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April 04, 2011



On Wednesday, [Sean Taylor's confessed killer's lawyer Clinton] Pitts said that the media would undoubtedly “sensationalize it, make it seem bigger than what it is.”

Your client killed an unarmed man so they could steal from him. That isn't sensationalization, that is fact.




When Kirby came here I mentioned how thrilled Ohio was when Kirby left them after he snuffed out four of their D1 programs, but nobody here paid any attention.
I personally think Hocutt did a good job here, but wasn't ever planning to stick around.
read ( pre Miami Hurricane days)

"Sporting shirts reading "I got Hocutt," the student athletes took a final jab at Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt, who announced on Jan. 25 the decision to eliminate four varsity sports at the end of their 2007 campaigns. Along with men's indoor and outdoor track and field, the administration also cut men's swimming and diving and women's lacrosse.

The administration has justified the cuts as necessary measures to comply with federal Title IX legislature and eliminate a growing financial deficit within the athletics department.

The financial situation is so grim that the university had to ax one of its most storied programs. Since its inception in the early 1900s, the track-and-field team has produced an Olympic medalist and several All-Americans, and won more individual national titles than any other OU varsity sport.

"You have to put that aside at a certain point because you can't let your anger get the best of you," Bildstein said. "You still have to relax and throw, run and jump the best that you can."

With more meets left this season, including MAC and Regional championships, the team tried to muffle the emotions and focus on performance. But for the team to ignore the feelings of competing in a program's last home meet is almost impossible.

"I'm sure that it is weighing on everybody's mind," head coach Clay Calkins said. "It is sad to see that this is going to be the last chance to do this."

The seniors led the Bobcats in Saturday's meet, as Mayle and Bildstein captured first place in three individual events. Dan Bailey, Austin Schiele, Logan Singleton, Curtis Leuenberger and Brad Hershey also earned first-place finishes. The 4x100m and 4x400m relays also finished in first.

Saturday's success matched the strong performances that the Bobcats have been putting forth all season, demonstrating their resilience in the face of a strenuous situation.

"It really says a lot that we have been able to put all of that behind us," Bildstein said. "This is one of the best teams that we have ever had, and I want everybody to see that. It just sucks that this is the last year that anybody is going to see us again."

As the members of the men's track and field team crossed the finish line for their final victory lap, it concluded the program's historic run, leaving a legacy for others to admire.

"Hopefully people remember us for doing it right and finishing in the end, despite all of the things that happened," Bildstein said. "No matter what, we were able to finish, and finish correctly."


This is for you.
This was one of the most visited TJC stories on the old Bananaland site

I think every guy grew up living parts of this one

Tommy Joe and Double Trouble

It was late October.
The days were getting shorter and the nights were cooler.
Twilight was the perfect time to gather on mom's front porch to do a little BSing and knock back a couple rounds of YooHoo.
I'm pretty sure my mom was the only mother that knew where they kept the sodas down at the A&P.

Sammy's mom, Mrs. Morgan would always offer us a refreshing glass of room temperature tap water. TJ's mom always had a gallon or so of industrial strength Kool Aid, blended so strong you could use it to stain furniture.

My mom would buy me six sodas a week, one for each day.
It was tearing my heart out to see her toss bottle after bottle of the chocolate elixir to the gluttons waiting on the porch.

Most of the kids in the neighborhood were either doing the dishes or doing homework at twilight.
We figured if God had wanted us to do our homework at home he would have never invented detention hall.

Tonight's topic of discussion was money.
We had grown up depending on the barter system to get anything we needed.
Times were increasingly tough for us now.
A few off the cuff remarks about Santa Claus being an impostor, had reduced our Christmas morning stash of Hot Wheels, models, B.B guns and Johnny Lightning cars considerably.

Most of our presents were soft and rectangular now, a sure indication of school clothes.

I had spoken to my mom about an allowance increase. My mom was a part time comedian. She looked at me and keeping a straight face said " If you want more money why don't you get a job?"
TJ and Sammy had met the same resistance.
I hauled the morning newspaper out on the porch and opened it to the help wanted adds.
We took turns reading the fantastic opportunities out loud.

Underwater Bridge Welder eleven dollars per hour, Airline Mechanic twenty five thousand dollars a year. Yeah right!
We turned to Help Wanted Part Time.
There it was, "Six teens needed immediately to train as managers for large fast food chain."
I had barely mentioned the ad to my mom when she wiped the Moon Pie off my face and tossed me into the back seat of her big sedan.

She drove like she was possessed, smoking the tires as she wheeled off towards Main Street.
I met TJ and Sammy in the tiny dining room of the only Burger Palace within ten miles of our neighborhood.
After about twenty or thirty potential part time men trudged out of the manager's office they called our names.

This was the first real job application we had ever seen.
It started out easy enough... NAME....
ADDRESS, man I was on a roll.
SEX... hmmm a trick question, I eased my eyes over onto TJ's application.
Tommy had scribbled in tiny writing," Once, but by myself."
This didn't seem to be the answer they were looking for. I squinted over at Sammy's page. He had simply put a capital M there.
Geez these guys weren't ashamed of anything!
I left it blank, pretty much in keeping with my real world status with the girls I knew.

Mr. Jolly was the manager, I mean Team Leader.
He recognized TJ and I from newspaper articles on "Soap Box Derby Disasters."
He said he always admired how we took our lumps and never complained.
He shook our hands. All three of us were in!

We went to Robert E Lee Jr. High School, this was a feeder school to Stranton High School. Stranton High's biggest rival was South County High.
South County High was about a stones throw from the big picture window in the front of the Burger Palace.

Over the next few weeks we would cause the SCH crowd more misery than the toughest summer school teacher ever invoked on them.

We had several knee slappers that never failed.
We would put about a dozen assorted Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla shakes in the deep freezer. We stuck a straw through the top and let the ice cream weld itself to it over night. We left these in the freezer about a week
When a big SC school jock would amble up with his cheerleader girl friend we would be ready.
"Chocolate shake Dill Weed, and hurry it up!"
I'd slide the rock hard treat out the window and watch as the chump tried to suck it up the straw. Most times they would turn a deep shade of purple and pass out.

Another sure fire stampede starter was the "Octopus in the Deep Fryer."
You took a hot dog and sliced it from the end about four inches in, you turned it ninety degrees and repeated the cut. You did this on both ends.
You set the dog on the counter out of site of the waiting crowd.
When just the right hyperactive girl was at the window you plunged the hot dog into the simmering French fry grease.
The ends of the wiener would curl back and look exactly like tentacles.
You pulled this out of the hot grease with a pair of tongs, with much screaming and an astonished look on your face.
This usually emptied the dining room.

If they still wouldn't budge you had to rely on the "Broiler Fire."
The early burgers were really flame broiled. You set a pathetic heap of cold meat on a little steel conveyor at one end.
It then traveled along on the conveyor over an open fire, if it didn't fall off it appeared at the other end as a perfect char broiled hamburger patty.
All the fat and juice as well as ninety percent of the flavor dropped between the steel conveyor belt and landed in a grease pan at the bottom.
The beauty of the open broiler was that it was in plain sight of the hungry customers. When we were packed to capacity TJ would ease around behind the broiler. He took a straw and sucked a pint of water into his mouth.
When the time was right he blew the water out of the straw and into the red hot grease fire simmering in the bottom of the broiler.
This would shoot giant red and yellow flames about ten or twelve feet high streaming out the front of the broiler.
This would terrorize the patrons and send them crashing over each other into the parking lot.
We had planned to work at Burger Palace all winter but Mr. Jolly said he couldn't stand to see us work during the Christmas holidays.
He hated to let us go but the big wigs at Burger Palace insisted we enjoy the holidays.
We had sixty three dollars each and life was sweet.

Mr. Cauldwell dropped me off at my house and I strutted into the kitchen.
My mom was in the process of making frosting for a cake. I casually plucked one of the beaters from the mixer and sucked the white confection from the cool metal.
A moment later I was sliding backwards across the kitchen floor, a small knot rising on my fore
head. My mom pointed to floor next to me and said "You dropped something."
" Oh yea," I said "It's just my check for SIXTY THREE DOLLARS!"
I remember seeing my mom smile like that only two times. Today was one time and the day I got married and moved to the next town was the other.

"You ought to put half of that in the bank you know." she advised .
She did have a point, it wasn't too smart to tote around a year's earnings.
I had devised a math formula for saving money that was so fundamentally sound my wife continues to use it today.
Say you want to put half of your check into the bank and visit the hobby shop with the rest.
I had $63.00, I wanted to save half. You used the same system they use at the Olympics to score events.
There are Four numbers 6-3.-0-0.
Half of four is two, you throw out the highest number, 6 and the lowest, 0
This leaves you with the two inner numbers 3.0 or three dollars.
This is the half of the number you put in the bank.
This leaves you sixty dollars to spend with a clear conscience.

I have amazed my friends time and again with my ability to attend motor racing
events while they are forced to stay home and pay their electric bill.
All due to this foolproof system.
I've been considering making an Infomercial.

