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March 02, 2011




Coach Morris

Miami Hurricanes baseball coach Jim Morris was released from the hospital Thursday morning, but will be out at least another two weeks recovering from gall bladder surgery.

Morris, who underwent the procedure Feb. 25, was forced to remain at University of Miami Hospital because of an ensuing infection.

Morris said in a statement Thursday that he's "resting comfortably" at home.

"I'm meeting with doctors again on Monday and we will find out more about how I'm progressing at that time," Morris said. "While I'm anxious to rejoin the team, my health is the number one concern at this time."

No. 24 Miami will play a three-game series at No. 1 Florida this weekend in a rematch of last season's Super Regional won by the Gators. J.D. Arteaga, who has filled in for Morris as coach, said the coaching staff went to visit Morris at his home Thursday.

"He wishes he could be on the bus with us right now, but the doctors just won't let that happen," Arteaga said. "It's tough. You don't want to bother him too much when he's not feeling well. But at the same time I try to get as much guidance from him as I can.

"We talk at least twice a day going over lineups and what he wants done in practice. I know he's anxious to get out here. He's fired up and he's ready to go."





“Phase 1 is ending now as we speak. The guys are going through their last lift. I’m very pleased with it. We accomplished a lot of our objectives. Some of them are very broad and I think you heard them in here. There are some of them that are internal and we don’t share them publicly. Externally, the ones I’ve shared with you are mental toughness and unity. You can’t have mental toughness and unity if you don’t provide opportunity. We’ve put the team in some situations where they have to come together and have unity.

“We needed some leaders to step up and we’ve done that. It’s been challenging. We’ve got a lot of the weights under control. I think you’d be surprised to see how quickly a lot of these guys who were overweight in January over the last six weeks have really have gotten their weight under control. They’re taking a real serious approach to this. So I’m pleased with the first phase and now the second phase is going to be exciting. That first phase gave us the opportunity to have a successful second phase. I’ll put it to you that way.”

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/03/al-golden-sets-the-tone-for-the-start-of-the-spring-football.html#ixzz1FdCKLFKh


Solar, VERY special teams! ha

Go Canes!!!


Lady Canes - best basketball team in Miami, college or pro


The MAGIC win...wohoooooo


Canesteeler, saw you pop on but I get up at 530 so crashing in a bit. Maybe we can catch each other on-line tomorrow night for some team play on madden. Do you have a mic?


LM6 deserves every second of praise and mention he gets as being the stud RB for the `Canes this coming season

But who is it that they feel can be that RB that can just as well carry on the NFLU stud tradition.................#5


I wonder how long its going to take the Heats brass to figure out that the Princess cant perform in the clutch in the big games

Another wide open 3 in a big game and he clanks it

His over inflated ego will not allow him to let D Wade take over games like he should be doing


soup thanks!


Solar..on the video: LMAO!



Miami Huricanes’ Al Golden: Practice key to depth chart
.Hurricanes coach Al Golden emphasized how important practice would be in choosing starters.
By Manny Navarro

After spending most of its offseason participating in intense 5 a.m. workouts with strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, the University of Miami football team knows it will get to spend a few extra hours in bed this spring.

Practices won’t take place before the crack of dawn anymore. In fact, the team’s first practice Saturday is scheduled for a 9 a.m. start at Greentree Practice Field. But as far as wake-up calls go, new coach Al Golden said those will be made Friday afternoon at around 4 p.m. when the team’s depth chart is released.

“You can’t screw around all week and start on Saturday,” Golden said Thursday, less than 48 hours before the Hurricanes embark on their next journey with their new coaching staff. “You can’t have a good team doing that. I really believe that. Basically every coach I’ve been around or been mentored by believes in that. So it’s really important that the kids understand whoever practices and prepares the best is going to be the starter. We’re making sure we adhere to the policy.

“I’ve been spending most of the morning going over [the depth chart] and there’s going to be some wake-up calls because there are some guys that got their butts beat out in the offseason program. Now, it’s going to be up to them to win this second phase.”

Golden said the depth chart will be updated week-to-week “based on performance, preparation and production.”

Golden said that in addition to the team’s first spring depth chart, information on players who had surgery or are injured and will miss the spring will also be released Friday. Among those expected to be on that list: freshman tight end Asante Cleveland.

Which players have switched positions? Offensive lineman Cory White has moved to tight end; quarterback A.J. Highsmith is a defensive back; fullback John Calhoun has moved to tight and former linebacker Tyrone Cornileus is now at safety.

Other topics addressed by Golden on Thursday:

• Golden said his plan for choosing a starting quarterback “is that they’re going to choose the starter.”

“All three of them [Jacory Harris, Stephen Morris and Spencer Whipple] are going to rotate and get ample number of reps with the [first team] and I’m just going to let it evolve,” Golden said. “There are going to be plenty of reps to go around … if one of them is blowing [the others] away in the spring and he looks like our leader, then we’ll do that. If not, we’ll let it play itself out in the first 14, 18 practices in the summer.”

• Expect to see many defensive backs get work in at cornerback. Among the first players to get a crack, former safety and senior JoJo Nicolas. “He’s bright. He can learn it,” Golden said. “He was one of our best competitors in the offseason. If you said, ‘Who are your best four?’ JoJo would be in our best four, right now.”

• Golden said he has thrown the entire playbook at his players and will use the first three to five practices to make sure they get it down.

“The way we planned it is to have three practices before spring break, get them those nine days for it to soak in a little bit, give them their first five or six installations before spring break, let it soak in, come back, pick it up again,” Golden said. “Toward the end, we’ll scrimmage three times the last two and a half weeks.

“We’re going to give it to them, but not at the cost of being good at something. At the end of the day we want to be good at something in all three phases.”

• Golden praised the seniors for making a strong transition to the new staff and not rebelling.

“If your seniors and your leaders aren’t buying in, it’s going to be an uphill battle,” Golden said. “That has not been the case. I had all the seniors in here the other day and that’s the thing I’m so excited about. They have come to work.”

