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March 09, 2011



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Nice, uh, "basketball" pic there Soupster.

Yeah, it's amazing how the "haves" get slaps, while the "have nots" get the hammer. NCAA... clueless.

Gotta get to school... later.



Blake Ayles

After Brennan Carroll – Pete Carroll’s son and the former USC tight ends coach – was hired by the Hurricanes to coach tight ends and be their national recruiting coordinator, he said Ayles, 21, approached him on Facebook.

Was it a no-brainer to welcome him with open arms?

“Absolutely,’’ Carroll said Tuesday. “He’s fast and he’s strong and he has good knowledge of the game – and we’re looking for him to be a contributor right away.’’

Ayles, however, spent much of his college career injured, and at times had trouble hanging on to the ball when he was healthy.

In his freshman season in 2008, he had six catches for 41 yards and his lone career touchdown. His sophomore year, seven catches for 87 yards. And in 2010 he had one catch for 54 yards.

“When the ball was in the air, I thought to myself, ‘I better not look stupid right now,’ ’’ Ayles said in his freshman season about his lone touchdown against Ohio State. “I kept thinking, ‘Uh oh. Uh, oh. Uh, oh.’ ’’

Considering the recent lack of tight-end production, the program that once prided itself in difference-makers such as Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow and Greg Olsen is hoping Ayles can provide short-term star power. With rising sophomore Asante Cleveland sidelined this spring with an apparent shoulder/arm injury, and junior-college transfer Chase Ford struggling in 2010, UM coach Al Golden said Tuesday the Canes wanted Ayles out of “No. 1: necessity.’’

Last season, three UM tight ends combined for 21 catches for 236 yards and one touchdown.

“We didn’t have quite the depth we wanted there,’’ Golden understated. “He did a great job in the offseason program and looked really polished for a guy who is just starting with us. He did a great job with his routes.’’


Canes win

Coach Jim Morris is back, but the same cannot yet be said about the Miami Hurricanes’ baseball program.

Morris, who missed the past six games after surgery to remove his gall bladder on Feb. 25, guided the Canes to a 5-4 victory over visiting Illinois State on Tuesday night.

Junior first baseman Rony Rodriguez hit a two-out, solo home run to left in the bottom of the 11th inning to give Miami the win. It was his fourth hit of the night and his second home run of the year.

“I hit a slider that was up,” said Rodriguez, who added that he hit a pair of walk-offs at Sunset High.

The Canes (5-7) had a season-high 14 hits and snapped a four-game losing streak, their longest skid since 2006. Had Miami lost the game, it would have been its longest losing streak since 1990 — when Ron Fraser was coaching.

Morris, who never had missed a game in 33 years of coaching, was thrilled he avoided that fate.




Brandon McGee says he was sad to see fellow Hurricanes cornerbacks Brandon Harris, Ryan Hill and DeMarcus Van Dyke leave.

At the same time, he concedes, the loss of the team's top three corners from last season "left the door open for me."

Now it's up to him to step in. That makes this spring crucial for the junior, who played in 11 games last season but in a limited role on defense.

"It's definitely important," McGee said Tuesday before UM's second practice of the spring.

"The past couple of years I've paid my dues. I've been working hard and I waited for my moment. Now it's finally here. I'm just looking to go in humble and ready to work and learn the defense."

Cornerback is the position in which the 'Canes have the least experience. McGee, who played in 10 games as a freshman, is the most experienced, but a starting job is hardly guaranteed.

JoJo Nicolas, a senior who was moved from safety during the off-season, and true freshman Thomas Finnie, who enrolled early in January, began spring No. 1 on the depth chart based on their performance in offseason conditioning.

Coach Al Golden said Nicolas is one of the team's four best corners at this point despite never playing a snap there in college. Secondary coach Paul Williams said the lack of depth at cornerback prompted Nicolas' move from safety.




Larry Coker- Good Read

Why weren't more people calling about job openings at Division I schools? Wasn't there somebody out there interested in a coach who went 60-15 at Miami with one perfect national championship season in the books and a second snatched away by a suspect pass-interference call in overtime?

"I did some punching to see if there was some interest, but the way it ended at Miami made it sort of difficult for me," Coker said. "It also made it difficult for people that hire coaches at other places to go with someone who, to be quite blunt, was viewed as damaged goods."

Coker is quick to point out that he never lost confidence in his own abilities, and slow to discuss the stormy Hurricanes situation at all. He's a man of infinite patience, demonstrated during 22 years as a top college assistant before finally being promoted to head coach at UM in 2001. He figured his work ethic, as taught by a father who labored 50 years in the Oklahoma oil fields, would eventually win out.

There's nothing but horizon in some parts of Oklahoma, and nothing to do but trudge in any direction toward what figures to be an improvement. A few miles from the Coker family's rural home was a crossroads called Last Chance, with nothing but a church, a couple of houses and a run-down general store.

Sounds like a lonely place, but no lonelier than Coker must have felt after the crash of his final 7-6 season at UM. Seven wins aren't nearly enough, of course, for the Hurricanes, but Randy Shannon, Coker's replacement, topped that total in only one of his four years on the job. Now it's up to Al Golden to see if he can do better.