Saturday rolled around and we pedaled toward town like prospectors heading for the Long Branch Saloon.
There were only two choices for our hard earned money. The Bike Barn, or the Hobby House.
Mr. Keene was the proprietor of the Hobby House. He had the fastest hands we had ever seen.
He had shagged sailboats, scooped coupes and bagged battleships every time we examined his
Mr. Keene had one other unique gift. He could have the only known specimen of a Hot Wheels car the day you paid two hundred percent mark up to get it, and then receive five hundred more of the same model the day after you bought yours.
Sammy and I scoured the shelves, touching everything at least once. Mr. Keene was a step behind us nervously patting his baseball glove.
"Hey gonz, remote controlled boats!!" Sammy yelped.
"Man!! hydroplanes!" I shot back, my nose pressed hard against the display case.
The only experience we had with boats was blasting models out of the irrigation ditch with our b.b. guns. Every year some well meaning aunt would send us a USS Forrestal .
We would spend three weeks building it. Cram it full of firecrackers, launch it onto the quiet irrigation ditch water, light a piece of toilet paper on the flight deck, then pepper it as the hull ignited.
These boats on the other hand could scream across a pond at the park and return under their own power.
Sammy went for the conventional single screw unlimited hydro, like an early Miss Budweiser.
I couldn't take my eyes off "The Hurricane."
The Hurricane was a cross between an unlimited hydroplane and an air boat.
Instead of the propeller pushing the hull along from under the water, the Hurricane had a giant
model airplane motor mounted backwards on the deck.
It looked like a small ironing board with fan sitting on top of it. It weighed about as much also.
Sammy had his Atlas Van Lines racing boat dropped, caught, bought and bagged
before I even got the Hurricane out of the display case.
Mr. Keene looked over the top of his bifocals and smiled, "Fifty five dollars even."
Thinking he had called my bluff he rubbed it in a little."Will there be anything else"
I said "Oh yea better throw in some of your best racing fuel!"
TJ was just coming out the door of the Bike Barn when we saw him.
"Tommy Joe, we got boats!" we yelled.
TJ walked over and looked at our fleet." Those are sure enough cool guys, but I could build you better hulls at Dad's shop if you want" he said.
We knew what he was saying was true, but geez these were factory built race boats.
"Thanks TJ but I really like this one" I said.
I don't know if this hurt Tommy Joe's feelings or he just decided he was going to build a remote controlled boat people would talk about for years.

Sammy and I would go down to the park and chase ducks around with the little boats. They were fast , easy to control and little kids loved to see us run them.
Tommy Joe would stay back at his dad's cabinet shop helping his dad catch up work.
That's what he told us he was doing.
Soon Tommy Joe Cauldwell's name would be mentioned along with guys like Black Beard, Robert Fulton, Leif Ericson, and Bernie Little.

Tommy leaned over my shoulder during English class and asked if I was gonna race my boat Saturday. I could barely hear TJ, I was away at my special place again... sometimes I would be thrilling the crowds in the stands with my lightning shifts lifting my little B/Gas Anglia' s wheels in every gear.. today I was over at Annette Funicello's house listening to records....YOU RACING THAT BOAT OR NOT???... I sprang up in my seat and shouted "Correlative Conjunctions Mrs. Myers"
Mrs. Myers looked in my general direction and nodded at the pad of detention slips on her desk. Rather than waste valuable class time reprimanding me and reminding me that I would be selling hamburgers when I was forty, she would just toss me a handful of thirty minute detentions a couple times a month.
I looked over at TJ and smiled, "Yea man I'll be out there."

Saturday Morning Sammy and I were down at the pond.
Sammy was wading out into the water to retrieve his over turned boat.

They hadn't written those deep monotonous notes you hear every time the shark shows up in Jaws, but the atmosphere at the pond was about the same.
I remember hearing a couple of chain saws being revved to the limit, and I can still see the rooster tail shooting ten feet up behind what looked like a torpedo bearing down on Sammy.
Sammy came as close as anyone beside Jesus will ever come to running across the top of the water.
The "Slide Rule" was skimming across the pond like a flying fish when Tommy Joe's boat pulled along side.
Incredibly the twin motors revved even higher and the boat shot completely out of the water.
TJ turned the rudders away from Sammy's skull and the water rocket veered off down the pond.
"Hiya gonz, wanna race?" Tommy asked as he walked up behind me.
"Uhh, geez TJ I'm out of fuel" I laughed.
Tommy brought " Double Trouble" up to the bank
Stainless steel, mahogany, chrome ,brass, twin gasoline motors and craftsmanship CrisCraft couldn't duplicate on their best day.
"What kind of motors ARE those things?" I asked .
"They're out of some new fangled things called weed whackers gonz" TJ replied.
"I got one running clockwise and the other counterclockwise two strokes around twenty thousand rpm or so. Dad drove along beside her in his pick up out on Road 84, he said she was cruising around sixty five mph at three quarter throttle."
This was the first time I ever realized that ducks could sweat.
Double Trouble packed the river bank every Saturday. The unforgettable whine of her twin motors and the huge rooster tail bursting up out of the calm water behind her thrilled young and old alike.
Tommy's undoing was an annual charity event called "Take A Kid Fishing".
The TAKF foundation had a fishing tournament for underprivileged kids every October on the pond. If the weather was hot the little kids caught Bluegills. If it was real cold they caught Specks, or Crappie.
Tommy was showing the kids how fast and stable Double Trouble was when the Grand Marshall and Queen of the Fishing Tournament puttered out into the pond in a 3 horsepower jon boat.
Double Trouble was about four hundred pounds lighter and about six times as powerful as the jon boat and crew.

In the movies there is always a big explosion as the torpedo rams into the bow of the battleship.
Double Trouble sounded more like a plunge router going through a piece of balsa wood.
The motors went off song for a millisecond and then bore out through the far side of the boat's hull.
The Queen was standing hip deep in the cold black water while kids cast around her ankles.
I guess they watched a lot of Bass fishing shows and knew a little about structure fishing.
The last time I saw Double Trouble it was attached to a long pole with a weed cutting blade
where the propellers used to be. Every once in awhile Mrs. Cauldwell would look over at us from her garden and blip the throttle a couple times so we could savor that sweet old sound.



Speaking of Kirby's new boss at Tech...here's what he said to Hocutt about leaving Miami to come to the South Plains...

“I told him, ‘Look, at Miami, my personal opinion is they’ve seen their best days. Texas Tech’s best days are in front of it,’” Hance said."

We really need to get them on our schedule...


Solar,^^^^^^^^^^^^^D’Onofrio said, “That’s what happens when guys get injured. People are learning that around here, that it’s not one of those things like, ‘This is my spot.’ You can get Wally Pipp-ed in a minute.”

New one liner for the archives^^^^^^^^

Work hard play hard do the right things and you probably wont get Wally Pipp-ed!

Go Canes!!!



Mark D’Onofrio: Hurricanes “have some habits that need to be broken”
by Jorge Milian

Intra-squad scrimmages are rarely a win-win situation.

If your offense plays well, that probably means your defense didn’t. Such was the case during last Saturday’s scrimmage at Spanish River, which was dominated by the Hurricanes’ offense.

I spoke to defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio this week about the scrimmage and a few other topics of interest:

Mark D'Onofrio

….Like coach Al Golden, D’Onofrio was less than happy with his unit’s conditioning and toughness. “I wasn’t pleased with the physicality,” D’Onofrio said. “I didn’t think we were physical enough. We weren’t pushing back the piles. And I don’t think our conditioning is where it needs to be at this point. We need to work on that.” That lack of grit allowed the offense “too many X-plays, or what we call explosion plays. Too many plus-10 (yard) runs.” Several key defensive players (Marcus Forston, Olivier Vernon, Shayon Green, Ramon Buchanan) didn’t participate in the scrimmage because of injuries, suspensions, etc. Also, D’Onofrio and his players have only been together for nine practices. But those are just bad excuses, according to the coach. “My time frame is quicker than anybody else’s,” D’Onofrio said. “I want to be there yesterday. It’s a race against time to be as good as we possibly can be. I think we’re making progress, but we do have some habits that need to be broken.”

….The one player D’Onofrio singled out for a lack of endurance at the scrimmage was Luther Robinson, the 6-foot-3, 295-pound defensive tackle by way of Fort Pierce Westwood. “I think Luther has gotten better since spring ball started,” D’Onofrio said. “But he had a chance on Saturday to really move himself forward and I don’t know if he fully took advantage of it, to be honest with you. He’s a guy that needs to learn how to play hard and not just two or three plays at a time. He needs to push his conditioning and he’s needs to be consistent. His technique deteriorated over the course of longer drives [on Saturday]. He’ll play the block perfectly with his hands one play and then the next play, because you’re tired, swims [his arms] around. We have no use for that. I’m going to be on him hard.”

….There are plenty of concerns on defense, but D’Onofrio said he likes what he sees from a group of very inexperienced cornerbacks. The only player on the roster to have started a game at cornerback is Brandon McGee. “I think we’re making progress,” D’Onofrio said. “Brandon McGee has gotten better. JoJo Nicolas has been a really good surprise. It’s always nice when you make a move to make the team better and it works out. I think he has the flexibility and the smarts to go back and play safety if we needed him to in a pinch. I like what’s going on there. Keion Payne has had a good solid camp. He’s proven he’s going to be a good player. He just has to be consistent and gain some weight. Thomas Finnie has done some good things. He’s hit the freshman wall a little bit, but he’s trying to bounce back from that. Lee Chambers took part [in practice] for the first time last week and made a couple of good plays in the scrimmage.”

….Players have been clearly told that there is no guarantee of retaining a starting job if they get injured. Olivier Vernon learned that the hard way after sitting out Saturday’s scrimmage with an undisclosed injury. Vernon was elevated to first-team defensive end last week but was demoted to No. 2 on this week’s depth chart following a standout performance in the scrimmage by Adewale Ojomo. “Now Vernon will have to fight like heck to try to get ahead of Ojomo,” D’Onofrio said. “That’s what happens when guys get injured. People are learning that around here, that it’s not one of those things like, ‘This is my spot.’ You can get Wally Pipp-ed in a minute.”

….D’Onofrio is pleased with the play of senior Jordan Futch and sophomore Jimmy Gaines, who are listed as co-No. 1s at middle linebacker. Futch is competing with Gaines after spending the past two weeks as a backup to outside linebacker Sean Spence. Futch led the team in tackles on Saturday with nine. “Jordan and Jimmy are fighting it out,” D’Onofrio said. “Jimmy didn’t do anything to relinquish his position. Futch played at a level that was higher than a second-team guy the other day. They’re 1 and 1A right now. But I think both of those guys can progress. We’re talking about developing guys that really didn’t fit into the equation last year.”

….D’Onofrio estimates that eight players who will be part of the defensive rotation next season are not participating now in spring practice for various reasons, including freshman who will arrive in UM for fall practice. But D’Onofrio is taking his lemons and making lemonade. “I look at it like a positive,” D’Onofrio said. “I’m not sitting here saying, ‘Oh man, what are we going to do?’ I know we’re going to get those guys back. In the short term, it gives us a chance to coach more guys and have some guys that weren’t going to get as many reps, get more reps. That’s ultimately going to get us better.”






