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January 30, 2011









I would like to thank twitter for this victory!


LoL....I would like to thank not bein able to sign in under Facebook for this lost...LoL..

12% cuz thtz the only way to go...
There I said it Im over my mad hiatus..


12% cuz thtz the only way to go...

Posted by: RayChanCaneFan | January 30, 2011 at 02:51 PM

NICE! Good to have U back leading the 12% brigade back into battle for a Golden 2011.


yea SOUP U knw I absolutely hated the hiring of Golden but after some reading of U guys posts and info...I came to a conclusion tht maybe Randy's past did a lot more harm then help as far as his ppl skills...Hell I wouldn't be as apt to having friends and or trusting ppl either if my own brother was stealn my identity....but anyway Welcome Golden apologize fa not acceptn U frm the jump now lets get this Championship..


If Terrell comes and I didn't go see him play once last year (20 minutes down the street from me), I'll feel bad. Just didn't think we really had a chance.

If he comes and becomes a Canes legend, I'll feel like a traitor, not watching him play in high school.

Stay in VA Terrell!!! It's too sunny and warm in Florida, they don't even have any seasons down there!! Stay home young man!


Per Manny- Sousa is out of the picture now for UM, down to Wake and USF......Also reports/rumors saying Brissett is supposed to announce tomorrow instead of signing day with his team mates(like his coach wanted to do) or sometime after signing day(that was previously reported)? So is this bettering Miami's chances of landing him since he is announcing sooner, or am I just looking too much into it?




It's a better chance. That close to his visit to Miami is huge. Also it was thought he might not make the visit because of a basketball tournament. The fact that he got a visit, and that we are "losing" the other qb recruits is a good sign for landing Brisset.

I went to Slippery Rock in'92/'93, left cause it was too cold. Live in Ashburn VA now. Where are you at?


I'll feel bad if he comes to Miami cause I never went to watch him play Zaro. Half kidding of course ;)


Per Manny- Sousa is out of the picture now for UM, down to Wake and USF......Also reports/rumors saying Brissett is supposed to announce tomorrow instead of signing day with his team mates(like his coach wanted to do) or sometime after signing day(that was previously reported)? So is this bettering Miami's chances of landing him since he is announcing sooner, or am I just looking too much into it?

Posted by: novaCANEPHINatic | January 30, 2011 at 03:08 PM

I was gonna post earlier that Sousa was out but wasn't positive so i let it be but now that I've seen it multiple times it must be true

Also Brissett announcing tomorrow is good for us (btw he loved miami)

Moore and Brissett both announcing tomorrow hopefully both become hurricanes tomorrow

Willie Will in Nashville


put me down in the 12%


5:30 the `Canes at 12-8 (1-5) take on the Hokies 13-6 (3-3) in hoops

A loss here and the `Canes would drop to dead last in the ACC

Someone just please pull that seat out from under him


Posted by: DZ8 | January 30, 2011 at 03:15 PM

Haha don't blame ya for leaving. Yea it is cold there, especially up on the hill where we played our rugby matches. I started there in '97 and now live like 20mins from campus(New Castle).


Golden and crew are very talented recruiters to think rhey can do all of this in a month and a half some even less and they are picking up quality kids, that finnie kid from central thats just amazing. Cant wait for the coaching to begin

orange 'n green in the vein

Lucien, as a Valley guy considering the nice area of LA to attend college at, would have to be color blind at least if not myopic at worst to not want to go to UM after taking a last visit there, I tend to believe if he can convince his parents to let him try to handle the separation anxiety of 3000 miles of distance, UM can land him, absolutely.

Unfortunately, Moore was just average from what I saw of him in FBS ball, if he's gotten better at JUCO, that's another issue, but I was never aware of what the hype was all about in South Central, he wasn't fast, he wasn't huge, he wasn't always in the play and often times was nowhere to be found in coverage during his time on the field, I mean, he was a better DB than Ayles was a TE, but that's not that hard to do you know?

