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November 27, 2010


Chi Mia 'Cane '98

Listen I feel bad for Shannon. He is a nice guy (I met him a few times when he was in Chicago the past couple of years), a father figure, and role model. But he was not head coach material. Period! He did not know how to handle the media let alone be a CEO of a major college program.

Not one person is bigger than the program. He has spent almost his entire career at Miami and I respect him for that. But it is time for change and I think after today he might have relized that (after arguing with officials after USF scored the winning TD in OT) Coach Shannon good luck in your future endeavors where ever that may be.

Tomorrow brings a new day and hopefully a new era to Miami football. One we have not seen since 2001 - 2002. Holcutt and Shalala are committed to winning. BTW, I am sure Holcutt is looking forward to hiring his "guy". This time I confident they will make the right decision on a new hire because it is his ass on the line now. And as I stated before I hope it is a hire that has no "U" ties.


Chi 98....don't get me wrong, I am NOT defending Shannon. He deserved to be fired based on the results he produced.

I am NOT a Shannon apologist.

But to say he is sitting somewhere "happy" right now because he has his $1.5 million is WAY off target.

He must be crushed and very, very sad that it didn't work out.

That's all I am saying.

Playa..The Blogger Formerly Known as Rashad

Heather Dinich-
Miami’s loss to South Florida on Saturday didn’t get Randy Shannon fired -- four years of mediocrity did.

The embarrassing 23-20 loss to the Bulls of the Big East was just one more glaring blemish the UM administration couldn’t ignore -- especially on a day when rival Florida State was basking in the glory of beating up on Florida and celebrating a trip to the ACC championship game in Jimbo Fisher’s first season.

[+] EnlargeRandy Shannon
Steve Mitchell/US PresswireRandy Shannon finished with a mediocre 28-22 record in four seasons as Miami's head coach.
Miami’s speed gets a lot of attention, the problem is how they've used it -- the Canes have gone nowhere fast.

In four seasons under Shannon, Miami failed to win the Coastal Division, has yet to win a bowl game, and is 3-4 against BCS opponents from the state of Florida. Meanwhile, it took one season under Fisher for the Seminoles to earn the title of state champs. It was only a matter of time before Shannon was held accountable at a program whose standard is five national titles.

None of Shannon’s 28 wins were all that memorable. Some of his 22 losses, though, were hard to forget.

Once again, Virginia handed the Canes one of their most embarrassing losses of the season. In 2007, it was the 48-0 loss in the final game at the Orange Bowl. This year, it was a 24-19 loss in Charlottesville to a team that had yet to win a conference game. There was also the 31-7 collapse last year at Virginia Tech.

The highlight of Shannon’s coaching career at Miami just might have been this year’s win over Butch Davis -- the first time he was able to beat Miami’s former coach since both took over their respective programs. Maybe it was the win over then-ranked No. 8 Oklahoma last year, but it wasn’t the same Oklahoma team without Sam Bradford.

The bottom line is that none of those 28 wins amounted to anything in the postseason. And Miami fans have grown tired of it. Week after week this season, somebody takes a snapshot of an empty Sun Life Stadium and it makes its way around Twitter. It’s been embarrassing to the program and the ACC, but it’s not like Shannon has given the fan base much to cheer about.

This failure, though, doesn’t fall squarely on Shannon’s shoulders. It also falls on the administration who hired him, and it’s up to athletic director Kirby Hocutt and university president Donna Shalala to get it right this time.

It wasn’t a complete disaster.

Shannon changed the perception of the program. He instilled discipline, and leads all active BCS coaches with a 977 lifetime APR average. Those things count, but fans want to see Miami leading the BCS standings more. Shannon was given a contract extension prior to this season with the expectation that a championship of some form would be won either this year or next. The expectation was that he had the talent to do it and had finally found some stability at the coordinator position.

Instead, nothing changed. The loss to South Florida only magnified that.

Everything from Shannon's ability to lead to his ability to coach has been questioned during his tenure. Miami's administration just decided to answer sooner than later.



Do you think that Miami keeps Randy D-Coordinator with some kind of position? And think of the recruits...Bridgewater? Chikilio? Guess we lose out on WR..Farmer now? Why not make Shannon Asst.Head Coach and D Coordinator. ohh. and what about the players that are at Miami...


again, I love Randy (still do) but I love my canes even more...

