt returns (7.8 ypr) and shares
kick return duties with Jheranie Boyd.



The University of Miami’s impressive streak of former players scoring touchdowns in the NFL continued this weekend as Devin Hester and Andre Johnson scored touchdowns on Sunday.

At least one former ‘Cane has now scored a touchdown every NFL week since Week 15 of the 2002 season - a span of 128 straight weeks.


Calling plays is easy when your players don't make mistakes and do make plays - everything you call works. Juggernaut is an accurate description of the Duck offense.


Teddy Bridgewatter will be at the LSU-Alabama game. He is very interested in LSU.


Chip Kelly for the Ducks is a master of mismatches on that Offense

He's always going to have a mismatch with that Offense b/c the Defense will most likely have to put a LB on one of the WRs and the QB sees it - it's on

Even if the Defense runs a Nickel out there, then the Offense could still find that mismatch out there, esp. with a one back draw

Exactly what DallasTXCane said - including, when your WRs don't have 30+ drops in your first 6 games .... and your QB actually knows how to look off Safeties and not lock onto WRs


Exactly what DallasTXCane said - including, when your WRs don't have 30+ drops in your first 6 games .... and your QB actually knows how to look off Safeties and not lock onto WRs

Posted by: Six | October 22, 2010 at 12:37 AM

Six...so on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being great where would you rank our WRs and QB?


I have WR at a 5 on that scale and QB at a 6. Basically below average. What do U think?


86 - I'd agree with you on the QB being at 6 ... I could put the WRs at 6 as well, mainly b/c of the way Hankie can play to his potential

It's somewhat tricky though on how to grade the WRs - damn right they've had 30 too many drops so far and they need to make the most of the opportunities presented to them when the ball is actually thrown well at them

You gotta help out your QB mentally by catching anything that hits your fingers to instill that confidence .. to be his two-legged security blanket

Neither the QB or WR position has really shown that they could go above a 6 so far this year, and in some cases, giving them that number is being generous

I'm starting to get more and more frustrated with Aubrey Hill as the season progresses as well


man i hope Whipple's offense wakes up Saturday...


MH- Micanor

Regis, the focal point of teammates' jokes after the Duke game for the way his big 6-3, 305-pound body looked chugging toward the Canes' second defensive touchdown of the season, would love to lead the charge. Harris said he told teammates before the season he was ``going to lead the team in interceptions as well as sacks.''

The reason for such confidence? Bailey said he thinks Regis always has believed he's more of a sleek skill player than a big lumbering lineman.

``When I was growing up, I didn't think I was going to play football. I thought I was going to be the next Michael Jordan,'' said Regis, who is the second cousin of Ravens receiver and former Florida State star Anquan Boldin

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/22/1885282/pick-six-shows-regis-has-bite.html#ixzz135GnfsvB


For Davis, game days such as the one Saturday against the University of Miami provide relief from off-field troubles. Davis, who rescued UM from disgrace and groomed it for a fifth national title, would get a huge boost if he beats the Hurricanes for the fourth time in a row.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/22/1885300/davis-can-make-unc-clean-like.html#ixzz135HZ75Ms


With Damien Berry getting more than half of the carries in the backfield this season, one might wonder whether sophomore Mike James (27 carries, 165 yards), redshirt freshman Lamar Miller (29-157), senior Graig Cooper (6-45), freshman Eduardo Clements (8-32) and freshman Storm Johnson (1-3) are becoming restless on the bench.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/22/1885703/patience-found-behind-ums-berry.html#ixzz135HqOjTT

Manny- Injury report and Shannon video



SS- Berry

This season, he's on pace to become the seventh 1,000-yard rusher in UM history and the first since McGahee racked up a school-record 1,753 in 2002. Expect Berry to get plenty of chances – he's had 106 carries the past five games.



I saw the score on the ticker and thought about you Soup.

Maybe the offense should use those big cue cards that Oregon uses, what u think? We could use Trick Daddy, Uncle Luke, Snoop Dog......

Go Canes!


PBP- Butch

The 'Canes will get another chance Saturday night to do what they've never done when they play Davis-led North Carolina in Sun Life Stadium in what looks like a Coastal Division elimination game in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Davis, of course, once upon a time was Miami's head coach and hero, of sorts, for his rescue of a stained program. But he left the Hurricanes - fibbing that he wouldn't bolt right up until he was almost out the door - for an NFL gig in Cleveland where he washed out. Davis eventually landed back on a college campus in Chapel Hill, N.C., and since has beaten the Hurricanes three times in three tries.


Dan Morgan- Randy needs to show more passion


FSU caning

People who are caned are strapped to a wooden frame and lashed across the bare buttocks with a long rattan stick.




Thank U sir...


LegalImmigrantCane, you are the most!

Does the little woman call you LIC for short?

I love this country mang!

Go Canes!!!


You are most welcome Souperman!

Go Canes!!!


did i tell you all that the Canes are going to beat UNC 23-13 tomorrow night?


For anyone watching the game on AFN it will be shown on Sunday the 24th at 1730(Kabul time).


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