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November 10, 2010


Old Skool

Okay well no one else is up



The whiz kids from the University of Miami recruiting class of 2008 -- rated No. 1 by ESPN -- grabbed the national headlines two seasons ago: quarterback Jacory Harris and his Northwestern High teammates such as Marcus Forston, Sean Spence and Tommy Streeter; others, too, such as cornerback Brandon Harris.

Some have dazzled. More have not.

Look again.

This season, a new group of youngsters is emerging from the less heralded classes of 2009 and 2010. And they are turning heads.

Last Saturday in UM's 26-20 victory against Maryland, two UM freshmen made their first career starts -- and they flourished.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/10/1917861/new-batch-is-making-big-impact.html#ixzz14sihBwvP

Injury concerns


Manny- Class of 2008 owes Shannon



SS- Tech

Cornerback Brandon Harris says the best way to get the younger players on Miami's defense to understand just how dangerous Georgia Tech's triple option can be is to show them.

"The film didn't disappear," Harris said.

In fact, the 'Canes have watched as much of their 41-23 loss at Georgia Tech two years ago as their 33-17 win at home last season.

"We've seen the good and the bad, what can happen when you do what you're supposed to do, and unfortunately we've seen what can happen when you come out and slip up on an offense like this," Harris said.


Hurricanes QB Jacory Harris still hasn't done any physical activity since sustaining a concussion two weeks ago at Virginia, coach Randy Shannon said Tuesday. Harris continues to do film study.

He was expected to be further examined Tuesday. If all goes well, the junior might start running and perhaps participate in practice on a limited basis later in the week.

He won't play Saturday at Georgia Tech, where Stephen Morris will make his second start. Shannon said he was impressed by how involved Harris was on the sideline Saturday in supporting Morris






Damien Berry, the University of Miami's leading rusher, could be sidelined for a second consecutive game when the Hurricanes face Georgia Tech on Saturday, coach Randy Shannon said


Nobody's perfect. Not even Matt Bosher on extra points.

Over two-plus seasons, the University of Miami senior booted 105 consecutive extra points, the second-longest streak in school history.

But, like a pitcher who suddenly can't locate the strike zone, Bosher has found it difficult lately to kick the ball through the uprights. Going back to the Clemson game on Oct. 2, Bosher has missed four of his past 15 extra-point attempts.

"It happens in everybody's career," said Bosher, a Jupiter High graduate. "It's definitely not something I'm happy about. Sometimes you get complacent and it takes getting knocked down to get back up."
Nobody's perfect. Not even Matt Bosher on extra points.



Consider this for a second.

Say Whipple was here when Marve got here.
Think if Marve had been mature enough to be a college quarterback his freshman year.

Think about Morris' arm strength and his ability to roll out and run.
Think about Marve's arm strength and ability to run.

I wonder how it would have turned out with Marve running Whipple's offense three years , leaving his senior year and Morris knowing the offense like the back of his hand and stepping in right on cue.

Who knows


"You can never get tired of talking to Hurricanes CB Brandon Harris. Not because he’s a good quote — which he happens to be — but because he’s reflective, honest and speaks from the heart."

Like I said, I hope after B harris gets out of the NFL he becomes a coach at some level, he is a fine young man.

Old Skool



Good point about Marve,its to bad with his injury history he might not get a chance to show what he could do at this level

The question I have which I made in an earlier post is...is Whip being given the on field control of who plays and who doesnt play?

What the rotation is going to be, who plays in what package

IMHO if Whipple was allowed to control that part of it, we wouldnt be talking about problems on O

The `Canes would have one of the better all around Os in the nation


OK - If I were to ask you what were the 2 best defensive lineman in UM history, what names would you come up with??


Posted by: raizecane | November 10, 2010 at 09:03 AM

easy....Jerome Brown Warren Sapp


Can any of you say what happened to Calvin and Truth?


OK - If I were to ask you what were the 2 best defensive lineman in UM history, what names would you come up with??

Posted by: raizecane | November 10, 2010 at 09:03 AM

Jim Burt and Russell Maryland and Cortez Kennedy might also deserve some shots at that list.

Jim Burt just for the FSU game, Maryland and Kennedy based on their draft positions.


easy....Jerome Brown Warren Sapp

Posted by: Canestruck | November 10, 2010 at 09:04 AM

What about Cortez the Killer and Hendricks?


