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November 27, 2010



The end of Coach Shannon's era should be the beginning of new things -- if not better things, right?


Then why can't you make this site better and allow us to access the most recent posts first? Or, at the very least give us a drop-down box to give us a choice -- like real sites do -- something, brutha!

Sifting thru 640 posts to send a post is NOT the way to WIN on the internet, brutha...


Change the coach?? CHECK
Making canespace a better place?

CANES, baaby!

Sarasota 'cane

Maybe the Gruden rumor was planted by the Troll Kehoe! That would be the best blog prank of all time if it were the case. Every link on here that is suppose to lead us to some kind of "confirmation" leads nowhere, or to some other fans blog post.

There is nothing that I've read that would suggest it's Gruden.

Go (to bed) 'canes!


Andre Johnson of the Texans now first WR ever with at least 60 catches in each of first 8 seasons

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/colleges/UM/#ixzz16dtuHw56

The Dude

It is annoying...

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Soup, Mosley needs to move up to OC or something. He's been around a long time and done great work. I know position coach is different from coordinator but damn.

Then again, maybe he loves his job.


Chuck Pagano, who is in his third season as the Ravens’ secondary coach, leads a veteran group that was hampered by injuries in 2009. Pro Bowl S Ed Reed missed four games, and two starting CBs (Fabian Washington and rookie Lardarius Webb) ended the season on Injured Reserve. Even still, Baltimore’s stout defense finished the season ranked third in the NFL (300.5 ypg), the team’s seventh-straight top six finish. Led by the secondary’s 16 picks, the defense produced the NFL’s fifth-most INTs (22, tied with Car.). Baltimore’s turnover ratio (+10) was also fourth best in the NFL in 2009. In Pagano’s first season with the Ravens (2008), the team led the NFL with 26 INTs, including Reed’s NFL-high 9 picks. Reed, the league’s only unanimous (50 votes) All-Pro in 2008, was also coached by Pagano at the University of Miami. Reed grabbed a Miami career-record 21 INTs and blocked four punts in his four-year career under Pagano. Chuck coached the No. 1 pass defense at Oakland in 2006 and mentored outstanding secondaries in Cleveland and Miami, prior to joining the Ravens.

2007: (with North Carolina) Posted a oneyear stint as the defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach, where Pagano rejoined Butch Davis (Browns and Hurricanes)…Under Pagano, the defense improved from 92nd in 2006 to 35th in 2007.

2001-04: (with Cleveland) Coached the Browns’ secondary under then-head coach Butch Davis…Spent four years coaching alongside Ravens current assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg.

1995-2000, 1986: (with Miami) Coached the Hurricanes’ secondary and was special teams coordinator…Pagano coached four NFL firstround DBs: Reed (Ravens, 24th-2002), Phillip Buchanon (Raiders, 17th-2002), Duane Starks (Ravens, 10th-1998) and Mike Rumph (49ers, 27th-2002)…The Hurricanes blocked a surreal 39 kicks in 59 games.


darCANEgel you are right it's a pain in the...

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Darc and Dude, all you have to do is post on the first page, post the reply then click the TIME-DATE STAMP on your new post and you'll go to the last, most recent post.


Change the coach?? CHECK
Making canespace a better place?

CANES, baaby!

Posted by: darCANEgel | November 28, 2010 at 11:28 PM

If I gave U the option of reading the latest post FIRST U would NEVER go back and read the previous posts and U know that!

U would read your post and the people that replied to U and that's it.

NOT gonna happen!


this reminds me a lot of the seantel commit... cane! oops. not.


1995-2000, 1986: (with Miami) Coached the Hurricanes’ secondary and was special teams coordinator…Pagano coached four NFL firstround DBs: Reed (Ravens, 24th-2002), Phillip Buchanon (Raiders, 17th-2002), Duane Starks (Ravens, 10th-1998) and Mike Rumph (49ers, 27th-2002)…The Hurricanes blocked a surreal 39 kicks in 59 games.