Hyde5: Al Golden zings Gainesville

By Dave Hyde April 6, 2011 07:16 AM

1. One thing I like about Al Golden is he's got strong ideas and isn't afraid to express them. For instance, when I met him after he was hired and asked what he said to people wondering why Miami hired the Temple coach, he said, "Because that Temple coach did some great things."

There's more evidence of this in an on-line article at Sports Illustrated this week. Golden evidently was asked about the lack of fans at games last year and at spring games compared to other schools.

His response kicks off the new-era rivalry with Florida:

"I know this -- we have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of putting an international city right outside its city limits."


True, too. The point is he's going to be playing up South Florida's strengths rather than let others pound its weaknesses.

He went on to say in that same quote: "The expectations here are high, but if you're a coach, you want to be associated with a program that believes in winning national championships. That's what fuels us as a staff right now -- the yearning, coming to work every day knowing there's something absent."

In other words, he' should be held accountable to winning national titles, he agrees.

Miami and Golden just said, "I do." We're not even on the honeymoon yet. But you've got to like the way the man expresses himself.

2. Frank Martin's doing his part to start a mating dance with the University of Miami. He went on The Sporting News radio with Tim Brando and said, yes, he's heard the rumors, admitted you, "never say never" and in praising Kansas State said of Miami, "No one's contacted me."

Translation: Will someone at Miami please contact me?

Give Martin some credit for not flat-out lying about not wanting to go anywhere. Then again, he's in Manhattan, Kansas. He seems semi-interested in returning to home. The question is how deep that interest is and, as important, if Miami reciprocates.

On the one hand, Martin is a walking checklist of everything Miami's basketball program could use: A loud, passionate, proven, Miami-born, Cuban-American with head-coaching experience at a major basketball school. He's gone to the NCAA Tournament in five years there.

On the other hand, the file also includes his demeanor. He's an in-your-face kind of coach, and some Miami people were turned off by his sideline language during a game this year at the holiday tournament at BankAtlantic Center.

Then there's his high-school coaching past here. He won big at Miami High. But? He also broke rules. A Miami New Times story by Robert Andrew Powell reported several Miami High players had false addresses to make them appear to be livin inside the school's district. Among them were NBA stars Udonis Haslem and Steve Blake. Martin was fired for that.

That was 1998. It's a black mark. Couple that with him working under Bob Huggins, who has made a career of riding on the envelope of acceptability, and you can see why Miami had best do its due diligence on Martin.

Still, he has worked at Kansas State for five years. The New York Times said last year his players' graduation rate was 75 percent, the most in the Big 12. He has been to those three NCAA tournaments. So there's enough of a recent track record to say the Miami High issue isn't the most important thing.

Miami president Donna Shalala didn't want to hire Mike Leach for the football job. He's a similarly out-there personality. But Leach was just fired by Texas Tech. He was being sued by a former player. He also had interviewed with Shalala before Randy Shannon was hired and didn't make a good impression, a source said.

Here's the other question: Why would Martin want this job? He's making $1.55 million a year at Kansas. Miami won't match that. He's at a more-established program than Miami's. He even has two Miami recruits coming to Kansas State next year. His next step would be to a bigger program, not a smaller one.

Unless the lure of home is bigger than that




A key pretrial hearing for the men accused of murdering former NFL star Sean Taylor will be closed to the media and public to guard against “pervasive” publicity, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy granted a defense request to close the courtroom for a motion to suppress statements to police by alleged shooter Eric Rivera, plus three co-defendants.

“We can do a trial on Twitter . . . but I prefer not to, or Facebook or whatever. This is not how we conduct trials here,” Murphy told lawyers from The Miami Herald and Post-Newsweek.

Miami-Dade police said Rivera and his cohorts, in November 2007, traveled from Fort Myers to burglarize Taylor’s Palmetto Bay house. Rivera, police said, shot Taylor when he confronted the alleged burglar; the teen later confessed to detectives.

The Washington Redskins and University of Miami star died later at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Charged with murder and armed burglary: Rivera, Jason Mitchell, Charles Wardlow and Timmy Lee Brown. All are awaiting trial. A fifth defendant, Venjah Hunte, pleaded guilty and is expected to testify against the others.

From the beginning, Judge Murphy has taken issue with pre-trial publicity.

In March 2008, Murphy issued a gag order prohibiting lawyers in the case from talking to the media. The judge had also sought to seal certain transcripts of depositions, and court documents, from the public.

In recent weeks, Rivera’s lawyer, Clinton Pitts, filed a motion seeking to toss out his client’s statements to police so they could not be used at trial. But the judge ordered the motion itself kept confidential, and Pitts sought to close the courtroom, saying the publicity would taint a future jury.

No trial date has been set.

On Wednesday, Pitts said that the media would undoubtedly “sensationalize it, make it seem bigger than what it is.”

Scott Ponce, representing The Miami Herald, argued that there was no evidence to back up the claim that jurors would one day remember any articles or video reports on the hearing. As in all trials, jurors who been exposed to overwhelming publicity on a case should be weeded out during the jury selection process, Ponce said.

Lawyer Karen Williams Kammer, representing Post-Newsweek, pointed out that a court in the early 1990s refused to close the court for a similar hearing in the high-publicity case of serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

Murphy shot back, saying the media landscape — with Twitter and Facebook — had changed since then. The cost to taxpayers of moving a trial to another city would also be a burden, Murphy said.

“There is no doubt there will be extensive and pervasive media coverage on this case,” Murphy said, pointing out three print reporters in the court and a television pool camera in the court during Wednesday’s hearing.

Taylor family, including father Pedro Taylor, the Florida City Police chief, will be allowed to attend the May 20 hearing.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/06/2153654/judge-closes-pretrial-hearing.html#ixzz1InJRPCqU


by Matt Shodell

When Stephen Morris rolled his ankle last December, the prevailing thought was the freshman QB wouldn't be able to lace up for Notre Dame. Lo and behold, he did. But the injury was worse than it appeared and he wasn't done rehabbing until 2 weeks ago, which initially set him back this spring. Don't miss this inside look at this tough-minded QB fighting for the No. 1 spot.

Read more on canesport.com


Coach Al Golden this afternoon on ESPN 760
In Palm Beach...


A couple of new funny one liners for Solar...


TLuv - I didn't know Haith HAD a system - LOL

Ohio- that's right I forgot about Jordy being out the first half - he is a beast too. I am happy they are doing as well as they are but also disappointed at how well they could have done with all the pieces in play this season. I think at one point I read somewhere that 37 different players had worn a Pens jersey this season. OUCH



Posted by: raizecane | April 06, 2011 at 04:09 PM





TLuv, I still can't believe we're so lucky that Haith got that job with Missouri!


Ohio - can you believe the Pens made it to 100 points without Crosby and Malkin?

Posted by: CGNC | April 06, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Don't forget Staal for more than the first half of the season! And no, I can't believe it.

I can't believe they're contending with Philly right now for the Division too. I thought Philly would've clinched a week or 2 ago. Win these last 2 and Flyers lose just 1 and Pens take the Division!


Being that I graduated from the University of Missouri and worked for Coach Anderson there, I can honestly say I was disappointed. Like I have said many times before, I can't stand Haith's system at all. Everyone in Missouri is basically saying that our program was set back 5 years with this hire. I have trained 2 former hurricane basketball players. One loved coach Haith and the other wasn't that big of a fan. I'm also aware that a high profile recruit on the roster couldn't stand Haith. UM is lucky that he's gone.

And yes, there is no reason the U shouldn't be a factor in college basketball. There's too much talent in the state of FL (although a lot of it is overrated when it comes to basketball) and UM is too good of a school to not be a factor every year.

Ok I'm done. On to football.....


I'm hitting the bar..American Airlines=Basterds!!

Posted by: TJL | April 06, 2011 at 01:16 PM

I'll have one for ya.....


Can I rant???

Geeez does American Airlines suck or what! Coming out to Lake Tahoe last week to ski, my flight was cancelled out of Palm Beach..why?? The freeking pilots lavatory was broke!! Took me less time to get to Euro, then to fly into Reno with a 7 hour layover in Dallas, I got drunk & sobered up 2 times! I just got to Reno airport now to go home & guess what?? cancelled flight again!! now i have to wait 5 hours for a US Air flight to Ft Lauderdale & find a friend to pick me up there at 11pm..I'm hitting the bar..American Airlines=Basterds!!


Ohio - can you believe the Pens made it to 100 points without Crosby and Malkin?


Ungar great post about Haith. I think the door actually DID hit him in the AZZ on the way out of Miami!

Off to Fort Myers for UM vs FGCU baseball game tonight at 7 PM.


“We boarded the vessel and tried to calm the animal down but ultimately had to wait a few minutes for it to wear itself out so we could get close to it and try to move it,” Vickers wrote.

I am betting that is the last time she wears this dress on a boat.


She is such a tease. But she wore him out....


Dear Frank Haith,

Al Golden was an unknown, but through personal effort and perseverence, has made himself known locally.

You, on the other hand, had a friendly media, a starved for wins fanbase, and an on-campus arena, but through your personal mediocrity and lack of effort, were still unknown on campus a year later.

I bet the new coach will be better known than you in weeks. He will do a better job of linking the Canes to the Heat, will stop going after the John Wall one and done players only to obviously lose to the one and done teams.

NOT A SINGLE Miami fan is sad at your departure. That is worse than Randy Shannon, who still has loyal fans despite his team's performance and the postitive efforts of Al Golden.

As the Who so eloquently said

"We ain't gonna take you
Never did and never will
We're not gonna take you
We forsake you
Gonna ____ you
Let's forget you better still."

You have already been forgotten.

Every basketball fan in Miami.


I'm telling you, you would enjoy Kayaking, and even if you didn't everybody that was watching you would enjoy it.

Posted by: solarcane | April 05, 2011 at 05:16 PM

You know, this could be taken a couple of ways.

Seeing CGNC waddle and flip over in a kayak will bring a smile to folks' faces.

Seeing CGNC will bring a smile to folks' faces.

Since solar is a very kind soul, I am going to assume he meant the second one.