"My A.D. (Lynn Hickey at Texas-San Antonio) is from Oklahoma," Coker said. "She knew a little bit about my background and gave me that second 'Last Chance,' if you want to put it that way."

Coker is less than six months from his inaugural game with the Roadrunners, Sept. 3 against Northeastern (Okla.) State. He has two signing classes stocked almost entirely with Texas high-schoolers, and that's certainly good, but soon, when UTSA graduates from an independent to a full member of the Western Athletic Conference, Coker might find himself back in South Florida looking for skill players.

Oklahoma State, Arizona, Houston and Virginia are on the schedule in 2013, and Coker will need all the help he can get.

This is a faster track than even Howard Schnellenberger took at Florida Atlantic, in part because UTSA already has the Alamodome in which to play. The start-up basics are the same, however, which is why Coker spent two days in Boca Raton last year getting pointers from Schnellenberger.

"People ask me, 'Are you bitter toward Miami and do you hope they don't do well?' " Coker said. "That's the last thing I want. I do want those kids to do well. Miami was a great opportunity for me. You know why kids come to Miami. It's not to be average. They want to be champions and they figure that's their best chance to get there."

That final season with Coker, however, Miami wasn't going anywhere. A horrible on-field brawl with FIU got the most attention, but it was the mid-season slaying of defensive lineman Bryan Pata, a case that's still unsolved, that did the most damage. After a while, the team just went numb and the staff, absent the motivation of national-title contention, couldn't do anything to shake the doldrums.

"It was probably time for me to go and time to make a change," Coker said. "You spend so much time trying to justify yourself and it's kind of a waste of time."

More than four years have passed since he left Coral Gables. Coker's Roadrunners are getting out in front of all those howling coyotes. He's wanted again, and even cheered wildly when pictured on the massive video screen at San Antonio Spurs games.

"We're undefeated now," he said, "but the honeymoon's almost over."

It'll only get tougher, but so will Larry Coker, the man from Last Chance.



I know...5-4 in 11 against Ill St is bad and once again the `Canes had 12 runners LOB. This is becoming a hottible pattern

Your man played a very good game last night. My guy Mack had a good night at the plate but did commit 1 of the 4 errors in the field.

Rowland has gone up to .241 with a HR and 5 RBIs with a .421 OBP and hes throwing out 50% of the runners trying to steal on him, which is a very impressive #. More stats on your more, he is 2-2 in stolen bases and has scored 7 runs

Mack is hitting .318 but 0 RBIs and a .500 OBP and 2-2 in stolen base attempts and scored 3 runs


Thank you NativeCane!


good article


Florida pulls down 3 of the top 5 most dangerous USA Spring Break destinations.


Spring break survey:
Orlando ranked the most dangerous destination in the country

Wednesday, March 9th 2011, 9:12 AM

An analysis of crime and accident stats coupled with doctor and lawyer rankings of 25 popular spring break destinations formed the survey.
A little spring break fun in the sun can be a dangerous thing unless travellers choose their destination wisely, a new survey has found.

An analysis of crime and accident stats coupled with doctor and lawyer rankings of 25 popular spring break destinations found that Orlando is the most dangerous place to visit.

"Spring break is a time for fun, but you also have to be careful," said Mark Britton, founder of lawyer and doctor listing website Avvo.com, which conducted the study. "Where you go for spring break is an important \[decision\].

Daytona Beach, Fla. came in a close second, followed by Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, S.C., and West Palm Beach, Fla. the survey found.

Honolulu ranked as the safest among the 25 locales, followed by Santa Barbara, Calif., Reno, Nevada, San Diego, and Steamboat Springs, Colo.


WR Avery Johnson visited UM this week



A whole bunch of football practice pictures for your viewing entertainment.
Some guys looking bigger and stronger




There has been an Unbelievable response from NFL coaches,execs,scouts & GMs that r coming to UM Pro Day.A who's who of the NFL


You worst nightmare department.

Jim Tressel I'd like you to meet the NCAA Head of Infractions Committee Chairman, Paul Dee.
You know, Paul Dee former AD from the University of Miami.



One owner
350,000,000,000 miles
Slight cosmetic wear and tear
Car fax available

Very low Vin number
You won't pass another one on the street.
Handles out of this world
Hard to find limited edition Heat Tile Paint and Patriotic Graphics Package.

Requires rather large garage.
non fuel efficient friendly
Valet parking is not recommended.


The NCAA picks and chooses who they want to slap and those they want to spank. Now, if it were us the justice would be swift and stiff and the same could be said for Alabama but then you have the flip side, with our boys up the road, at FSU, the NCAA loves them and so they just get a few meaningless victories taken away from out going Bobby Bowden and they keep on chugging. Auburn is guilty as hail and so is Oregon and OSU has at least admitted Guilt but only after the fact. There should be swift judgement and it should be in the form of a monetary fine and loss of schollies. That's how you hurt a program. Taking away vicoties after the fact doesn't do a thing except hurt the history books, as far as a programs total victory count. It took us roughly 5 years, after they busted us with scholly reductions. SO. Cal will eventually feel it. The FSU's, & Tenn. of the world just keep rolling along. You have players getting arrested left & right at Flo. & Georgia and they just keep rolling along. These programs continue to bring in top talent year after year and I guess what it says, is in this day & time kids love the Miami type programs of old. We got away with it for awhile but sooner or later, they'll get busted. Cheating goes on everywhere but I guess if you have enough money you can pay off the NCAA to let you slide, at least for awile until you get your hand caught in the cookie jar once to often and back the NCAA into a wall where they have no choice but to pop you with scholly reductions.