Among those seniors stepping up in terms of leadership, Golden mentioned Whipple, Harris, tight ends Chase Ford and Blake Ayles, receiver LaRon Byrd, linebackers Ramon Buchanan and Sean Spence, and defensive end Adewale Ojomo.

• Golden said he has not considered moving Spence to middle linebacker. Senior Jordan Futch and sophomore Kelvin Cain will get first crack at it. Golden said he could play with as few as five linebackers this season.

• As for tight end, Golden said it is critical to get more of a physical presence out of the position.

“[UM went] a lot of unbalanced [with the offensive line] last year, using Seantrel over there and those type of things,” Golden said. “We prefer not to do that. There’s always a place for it. But we prefer not to do it. So we’d prefer to be more physical at tight end.”

. .


I think Hurricane fans should expect #5 and #65 to make a splash this year.

At the same time #81 may have some work to do. I'm jus sayin...

Posted by: SOUP | March 03, 2011 at 08:37 PM

I agree 100%. They are my LOF on the offense


Charlie Sheen walks on to the Miami Hurricane football team



No. 2 seed Miami (26-3) vs. No. 10 seed NC State (14-16)

Date & Tip Time: Friday, March 4, at 6 p.m.
Location: Greensboro, N.C. | Greensboro Coliseum
TV: ACC Network
Radio: WVUM 90.5 - wvum.org
Video Stream: www.theACC.com
GameTracker: www.HurricaneSports.com

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The second-seeded University of Miami women’s basketball team found out Thursday night it will be facing 10th-seeded NC State in the quarterfinal round of the 2011 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament on Friday.


For the second straight day, the Hurricanes (26-3, 12-2 ACC) practiced at UNC Greensboro’s Fleming Gym, working out one final time before their much-anticipated tourney opener tomorrow at the Greensboro Coliseum.

After a morning spent mostly in study hall, the ‘Canes arrived at Fleming Gym at 1 p.m. and held a quick, fast-paced two hour practice session. It marked yet another practice the ‘Canes had to work through without knowing their opponent.

“We are trying to keep them fresh and keep them sharp but we are still awaiting our opponent,” head coach Katie Meier said after practice and before the Boston College-NC State game. “This is a very competitive team and they practice harder when they know who we got. We were just trying to keep our offenses in check and keep it pretty general. We are ready to play.”

Meier pointed to some of her role players as those who stood out in Thursday’s session.

“I thought we had some good performances by some of our bench players today,” Meier said. “Selina Archer and Maria Brown really understand this is a moment for them to contribute. I was really happy with the way those two practiced.”


Following practice, the team returned to the hotel and re-grouped before heading to the arena to watch the NC State-Boston College game. The Eagles led most of the way, but blew a 13-point second half lead to the Wolfpack (14-16), who picked up the 71-70 upset win to advance to play UM.

Miami won the only meeting between the ‘Canes and the Pack this season, claiming an 84-77 victory on Jan. 27 in Coral Gables. Riquna Williams led all scorers with 27 points in the contest, while Morgan Stroman and Shenise Johnson added 18 and 17 respectively.

Friday’s game between the ‘Canes and the Wolfpack can be seen live on the ACC Network or online at www.theACC.com.


While practice and the BC-NC State game were important events for the ‘Canes on Thursday, they took a back seat to something else that happened.

Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford announced on Thursday that Miami’s Katie Meier and Shenise Johnson have officially been named the ACC’s Coach and Player of the Year for the 2010-11 season.

Johnson ended the regular season as the only player in the ACC to rank in the Top 10 in scoring (2nd, 19.6 ppg), rebounding (8th, 7.8 rpg) and assists (9th, 3.7 apg). The Henrietta, N.Y. native had a league-high three 30-point performances and 11 20-point showings while being named the ACC Player of the Week on three occasions this season. She had already been named to the All-ACC team and ACC All-Defensive team this week.

Meier led her Miami Hurricanes through the ultimate turnaround -- from finishing 12th in the league one season ago all the way to sharing the league’s regular season crown this season.

The sixth-year head coach has guided the ‘Canes to 26-3 overall record and a 12-2 ACC mark, tying with Duke as regular season champions. The regular season title is the first for the Miami program and the No. 2 seed in the 2011 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament is the team's highest seed in school history since joining the league in 2004-05.


wins BEST College Radio Station in America



I think Hurricane fans should expect #5 and #65 to make a splash this year.

At the same time #81 may have some work to do. I'm jus sayin...


A nice surprise for the `Canes baseball team in getting Chris Peleaz back this weekend

They expect him to be available to pinch hit on friday then be able to DH on Saturday

Thats a much needed bat to be inserted into the lineup

Thats some news I sure wasnt expecting to hear anytime soon


Any word on Ray Ray's injury?

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | March 03, 2011 at 06:50 PM


it's a pulled groin (also know as a lower extremity)........LMAO


They might be a little off on #72

Posted by: Sebastian57 | March 03, 2011 at 06:42 PM



Any word on Ray Ray's injury?

Go Canes!!!


They might be a little off on #72


Thanks Soup for taking out the trash!

Posted by: NativeCane | March 03, 2011 at 11:37 AM

It's my job, it's what I do.


Solar Says: "If only they were football guys that ran track. Then it would be worth mentioning, lol"

So that's how U want to play it? I'll get U my pretty...

LM6 for President!


1. Highsmith offically from QB to DB
2. John Calhoun from FB to TE
3. Tyrone Cornelius from LB to DB

Posted by: Canestruck | March 03, 2011 at 09:06 AM

1. Already known and could surprise at DB
2. Maybe, but most likely special teams or "See ya"
3. Maybe, but most likely special teams or "See ya"


thanks sebas


I will have to say that from everything ive been told #26 is bigger then 215

#49 is every bit 270 and ripped


STREETER: Alonzo Highsmith tapped my head and poked me in the chest and said, "You’ve got to know it here and believe it there."

