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November 04, 2010



Everything good happens after midnight...


Emeril's turtle soup recipe:



Coach Shannon on Hurricane Hotline tonight.

Deja Vu or groundhog day ?

practice hard, get better and gett'em next time.



audio link


wad up soup?
Why the need to be crude?
You know me in real life and you know exactly how I talk, probably the least crude person you know right?

actually I tried to make the clips as close to the sentiments of actual Cane fans and not sound like a fourth grade school monitor like me made em. lol!

I did one clip for the heck of it
now I got a whole pack of people requesting me to run a whole series of em,
But I doubt it
I'm working on a music video parody I think you will get a laugh from.

It might snow here Saturday morning, you believe that?


Randy Shannon is in his fourth season as Miami’s head coach and owns an overall record of 26-20.

Ralph Friedgen is in his 10th season at Maryland and is 72-48 as the Terps’ head coach.

Posted by: SOUP | November 04, 2010 at 05:26 PM

well 4 more years of 26-20 and then two 10-4 seasons with ACC Championship appearences and it's a straight push .

double down ?


Tech loses, Nesbitt out for season
Georgia Tech's Joshua Nesbitt became the top rushing QB in ACC history but then suffered a season-ending injury and the Jackets fell 28-21 to Virginia Tech...

wartown canes

Just got in from work and started reading the blog. I almost choked when i saw the Capt say RS was not the guy he thought he was. What the hell happened. I agree with him on that but what changed your mind im really curious.


Last time I will talk about this, so of course it's not going to be too short

I haven't posted since this past Saturday, but, I come back on here 5 days later and I still have the same guy humping my leg so hard that he's going to need an oil sized tanker filled with Lamisil to possibly cure it

mac, I'm going to be as nice as possible - you're just really not getting it. And I mean .. really. You've chosen to stick to one thing blindly and are happy that someone named "The Beast" or some beat writer has meandered to your little party you're holding - and then try to pass that off as that type of thinking is stone cold correct

Let me let you in on a little secret - it's not what you, "The Beast", or a beat writer thinks is the problem in blaming the OC and there are a lot more people in a lot more important positions that you might as well lump in with my man Sebastian57, mi@mic@ne, me and others on here

I'm actually friends with Chris over on that other blog that you say that I have a problem with or whatever .. so .. I dunno why you're saying I have a problem with them?

I've shed some info with him that I've gotten and have put out there on this very blog. That's why it's kind of funny of you to bring that site up and how I must have a problem with it, when some of what he ..... nevermind, you don't need to know

But, you and Cav I guess just have some reading comprehension break downs when it comes to some people doing everything but getting on a megaphone in front of you and yelling it out, without completely giving away the info or source that they or myself got it from

But now, Cav is saying that he's starting to piece things together? From what and why did it take so long? Things that others or myself have said regarding the head coach maybe playing favorites to the detriment of the team for a while now, when the OC wants to put in the kid he hand picked and recruited when Jacory messes up, b/c that kid can actually make the throws and run the type of O that would make this team click? The head coach can sit other players for a play, or a series, etc. if they f**k up, but not the guy that VTelemaque was giving a piece of his mind to on the sidelines? Or maybe not the guy that is playing the MIKE? Do you think that VTelemaque is the only one on the team that wanted to (or already has) give Jacory a piece of his mind?

Oh wait, who were the ones that were talking about how it was nice to see VTelemaque yelling at the OC during the UNC game? Are you freakin for real? You do realize that the cameras were late to the party during that incident, right?

But, it all goes back to the OC and the playcalling, correct? Not that the Defense was getting plowed by one of the worst rushing teams in the ACC, or couldn't get a stop when they absolutely had to have one. The series that UVA had after Jacory went down, that they scored a TD on, was a 11 or 12 play drive, starting at the UVA 26. We all know the D has been playing better and whether it's a sh***y deal or not for them, they needed to make a stop - but didn't when really needed to. A Frosh QB was leading the Canes back. 19 points in the 4th Qtr. Make a stop to help your QB out.