Posted by: BEERicane | November 10, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Yea listing 2 is difficult. I included swag as a attribute. I agree with Cortez and Hendricks


Interesting Article from the town in Illinois that is next to mine.

Apparently, the Florida Gators are contacting high schools with gators as mascot and telling them not to use their logo.




Truth and 86Cane had differences of opinion about several subjects and they mutually decided to go separate ways.

Calvin I'm not positive about.
There was a misunderstanding here of some sort and Calvin hasn't posted in a long while.


Listing two would be really hard for me.

Probably Russel Maryland and Ted Hendricks.
It would impossible for me not to want Jerome Brown as the best just because of his attitude and confidence.

Jerome Brown and Rohan Marley are the epitome of what a real Miami Hurricane looked like on defense to me.

That was a tough question, and a good one.


That sucks for all the stuff the school will have to throw away, plus the painting.
Disney did that same thing to lesser extent a child care center in Florida years ago.

They made the center paint over Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Kinda stupid considering that all the kids were reminded of Disney World everytime they walked by the pictures.


That was funny.

The Cousin Marrying State would look sweet on the Alabama auto tags.

Old Skool

Can't argue with Jerome and Hendricks
Didn't know the Stork.but besides Jerome, my other favorite player (not the best) on the D line was Rusty Medearis.


OK here is without a doubt the most amazing thing you are going to see in a long long time

Don't miss this!!



Really Marve? Marve can not run a pro style O he's to short. Morris works cause of his height and so does Harris. It's very rare you can find a 6'0 QB who can play under center. Marve and Harris were brought in because of NIX running spread Option

Old Skool

Kind of interesting an Illinois school would use a Gator as a logo. I would think you would want something the students could relate to in some way.

I would also assume that's why you don't see a lot of schools in Florida with walrus, wolverines, polar or grizzly bears as mascots.


pbc that's a good point.

Marve being to short, but Jacory being just the right height.

Makes Jacory's penchant for throwing picks even worse.

I like Morris, we all do.
You already see the same people that were going to Jacory's Sophomore Heisman Award Reception, grinding away on Morris' leg.


"You already see the same people that were going to Jacory's Sophomore Heisman Award Reception, grinding away on Morris' leg."

Don't get me wrong I was the Marve fan who wanted Marve then saw we were going to a pro style. New we had to go with Harris.


Marve wouldn't have fared any better than JH, IMO, Marve would've been worse. Although He had a stronger arm than JH (and even that's very debatable), He had a slow release, and just observing His temperament on and off the field, He wouldn't have had the patience to go through the reads and progressions in this type of offense, the kid was a panicker...


aight I am out,
catch you guys later today

Here is Bruce Springsteen and Clarence hangin out


Larry The Ninja singing Kung Fu Fighting


Old Skool

Okay I'm amazed.


I couldn't believe the skill agility and strength in that clip!

aight Im out the door till later


Drew Brees 6'0


Interesting points, solar, and I wonder if the "maturity" issues would have come out a little different with Whipple.
Brandon Harris is a great interview, good kid. My only disappointment is that they don't have someone who doesn't have a father that works with the Staff saying similar things.


Like I said, I hope after B harris gets out of the NFL he becomes a coach at some level, he is a fine young man.

Posted by: solarcane | November 10, 2010 at 08:08 AM

He is. They wrote an article about how he is already planning on re investing in his community. Great story about how his grandpa had a laundromat and would cook catfish or something in the back for the kids. Now it's shut down.

If he comes back that would be comparable, IMO, to Ed Reed level of leadership, commitment, passion etc. And if he leaves I won't think anything bad about it. Who can blame him?

Finished Badasses about The Raiders solar. Good book, even for a Dolphins fan, a lot of characters on that team is right!


anyone seen canezilla??? canezilla..if you stop by email me at mike@centralvacuumplanet.com... trying to figure out were people will be for tailgating at GT....anyone else going feel free to email me as well..we will be there around 9 or 10


Most Important thing B.Harris said is "shut up blaming my coach its our fault...Randy won't get credit unless we lose, it is our fault if we lose but Randy and Staff get the blame, vice versa if we win the same kids who did so many wrong things get the praise as opposed the coach tht got em ready"...True all the fairweather fans and all want Randy's head how many kids are going to play for anyone but Randy..start thinkn of wht you wish for before you wish stupidity drops in bunches folk...he hand pickd these players and he is who they wanna play for...