"That stuck with me. Expectations aren’t going to change. You’ve got to be the one to change.’’

Posted by: solarcane | March 02, 2011 at 11:42 PM

There IT is right there.


Every kid on the team bigger than they were at the bowl game?



UM HC Golden on Spring Practice:
What I look for in a Punt Returner is someone who is reliable and trustworthy - No dancing around.


UM HC Golden on Spring Practice:

Players using Facebook? Will be a trial and error process, just be careful and be aware you represent UM.


The Eagles have been leading the Lady `Canes at the half in both games played this year and they only beat N.C. St. by 7

So no matter which team they face tommorrow evening the Lady `Canes better be ready for that teams best game

Coach Meier will have the Ladies focused on the prize


Texas A&M and Notre Dame both lost this week to teams lower ranked then they are so the Lady `Canes are looking very good for a 2 seed IF they can make it to the ACC finals

A 1 seed will never happen but a 2 seed will be a lock if they can make it to the finals


ACC Player of the year
ACC Coach of the year

If only they were football guys that ran track. Then it would be worth mentioning, lol

Canes sweep: Katie Meier, Shenise Johnson take home ACC Coach, Player of the Year Awards

CORAL GABLES -- The University of Miami women's basketball team enjoyed a glorious turnaround from worst to first in the ACC this season. And that turnaround just got a little sweeter.

As many expected, UM junior guard Shenise Johnson and Canes coach Katie Meier were named the ACC's Women's Basketball Player and Coach of the Year Thursday morning.

Johnson, a two-time All-ACC First Team selection, was the only player in the ACC to rank in the Top 10 in scoring (second, 19.6 ppg), rebounding (eighth, 7.8 rpg) and assists (ninth, 3.7 apg). Johnson, who had a league-high three 30-point performances and 11 20-point showings while being named the ACC Player of the Week on three occasions this season, was also named to the 2010-11 All-Defensive team. She is one of UM players to average more than three steals per game and owns an impressive 86 percent free throw accuracy. In addition, Johnson has found time to lead her team in blocks, registering 26 in 29 games played.

After leading her team an appearance to last year's NIT championship game, Meier guided the Canes to a 26-3 overall record and a 12-2 ACC mark, tying with Duke as regular season champions. The regular season title is the first for the Miami program and the No. 2 seed in the 2011 ACC Women's Basketball Tournament is the team's highest seed in school history since joining the league in 2004-05. Meier, who is in her sixth season at UM, is just two victories away from earning her 100th win at UM and would become just the third coach in program history to reach the milestone.

"Obviously I'm thrilled with the progress that we made this year," Meier said Tuesday. "The regular season was so much fun. I just love the ACC coaches and the games and the arenas and the crowds. It' been kind of a magical little run for us."

UM opens the ACC Tournament on Friday at 6 p.m. against the winner Thursday's first round game between Boston College and N.C. State.

"I really want to see us play free, confidently, passionately like we've been playing all year," Meier said. "It's been a unique chemistry, a unique energy about the team. That's a very hard thing to bottle up. It's a hard thing to make sure you know is there. That's where I'll be challenging them. I'll be pretty energetic and passionate in practice this week before we get up there making sure that it's consistent, it's there."


By SpinnZinn posted Mar 03, 2011 at 02:52 PM

We want to thank everyone who helped and supported us!

Thanks to you we are the best in the nation!

Remember to keep it locked!!!

(Pics and stuff coming soon!!.... we're just too busy celebrating right now!)


The top 4 in the ACC tournament get a bye into the next round

As of right now the `Canes would be considered an 8 seed because of their win over the Cavs

Setting up a 1st round game against those same Cavs, meaning the winner of that game would face the winner of Saturdays game between the Heels and Blue Devils

The best the `Canes can finish is 7th. The worst they can finish is 10th


Manny - TE Asante Cleveland will not participate in #UM's spring practices. We'll know the complete list of players out Friday


Golden vid presser today



Jeremy Shockey Inks Deal with Panthers, Not Dolphins , CGNC smiles


Bosher Projected as a 7th Round PIck

Jupiter's Matt Bosher, now a University of Miami graduate kicker and punter, was invited to the NFL combine in Indianapolis' Lucas Oil stadium and got to kick and punt for pro scouts. He'll get another chance to do it again when Miami holds its own at Pro Day on March 10.

Bosher is projected as a seventh-round draft pick — if there is one — by CBS.sports.com or the 274th overall pick.

CBS sports lists him as the fourth overall punter although he also kicked at the combine.

Bosher was one of nine 'Canes invited to last weekend's combine. The college players participated in skills contests which included: 40, 20 and 10 yard runs; 225-pound bench press (how many times), vertical and broad jumps, 20-yard shuttle run and three coach drills.

Bosher's 40-yard time is officially 4.78.


Rumor, Bernie Kosar will be named new AD at the U.


Yeah, I guess so. I must have misread one of the articles...

This one says NCAA pretty clearly.


BTW, not mentioned here, but here is some POSITIVE basketball news.

Canes sweep: Katie Meier, Shenise Johnson take home ACC Coach, Player of the Year Awards
CORAL GABLES -- The University of Miami women's basketball team enjoyed a glorious turnaround from worst to first in the ACC this season. And that turnaround just got a little sweeter.

As many expected, UM junior guard Shenise Johnson and Canes coach Katie Meier were named the ACC's Women's Basketball Player and Coach of the Year Thursday morning.



Posted by: Ungar | March 03, 2011 at 03:20 PM

Think they meant the Big Dance?


Okay. All 12 teams are in the ACC Basketball Tourney.

So why were folks saying we wouldn't be in the Tourney if we didn't get in the Top 8?

Game versus GT not as important if all 12 are in.....


Time for me to officially unfollow Hocutt on twitter... "Thank you to the entire Texas Tech family for a tremendous welcome. #Guns Up!"


