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November 14, 2010



I love it when I am right! That last TD after a fourth down deep pass was not your 2008 Randy out there.

Posted by: Ungar | November 15, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Even a blind squirrel...



"If we started the game today,'' he said, "it's Stephen Morris as the quarterback. But Tuesday and Wednesday are a long way from now, and we'll address those things when those things come.''

The way the Hurricanes played Saturday, fans have to be feeling good today. I just hope Jacory Harris stays strong mentally and emotionally, because this whole thing has to be throwing him for a loop. He's gone through the ringer physically, and I can only imagine how all this is playing out in his mind. He's a very nice kid, and I hope he comes back strong.

Stephen Morris? Very impressive. Love his demeanor on the field. Love his arm and poise. When he takes off on a run, he does it with certainty. Of course he hasn't been pounded to the ground (too much) yet. And yes, the Canes are running the ball so well recently that the quarterback benefits.

One thing is for certain: this should be a very interesting off-season, both in the spring and fall. I'm figuring that Shannon will put the position up for grabs. And you can bet that at the end of spring, Shannon won't announce a starter and will continue the competition through fall camp.

For the first time in his career since taking over the reins (post Marve), Jacory Harris appears to be the underdog.

Stay tuned.


Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/11/morris-likely-to-start.html#ixzz15N0jIWbp


I love it when I am right! That last TD after a fourth down deep pass was not your 2008 Randy out there.

Posted by: Ungar | November 15, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Even a blind squirrel...

Posted by: SOUP | November 15, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Hey, don't knock blind squirrels, they have enough trouble in life climbing trees while carrying that cane and wearing dark glasses.




I might buy some, just in honor of this great day!


Nevermind, they are shut down already.

I guess a blind squirrel can't make rum....


Miami Gardens — Tony Sparano said he had "no idea" who his starting quarterback would be Thursday night against the Bears, but it looks like his choices have been narrowed to one: Tyler Thigpen.

According to a team source, both Chad Pennington and Chad Henne are "more than likely" out for the season after suffering serious injuries in Sunday's 29-17 win over the Tennessee Titans.

A second team source said Pennington is "probably" out for the year with a fourth career injury to his throwing shoulder, but there is still "a lot left to learn" on Henne's injury to his left knee.

With the Dolphins needing to sign at least one and likely two quarterbacks this week, journeyman Patrick Ramsey, former Raider JaMarcus Russell and ex-Bronco Tom Brandstater have reportedly been contacted.


Good win for the Canes.

And Solar, still banging that Boise State drum??

C'mon brother there ain't no way they are playing for the title. And rightfully so!


Funny I never ever once said Boise will play in the title game.

But plenty of people have reminded me they won't. I wonder why it is important they tell me?

Here's the deal.

I love college football.
I grew up in South Florida, The Miami Hurricanes were the closest team I could see play live.
I became a life long fan, but never have been a blind homer.

Never became jealous of any other team because they happen to be playing well.
Mostly because I see each team as a group of kids playing my favorite sport,and not as a threat to my team's legacy.

Everybody relax, Boise isn't going to break into your house and steal your television, Its gonna be alright honest, don't panic.

The more everyone whines and biches about teams like Boise now and back Miami then just validates how much impact both have on college football.


now and back Miami then ..

damn dyslexic typewriter


Solar I'm not tying one to the other. I'm just saying a team with one loss that plays the schedule Auburn, Ohio State, Alabama or Oregon does deserves it much more.

Talent may be equal or close to equal, but the path taken to the finish line can't be compared and has to be considered... a lot.

Go Canes!


Hey peeps. I hope everyone is doing great!

I am not buying the J12 concussion.

For one, if it were a serious concussion as we see all the time in the NFL, his arms would have been frozen in the air as he laid on his back, but he was moving the entire time.

For two, he would NOT be on the sidelines during a noon game against Maryland with the sun blazing. It was so bright out there, I was even getting a headache. It was interesting to see J12 lined up next to Whipple, helping call plays out to Morris WITHOUT even sunglasses on.

For three, same with the GT game. He was out there in the bright sun not at least wearing sunglasses.

So all in all, I'm selling the concussion excuse. I am buying Morris as the starter though!


DallasTX Cane

Good points 360.

I know U all for the most part love to hate on the former TxTech HC known for his love of scoring and piracy...but, U know that was his version of the story as it relates to Craig James' kid. Post-concussion, one is supposed to avoid direct sunlight. The kid wasn't able to (or willing to) practice due to a concussion and so was told to stay in a dark room.

Not my intent to bring up Leach for debate or discussion - just to say that 360 has a good point that I overlooked/didn't give any thought to.




Yep it is a Queen reference and I was singing will typing. I thought Solar would catch it!

I just do not think many schools have the luxury of that many back up QBs these days!

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