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January 27, 2011


Randy Mcdade

Its all about the U




McDade...smooth, very smooth.


dang...I was close, I've had about 4-5 firsts in the past 6 months or so...

dj moonbat

There are no sure things in football. Al Golden looks pretty close.


nicely said


SOUP, u made your decision before I could chime in...but thank you for electing to keep this running. Was handing it off to someone as capable as you ever an option? I only log into a few sites daily...Gmail, Facebook, ESPN, canesport, and last but not least, THE Space...

I would had a memorial if this site would have gone down, but hey, it's all about what's in the best interest of you n urs...ALWAYS, no if's and or but's about it.

In your announcement you mentioned the site being run a little different from here on out...may I ask how or is that not to be shared? Just curious b/c I'll be happy to help in any capacity...

Hope the new year is treatin u well...

Go Canes !!!


Well said and to the point


Let me be thr first to say I was skeptical about the hire. I think it only natural for us fans to want a big name coach to lead us back to the promise land. The "U" has really never been about big name coaches. We just won with whomever they hired. The coaching had been great up until they decided to hire Lawrence Coker (DOPEY) and followed that up with Shannon. We had gambled all those years with no name coaches and won, it was only inevitable that our luck would run out and for the at least the last 6 it has been bad. Coker was a very good O-Coordinator and Shannon was very good D- Coordinator but neither was head coaching material. If those 2 guys would of stayed as they were, coordinators and the powers that be would of brought in a seasoned head coach, there isn't any telling where we would be now. Probably with a few more ships.
Now Golden is another gamble but I believe this sun-of-gun is for real. He has been all over the place, his assistents have cris-crossed the united states, to try and salvage our recruiting season and you know they just may pull it out. It won't be a top 20, well maybe it could if we get DREW, MOORE, BRISSETT GRIMBLE & LEE but that's probably wishful thinking. At least there is excitement and that's something we haven't had in awhile. Golden is a hustler and so too are his assitants. So. Fla. will not be ours to conquer this year but I believe in the future, as long as Golden is here we won't get pilledged like we did this year. I can't wait until season because you won't see us lying on the porch and acting like we are bored out on the field, like Herbstriet said we looked like this year on a couple of occassions. We now have a total coaching staff and even, finally a QB coach.

Old Skool

Fulse to Auburn according to Scout


That's what I get for falling behind here on Canespace. I comment on posts from earlier today. A few. Then I get to the end and see NEW BLOG IS UP!

All my posts are after so I'm over there basically talking to myself while everyone else is over here. It's ok. I'm just glad I found you all!

Old Skool

If the team works half as hard as the coach, we should be in for a winning season.

Also I wouldn't be surprised to see some bigger crowds at the games next year.

The U may be a well established brand, but one thing Golden knows how to do is sell and keep selling.


So as I as saying to this post...

I think Art gives us 1 more win than last year.

Posted by: The Dude | January 27, 2011 at 04:14 PM

We will see...


Skool I was thinking the same thing about the crowds.
With Golden doing U commercials I think more casual fans would be drawn back to going to games.

Richt is on TV here every night selling Georgia football, motivational seminars, or Ford trucks.


It won't be a top 20...

Posted by: Herbieibis | January 27, 2011 at 07:11 PM

I think that's just because we don't have the numbers. If you look at the rankings, those teams in the top have 20+ commits. We'll barely even reach 20 if not fewer. So you can't really rank a class against other classes especially if they do not have the same numbers.

Remember our 2008 #1 class? 33 players.

I know and Golden knows this, too. He turns this thing around, he'll be able to choose to coach anywhere and basically be able to pick his salary. When a guy brings in a three ring binder the size of a phone book, and says, "No this isn't the offensive plays. No this isn't the defensive plays. No this isn't the special teams plays. This is my entire plan to win NCs. Just wait until I've done everything, and I'm on the last page!"



We should ask AllCanes how much product sales are up compared to this time last season.


The U may be a well established brand, but one thing Golden knows how to do is sell and keep selling.

Posted by: Old Skool | January 27, 2011 at 07:19 PM

Don't forget, you gotta market it before you sell it. Having a live feed on NSD is BRILLANT!!! Exposure, exposure, exposure!!!

Old Skool

Exposure helps but being media friendly helps even more.


In your announcement you mentioned the site being run a little different from here on out...may I ask how or is that not to be shared?

Posted by: dadesfynest83 | January 27, 2011 at 07:05 PM

Well since we are in the for life I thought we might as well double-down and go ALL IN!