Since I have a strange sense of humor, (and since I went through that phase with my own kids watching, to their eternal delight), I will likely sign up for both. 8-)


^^^^^^^^CGNC, but what about the Hot-Rods and adventure stories, I thought I was reading the sequel to Stand by me.
AKA The Body.

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | April 05, 2011 at 05:01 PM

My kids love that movie. The barf scene, "sick balls", hershey quirts, going on an adventure that they will NEVER be allowed to do.

Seeing Jack Bauer that young though throws me for a loop.


Jeepahs Haith - you should not care that no one knew who you were - your job was to prepare a team to play as well as they could and have a winning season. And we know who you are - not a very good coach, that's who. Best of luck to ya


Via PapaCane's twitter - "Believe It or Not: NBA Coach Larry Brown has shown interest in the UM Basketball job. There is a list and he is on it."


PBP- Off Topic Warning:

Spotted Eagle Ray Attack

Florida’s waters are filled with jumping critters.

Mackerel and barracuda “skyrocket” out of the water in hot pursuit of lunch.

Bony-plated sturgeon jump from the rivers of North Florida, sometimes injuring boaters and PWC riders. Jumping mullet have been known to slap anglers in fast-moving bass boats on Lake Okeechobee.

So it’s not a complete a surprise that a leaping spotted eagle ray landed inside the 26-foot Two Chicks Charters boat last week in Whale Harbor Channel near Islamorada.

Jenny Hausch, visiting from Crystal Lake, Ill. with her husband and three children, was snapping photos of a leaping spotted eagle ray during a boat tour of last Friday. The next thing she knew, the ray was on top of her, flapping its wings, trying to get away.

“It hit her in mid-chest and knocked her down,” said Kelly Klein, captain of the Two Chicks charter boat. “She couldn’t get out from under it.”

Klein ordered all the other passengers to the stern of the boat.

Two Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officers just happened to be passing by the charter boat when they heard all the commotion and realized that the ray had landed inside the boat.

“We estimated the ray was 5.5 feet across and around 200 pounds,” FWC Officer Aja Vickers wrote in a summary of the incident.

“We boarded the vessel and tried to calm the animal down but ultimately had to wait a few minutes for it to wear itself out so we could get close to it and try to move it,” Vickers wrote.

“As the ray calmed down, we were able to wrap a rope around the bottom of it and try to move it through a small door in the front of the vessel,” Vickers wrote. “Nobody was injured. Although the Hausch family was understandably shocked, they have a story of a lifetime, as well as a barb from the ray that it left behind as a souvenir.”




Coaching Search

Miami acting athletic director Tony Hernandez hit the road Tuesday in his quest to find a new men's basketball coach, which he hopes to have in place in less than one month.

Hours after Frank Haith resigned Monday to become Missouri's coach, Hernandez said his list of eight candidates had grown to 20.

He'll have help from Parker Executive Search — a consulting firm based in Atlanta, Ga., that North Carolina State, which hired Mark Gottfried on Tuesday, also hired to aid in its coaching search.

Just what are the Hurricanes looking for and what's reasonable to expect?

A source privy to UM's search said Tuesday the focus is on candidates with head coaching experience, adding that an assistant coach would have to be "something really special" to be considered at this point.

Text alerts: Get Miami Hurricanes news on your phone

A young up-and-coming coach is an attractive option to UM, the source said, but only if that person "has proved himself not in one year, but in the last three years at least." So is a more experienced coach.

Haith left to coach Missouri after seven seasons at Miami, where he had two years left on his contract. He received from Missouri a five-year deal worth a total of $1.6 million per season which will include an automatic one-year extension on May 1, 2012.

Haith was owed a total of $3 million for the final two years of his Miami contract.

He received that deal in April 2008 after leading the Hurricanes to the second round of the NCAA Tournament — the team's lone NCAA appearance during his tenure.

Kansas State's Frank Martin and Alabama's Anthony Grant have been mentioned as possible successors to Haith.

Both are Miami natives who coached high school basketball in Miami, but both would come at a high price for UM, which gave football coach Al Golden a five-year contract reportedly worth up to $2 million per season. Grant is owed $1.8 million per season through 2016 and a contract extension has been discussed. Martin is owed $1.55 million per season through 2015.

Martin told Tim Brando in a radio interview Tuesday "no one's called me" about any coaching jobs and "I haven't talked to anybody."

Martin added, "In this business, it's hard to ever sit back and say, 'Never say never' because then you get called a liar. I have a tough time lying. It's not what I do. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not going to tell you there's never going to be a change, but I'm at peace where I'm at right now."

The Hurricanes could turn to a successful coach of a mid-major program such as St. Mary's Randy Bennett, Belmont's Rick Byrd, Old Dominion's Blaine Taylor or Oral Roberts' Scott Sutton. Or the 'Canes could pursue a coach currently out of a job such as former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl and former Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel. Both were fired last month, their final season tainted by an NCAA investigation.

Capel seemingly would be a good fit. He is young (36 years old), a reputed recruiter (four McDonald's All-Americans signed in five seasons), and has led two programs (VCU and Oklahoma) to the NCAA Tournament. OU reached the Elite Eight with Blake Griffin in 2009. Capel also has ACC ties as a former player at Duke. However, the Sooners were a combined 18-36 his final two seasons.


Lemming Top State Prospects
Springfield (Mo.) Hillcrest wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham tops national recruiting analyst Tom Lemming's spring Top 100 for the Class of 2012.

The Hornets' Green-Beckham is a 6-foot-6 receiver with 4.4 speed in the 40-yard dash. Green-Beckham has everyone in America chasing after him, including offers from Florida, Florida State and Miami.

A total of 16 Florida rising seniors made Lemming's Top 100 led by Jacksonville Bolles offensive tackle John Theus (6-6, 300), who comes in as the sixth highest-rated prospect in the country.

Also making Lemming's top 25 from the Sunshine State were Tallahassee North Florida Christian defensive back Travis Blanks (6-1, 190) at No. 16; Tampa Berkeley Prep athlete Nelson Agholor (6-1 1/2, 180) at No. 22; and Seffner Armwood running back Matt Jones (6-3, 210) at No. 23.

Theus and Agholor also both have offers from the big three, while Jones committed to the Gators in February.

The top-rated Broward County prospect is Blanche Ely wide receiver Avery Johnson at No. 58. The 6-2, 185-pounder verbally committed to LSU this past September. Johnson is the younger brother of former Ely and LSU star Patrick Peterson.

Palm Beach County's top prospect is right behind at No. 59 in Boynton Beach offensive tackle Jessamen Dunker (6-6, 315). Dunker committed to UF last month.

St. Thomas Aquinas defensive line standout Jelani Hamilton (6-5, 250) made the list at No. 77. Hamilton holds offers from UM, FSU and UF.





This much seems certain early on in the Al Golden era: he's not going to settle for his players giving just what they think is enough to get by. No way. He wants passion, he wants energy, he wants that extra intensity -- and work -- that turn a good player into a great one.

It's impressive how he has no qualms about changing the depth chart on a regular basis, based on how he feels players performed, not on how they should perform according to their star power.

"One of the things I told the coaches on Sunday when I came in and watched the whole [scrimmage film], is I want the depth chart to reflect performance, not potential,'' Golden told us before practice Tuesday. "A lot of coaches get fired waiting for someone with potential to develop. I want it based on performance. That's our depth chart, and clearly there's battles within that depth chart that we see every day here.''

It must feel good to know that even if you aren't considered a big name, you are being treated equally -- or better -- if you perform equally or better. That said, Golden complained about UM's conditioning level at this time. He said his players are in better condition than they were previously, but not good enough.

"That's a challenge for the team this week -- can we prepare, can we play with Miami toughness and will we start to play with energy and passion? That's really the challenge leaving that field at noon and being on Traz Powell [Stadium for the next scrimmage] at 10 O'Clock Saturday."

Golden said his team didn't play with the type of tempo he wanted at last week's scrimmage at Spanish River High. He said they were in "too much of a survival mode.''

I asked him to explain.

"Not trying to be the best, not trying to play like a champion, not trying to play with energy -- just trying to survive the series or survive the play,'' he said. "We've got to get out of that."

Golden was pleased "that there weren't a lot of operational mishaps'' last weekend. "We didn't have a lot of fumbled snaps, not a lot of delay of games, not a lot of penalties. All that was good. That's part of being a little bit more disciplined.''

Some changes on the new depth chart, based on the coaches' observations from last Saturday's scrimmage:

* Linebacker Jordan Futch, who was listed as the backup to outside starter Sean Spence last week, was elevated to co-starter with Jimmy Gaines in the middle on the new depth chart released Tuesday. Golden said he really was impressed with Futch, in person and on film.

"Sweet Jesus,'' Futch said to me when I told him he had been elevated to first-teamer. (You've got to love Jordan -- great kid, great heart. He's got the passion for sure, and he can hit.)

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/04/golden-wants-more-fire-play-like-a-champion-he-says-and-new-depth-chart.html#ixzz1IkBeyylg


Thanks for the SI story solar!


Haith is such a loser! He should have been fired!

UM has to go after an Al Golden prototype for the basketball program...Then Shalala needs to go after the best AD possible...It's also urgent..


Soup... My feelings exactly..


Not a smart move by Haith.

He looks petty and bitter by saying that.


So Haith has to give a cheap shot on the way out.

He said that “I had spent a year at Miami,” Haith said, “and I had trouble getting into my office because they didn’t recognize me. I know I’m in a different place. I know I’m in a place where they care.”


We care about our CANES!! You just couldn't produce a quality product. Even though as many of your peers such as Coach K. (Duke) agreed that you had the Talent. Missouri enjoy...


Over in Bradenton, going to Ft. Myers tomorrow for UM vs FGCU baseball.

See ya...


With the talent in South Florida, all you need is a coach that can line up the players on game day. Unfortunately our last two coaches did not possess that skill.

Posted by: MDCane | April 05, 2011 at 04:39 PM

There it is right there.

Actually, one couldn't recruit the talent and the other couldn't get them lined up.


I'd love to be out there with you brother.
When Kehoe was screaming at Bunche in that video I was cracking up


The man is pure Cane.


