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November 16, 2010



By the way, the game against GT, what was the temperature in that game? I don't recall sideline shots of our guys huddled with heaters. Have we broken the cold weather jinx?



"elevate me..
Now? right here?"


I die every time lol


Yes, at The Hampton Inn at 11 AM. Meet in the lobby.

It's only 20 minutes to the stadium from there so we will be there by 11:30.

Posted by: SOUP | November 18, 2010 at 08:09 AM

Sounds like a plan.......how far is the Hampton from the turnpike?

DallasTX Cane

Oh ze platform. Zat. yes.

every single time solar. classic




cough cough

My prediction:

The Pattern ENDS.

Miami 35
VT 10

No need to vault it, if it's right I will bring it back myself, and if it's wrong, I don't want to see it again.



"The $5 million gift was made by UM boosters Theodore Schwartz and his son Todd Schwartz, through the Ted & Todd Schwartz Family Foundation. The new complex, which will encompass 30,000 square feet of new space, plus a renovation of the current Hecht Athletic Center, will be named the Theodore G. Schwartz and Todd G. Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence."

Since we are in a Mel Brooks mood today, dare I say it? Cmon, dare me! Oh, okay....

"May the Schwartz family be with you!"


cough cough

My prediction:

The Pattern ENDS.

Miami 35
VT 10

No need to vault it, if it's right I will bring it back myself, and if it's wrong, I don't want to see it again.

Posted by: Ungar | November 18, 2010 at 03:44 PM
Ungar, if they continue to run the ball like the way they are now, i agree the streak comes to an end this season and the Canes win out!


What is it with video predictions? I just don't get it- if you can't write it, why bother? Dinich isn't awful but I'd rather spend 5 minutes reading an analysis than watching someone stare back at the camera for 2 minutes as they try not to say anything controversial.


Interesting breakdown of stats between Jacory and SM17..



Who killed the blob today?


Watching Spencer Whipple imitate Tyrod Taylor while running the scout team, must be a lot like watching Peter Boyle play Frankenstein's monster.

Posted by: solarcane


Solar, you sir, are missing out on Hollywood, while you're hanging out here, and going fishing or whatever.


ChicagoCane, I beleive that a bunch of the regulars are traveling to get to the game tomorrow.

Even so, send along our thanks to the Schwartz family from Chicago for that 5 million in improvements. Any prediction for the game?

See you tomorrow, time for the night shift to come in....


No way Shannon & Whip out-coach Beamer & Bud.....

No way Morris gets out of this one without throwing two picks.....

No way C-Mac makes any clean tackles in space on TT......

No way 30,000 "screaming" Cane fans rattle TT......

No way will I ever let rationality ever stop me.....

28-24 UM.


Gee.......I wonder if The Phins morbid SP Tms is good enough to contain Hester?


I'm not as concerned about a W/L in this game than most...look

we can a decent bowl but big deal, no chance at the ACC championship and no chance at a BCS bowl

VT is good and really hot right now so a loss wouldn't suprise me...but if we lose we better win against USF and the bowl game

Here is what I want to see though...
- Morris make good decisions against a very good team

- Absolutely NOOO way we come out flat for this game
we got the NIKE unis
at home
big opponent

the only reason I will be absolutely pissed is if we get SMOKED or come out flat and uninspired

but then again if we come out with a bunch of energy like we should I don't think we will lose


Donna is so horrible for UM, damn her!


Oh but I am sure she still will not get the credit for this one, right?


thanks hurri!


So we have been running the ball 40+ times a game with M17 in, it wouldn't surprise me if we came out slinging it across the field and making their DB's respect us. But than again they might expect us to run the ball because that's what we do with M17. We just need to come out play our game plan with energy and emotion and spank those hokies


The `Canes have to win this game

No question about it

Another loss against a ranked opponent just cant happen

The trend must come to an end


J-12 listed as questionable for the VT game.



Dinch's stats tell part of the story that SM17 has been a better QB this season. Morris brings the deep ball dimension to compliment a powerful running game. Paul Johnson hinted that Morris was the better QB, and there is no coincidence that the Canes best offensive performances of the season coincoide with Morris as starter. Morris is better - period. Shannon, Whip and every coach that watches film knows it, but cannot openly say it.

Morris is capable of making plays in Whip's offense that Jacory cannot make. Morris makes throws like Whip expexcts to make his offense roll like it did at UMass. Morris listems to Whip and talks to Whip and his teammates during the game while Jacory stands or sits by himself and repeats the same dsumb mistakes. Jacxory will be a good backup until the Canes dface USF or a bowl game opponent. But the QB capable of taking the Canes to the next level is Morris, and there is no question about that. Whip and Shannon now know that they have a better QB.

Bridgewater is a solis QB and better than Jaxory. Morris surprised me and showed he is bwtter than I thought, than Rivals thought, than the coaches thought, than Jacory thought ands than Bridgewater thought. But its not unusual in the AcC for thew under-the-radar recruit (Korn v. Parker at Clemson) to beat out the heralded recruit. That is Morris.

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