Posted by: solarcane | March 09, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Karma is a bit@h! haha


The NCAA didn't pick OSU to bust, Yahoo's 12 man investigating panel busted Tressel.
Yahoo's guys are thorough, fair, non partial and relentless they should be running the investigations instead of the NCAA.


Actually worst nightmare would be if the head of the infractions committee was a Michigan alum...


DZ I was thinkin that same thing.
It's a shame Kehoe is the head of NCAA infractions




Solar - just heard the 2 sonic "earth shattering" kabooms as the shuttle made it's way to KSC.


raize , It's kind of sad knowing U.S. astronauts will have to hitch rides on Russian space flights or wait for the commercial rent a rockets to take them into space.


I can't wait to see the shamockery the NCAA pulls on this Tressel thing.

Dez Bryant-10 games just for lying about having lunch with Deion Sanders.

Jim Tressel-2 games for knowingly covering up multiple players taking improper benefits then lying about his knowledge of it to his employer when they found out.

If he doesn't get at least this season it will be the biggest joke ever.


Good bye to a Champion

Discovery returns to earth for the final time vid.



Jimmy Buffet
Welcome To Fin Land Tour dates

Saturday, May 21
Frisco, TX
Pizza Hut Park

Tuesday, May 24
Atlanta, GA
Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood

Thursday, May 26
Virginia Beach, VA
Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach

Saturday, May 28
Nashville, TN
Bridgestone Arena

Saturday, June 18
Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center

Tuesday, July 19
Cleveland, OH
Blossom Music Center

Thursday, July 21
Detroit, MI
DTE Energy Music Theatre

Saturday, July 23
Chicago, IL
Toyota Park

Friday, August 19
New York, NY
Nikon At Jones Beach Theater

Tuesday, August 23
Cincinnati, OH
Riverbend Music Center

Thursday, August 25
Indianapolis, IN
Verizon Wireless Music Center


NCAA will have final word on punishment of Ohio State's Jim Tressel

Ohio State has levied a two-game suspension and a $250,000 fine on coach Jim Tressel for withholding information about alleged improper benefits received by his players.

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel talks with members of the media during the school's press conference announcing his two-game suspension.CAPTIONBy Terry Gilliam, APThe punishment of sitting out games against Akron and Toledo for a major violation that includes lying to his bosses and the NCAA doesn't sit well with many college football analysts.

Here's a snippet from ESPN's Mark Schlabach's column on Tressel:

Facing the biggest crisis of his career, Tressel never once apologized for knowingly breaking NCAA rules during a news conference on the Ohio State campus on Tuesday night. Worse, Tressel never owned up to not telling his bosses or NCAA investigators that he was aware that at least two of his players might have accepted improper benefits from the owner of a tattoo parlor in Columbus, Ohio.

When Tressel was asked if he was worried the scandal would tarnish his reputation, he said he's always been his biggest critic.

"I don't think less of myself at this moment," Tressel said.

SI.com's Stewart Mandel also took his shot at Tressel:

According to Ohio State's letter to the NCAA self-reporting Tressel's violation, an attorney twice e-mailed the coach last April warning him that two of his players had sold memorabilia to the owner of a local tattoo parlor involved in a criminal investigation. Tressel told the e-mailer he'd look into it (or more specifically, "I will keep pounding these kids hoping they grow up..."), and in fact began a correspondence in which the attorney shared more information.

And then, Tressel did ... nothing. Well, at least nothing that would have put his players' eligibility at risk. Concerned more by the possibility that his players might be mixed up in a federal drug investigation, he admitted, "I probably didn't give quite as much thought to the NCAA end of things as I read [the initial e-mail]."

The last quote by Tressel is the hardest to swallow. He has been a head football coach for 25 years and had multiple dealings with the NCAA, but claimed that he didn't know what to do with the information when it was brought to his attention.

And yet Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee summed up the whole exercise during the Tuesday press conference with this quote in reference to Gee possibly firing Tressel.

"No. Are you kidding me? I just hope the coach doesn't dismiss me."

In the end, the NCAA will have the final say whether it accepts the penalty imposed by Ohio State.

Given that Dez Bryant lost one year at Oklahoma State for lying to investigators about something that was not an NCAA violation, and Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl has already sat out eight games and will be docked $1.5 million salary for his misdeeds, it is hard to believe Tressel will escape with the current punishment.


