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December 13, 2010




someone from the Noles posted this interview of Randy on canesport. We need to do one about bubba because this is going overboard.


I hope Golden is recruiting Brandon Harris' azz off right now.

I think B. Harris above anyone else showed leadership and work ethic, while a lot of the kids felt entitled because they possessed some kind of secret inner city Miami mojo that made them automatic authentic brand Canes.


Thanks for the link CaneRock.

A few on there that would interest me. I could see us ending up with D'Onofrio,the RB coach (except Golden did mention Casavano), DB coach and O line coach (except Golden does have ties with Stoutland). Those are the ones that would interest me at least.

You could find a way to keep Stoutland and Petri as the O line coach at temple also has experience coaching TEs.

Looking at that breakdown looks like a real coaching staff. Can't wait to see what our staff looks like this year :)


I wasn't making that personal with you, I didn't mean for it to sound that way.
I meant Randy will be commented on just like Larry was and Butch was.


I don't where you come from just play with passion and give it everything you have got. I don't even care if you lose but at least give it your all and act like you care!!!! Goodness that makes me so angry. Say all you want to say about Randy, maybe he played favorites, maybe he was too harsh with the punishments, maybe he even tried too hard, maybe he did not trust enough.....no matter he gave these kids the opportunity to play at Miami at least show him some respect....puh ehh. I hope Golden lays into them, lays down some rules and if you screw up you sit. And that is all, lol!


meant I don't care where

Old Skool

Okay It's recruiting time.
"Release the Golden."

I would say
"Release the Kracken"
But that's what she said


Florida is going to be the golden state... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


Anyone hear him on Joe rose this a.m.? I also heard he was already in Weston at cypress bay hs meeting with Coach G


I think the talent level at Miami camoflauged a lot of his shortcomings. JMO.
this is true. im hoping this year is different. i like the way golden talks i like his attitude. im ready for a change.


tired of seeing bad football. and knowing the talent is there. ready for a coach thats not a friend but one that demands perfection.


im ready for a coach to not only bring in talent, but develop it. its gonna be interesting to see how or if this changes.


its good to hear hes going after teddy b. he just said on the micheal irvin show. he couldnt say his name he said we need more depth and he is going after the young man in miami.


Good to hear. I'm not sold on Bridgewater as a QB (think his release is too low) but bring him in and let him compete for the job. If he doesn't make it at QB then he can play other spots, the kid is a solid athlete.


How many comments were made about Larry Coker continually for at least three seasons after he was gone?
Why is randy any different?

Randy will get flack and praise for at least two seasons from fans.
Wait till Golden's teams are winning or losing, then a lot more Randy comments will be made.
You don't get a sympathy pass because you couldn't do your job, you just suck it up like Larry Coker and go get another job.

Posted by: solarcane | December 14, 2010 at 10:51 AM

3 seasons? I was hearing Coker take the blame this year, even after Shannon got fired. :)


I still blame Patrick Nix.

The Dude @ work

I'd like to officially welcome Al Golden to the Hurricanes family. Best of luck. Also be aware the pressure is on to win right away. 8 or 9 wins isnt gonna cut it for me.


This recruitng year will not be vintage. Fsu will rack up this year. Where we needed the most help, it won't come from this year. We needed to add at least 3 WR's and that's looking iffy. We need a top notch middle LB and generally we need help there period, at least in terms of size. We need to add at least 3 db's and that may be iffy. We need to add a big itme TE and theres not but 2 left on the board in O'leary and Fulse and it looks like a goose egg their. Last we need some serious big time play making DT's and that also looks like a zero. We may be lucky to even hang onto Chiklo.
We had FSU down and now we've let them back in the door, as far as recruitng goes. This current team has depth and they are seasoned but can they be motivated to play game in and game out, which that has been lacking. Golden will have his work cut out but with the talent he inherited, we could go undefeated or we could lose up to 4 games. Will see what kind of motivator he is, early next year and will see what kind of miracle worker he is, if he can salvage this recruiting year.
Has anyone heard anything about Latwan Anderson?


Come on guys and gals. We don't want to sound like this moron:



I would assume Kelvin Nelson is doing damn good at MLB, and is the reason Futch has moved to TE.


Is that our lineup next year...unless we go against a spread? lol


Well I am looking forward to next season....again ;-D


Why Kevin Nelson? He got concussed early and redshirted. How about Kelvin Cain the kid who actually got some snaps this year? He is the front runner for the MLB spot next year, IMO.

I think Futch requested the move, wasn't the coaches idea.


We lost our starters on the defensive line to injury. Maybe the injuries happened because of the lack of focus and inconsistent play. Golden is a d coach ... some people compare him to Davis. With the talent we have and the youngins coming up we should be a solid defense next yr. The season ending injuries have killed us.

I am more concerned about the who is going to be the o coordinator. I would like to see Whipple next yr because at least the guys know the system and the play calling was not the problem. We had too many dropped passes ... the qbs making bad decisions because they did not go through their reads and we fumbled the ball in the last two games. But i was encouraged when we brought the o line freshman to block. Our running game improved and if we would have been more disciplined and consistently played fundamental football the o would have even better. We scored enough points to win every game but we did not have a top ten d.