As the sandman nails me with a good solid right cross

You want yourself a few good quotes just go attend a few practices and listen to what Art has to say

That ought to please a few of the natives. Just dont let the youngsters read any of it

Im lucky enough to be able to sit in on quite a few of those practices and the best qoutes from on the field come from the man himself...AK


EJ breaks his foot off in the nole's arse

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Quarterback EJ Manuel completed 29-of-42 passes for 254 yards and three touchdownsto lead the offense in Florida State's first scrimmage of the spring Monday.


Golden: "We have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of putting an international city right outside its city limits"

Man knows how to flare up a rivalry


Remember when I reported Stewart Mandel, Sports Illustrated attended a Miami practice a week ago?

Here is the Sports Illustrated Article

Golden out to recapture Miami's confidence, former glory

New coach Al Golden is winning over skeptics with his well-polished persona

Golden has plenty to rave about on offense, but QB and defense are questions
Staff is aiming to again make Miami a destination for recruits and fans alike

Al Golden inherited a Miami program that has not won a division title since joining the ACC in 2004.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The Miami football program is on a barnstorming tour this spring. On April 2 the Hurricanes scrimmaged in front of a standing-room-only crowd at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton. This weekend they'll don pads at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami-Dade County. On April 16 they'll hold the spring game at Lockhart Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale.

"We're South Florida's team," said first-year coach Al Golden. "We have to get back to being that, when kids come up in sixth, seventh and eighth grade, when their fathers come back from work or when we meet with guidance counselors, teachers or coaches at schools, that they're all talking about the University of Miami in that capacity."

The Hurricanes have won more national championships in the past 30 years than any other program, but in fair-weather Miami -- where South Beach will always be a more attractive destination than Sun Life Stadium -- Golden still must sell his program much the way he did long-suffering Temple. "It seems like a drought around here," said the smiling 41-year-old former Penn State tight end. "Miami played for a national championship in 2002. There are some teams that are traditional powers that haven't won national championships in 25 or 30 years, and some have only won one in the same period that Miami played for 10 and won five. So let's keep it in perspective."

Perspective is hard to come by in a city that can barely maintain interest in the star-studded Heat. When Butch Davis left Miami for the Cleveland Browns following the 2000 season, the school opted for stability in promoting offensive coordinator Larry Coker. It paid off in the form of a fifth national title the following season, but Coker's tenure soon descended into an ugly state of mediocrity and player misdeeds. The school went with familiarity upon Coker's firing, promoting former player and defensive coordinator Randy Shannon. He cleaned up Miami's tarnished off-field image, but couldn't get the 'Canes over the hump from good to great.

This time Miami brought in an outsider. In five seasons, Golden lifted Temple from the dregs of Division I-A to records of 9-4 and 8-4 his last two years. The decision to hire a coach from a MAC school met with skepticism from fans and former players, but Golden has begun to win over the doubters with a well-polished persona developed over the years while working for old-school mentors including Penn State's Joe Paterno, Boston College's Tom O'Brien and Virginia's George Welsh and Al Groh. With his ability to switch from buddy-buddy jokester to tough-guy taskmaster in the blink of an eye, Golden can seem almost like a less abrasive Urban Meyer; or, for those who have been around the sport longer, like one of Miami's own forefathers.

"I was fortunate to be here one year under Jimmy [Johnson]," said former Miami and NFL standout Micheal Barrow, now in his fifth season as the team's linebackers coach. "Coach Golden, he reminds me of what I was brought up on. He's old school. His demeanor, his style, the things he's implemented here really fit what we did in the past here in terms of the work ethic."

Despite the players' attachment to Shannon -- and despite a grueling winter conditioning program -- the customary attrition that often accompanies a coaching change has yet to occur. In contrast to previous staff transitions he's experienced, Golden has been pleasantly surprised to see Miami's seniors enthusiastically welcoming the new regime.

"Chemistry is at an alltime high," said quarterback Jacory Harris. "We're behind Coach Golden, we're supporting him 110 percent. We just want to come together and be great."

ACC burning question
Source: SIWill a new contender emerge this season to dethrone defending champ Virginia Tech? Stewart Mandel and Andy Staples debate.Harris, a senior, was one of 12 Miami natives in Shannon's much-lauded 2008 recruiting class, a group many thought would bring the program back to glory but has thus far gone a modest 23-15, including three straight bowl losses. The 'Canes started last season ranked 13th in the polls and remained ranked into late October before losing four of their last six to finish 7-6. Playing under interim coach Jeff Stoutland in the Sun Bowl, Miami was crushed 33-17 by Notre Dame.

As the initial enthusiasm generated by Shannon faded, so too did interest from those in Miami's routinely fertile recruiting backyard. Two years after landing that top five class in '08, Shannon signed a class that failed to crack the top 30 and, not coincidentally, included just five players from Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Hence, Golden's spring outreach tour. Miami boasts veteran standouts in defensive lineman Marcus Forston, linebacker Sean Spence, offensive linemen Tyler Horn and Brandon Washington and receiver Travis Benjamin, but Golden is frank about his squad's deficiencies -- particularly in the younger classes.

"[I'm] really worried about our depth on defense," Golden said. "We have three corners that went to the combine, [so] we have a void at corner we have to address. Our defensive line, most specifically our defensive tackle situation, is grave. We're going to need help from freshmen coming in, there and at linebacker."

STAPLES: How will Golden begin rebuilding Miami? More ACC spring questions

Golden perks up a little when talking about the offense. Throughout the spring, he's raved about Miami's talented trio of tailbacks, junior Mike James and sophomores Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson, who combined for 210 yards on 34 carries in last weekend's scrimmage and whom new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch employed frequently in the passing game. USC transfer Blake Ayles joins a group of promising tight ends. And Horn, Washington and Seantrel Henderson form the nucleus of what should be a solid offensive line.

"One of the most improved positions on our team this spring has been at tight end," said Golden. "One of the most talented positions on our entire team is our running backs. And the offensive line is probably the one position at Miami that looks the way it should look in terms of symmetry [by class]."

The personnel is in place for Golden to run his preferred run-first style of offense, but his primary focus this spring has been quarterback. After emerging as Miami's brightest star early in 2009, Harris endured a stunning regression over the past two seasons, throwing 32 interceptions. After Harris suffered a concussion in the eighth game of last season, freshman Stephen Morris took over but didn't fare much better. Harris relieved Morris in the last two games only to throw a costly late-game pick against USF and three against the Irish.

Harris is currently engaged in a three-way competition with Morris and senior Spencer Whipple, but most expect Harris will regain the starting job. The 34-year-old Fisch, who was an NFL assistant for nine of the past 10 seasons and who worked as Minnesota's offensive coordinator in '09, is working closely with Harris on his mechanics.

"Getting my feet lined up, pocket presence, instead of escaping when I really might not have to, step up and maneuver in a tight space," said Harris. "[Fisch is] one of the coolest guys I've met. We joke around, we laugh. He's just an energetic guy. Basically, he brings my confidence back."

The Miami program as a whole seems to need a fresh dose of confidence, a mystifying reality considering the 'Canes rose to prominence in the '80s as the brashest team in the land. Like many former Miami standouts, Barrow likes to romanticize "the UM way:" NFL alumni returning to campus in the offseason to work out with the current players under the unrelenting Miami sun, passing on the tradition to the new arrivals.

"I don't know when it started, but somehow, someway, over time, the thing that made us special was kind of lost," said Barrow. "I believe with my heart that with Golden, we can find that missing ingredient and get it going."

One notable missing ingredient of late: fans. The last time Miami played a home game, on Thanksgiving weekend, more than 30,000 seats were empty. In between practice days, Golden has been squeezing in speaking gigs and community appearances. He's on Facebook and Twitter. At his alma mater in State College and in other football-crazy towns, 100,000 still pack the stadium to see a 7-6 team. In Miami, even the recruits need to be reminded the 'Canes still matter.

"I know this -- we have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of putting an international city right outside its city limits," said Golden, in full recruiting-pitch mode. "The expectations here are high, but if you're a coach, you want to be associated with a program that believes in winning national championships. That's what fuels us as a staff right now -- the yearning, coming to work every day knowing there's something absent."

Since joining the ACC in 2004, the 'Canes have yet to win even a division title. Harris, Spence and their fellow seniors would etch a redemptive farewell by pulling off that feat this fall. In the meantime, Golden and his staff will keep canvassing South Florida in search of the next Jonathan Vilma or Ray Lewis, selling the program to recruits and fans alike.


Hi Monte thanks for supporting all the movies

I guess Katie knew what she was talking about in that one huh?

Yea Al is always good for a couple buzz words or marketing phrases each week.
I think he might be the guy that coined

Act now, this is a limited offer
Automatic foolproof installation
Satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back
No interest for 60 months
Free beer with the first 100 orders.


Solar now i know where to go for a good laugh...


Al's new quote...you can add this one to your list...About the QB's at Miami...
They need to be "distributing the mail"


I wouldnt be so sure when saying MJ5 has 2 more talented RBs gunning for him

1 of those RBs is truly gifted and theres not many like him out there

Now the other RB on the other hand is nowhere near the talent level of either one of them right now


Checking out the new depth chart. One of my favorite players, Mike James, is currently the starter at RB, although I am sure he will still split carries with Lamar and Storm. I like the way James runs the ball, and he also blocks and catches out of the backfield. Smiley is one tough son-of-a-gun, and he is powerful, shifty and runs low the way you teach it in running-back-101.

After everything that James went through, you cannot help but feel good for him. Still, this is early in the spring and he has to try to hang on to a job that two more talented teammates are gunning for.

I like the talent on the team and the way it is developing. I love the depth charts that Golden and his staff are putting together. I feel real good about the 2011-12 season under AG.