Steve Gorten - Acting #Miami AD Tony Hernandez says site of first spring football scrimmage April 2 in Palm Beach County will be Boca Spanish River HS


Spring Practice starts monday and we will finally get a good idea of wtf is happening inside CANES camp


Looks like Shockey to Carolina - Via his twitter - "Looks like I'm signing with Carolina. Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am... http://fb.me/VqkyRoh2"


Steve Gorten - As of now, #Miami punt returners will be Travis Benjamin, Darion Hall, Kendal Thompkins; kick returners wil be Benjamin, Lamar Miller


Manny - #UM coach Al Golden: "There are going to be some wake-up calls when guys see the depth chart tommorrow"


Via Steve Gorten - Al Golden says JoJo Nicolas, a safety last season, will now compete at CB. says he's among best 4 right now "He's bright. He can learn it."


Native - yes Maurice did. Kid was like a mini-Bettis out there




RC, I am willing to guest the tragedy was the result of a relationship that went bad!


A sad event in womens college hoops -


orange 'n green in the vein

NC, just remind the turd troll that Miami fans laugh at his Muschump supporting scaly hide. He's very, very upset that Hurricanes have been laughing at him for 30 years now, and the fact that his lisping savior can't beat out Kyle Orton before getting moved to backup TE and doing an airport bathroom tour.


Thanks Ungar, I made a trip over to see that trash, that is awful stuff and Im not gonna read that nasty mess or respond to it.

Thanks Soup for taking out the trash!

Go Canes!!!


NativeCane, someone obsessed with Canespace is on Manny's blog claiming you are someone named canesrule.

I guess the guy reads your comments here, with their detailed and logical analyses afterward, and equates them to that guy.

He must be mad that SOUP wiped out his lame comments yesterday, and his panties are in a bunch over it.

I guess unlike here, Manny can't ban obsessed losers.


Highsmith offically from QB to DB, John Calhoun from FB to TE, Tyrone Cornelius from LB to DB

Posted by: Canestruck | March 03, 2011 at 09:06 AM

With Calhoun to Tight End will we get to see a lot of Maurice Hagens at Fullback?

Maurice cut a wide path at Riverview/Tampa Bay Tech!

Go Canes!!!



Most NASCAR drivers don't come to mind when you think of Las Vegas crimefighters, but then again, most NASCAR drivers aren't 69-year-old Morgan Shepherd.

The veteran of 44 NASCAR seasons was getting out of his rental car in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart store Monday evening just minutes away from Las Vegas Motor Speedway just as three men ran from the store's entrance with security forces trailing behind.

That's when Shepherd, a daily jogger and fitness perfectionist, sprang into action.

"I just got out and took off after them," Shepherd said. "I caught one of them just as they were getting ready to hop a little wall at the end of the parking lot. I yanked him down and got on top of him."

Shepherd said in a matter of seconds a Las Vegas police officer threw the ageless NASCAR driver a pair of handcuffs and continued to chase the other two suspects, along with the store's security force.

"I cuffed him and sat on top of him," Shepherd said. "The police department officers showed up and asked if I could hold him a while longer while they ran down the others. I told them he wasn't going anywhere."

Shepherd said while the young shoplifter begged him to let him go and about the possibility of going to jail, Shepherd used the time to tell the youth about his poor choices.

"I didn't tell him a 69-year-old man chased him down," Shepherd joked. "He was probably 18 or 19. I told him he shouldn't be stealing stuff. There is just too much of this stuff going on."

"So many people these days would just sit and watch those guys run away," Shepherd said. "People need to get up and help stop this type of stuff."

The three suspects were taken into custody by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. It wasn't known Tuesday what charges were pending against them.

Shepherd said after brushing himself off, he and wife Cindy continued their shopping visit to Wal-Mart.


It was a very well played game last night

Rion Brown needed to be seeing alot more playing time this season. The kid has the size to do many things out on the court, along with playing very solid in your face defense

It would take a miracle for this team to make it to the NCAA tournament. I really dont care much for the NIT but its 50/50 on that right now

As much as I love what MG3 brings to this team I much prefer seeing Pops and Rion on the wings when Scott drives the ball to the hoop because they dont panic and move to the hole with him

I guess the bitterness of a failed season and the fact that he let Tim Hardaway Jr. slip right away from the `Canes is something I will never recover with from Coach Haith


Hernandez named acting AD - http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/genrel/030311aaa.html


Good article on Streeter - http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/03/2094775/miami-hurricanes-tommy-streeter.html


Highsmith offically from QB to DB, John Calhoun from FB to TE, Tyrone Cornelius from LB to DB


A very nice win for the mens basketball team last night

BigReg on the post can not be stopped 1 on 1. He will always make the right decision from down there

It warmed my heart to see Pops walking off the BUC for the last time as a winner

Posted by: Sebastian57 | March 03, 2011 at 07:59 AM

I did not RECOGNIZE that team last night. Solid rebounding, decent ballhandling, clean rather than forced threes, and Rion Brown? LOL! Way to hold off our secret weapon like that.

When Maryland came back to within 5, I was saying "Here we go again.", but somehow, these guys actually drove inside, got foul calls (an opposing player fouled out? wow.), and increased their lead so that the ending was not a nail-biter.

Admit it, Sebastian, you finally got the professor to swap your mind with Haith last night!

So, if we beat GT, and Maryland beats Virginia, we are in the ACC Tourney?

Wow, never would have thought that possible.




Radio host claims Auburn, Vols offered $’s to Cecil Newton

Posted by John Taylor on March 1, 2011, 4:54 PM EST

Over the past week or so, an Alabama radio host named Scott Moore has been making the radio rounds claiming he’s heard audio tapes of Cecil Newton discussing financial offers he’d received from schools for Cam Newton‘s signature on a Letter of Intent. Most damning — and potentially damaging to Cam’s now-former school — is Moore’s claim that the former Auburn quarterback was present for one of these purported conversations, which of course would severely undercut his claim that he had no idea what his father was doing behind the scenes during his recruitment while also calling into question the NCAA’s ruling that allowed him to regain his eligibility.