I'll admit, you lost me as I was reading the article when I got to the first pic of the USC dancers out there, doing that little jump

Something about Reggie Bush or something?


solar - that video in the taco place was awesome. Honestly, doesn't surprise me that a kid who went to the store .. saw a Fubu jersey that has the #69 on it .. thought it would be cool to buy it so he could wear it and make people think, ohhh, he's living on the edge by wearing that around (in his mind) .. and who wears XXXXL sized jean shorts that come down to his ankles, while wearing his socks up to his knees ...... gets his ass beat like that

Here's the other angle of that beat down

The shot that put the kid to sleep is at 1:04 .. it's great to pause it and just see his jaw get pushed back to the other side of his head


I think it's great that in the first video you posted, the 2 morons with the guy in the #69 jersey, just stand in the doorway and the kid without a shirt on, pushes the kid with the jersey, right into the middle of the 2 kids waiting in the restaurant to beat him down. Not until the 2 kids in the restaurant have their backs turned, do the 2 morons with the guy in the #69 jersey actually jump in and help - if you want to call it that - I guess you could call it help that they took some of the beating, instead of the kid in the #69 jersey who took a huge part of the beating


Sebastian57 - ya, Rowland is doing well so far, taking advantage of being moved up to the #2 spot in the order

I like Mack and Roadrunner DeVoss as well

86's boy Fieger didn't play last night, Rony was at 1B taking his place ... that didn't work out too badly - 4 for 6 with a HR



The kid in the stripes minding his own business can definitely take care of himself.

The 69 dude will be taking his guacamole through a straw till his jaw gets unwired.


solar - I think it's great as well in the 2nd video when the kid in the black shirt, comes flying in with some crazy punch to try and hit the kid in the white shirt ... misses him completely b/c the kid in the white shirt made a nice move ... then the kid in the black shirt after his wild miss, goes flying into the front counter with his head

hahaha ... it's at 1:28 in the video, and it's louddd when he bangs his head into the counter



Maurice Hagens!


LOL at the NCAA and Tressel sanctions. Don't forget this is not the first time the NCAA has gone sniffing around the bucknuts and found stuff. Think Maurice Clarett


Solar-Do we have cash for Avery? Is the starting price still 60K plus a coaching job for his dad? lol


LOL at the NCAA and Tressel sanctions. Don't forget this is not the first time the NCAA has gone sniffing around the bucknuts and found stuff. Think Maurice Clarett

Posted by: CGNC | March 09, 2011 at 03:02 PM

Sorry, the imagery of the sniffing around made me queasy.

Oh, if only the NCAA would REWARD teams for being good, since they are obviously not punishing those doing bad enough.

+10 scholarships for the team with the best academic performance.

+10 for the team with the best graduation rate.

+10 for the team generous enough to give the other team the ball the most via interceptions.

That might give us an extra 30 just in one year!


What's the old adage?

"If you ain't cheatin .. you ain't tryin

It's only cheatin if you get caught"


In keeping with the theme of the blog article Georgia jumps in.

Georgia self reports 5 NCAA violations
by Tom Fornelli

Take note of this, Jim Tressel. Georgia found out about five violations the school committed stemming from its recruitment of defensive end Ray Drew and they reported it right away. Georgia didn't wait eight months in hopes that Drew could still play this season or anything!

The violations are all of a secondary nature, and are mostly a result of former Bulldogs Randall Godfrey and David Pollack -- a current analyst on ESPN -- attending Drew's commitment ceremony in January.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned that UGA had to report five NCAA rules violations to the SEC as a result of Drew’s Jan. 28 news conference at Thomas County Central High School. Drew, a five-star recruiting prospect, announced that day he was committing to the Bulldogs. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound defensive end has since signed a national letter-of-intent with UGA.
Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity detailed the violations in a March 4 letter sent to SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. That letter was obtained by the AJC through an open records request.
“The University of Georgia (UGA) is reporting an institutional violation of NCAA Bylaws . . . within our program,” McGarity wrote in the letter. “The violation involves prospective student-athlete (PSA) Mr. Ray Drew and two former letter winners who appear to be representatives of the University’s athletics interests.”
Neither Godfrey or Pollack are named in the school's report, but there's plenty of evidence they were there from photos, and their presence is what caused Georgia to look into the case to begin with. The violations being of a secondary nature, it's not likely that the NCAA will impose any kind of punishment on the school, but odds are the SEC will. Though I wouldn't expect there to be loud repercussions



yea the player dad combos,

What exactly did Brandon's Dad get paid for while he was here?


I think most of us can agree that the NCAA needs to take a stand and lay down the law to everyone, equally pertaining to their situations. I don't agree that the Ohio St. players selling their possessions was illegal benefits however Tressel should know better and report that. But the Ohio St. boys get suspended for 5 games while a kid down at Auburn basically out-sourced his bidding (to his dad) and got away with it because it wasn't him doing the dirty deed. That to me makes 0 sense.

The NCAA seems like they pick and choose what they want to punish and what they want to ignore, apparently if ur in the NC or a big bowl game ur off limits at least until that game is over. Basically sending the message that yes, it is all about money


I never knew exactly what Ice Harris or Corey Bell even really did while they were at Miami

I knew what their titles were .. but what did they really even do? Seriously. Who can legitimately say what they did with examples of it and how it helped the program


Brandon'd dad got a job until #1 graduated! Actually Ice & Corey were suppose to be intermediaries and ambassadors for the program with the high school coaches. They achieved a great deal! all the coaches with the exception of NW were pissed at the program. They forgot there was a county called Palm beach north of Broward. BTW has Golden mended fences with the NMB coach who was pissed at Shannon?