The Canes should run the ball and pound the ball the majority of the time - like they did in the UNC game, right? B/c it was Boss Man Shannon who made the OC do that, right? So how come then that's the only game so far that Boss Man has made the OC do that, if it's so vital in winning the game and everyone is complaining about how pass happy the OC is and abandons the run? The play calling at times can be head scratching it seems, then again, if you can see what is happening out there as a whole and the damn players are running the correct routes/making their blocks/etc. and the QB is making his reads and throws, then it makes a little more sense. Let me re-iterate one part especially .... if the QB is making his reads and throws. But that would be actually doing something that rhymes with "schmex-a-looting" and it can't be that b/c that's just too damn simple

Funny how when the play calling is mentioned about after Jacory went down, I guess it was forgotten that the first 4 plays when Spencer Whipple took over were all runs - but the INT almost hit Mike James right in the eyes, it went right through his hands and into a UVA player. But that's the OC being all pass happy and not sticking to the run - not that Mike James couldn't catch a pass right at his coconut and whiffed at it with his mitts

The 2nd series with Spencer in there, started with a 4 yard run. A 10 yard pass. An incomplete pass. A 4 yard run. A 12 yard pass. An incomplete pass. Then an overthrown ball for an INT - and that drive started on the Canes own 19 with 1:08 left before half - and ended on the Canes 49 with :13 seconds left. The Canes were trying to drive the ball down the field with 1:08 left, instead of sitting on it and going into half. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Fans would've complained either way that the Canes weren't trying to score or that they needed to keep the ball on the ground even more ... which would've eaten up clock a hell of a lot faster, considering how they'd most likely get less yards out of it

Did you or did you not see why the OC was wanting to get Morris in there? Helps a whole hell of a lot for the WRs to get YAC on a comeback route when the ball actually gets there before the damn DB has time to recover and get there. Also helps on the deep ball. Was the INT ball thrown to T.Benjamin in the endzone the product of a bad play call or a bad decision by the QB? I guess that T.Benjamin was the only option on that play, correct? Do you really think there is a play in the Canes play book for a jump ball to the shortest WR on the field? Wow, for anyone that does think that

Also helps when the QB runs with the ball to get out of the pocket to buy some time, or takes off running balls-to-the-wall when he sees open prairie in front of him ... and can get up without pulling his groin

It's not that I don't like Jacory. I do like that stringbean. Hell, I'd do whatever I could to help the kid by sewing his pooper shut and shoveling food down his pie hole if it could possibly add some weight to him. But I think you saw the possibilities of what can happen even with a baptism by fire with Morris, with this O

And lets get back to Jacory getting plowed. I hope Jacory is ok, never ever wish any harm upon him. I've supported the kid. I've stuck up for the kid. But the kid just hasn't progressed as hoped by this rabid fan base. It's not completely his fault b/c of the lofty expectations put on him, coming out of The West with that record and the glimpses that we saw of him last year. But then there are two camps of thinking after a certain game last year, where people started to see a drop off. Was it b/c he was injured? Was it b/c of the play calling? Was it b/c of the decisions made by him? What was the reason for all the INTS against UNC and Clemson last year? Some could be b/c of the pressure on the OLine, maybe some could be b/c of the WRs not coming back to fight for the ball .... but it ultimately rests on him, like it or not, and why hasn't he progressed this year

Also, how much more of a read-between-the-lines hint do you need from someone like Alonzo Highsmith or Brett Romberg in their interviews when they said if they saw the starting QB of their team get taken out like that, that they'd make damn sure to get retribution for it in either that game, or according to Romberg, they'd rent a van and drive up to UVA and find that guy -or- according to Jerome Brown, they better beat some ass or he'd beat his own teammates ass

I'm scared of Jerome Brown. And he's not with us anymore sadly. But I'm still scared of that cat