UM is always tough on transfer credits from other schools, shoulder-pad-wearer or not, so Moore not getting enough credit for his classes to be on track to graduate on time in the Gables will be absolutely no surprise, IMO if we didn't need the roster spot filled so badly in the failure of Golden to retain Harris for his senior year, it wouldn't be any loss at all, but since BH is banking 1st round money instead of locking down one side of the field, it just kind of hurts UM slightly from a depth perspective only if Moore gets sent to Rocky Top. Moore's the one losing out in that turn of events, not UM football IMO unless the injury bug wipes out our DB's already on roster in 2011.


In the failure of AG to retain Harris???????

How is that on AG?

Harris was gone no matter who the coach was going to be


lady canes in a dog fight against GT...down by 3 with 4mins left


The Lady `Canes just might hang on for this big win

Up 69-66 with 24 seconds left



2/3/11 Men's Basketball vs GT @ 7 PM.

3/1/11 Baseball @USF (Tampa) @ 4 PM.

3/22/11 Baseball vs UCF @ 6 PM.

3/23/11 Baseball vs. FGCU @ 6 PM.

4/6/11 Baseball @ FGCU (Ft. Myers) @ 7 PM.

4/27/11 Baseball vs USF @ 6 PM.

4/29/11 Baseball vs FSU @ 7 PM.



lady canes going to OT...tied 70-70


SOUP im surprised you havent asked about my avatar...Ray Ray being outrun by a white boy with no legs....you usually have an eye for those things


The University of Miami men's basketball team returns to the road to take on long-time conference opponent Virginia Tech on Sun., Jan. 30, at Cassell Coliseum.

The 5:30 p.m. game will kick of an ACC Sunday Night Hoops doubleheader and be carried nationally on Fox Sports, including on FS-Florida in South Florida.

Game 21: Miami (12-8, 1-5) vs. Virginia Tech (13-6, 3-3)
Date: Sun., Jan. 30, 2011 | Time: 5:30 p.m. | Site: Cassell Coliseum
TV: FSN (FS-Florida) | Radio: 560 WQAM (WQAM.com)


Sling...what's up with your avatar? Is that Ray Ray being outrun by a white boy with no legs?


i might be at the feb.19th home game against rutgers...


lol you miss nothing


So here's a summary/update - QBs Sousa, Ruddock and Weatherford are all out

top recruits left on the board

CB Moore (announces tomorrow) - i've heard he is a silent UM commit but also transfer grades could be an issue so Tenn is still a possibility

QB Brisset (moved announcement to tomorrow) loved UM and imo is a toss up, but read between the lines here - we never offered Sousa and he was supposedly #2 or #3 so coaches must feel comfortable with Brissett and his choice

DT/DE Grimble - cancelled UCLA trip this weekend, supposedly had scholie pulled from USC (he was a USC commit)

ATH Terrell - has UM "real close to the top" but the other schools are Vandy, WestVirginia, Virginia...imo its between Virginia and UM but he's keeping relatively quiet about recruitment

WR Lucien - has UM as #1 (he's from cali so pry gotta talk it over with the rents before he wants to commit to living on the opposite side of the country)

as of now UM has 15 commits...and running out of room fast so I doubt we get all of the above and I think we get one commit that comes outta left field


sounds as though brissets commit was moved up so he can be an EE.....hope this is correct

orange 'n green in the vein

57, can you please use your alternate reality crystal ball to tell me who will be in charge of Egypt next month?

It's on the head coach not retaining anybody who was currently on the roster when he was hired at any school, just like Graham at Pitt, just like Adazio at Temple, just like Golden at . . . Miami. Come with the territory and Harris didn't buy what, if any pitch, Golden gave him to come back. Thus, it's on Golden, who as the coach of Miami, if he wants to win, needs to learn to convince NFL prospects to stay in school for another run at a collegiate title if he wants to field the best Hurricane team possible.