Here is just a few quick things that need to happen:

1. We need more people to contribute. We need more writers for feature articles. We need researchers like NativeCane to scour the Internets and bring us the best links and content out there. We need people in charge of comic relief like Old Skool, MacJones and Ungar and the like.

2. We need to use "Social Media" to our advantage. I have no time to learn that aspect or desire to do that aspect of our operations so I need to recruit two people to design and run our Facebook page and our Twitter account so we can build links to other Canes fans and recruit more bloggers.

3. We need to raise some $$$ eventually for general expenses (Internet fees for the web site and the blog are around $350), some tickets to give away here on the blog and some new T-shirts for the 2011 season. I have several "FIRSTS" still due shirts and everyone making a $20 donation will get a 2011 Canespace T-shirt. If we can get 50 people to donate $20 we are Golden! Solar will coordinate the process and details will follow next week.

4. We need to help out those who helped us. We are collecting for Manny Navarro who is having his first child soon. I threw in $50 and j.w. is in for $20 so we have $70 and need another $30 so we can buy a $100 gift card for him to get baby stuff. Email Solar if U want to donate to this cause at gonz1320@yahoo.com.

5. Ideas, suggestions and feedback are all welcome!


The U may be a well established brand, but one thing Golden knows how to do is sell and keep selling.

Posted by: Old Skool | January 27, 2011 at 07:19 PM

There IT is right there.


People are funny. They think you can just come in and take recruits away. Like Jedi mind trick them or something. HELLO?! (knocking on your forehead) MCFLY! You have to build relationships, and having only a month is simply not enough time for all. Maybe some but not all.


Soup I challenge all faithful readers to donate $50 for this site. Give me an address and I will send $50 next month.


Yes it does Skool! Yes it does. I know we've learned the hard way or at least we hope Randy did.

Ok, I'm out guys. I need sleep since I was up til 4AM.

I love this place so much I'm hugging my monitor right now!


SOUP You have mail from me


Less then 3 minutes to go in the 1st half and the the 22nd ranked Lady Canes(18-2,4-1) are having a rough game against N.C.St.(9-10, 1-4) but are still leading 35-32


Having hit the first comment over the last five years at least 15 times more often than the next closet lightning fingers here, I would like to suggest

Instead of a shirt for being first once, which costs a ton of money for shirts over a years time,
how about a shirt for a person that goes 4 for 4 firsts or has the most firsts over a certain duration. That is dedication.

solarcane will be ineligible to compete of course because the man is always holding him down.
But I do admire the folks that scream in there and hit the go button in the blink of an eye.


HELLO?! (knocking on your forehead) MCFLY!



At the half the Lady Canes are leading N.C.St. 42-36

Riquna 14 points 2 assist
Morgan 10 points 6 rebounds 2 assists
Shenise 7 points 7 rebounds 3 assists


Soup I challenge all faithful readers to donate $50 for this site. Give me an address and I will send $50 next month.

Posted by: canesteeler | January 27, 2011 at 07:44 PM

I am only hoping for $20/person X 50 people but hey whatever!

All funds will go DIRECTLY back into the blog operations and activities. I am NOT interested in making $$$ just supporting our current operations and activities.

Email SolarCane for details at:



My E-mail is Zed1313@aol.com soup I would love to do what I can to help. Not sure how much free time I'll have to write articles and like I said before my writing grammer is really bad anyways. Like I think it was Ohio said I'm about to start a second job so I can pay for a wedding and buy a house while the soon to be wife goes to Nursing school. So what I cant help in time I do have a few buck laying around to help with the $. So if you would like shoot me an Email with details of how I can help. Thanks again for giving us this forum to hang out


soup, i hope that you continue with this site. i understand that you have you and your family to think about and this may be time consuming so like you did in the past leave it with trusted fans. like many other fans of the hurricanes i love this site the most cause being from Seattle i didnt have a site to go to for awhile and when i found this it was the "mecca" of miami sports with all the links and post that are very informative. thanks for everything man!


Bottom line, here's the deal:

If U want to write feature articles, do NOT donate.

If U want to sign up to formally do Internet research, do NOT donate.

If U want to run our Facebook or Twitter accounts, do NOT donate.

If U wanna enjoy Canespace and not have to do ANYTHING then throw down a $20 if that is possible for U to do.

If U cannot afford to contribute your time or your $$$ then just blog on, comment like crazy everyday and keep it lively.

Everyone has a role on the blog.

Find yours!