12% 4Eva ... Leave Randy Alone ... Cuz the Next Coach could and most likely will be 100x WoRST...


Oh Yea...and

RCCF said tht



solarcane that vid of the girls on bicycles was ridiculous...thats what I call swagger. Teamwork, trust, focus, strength, balance guts (the lil girls flipping onto the other MOVING bikes have tons of heart!) and commitment (could you imagine whats happened in their practices for them to make it thru that routine flawlessly.

Amazing example of swag..the players should have to watch this...lol!


Packers' Al Harris signs with Miami Dolphins - http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ap-dolphins-harris


Amazing example of swag..the players should have to watch this...lol!

Posted by: Zakkee | November 10, 2010 at 12:34 PM

I agree.....If the canes come remotely close to working as a team like those kids did, we would never lose.

I saw LaNumba here in Orlando and it's amazing what they can do.


^^^ La Nuba


Phil Steele has UNC over VaTech -http://philsteele.com/Blogs/2010/Nov%2010/DBNov10.html

Bowl Predictions -http://www.philsteele.com/bowls/10-11Bowls/Bowlprojections.html

All American's -http://philsteele.com/All_Conference/2010Midseason/all_american.html

All ACC - http://philsteele.com/All_Conference/2010Midseason/acc.html

DallasTX Cane

Posted by: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000117339359 | November 10, 2010 at 12:11 PM

What up RCCF? Nice to see U around.

All players say that about their coaches tho. The Cowboy players are all saying the same thing out here...it wasn't the coaches' fault...its on the players...blah blah...yada yada. The thing is that the players don't have a good perspective and don't have a long term view of any given situation. Don't forget that the players basically chose Coker. That worked well for a year, almost two. After that, not so much.

I still support Randy and, like I said way back after OSU, won't come to any firm opinion until the entire season is over including bowl game. However, IMO what any player says in public or how any player feels about a certain coach shouldn't be a main deciding point for the AD and Administration when determining who is going to lead the Program.


Marve has a stronger arm than Jacory

In fact, that was an ongoing message on this blog for a long time while Marve was here - if Marve could put some touch on his pass like Jacory can, instead of unloading it and trying to impale the WRs with the ball each throw

Even in high school, I watched that kid throw a bomb that brought rain down from the sky


It's always interesting to go back and watch the recruiting videos of the kids before they become Canes

Danniel Adderly, Allen Bailey, Damien Berry, Jared Campbell, Lee Chambers, Cooooper, Kayne Farquhason, Harland Gunn, Hankie, Tyler Horn, Robert Marve, Jermaine McKenzie, Shawnbrey McNeal, JoJo Nicholas, Adewale Ojomo, Chris Perry, DVD, Doug Wiggins

Marve's arm in High School at Plant -

6:22 - 6:26 bomb
6:30 - 6:34 bomb, leading the WR



No one other than Jerome Brown was more dominant than Cortez Kennedy.


hi pb,
Kennedy turned into a bad boy after he got here that's for sure.
Cortez was damn lucky to have Shannon as a roommate.
Remember what a huge fat azz Kennedy was at first, you would see him in for what two plays? then he'd sitting on the sideline gasping for air.
He looked like he was going to be a bust.
Randy gets in his room and turns Cortez into an NFL hall of famer.


DTX - worse team ... the Dallas Cowboys of 2010 or the 2007 Miami Hurricanes

Kitna making $4 Million to me is a complete joke. Why is your back up making that kind of money? Even as starter before he came to Dallas, he'd only thrown more TDs than INTs in a season 3 times - from 1997-2010

Also, what in the hell is wrong with their Defense? 2nd to last in the NFL in PPG given up (232)

I don't mind it too much though - seeing both the Longhorns and Cowboys struggling this year makes me turn my frown upside down on bad days ... esp. seeing a Cane (Sam Shields) grab an INT away from Miles Austin in their last game


I'd say Dan Sileo

There is no greater DLineman that went to Miami ... ask him


Those girls were unreal huh.
I have never seen anything like that as far as having complete confidence in your team mate.


lol, Six!
Are we voting on best Canes DL? Jerome Brown is the best there was and ever will be for us or anyone else. Tez's one year was phenomenol. But I'll go with Maryland at #2 because he was dominant for longer. And Rus in college was about the coolest athlete you could ever meet.


I have never seen anything like that as far as having complete confidence in your team mate.

Posted by: solarcane | November 10, 2010 at 02:45 PM

Except for this:


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