Alfafa's take on her first Canes practice

First impressions of Miami
March, 9, 2011 Mar 95:00PM ETEmail Print Comments By Heather DinichCORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Things are different at Miami.

While hanging out at practice on Tuesday, I had longtime employees and observers of the program -- I'm talking about field and event guys, locals who have been watching for more than a decade -- tell me that they've never seen Miami practices run so organized. I had the chance to meet every coach and speak at length with a few of them, including coach Al Golden in his office. What struck me most was how efficiently everything is being run and how energetic the staff is. Everyone is working well together, and the players are buying in.

There's a lot of work to be done at Miami -- don't get me wrong -- but the Canes have a good thing going right now. I don't know how much they'll win. Golden has to beat Florida State. He has to beat Ohio State. This isn't the MAC. The expectations aren't even comparable to what he faced at Temple. But he gets that, and he's ready to tackle it head-on. He has much more to work with at Miami, and I can tell you that what he is doing right now has the players' attention.


A whole bunch of football practice pictures for your viewing entertainment.
Some guys looking bigger and stronger


Posted by: solarcane | March 09, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Thanks Solar, I see Marcus Forston,Shayon Green, and my 2 year defensive LOF
Curtis Porter sporting the black jersey!

I bet opposing QB's call M.F. by his initials when they get up off the ground. ha

Go Canes!!!


Miami Hurricanes
Kiper gives thoughts on Canes on eve of Pro Day

by: Steve Gorten March 9th, 2011 | 4:16 PM

NOTE: I’m on my way up to Greensboro, N.C. to cover the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament. Ryan Acquavita, who’ll provide you UM football news in my absence, asked ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. about some of UM’s NFL prospects during a conference call Wednesday morning. Here is Ryan’s account:
CORAL GABLES — Hurricanes CB Ryan Hill, who wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine, will need to really show something special at Thursday’s Pro Day if he wants to garner any interest from NFL teams.
“Pro Day is a chance for everybody, it’s an opportunity for everyone to at least get some last looks, but unless there’s a collective bargaining agreement, the NFL won’t have undrafted free agency, which is the category he’d [Hill] fall into,” ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. said on a conference call Wednesday. “I’d be shocked if he was drafted.”
During his training, Hill has focused on running the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds.
Kiper Jr. said CB Brandon Harris raised his draft value at the NFL Combine, but he still considers Harris, who decided to skip his senior season, a second-round pick.
“He tested better than he played last year, I’m sure he would have liked to have had a better season,” Kiper Jr. said.
Another Hurricanes CB, DeMarcus Van Dyke, posted on Twitter Wednesday he will not run the 40 at Pro Day, but he plans to do every other drill. Van Dyke ran the fastest 40 at the Combine – 4.28 seconds. Like Harris, he tested better than he played last season, Kiper Jr. said.
Even with Van Dyke’s time in the 40, Kiper Jr. predicts he will be drafted in the fifth or sixth round.
Here’s what Kiper Jr. said of some other Hurricanes:
— On DE Allen Bailey: “He gives some scheme versatility. He’s probably a second or third-rounder right now.”
Omar Kelly, the Sun-Sentinel’s Miami Dolphins writer, predicted in a mock draft the Jets might take Bailey with the 30th overall pick.
— On LB Colin McCarthy: With this year’s draft considered weak for inside LBs, Kiper Jr. says McCarthy helped himself during the Combine and could be drafted in the third round.
— On WR Leonard Hankerson: “He had to prove he was more than a possession guy and he helped himself with the way he did [at the Combine],” Kiper Jr. said. “He may be the third receiver taken, even in the late first round by Atlanta or New England, possibly.”
— On RB Graig Cooper: “I liked Graig Cooper before he got hurt. He just wasn’t the same after the injury, but he’s an interesting guy,” Kiper Jr. said. “They’ve also got a couple of guys who probably go undrafted like [RB Damien] Berry and [Matt] Bosher, their kicker


TJL - I know man, that's what I was thinking as well .. the hell are these 2 guys in there for if they're not going to help build trust/good will with the other coaches in the surrounding areas/counties? A lot of damn good that did, right?

Golden worked on that as soon as he could, talking about it on the radio/press conferences/his own hiring/etc. ... basically saying he has an open door policy for any of the coaches to come in and pick the brain of he and his staff ... inviting them all to come out to Canes basketball games and hang out, even possibly bring some of their players or film of their players with them ... lowering the price of the Canes football camps ... Golden knows what's up

How the hell are you going to not only neglect coaches/kids from the surrounding counties, but places as close as Miami Central?


That pic of Storm Johnson wearing the #1 jersey and the reflective visor ... badass


hey team--

this site is (thankfully) one of my few vices. i'm denying myself the pleasure of visiting this wonderful site during lent (uggh that's gonna hurt). talk to ya'll after easter!


Mel Kiper is a tool

He has no respect among any scouts

He can tell everyone about just about every player but his evaluation process of them sucks


hey team--

this site is (thankfully) one of my few vices. i'm denying myself the pleasure of visiting this wonderful site during lent (uggh that's gonna hurt). talk to ya'll after easter!

Posted by: usagainsttheworld | March 09, 2011 at 05:36 PM

uatw, I admire you for your beliefs.

