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December 16, 2010



First !!


Any News on Teddy Bridgewater ?? Has Golden visited or talked to him yet ??

sebas 13

Thank god for this new post. Any recruiting news besides he's "on fire" ?


i heard from a good source that after rs got the axe...teddy b made his decision to lsu

heard ken dorsey rumors for GA Coach?

anyone hear that too?


KD needs to be somethin on this staff...atleasy a QB's coach


Not enough fat guys

thats what she said

Posted by: solarcane | December 16, 2010 at 07:51 PM

No she did NOT! Did she?


Think Golden would bring back the old Irvin-era jerseys, mid-driffs (looked awesome on those monsters we had at LB), large numbers?


If Whipple goes, u think his kid transfers, which will give us anothe scholly?


Nice article

All positive signs



maybe Hurricane Golden can get this guy since Wanstache resigned/Axed..

Caniak aka true cane

We do not need any transfers, what makes you think the ones that we are going to bring in are going to be better than those that are going to transfer? Recruiting is all about projection, nothing is guaranteed. Teddy would be better of at LSU that is just my belief. I think that we need a Pro Style QB and Teddy is not it. I could be wrong


I think it is a BIG mistake to retain Whipple. Regardless of how U feel about Whipple as a coach this HAS to be 100% Golden's team.


I am sure that there are players on the team that in one way or another, consciuosly or subconsciously, blame Whipple for Shannon's firing.

That is NOT healthy.


agreed...too much hype, eventhough blustein and others love this guy...


Great blog article would love to see kenny dorsey on this staff some how im absolutely pumped bout this hire golden has got the fire we need these boys will have there head in the clouds no more

I would love to see stoutland hill and barrow stick around if possible for recruiting alone

Old Skool

Good info. Thanks Sebastian.

Dirty, I believe Whipple's son is a senior so it may be a moot point



When a HC comes to a program the 1st thing he has to do is replace the OC and DC



Pitt Committ HUrricane Golden is trying to swayyyyyyyy.....



Im torn about whipple and whether he should stay or go we need a real young oc i believe that can recruit and build relationships to help golden out but whoever we bring in we should def hire ken dorsey that guy is dying for a call and some type of offer


Nice article,
Two stats they don't keep are hunger and complacency, somewhere along the line we went from leading the nation in one, to leading the nationn in the other.


Go get me a pro-style qb from Cali!!!!


I have defended Whipple and will continue to defend Whipple but I would be totally stunned if Al kept him on as OC

Whipple will end up going somewhere and be a good OC if not a good HC soon. I just havent been able to come up with 1 reason why a new HC would ever keep an OC


You can began to feel Golden is a relentless recruiter

Matias now considering Miami

By Mike Farrell, Recruiting Analyst
1 hour, 54 minutes ago

ShareretweetEmailPrintLast week four-star offensive lineman Josue Matias made news when he said Florida State was quickly rising on his list.

The Seminoles are still in a good position with Matias, as the Union City, N.J., prospect will be visiting the school tomorrow. It will be his first time ever visiting Florida State and he’s looking forward to the experience.

Now another school from the Sunshine State is making a push for Matias.

Miami is just one of the schools, along with Rutgers, North Carolina and South Carolina, that have visited Matias’ home for a visit this week. The Hurricanes are an intriguing option for him because of their hiring of Al Golden.

“They were recruiting me when they were at Temple,” Matias explained. “They offered me there and now they’re trying to recruit me so I’m probably going to consider them.”

Matias said there is a chance he might officially visit Miami, but that’s far from a given. If he takes his scheduled official visits to Rutgers and South Carolina in January he won’t have any more official visits left.

Mike Farrell is a recruiting analyst for Rivals.com.


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Jefferson (Tampa) vs. Miami Norland 1 p.m.
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Class 4A Finals - Saturday, Dec. 18

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Class 5A Finals - Friday, Dec. 17

Plant (Tampa) vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale) 7 p.m.
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Class 6A Finals - Saturday, Dec. 18

Miami Central vs. Dr. Phillips (Orlando) 7 p.m.
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Im going out on a limb here and say golden gets......

Isiah williams de from brooklyn

Nick oleary te

Jabari gorman cb

And the surprise pick

Tony steward


I have defended Whipple and will continue to defend Whipple but I would be totally stunned if Al kept him on as OC

Posted by: Sebastian57 | December 16, 2010 at 09:37 PM

Sebas...as I said this has NOTHING to do with Whipple as a coach. It has to do with team dynamics and leadership.