I am sorry to see him go out like that especially not on his own terms and when even coker was able to coach his last game which was a bowl win and get carried off the field...

i am firmly behind the fact that our recent play is due to coaching mishaps...but not ALL of it is coaching...sorry I will never buy that.

imo, i see it as being split right down the middle, 50% coaching, and 50% players fault...

how many times have we seen the same game played over and over again when it came to guys droppin OPEN passes and making untimely penalties...that my friends is not a coaches fault

good luck to randy, u deserve well



Its not like that

These kids on this team right now are lost. They have no leader to turn to. Nobody to look at when things are going bad to assure them that everything is going to be fine

How the hell would any of you guys feel if you were out there busting your azz and you come off to the side and you have nobody to talk to because the staff is on different pages from each other. Then you have to have #31 and #1 pretty much say screw it lets just do this when we get out there

Do you want to be on the D when USF is driving the ball but for some reason #57 is on the sidelines wanting to come into the game but is being told no, so we have 1 DT in and 3 DE in while they shove the run right at us. Wouldnt you be pizzed?

As I said before, LM6 on a few occasions was heading into the game to only be called back by RS and #20 was sent in. The OL was gelling nicely and then 3 new guys would come in. As a matter of fact the play that #20 fumbled was a play that LM6 was supposed to be on the field.

So I ask again, who in the hell are you going to be pizzed at? It sure cant be the players around you

Come draft time we will see what the pro scouts have to say about these guys

Sarasota 'cane

I thought this decision might linger until mid-week, so I'm relieved that the AD cut the head off of this thing tonight. The Miami radio shows would have been in meltdown mode had they not done this today.

I'm not sure who UM is looking at for a new coach, but I'm certain it won't be Gruden. He seems destined for the Dallas Cowboy job. I just hope the new hire is someone we can all rally around. This hire is more important than the Coker and Shannon hires combined!

Let's go 'canes!

Chi Mia 'Cane '98


It is time to clean house from the last 8 years or so of mediocrity. And time to start fresh with all new coaches and personal. Maybe even change the offensive and defensive schemes as well.

With this firing we may lose some recruits but we will gain recruits as well depending on who gets hired.



Sebastian57's last post...LIKE

The Dude

Randy will land on his feet. That is a fact. Its still a sad story for The U.


Funny how Whipple got the axe as well. I thought the administration had no problems with him? So much for inside information

Chi Mia 'Cane '98

This new hire will make or break the program so I do not mind if it takes a little time. Unless there is a coach already in place.

If this is a good then we can reap the benefits next year or the year after because we have talent. And if this turns out to be a bad hire then this program could be in a tailspin for the next 5+ years or so.

The Dude

It is very surprising though that Randy isnt being allowed to coach his bowl game. I wonder why. You would think even if they had someone in mind already he wouldnt wanna push Randy out the door. Its not like Stoutland is on the short list for The U gig. Sounds to me like its only a matter of time before Stoutland is gone also. Are they gonna decline a bowl invite to get this thing figured out? Because The U is gonna be short handed bad for coaches.


Dude- true, but it's not like having a full compliment of coaches made any difference in the last two bowl games.


One list of replacements:

Jon Gruden

Mario Christobal-FIU

Will Muschamp-Texas

Tommy Tuberville-Texas Tech

Kevin Sumlin-Houston

Mark Richt-UGA

Greg Shiano-Rutgers

Mike Leach

Al Golden-Temple

Former Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski


Good post From a Gator fan...

If Donna Shalala was smart, she would be dialing Boise, Idaho right now. Miami has money, national exposure, a history of championships, plays in a huge stadium and is one of the best recruiting spots in the country.

Boise State graduates Moore this year and this program could go right back into obscurity at any moment. And despite his love for Boise State, it is the minor leagues. This is the big time. I'm a Gator fan in Miami and hiring Peterson in Miami could be what hiring Urban Meyer did to Florida.

The Dude

OMG, this guy is a joke! What a hit job!



Do you think that Miami keeps Randy D-Coordinator with some kind of position?

Posted by: zaro | November 28, 2010 at 01:21 AM

Not a chance.


Monty...would U leave Boise to come to Miami? Not a chance!