I gave up Canespace once, it was the worst 2 hours of my life!

Go Canes!!!


I bet opposing QB's call M.F. by his initials when they get up off the ground. ha

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | March 09, 2011 at 05:28 PM

post of the week! ^^


Have a reflective Lent usagainsttheworld


Big Galz Gone Wild #2

Shut up fo I bussa samitch in yo azz



Jim Tressel I'd like you to meet the NCAA Head of Infractions Committee Chairman, Paul Dee. You know, Paul Dee former AD from the University of Miami.

Posted by: solarcane | March 09, 2011 at 11:20 AM

That's a classic right there!


86's boy Fieger didn't play last night

Posted by: Six | March 09, 2011 at 01:44 PM

Whoa now, U better back off of that one!

That boy runs funny?


"If you ain't cheatin .. you ain't tryin hard enough.

Posted by: Six | March 09, 2011 at 04:20 PM

My brother tells me that everytime we play golf. I cheat, he still wins...


There has been an Unbelievable response from NFL coaches,execs,scouts & GMs that r coming to UM Pro Day. A who's who of the NFL

Posted by: solarcane | March 09, 2011 at 11:16 AM

That's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh I like it,

That's the way...


`Canes are leading Ill St after 5 inning 2-1

Of course the `Canes had to commit another error, this time by SS Joey Porro who is playing in place of Stephen Perez


Got back late today from Merritt Island.

Heard the sonic "Boom-Boom" from the Space Shuttle as it landed. Heard it approaching but couldn't see it over the horizon with some cloud cover.

Nice day to be alive though in FL, I'll tell U that. Some rain late tonight and then a BEAUTIFUL weekend is in store.

New article on "NCAA: Lying and Cheating" OSU style will be up tomorrow 4 PM.

Gonna spend Friday with Mrs. 86 and then have some new articles Saturday and Sunday.

Hang in there Canes fans, we have lots of special features that will get you through the dead period!


`Canes pick up another commit

WR Jontavious Carter out of Crisp County Georgia....6'4 190

`Canes give up 3 runs in the top of the 6th and fall behin 4-2


2 more errors in the top of the 7th help Ill. St. score 4 more runs to make the score 8-2



Sebastian57 - haha, the laughs never stop coming with this Canes baseball team

Better than the Original Kings of Comedy


Randall out of Chaminade Madonna in Miami orginally committed to the Oregon Ducks. After some controversy with the program Randall will no longer be signing with Oregon. LSU, Georgia


Wednesday Rumors: Miami may be adding a quarterback to this year’s signing class


Nuevo Manuel:

It's so nuevo I didn't even read it yet, HOLLA AT YA BOY! ONE


Canes are now 5-8 heading into ACC Conference play

Here's how the Canes started out in their first 13 regular season games from '99-present

1999 - 10-3
2000 - 8-5
2001 - 10-3
2002 - 8-5
2003 - 9-4
2004 - 9-4
2005 - 10-3
2006 - 7-6
2007 - 8-5
2008 - 12-1
2009 - 11-2
2010 - 9-4


You don't even want to see where the Canes rank in the ACC for a whole bunch of kind of important categories

Let's put it this way ... where they are supposed to have a lot of, they have very little

Where they're supposed to have very little of, they have a lot

orange 'n green in the vein

"Freshman CB Thomas Finnie
Black Jersey first two practices ever as a Miami Hurricane

Posted by: solarcane | March 08, 2011 at 09:46 PM"

Coaches like their own recruits. Morris and Harris are both lucky JB decided to go to the middle of nowhere.

Am I the only one on here who is just hoping Paul Dee opens up the punishment hearing on MF'ing vest-b!tch by saying, "No punishment extra, you can go."

Then as soon as he turns around and his hand touches the door Dee throws a yellow flag and calls investigation interference on him before dropping the hammer on both he and his crooked program while putting on Porter's officiating hat from the Fiesta Bowl with a sh!t-eating grin while Tressel sits there with that dumb look on his face he gets every year he doesn't get all the breaks and the crooked officiating going his way?

Would that make up for the stolen defense of the 2001 title? No, not for me either.



The University of Miami men’s basketball team went into the ACC tournament last season without many expectations.

The 12th-seeded Canes ended up leaving Greensboro, N.C., having gone deeper in the tournament than ever before — and with the respect of eventual national champion Duke, which hung on to beat them in the semifinals.

“I remember when we went out there coach [Frank Haith] said, ‘Guys, we really don’t have nothing to lose. Just go out there and play have fun and just leave it on the floor,’  UM guard Malcolm Grant said last week.

“I think we all looked at each other and were like, ‘Coach is right. We didn’t play how we wanted to play in ACC play, so what do we have to lose?’ I think we showed how dangerous we can be as a team. If we can carry that on this year who knows how far we can go.”

The Canes (18-13) will find out soon enough. They open this year’s ACC tournament with a noon tipoff Thursday against eighth-seeded Virginia (16-14).

A win would earn UM a second round date with sixth-ranked North Carolina (24-6) and potentially a spot in next week’s NIT Tournament.