We’ve been very leery of Moore’s claims, mainly due to his lean toward a certain school in Tuscaloosa, and have thus shied away from going into any great detail in this space regarding his accusations. However, the sounds of those accusations have grown too loud, too thunderous and, most of all, too damning to continue to completely ignore.

Appearing on 104.5 the Zone in Nashville, Tenn., Tuesday afternoon, Moore reiterated his claims that both Tennessee and, yes, Auburn offered a significant amount of money to Cecil Newton in an attempt to lure Cam Newton to their respective schools. Specifically, Moore claims that the audio tapes he heard has Cecil Newton revealing that the Volunteers offered him $150,000 and the Tigers $180,000.

“I did say the offer was $150(K) and that is from Cecil Newton,” Moore explained during the 15-minute interview, which can be heard in its entirety by clicking HERE. ”Cecil Newton said that on the tape. ’$150,000 offer from Tennessee’, then he went up a week later to $200,000… and this is coming from Cecil Newton guys. This didn’t come from Tennessee, it didn’t come from Auburn.

“This is [Cecil Newton] saying to Mississippi State, ‘Hey, I have an offer from Tennessee for $150(K)’ one week, coming back the next week and saying ‘I have an offer for $200,000. I also have an offer for $180(K) from Auburn. So hey guys, we’ll come to Mississippi State for $180,000. So that is proved and that was said.”

Moore also repeated his claims that Cam Newton was around during at least one of his father’s discussions on schools bidding on his talents.

“I do believe that Cam Newton knew. I do believe that on these tapes when we play them that you’ll be able to tell Cam Newton knew what was going on. That’s all I’ll say about that at this time,” Moore said during the interview. “That’s been Auburn’s stance all along is that… and the SEC’s really and the NCAA’s… ‘Cam didn’t know what his dad was doing’. Well, so what? His dad was shopping him around. He should’ve been ineligible. That’s the whole thing here. And that’s all we’re trying to do, we’re trying to get this out and get the story answered. Let the NCAA answer this thing, let the SEC answer this thing. I wanna know why he was ruled ineligible for a couple of hours prior to the SEC championship game and I wanna know what the NCAA heard and I wanna know why they made their ruling.”





Last week, Clint Hurtt was the presumptive leader to take over for Tracy Rocker as Auburn’s defensive line coach. Shortly after interviewing for the vacancy, however, Hurtt opted to remain at Louisville.

Based on one report, however, a new leader has emerged.

The Birmingham News reported this afternoon that Mike Pelton has emerged as the leading candidate to take over for Rocker. So much so, in fact, his hiring could be announced by the Tigers as early as today.

Pelton, who was hired by Louisiana-Lafayette following the 2010 season, was an All-SEC defensive lineman at Auburn in the nineties and spent the last two seasons at Vanderbilt. Prior to this, he coached at Troy for six seasons.


A very nice win for the mens basketball team last night

BigReg on the post can not be stopped 1 on 1. He will always make the right decision from down there

It warmed my heart to see Pops walking off the BUC for the last time as a winner




As University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris completed an interview on campus last week and was leaving a room, he accidentally banged his head into a door left ajar.

"That's going to leave a mark," Harris said with a mix of humor and hurt.

Harris has learned to keep smiling in the face of adversity. He got plenty of practice during a physically and emotionally-wrenching 2010 season that included a serious concussion, more interceptions than touchdown passes and a Sun Bowl meltdown that has him fighting to keep his starting job.

That battle for the starting spot - with sophomore Stephen Morris - begins Saturday when UM's spring practice begins under first-year UM coach Al Golden.

It's the first time Harris has faced a serious contender for playing time since he shared snaps with Robert Marve as a freshman in 2008. But Marve transferred to Purdue the following year which, combined with a lack of depth, cleared the way for Harris to be the starter each of the past two seasons.

Some critics argue - and Harris agrees - that a lack of competition hurt Harris' progress. No matter how poorly Harris played at times, there was little chance of losing the No. 1 job to the likes of A.J. Highsmith, Spencer Whipple or Cannon Smith.

That all changed with the emergence of Morris, who played impressively while starting four games late in the season after Harris was sidelined by a concussion on Oct. 30.




No one bypasses breakfast anymore.

Some Miami Hurricanes football players used to skip the most important meal of the day and wait until lunch to eat.

Now, one of the Al Golden rules is that every player must consume 1200 to 1500 calories every morning. And if they don't?

Not possible, center Tyler Horn said.

Text alerts: Get Miami Hurricanes news on your phone

"The coaches are there every morning in the dining hall," Horn said. "There's a guy with a sign-in sheet and he says, 'Oh, Tyler Horn walked in, mark him off. Brandon Linder and Shane McDermott just walked in, mark them off.' There's no way you can skedaddle your way out of there. You've just got to go."

Not that it's a bad thing, Horn said, noting you can have French toast, pancakes, waffles and omelettes, and it's all pretty good.

Under Golden's watch, everything has been closely monitored and charted and studied since the offseason conditioning program started on Jan. 19.

After he took over on Jan. 1, Golden stressed the offseason program wouldn't be like "badminton," that it'd be demanding like the days when Butch Davis and Jimmy Johnson were coach.

Strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey, who has been at Miami since 2000, said Golden has succeeded at that.

"He has a well-organized plan," Swasey said. "He's done an unbelievable job of that with structure and accountability -- challenging guys from day to day with rankings and competition. You've got to be on your game day every day, which is good because everything is charted in a chart and watched."

Golden said he structured the offseason program to increase "mental and competitive toughness," as well as team discipline and unity. Physically, he prioritized strength, power and stamina.

"The hardest thing when you want to change something, most particularly something that requires labor, is to make sure the players understand the things we're doing are not punitive," Golden said.

At times, it has felt that way for players. The start of spring practice Saturday at 9 a.m. will be somewhat of a reprieve from the 6 a.m. workouts.

After weight lifting and running, there has been an extra grueling session known as "The Fifth Quarter," which Golden instituted to make players tougher mentally.