I just can't buy that whole being shocked aspect and that's why they Canes didn't even wake up until the 4th Quarter. Where was the rally around your fallen guy? I've seen some instances where if a player for a team is down, a whole bunch of the team goes and kneels near the guy - or at least goes over to him on the sideline to be with him. I dunno if the refs made the teams go back to their sidelines or what .. if they did, then where was the huddle of players near Jacory when he was on the bench? Remember in '89 when the Canes lost Craig Erickson at Michigan State and some Frosh kid named Gino Toretta stepped in and the troops rallied around him, winning 3 of the next 4 games? Did they seem shell shocked? I know Erickson didn't get a brutal hit laid on him like Jacory did, he just basically broke his knuckle on his throwing hand. But I bet that if Erickson did get a hit like that laid on him, those Canes would've made damn sure to do something about it. I know it's in the past and we need to stop trying to re-live those days - but, if that's not a perfect example of the difference between those players and the players now, I don't know what is

People may call for a more conservative type approach to use on O to try and fit Jacory to fit his strengths - I get that, then again, that's almost making your O too vanilla and the D will eat that up. I can get the thinking of having the stable of RBs and not using them more - then again, didn't Damien Berry get how many 100 yard games in a row, and other Cane greats from the past didn't even get that? what about that stable of WRs that the Canes have this year and the countless times we've heard about how they're the best group of WRs arguably in the country? Wasn't this supposed to be an OLine that is more athletic and bigger and stronger than we've seen in a long long time - as we were told and called fools, for not agreeing with that until we've said they've had time to mesh by the 4th or 5th game?

But no, it's all good. I've seen some pretty ridiculous stuff thrown at me by mac and Cav ... I think I'm some college football expert b/c I played college baseball still cracks me up - esp. since I probably spent more time scoping chicks in the stands from the dugout or down in the bully, than from the field ... or practicing my juggling with a baseball, donut & helmet. I just try and share what I've seen from field level or game tapes (from a camera shooting the entire field up high) and what I've heard from people who actually wore the "U" on their helmet while playing for the team we love - (off the record in private conversations, not things that are printed or said on the radio)

I'm done making the points that are shared with me by others on here and also others who are people you rooted for back in the day if you are a Canes fan. Mac, it's beyond the point of you being overly nauseous. I beat the pro-Whipple horse to a fine grain, and I'm done, just like the others that don't see him as the main problem -but- others try to lay the overwhelming majority of the blame on him

It's funny though how people are starting to pick up on hints that were dropped a while ago, like it's something new. Refreshing that it's breaking through, but funny

It's like the scene in Die Hard when the guys in the Nakatomi Tower were shooting at the spot lights while the SWAT Team was trying to get inside

Chief Dwayne T. Robinson thinks they're shooting at the SWAT Team and then says "They're shooting at them"

The SWAT Guy says "It's panic fire .. they can't see"

One of the big spot lights get shot out

Sgt. Al Powell says, while looking away with disgust "They're shooting at the lights"

Two more big spot lights get shot out

Chief Dwayne T. Robinson looks around and makes the obvious statement "They're shooting at the lights"

Kinda reminds me of something now


And Sebastian57, much respect to you my man

Now, beat the everliving hell out of the Turtles

Game can't come soon enough. Can't wait to see what will happen with Morris back there. Speedy recovery as well to Jacory - make sure your coconut is alright

As darC says ... canessss baby

Sarasota 'cane

Morning Legion! Tennis elbow and rotator strain seem to be behind me, so it's time to get my inner Jersey Shore workout back on track! GWw - Gym, walk the dog, work!

Go 'canes!

Old Skool

From AP
A person with knowledge of how the Hurricanes' quarterback is recovering from a concussion said Harris will "almost certainly not" play when Miami visits Georgia Tech on Nov. 13.

Old Skool

Bye bye Joel

Coach Randy Shannon announced that senior offensive lineman Joel Figueroa had season-ending surgery on a lower extremity.



Former Hurricane Frank Gore stopped by Thursday's walk-through practice in Coral Gables, as the University of Miami continued to prepare to face Maryland (6-2, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) at noon Saturday at Sun Life Stadium.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/05/1909653/frank-gore-stops-by-um.html#ixzz14OwXW4J2

``We can be so disciplined off the field -- we don't get into trouble, do the right things academically,'' said Shannon, whose team hosts Maryland (6-2, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) at noon Saturday at Sun Life Stadium.