SOUP i sent you an email regarding this, but I would love to run the twitter account for the blog I'd def keep everyone very much up to date and I'll be very on top of it......i've got lots of free time lol


DZ2...I'll check email in a few. And THANKS for offering. I think we have a winner!


oh and i was very dumbfounded to say the least when Miami hired Golden. Only thing I remember about Temple was them playing UCLA in a bowl game. His first press conference was great to me I was inspired! More vocal than Shannon ever was and he has a great plan and his selling of a program is what we need. His team of coaches that he assembled is very good to me. His recruiting to me is a A+! Building and re-building those relationships with High Schools and going after kids already committed and the UA card stuff. Class act...love the hire Kirby! Cant wait til March 5th...coming down to Miami in August or September and also I will be moving to Clearwater in 2 years. Tired of rainy Seattle!! ANnnd these pesky UW and Seahawks fans!!!


The Lady Canes are starting to pull away in the 2nd half

Less then 10 minutes to go:



If you want to support Canespace with a donation:

Email me and I will inform you how to make the check out or money order out and
the address to send it to.
Be sure to include your Canespace nick and actual name so we can recognize your contribution.

I will collect donations from today until the day of the 11 Spring Game.
That should give everyone about two months to decide if they can or want to donate.

on Soup's behalf thanks!



sebas check your email bra


If Virginia Tech wants to win a national title, the most obvious way to get there would be to recruit the most elite talent in the country. Kyle Tucker of the Virginian-Pilot dug up some numbers that reflect what the Hokies haven't done on the recruiting trail in comparison with what national title winners have lured in. What's most surprising about Virginia Tech's recruiting is how consistently they've won in the ACC without signing even the best players in the state. That being said, it's not like the staff hasn't brought in and developed some of the best players in the country. Tyrod Taylor, David Wilson and Ryan Williams are recent examples.

It's important to remember, though, that recruiting highly touted prep stars doesn't always translate into national titles or even conference titles. Virginia Tech has fared far better than the rest of the ACC since joining the conference and has done it with less impressive recruiting classes than almost half the league. The fans who should be concerned are at Miami, Florida State and Clemson. Why hasn't that talent produced more? There are various reasons: staff instability, player retention, some simply didn't pan out. I wonder if Virginia Tech fans would trade in any of the previous league titles for any of the ACC's more highly regarded recruiting classes during that span. Feel free to drop me a note in the mailbag and let me know. In looking at past classes, though, one thing is certain -- the ACC's brand-name programs have players. There's no excuse not to win big. Virginia Tech? Well, the Hokies should feel free to join that party anytime.

ESPN.com has a recruiting database that dates back to 2006. Here's how many players each program has signed from the ESPNU 150 in the past five seasons (that's not including this year's class):

Miami: 33
FSU: 27
Clemson: 24
North Carolina: 14
Maryland: 8
Virginia Tech: 6
Georgia Tech: 3
NC State: 3
Virginia: 1
Wake Forest: 1
Boston College: 0
Duke: 0


Hurricanes win over NC State 84-77



Posted by: solarcane | January 27, 2011 at 08:37 PM

Solar - why don't you post your address so people know where to send donations. That way you won't get overwhelmed with emails. You can repost address every so often. I think that is what you did the last time.


Want add the U logo overlay over your twitter avatar or Facebook pic?

very easy




Id rather not post my street address on the Internet , that's the same reason the checks are coming to me instead of giving soup's street address out.

Lot of people seem to hold grudges on the internet, plus the looney trolls that I have been banned over and over never say die when it comes to f**king with me.
I trust any of you guys in private so I would rather it be that way.
Thanks for always supporting the Space!


Soup - I've thought long and hard about your comments about The Space, and all I have to say is...

wait, Ewan McGregor about to shag a chick on Trainspotting...gotta go lol

P.S. Put me down for a donation Solar. Where else can I hang around with such an "eclectic" group as this!


Solar - makes sense. Hey, from what I understand, Ocala is heavily armed so we can us his address, lol.

Just clicked on the twibbin link and West "By God" Virginia is finally ranked #1 in something.

I didn't know they had cable in that part of the country. Doooohhhhhhh :-)


that I have been banned

haaaaaaaaaa man I suck


Good deal Alph,

how bout you hand it to me over lunch on Saturday Feb 5 in Cumming, I'm buying.


You can listen to Alonso Highsmith with Joe Rose this morning about the Miami program and what needs to be done right now...Good comments on Al Golden but more inportant...The workouts and practices needs to be like old time...He made good points.



thanks for understanding I still get hate mail from guys that can't get back on Canespace since the first year.


Cumming, I'm buying.

Posted by: solarcane | January 27, 2011 at 09:30 PM

Do i dare??????

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