During that time, Swasey said, players continuously hustle from station to station, doing drills such as flipping tires, pushing sleds and carrying 80-pound weights 20 yards.

"This has been the most challenging workout for me ever since I've been here," said Horn, a rising senior. "We've focused a lot more on becoming more mentally tough. …Guys' attitudes have changed. They've embraced the difficulty of it. That's when you truly can be successful."

Added Swasey: "The good thing about it is it's a mental challenge, but it's also dealing with team continuity."

The result of every drill has been recorded, and rankings have been posted in the locker-room for all to see. Players have also been given different color jerseys reflective of their performance. Black is the best and it descends from there to green, to orange and then to the dreaded white. Defensive tackle Marcus Forston, defensive end Vernon Olivier and offensive tackle Jermaine Johnson are three players whose performance Swasey said he has been impressed with.

When practice starts Saturday, the depth chart will be based on off-season conditioning.

"The guys have responded well to everything," Swasey said.

Mandatory breakfasts have been the easiest to stomach.


Thomas final home game

There were two things on the minds of the Miami Hurricanes when they took the court Wednesday night, coach Frank Haith said: winning and Adrian Thomas.

With 32 seconds left in the game and the first one in hand, Haith called timeout to honor Thomas.

The sixth-year senior, also UM's only senior, will remember his final home game at the BankUnited Center as an 80-66 triumph against Maryland.

"I'm maxed out — there's no more money on that card," Thomas joked when teased if this was really it for him. "It just felt great to have a standing ovation [leaving the court] and we won. All of my teammates were cheering me on. It felt real good."

Thomas scored 12 points and his teammates collectively chimed in to make his night special.

Freshman guard Rion Brown scored a career-high 19 points as he made six of seven 3-pointers and a free throw after one of them. Reggie Johnson also scored 12 and grabbed a career-high 16 rebounds battling inside against arguably the ACC's best big man — Jordan Williams.

Malcolm Grant scored 16. Durant Scott poured in 15.

The Hurricanes (18-12, 6-9 in the ACC) shot a season-best 54.9 percent.

They allowed the Terrapins (18-12, 7-8) to cut a 17-point second-half deficit to five, but didn't wilt.



Hurricanes cheerleaders were there with pom-poms to see them off.

So was Sebastian the Ibis.

Miami’s women’s basketball players grinned gratefully as they walked toward the bus outside BankUnited Center waiting to take them to the airport at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

“We have the ACC tourney every year,” guard Shenise Johnson said. “We never had cheerleaders out here previously.”

“It’s a great feeling,” backcourt mate Riquna Williams added.

These are the perks of going from worst to first in the ACC – 4-10 to 12-2 — in a matter of one season.

“Our team has kind of caught fire a little bit in the community and people have gotten to know our players and understand how special we are,” Coach Katie Meier said of the sendoff. “So that’s fun.”

No. 10 Miami, which shared the regular-season conference title with No. 8 Duke, will be the No. 2 seed in the ACC tournament and play the winner of North Carolina State and Boston College at 6 p.m. Friday in Greensboro, N.C.



LOF preview


Miami Hurricanes’ Tommy Streeter is ready for a new route

.UM wide receiver Tommy Streeter is wearing a new jersey number and has a new attitude with it.

By Susan Miller Degnan

Tommy Streeter walked into the football locker room recently and saw his new jersey number – 8 – beside his name.

“I was all smiles,’’ said Streeter, a Miami Hurricanes junior who requested the change from No. 86 to start anew, just like his coaching staff, and was randomly assigned the new number. “I took a picture of it and sent it to my dad. My mom is a pastor, and I told her about it. She said No. 8 represents a new beginning. It made me feel at peace.’’

And not just because the player it previously belonged to, cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke, this week ran one of the fastest 40-yard times recorded by the NFL Scouting Combine: 4.28 seconds.

Streeter, it turns out, is pretty speedy himself.

The player they call “Street” was clocked at 4.3 in the 40 last spring, not too shabby for a kid who is 6-5 and has packed another 10 pounds on his now 215-pound frame.

“He’s big, he’s fast, he’s tall – he’s got everything you want in terms of how he looks and runs,’’ UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said. “Now we have to get the ball in his hands and let him go.’’

This is a player who came into UM in 2008 as one of seven from Northwestern High ready to tear it up on the field. More subdued than some of his other Bulls teammates, he nonetheless caught three touchdowns in the Bulls’ biggest game of his senior season, a nationally televised showdown against Southlake Carroll in Texas. He finished his senior year with 36 catches for 676 yards and 11 touchdowns.

But torn ligaments in Streeter’s right wrist, coupled with “a bone out of place,’’ required surgery a week before his freshman season, and he redshirted. The past two seasons have fallen far short of expectations, though Streeter finally nabbed his only catch of 2010 and first career touchdown in the Sun Bowl — a 42-yarder from Stephen Morris — on New Year’s Eve.

“It was a sensational feeling,’’ Streeter said. “The thing is, I’ve always been known as a guy who stretched the field and has great speed. The fact that I incorporated that into the game is the reason I felt so happy. I was able to deliver the product fans had expected.’’

Streeter’s combined numbers in ’09 and ’10: five receptions for 109 yards and the touchdown.

“I’m excited about Tommy Streeter’s development,’’ said coach Al Golden, whose Canes begin spring practice at 9 a.m. Saturday. “He has all the measurables — Aldarius Johnson, too. I want to get those guys on the field and say, ‘OK, let’s really narrow it down. What’s holding you back? What’s preventing you from going to the next level?’’

Streeter’s answer: himself.

“I blame myself for not playing more,’’ he said. “Nobody else. There were many days I didn’t go out with the mind-set to maximize the day. A lot of times I’d get down on myself and think, ‘Things aren’t going to change.’ ’’

What could he have done better? “Not have uncertainty, know within myself that I can do this. The crazy thing is I talked to Alonzo Highsmith [Sr.] the day of the bowl game, and he told me everybody says I have so much talent. He tapped my head and poked me in the chest and said, ‘You’ve got to know it here and believe it there.’ He said I have to know that no one can stop me but myself.

