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November 23, 2010



SSIB - if a kid comes and pans out, that's great and is whip cream on top

If he doesn't come here at all, then it really shouldn't matter b/c he was never a Cane in the first place so what did the Canes really lose

It's like saying, we lost out on someone like Denard Robinson .. well, ok, I guess .. but he was never here in the first place

Or it's like seeing some hot chick somewhere ... then her boyfriend or husband walks up ... then you're upset for some reason - who cares, she's not yours in the first place

(on another note, I never really cared if the boyfriend or husband walked up in the past, b/c I had a theory of "rings don't block holes" - ya, that's right)

Seantrel was an great accident that happened, he was on his way to USC and honestly the Canes lucked out on getting him. I'm glad it happened the way it did, believe me


Nigerian - so it wasn't Jacory's piss poor decisions in whom he threw the ball to, correct?

Not being able to go through his progressions like he should be doing ... not looking off Safeties ... staring down a wide receiver so badly that he might as well have the Goodyear Blimp flying right above his head with the words flashing "I'M THROWING IT TO BYRD"

When you have someone like Duane Starks telling you to your face that the OCoordinator can only do so much for the kid, but he's the one that actually has to realize that there are other people running underneath routes or drag routes or whatever - but Jacory still chooses to throw to the guy that is double covered, or lollipops the hell out of the ball to someone so that the DB has time to recover and get there, as well as the Safety getting time to run over there as well .... then that's a pretty tell tale sign

Jacory doesn't fit into this system. I'm sorry. Morris does. Just like Leak wasn't right for the system that Corch Irvin Meyers was running up at UiF, but Tebow was perfect for it

Did Whipple start to come around with his play calling to help pound the ball more? Sure. Then again, how long did it also take for the damn OLine to somewhat gel together in order to become a better unit at helping the run game? How many different combinations did you see along the OLine of who is where, before they started to finally settle in?

I honestly now don't even think that Teddy Bridgewater now can be able to run this offense, b/c he's doing the same thing that Jacory did in high school with the type of Offense they run. He's better suited for Oregon or some other spread school

Bridgewater sent texts to Larry Blustein during the Ohio State game and said some other things to him before the Florida State game - talking about how he wasn't going to Miami to sit the bench or Redshirt, he was coming to take the starting job. That's all well and good, but, seeing that Teddy is coming from the same system that Jacory came from - is Teddy going to be able to handle Whipple's Offense? I hope so, but, the way Morris looks - probably not, and Teddy should maybe plan on being a WR possibly


SinisterCane - that's why I also wrote this in my post about Orlando Franklin

"Maybe I shouldn't have used Orlando Franklin as an example, b/c he'd probably get called for offsides even on the sidelines "


what he said^^^


Go Canes


Sebastian57 - there's not enough leaders on this team willing to beat someone's ass for messing up

I don't think it's about the coaches delegating certain players to be leaders - it's up to the players to step up

Remember when Longo finally stepped up and got in the face of Bossman Jr. in the dugout? Tell me that wasn't refreshing not only to the fans, but to the manager and coaches as well

Miami used to recruit a certain attitude, certain guys that would come here and demand more of each other and themselves - then go out on the field and show it. If others didn't keep up, it was their ass

Don't believe me? Ask former players

Now, it's not like that

It's the Pug sounding like a Rotty


Ungar - hell man, this team does need some Code Red .. and I'm not talking about that Mountain Dew drink

I didn't want to use a military reference, b/c I don't feel I have any place talking about it by me not ever being in the military

I do know a couple of people who were in Special Forces, had the privilege of meeting some Navy SEALs and Marine Force Recon

To hear them talk about how close they were .. how they expected to do certain things and had to be able to trust one another to take care of their job .. how in BUD/s, it weeded out certain individuals .. then you always hear stories of how in basic, they'd do whatever it took to make everyone succeed or else they all failed in some sense

That's what used to happen at Miami and what needs to happen again



Hope for the future!


Six, your counter proves my point. The 3 major causes of jacory's issues were bad O line play, frequent passing plays, receivers that drop the ball. If you neutralize the 3 factors, jacory is lights out. Not to say that his mechanics are perfect, but with those 3 factors neutralized, his pluses would have been strong enough to make up for the flaws in his mechanics until he puts it all together which I believe he will in his senior year.



Man I love the Ryan Hill interview. I'm so happy for this kid and I'm pulling for at the next level. WOW how he grew up!!!


Solar/Six: a big thank you for making me literally laugh out loud after reading the electric football comments.

The comment about the completion % being 4 was classic.

I haven't laughed like that since I used to read Angry's summaries of the early season scrimmages on Friday nights, when he was half in the bag and couldn't tell who the hell anyone was - those were the perfect tonic to a long week at work.

I've got to find some images of the old hockey games, with the goalies that had great vertical motion across the crease, and the wingers that could only go vertical up and down the side boards.


Oh, and Ungar, props for your "A Few Good Coaches" diatribe. Very well done!


If you look closely, the 'Canes are in their tighty-whities and Jacory is staring down the free safety.


Nigerian - what does that have to do with exactly what I said Jacory's problems are/were?