Lady `Canes up 74-71 less then 3 minutes to go in o.t.


one thing that has me chuckling is how golden said that recruiting was like an open clam...then he says that we have 40 something players visiting this month and thats more that we've ever had in the past..is it easier for an osprey to catch a singular fish or a single fish in a school....


77-72 with 2mins left...dem dem dem canes


lady canes now 20-2 (6-1)...tied for second in the conference with FSU...very nice...


I know you dont believe what youre trying to shovel

A kid will come to a coach for advice and help about turning pro but in no way is it the failure of a HC if the player decides to jump to the NFL

Youre digging deep to try to find more faults to in AG.

#1 is a smart kid and has a great chance of becoming a 1st round pick. Smart move on his part not a failure on a coach youre looking for flaws in


If we get Jalen Grimble does that mean his brother, Xavier (TE/USC who is rumored to be transferring) comes with him?

Xavier was the #1 TE in the country in the 2009 signing class.

Brennan Carroll pulls Ayles and Grimble...?

orange 'n green in the vein

Sling, I'm all for casting a wide a recruiting net as possible due to it really being more art than science.

Snake-bites, over-hype based on early growth spurts, academic casualties, you just never really know until year three too often to be right enough often enough to field a championship team with a narrow focus in recruiting, which is why Butch surviving the scholarship reductions as well as he was able to is such a revered tight-rope walking job in the college game's history in retrospect.


im all for it too...i just found those two comments funny...


2 More Days!!!


Thats a very nice win for the Lady `Canes

Next up is the Thur. nt game against the Duke Blue Devils

orange 'n green in the vein

57, you're full of it if you try to tell me that you don't think a head coach recruiting his own roster to come back for another shot at a championship isn't a key tool in ANY coaches arsenal.

In fact, I've got to say you're reaching for reasons to say I'm reaching for reasons to criticize Al Golden, since I would criticize ANY coach who lets his NFL draft eligible talent slip out the door early. I won't blame a guy in the position to do so for taking the cash, but I will blame the coach for letting him out the door for failing to retain the guy on the roster. How is that a reach to call a coach on? He gave some pitch, or he didn't give some pitch enough, and the player left, good for player, bad for player's team's chances next year. Whoever is the coach of Miami will have a lot of opportunities (assuming they don't follow a clueless recruiter who leaves the cupboard barren in front of him) to have to use this skill, so HE BETTER HAVE IT IN SPADES. Or he better use the scholarship to get better in the short term in response to his failures in that department.


You gotta be sh*tting me that anyone would say it's on the head coach of a team if he "loses" a player b/c they decide that they will declare for the draft, thinking of the possibility of making millions, after being told by prognosticators that they would be picked early enough for them to go ahead and make that move

If you were a kid, why risk the factor of possibly being injured for your Senior year if you didn't think you could do that much better than what you did this past year

Just last year, 53 players declared for the draft - so that is basically the fault of their head coaches of their college to not get them to come back?

Eric Berry. Joe Haden. Derrick Morgan. Rob Gronkowski. Dez Bryant. Earl Thomas. Brian Price. Gerald McCoy. Anthony Davis. Aaron Hernandez. Sam Bradford. Jimmy Clausen. Joe McKnight. Maurkice Pouncey. Jahvid Best. Carlos Dunlap. Ryan Matthews. Bryan Bulaga. Anthony Davis. These are just some of the guys

46 players declared for the NFL Draft in 2009 ... 53 in 2008

orange 'n green in the vein

Six, I don't know, build a time machine and ask Peyton Manning in '97 for us and while there, steal 57's crystal ball for alternate realities and let me know about Egypt's leaders?


When's the last time a college football team had an entirely new coaching staff, with the exception of a LB Coach and the Strength Coach - and win a National Championship THAT upcoming year

Someone please tell me. Anyone. Go ahead

You've got one more year left of eligibility kid, even though you have a chance to be taken early in the draft, I'm asking you to come back and play for your final year b/c we're going to win a National Championship this upcoming season - even though no one that I can even remember, ever, has done it

Ya. That sh*t doesn't even happen in the movies


After tonight coaches can no longer contact potential student-athletes until they sign their LOI...so since our class is close to full and our coaches get a good idea of who were gonna get we may see some other ppl be offered


OGV - ya, you're stretching beyond compare. What a surprise, you pulled Peyton Manning. Wow.

