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November 08, 2010




Sarasota 'cane



Yea our special teams are a disgrace.

When other teams can bring back every kick regardless of their talent, changes have to be made, and made they will be I'm thinking.


Solar...U see your man Collier up there?


yea man, I wonder how Thearon is adjusting out there?
I bet when he saw Morris hitting Byrd on those two plays he was digging how fast the ball was whizzing by defenders.


What's up with Miami's recruiting...George farmer
..Tony steward and that de clowney...any news

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer



I think it's a money issue, the lack thereof. There is no possible reason otherwise.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Capt my Capt,
Is this not exactly what I said to you was his problem running the team and he was even worse about on game day, at least three seasons ago and every season since, while you assured me he just needed a couple more pieces to the puzzle and I shouldn't be worried?!!!!

I still don't get how it is a fact when you realize it three years later, but it is just me bashing Randy when I said the same thing when I was a lot younger lol!!

Posted by: solarcane | November 08, 2010 at 09:02 PM


Solar, I don't remember what you said but just saying a HC has a big ego or whatever, or that RS is stubborn isn't quite the sort of information that's going to tell me much about his leadership abilities.

Now, if you'd told me that he was following some practices and making decisions that were fundamentally contrary to the U, and that his stubborn-ness and inability to see himself was literally damaging and undermining his strengths, his image, his reputation, and ultimately his team and aspirations....I would have taken pause.

But it's all good. It's clear, more or less, about as clear as it can be over the internets. haha


need new coach for st's no doubt. wasn't lovett st coach at unc before coming to the U?



You don't remember me telling you I thought taking names off the uniforms was going to make zero impact and it was candy assed and useless?
You don't remember me saying I thought Shannon is a crappy game day coach and never has his players ready for big games? (For at least three years straight.)

You don't remember me saying I thought how he handled Marve and Jacory was a sign of poor coaching.
There are a dozen other examples I'm sure.
Yet through all of that you were saying bosses and hogs, too young, pieces of the puzzle, Shannonites would rule the ACC.

Well we have a full roster of Shannonites now, and what they have amounted to is a group of talented kids that lack the HC they deserve to be leading them.

Sometime take a minute and go back into the archives and read some of the statements you made about Shannonites and Bosses and Hogs. Read how adamant and sure of your beliefs you were.
It is all right there, year in year out.

I am wrong plenty of times, I admit it to you.
Recent examples are Lamar Miller is twice as good as I said he is.
Storm Johnson and Tommy Streeter didn't break into the lineup like I said they would.
C-Mac hasn't gotten better like I said he would.

I like debating or bantering or BSing or whatever you and I do over the years because it never ends up in name calling and stupidity.
You probably think I'm as dead wrong about as many things as I think you over estimate, that's what makes entertaining .

In a couple years maybe you suddenly realize something Alph, soup, Six or me told you this year, that you brushed off as inaccurate, was actually indeed just the way you finally see it is.
maybe you will say you guys told me so.


We have too many great athletes not to be great on STs. Changes must be made.





Hankerson leads the ACC in receiving yards per game, with 83, and is on pace to be the first UM player to break 1,000 yards since Andre Johnson -- No. 2 all-time in single-season receiving yards -- had 1,092 yards in 2002.

Not only will the Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High alum receive his liberal arts degree in May, but he also is thriving in football. Hankerson has caught a pass in 22 consecutive games and leads UM in catches (48), yards (747) and receiving touchdowns (10).

Should he topple the 1,000-yard barrier, among the names he would surpass on the all-time list: Willie Smith (852), Michael Irvin (868), Santana Moss (899) and Wesley Carroll (952).

Eddie Brown had the top receiving season in UM history with 1,114 yards in 1984

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/09/1915999/miami-hurricanes-leonard-hankerson.html#ixzz14mc9TZOL

ACC rookie of the week


UM quarterback Stephen Morris stands on the sideline during the third quarter of the University of Miami's 26-20 victory against Maryland at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens on Sat., Nov. 6, 2010.
Related Content
Miami Hurricanes' Leonard Hankerson proves he has staying power True freshman quarterback Stephen Morris was honored for the first time Monday by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Morris, making his first career start Saturday against Maryland, completed 18 of 30 passes for 286 yards and a touchdown -- with two interceptions -- in a 26-20 victory. But his final completion was his most gratifying: a 35-yard, game-winning touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson with 37 seconds left. Morris also ran for 16 yards on a third-and-11 on the winning drive. The 286 yards was the most for any UM quarterback this year.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/09/1916173/miami-hurricanes-stephen-morris.html#ixzz14mdDKgR4




The objective was clear after Maryland linebacker Alex Wujciak intercepted Stephen Morris' pass and rumbled 60 yards for a touchdown.