DallasTX Cane

Given the truly enormous obstacles Randy Shannon has had to overcome in his life - just to stay alive - and the incredible tragedies he has had to endure within his own family (things that prob 99% of us can't even dream of); I imagine NO ONE understands the proper prospective to take on this situation better than Coach Shannon. He got to live his dream for four years. 99% of humans don't get such an opportunity for even 1 day. It didn't work out for many reasons, but a lot of good work was done durin the last four years. I am very confident that the end of a j-o-b, even a dream job, isn't near a big enough rock to crush Randy Shannon. Hell, Life tried many times to do so without success. I also doubt that Coach Shannon is now a "shell of a man". Disappointed?...sure. A "shell"?...not a chance. He's endured much harder things than this.

So, don't weep for The Boss. It's not his way. It's an empty feeling b/c so many of us wanted him to succeed so badly. But in the end The Program is what matters and this is the best way forward. The Boss will land on his feet and end up just fine.

The Dude

Randy staying around is a bigger pipe dream than getting Jon Gruden or Butch Davis to replace him.


I would like to know why some want or even bring up Butch's name...cmon guys !!!


w/e man...nite Cane Nation...


So, don't weep for The Boss. It's not his way. It's an empty feeling b/c so many of us wanted him to succeed so badly.

Posted by: DallasTX Cane | November 28, 2010 at 01:44 AM

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM at the team meeting there will be PLENTY of weeping for The Boss.

And by The Boss too...


Job offer...

What the U needs is the best recruiter, the best game day coach, the best disciplinarian on and off the field,someone who can put together "fast" the best coaching staff with a lot of chemistery.

Kirby Hocutt this is your most important decision of your young AD career.

The Dude

No offense but seriously you'd have to be completely retarded not to consider Butch Davis. No one can dismiss Butch Davis. You may not personally like Butch Davis, but you have to understand why folks are bringing him up.


Monty...would U leave Boise to come to Miami? Not a chance!

Posted by: SOUP | November 28, 2010 at 01:43 AM

Yes i would anytime!


The only one you have on that list that would blow the 305 up and really get things going would be Jon

But that is also in the be careful what you wish for because you might just get it category

He could sell this program to the kids and their parents easily so no problem there

I would like to see him have a young coach under him that can take over once he bolts for the NFL

Im still going to stick with my original # and say 0.0% chance of it happening


No offense but seriously you'd have to be completely retarded not to consider Butch Davis. No one can dismiss Butch Davis. You may not personally like Butch Davis, but you have to understand why folks are bringing him up.

Posted by: The Dude | November 28, 2010 at 01:52 AM

ok I lied...not that I dislike Butch cuz I wanted him right b4 he took the UNC job but, we've been there done that and I think that's a lateral move...and plus, Randy has a BETTER RECORD THAN BUTCH while they've been at the same position for 4 years...case in point...I'll stick around for the rebuttle

The Dude

Chris Petersen is a God in Boise. A God. They love him all over the state. He could be a senator if he wanted to be. I doubt he leaves although it would be a HUGE coup if The U could get him. He is an excellent coach. But Boise State would match any ammount of money. He is a different kind of cat too. I think he knows he will be coaching long after the BCS is done.

The Dude

Butch would have probably won the Coastal if all his players were'nt suspended. I agree he has baggage but he is a legit head coach.


SOUP just like you i feel really sad for Randy, but he will have a coaching job in no time unlike Larry and Mr. Nix.


No offense but seriously you'd have to be completely retarded not to consider Butch Davis. No one can dismiss Butch Davis. You may not personally like Butch Davis, but you have to understand why folks are bringing him up.

Posted by: The Dude | November 28, 2010 at 01:52 AM

I support!

The Dude

Randy also took over at Miami which wasnt even close to as talent depleted as North Carolina when Butch took over.

The Dude

Here are some more reasons for Butch Davis. Andre Johnson, Clinton Portis, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Ed Reed, Dan Morgan, Damione Lewis and Bryant McKinnie. How many 1st round picks has Randy had? None. Butch also turned Kentwan Balmer and Hakeem Nicks into a 1st round picks. This year there are way more suspended players from UNC with 1st round potential then there are at Miami on the active roster. I'm just saying.