“After I scored that day I tapped my chest and my head and said, ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ That stuck with me. Expectations aren’t going to change. You’ve got to be the one to change.’’


solar - that's awesome

Where do these people come from, b/c they need to be cloned


Herbie - baby Canes? They're no younger than UiF, and look at where either program is headed and who has knocked the other out/won the series during the year/overall record since O'Sullivan and his staff got there

Youth isn't an excuse. The bats aren't an excuse

One win against the Marlins in an exhibition game they don't even care about in the slightest, except to run their minor league guys out there to get some work in - doesn't show anything. The Marlins ran 22 guys up to the plate to get some swings in

I know baseball. I never coached it, but I was an informal instructor for some youth baseball camps - using slip n slides with a bunch of Palmolive to make it fun to teach kids how to slide .. using ping pong paddles with little handles for your fingers in the back of them to teach kids how to have soft hands in fielding .. having the kids look down and close their eyes while I'd smash tennis balls way up into the air and then telling the kid to open his eyes when the ball reached it's peak and for them to track the ball/then catch it .. standing behind them and soft tossing a ball with a little height over their front shoulder while they're in their batting stance and having them try and hit it .. etc.

This roller coaster has made me nauseous the past few years. The best thing about the new bats - it shows the differential in the teams that are more fundamentally sound at the plate as opposed to those who would just pray for the long ball to happen

USF was crowding the plate all night, I pointed this out to 86 while we sat there and watched. Why was Rowland setting up somewhat outside when the RF was miles from the foul line for that lefty hitter for USF, only for him to stroke it down the line?

Since you're a coach, how would you like seeing your guys meandering on and off the field, not getting up and hanging over the top rail to at least act like they were into the game when they were either in the field or up to bat - while USF had everybody up the entire time, FSU had everyone up the entire time, UiF had everyone up the entire time ... in between innings of the FSU/UiF game, both teams would take turns running out down either the RF or LF line in foul territory, stretching, taking ghost batting swings, then run back .. and I'm not talking a couple of guys, I'm talking the rest of the team that wasn't either getting ready to bat or wasn't out in the field

There's a lot of problems with the team

Golden has it correct with the football team in the type of attitude he's trying to bring ... Morris needs to do the same


Six remember when we did the 50 Fab Floridians?
We put Darrell Gwynn top fuel driver in because of his accomplishments for The Miami Project and his Spinal injury foundation as well as his racing record.

At a Barrett Jackson Car Auction he auctioned off one of his top fuel race cars for charity, to raise money for spinal injury awareness and dollars for juvenile spinal injury victims.

Check this out

A guy bid 200,000 dollars for the race car, received it, immediately donated it back to Gwynn who auctioned it back off five minutes later for 110,000 more dollars. The second winner immediately donated the car back to Darrell who then auctioned it off for 100,000 more dollars.


Yeah buddy! I'm all over it like flies on..., well like white on..., or

the loft is yours anytime


NOT this team. They walk/jog and take a few minutes extra. It appears that a lazy, careless attitude has infested the team. Nobody seemed upset when they lost to USF.

The U mens teams
From Swagger to Laggard in 5 short years


A relaxing kayak/canoe Chattahoochee River Trip with an overnight camp out, river side dinner and breakfast, side trip to Anna Ruby Falls and Dahlonega gold mine.

Posted by: solarcane | March 02, 2011 at 11:03 PM

Yeah buddy! I'm all over it like flies on..., well like white on..., or like Charlie Sheen on..., well U know what I mean.


I WANT to be there. Every three years I cant be. We'll see how it works out.

Don't bet on me. :)


Drew72 - no problem man

I'm a baseball freak, love it. If I had to rank my favorite sports, it would go as follows ...

1) College football
1A) College baseball
2) MLB baseball
3) NFL
4) College basketball
5) NHL

The 3 guys that I was talking about that the Canes are desperately missing ...

Turtle Thomas. Gino DiMare. Lazer Collazo.

Want to know just how good these guys are? I tried to shorten their mini-bios of what they accomplished at Miami

Turtle is a phenomenal recruiter & hitting coach. Gino is a great at recruiting as well & hitting coach. Lazer is a bad mofo when it comes to pitching coach

Some guy named Jim Palmer hired Lazer to coach him privately when he tried to make a comeback in 1991

Remember when Louisville beat Miami in the Regionals in Missouri, in 2007? Lazer was the pitching coach there .. that team advanced to Omaha

Losing those 3 guys hurt immensely


Meph...let me tell u what I saw about the UM baseball team that disturbed me.


I would have sworn Randy Shannon was coaching them. And you would have thought that with Morris not with the team due to his surgery that Arteaga MIGHT have tried to show he was auditioning for the head job one day and try to make a statement and they would "win one for the coach" (Morris) who was ill and couldn't make the trip.

U know how some teams hustle into and out of the dugout and run onto and off of the field after each inning to the point where it looks a little silly even?

NOT this team. They walk/jog and take a few minutes extra. It appears that a lazy, careless attitude has infested the team. Nobody seemed upset when they lost to USF.

That is what concerns me most. I had planned to go to Gainesville this Sunday but am having second thoughts about it to be honest.

Should I drive 6 hours R/T to sit through 2.5 hours of that type of performance?


soup I got another deal heading our way
for WYPT3 2012

A relaxing kayak/canoe Chattahoochee River Trip with an overnight camp out, river side dinner and breakfast, side trip to Anna Ruby Falls and Dahlonega gold mine.


DZ Id love to have you, The Solarcane WYPT sponsored by Canespace is going to be a yearly event, me and soup are scouting new places all the time.


I wish I could do the W.Y.P.T. this year.

Posted by: DZ8 | March 02, 2011 at 10:37 PM

DZ8...we only want people to go that really WANT to be there. ;-)


This damned university has more DAWG TEAMS than Alaska!