Staring down WRs ... not making his progressions ... lollipopping the ball to his WRs ... not looking off Safeties

And like I said, it's not just me that is saying these are Jacory's problems .. you have a Super Bowl winning DB breaking him down as well

How many times did solar or someone else post an article from an opposing team newspaper where they defensive players came out and said all they have to do is look at Jacory's eyes and they know exactly where he is going?

What did what you brought up have to do with Jacory throwing into double or triple coverage?

There are more routes on each play than just the deep one that you'd see Jacory try to go to so often. There are guys running wide open underneath

How come Stephen Morris can go through his progressions and direct traffic when the pocket breaks down, as he's running - as a Frosh, but Jacory wasn't?


Confidence, How Winning Streaks Begin and End
Rosabeth Moss Cantor

Lots of Miami Hurricane examples Kosar Morgan etc., UNC Girls Soccer, Lasalle High School Football.

If you can get this link to work you can read the entire book I think.


Sarasota 'cane

Coaches come and go The Legion is forever.

Posted by: solarcane | November 23, 2010 at 10:02 AM

That's it right there!! It's a journey, not a destination!!

Go 'canes!!

Sarasota 'cane


Posted by: canezilla | November 23, 2010 at 05:23 PM

None of those guys were run off, they all quit. HUGE difference.

Go 'canes!!


It is funny how many of the same crappy toys everybody on here find intoxicating.

In Ft Lauderdale across the street from Sears Town there was a huge slot car track emporium.
I wish I knew how many dollars I wasted in that place too!


For those interested in recruiting: ITU is reporting 2012 DB A.J. Leggett has become the 5th committment to UMs 2012 class.


Hurricanes Points Scored, Allowed, Record after 11 games

Butch Davis
1995: 294..201 (8-3)
1996: 337..189 (8-3)
1997: 314..285 (5-6)
1998: 402..275 (8-3)
1999: 349..207 (7-4)
2000: 469..170 (10-1)

Larry Coker
2001: 475..103 (11-0)
2002: 447..173 (11-0)
2003: 317..168 (9-2)
2004: 354..197 (8-3)
2005: 322..134 (9-2)
2006: 217..167 (5-6)

Randy Shannon
2007: 233..284 (5-6)
2008: 308..252 (7-4)
2009: 349..258 (8-3)
2010: 306..212 (7-4)

Hurricanes Average Points Scored, Allowed, Record after 11 games

Butch Davis
1995: 29...20
1996: 34...19
1997: 31...29
1998: 40...28
1999: 35...21
2000: 47...17

Larry Coker
2001: 48...10
2002: 45...17
2003: 32...17
2004: 35...20
2005: 32...13
2006: 22...17

Randy Shannon
2007: 23...28
2008: 31...25
2009: 35...26
2010: 31...21



Hill (5-9, 255) has turned out to be good at something else, too, in his three years at UM -- opening holes for the fleet of running backs behind him and damaging equipment. Two weeks ago at Georgia Tech, Hill cracked his helmet during a head-on collision in the backfield with a linebacker.

``All I know, it was a run play -- I don't remember the exact play,'' Hill said. ``I tend to hit with my head first and then bring the rest of my body and hands. I'm pretty sure it was helmet-to-helmet. The equipment guy came to me and I showed it to him. I said, `I need to get a helmet Tuesday.' He said, `No, you have to get one now.' He said I could keep it as a souvenir, which is pretty neat.''

It was the first time Hill shattered a helmet, but not the first time UM equipment manager Bobby Revilla has had to replace one. Hill said he has shattered his face mask ``a few times'' after big hits.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/24/1940686/hill-proud-to-give-others-the.html#ixzz16CAh9PwR

Teddy Bridgewater

Elite Miami Northwestern senior quarterback/UM oral commitment Teddy Bridgewater said Stephen Morris' emergence will not deter him from joining the Hurricanes.

``Right now, I'm planning to come'' to UM, Bridgewater said. ``It's pretty definite.'' UF and LSU are pursuing him; Miami's staff is cautiously optimistic.

If Morris plays the next three seasons (he will compete with Jacory Harris in 2011), Bridgewater -- if he redshirts next season -- would have two seasons of eligibility after Morris graduates. Or UM could use Bridgewater in 2011 as an off-the-bench weapon, like UF's Trey Burton.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/24/1940617/bridgewater-says-he-hasnt-changed.html#ixzz16CB5laiN

Freshman quarterback Stephen Morris took all the snaps with the first team Tuesday during media viewing -- about 10 to 15 minutes early into the Hurricanes' practice session.

Coach Randy Shannon has said numerous times since the loss to Virginia Tech that Jacory Harris will start only if his ``timing and rhythm'' are down pat in practice, and only if he is sharp enough -- not rusty -- after missing more than three-and-half games since sustaining a concussion Oct. 30.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/24/1940904/miami-hurricanes-stephen-morris.html#ixzz16CBWlG6y





Speculation about his future swirls around him, but Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon says he isn't worrying about whether he'll lose his job.






…Shannon said he plans to meet with UM athletic director Kirby Hocutt after the season as usual, but said he hasn’t spent any time wondering about his job status. “I don’t worry about that stuff,” Shannon said. “I don’t. I worry about this game against South Florida. That’s all we have to worry about. That’s what I have to worry about.”


"It's going to come down to what he gets done in practice," Shannon said Tuesday morning. "It's like when a running back comes off an MCL sprain. Is he going to be the same?






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