The pick had the potential to cause the true freshman's confidence to plummet. But it wouldn't because the ball, and pressure, was handed off.

When Miami's offense came back on the field trailing 14-6 in the second quarter, senior Graig Cooper ran the ball the first four plays. Mike James took over from there with four carries on the final six plays of the 10-play, 80-yard drive.

James scored on a 2-yard touchdown, stretching the ball across the goal line as three Terrapins took him down.

The Hurricanes finished with a season-high 49 carries, for 218 yards, in the 26-20 win Saturday.





Anyone know if central florida brighthouse carries the acc network? I checked their listing and didn't see it but someone told me they do have it. Thanks



Information Saturation

So much is being talked about right now and most of it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Bottom line, I don't think many of the folks in the stands or on the message boards have a good sense of where bothhocutt and Donna Shalala stand regarding the future of this football program. They both know that having a winner on the field means more revenue for the program and at day's end, this is a business.

More than one big time booster has shared with me that there IS money for a buyout, if needed. The Canes play the same place the Dolphins do, meaning our local NFL franchise has a vested interest in seeing UM win ballgames. With that in mind, there have been rumblings that the Dolphins would be willing to contribute financially if change needs to be made.

Again, I wouldn't call that "concrete" Info, but it's something I've heard and is worth thinking about when hearing the notion that the administration and other locals don't care what happens to Miami football. There is more going on behind the scenes than you're giving credit for.

Another booster shared with me that if change is made, there will be enough money there to give UM several coaching options to choose from. I don't believe he was calling for any $4-5M pay days or Urban-money, but I don't feel that paying the next UM coach $3M annually is out of the question.

The Herald's Greg Cote had a note that boosters were putting together their own head coach wish lists IF a change has too be made. That doesn't mean it'll be the same candidates the admin has on their list, but we do know that money has a ton of influence - especially in the world of big time college football. Those folks who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis? They have their say and the important decision makers listen when they speak.


[Bosher] "Is he distracted or has he found a new love?"
Hmm, she does look pretty good. I can see why Bosher's leg is a little, ummm, shifted.

"And by the way, where the heck is the dependable Thearon Collier when U need him?"
I guess he wasn't dependable enough.

When SOUP is the one stirring the pot, is there soup inside it?


Thanks 4 the good news sinister.


Hurricane Headquarters
Miami versus GA Tech
Friday, November 12th 3:00 – 12:00
Pep Rally at 8:15ish.
Miami Hurricane Cheerleaders and Sebastian will be in attendance!
All ‘Canes will be on site.
Party with hundreds of Miami Hurricane fans.
Food and drink specials: $1.50 Drafts, $4.00 Cheeseburgers, and many more!
Wear your orange and green   
Saturday, November 13th 9:30 – 11:30
Kitchen and bar will be open for Miami Hurricane fans.
Der Biergarten – Next to STATS
300 Marietta Street, NW, Atlanta , GA 30303
www.derbiergarten.com  / 404-521-27282 
Atlanta Hurricane & Alumni Club
www. atlantacanes. com


"The three finalists for the Joe Paterno award will be announced on Monday, December 6th. The formal announcement of the award will be made on Saturday, December 18th, 2010.
(Coach Paterno is not eligible for this award.)"

That actually sucks. Guy got to #400, and wins doing it "the right way" before doing it the right way was in style. Yeah, 1987 Fiesta Bowl eats at my craw, but even that he handled with class. Lou Holtz didn't handle his win against us with class, showing the difference.


We need more size...
Posted by: carolinacane | November 08, 2010 at

ok this one is mine... thats what she said lmao
Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 08, 2010 at 05:24 PM

Mi@mic@ne, the Stephen Morris of Canespace! Stepping in when the leader falls down on the job.