``I just don't know why we can't do the same things on the field. That's the most frustrating thing for me right now.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/05/1909525/hurricanes-biggest-red-flag-the.html#ixzz14Owo45vg


"When I was here as an assistant coach with Butch in 1995, we went 8-3. We had maybe five first rounders. The next year we went 9-3 again and had maybe 4 or 5 of them again. The next year, we went 5-6, didn’t have nothing. I went to the NFL and the next couple years we went 9-4, 8-3 and then 11-1. During that time, no matter how many first rounders we had, for some reason it just didn’t click.

"To me, it’s depth. We just haven’t been able to get there yet. If you look at our offensive line, we’re playing three freshmen – Jermaine Johnson, Seantrel Henderson and Linder. It’s crazy. They are pretty decent. They’ve given up maybe 12 sacks, compared to 35 when we had a bunch of veterans. Now, after them, it’s still a bunch of freshmen.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2010/11/shannon-consistency-depth-ums-biggest-foes.html#ixzz14OxMUbRx



From the moment Ray Lewis set foot on the University of Miami campus, he openly pledged he'd become the greatest player ever to wear a Hurricanes jersey.

Outside of leaving Coral Gables without winning a national championship, his college resume clearly puts him in that debate.

When Lewis entered the NFL as the 26th overall pick in the 1996 draft, he felt slighted that 25 teams had passed on him. He pledged to become "the greatest linebacker to ever play the game."







Asked about his team's tepid reaction after quarterback Jacory Harris was knocked out of last week's Virginia game following a brutal hit, University of Miami coach Randy Shannon responded with a story from the 2001 season.

In that year's game against Florida State, Shannon proudly recalls injured safety Edward Reed getting in his teammates' faces at halftime, imploring the Hurricanes to play better.

"Don't worry that my shoulder is hurt, keep playing hard because I'm out there with you guys," Shannon, UM's defensive coordinator in 2001, remembers Reed saying. "I'm going to fight. Just follow me."

UM erupted for 28 points in the third quarter and the Hurricanes won easily.


Ray Rar Lewis

Jacob Doss, the head football coach at Windermere Preparatory School, had heard all about the rising star over at rival Lake Mary Prep.

Still, Doss couldn't help but be just a little skeptical. Sure, "Little Ray" Lewis is the son of All-Pro Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. But he's only 15 years old, a sophomore with minimal prep football experience.

It took about two hours in a pre-season game Sept. 10 to make a believer out of Doss.

Lewis, a running back, gained 504 yards to lead Lake Mary's 34-7 win - including 206 yards and two touchdowns on punt returns, 101 yards in kick-off returns, 104 yards rushing and 68 yards passing.

"He lit us up,' Doss said. "There's definitely something special about him. As soon as he steps on the field and as soon as he touches the ball, you can tell the special football gene is definitely in his body.'



^^^^^^^Ray Ray^^^^^^^^^

Bad Bart

Attitude reflects leadership.

This axiom is true if you look at it. I work in the collections field. When my boss is at his best, the rest of us are inspired to work harder. When he slacks off, the rest of us are motivated to slack off.

The same can be said for this Miami team, I believe. From Shannon down to Jacory, the leadership on this team has been poor to say the least. Attitude reflects leadership.

It has been said more than once, "How Jacory goes, so does the rest of the team."

Attitude reflects leadership.

Once Stephen Morris began leading that team last week, they began to respond. If he leads like that week in and week out, I predict that we shall see a much improved team around him.

Attitude reflects leadership.

I urge you to look for instances of this in your own life. You may be surprised what you find.


From the MH article:

The Hurricanes (5-3, 3-2) have been one of the worst offenders in the country when it comes to flags.

Out of 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams, UM ranks 118th with an average of 9.13 penalties per game.

Only FIU (9.14) and Troy State (9.57) are worse.


With so much pushing against him, with so many doubting him, with former Miami teammates cannabalizing the program — et tu, Melvin Bratton? — and with lopsided wins followed by lopsided losses, we'll find out over the final four weeks just kind of a coach Shannon is.

"Deal with it and press on,'' Shannon said of the criticism.

What'd he do after the Virginia loss?

"I don't remember it,'' he said.

Was he angry, frustrated …

"I don't remember it," he said.