Posted by: SOUP | November 28, 2010 at 11:34 PM

In case U missed it:

The Hurricanes blocked a surreal 39 kicks in 59 games.

The Hurricanes blocked a surreal 39 kicks in 59 games.

The Hurricanes blocked a surreal 39 kicks in 59 games.

The Dude

Darc and Dude, all you have to do is post on the first page, post the reply then click the TIME-DATE STAMP on your new post and you'll go to the last, most recent post.

Posted by: Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer | November 28, 2010 at 11:35 PM

Now I am confused, LOL. Too much instruction.


video from Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt's 1 p.m. press conference.
For the full video with quotes, transcripts and more head over to HurricaneSports.com


St. Pete Cane



Darc and Dude, all you have to do is post on the first page, post the reply then click the TIME-DATE STAMP on your new post and you'll go to the last, most recent post.

We will give it a try!


It works!


Brutha, if you want folk to read your main posts, and then comment, then the setup currently is absurd.

If you think I will not sift thru the wreckage that you call posts (642 on this one and counting) to find good comments, youre crazy.

When you want to make a better blog, you will understand that giving the legion an opportunity to read most recent posts first is BETTER than it is now!

It's not like I'm making this sheet up! Check other blobs. You can even make a drop-down box that gives readers a choice: first to last; last to first; search by name of blobber...

All I'm saying is to have to hit "next" thirteen times and having to sift thru 13 pages to get to the most recent post is annoying...kinda like losing to USF...

(was that too cold? sorry, 86 --- okay, it's not as bad as the debacle yesterday...apologies...

but you gotta know what I'm saying!!!)

Let's see improvements from this day forward, no??



ESPN.com news services update

ESPN football analyst Jon Gruden said Sunday night that he isn't leaving ESPN.

"I am committed to Monday Night Football and to ESPN," Gruden said in a statement. "I enjoy working with Mike, Jaws and our entire crew and am just trying to get better at this job."

Earlier Sunday, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, citing a University of Miami source, said Gruden initiated talks for the Hurricanes' open coaching position.

Miami fired Randy Shannon on Saturday night, hours after Miami lost to South Florida in its regular-season finale. The Hurricanes fell to 7-5, still have yet to play for an Atlantic Coast Conference title and lured only 26,369 fans -- many of them rooting for the visitors -- to Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, the smallest home crowd since Larry Coker's last home game in 2006.

The Associated Press, citing an anonymous source, reported that Gruden, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, is atop Miami's wish list to fill the position and that Gruden received "parameters" of an offer from the Hurricanes.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The Dude

Too soon darCANEgel, too soon!

The Dude

Anyone wanna do an over under on the ammount of time it takes until The U has it's coach?


The hobbit already has three people she's contacted...and no, John Gruden was not on that list...

Dude: End of December --- meaning after our bowlgame but before the NC...that's from my gut not from anyone @ Hecht...



New from Manny

Posted on Monday, 11.29.10

Source: Gruden shows interest in Miami Hurricanes opening

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach and current `Monday Night Football' analyst Jon Gruden is interested in UM job -- and the feeling is mutual.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/29/1947816/source-gruden-shows-interest-in.html#ixzz16e5td9Zr

The Dude

LOL, just read a tweet on the Andre Johnson thing, it said "Courtland Finnegan must now be called Courtland Innegan cuz Andre Johnson just beat the F out of him." LMAO!


I said it in 2006-2007 Butch Davis would be the best hire...Period...Give Butch
3 millions and the deal is done. We will have a great coach and the best recruiter already very familiar with the recruitig scene in Florida and other key states. Give him one or two years and we will always be in the top 10...



The Dude

Kirby better bust his ass to get Gruden. Now that the cat is out of the bag, fans will be disappointed if he isnt the guy. Wont look good for Kirby.

The Dude

Good night all! Cant wait for what tomorrows "As The U Turns" show will bring.


Dan Mullen Would also Be a Worthy Successor To Randy Shannon at Miami...



Coker: Had all of the talent already in place, didn't need to do much coaching as it had already been done for mature players, coasted without further recruiting and down the program went. Nice guy though.