Miami Heat 2006 NBA Finals video, posted by a GATOR fan, and the first face I saw looked familiar. Is that who I think it is, or is there a Gator doppelganger out there?



Reviewed www.cfbstats.com

Interesting to note that the Canes have improved statisically and are the leaders in the ACC and even nationally in many categories on defense.

On offense, the Canes are improving. They are 3rd in the ACC in total offense. The turnovers and penalties are hurting this offense. In addition, the Canes lead the ACC in plays of 10+ yds but are near the botton in the explosive plays of 20+, 30+ and bigger. J12 simply has not delivered on the long ball consistently and the RBs have broken a few long runs but not enough. The Canes need to be. More explosive an offense and special teams.

M17 has a better passer rating than J12 and he had the most passing yds put up by a Canes QB this season. M17 has a stronger arm and actually gets along with his teammates. M17 is a better fit for Whipple's offense and if he continues to inprove he can be dangerous.


As usual, when the Canes falter, so does the television coverage. Is this game on TV? I can't seem to find an answer.

Bad Bart

Wish I could join you guys in the ATL this weekend, but my son's b-day party is Saturday and the Ex won't let me bring him to Atlanta because she has spent all kinds of moolah on his party....ugh....oh well! That and she has his little head screwed up that he thinks the only football team worth watching is the Chicago Bears.


MaryLou...it is on ESPN3..is your internet provider has it..or the ACC Network, but idk what that is lol


If you have the XBOX360 and subscribe to LIVE, you can get ESPN3 as well.


If you have the XBOX360 and subscribe to LIVE, you can get ESPN3 as well.

Posted by: raizecane | November 09, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Not yet you can't. It won't be out until 2011


Every thing is relative to the perfect standard. We all want to pinpoint one thing as the absolute reason.

1 We say its all the coaches fault. But there was a situation where we had a head coach that was a total misfit for the Cane tradition but the playas rose above that and took control of the team. It was Butches recruits.
2. We say that its Whipples fault. He doesnt seem to have the Cane mentally of running the football until .. like arm wrestling when their d says uncle and we win. But that may be from an incomplete comparison of the facts between todays kinds of players with the slow and small defenders we played against in the past.Maybe Whipples philosophy needs to be compared to the totally inept offenses we had under Nix when we held the ball for 3 plays just to let our defense win the game. Maybe Whipples philosophy to do something totally out of character with these tendencies is what makes the running game successful for a couple of games until the opponents get on to our tendencies and shut the running game down.
4. Maybe the qb is the uno reason that offenses struggle because if the qb does not have all of the intangibles as well as meeting the standards of all of the passing requirements ... ie.. touch on ball when necessary... throwing the rope for 30 yds on the curl and let Benji have space to turn it up for a td. And running like a receiver when he needs to pick up a first down... all of these things make a Whipple of transform into a magical scoring machine. Confidence in qb builds like a train of success running down the tracks.. you cant stop it.
5. Maybe the players are frustrated because of the tendencies to be in the wrong place so they are a step slower and there is not an immediate answer to the opponents success. Because of the equal talent and speed the dominate player out of position could give the opponent the edge to make a big play. So present day coaching is more of a chess match in recognition and not the players speed and ability. What determines the rite mixture of winning it all?
5. Everything we think at a time in the season is a kind of wish of success or failure. When JH was all we had then we focus on his good qualities. Thats not the same comparison with Morris. To be far to JH it is good to focus on his natural abilities in an offense that fits his good qualities. But we dont shoot ourselves in the foot if we see a guy who fits our present offense. And we wish his success even tho he is a very young qb. So there is a bit of positive blindness that creates present success. Some comparatives are unfair. NFL production to college production are in my book two different animals.
5. When it comes down to it the players can win without the great coach.. 2002 is my example. Rite now we cant point fingers but we must put the guys who are showing the relationship to the player coach in responding to their system with confidence and success as the guy who needs to move these things along. We need to trust in the leader of the coaches just like we wish the players would step up in the crunch time and lead.


So we need to make those adjustments in the coaching staff.


Zaro - we lost our #1 recruiting guru (The Truth) so you are not going to find much info here. Great Canes blob - not a ton of insider recruiting info, though.


Posted by: mi@mic@ne | November 09, 2010 at 10:21 AM

First mi@mic@ne steps in for SOUP, now he is doing his Six impression.