I saw tonights starting lineup for the Marlins game and decided to check what Hanley was being payed this season....$11,000,000 YIKES no wonder Marlin fans are booing and wanting to run this guy out of town for his lazy work ethic and bad clubhouse presence

Maybe the Rays can improve on their .132 BA and 1 run per game tonight and pick their 1st win

Lets go Marlins and Rays


National rankings for ACC baseball teams

#2 Cavs - 28-2 11-1 Coastal
#7 Tar Heels - 26-4 10-2 Coastal
#10 FSU - 21-7 8-4 Atlantic
#11 GT - 23-6 11-1 Coastal
#31 Clemson - 14-12 4-8 Atlantic
#33 Miami - 17-11 8-3 Coastal

3 of the top 11 teams in the nation are in the Coastal Division of the ACC

Still ahead for the `Canes are #2 and #7 on the road and #10 at home

9 games right there to show a little something against the big boys


CG thanks!
I had a few requests from some pre Canespace days racing friends asking if I would put Bananaland back up.
I'm telling you, you would enjoy Kayaking, and even if you didn't everybody that was watching you would enjoy it.

The most amazing thing about Bananaland and The Adventures of Tommy Joe Cauldwell stories is they were written up in a magazine called Drag Racing Australia back in like 98.

I wrote a dozen stories about growing up in Ft Lauderdale loosely based on the kids I grew up with. All the subjects of the stories are based on real events.
Tommy Joe was best man at my wedding, bass player in some bands I was in, and childhood wing man extrodinare.

I'll be putting up the other TJ stories and the art work over the next months.
Your favorite story about us going to Africa USA will be included for sure.

I have had the seems like Stand By Me compliment several times over the years, it means a lot as that is one of my very favorite movies.

thanks again


^^^^^^^^CGNC, but what about the Hot-Rods and adventure stories, I thought I was reading the sequel to Stand by me.
AKA The Body.

Go Canes!!!


Solar looked at the website - looks good! Just don't have interest in kayaking and fishing but good luck with it


I hear you Ungar. I'm not big on Basketball or Baseball, but when the CANES are playing I'll watch.
Herbieibis - that's ok if Golden leaves when deep pocket come calling. I remember when Dennis Erickson was hired my first thought was who in the heck is this guy from Idaho with his one back offense.
With the talent in South Florida, all you need is a coach that can line up the players on game day. Unfortunately our last two coaches did not possess that skill.


Not many teams can be considered elite programs

Miami should at the very least be able to be a top 25 program in basketball on a yearly basis. The `Canes do not need a big name coach to accomplish that.

I am one of those that is against bringing in a big name to coach the bball team

Morris is the least of my concerns right now

If AG does the kind of job the fans want/expect him to do and someone else opens up the wallet and pays the man then good for AG. You win and you get paid


Alright everyone got their wish, Haith is gone! Adios and good-ridance. Bottom line Miami is not a basketball school, does that mean they can't be, No but the odds of them having staying power among the elite, is very low, unless they were to hire a big name coach, along the lines of Rick Pittino, which as we all no, Miami ain't going to shell out no loot to hire a big name coach. We might as well go for the tri-fecta, when baseball is over with and can Morris too! You get what you pay for and we constantly would rather eat Hamburger, than Steak. Golden will do good but when someone comes in with big pockets he'll be gone.


95% of the people in this area couldnt even name the HC of the `Canes basketball team and thats a shame

I just think most fans never followed the basketball program enough to realize how close they are to becoming an NCAA tournament team on a yearly basis

But yet every year the bandwagon opens up and the football fans come running out to proclaim this is the year of the BCS

Ask most of those fans to name 4 members of the coaching staff and they will stare at you like youre insane

Coach Haith is the reason some of the fans became turned off from the `Cane brand of basketball


CGNC - 3 guys that came to my mind immediately will be completely out of nowhere for basically everyone .. esp. the 3rd guy

- Billy Kennedy (Murray State HC)

- Mark Byington (College of Charleston ACoach - specializing in the guards)

- Casey Alexander (Belmont ACoach - specializing in the point guards)

Kennedy was an assistant for the Canes and then got the head coaching gig at Murray State ... he turned Murray State around pretty fast - won the most games in school history for them in the '09-'10 season with 31 wins and a 2nd Round appearance in the Tourney

Before Miami, he was at Southeastern Louisiana - 2001, he had 7 wins .. 2002, 11 wins .. 2003, 20 wins .. 2004, 24 wins 1st Round appearance in the Tourney - he had the most wins in school history in 2004

Mark Byington -

Guy with a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology from Virginia, so he and Coach Golden can hang out and screw with each others heads .. talk about their alma mater

Spent a year at Hargrave Military Academy - might help in recruiting somewhat from there, who knows. Specializes in helping the guards, something that the Canes lack

Casey Alexander - http://www.belmontbruins.com/sports/m-baskbl/coaches/ALEXANDER_CASEY

Again, specializes in helping the guard, particularly the 1

I'm guessing Miami won't shell out the big money for a big name coach. Kennedy has the most experience obviously and Murray State is a gritty ass team. Byington and Alexander would be young up and comers, probably wouldn't take a lot of loot to get them to Miami

It might be somewhat appealing to those young guys to come to the ACC, to Miami, to see some of the Heat players at their practices, try and prove themselves here

Or, they could be completely in over their heads - who knows - but since a lot of peeps don't seem to really care that much about the Canes basketball team, what is there to lose, ha


native, soup, skool, hurripin, canez1,

thanks for the support, I really appreciate the great comments.

I have some pretty cool stuff I'll be adding to the site including a Canes Slide show, some Canes Twitter news, more stories from The Adventures of Tommy Joe Cauldwell, a kayak fishing forum, and a sports news feeder.


thanks again

Get your azz down...
be a bad azz
Art Kehoe


Willie Bailey decommitted and committed to Gay-tors


Tony Hernandez presser -



I was one of those opposed. It is a gut thing. I am sure there are good Gators out there, just like there might be good Noles.

When I meet one, I will be sure to say so.

Just kidding, my neighbor is a Nole, she is a great person. Even went on to Harvard.

And the guy that cleans my pool is an alright guy for a Gator.


Six - LOL - you said it. Who would you like us to get?


Why is Shaka Smart immediately mentioned?

Doesn't really matter now b/c he signed an 8 year deal with VCU

True, they made a great run this year and I loved seeing it ... but it was just this year and he's just basically the flavor of the month - kind of like how immediately all the local papers in Miami mentioned Jim Harbaugh (even though he's a lot more proven) and Tuberville

The guy that was at VCU before Smart, Anthony Grant (born in Miami, was an assistant at Miami High, also an assistant at Stetson and with the Crocs) - he had VCU at no less than 24 wins each year he was there and made the Tournament 2 times and beat Duke one of those times in the Tourney ... guy left something in the cupboard for Smart - those were basically his players that were in the Final Four

Weren't some opposed to even having one of the current Croc assistants be a possibility?

WHY? It's not like the Crocs haven't done pretty well under that Eddie Munster/Matt Damon love child, Billy Donovan ... the guy can f*cking coach and Shaka and Anthony Grant were both one of his assistants

Shaka was a Croc assistant as well, don't forget

I'm just glad Haith is gone

Not a single winning season in conference his entire time he was here ... not even 1 game over .500


New Depth Chart out - http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/040511aab.html


You are welcome j.w.

Go Canes!!!

Old Skool

Talk about falling upward.

Haith's deal is for six years and $9.6 million.

This is a middle of the road coach, not bad, not great, but meh.

So in the baseketball head coaching marketplace 'meh' is worth $1.1 million a year. 'Sucks' is probably good for $800,000. And really awful, borderline incompetent should pull $500,000.


Nice article about B Harris and his home in Liberty City - http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AjewcWR5dtMN6VCAcyV_ROlDubYF?slug=jc-cole_harris_sees_hope_for_liberty_city


Thanks, native. Once again you have saved me 15 minutes of searching through articles!


The basketball coach quit and there are so few comments from the fans.

Probably because the fans don't care about basketball.

Perhaps this is why the basketball coach quit.


Perhaps. But for every Chizik that was out there, there are fifty retreads that leave the fans scratching their heads as to why they are still coaching.

To use a local example, remember Chicago Bears fans' reaction when Dave Wannstadt was put in charge of the Dolphins? They weren't wrong.

Not trying to stir anything up, just saying Chizik is the exception to the rule. Chizik, Bill Belichek, and a couple of others break the mold, but most in the mold are just that, mold.

If we are wrong about Haith, hooray for him. But odds are not in his favor.


I bet Iowa St fans made the same comments when Gene Chizik departed for Auburn.


“It’s really hard,’’ said junior center Julian Gamble, who led a team gathering after Haith left the room. Gamble urged his teammates to stick together and hang on to their goals for next season. “It’s like losing a family member. …I’m still in shock. I found out late last night. We couldn’t believe it. None of us saw it coming.’’

Added junior guard Malcolm Grant: “It’s really tough because he’s the reason I came here. When Coach Haith walked out that door just now, it hit me. He’s not our coach anymore. That’s really hard to accept.’’


I would suggest that they get some of the football players to visit the basketball team.
1. Let them know that it will be alright.
2. Let them know that they are not alone.
3. Let them know that the folks searching for a new coach are good at what they are doing, and will get them someone better than Haith.

I mean, it has to be rough to lose a coach, but it needed to be done, and better that it is done the Butch Davis way than the Randy Shannon way.

I still feel bad for Missouri fans though. I don't know what they did wrong to deserve such punishment.



Despite making only one NCAA Tournament appearance in seven seasons, coach Frank Haith received public promises from University of Miami officials that he would be retained for next season.

Instead, it's Haith who decided not to return, resigning Monday to become coach at Missouri.

Miami's interim athletic director, Tony Hernandez, was notified Sunday by Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden that the Tigers planned to offer Haith the job.

"When I got the call, I was taken a little off guard," Hernandez said. "I was surprised. A little shocked, to be honest."

Hernandez wasn't the only one. Some Missouri fans are unhappy that Haith was tabbed to succeed Mike Anderson, who resigned to become coach at Arkansas.

An e-mail sent to The Kansas City Star and other media outlets said that a group of Missouri students was planning an on-campus protest Monday night as "a peaceful but adamant rejection of Frank Haith."

Haith, 45, met with Missouri officials during the Final Four in Houston then flew back to Miami on Monday to meet with his players.

He has ties to the Big 12, having previously been an assistant at Texas and Texas A&M.

Haith could not be reached for comment Monday.

