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December 13, 2010





thats two in a matter of weeks i must be getting better at this


Really?!? Well... Alright alright alright


Aahhh hell! Lucky # 3


Sick td catch by Andre Johnson with about 25 seconds left and the two point conversion is good also to tie it up. Damn what a comeback for the Texans.

dj moonbat

I loved before the game how Andre Johnson explained to Gruden the secret to beating bump and run coverage: you've got to be physical with the guy. You try not to run into him, but if you do...

It helps to be Andre Johnson.


K. benjamin from down here in the Glades in Palm Beach cty is going to committ on Thursday, PB post is saying FSU Miami wasn't even mentioned.

Dude must be a little slow he had to stop playing about the 8th game of the year cause he was already at the age limit of 19 yrs 9 mo lol. This cat is going to be 20 when he graduates high school. Talking about academics iwith FSU in the article, ueah right bro.


Damn u Schaub way to blow it!

Ravens loss would have helped the Fins in a roundabout way.


It helps to be Andre Johnson.

Posted by: dj moonbat | December 13, 2010 at 11:49 PM


At UM it always looked like he was a man against boys.

Nothing changed when he got to the NFLU.


OK, it's after midnight so...ahh, who CARES!


What will ESPN do when Farve retires? The massive post game slurp fest was sickening for about 30 minutes because he didn't start, instead reporting ravens vs Houston which was a superb game I had to listen to that crap.


Great press conference. I loved the part when they asked him about running the 3-4 or 4-3 defense he said: Players than plays.

Meaning 1st you see what talent you have. How you as a coach can get the best out of them. Liked that answer.


And, while he may not have been everyone's favorite candidate for the position, Golden deserves a fair chance and our support. I can only speak for myself in saying that he has mine.

Well said SOUP!


I hope Al Golden's contract has a tremendous buyout and an exclusion to go to Penn State before the end of the contact...

Listen to John Gerak on WQAM ex-roomate at Penn State talking about Golden...



Where is Latwan Anderson? Any possibilities
for him to play football with the Canes in 2011 under the new coach or he is simply a rotten apple?



New University of Miami football coach Al Golden had just finished speaking to a few hundred people who had crammed into the Newman Alumni Center -- and thousands more watching live on the Internet -- when an exuberant fan exclaimed, ``We didn't hit a home run. We hit a grand slam!''

If those fans didn't know who he was before, they began learning fast Monday night as Golden was introduced to the public for the first time as the Hurricanes' coach.

Golden, 41, the New Jersey native-turned miracle worker for turning around a horribly deficient Temple University football program in Philadelphia, mesmerized the audience in Coral Gables.

Wearing a navy pin-striped suit with a green-and-orange ``U'' tie, Golden was intense and energetic and said the word ``we'' and ``national championship'' several times.

After one day, Golden was already a Cane.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/12/14/1972248/a-golden-moment.html#ixzz185YM4epi




SS- Golden: My job is to love you, respect you, we'll have a team that is smart, tough, disciplined, passionate, energetic, aggressive, with an attitude, we'll win championships, and do it with class.






Sitting on Kirby Hocutt's desk in his University of Miami office is a 300-page, four-pound binder with the title Deserve Victory.

The tomes author? Al Golden, who was introduced Monday evening as the Hurricanes' new head football coach.

Golden gave Hocutt, UM's athletic director, the book during a two-hour meeting last Monday at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. Hocutt interviewed several other candidates over the course of two days in the Big Apple, but none had the impact of Golden, who in the past five seasons transformed Temple's downtrodden program into a winner.

"I walked out of there thinking, 'This is the guy. He's got it,' " Hocutt said.

Hocutt admitted on Monday that he had only read parts of the book, which details Golden's vision for turning Miami from an Atlantic Coast Conference also-ran into a national championship contender. Skimming through the pages, Hocutt said he was won over by Golden's attention to detail.

"Al had gone the extra mile," Hocutt said. "He came in with a game plan. He had a drive and desire and hunger for this job."


Gruden? Golden? What difference do a few little letters make? Well, for one thing, if Jon Gruden had walked into the University of Miami's alumni center Monday night, all conversations between the assembled trustees and Hurricane Club donors would have stopped and all eyes would have been glued on a coach with both credentials and charisma.