If we have a better coach than Whipple than bring him in. That goes right down the line for all the coaches. Don't replace to replace but to improve.


I like Golden getting these guys involved in community service... thats good for these guys.. and it teaches them to think about other people are less fortunate. This is the secret for motivating these guys find that extra strength when they get in a tough game. They will have a better cultural perspective about what is important and it will motivate them to take that next step.


Well, we have already made an improvement with our media relations. Randy Shannon is a great guy but, he was horrible with the press. Al was...wait for it...Golden in his first press conf. as the coach of the U!!!


Posted by: DZ8 | December 14, 2010 at 02:43 PM

Tim Reynolds mentioned the possibility of keeping Panunzio of all people. Are you kidding me?

If Panunzio somehow avoids the axe ONCE AGAIN after a miserable performance on the field by his units (ST and TE), then I'm calling the FBI to launch a mafia investigation!

If Miami had a "most deserving of being s--t-canned list," Fluzi Panuzi would be #1 on it.

I hope Golden keeps the guys who's units did well last year: Cassano, Petri and Stoutland. The rest better go, all of them!

Would be nice if Mark Duper somehow became more involved with the team. He's scheduled to work one-on-one with Streeter during the summer, but IMO all the Canes WRs would benefit from Duper's mentorship.


I agree that our offense has the potential to be lethal. Our O=line should be a beast next year. The offense though didn't help the Defense out much last year turning the ball over so much. I mean, what did we throw 21 int's, and add another 10 fumbles, at least 31 to's total. Our defense finally after about a 3 year lull started taking the ball away and we turn around a give it back to them. The big problem with the dee was giving up the homerun play. I mean we got scorched in runs over 50 yards. If we cut the to's down at least half and cut half those big runs out and we maybe lose 1 or 2 games. We are to soft at Dee tackle. We have no mainstay on the front. What we have is a bunch of sometimey players. Forston, Regis,Robinson,Porter & Lewis are good complimate players but they aren't beast on the front. We either need for these guys step their game up, in which Regis did at the end, or we need some serious help in that area, quick!


We could have a consistent winning team very quickly. Consider.

Our strength next year will be our offensive line and running back. If we can just pound the ball consistently then it'll open the deep play to play action.

Playing with a lead will take away from the opponents ability to run the ball, make them one dimensional, where we should thrive.

The difference between next year and this year? Just one more year of maturation and development on our offensive line. Our most talented linemen will finally be playing, not stuck behind place holding upperclassmen. Same with the running backs.

Also we'll have a coach who focuses on the fundamentals, won't play favorites and will stress competition.

Oh yeah, we're back!

j/k canechic! ouch


Maybe we also keep the DB coach, Wesley McGriff, on the condition that he step up his efforts. We can't reports that the players we're sending to the NFL "don't have a clue" about how to study gamefilm. He's also excellent at recruiting. Maybe Barrow too because he's a Cane through and through but LBs don't seem to develop well under him, especially in the passing game.

But Aubrey Hill's gotta go. The WRs sucked last year and our recruiting efforts were dismal. Panunzio too as I've already mentioned.

If I had to break it down list-style:

* Panunzio (ST/TE)
* Hill (RC/WR)

* Cassano (RB)
* Petri (DL)
* Stoutland (OL)
* Ice Harris (keep him to help with recruiting, lure BHarris to stay one more year)

* McGriff (DBs) (DBs did a lot better last year, but maybe still underperforming)

* Barrow (LBs) (LBs inconsistent overall, but he's only Cane alumnus on staff)

* Swasey (S&C) (not sure he's effective anymore. Maybe keep him but add a team nutritionist to help him out?)

* Whipple (OC) (he's overrated, but I might not be saying that had WRs not dropped so many balls last year)

* Lovett (DC) (did good job overall last year IMO... But the D failed to perform when it counted the most (FSU, UVA, USF))


Our O line did not do well run blocking against USF. They were not good in short yardage... From my own perspective it was because we started running the ball after the FSU game so our opponents adjusted to our game plan. College football is much different than it used to be. You used to be able to pound the ball on a consistent basis. We were throwing the ball prior to the Virginia game. So the teams were preparing for our passing game. Then we focus on the running game and the teams adjusted to that .. USF...
We got to have consistency... 80 percent is the qb.. its always been that way... the passing game starts at a certain level of performance... then we get drops.. then we get interceptions. Its just like the momentum. A drop pass kills momentum and it begins to snowball. But you cant be a one dimensional o. Its a chess game now... i like Whipple because he is not focused on one part of the game.


I think we'll look a lot like Alabama on offense and actually a little like them on defense when they go with an even front.

As always JMO.

I'm out for awhile.



Why Kevin Nelson? He got concussed early and redshirted. How about Kelvin Cain the kid who actually got some snaps this year? He is the front runner for the MLB spot next year, IMO.

I think Futch requested the move, wasn't the coaches idea.