I'll side with u on that he's a "legit head coach" but I guess we'll agree to disagree on the fact that he should be considered to return as our guy. I also think that no matter how good UNC could have been this year even with all there guys, that they wouldn't have come out of the ACC. to represent the conference in the Orange.

Again , I jus think that him coming back would be a lateral move and the only difference btwn him and Randy might be that Butch is a better "in game coach w/ more experience"...but hey, I'm just a fan callin it how I see fit...take care bud...

The Dude



I lied again...

Bailey, Hank, Harris (#1), C-Mac, False-start Franklin, and Ryan Hill are all legit draftees...with the first 3 names having a decent shot at the first round.

Also, look @ Graham last year...Imjusayin

Some might even argue that Coop n Berry are legit draftees as well...


Dude, if UM didn't hire butch back b4 his scandals @ carolina what makes u think they will hire em now? Enuff of the butch talk already!

The Dude

Bailey, yes. He will test very well at the combine. Mind you, I am talking 1st round here. Hank, not so fast. Good stats in a pass happy offense. He doesnt stack up well against A.J. Greens or Julio Jones or Ronald Johnson or AlShawn Jeffries etc. Lots of guys better than him. Harris #1 is border line. With guys like #7 from LSU out there, its gonna take a really good combine from him. Also hurting Harris #1 is he has never created alot of turnovers. I think he has only like 5 career INT's.

DallasTX Cane

I know how those meeting go SOUP. My HS HC was a likable guy, school alum, etc but couldn't lead a horse to hay & was fired. I "got" to attend the post-season meeting. It's not pretty and yes all players feel they've failed the coach and crap on themselves for it. However, were was that willingness to play for the guy when it mattered, like during a game? Sometimes players say and honestly feel like theyre willing to play for a coach or willing to run thru a wall for him. However that doesn't translate into playing together, as a team, every game all the time. There are many reasons why teams don't work.

btw - the next HC at my old HS won a state title the very next year, and started a winning tradition that goes on to this day.

My earlier point was that IMO Coach Shannon understands the place football occupies in the wider scheme o Life better than us fans. I don't understate his disappointment, but to say he's now a "shell of a man" is a severe disservice given what true tragedy he's endured and overcome in his life and doesn't give the man credit for what makes him a special human being.

I do share your feeling of sadness tho at the way his term ended.

The Dude

I dont think The U will hire Butch Davis. Nor do I think Butch Davis would necessarily want to come back 4-Real. All I am saying is that if he did it would be a huge splash.

The Dude

And that Butch is a good coach.


Man I just want my team back...I miss my Canes. I'm sick of watching games like this weekend's Auburn vs. Alabama and Boise St. vs. Nevada, and wishing my Canes mattered again. family and co-workers feel sorry for me now and I'm sick of being avoided on Monday mornings. People don't even feel the need to rub our losses in anymore... they actually want us to win..they hate to see me like this, knowing how much i love the Miami Canes and they don't really love any team like we love the CANES!

They envy our love, but pity our passion, they don't *really* care about their teams like we do. I'm sick of sympathy...i want to win again.

Felipe is right, Shannon will live and he does adapt. He'll show emotion to the players, but the mere mortal fans and media...won't see a drop of emotion or a tear shed by him...he did this all wrong. If someone doesn't have sympathy for him... I don't feel comfortable telling them they should.

DallasTX Cane

Meant to say, I DO understand his disappoinent...


Venables is a Likely Choice for UM
Nov. 27, 2010

By: Christopher Stock

Brent Venables meets plenty of the criteria the Miami Hurricanes will be looking for.
Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt has a tough decision to make on the future of the football program. Following the dismissal of Randy Shannon after a disappointing 7-5 season, Hocutt has plenty of connections to take a look at, which are outlined in this article. The most realistic choice is current Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables...

Read more...Inside The U...


You want results fast...Butch is the solution.

The Dude

I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt The U will hire some one with no major head coaching experience. So I would say Venables is out. Just my opinion.

The Dude

I here you so clear Zakkee. I was watching the announcers going over the scores of the day during FSU and UF... and all he said was "and South Florida upsets Miami by 3, 23 to 20." And that it. Of course I am paraphrasing, but I was like, man, I remember when that was a big deal.

The Dude

All kinds of typos in that last post. Oops!

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