Wide receiver Jontavious Carter of Crisp County High in Cordele, Ga., has committed to the Miami Hurricanes for the 2012 class. Carter makes pledge No. 8 in new head coach Al Golden’s first full year of recruiting.

Carter’s grandmother Donna Cobb confirmed the commitment to the Orlando Sentinel via a phone call Wednesday night. She said Carter was at a friend’s house working on a project and she had his cell phone so he could concentrate.

Carter has only played one year of football and had been better known as a basketball player at Crisp County High, but he quickly gained attention after his first year of participation. The 6-foot-4, 220-pounder caught 49 balls for 650 yards and seven touchdowns last season. His rare combination of size and speed is what Miami likes about him.





Golden hired Kehoe because he’s a good coach, but it was also public relations genius. That much was apparent a couple of weeks ago when UM’s football staff was introduced during a Hurricanes’ basketball game at the BankUnited Center.

Each of the coaches received appreciative applause except for Kehoe, who nearly brought the house down. If Golden wanted to connect with UM’s fan base, he picked the right guy to do it.

“That was real humbling,” Kehoe said of his reception at the BUC. “It’s wild, man. You know how much winning that we did at this school for so long. And, even though it was just a slight dip [record-wise], people are so hungry to win. It’s nice to be associated with that.”



Six, watching the Tampa morning news, looks like another jumper off the Skyway Bridge.

I always wondered if people change their mind during that 10 second drop at 60 mph.


Hey guys how is that new UCF basketball coach working out? Just a couple months ago most everyone on here was praising him.....today....not so much. Changing coaches sometimes just ain't the answer????


not good news for Cane fans



In the house for #Miami Pro Day - Jack Del Rio, Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano, Bill Bellichick and Mike Tomlin

cris freet


Thats not good news at all

For selfish reasons I hope its not B.M.

Back to reality, Crap like this goes on way to often


That incident happened over 2 weeks ago and it is now making headlines? Something is not right and I know John Morgan and he is an F Lee Bailey wanna be......



I'm hoping by the time the facts finally come out BM hasn't messes up.
He has never been arrested and it was like what feb 27 or so.
I only brought it up because the guys covering the Patriots posteed it I argued with numnut Sileo about it all day yesterday.

here was one of my replies to DSileo

"solarcane solarcane
@DSHurricane93 @allCanesBlog Dan if Brandon comes down and beats your ass to a pulp, I'll make sure Apopka papers get it right"


man thats some classic solar spelling in that one lol ^^


haha......I would love to see that tussle. I can't stand Sileo.


now that Oregon is about to catch NCAA heat Russel is back looking at Miami among others



NFL in the stands at Miami today

1 Arizona Cardinals Don Corzine
2 Arizona Cardinals Tommy Robinson
3 Atlanta Falcons Les Snead
4 Baltimore Ravens Chad Alexander
5 Baltimore Ravens Jim Hostler
6 Buffalo Bills Darrell Moody
7 Carolina Panthers Don Gregory
8 Carolina Panthers
9 Chicago Bears Mark Sadowski
10 Cincinnati Bengals Paul Guenther
11 Cincinnati Bengals James Urban
12 Cleveland Browns AJ Durso
13 Dallas Cowboys Walter Juliff
14 Denver Broncos Eugene Armstrong
15 Denver Broncos Ron Milus
16 Detroit Lions
17 Green Bay Packers Eliot Wolf
18 Houston Texans Mike Martin
19 Indianapolis Colts Todd Vasvari
20 Jacksonville Jaguars Chris Driggers
21 Jacksonville Jaguars Jack Del Rio
22 Jacksonville Jaguars Gene Smith
23 Kansas City Chiefs
24 Miami Dolphins Jeff Ireland
25 Miami Dolphins Tony Sparano
26 Miami Dolphins Matt Winston
27 Minnesota Vikings Jamal Stephenson
28 Minnesota Vikings Conrad Cardano
29 New England Patriots Bill Belichick
30 New England Patriots Brian Belichick
31 New England Patriots Nick Caserio
32 New England Patriots Berj Najarian
33 New England Patriots Frantzy Jourdain
34 New England Patriots Matt Patricia
35 New England Patriots Josh Boyer
36 New Orleans Saints Rick Reiprish
37 New York Giants Chris Mara
38 New York Jets Henry Ellard
39 New York Jets Joey Clinkscales
40 New York Jets Mike Davis
41 Oakland Raiders Zack Crocket
42 Oakland Raiders Mickey Marvin
43 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Bradway
44 Pittsburgh Steelers Ron Hughes
45 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin
46 Pittsburgh Steelers John Mitchell
47 Pittsburgh Steelers Kevin Colbert
48 Pittsburgh Steelers Sean Kugler
49 San Diego Chargers Jim Jauch
50 San Francisco 49ers Matt Malaspina
51 Seattle Seahawks Derrick Jensen
52 St. Louis Rams Brad Holmes
53 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Dominik
54 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Raheem Morris
55 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brian Hudspeth
56 Tennessee Titans
57 Washington Redskins Bill Baker
58 Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL) Dan McManus
59 Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL) Jerry McManus
60 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)


catch you guys tonight



Am I the only one on here who is just hoping Paul Dee opens up the punishment hearing on MF'ing vest-b!tch by saying, "No punishment extra, you can go."

