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November 27, 2010



VACane - that's what I've been saying for a while now. All those former players who are Canes and have some $$, how about putting your money where your mouth whines and helping get someone to coach the team you say you love so much .. worked your ass off for when you wore that uniform .. and complain about when they're not performing, but say one of the main reasons is b/c of the guy in charge of them?

I wonder if the new coach will have some of those insecurity issues it seemed Boss Man might have had in who was allowed on the sideline during games?

When Francesco Zampogna and Brian Monroe get all-field access passes, but someone like Randall Hill can't - what in the hell is that about? Maybe it's b/c Randall Hill would be over in the face of the WRs when they dropped passes, trying to coach them up but you know Zampogna and Monroe wouldn't be saying anything to anyone, except maybe joking around with Bosher like I saw

Was it up to Boss Man Shannon? Dunno for sure. But I do know for sure that he didn't return calls to many former players and how many times have you heard from former players about getting the cold shoulder

That's ridiculous. They call it "U Family" - that's not very family like

VA Cane

If you could put JJ coaching on field and RS management off the field...well that would be a great clone Huh? well, if a bullfrog had wings he wouldnt whomp his azz everytime he jumped...hey heres one....might sound crazy......but naming names....how about Bud Foster VT DC....hes learned a lot at VT....I can twist Coach Beamers arm......I will see him this week as he is getting me some tickets to take my mom to the ACC title game....just a thought...


Miamicane - yeah, seemed like a big deal to the Sherrif that 'Canes were being shown on "national tv"....I guess if you consider ESPN3, and ESPNU, national tv...

Shalala will raise the money. I really liked Holcutt's comments that Miami was going to strive for national championships again.

That's one of the biggest things that was missing - high expectations - not staying close in 4th quarer, not finishing 2nd in division, not "improving" every year, not because "its Miami".

I want someone to come in here and have a NC as the main goal - period.


Alpharettacane I agree and I do not see how that was an argument. Shannon was awful when it came to game time. I am not sad that Shannon the coach is leaving. I am sad that Shannon the Miami Hurricane for 25 years is no longer a cane. I just want to be careful the next guy isn't Mike Leach putting players in dark closets or buying recruits parents cars so their kid will play for us. U have to admit that the academics and no trouble during Shannons reign speak volumes and is huge for the image of a new Miami Hurricanes Program! I want the wins with no distractions and maturity and accountability off the field.

Worn Out Cane

Randy is out with a HC "extremity"


Where did Holcutt play? Kansas State?

Guess Bill Snyder may be a tad too old...

Jim Mora Sr? The press conferences would be a hoot


yea BUT I say this...

If ANY coach comes here and lasts 2 years that means we're doing good and they'll be in discussions for other jobs b/c they'll have us ballin again.

I say screw worrying if somebody comes here and lasts that long (or short depending on how u look at it) and go for broke !!!

We went wrong on our last coaching project, cuz that's what Shannon was (granted we've had other coaching projects) I say make the headline hire.


Fantasy - agree, would be nice to have cake and eat it too.

I think 95% of us thought Shannon had one more year because of the air cover Shalala was providing.

I'll tell you one thing, that empty stadium looked, well, REALLY empty on tv today. Wonder what tipped Shalala? The noise must've gotten exponentially greater after the VT game?


I think we had numbers guys running this team on both sides of the ball with the head coach the same. Randy was too trusting of these kids. And that fatherly image stuff doesnt work if your not getting the players to do what you want them to do on the field.
A head coach is a motivator and a person who keeps the communication simple. No excuses and keeps the players disciplined and making the plays to win the game. Not so much a numbers guy. The good coaches in Cane history put a healthy fear in a player.


Dade - agree, would like something akin to a Saban-type hire, whatever that is!

College Football gameday leading with Shannon dismissal ...

Shannon 16-16 vs ACC in 4 years. 28-22 overall.

Mark May saying without better facilities, stadium on campus, etc etc Miami fans / alumi have unrealistic expectations.

Time to go to bed - actually just agreed with Lou Holtz's opinion on deal.


and i respectfully disagree w/ those who say RS was slipping in recruiting cuz either way u look at it, we're gonna have a not top 40 class cuz of teh amount of scholly's we got to offer...

and plus, guys like denzel perryman, the 6'6" wr benjamin in central fl. and some other guys were still in the mix and think that they are ours to lose...




Wild guess here, but if history is any indicator, coupled with these names being thrown out there on this blog, is it safe to GUESS that the next coach will come from the Big 12? The Pelini Brothers any1...yay?...nay?...why not?

VA Cane

I hope this is a real search...I am not enamored with Hocutt so much either...and I do not want to hear racist...I do not think you should ever hire a person because of color...I do not care what color a man is, I just want a good pick this time...someone who can game coach, recruit, disciple and be into the game...I mean love it with a passion.....


I'm with VAC!


It is so.




I still say Kirby isn't Paul Dee.
And that's why you see money being offered now,when Dee couldn't pull it off earlier.

Posted by: solarcane | November 30, 2010 at 07:12 PM
Paul Dee was lazy. Kirby isn't.

That's not just my opinion either

Think about this as well, objectively I might add. Say even the money was there to go get whatever assistants - how many of them do you think would've wanted to work under Boss Man?

Who knows, but it's a good question to think about

Posted by: Six | November 30, 2010 at 07:26 PM

It's pretty simple. The last time around, none of the big names were biting. So they low-balled a guy who they knew they could count on to take a low salary, and find low-paid assistants, while the administration waited for a more glamorous candidate to emerge.

Posted by: dj moonbat | November 30, 2010 at 07:18 PM

my points exactly. . .

shannon was home grown. a product of the city of miami and of the "u". if the "u" was going to support anyone with the resources that are now on the table it should have been shannon. but that didn't happen did it?

six you might be right-- maybe folks didn't want to take a risk working with shannon-- being a 1st time head coach in such a challenging situation. that's partially understandable-- but they way you offset this tentativeness is with money-- and shannon never really had the access he needed to attract the talent he needed to help shape this team. he's been running things on a shoestring budget and now the sky is the limit for the next guy?

do ya'll smell something? something is rotten in coral gables.

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