Shannon: UM was clearly the only place he wanted to be. He loved the U and the city, and was a great story most (other than bigots) wanted to see succeed. Like a girlfriend sometimes, emotions about wanting came ahead of logic about whether it was really likely to work, which is why he got more time than most (along with very good recruiting, improved image and great grad. rate). Unfortunately, his/and assts. actual teaching was lacking, so players didn't learn or develop like they were supposed to....ie Sam Shields and Bruce Johnson, elt alone current players. See Joe Whitt's (asst. on the Packers) comments from last week ref. to Shields having "no clue how to watch film, learn defenses, or prepare for games when he got to the NFL" per the Herald article re: Bridgewater. I do feel for the guy, as he's true U and I respect him, but it was past time.

Next coach: Hopefully showing Hocutt is extremely organized, a good planner and able to keep in mind what they need right now. This means some way to lock up current recruits, bring in areas of real need (ie qb), bring in excitement/money for the program, and instant respect that also brings in asst. coaches. There is already talent and it needs to be developed. The announcement needs to happen with a good amount of time before NSD, imo, by NYE but preferably a bit sooner if it's the right situation (of course, what potential recruits find out could transpire a bit before the fans).

For those who asked, ain't no way that crowd hit 25,000. I loved the game in Tampa last year, as it felt like a home game should for us (huge crowd, vocal and outnumbering the USF folks by a lot). This game was no draw and the fans didn't care (the players had this attitude first, to be fair, and the attitude was contagious). Nothing like being in the stadium and actually being able to truly hear the cheers of the cheerleaders over the lack of crowd noise. Ugh. Listening to the USF faithful scream made me sick. Watching the whole attitude of the players, the way the game was actually played, the playcalling, etc....why even bother reviewing. The whole season was a huge new low.

Sorry for not coming on the blog much lately, but I have been trying to not let the U rule my life the last few months. The next 2.5 mths should be far more interesting than the last 2.5, and I'm not referring to the bowl game. BTW, I'd truly be surprised to see Gruden brought on, although he is the obvious big name glamour name out there. We'll see. I certainly am not one with inside info. on this though.

Happy holidays, fwiw, Soup, Solar and the rest of the legion.


Oh, and the link for the article with the Packer coach comments, although I'm sure someone probably already posted after they were made, is:





Now seeing all these reports that Jon Gruden saying no. Now who?? Damn. I was hoping that he would say yeah...! Um. What about the Offensive Co for OU...i dont want Jim Leavitt...(spellcheck). Or that Wacko Mike Leach.....uhhhh! Does Guz Mazalahan want to be the head Coach only...??


Sun's coming up just south of channel 2 A-Frame Stiltsville @ 0520 .



btw , the tide is highest now ... low tide @ 10 am .

Cero mackerel's running ?



Strike ?



The Miami Hurricanes began a national coaching search Sunday to replace Randy Shannon. And it looks like former Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden is their top target.

One UM trustee said Gruden has been the focus of the school's search, and UM would be willing to pay far more than they paid Shannon to try to lure him. And another source told The Miami Herald Gruden has some interest in the job, and UM clearly is interested in Gruden. But Hurricanes fans should temper their excitement.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/29/1947816/source-gruden-shows-interest-in.html#ixzz16f6fUpct

There was not a longer-running relationship in South Florida sports. The divorce came suddenly. The words from both sides have been professionally amicable, but don't let the words fool you.

``I'm hurt. You get hurt,'' Randy Shannon said by phone Sunday, his first day waking up to his new reality. ``I'm disappointed. I wish I had more time.''

Since 1984, for more than half his life, Shannon has regarded the University of Miami and its football program as family. Late Saturday night, his family kicked him out of the house. His school of more than a quarter century -- his school -- told him for the first time he wasn't good enough. And goodbye.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/28/1947770/shannon-leaves-um-with-a-strong.html#ixzz16f7KElAl




Those were the hallmarks University of Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt repeatedly mentioned during a Sunday news conference in the wake of football coach Randy Shannon's dismissal.