The fans do caoch, the fans do. It is this emotional detachment that is hurting Team Shannon.

Because if they "forget UVA" and the negativity after it's over that means they also "forget" UNC and the positivity after it was over.

And then they come out FLAT once again...


It appears from reading the article in the PBP and listening to sports talk radio in the 305 this week that former Canes Dan Morgan, Brett Romberg and Gino Toretta have clearly jumped off of the Team Shannon bandwagon.

It may STILL be too early for that.

IF the Canes win out, finish 9-3 and win their bowl game then all may still be alright in Coral Gables for 2011.

Time will tell...


IF the Canes win out, finish 9-3 and win their bowl game then all may still be alright in Coral Gables for 2011.

Time will tell...

Posted by: SOUP | November 05, 2010 at 09:04 AM

Still won't matter playing in the Sun or Meineke Car Car bowl. PATHETIC!


Man I am so frustrated with the 'canes. Still will go to all of the games and cheer them on, but they do frustrate me. Now we are at a point where may need to make some serious coaching changes but won't and we probably want to start from scratch, but can't. This is the realization I have come to. We have POTENTIALLY Top 5 talent, but in reality are somewhere in the 50-40 ranks. This is why I am frustrated lately.

I had fallen in love with my hypothesis that this team was a contender, but the evidence now clearly rejects my hypothesis. Time to formulate a new one...


David Wilson > LM6.

He is faster, better vision, period.

Posted by: BEERicane | November 04, 2010 at 10:42 PM

Bet you change your mind after watching Mar this weekend.


Good morning folks.

I seem to have missed some drama. A reminder folks, there is more to life than football. Jump back two blogs for that little reminder.

However, this is a college sports blog for a school that is mostly a football school. So, here is my football comment for the day.

Randy Shannon has done a BETTER job than Coker, but a WORSE job than Davis, Erickson, Johnson, and Schnellenberger.

Coker was fired, the others went on to the pros. Does Shannon look more like a future NFL coach, or more like a guy about to be shown the door?

Shannon had better do a better job, because he is like a C student in a family of A students. He gets an F on one test, and the "parents" get nervous, then an A on another test, and the "parents" relax, then fails an easier test, catching his "parents" off guard.

Now they have to study with him for EVERY test, and the "parents" just don't trust him anymore. Folks are gonna stop trusting him with their kids as a football coach.

Am I saying to fire Randy? No. It's not my place to do so. But I won't be as riled about it as I would have been if they had fired him last year. And for folks that say we cannot criticise, there is a difference between criticising the players, kids that are just doing the best they can (yes, even those false starts and other dumb penalties are the best that they can do) and the professionals in charge of coaching this team.



Beericane, were you around for when the Peach Bowl was a big deal for the Canes? The bowls are not pathetic, the Canes dropping to them because of two embarrassing losses is pathetic though....


David Wilson > LM6.

He is faster, better vision, period.

Posted by: BEERicane | November 04, 2010 at 10:42 PM

That's just ludicrous.


Bet you change your mind after watching Mar this weekend.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane_4_Life! | November 05, 2010 at 09:44 AM

I sure hope so, but don't see it coming against a D that only gives up 1.9 per carry.

If he manages 4+ per carry I will be very very impressed. I know he has the potential, and to be fair hasn't really been given his due, so we will see Sat.


Beericane, were you around for when the Peach Bowl was a big deal for the Canes? The bowls are not pathetic, the Canes dropping to them because of two embarrassing losses is pathetic though....

Posted by: Ungar | November 05, 2010 at 09:47 AM

You are correct. That is the aspect I was going for.


That's just ludicrous.

Posted by: Canestruck | November 05, 2010 at 09:48 AM

His stats are better.

I hope I am worng. LM6 has potential, but so does the whole canes team.


From ESPN.com:

During the height of star quarterback Cam
Newton's recruitment out of junior college last year, a man who said he represented Newton allegedly was soliciting a six-figure payment to secure his signature on a national letter of intent, ESPN.com has learned.

Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond told ESPN.com a teammate of Bond's at Mississippi State in the early 1980s contacted him soon after Newton's official visit to Mississippi State during the Ole Miss game in December, and said he was representing Newton.