There can only be ONE alpha dog among the coaches, not many.

dj moonbat

Go get me a pro-style qb from Cali!!!!

Posted by: UpNorthCane | December 16, 2010 at 09:32 PM

Like Turf Face?


Jefferson- on hope alone. Watch for #2 Demetrious Russell. Not a big name recruit but a very quick RB for Jefferson with big play ability
Armwood- In a walk
Aquinas- To good and I hate Plants HC
Central- Because I admit I know nothing about Dr. Phillips except that they are 9 miles from the Citrus Bowl

I cant wait to get there to see these games starting tommorrow


Umm turf face is that kyle?

Because i think kyle wright would do good with a strong coach and strong oc but i might be wrong idk it was tuff for him.....

Quick question with golden using the northeast to supplement the soutb florida recruiys does that mean we dnt go to cali at all?


solar u see the film on that guy matias...wow.


Good point, regime change always follows the same pattern...

Whipple's a NE guy, maybe that'll mean something. Appears Golden isn't bringing Dana Ruhle in,if so,he would've announced it with his other guys.

Saw that Holgerson is getting the WVa job when Stewart moves aside in '12....


Jagz still available....old BC Coach?


drty I saw the Rutgers one where he knocks a bunch of guys on their azz. He stays on the blocks right to the whistle and still tries to knock them off their feet.

dj moonbat

Umm turf face is that kyle?

Posted by: UpNorthCane | December 16, 2010 at 10:02 PM

I can't recall who coined "Turf Face and Jitters" as the standard nomenclature for Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman, respectively, so unfortunately, I can't give credit where it's due. Yes, Kyle.


Moonbat do u think that kyle was bad or just unlucky with what happened at U during his time here? I think that if he had the oline rbs and wrs we have now he wouldve been reallly good


I cant wait to get there to see these games starting tommorrow

Posted by: Sebastian57 | December 16, 2010 at 10:00 PM

Sebas...I'll be there for the 1 PM Friday game (Norland) and the 7 PM Saturday game (Central).

I'll be wearing Canespace on Friday when it will be warmer and other UM gear Saturday when it is supposed to get cooler.

Rain is forecast for Saturday between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Email me at canespace86@aol.com so we can exchange numbers and meet up at the games.


Ill be there for all 4 games

Ill hit you with an email

Im bringing every bit of cold weather `Cane gear I have. I figure a nice sweatshirt will work for tommorrow afternoons game

After that is when im expecting to be bundled up in all the heavy `Cane gear

Thanks for the rain update...I wont forget my `Cane poncho just in case


49ers-0....134 yards total offense so far

4th Q

It looks like there will be another job opening in the NFL very soon


I believes we need to retain Whipple for two reasons.
1. He is a very good offensive coach. Watching the games he actually called very good plays. Jacory on a lot of plays either threw poor passes or made the wrong read and threw into coverage. Whipple's mistake was him being too stubborn to focus more on the run and putting his faith in Jacory's ability to figure it out.

2. We need some continuity on this team. We've had too much turnover and if we keep Whipple's system and let him tub it we can turn this thing around real quick. The offensive line and running back coach did very good jobs. We should keep them and Whipple. Bring in a new WR and TE coach.

I don't think Whipple will try and Debo Golden b/cuz Golden is this AD's pick and he will know his place.

orange 'n green in the vein

TF & J is solar's.

Look, Golden should shop around for an OC that's, "his," but he could probably do worse than retain Whipple, but I'm sure he can do better too.

dj moonbat

Moonbat do u think that kyle was bad or just unlucky with what happened at U during his time here? I think that if he had the oline rbs and wrs we have now he wouldve been reallly good

Posted by: UpNorthCane | December 16, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Kyle was bad.


OGV, I agree. No need to rush it if you have a good one in mind that needs time to consider. But just don't take forever, like we've done in the past. I'm not crazy about Whipple and question his judgment often, but not his ability. If he stays, I'll be surprised. Just not shocked.


Kyle was bad.

Posted by: dj moonbat | December 16, 2010 at 11:54 PM

This ^^


Kyle was the beginning of the entitled attitude QBs I believe.

Most of the guys before him came in knowing they were going to have to sit for two years unless the guy in front of them got broken.
Kyle was like the ground breaker in more ways than one about being arrogant without merit.
Wright thought being Mr Milk or what ever it was guaranteed him his spot regardless of how shyty he actually played.
I liked Brock a bit because he seemed like he gave a crap about winning.

dj moonbat

Kyle was the beginning of the entitled attitude QBs I believe.