Al Golden got the opposite reaction as he and his wife Kelly arrived to be introduced as the new first family of Hurricanes football.

There were people in the crowded room who for a couple of minutes weren't even sure their head coach was among them. Some had no idea which one was Golden until he was called to the microphone for the simple reason that Temple, the program he built from scratch, is not exactly an ESPN College Gameday destination.

All it took, though, was for Golden to quickly declare what every Miami coach must declare, what every Miami coach must believe, and the crowd was cheering him on.

"I want to make sure you understand," said Golden, whose rapid transition included the purchase of a tasteful UM logo tie for this occasion. "Our goal is gonna be to win national championships.

"We're not gonna wait around. We're going after it."


Al Golden was named UM’s coach on Sunday and nobody has more riding on that decision than athletic director Kirby Hocutt.

A boy wonder in the world of sports administration, Hocutt made the first big hire of his career when he tabbed Golden. How this works out will go a long way in deciding Hocutt’s legacy at Miami.




Big-time football programs had courted Al Golden before.

He's been on many short lists for jobs around the country, interviewing for marquee gigs more than once. And it's long been believed that he covets the chance to replace his former coach, Joe Paterno, at Penn State one day.

So when the questions came Monday -- "Why here?" "Why now?" -- Golden didn't hesitate before answering.

"Are you kidding me?"

That's how Golden got a roomful of applause, his first victory as coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

A whirlwind week that started in a New York hotel ended Monday night before a packed news conference in Miami, where Golden donned a new tie and lapel pin -- both with the "U" logo -- and vowed to restore the Hurricanes' program to greatness. He and his wife arrived in mid-afternoon, chatted with university president Donna Shalala, then Golden met his team for the first time.

"The most recognizable brand in college football," Golden said. "Again, I go back to the former players that are here, the five national championships, 20 national award winners, countless All-Americans, incredible tradition. It's a dream job. It's a tremendous opportunity for my family and I to build championships here."



Naples News

Al Golden’s first speech as Miami’s football coach revolved around winning.

Golden was introduced to the Hurricanes’ community on Monday evening, and when the 41-year-old delivered his opening remarks with a new ’U’ lapel pin flanking the left side of his blazer, he wasted no time before saying the program always has — and still will — be measured by championships.

“The football program, it’s time we put it all together,” Golden said.

It was part of a busy first day for Golden, who accepted a five-year contract on Sunday, his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

After he and his wife arrived on a mid-afternoon flight, Golden met university president Donna Shalala, along with his new players — most of whom hadn’t heard of the former Temple coach before the Hurricanes hired him.

Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt says Golden was the top choice as soon as their first interview in New York ended early last week. Hocutt and Golden subsequently met in Philadelphia, then had several phone conversations, all culminating in a deal.

“He is the right fit at the right time to lead us back to the pinnacle of the college football world,” Hocutt said moments before Golden took the dais.


francis w

FWIW my comments: I support coach Golden. The only person interviewed Monday before during or after the intro that used the word "Family" was Michael Irvin. I hope that will be the overall theme of this group of men striving for exelence on the field, classroom, community.
A fan



"He has learned, he has grown, he has developed, he is ready for that next step," Hocutt said. "He is ready to come to a program that can compete and win national championships. He's an excellent communicator, very organized, detail-oriented, and he's inspirational. He will inspire this football program to greatness."



After watching that press conference, I agree with you Soup. We Are Back!! This guy is just what we needed.


If Bill King is happy with this hire, than so am I......... he said the guy is the perfect fit for our situation. He just needs to make the right hires when it comes to the assistant coaches.


Remember when I would say you will meet two and only two types of people in your life, those that feed you energy and those that suck the energy from you.

Have there ever been two better examples than Al Golden and Randy Shannon?

I think we are going to see such an incredible can do attitude from this team, we are going wonder how the hell the kids ever won the games we did with Randy.


Golden needs to pick a synonym for pro- pro- prominence... I've heard him stumble over it 3 different times.