Then as soon as he turns around and his hand touches the door Dee throws a yellow flag and calls investigation interference on him before dropping the hammer on both he and his crooked program while putting on Porter's officiating hat from the Fiesta Bowl with a sh!t-eating grin while Tressel sits there with that dumb look on his face he gets every year he doesn't get all the breaks and the crooked officiating going his way?

Would that make up for the stolen defense of the 2001 title? No, not for me either.

Posted by: orange 'n green in the vein | March 09, 2011 at 11:09 PM



Seriously, LOL!

That would be.... GREAT!

Never happen, but the image made my day.



The same lawyer is having doubts that Meriweather is the shooter.

An honest lawyer? That's news!



Cops have no record of an accusation against Meriweather.

Sounds about as real as this accusation:

Sir Bedevere: What makes you think she's a witch?
Peasant 3: Well, she turned me into a newt!
Sir Bedevere: A newt?
Peasant 3: [meekly after a long pause] ... I got better.
Crowd: [shouts] Burn her anyway!


Nobody sitting on the edge of their seat in this battle between Miami and UVA?

Nah, didn't think so. Same here. Go Canes, but Beating UVA gets us UNC. Yippee. Would have rather faced Duke.

BTW, anyone think those two cheerleaders mouthing that "duck" (gotta make sure you spell THAT right, with the u and the i next to each other on the keyboard) have a career after college, but one that gets paid in singles?


Native - I dunno, but if I ever wanted to take my own life .. that sure the hell wouldn't be the way to do it

I've gotten freaked out before driving over the Sunshine Skyway back in the day when I had a little ass '92 Toyota Tercel ... some wind up on that bridge while it was raining and that little go-kart of a car was rocking like you wouldn't believe - and by rocking, not in a good way


canechic - I'll still take Donnie Jones over Frank Haith .. I'll take almost anyone over Haith

To have a team that was:

23-7 & 23-11

in the 2 years prior to you taking over .. then for you to go

16-13, 18-16 & 12-20

in the next 3 years that you're head coach - not good Haith, not good .. esp. having basically no signature wins over a quality program this year

UCF was:

16-15, 17-14 & 15-17

in the 3 years prior to Donnie Jones taking over ... and in his 1st year he's gone 19-11 - so at least he's going the other way, beating UiF and UTEP recently

St.John's hired a new coach in Steve Lavin for this year - last 3 years they went:

11-19, 16-18 & 17-16 ... this year? 21-10 and ranked #17

East Carolina hired a new coach in Jeff Lebo for this year and he has them finishing with a winning record for the 1st time in 13 years for that program

10-21, 13-17, 11-19, 6-24, 8-20 & 9-19 in the 6 years prior to him taking over ... so they've sucked for a bit - that's a pretty big improvement for them


tap, tap, is this thing on?


FRANK Haith gets the win in OT.


Cane roundballers win big in OT.

CANES SHOWED NEVER-QUITNESS, and solid coaching from Haith. Got to luv the excitement with these always close-games Canes.


Yep, but I wouldn't give Haith credit for this.

Down 10 with what, 40 seconds left, and Miami watches UVA miss FTs like crazy.

This was a going away present for Haith....


sebas drinking a six pack
just like Beldar Conehead about right now


Golden talks about practicing in pads and other stuff vid



Stef Yderstrom The U, All ACC Academic Team

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Stefanie Yderstrom of the University of Miami women’s basketball team was among 17 student-athletes named to the All-ACC Academic Women’s Basketball Team, as announced by Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John D. Swofford.

To be eligible for consideration for the academic squad, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.0 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.0 cumulative average during her academic career.

Yderstrom, a 5-8 sophomore Ostertalje, Sweden, has started all 31 games this season for the 10th-ranked Hurricanes this season. She has scored 7.7 points, 2.7 assists and 2.3 rebounds per game and is second on the team with a total of 46 made three-pointers. The tough guard carries a 3.070 cumulative GPA.

This is the second straight season that a ‘Cane has been represented on the squad as Morgan Stroman was honored a season ago.


Shayon Green practice interview clip



I always wondered if people change their mind during that 10 second drop at 60 mph.

Posted by: NativeCane | March 10, 2011 at 05:40 AM

Funny U should ask. During a recent Suicide Prevention training that I do for agencies in FL one of the participants told me about research he did about people who jump to their death from famous places like the Golden Gate Bridge and other sites like National Park locations.

He said that each year between 9-13 people typically jump to their death from the GG bridge in San Fran. He also said that there have been several survicors of jumps from the GG and other sites. 90% of them reported that the first thought that went through their mind was regret as the "survival instinct" took over.

After they jumped they reported thinking something like: "What the hell did I just do" and "I wish I could take that back".

They reported that they spent the rest of the fall time trying to figure out a way to survive the fall itself.

As you might imagine Jumps/Falls are not among the leading methods of suicide and account for less that 3% OF ALL SUICIDES.


sebas drinking a six pack
just like Beldar Conehead about right now

Posted by: solarcane | March 10, 2011 at 02:39 PM


"Must consume MASS Quantities."


Solar...thanks for the links and the info you have been psoting lately. Good stuff!

U are the new KING of Twitter.

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