Posted by: billb | March 02, 2011 at 10:31 PM



I wish I could do the W.Y.P.T> this year.

Every 3 years my family (from Montana, Native) have to have a family reunion, and this is the 3rd year.

I'll be there one day though.



Think Jim Morris and Company are a little too "comfortable" at Miami, too. It's time for them to go. If we're going to be stuck with the awful Frank Haith for God knows how long, we should put Morris and his assistats on the street!

Do we have to SUCK at everything. This damned university has more DAWG TEAMS than Alaska!


Dz i went out to dinner right after the Tommy tweet.
I'll tell him DZ says rep the 8 next time I catch him.





Let him know he's got a big fan who wants him to rep the 8 solar!

Posted by: DZ8 | March 02, 2011 at 07:07 PM

I preferred him as #86. But hey, that's just me.


I had a chance to see the boys for 6 innings yesterday. Their pitcher did a nice job of throwing to contact and keeping the ball down. I only recall 1 strikeout, and they hit the ball solidly, but couldn't find the gaps. The DP's hurt too.

This team's kinda hard to figure. The pitching #'s are very good. ERA at 3, opponent's BA .202, SO/BB ratio of 72/25 and only allowed 6 steals. That's strong for college ball regardless of the competition. But they're not getting the key out in the key situations. 10 E's are not helping, but I still like this team defensively.

On the flip side, the O is definitely struggling, but we know that Martinez, Melendres and Broad can hit much better so hopefully they'll get hot. Miami's had 27 more baserunners than the opposition, but like the pitchers, not making the key play. They sure look like they miss Palaez-their leading returning hitter, and a reliable hitter in the clutch.

All 4 losses were only by a total of 8 runs, so an out here and a hit there could have won 2 or 3 games. I'd like to see more stealing, but at least they've been successful so far-safe 12 in 14 attempts. UF's only had 2 attempts against them so far this year, so maybe Miami's speed will be a tough adjustment.

I'm not suggesting the team has looked good so far, but I do think its too early to panic. Six makes some good points about the lack of savvy on the part of the coaches after Morris. But a good performance in G'ville could launch a nice run, 'cause the schedule is manageable all the way up to the trip to UNC in late April. Of course, a sweep to the bad could put the streak in jeopardy.



At the end of the 1st half the `Canes lead the Terps 40-27. A pretty decent half after a bit of a slow start for the `Canes

Scott 7 points 3 assists
RigReg 5 points 10 rebounds hes just owning the paint right now
Rion 10 points 1 assist


Rion Brown really has a chance to be a very good player here

Hes able to do alot of things on the court and has good size

He just needs a little more freedom to do some things out there

30-20 6 1/2 to go


A sloppy start by both teams but the `Canes have been the 1st team to straighten things out and take a 20-12 lead with over 10 minutes to go in the 1st half

Big Reg owns the boards right now


Let him know he's got a big fan who wants him to rep the 8 solar!


Mens basketball

Last home game tonight for Pops

I hope the `Canes can send him out of the BUC tonight as a winner vs the Terps

Hes been thru alot as a `Cane

Tipoff at 7pm on ESPNU

A win ties the `Canes for 8th in the ACC while a loss would drop them to 10th


@ @TSTREETER8 tommy how you liking the new receiver coach?

@ @solarcane its very cool, i like him a lot, gotta go to the next level

@ @TSTREETER8 good luck tommy you have a lot of fans that know you are going to kill it deep this year.




North Carolina obtains search warrant for records of agent Gary Wichard

Erick Smith, USA TODAY

A search warrant for the financial records of Gary Wichard has been issued as part of a state of North Carolina investigation into whether the NFL agent broke any state laws.

Former North Carolina assistant coach John Blake had ties to agent Gary Wichard.CAPTIONBy APNorth Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall's office launched the probe after the NCAA began looking into possible agent-related benefits in the University of North Carolina's football program.

Wichard was interviewed by North Carolina investigators last fall. He has admitted financial ties to former Tar Heels assistant coach John Blake, who resigned in September.

The warrant was issued to Bank of America for certain financial documents connected to Wichard and his California-based firm, Pro Tect Management LLC, since January 2009.

Marshall spokesman George Jeter said Wednesday that the search warrant was "definitely a step forward in the investigation."

The NFL Players Association suspended Wichard in December for nine months for his role in the North Carolina probe that resulted in several players being suspended, including season-long bans for Greg Little and Marvin Austin.

Investigators say that Pro Tect paid $1,000 to reimburse a high school assistant coach, who had paid for Austin's flights to and from California in March 2009, according to a probable cause affidavit filed with the search warrant.

In addition, Pro Tect paid $915.40 to a travel agency to cover changes to Austin's flight itinerary, according to the affidavit.


Cane women teams knock off top ranked teams like its nothing.
Great win for #12 womens tennis Canes over #4 Michigan. UM just clinched 4-1 lead and match. This continues great year for women's teams at the []_[]
Chris Freet


Also, the kid playing way off the line in right field, was probably positioned there because they were pitching the lefthanded hitter away. Oops, he probably threw it in and the kid rips it down the line. Where's Turtle when you need him?


The arrest records were probably from before they enrolled in school. I see where the Gators were behind us with 7. They turned to criminals when Urbane got a hold of them. What have they had like 30 arrest, under his watchful (HA) eye?


You're way to emotional about the baby canes and the way their playing now.
I coach the sport and it's a game of streaks, hills & valleys. I don't care if you play the sisters of the poor, there's a good chance they'll win one game. This is truly a sport, where any team has a legitament chance to win. This is not going to be one of the U's better teams. How do we beat the flipping Flo. Marlins and lose to App. ST? This team will probably be like this most of the year. If they can take 2 out of 3 each series I'll be satisfied. It ain't always going to be this way, Dog! And it ain't how you start but how you finish. They could lose 22 regular season games sweep the ACC tourney and win the ship. That's the ultimate goal. We're just going to have to ride this rollercoaster, until they figure it out!

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