Posted by: solarcane | December 17, 2010 at 12:11 AM

Entitled attitudes weren't limited to QBs. I still remember a few years ago being FURIOUS with Sam Shields for dropping a drive-saving reception against FSU. Back then, big-time recruits knew they were the tail that wagged the dog.



I thought Kyle got bad and made himself bad after realizing that after a few games, his OLine sukd. I think he put into his head that he had to do everything and be the man all on his own which made him force throws (and eventually pix), throw darts to guys in the flat that were wide open with no damn touch on the ball which led to drops, and jus flat out make bad decisions. I mean really, when ur OLine stinks the way ours did those few years, ur gonna be prone to get rid of the ball quicker or do something to hurt ur team. That line for Kyle's first season start was (from left to right):

E. Winston
T. McMeans
T. Byrd (who ended up being replaced by
someone else in game 2 I beleive)
T. Tella

...and they all under performed, even Winston.

Matter fact, we gave up a school record 9 or 10 sacks during his first start @ Doak in which a FG would have either sent it to OT or won it in regulation...but butterfingers Monroe all of a sudden can't handle a snap...

Remember, the last drive of that game started inside the FSU 10 with 9 minutes to go and he led us all the way down inside FSU's 10 before the above mentioned bonehead play by Monroe. That drive was full of key 3rd down conversions between him and Olsen. That year, we lost that 1st game, beat a solid Clemson team @ Death Valley the following weak in 2 or 3 OT's which was a very good game by Wright, handled #3 VT on the road (in the all white uni's), rose to #3 right behind Texas and USC and didn't lose again till a Thursday night heartbreaker against GT. ALL with Wright at the helm.

Also, if I remember correctly, I wasn't the only one that came away from that FSU game feeling like we found our next great QB.

I just always thgought that his play wasn't a result of him stinking up the joint and it being ALL on him u know what I mean? Just my opinion...

Wow, can't beleive I actually defended him...LoL...


Sapp is probably the only former Cane i don't like...He is already bashing at Al Golden...Plus some people say that the last tackle he has made was on this person...

The U doesn't need this guy around...

His ego is as big as the Universe....Even after his Mug shots were taken last february.


i guess this explains why kirby said he was going to make a splash hire: http://www.sportsbybrooks.com/sapp-gruden-call-to-the-u-got-shannon-fired-29345


Why was anyone even sweating the possibility of Chickillo not committing?

Why also was anyone saying that Miami was switching to the 3-4 solely as if it was fact, b/c Golden was hired? That was like a little snowball rolling down a slope that turned into Death Star sized town killer

Here's another thing - that Josh Newberg kid that is on the tweets, is a douche. He was with USFNation.com for a bit, I dunno if he's still with them

I think Jamie Newberg from Rivals is his brother or something ... if that is the case, Josh is basically neither Peyton or Eli ... he's the other Manning brother that you don't even see in the stupid Oreo commercials or Sportscenter commercials - but even then, Josh Newberg is still not even as good as that 3rd Manning brother



One of the first things Al Golden said he noticed upon taking the coaching job was how the Hurricanes didn't have anyone committed in the top 30.

``That's going to change tomorrow,'' Golden declared during his opening news conference Monday. ``We're going to recruit this area like crazy, also recruit in the Northeast.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/12/17/1977401/golden-hits-recruiting-trail-immediately.html#ixzz18Mol7ASZ

University of Miami football coach Al Golden didn't take long to make changes.

As expected, Golden has chosen his close friend and former defensive coordinator at Temple -- Mark D'Onofrio -- as the new UM defensive coordinator. Also announced Thursday: the hiring of former Temple defensive line coach Jethro Franklin and former Temple defensive backs coach Paul Williams.

The three have been added to the existing staff in a limited capacity until after the Dec. 31 bowl game against Notre Dame.

According to a UM release, ``the three new coaches will not be allowed to partake in coaching activities until after Dec. 31, but are currently allowed to recruit for UM'' because of an NCAA waiver that was approved Tuesday.

The hirings mean the pending departure of current UM defensive coordinator John Lovett, current defensive line coach Rick Petri and current defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff. All three will be dismissed after the bowl game, and must ``cease all recruiting activities for the Hurricanes.''

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/12/17/1977076/new-um-football-coach-brings-in.html#ixzz18Mp8Vxsc





"Their passion and desire for excellence matches that of the Miami fan base, alumni and stakeholders," Golden said in a statement. "I felt it was important that they be able to hit the ground running and start recruiting immediately.


Steve- QB competition



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