Look out Native, he will be going after your niche next. 8-)

I disagree with #5. In fact, the mere fact that one of the top teams in NCAA history lost to a struggling-to-win-each-game OSU shows that players going without a coach sooner or later comes back to bite you.


As usual, when the Canes falter, so does the television coverage. Is this game on TV? I can't seem to find an answer.

Posted by: MaryLouAlumni | November 09, 2010 at 09:09 AM

I think that is more a reflection of GT than of us. After all, we will be on TV with VT.


Posted by: raizecane | November 09, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Not yet you can't. It won't be out until 2011

Posted by: BEERicane | November 09, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Incorrect Sir......it is up and runnig and has been. I have several friends who have the 360 and have already been watching games.


Every body wants to beat the Canes because they grew up and saw the Canes dominate... or they hear about the Canes because of the past before we meet them in their place. So naturally these colleges players are going to step it up. Even the refs are getting into the action... maybe saying stuff in private that should not be said.
But just because Virgina went south against Doogy does not mean that we were totally asleep.. although with Morris we feed off him to go from playing flat to competing. Maybe Virgina was beat up by us and they were not motivated to play Doogie... who would be? We do the same thing from one week to another.
Its time to do some helping out from the other coaches in ST. Somebody needs to oversee this problem. And maybe the coaches need a meeting to air out their grievances.


Chicago - LOL at the "insider recruiting info". Nothing like following 16 - 17 year olds as they change their minds


Its only fair to the 2002 players to pinpoint the late flag. Its the same situation that happened to us in the Jesus stadium rite under his nose. I remember we scored on the run play and they gave the ball that hit the ground in the endzone in our control to ND.
We had a lot of close games in our best times that we pulled out in the end.When Walsh was qb we came back in the second half from a two or three touch deficit ..really late in the game.


I meant to say Walsh against fswho


Posted by: raizecane | November 09, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Not yet you can't. It won't be out until 2011

Posted by: BEERicane | November 09, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Incorrect Sir......it is up and runnig and has been. I have several friends who have the 360 and have already been watching games.

Posted by: raizecane | November 09, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Oops. Looks like it came out with the latest dashboard update. (I haven't been on since, but will today with Black Ops). Thanks for bringing this up.

Too bad it is still subjected to internet service provider crap. Fortunately, mine has espn3.

VA Cane

Have been reading the blog daily, but have not commented in a while. On 10/24/2010, Our Lord took my dad, whom I will call Big VA Cane to heaven. Oh, he was quite a man. All State in HS, All American football player, Marine Corp/Purple Heart winner in Korea, 1 year with the LA Rams, 26 years in the FBI in LA, Pittsburgh, NYC, DC and finished in ther mountains of VA. He was 81, and survived sports, colon cancer, the Korean War, Street Wars and a pacemaker. One of his aortas built up platlettes, he had a heart attack, he went to the hospital, they took him to Roanoke, but his heart stopped. They revived him in the ambulance, but the damage was done, stroke, oxygen loss to brain, etc. He lived Thursday, Friday and Sat. Sunday my Mom, brother and sister and I felt it was not fair to keep him alive, so we let him go. I have played in great HS and college games, and coached my kids in great games.....but this was the toughest loss I have ever had to face. I played for him as a kid, watched him play in alumni games at 42, still playing like a 20 year old. He was a great athlete; power, speed, smart....and very aggressive. In 1950 he won the Southern Conference 100 and 220 and was second in the batting title to Dick Groate who later played for the Pirates. In footbal, he was back of the week in the country when William and Mary, then a powerhouse, tied mighty Navy when he scored. He blocked Rosey Grier and tackled Lenny Moore when they played Penn State. He played against Wahoo McDaniel...the wrestler of Oklahoma. He did 26 years on the street, was in the deep south in Alabama in the Civil Rights times, and was so proud when that happened. He never met a person of any race, color, gender or religion that he did not like. He taught me so much about living, playing and coaching. It has been very very hard to let go, but I know he is in a great place now. His sister and husband lived in Miami for a long time, hence my Cane connection from the 70s. We used to go down and see them play; they were very....average. My aunt lived a few doors down from HS, and introduced us to him. He was really nice; we saw the first NC game front and center due to his tickets. Since Dad was in the FBI, and taught police schools, I guess I know every cop in VA. It sure came in handy at times LOL. I saw every VT-Miami game with him in Blacksburg, right on the sidelines. I met a lot of Canes, got graphs, etc...my Dad was not a fan of any particular team, well William and Mary....but he loved the game. I sure do miss him, but he knew I was there; all of us were with him at the end. The end is just a jumping off point, A Sea Of Joy so to speak, for the body is just a gateway for the soul to eternity...JMO. I am holding up good, but it is hard. Have some thoughts on the team, will get into them later as I pick up blogging. Sorry if I take up so much space with this, but I really have not been out a lot. My team won that weekend 35-0, and we are on our way to another undefeated season...playoffs now...1 game at a time. My players have been very supportive; they texted me at the hospital, and my QB, Center,RBs, and 3 linemen and Free Saftey got a convoy of their relatives to come 200 miles to the service. Yes, it really got to me that those kids did that to be with me. Guys like my Dad, and players like mine are the reason I coach. I have never made a dime doing it for 30 years, but the feeling in my heart as I type this tells me how rich I am. Thanks for listening. VAC