Posted by: DZ8 | December 14, 2010 at 02:09 PM

Ahhhhh, Cain. Forgot about him. Probably because he wears #94, and I expect #52 out there. I'm just trying to push #52 out there if you haven't noticed yet. lol


It seemed like Whipple and Randy were not on the same page.. so Whipple has more throws which makes Randy react negatively.. then the receivers drop passes.. that is the reason for the lack of success in the passing game .. then Randy talks about running the ball more.. so Whipple runs more. And then the JH controversy adds to the finger pointing so this takes away from the focus of the o and has an effect on the negative attitudes about the negative plays.
Whipple will do a lot better if there is real discipline and good technique with a qb who makes good decisions. I think its about focus.


Once again, anybody hear if Latwan is going or staying. You know Shannon said he was track.


What i am trying to say is you want to run when they think you are going to pass and vise versa. And then you can pound the ball when they dont know what your going to do and they are on their heels.


Posted by: herbieibis | December 14, 2010 at 04:09 PM

No news anywhere about Latwan, but like I mentioned earlier, he's reppin' the Lakers on his Twitter page when he used to rep the Heat and the Canes. FWIW.



herbie- I read that L.A. left school after Shannon was canned and didn't tell anyone where he was going. The info came from a relatively reliable source, but I don't know. Supposedly, he and Shannon patched things up before Shannon got canned.


I cannot believe we only have 4 games to play next year:


9-17 Ohio State
9-24 Kansas State
10-1 Bethune-Cookman
11-26 @ South Florida

We WILL be 4-0!


Al was...wait for it...Golden in his first press conf. as the coach of the U!!!

Posted by: welcane | December 14, 2010 at 03:18 PM

Lol, nice.


If anyone has any doubts about this "Golden" opportunity, just go back to 2007. It was the last game in the ole girl. We played a UVA team that had some "Golden" recruits that demolished us 48-0.

I just watched the presser, and saw some after thought interviews. I think we all can be excited again. The "Golden" energy is being felt everywhere. Not just with the Pres., AD, and players, but with the fans and media, too.

Too freaking bad we have to wait 9 freaking months to see it develop on the field. Oh wait...did I just remember an invitation to some open practices? Maybe sooner than later then...

Shannon simply lacked this type of "Golden" energy. I remember his first press conference, and he wasn't confident at all. It wasn't until this year that Shannon started sounding confident, and it was too late. Players just did not want to play for Shannon for whatever reason. Probably because he lacked that "Golden" touch.

Can't wait to see how much of this "Golden" energy injects into these kids going against a well coached ND team. The bowl game just got a lot more interesting to me.



No. My 1st guess would be D'Onfrio the D co ordinator. Also heard he has a great D line coach and his S&C coach is good as well. Just what I've heard.

Posted by: DZ8 | December 14, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Uh huh. The only coaches I would keep are:

Stoutland and Petri

If you need to keep Hill on as a FT Recruiting Coordinator for a year or two for continuity purposes that is fine BUT and relieve him of the WR coaching duties and hire a new WR coach.

If not hire Paul Gonella (back) as FT Recruiting Coordinator.

I would DEFINITELY bring in my own OC and DC and Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Don't make the same mistake as Shannon. Get it right the FISRT time and don't take any chances. The OC and DC are the most important hires a head coach can make.


I still blame Patrick Nix.

Posted by: DZ8 | December 14, 2010 at 01:08 PM

I blame Boomer Philbrick.


Al Golden with Michael Irvin, if you haven't listened, you need to:



Who is Boomer Philbrick?


CGNC...don't U know anything? LOL



why is it his fault soup?


why is it his fault soup?

Posted by: zaro | December 14, 2010 at 05:38 PM

It was joke dude. Lighten up!


What ever Golden does coaching wise is fine by me. I'd keep Stoutland, Cessano. Petri, Whipple & Lovett are ? marks, the rest cannum! We definetly need a new strentgh and conditioning coach. The one thing they mentioned on sports center, which was true, was we need coaching stability. We've had to many coordinators the last 6 years and to many position coaching changes. Yes, years ago we got by with it, but how do you explain Va. Tech's success, it's not like they get the cream of the crop recruits every year, those coaches have been their foreva. I know some changes need to be made on the staff but not wholesale changes. TE, LB and strength coach, would do fine for beginners. Those areas are in need of some fresh blood. Huff, is average but you can't blame him if the boneheads drop the ball, plus he didn't have a hand in recruitng them.

Captain Optimist aka Cavaleer

Solar, RS didn't suck energy out of the room until THIS year. I was excited by his first presser and by his subsequent talks, those first couple of years.

Golden, however, is what we thought RS would be. He sounds like HE played on those classic U teams. He is GRAND SLAM hire by Kirby. It was just a perfect time for it.

Most importantly, he has a Masters in Sports Psychology. This is the difference, this level of study and understanding of what makes players tick, inside and outside.

He's going to be a great HC/leader. He's well-groomed, studied and has the intangibles that you can only be born with. You can't teach or learn those intangibles.

Very, very much like JJ.

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