"He said it would take some cash to get Cam," Bond said. "I called our athletic director, Greg Byrne, and he took it from there. That was pretty much it."

Multiple sources told ESPN.com that Mississippi State called the SEC office with Bond's information shortly after he brought it to the attention of the school.

Sources told ESPN.com the former teammate is Kenny Rogers, who played at Mississippi State from 1982 to '85. Rogers operates a Chicago-based company called Elite Football Preparation, which holds camps in Chicago, Alabama and Mississippi. A Lexis search for that business lists Kenneth Rogers as the contact and his title as "agent." A Birmingham News story from 2008 said Elite Football Preparation "matches high school athletes with college programs."

Bond said the former teammate told him other schools had already offered $200,000, but since Newton really liked Mississippi State and had a relationship with head coach Dan Mullen dating to when both were at Florida, Mississippi State could get him for $180,000.




Miami is averaging 57,458 fans at Sun Life Stadium this season. 53,674 Hurricanes fans saw the ‘Canes beat Florida A&M in the season-opener on Sept. 2, a sell-out crowd of 75,115 were in attendance on Oct. 9 against FSU while 43,584 where there to see Miami beat UNC this past weekend.


From www.hurricanesports.com:

University of Miami junior cornerback Brandon Harris has been named as one of 10 semifinalists for the Jim Thorpe Award. Harris is the only student-athlete from the Atlantic Coast Conference to be named a semifinalist for the award, which is given annually to the nation's best collegiate defensive back.

Harris, a 5-11, 195-pound Miami native, was a preseason member of the Thorpe Award List and has been a key component for the Hurricanes' pass defense which ranks tops in the ACC and seventh nationally, allowing just 152.5 yards per game. The `Canes also lead the league in pass defense efficiency (93.1). On the year, Harris has registered 30 stops (27 solo) - including one behind the line, with a team-high tying four pass breakups and an interception.

This marks the second straight year Harris was named a semifinalist for the Thorpe Award. Other Hurricanes to be named semifinalists for the award include Kenny Phillips (2007), Brandon Meriweather (2005), Antrel Rolle (2004), Sean Taylor (2003), Ed Reed (2001), C.J. Richardson (1994), Ryan McNeil (1992) and Bennie Blades (1987). Taylor was named a semifinalist in 2003 and Blades won the award in 1987.


Randy Shannon remains calm through storm
By Heather Dinich

Miami coach Randy Shannon likes to get up around 5 or 5:30 a.m. and go for a run. It’s his outlet, he said, the one vice he has to relieve his stress.

He’s been running a lot lately.

“I don’t keep everything inside, no,” he said. “Everybody thinks I keep everything inside. I still coach and have fun.”

If there ever were a season in which it would be understandable for Shannon to be on edge, this would be it. He enters Saturday’s game against Miami without his starting quarterback, Jacory Harris, and leading rusher, Damien Berry, who are both injured. With a 5-3 overall record and 3-2 ACC record, it doesn’t look like the Canes will be winning any titles in Shannon’s fourth season – especially after Virginia Tech’s Coastal Division win over Georgia Tech on Thursday night.

For the Canes, it’s adding up to be another pedestrian performance at a program where average seasons have cost previous coaches their jobs. Shannon has earned a reputation for his stoic and sometimes defensive demeanor, but somehow, he has remained calm and seemingly more approachable throughout this storm.

“It’s something you have to go through,” Shannon said. “It bothers me, it upsets me. It burns me up inside, but I know one thing – I have to get this team back and ready to play Maryland. If I go out there ranting and raving like a maniac and doing things like that instead of coaching and being excited at practice and giving Stephen Morris all the confidence in the world, it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be the same way.”

Miami fans are growing weary of the same way.

“People see athletic ability but they don’t see immaturity of some positions, or guys changing positions, or what was their role there,” Shannon said. “They say that everybody at the University of Miami has all this talent but they keep forgetting everybody has talent. The talent has to grown and go in sync with each other.”

Shannon isn’t listening to the fans, though, he’s listening to his colleagues. He said about six coaches throughout the country, inside and out of the ACC, have called and offered him encouragement.