I can't believe you asked the question: That's a no brainer, he should be in the can in a New York minute. Benjamin, should be back on punts and put Lamar on kick-offs. Thes are your 2 fastest guys, who can get up the field quick. I think Bosher is just plain in a funk or he was reading to many press clippings before the season because he has stunk. He's shanked, I don't know how many punts, plus missing chippy FG's, & gimmie extra points. I also believe we shouldn't be using so many greenhorn freshman on kick-off returns. Why waste a year of eligibility.
I believe Panzy is also the TE coach, another area we are weak in. If we had to can coaches this off season, lets make it a tri-fecta; Barrow, Swazey and Panzy. I'll give Petri the benefit of the doubt because our de-Line has average talent at best. Bailey, Ojomo and Foreston have been here today gone tomorrow all year and really only Regis has shown up week to week. We really need some difference makers in this recruiting class at TE, DT, and LB.

Offensively the future looks very good, especially on the O-Line, RB and QB. I'm not really sold on our over-rated WR corps. Either Huff can't teach these guys how to run proper routes, or we have a bunch of decoys, going through the motions out there. I also saw where Morris at one time was a baseball player and probably explains why he has a cannon for an arm and maybe that should be a prerequisit, for future QB recruits.


"He lived Thursday, Friday and Sat. Sunday my Mom, brother and sister and I felt it was not fair to keep him alive, so we let him go."

Toughest decision to make. Based on what youur father went through, i am sure he would be proud of your strength in making the tough choice.

Your father being a role model for you is the best eulogy you can write. Sorry for your loss, but happy for your experiences with him.


Posted by: VA Cane | November 09, 2010 at 11:17 AM

Football is just a game in comparison to the personal problems we face.. here is a good web site if you are hurting. Praying for you VA.



Beer - I will be picking up my copy of black ops this aftenoon. :-)

Old Skool

Wonderful tribute VA
I'm sorry for your loss.


Which Cane's team shows up this week the one at Pitt, Clemson & UNC or the one at FSU, OSU, Or Virgnia? If we can stay away from giving up the big plays and throwing to the wrong team, we should be fine.


VA - I am sorry for your loss.

It also sounds like the kids you coach are very lucky to have someone like you to look up to. I am sure some of those kids don't have a father figure in there life.

I try to install good values into my kids like your dad did for you..but they are girls and don't listen very well. :-)

Bad Bart

VA Cane

Thanks for that testament. I am sure that your father touched many, many lives in his time here on earth.

If you are sure of his place in eternity, be joyful that you will see him again. May God bless you and your family.

Bad Bart


Are you in North or South Carolina?

I used to call a radio station here under that name until I saw your moniker here. Did not want to steal your thunder.

Bad Bart

Okay, so now to my question for the forum.

Which Miami rival do you hate the most? Florida, Florida State, or Virginia Tech?

Personally, I used to hate FSU more, but they never did take us off the schedule.

Florida runs away when they see us coming.

Virginia Tech....what can I say....I hated the way that they used politics to sneak and connive their way into the ACC.

Toss up for me...Va Tech and Florida

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