Irvin talks about da U http://ufootball.tumblr.com/post/2312431182/michael-irvin-on-the-miami-hiring-al-golden


DZ everybody isn't going to enunciate like Randy could, you have to cut Golden a little slack.


Solar, you talk as if Randy Shannon never coached a good down. I still think RS is a good coach, He's just a good coach who failed to understand how to get these young men to play with consistency. And the way you do that is to be honest with them, tell them that football DOESN'T feel good. Ain't no way in hell that you can play football and feel good. The game is NOT won or lost when you feel good, it's won or lost on what YOU DECIDE TO DO when you DON'T feel good, do you quit, or do you keep grindin'. Now I don't know if it's beneath RS to coach HS, but I think that's where His mission would be better served, I think and hope His better days are ahead of Him...


lol, true dat


Randy would have the most impact at the high school level, as far as impacting young mens' lives. I also think his faults as a coach would be more exposed at that level. I think the talent level at Miami camoflauged a lot of his shortcomings. JMO.


I think Randy's best HC days are ahead of him to. i feel his best days ever are going to be the NC with Canes when he was on staff.
I supported Randy, I defended a lot of his early mistakes as a learning process, the man didn't learn, and he was in over his head.
Lets give Golden the oppertunity to show us what he can do.

"Ain't no way in hell that you can play football and feel good. "

I hope you never try to tell that to Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, Brett Farve, or Ottis Anerson.




I know its still way early but any recruiting news yet. All I can say is how can u not be excited to play for Golden ? I watched his introduction and was thrilled to see emotion and life on the room !!!


I think the talent level at Miami camoflauged a lot of his shortcomings. JMO.

DZ We did win a few games in spite of our coaches.


The more I hear Golden the more I think Stoutland might stick around. They have known each other for awhile. Not real close but it's something.

Also the fact that our coaches are staying to help our kids thru their bowl game is great for the kids. Shows heart for the coaches, but, do any of them have any other schools beating down their door trying to get them?

We won't be able to sign any new staff member till we get rid of some current staff.


Shows good heart from the coaches.^^^


I read that Golden was only bringing two coaches ... does anyone know who they are ?


No. My 1st guess would be D'Onfrio the D co ordinator. Also heard he has a great D line coach and his S&C coach is good as well. Just what I've heard.


Give Michael Irvin a job! The man loves the U and would recruit the tar out of these kids. He would make a great motivator and WR coach!


Kirby tells Gino

Golden will evaluate the current staff watching them at practice for ND and the bowl.


DZ8, here's a link to the Temple roster, if you scroll down you'll see His entire coaching staff:



Canefantasy, if Golden gives Michael a job, then they must have the same vices, if you know what I mean...


sniff sniff


I can't remember Randy ever doing this



I got U caneROCK!! wink wink


Mike does look like the girl with kaleidoscope eyes on camera doesn't he lol!


Can we please stop talking about Randy folks? He is gone, yes he is still a Cane and always will be but it's time to move forward and support our new coach and staff.

Hey Randy had his chance and it didn't work out. He will land on his feet and might end up at Texas and will be trying to steal our sfla recruits to take to that dump Texas.

This is what happens in big time sports, people fail and they get shyt canned. RS failed miserably and was justly fired. grow up we are all adults I think. I just saw 800 coworkers get fired last week 2 weeks before Christmas with no 1.5 million dollar severance like RS got. He will be ok

It's Goldens team now and he seems to really be all about it and have his shyt together. I for one am excited and looking forward to next year and supporting my team.


Solar I am not sold on the talent of these kids.....I really am interested in how they play in the bowl game. Randy will do fine. He made some mistakes but he has more up side than bad. I really think I would have given up on some of these present players.....they tend to run through life with a very lackadaisical attitude that rubs me the wrong way.

Maybe Golden will bring some kids in with some hunger! Go Canes!



Let me ask you this.
How many comments were made about Larry Coker continually for at least three seasons after he was gone?
Why is randy any different?

Randy will get flack and praise for at least two seasons from fans.
Wait till Golden's teams are winning or losing, then a lot more Randy comments will be made.
You don't get a sympathy pass because you couldn't do your job, you just suck it up like Larry Coker and go get another job.

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