“They’re trying to compensate and making me understand, ‘You’re a coach like us, we just want to show you support. I know you’re going to get upset, Randy, but you’ve just got to stay your plan, do what you do. Yeah, it’s Miami. Everybody is going to be on you, the fans, everybody. You just don’t know what’s going to happen at Miami. Just keep doing what you’re doing, everybody respects what you’re doing,’” Shannon said. “That’s all I can do. I know my job is to concentrate on winning the job against Maryland this week. That’s the total focus. We still have a lot of things to look forward to in this conference.”

Shannon did something Miami fans don’t want to hear – he gave more reasons why this team hasn’t been as far along as many might have expected it to.

“Everybody wants us to do it, but has everybody looked at it this way? On the offensive line, we’ve played three freshmen. People don’t realize that,” he said. “ … A new center, Tyler Horn, Orlando (Franklin) has moved to a new position, and we’ve probably given up, what? 11 or 12 sacks this season compared to 35 last year? Then you’ve got running backs that are new … Your third string running back is now your starting running back because (Graig) Cooper has been out. Then you go to your receivers, yeah, they’re doing good, but we lost three tight ends last year – all real, real, real good players. You total those guys up and we were catching maybe 45-50 balls last year between those three guys. Defensively, we moved Colin McCarthy from outside linebacker to inside to try and give us some stability.”

Does Miami AD Kirby Hocutt understand all of those reasons?

“Don’t know,” Shannon said, “don’t know.”

Hocutt declined to comment about Shannon’s future at Miami, but it appears he has the support of university president Donna Shalala. Shannon’s four-year contract, coupled with the discipline he’s instilled and his nearly flawless graduation rate – are reasons he should still be sleeping well.

His 26-20 record on the field, though, is reason to run.


“They’re trying to compensate and making me understand, ‘You’re a coach like us, we just want to show you support. I know you’re going to get upset, Randy, but you’ve just got to stay your plan, do what you do. Yeah, it’s Miami. Everybody is going to be on you, the fans, everybody. You just don’t know what’s going to happen at Miami. Just keep doing what you’re doing, everybody respects what you’re doing,’” Shannon said. “That’s all I can do. I know my job is to concentrate on winning the job against Maryland this week. That’s the total focus. We still have a lot of things to look forward to in this conference.”

^I'd be doing the same thing if I were the opposing coaches. Because what RS is "doing" is giving the other teams opportunities to win against the 'canes.

Read: "Keep doing what you are doing, Randy. You have all of our support because if you keep doing what you are doing, the rest of us will have a good chance at success against your team."

You can't take advice from the enemy. The fact that he listens to these guys means he is the most gullible guy on earth.


I hope they run Miller outside the entire game. The guys fast and then faster.
I haven't seen anything as far as breaking tackles or power coming inside though.
Berry would drag guys for five yards at times running inside
Watching a few of the games again Miller goes down about the same way Cooper did his first year.

Miller gets the ball tossed to him or stays outside he's gold, inside look for Storm or Mike James to have to do the pounding.


Randy before you leave, recruit some big time d-tackles & linebackers. Every big linebacker you bring in you want to make him a D-End. Do you honestly think Marcus Robinson has a shot at the pros at D.End at 6'1 240?
This season has been pissed away by our stoic head coach who now says we don't have depth in certain areas. I'll tell you the flippen areas you need help at and that's stopping the 10 penalties a game you get and finding a QB that isn't color blind. If you could have solved these 2 problems you might be undefeated and we the fans wouldn't be swan songing your azz!


Randy should put himself off limits to the press and let his players do the talking.

Brandon Harris interviews are always honest, cliche free and from the heart.

The coach sounds just like a used car salesman that has never opened the hood on any car, never picked up a wrench, and trying to explain how easy it is going to be to fix the car's motor.


Miller gets the ball tossed to him or stays outside he's gold, inside look for Storm or Mike James to have to do the pounding.

Posted by: solarcane | November 05, 2010 at 11:08 AM

Agree 100%.


Same with Shannon: the guy's a god, and he's going to lead us to the promised land.
Absolutely wrong on that one as well!