"I kept saying, 'Wow,' " junior guard Malcolm Grant told Canesport.com after the meeting with Haith. "Seeing him walk out that door a minute ago ... It's just tough. I came here because of him."

Hernandez said that a search to find Haith's replacement has already begun and that an Atlanta-based headhunter firm has been hired to aid in the process.

"I don't know exactly what we're looking for other than a great coach," Hernandez said. "Ideally, we're going to hire somebody with a very proven track record."



Canespacers,, Severe Weather hitting Central and South Florida around 8:00 A.M.

Go Canes!!!



Frank Haith told University of Miami officials and his players Monday that he was resigning after seven seasons to become Missouri's coach.

The sudden departure came less than 24 hours after Miami acting athletic director Tony Hernandez says Missouri AD Mike Alden called him to inform him he would be speaking with Haith about the opening.

Haith and Alden met in Houston, where both were for the men's Final Four.

"When I got the call, I was taken a little off-guard. It developed very quickly. They offered the job and he accepted," Hernandez said. "I was surprised -- a little shocked, to be honest."

Miami officials moved equally quickly Monday to begin their search for a new men's basketball coach. The search will be coordinated by Hernandez, who was promoted from deputy AD after former AD Kirby Hocutt left for Texas Tech in late February, but the hire will be made by UM president Donna Shalala and UM's Board of Trustees.

"It's not Tony Hernandez making this hire," Hernandez noted. "I will be extremely involved and will lead that process, but it'll be a hire made by the University of Miami."

UM has hired Parker Executive Search -- a firm based in Atlanta, Ga. commonly used in the hiring of college basketball coaches -- as a consultant.

Missouri officially announced Haith's hiring Monday night. The deal is for six years and $9.6 million.

Multiple media outlets reported Sunday night that Haith had accepted the Tigers' job in principle, and almost immediately Kansas State coach Frank Martin, a Miami native who coached high school basketball here, was mentioned as a possible candidate.

Virginia Commonwealth's Shaka Smart, based on his team's surprising run to the Final Four, as well as Alabama coach Anthony Grant, a Miami native, and recently fired Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl also drew speculation.

"We're not trying to make a splash, we're trying to hire the best coach possible," Hernandez said. "If the best coach possible happens to make a splash with the community, wonderful. …But we want a long-term coach that's going to be here for a long time, be successful and win a lot of games."

Hernandez said he initially had eight names on his list of candidates, and that number grew to 20 by noon Monday. Ideally, he noted, Haith's successor "has a very proven, successful track record as a college basketball coach." Haith had no head coaching experience when he took over at Miami.

In regard to candidates who might have come with baggage, Hernandez said, "At this point, we're considering everybody. We're going to take it on a case-by-case basis. But I assure you that integrity and ethics will be a high priority in the search."

Hernandez said UM plans to make a hire as quickly as possible, independent of its standing regarding its search for a permanent AD, and "my goal would be for it not to last a month, but we're not going to give a definite timeline."

Asked if money would be an issue in the hiring, Hernandez said, "Our goal is to find the best coach possible and we have to weigh that upon what's available and what we're willing to pay, but there's a strong commitment from the University of Miami to our men's basketball program…."




"Its like going from a Mercedes to a Prius"



University of Miami basketball coach Frank Haith resigned Monday after seven years to become the head coach at the University of Missouri.

By Monday night, when an executive search firm already was in the process of gathering candidates to replace Haith, the Hurricanes’ outgoing coach was scheduled to fly to Missouri on a private jet for the official announcement Tuesday morning. He was to return to Miami by Tuesday afternoon.

Haith was approved by the Missouri Board of Curators on Monday night. Missouri approved an employment package of $1.5 million guaranteed for five years, plus $100,000 in deferred annual compensation, with a one-year automatic extension that would begin May 1, 2012.

The hire was not universally popular. “Tim Hyder, a Missouri alumnus from Kansas City, described the selection of Haith — in contrast to Missouri’s ill-fated courtship of Purdue coach Matt Painter last week – was like ‘going from a Mercedes to a Prius,’ ’’ The Kansas City Star reported.

Haith was already emotionally spent by Monday afternoon.

“Can’t comment yet — tough day,’’ Haith told The Miami Herald on Monday after meeting with his players from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Dressed in all black, Haith emerged from a passionate player meeting red-eyed and somber. His players were shocked, upset and sad.

“It’s really hard,’’ said junior center Julian Gamble, who led a team gathering after Haith left the room. Gamble urged his teammates to stick together and hang on to their goals for next season. “It’s like losing a family member. …I’m still in shock. I found out late last night. We couldn’t believe it. None of us saw it coming.’’

Added junior guard Malcolm Grant: “It’s really tough because he’s the reason I came here. When Coach Haith walked out that door just now, it hit me. He’s not our coach anymore. That’s really hard to accept.’’

Haith, 46, had two years left on his contract with Miami, which finished 21-15 this past season and competed in the NIT, losing to Alabama in a quarterfinal. Haith was 129-101 with the Canes, including a 43-69 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/05/2150325/frank-haith-resigns-as-um-basketball.html#ixzz1Idiq16sf

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Frank Haith resigns as UM basketball coach



Call this one an amicable parting, no divorce lawyers needed. No firing, no buyout, no acrimony. I don’t blame Frank Haith for leaving the University of Miami, and I don’t blame Hurricanes basketball fans for feeling good that change is sweeping in.

Haith didn’t win enough here to be missed, or lose enough to be vilified. He did OK by a program that wants better than that. He neither threw UM men’s basketball into reverse nor found a higher gear forward, but rather leaves it in neutral, idling.

It’s tough to immediately applaud a coaching change when the “who’s next?” half of the equation remains a blank to be filled in, and it would be wrong to shout good riddance to a good man who only the harshest critics would say failed outright.

But sometimes change for the sake of change is good, and this feels like that.

Haith resigned after seven seasons to become Missouri’s coach, but the parting is mutual. It’s why UM offered a quick handshake and a fare-thee-well rather than sweeten his deal to encourage his staying or enforce his contract punitively.

Miami loses a good man of integrity and a solid recruiter, but also a guy who never quite solved the ACC and who, bottom line, reached the NCAA Tournament (second round, 2008) only once in seven years.

It was time, that’s all, and so the turbulence continues at the very top of Hurricane athletics, with the recent football coaching change, the ongoing search for an athletic director and now a vacancy at the forefront of basketball.

The sudden, mostly unexpected departure shook UM on Monday just as the sport nationally prepared to wrap its season in Houston with the NCAA Tournament’s UConn-Butler title game.

And well-timed is that game, for it offers Miami a reminder to be open-minded about the type of coach it hires, with the championship game matching a veteran in the Huskies’ Jim Calhoun, 68, against a wunderkind in Butler’s Brad Stevens, 34.

The ideal would be for Miami to hire a bright, young up-and-comer in the mold of Stevens (or VCU’s Shaka Smart, 33), somebody to not only win but excite and grow a hesitant fan base, something Haith did not do. Identifying the next great coach is the crapshoot, of course, and UM has neither the program pedigree, the fan base nor the money to lure an already established coach from a bigger, better program.

That’s why Miami should not rule out an older coach such as FAU’s Mike Jarvis, 65, who has turned around that program in three years. He just fashioned the school’s best season in 19 years as a Division I program, winning the Sun Belt regular-season title and getting into the NIT (where the Owls lost to UM, coincidentally).

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/05/2150550/frank-haiths-departure-from-um.html#ixzz1Idk4i2Me


Chris Collins from Duke (ACC) would be a good choice. But can he recruit Florida???



Mike James is a well spoken young man.



Mizzou signing Frank Haith .... this is all I have to say to you Mizzou



new Missouri coach Frank Haith: $1.5 million guaranteed for five years, plus $100,000 in deferred annual compensation...

and what do you guys make for actually doing your job well?


thanks skool,
btw I got the inside scoop on where and how to catch dozens of BIG bait minnows for bass, stripers and walleyes from a local guy and fellow kayaker up here.
Next time you come over we will go retrieve a bunch of "horny head minners" as he referred to them. We can troll them around while we chunk artificials.

Old Skool

Good stuff. Solar. Your writing's more sophisticated than the program allows for. With proper timing and inflection, it'd be even funnier.


Reduce Duke's coaching staff, and with a last name like that, he has GOT to be good.

Posted by: Ungar | April 04, 2011 at 03:35 PM

YUP! So far we have votes for #7 and #16 on the list. Any others?


check out the Sweet Fishing Rod movie if you get here http://solarcane.net/

Old Skool

Here's the most well mannered comment on Haith I've seen on the Mizzou boards.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am a student at the University of Missouri, and I am extremely concerned about the hiring of Miami Hurricanes head coach Frank Haith. I would like to implore you to decline to approve his hiring tonight. In Haith's best season, his team posted a .500 record in-conference. Someone whose best season included winning only half of their in-conference games simply is not an adequate replacement for Mike Anderson,


"men's basketball banquet, originally scheduled for Thursday, has been canceled"

Maybe the team will head over to Hooters to celebrate


ever so slowly



So, where are all the Haith loyalists/apologists now?

conch salad


So pumped that Haith is gone! This feels like Xmas.


Someone asked what would `Cane fans think if Haith went to Mizzou and won there

Speaking just for myself, I would be very happy for him

Ive heard from alot of people on what a great recruiter Haith is. Well that statement is false

A great recruiter goes out and gets the best players that fits his system

Haith went out and brought in talented players that didnt fit his system, which is a total waste of time

From those that ive asked about asst. coaches ready for the next level #16 on that list seems to come up quite a bit

Haith is a stubborn coach!!!!


OGV- he was a candidate when Haith was hired. I don't know, i like Rick, and used to listen to his show on KNBR out of SF all the time (he's in Denver now doing something for SIRIUS XM I think). He sounds good whenever he's talking about the game, but he has been passed over by every program and NBA team for years. I don't know if it's his ego or something else, but I have a hard time thinking everyone has been wrong about him as a coach.


"2. Larry Shaytt - Florida
Shaytt, currently associate head coach, played an integral role in the Gator’s capturing of back-to-back NCAA national titles during the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Florida has also claimed an SEC regular season conference title and two SEC tournament championships during his time on staff. Shyatt spent 6 seasons as head coach at Wyoming and Clemson before arriving in Gainesville."