``Simply stated, winning is important at the University of Miami -- always has been, always will be,'' Hocutt said, his voice breaking at times while explaining one of the hardest decisions he ever has made. ``. . . At the U we expect to compete for championships and nothing less. We have a group of talented young men in this program, and our future is promising. To once again sit at the top of the college football world, Miami must be relevant in college football.

``. . . We will not compromise on winning.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/28/1947645/winning-is-important.html#ixzz16f7jCNH7

According to linebacker Jordan Futch, Kirby Hocutt told the players that some of the assistant coaches already know their fate, but hadn't revealed it yet.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/11/28/1947004/um-football-news-conferecne-on.html#ixzz16f8mPqGI





Former NFL coach Jon Gruden is high on the Miami Hurricanes' list of candidates to replace Randy Shannon as coach and there's mutual interest, multiple sources said Sunday.

One UM source said Gruden initiated contact with the school to express his interest weeks before Shannon was fired Saturday night and that there have been discussions.

Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt said Sunday he has chosen Chuck Neinas, a head-hunter and consultant for colleges looking to hire a coach, to help with a national search.


It's never too early to start speculation on who the next coach of the Miami Hurricanes might be. In fact, some websites are already saying they think it will be Jon Gruden.

Here's a look at the bios of a few men who might be candidates, including Gruden.


Randy Shannon: 5 games to remember, 5 to forget


Dont mess with Texans, (Andre Johnson)...OR
Explosion in a Cane fist factory.


"It felt like someone punched me in the gut," Chickillo said. "I have a great relationship with Coach Shannon and the coaching staff. As of right now, I'm still committed, but I need to see who the new coach is going to be and how I fit into the system.


Not only will the new University of Miami coach have to protect the seven verbal commitments the Hurricanes had reeled in for the Class of 2011, but the 'Canes must also seek to secure four commitments from juniors.

UM had received verbal commitments from juniors: Willie Bailey, DB, Hallandale; Keith Brown, LB, Miami Norland; Randy "Duke" Johnson, RB, Miami Norland; and Amos Leggett, DB, Miami Gulliver Prep.

St. Thomas Aquinas senior wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, who committed to UM back in June, told me Sunday night that he is taking a wait-and-see approach.

"I'm still committed, I'm just waiting on who they hire," Dorsett said.








Many University of Miami fans undoubtedly would like to see a big name succeed Randy Shannon.

One of the most glamorous coaches without a team is Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden, who won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay.

He is on UM's wish list but that's about it so far, despite the Internet being ablaze Sunday night with unsubstantiated reports that a deal was imminent.

A UM source confirmed that the school is indeed interested in Gruden, 47, but stressed that a deal is not in the works.


It should have worked.

Randy Shannon, a true believer with national championship credentials as both a player and an assistant coach at Miami, should have been the one boss who could dig all that uniquely Hurricane pride from the bottom of the championship chest and show it once more to the world.

As it turned out, though, Shannon wasn't even able to make his own players understand what it means to wear the "U," and now he's out of a job, fired after four seasons as head coach.


Not that the dismissal wasn’t justified. It certainly was, in fact, when viewed strictly through the prism of wins and losses. The Hurricanes were 28-22 in Shannon’s charge and consistently mediocre in a mediocre Atlantic Coast Conference.

So, no, he wasn’t a good coach on the sideline.

The fatal proof of same, apparently, came in back-to-back home losses concluding the regular season when the Hurricanes first melted down late against Virginia Tech in a game of huge ACC consequence a week ago and then were beaten by South Florida, an in-state little brother.



Spoke to quarterback Jacory Harris as he came out of a team meeting this morning where athletic director Kirby Hocutt spoke of Randy Shannon’s firing. Here is what Harris, who hasn’t spoken in months, had to say








Caniak aka true cane



bring back schnelly!!!




Due to popular demand the most recent comments are now FIRST at the top of the page.

I changed it to 100 comments per page also instead of 50.




Sarasota 'cane



haa haa,
you faked me right out with the new posting sequence .
My learning curve is so flat I thought the blog exploded


Test post for position

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