I'll pull one too, Ray Lewis. Now, I'll list someone for you to counter with - Ed Reed. Wait, now I'll name one - Andre Johnson

Why don't you go ahead and tell me some other guys that have stayed for their Senior year from when Peyton did it until now ... and I'll name some guys that declared early. I bet both lists are comparable

I'm surprised you didn't say Ray Rice - then again, he's not the typical answer that Peyton Manning is

That list of guys I just pulled off the top of my head in this past year's draft that declared early - they didn't do too bad, did they

Next you're also probably going to run to your keyboard as fast as you can so you can try and give someone some sh*t about how Chickillo is jumping ship, right after you talked about how stupid it is to recruit without having an OCoordinator yet ... but wait, Chick never was jumping ship anyway, and the Canes still pulled recruits without having an OC in place - funny, b/c I think the Canes landed more verbals than UiF did after both their new coaches landed and even when UiF had their OC before the Canes did


Peyton Manning???? really, is that the 1 example you went with

We are talking about #1 here. The kid was man enough to sit down and have a face to face with AG and tell him what his thoughts were for next year.

Who knows whats going to happen with the CBA so I doubt its going to get an better then this $ wise for him

Try to come up with another reason to not like the hiring of AG because this one is really weak


Guys leaving early for the draft this year -

Marcell Dareus, DT Bama
Julio Jones, WR Bama
Mark Ingram, RB Bama

Lawrence Guy, DT Arizona State

Ryan Mallett, QB Arkansas

Nick Fairley, DT Auburn
Cam Newton, QB Auburn

Shane Vereen, RB California

Da’Quan Bowers, DE Clemson
Jamie Harper, RB Clemson

Jordan Todman, RB UConn

Taiwan Jones, RB Eastern Washington

Will Hill, S UiF

Jamel Hamler, WR Fresno St

A.J. Green, WR Georgia
Justin Houston, LB Georgia

Nick Claytor, OT GTech
Jarrard Tarrant, S GTech

Corey Liuget, DT Illinois
Mikel Leshoure, RB Illinois
Martez Wilson, LB Illinois

Tandon Doss, WR Indiana

Tyler Sash, S Iowa

Randall Cobb, WR Kentucky

Patrick Peterson, CB LSU
Stevan Ridley, RB LSU

Torrey Smith, WR Maryland

Brandon Harris, CB Miami

Blaine Gabbert, QB Missouri
Aldon Smith, DE Missouri

Robert Quinn, DE UNC

Kyle Rudolph, TE Notre Dame

Jacquizz Rogers, RB Oregon St

Jonathan Baldwin, WR Pitt
Henry Hynoski, TE Pitt
Dion Lewis, RB Pitt

Tori Gurley, WR South Carolina

DeAndre Brown, WR Southern Miss

Thomas Keiser, LB Stanford

Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Temple

Aaron Williams, CB Texas

Akeem Ayers, LB UCLA
Rahim Moore, S UCLA

Tyron Smith, OT USC
Jurrell Casey, DT USC

Brandon Burton, CB Utah
Sealver Siliga, DT Utah

Zane Parr, DE Virginia

Ryan Williams, RB VTech
Darren Evans, RB VTech

Robert Sands, S West Virginia

J.J. Watt, DE Wisconsin
John Clay, RB Wisconsin


Ever think that maybe Golden sat down with BH and HELPED him make a decision? I know it's unthinkable that a coach might have a player's best interests in mind....

And BH was 75% gone had Randy stayed. Add the uncertainty of a brand new coaching staff, and it is entirely unfair to call his departure a failure on Al Golden's part.

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