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November 06, 2010


Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, and last year showed signs of things turning around. But the more I listen to him and see the team's almost chronic under-performance, there really isn't any other conclusion to draw.

It's still mind-boggling to me that someone like him would commit such a cardinal sin against Hurricane Football.

To NOT hold your players up the expectations of the past, after saying "I'm going to find someone to take your job," IS INSANE.

He's a technician, which was why he was so good at DC. As a HC, it ain't as much about the Xs and Os if you have the right people at OC and DC. It's about you getting the most out of your players and staff.

He's clearly missed that point.


canechic OK

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Stephen Morris was picked by Whipple because he has the tools to do what Whipple wants done. We cant depend on the d to keep the opponent out of the endzone or give up field position so that we get pinned back in our own side of the field. The truth is that the young guys had most of the o production in this game.

Its time for Shannon to put his time in the d side of the ball and let Whipple control the o and the players that play. Whipple will not allow us to play slackers .. runners that jump around and get caught at the line of scrimmage... and receivers that drop the ball.
Also let Whipple oversee the ST. Maybe these things will change with a little of the Whips magic. I saw the new attitude and ability that i am fimilar with as a cane fan for 30 yrs... It was from a coach who understands quality and who knows who will perform to his level of success. Give the guy who picked the pro style qb who made the plays when it counted... give the Whip more control. We will have success. Dont tamper with the old losing decisions.

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 07, 2010 at 08:03 AM


Mi@, if Whipple was so damn good why was he unemployed before Shannon hired him??

He hasn't proven squat and almost lost this game with his shot-gun happy, no disguise playcalling.

And how do you know he doesn't run the offense in total?? Please give me some proof.

I've heard about RS being a control-freak but I've also heard J12 say, "We tell coach Shannon to go over with the defense. We got this covered. We don't need him over here."

It can't be both.


sent back Solar, Thanks.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Mi@, here's Mini Martz's coaching history....


His NC was with someone else's team and players. It was his first year at UMass. He didn't win another there. In fact, his record there went from 12-3, 9-4, 7-4, 3-8, 8-4, 10-3.

Now where's the proof of all his skill??? Of how much better he knows talent or what not?? Not here.


Leadership is "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal."

Students of leadership have produced theories involving traits,[2] situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values,[3] charisma, and intelligence among others.

Arieu, A. defines a leader as "a person capable of inspiring and associate others with a dream."


Thats good stuff SOUP, I'm dealing with alot of resentment from some co-workers at my job of late. Apparently I care too much about the kids we serve at my agency. I wrote down what you just posted about leadership--its inspirational. Thx!

Great posting by all...man this blog is great! Solar, canechic, windy, miami, SOUP, CGNC and ESPECIALLY Cavaleer-- you have been posting fire lately and I've garnered so much more respect for you. I love humility.

Canechic, your post about the fickle love/hate relationship fans have with our players is true, but I want you to know that just because I want Morris to be our starting QB going forward (for the many reasons I posted last night) doesn't mean that i hate Jacory or don't wish him well in life. My mindstate is based in *performance*, and Jacory hasn't played good football this season--Can anyone really argue against that statement? Its not personal. why does it have to extremes and/or blindfollowing? Like, if you ever liked Jacory's play or cheered for him once...than you must do the same and ignore his bad play forever after that? The kid isn't playing...that it..nothing more..nothing less. If Morris doesn't perform than we should play Jacory. Accountability and competition should be involved in all postions and I welcome it at QB. this is gonna make Jacory better...no doubt!




all we need to do is take it one game at a time and things will play out...we win at GT and UNC wins against VT, then the following week will be for the ACC Championship game...and if FSU wins out we get the rematch if UNC beats NCST...do we really want a rematch against FSU though...i say he11 yeah

whos going to the VT game? i know i will be there...im kinda hoping it isnt a night game...might be too cold..initial forecast say 82 for the high and 62 for the low...that means low 70's for the game if its at night....but then again who doesnt like playing under the lights


I agree Zakkee, I just want to be cautious before I crown another king.

I bet Soup could go back in the archives and pull up some comments from when J12 took over for Marve. I am sure today's comments are very similar.

I also agree that everyone needs a good slap in the face from time to time. J12 may be living on a pedastal but we had a hand in putting him there. Just take a slow and steady approach and let's not crown Morris the next king of the team.




Also canechic, I feel like you are calling for sensitivity for Jacory more than anything, and I agree wholeheartedly (I don't want him to hurt physically or emotionally). This summer when Lebron James chose to take his talents to Collins, Ocean, and Washington..lol! Your posts towards the average Ohioans sentiments about the way he handled things (no one was mad that he wanted to play for the Heat--it was clearly about the way he did things leading up to his decision--which he's recently admitted himself..was wrong) was very insensitive. You said that we had sour grapes, needed to get lives, fall back, get over it, etc etc.. I don't believe that athletes are beyond reproach, *especially* when they are the types who demand attention, set themselves up for press, and are focused on developing "brands" by all means necessary. I don't believe we have to cheer for an athlete for life (no matter what they do personally or their performance in games), just because we have in the past. You can't stress sensitivity only when it consorts your views, you have to lead by example in all situations.

Not calling you out..you are my Cane sis (you know that)! Just checking you (out of love)...not disrespecting you!




Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 07, 2010 at 10:35 A

this photo you posted says it all. That is what I saw on the sideline that I have not seen in a while. I am not saying Morris is the next great QB just yet, but I am saying his big arm fits our talent and Whipple's offense better than J12. J12 has not improved and his stats show it. J12 has a better OL this year and better and more experienced RBs and WRs yet he still makes the same mistakes over and over. You cannot close your eyes and pretend he will get better. He won't because he is not developing those leadership qualities.

You also see M17 more engaged with his teammates and coaches on both sides of the ball and you see that more with successful teams.

As a true Cane QB, he helped improve the Canes from the days of Freeman, Wright and Marve. But for the Canes to go to the next level they need a QB that is at least a top 25 QB. The focus has to be on your coaches and teammates, not about your brand on twitter. The old Cane leaders loved the U and loved to be hated and fed off of the anger on the football field.



Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer


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