Posted by: AlpharettaCane | August 31, 2008 at 03:51 PM

note the date that was posted.

wartown canes

With Jacory out for 2 weeks and Berry out for this game that is gonna be the excuse not to show Shannon the door. The kool aid drinkers will say he didn't have a full team, they were young, guys were out of position (kinda like Shannon in the article above) etc. What happen's next year when B Harris is in the pros, Bailey is in the pros's, Hankerson is in the pro's, Franklin is gone DvD is gone(not that important i know) Ryan Hill gone. These guys are all starters/contributors at important position's and as of right now who has demonstrated the ability to replace them ? Henderson will move in place for Franklin but that is it. U can bet your ass that the we are young crowd will be back in full force next year


Gore Attends Practice
Former Hurricane running back and current San Francisco 49er Frank Gore was in attendance at Thursday's practice. Gore, who ranks second in the NFL with 1,039 all-purpose yards this season, watched most of the practice and afterwards he spent time talking with Lamar Miller and running backs coach Mike Cassano. Gore's 49ers have a bye this week before playing host to St. Louis next weekend.


Sorry if this was posted already. Busy at work, and didn't have time to read all the comments.

wartown canes

Part of the reason we dont see or know who can replace these guys is because we never see them in a game. Against the FLa a&m's of the world u cant let up play, your back up's get them in the game im not saying score 70 pts but dont slow it down at 30-35 pts with a quarter left. if you hang 50 on em o' well.


I know everyone saw Va. tech win last night and the difference between them and us they win the games they are supposed to win and are luckier than hell when winning the close games. They find a way to win the tough games more often than not. This is something we sorely lack, plus their coaching staff ahs been together forever. Shakey Shannon will be here at least another year, so he better figure out how turn this mess around. We have a ton of veterans on this team and there is no excuse for the up and down lackadasical play we exhibit.


So when do we start blaming the players? If you listen to most of the canes interviews most of them say a coach can only do so much. Im not saying RS should not get any blame he sure as hell should, but when is one of these players who EVERYBODY was recruiting not just RS say enough is enought with this BS!!!!


Perfect example of this is look at the Ed Reed speech against FSU. Don't you think Coker went in there and gave a speech to the players. You think they cared what Larry had to say or did they hear one of there teammates who was playing his hurt calling them out?

I'm sorry I know everybody hates RS and I get it and they have a right to. I also understand that in college you can't get rid of players so the coach needs to go. I just believe at some point this all falls on the players for dropping passes for having false starts not the coaches. IMO

I'm sure ill get killed for this point of view lol oh well. I'll be one of the 20grr tomorrow at the game cheering and maybe just maybe watching the future of this team in Morris and Miller!!!


Love Jacory and Damien, they sure the hell haven't been pulling a Leggett while being here. Damien has that pissed off running style that is fun to watch

But damn, it's going to be a little exciting to see Morris and Miller/Storm/Mike James rotation as well

Mainly, I want to see Storm and Morris. We've seen that blur Miller and Smiley do his thing - we're in good hands with those cats, they've proven to be valuable in their showings


pbcfrcane13 - you're not the only one out there that wants the players to be accountable for their f-ups, or, for leaders to emerge on this team to get in the face of others. That Romberg interview and others have a lot of common themes in them that they've stated ... mainly talking about lack of leadership out there and just how different some of these players are as if they went from stallions to geldings somewhere between their last year of high school and their Frosh year of college

DallasTX Cane

He's not the leader we thought he was or could be.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 04, 2010 at 10:07 PM

WTF?!? Say it ain't so Joe.

So Cav, what happened between Sat/Sun and Thu - b/w ranting and railing about Whip & how Randy & the players put Whip in his place to now giving up on Randy?


TGIF Canes fans! Well I will be watching the game tomorrow and am excited to see Morris back there. I hope Jacory's concussion is not too severe. My friend's 11 year old son suffered one and the neurologist put him on "brain rest" for 8 weeks - no sports, no texting, limited computer time, etc. They take concussions alot more serious now than before. Interesting about the mental stimulation the neuro wanted to cut back on.

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