Two problems with this guy.

First, funny that he is number two AND his last name sounds like number 2.

Second, Gator taint is too strong on this one.

My choice would be this guy:

7(a). Steve Wojciechowski - Duke
"Blue Devil standout turned coach; Wojciechowski has posted an incredible 291-60 record and won seven ACC Tournament championships as well as 2 NCAA Championships since arriving in Durham. Working with Duke’s paint players, he has been instrumental in the development of key players such as Shelden Williams, Josh McRoberts and Kyle Singler."

Reduce Duke's coaching staff, and with a last name like that, he has GOT to be good.

orange 'n green in the vein

I'm just going to throw it out there:

Rick Barry.

Woj would be interesting too as a shot in the dark replacement in the same mold coming in as a guy who just left, except he was awesome back when I was in high school as a player and Haith wasn't.


11. Jeff Battle - Wake Forest
The Philadelphia native is undoubtedly important to the program’s success in the past nine seasons as the Deacons ascended to the No. 1 national ranking in 2005 and again in 2009, won a school-record 27 games in 2005, advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in 2004 and won the 2003 ACC regular season title. Wake Forest has averaged more than 20 wins per season and has made six NCAA Tournament appearances during Battle's tenure. Battle is also accredited for the development of All American point guard and NBA All-Star Chris Paul.

12. Kurtis Townsend - Kansas
Townsend has been a part of the KU program which has won a national championship, reached two NCAA Tournament Elite Eights, three NCAA Sweet 16s, five Big 12 regular-season titles and three conference tournament crowns. Townsend played a major role in recruiting KU's NBA draftees Julian Wright, Darrell Arthur and Sherron Collins.

13(a). Russell Springmann – Texas
In his first seven years as a full-time assistant at Texas, Springmann has helped the Longhorns make five NCAA Sweet 16 appearances, including a trip to the Final Four in 2003 and the Elite Eight in both 2006 and 2008. During this stretch, the Longhorns have signed six McDonald's All-Americans including LaMarcus Aldridge, Daniel Gibson and Kevin Durant. During his tenure in Austin, the Longhorns have made school-record 10 consecutive trips to the NCAA.

13(b). Rodney Terry – Texas
Terry enters his eight season on staff at Texas. Terry has helped the Longhorns post a 181-60 record while making seven NCAA Tournament appearances. During Terry’s time on staff, Texas has been the only school in the country that can claim two National Player of the Year winners in the last six years, as well as producing four Top 10 picks (T.J. Ford, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant and D.J. Augustin) over the same period.

14. Stan Jones - Florida State
Stan Jones is a veteran coach in his eighth season as the Associate Head Coach at Florida State. With Jones on the Florida State bench the Seminoles have played in back to back NCAA Tournaments, the ACC Championship game, won at least 19 games in five of his seven seasons and have won more conference games in the last four seasons than any four-year period since 1991-92. In his seven years at Florida State, Jones has brought in 15 National Top 100 recruits to Florida State and five players who were selected in the NBA Draft.

15. Patrick Sandle – Pittsburgh
During the last seven seasons, Sandle has helped guide the Pittsburgh basketball program to its most successful run in to school history. Pitt has gone to seven straight NCAA tournaments, including two Sweet Sixteen’s and an Elite Eight apperance in 2009. During that time, the Panthers have captured a Big East regular season and tournament championship, as well as reaching the schools first ever No. 1 national ranking and amassing a 188-54 record in the process.

16. Orlando Antigua - Kentucky
Antigua has followed Calipari to Kentucky after joining the most successful four-year run in basketball history at Memphis. He helped coach the Memphis Tigers to a spot in the 2009 NCAA Sweet 16. Prior to Memphis, Antigua worked at his Alma mater, Pittsburgh where he helped lead the Panthers to the NCAA Tournament in all five years on staff, including the 2004 and 2007 Sweet Sixteen.

17. Paul Lusk- Purdue
During his tenure at Purdue, Lusk has helped preside over one of the most prosperous periods in the history of the program. The Boilermakers have made four-straight NCAA Tournament appearances, reaching the Sweet 16 in each of the last two seasons, and won both a regular-season Big Ten championship and a Big Ten Tournament title.

18(a). Steve Forbes - Tennessee
Known for his lasting relationships and trustworthy character, Steve Forbes has made a huge impact on Vols recruiting. Forbes has helped the Vols win an average of 26 games per year and advance to four consecutive NCAA Tournaments--making three Sweet Sixteen appearances and advancing to the program's first-ever Elite Eight in 2010.

18(b). Tony Jones - Tennessee
Over the last few years, Jones has made a name for himself by bringing in some Tennessee’s top recruits, including: First Team All SEC performer Wayne Chism and McDonald’s All Americans Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris. He has seen the Vols win three SEC Eastern Division championships, win a school record 31 games and earn the first No. 1 ranking in school history.

19. Scott Duncan - UCLA
Duncan brings over 30 years of assistant coaching experience to Westwood and helped the Bruins to a Final Four appearance in his first year as associate head coach in 2007-08. He has also helped lead the staff at UCLA to back to back top five nationally ranked recruiting classes. Duncan arrived in Westwood after seven seasons at the University of Oregon where he helped lead the Oregon Ducks to the Elite Eight and the Pac-10 Tournament Championship.

20. Robert Kirby – Georgetown
A recent addition to the Hoyas staff, Kirby comes by way of an 11 year stint at Mississippi State, where he helped the Bulldogs average well over 20 wins a season during his tenure in Starkville. During that time, MSU captured two regular season SEC conference championships, an SEC tournament championship and four SEC West Division titles. The Bulldogs also made six NCAA tournament and four NITs over the same period.

21. Dedrique Taylor - Arizona State
Taylor has been a key part of the building process that saw ASU become the most improved team in the nation in 2008 and make the NCAA Tournament in the 2009-10 season. Before arriving in Tempe, Taylor coached at Nevada for two seasons, leading the Wolfpack to a Western Athletic Conference championship.

22. Dalonte Hill - Kansas State
Hill has played a significant role in helping revitalize the Wildcat program, most notably with the recruitment of standout guard Mike Beasely, the number 2 pick in the 2008 NBA draft. With his help, K-State has 66 wins the past three seasons and has advanced to the postseason in three straight seasons including a trip to the Elite Eight in 2010. Hill also spent three seasons as an assistant at his Alma mater, Charlotte, where he helped guide the 49ers to a pair of trips to the NCAA Tournament.

23. Ron Jirsa - Minnesota
This 50 year old is in his third season at Minnesota and his fourth stint with Head Coach Tubby Smith. In his six combined seasons as an assistant at Tulsa and Georgia, Jirsa helped four consecutive teams win at least 21 games and reach the NCAA Tournament each season. Jirsa has coached in 28 postseason games overall, 16 of those in the NCAA Tournament, and has appeared in postseason play for 14 years.

24. Steve Massiello – Louisville
Considered by his peers as one of the best recruiters in the game today, Massiello is entering his 6th season on Rick Pitinos staff. Massiello played an integral role in Louisville landing several top 10 recruting classes during his time on staff, as well as reaching back to back Elite Eights in 2008 and 09.

25. Ron Bradley – Depual
Entering his eight season on staff with Oliver Purnell, Bradley helped coach Clemson to three straight NCAA tournament appearances and four NITs. Bradley served as a head coach for 16 years, five at Eastern Nazarene and 11 at Radford, leading the Highlanders to the first NCAA tournament appearance ever.


Top 25 College Basketball Assistant Coaches:

1. Joe Dooley - Kansas
Since his arrival at KU, Dooley has helped guide the JayHawks to an NCAA national title, three NCAA Elite Eight appearances, four NCAA Sweet 16s, five Big 12 regular-season conference titles and three Big 12 tournament championships. During his tenure at Kansas, seven Jayhawks have been drafted in the NBA, including a record-tying five in the 2008 draft. Dooley also served as head coach at East Carolina from 1995-99.

2. Larry Shaytt - Florida
Shaytt, currently associate head coach, played an integral role in the Gator’s capturing of back-to-back NCAA national titles during the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Florida has also claimed an SEC regular season conference title and two SEC tournament championships during his time on staff. Shyatt spent 6 seasons as head coach at Wyoming and Clemson before arriving in Gainesville.

3(a). Bernie Fine - Syracuse
Entering his 33rd season at his Alma mater, Fine is considered one of the most loyal assistants in the game today. A prolific recruiter and developer of talent, dozens of Syracuse players, particularly big-men, coached by Fine have gone on to play in the NBA. Working hand in hand with Jim Boheim, Fine has helped guide the Orange to 26 NCAA tournaments, including three Final Fours and the 2003 NCAA national title.

3(b). Mike Hopkins – Syracuse
With 16th seasons on staff at Syracuse, the former Orangeman has seen the team participate in 16 straight postseason tournaments, including 12 NCAA bids and 4 NIT. Hopkins is credited for the development of Orange guards: Jonny Flynn, Allen Griffin, Gerry McNamara, Demetris Nichols and Josh Pace.

4. Steve Robinson - North Carolina
Robinson works directly with the Tar Heel perimeter players, helping mentor Cousy Award-winning point guards Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson. During his tenure, he has seen the Tarheels win two NCAA National Championship titles and six combined ACC regular season and tournament championships. Prior to arriving at UNC, Robinson was head coach at the University of Tulsa and at Florida State University where he led both teams to the NCAA Tournament.

5(a). Mark Montgomery- Michigan State
In his ten seasons with the Spartans, the program has appeared in nine NCAA Tournaments, including a trip to the Final Four in 2005, 2009 and 2010 and the Elite Eight in 2003. Before returning to Michigan he was influential in turning around the program at Central Michigan where they became the first team in MAC history to go from last place to first place in just one season.

5(b). Dwayne Stephens - Michigan State
Dwayne Stephens is responsible for putting together some of the top recruiting classes of Coach Izzo’s career. Under his tutelage are the Spartan post players that included three time All Big Ten honoree and All American center, Paul Davis and second team All Big Ten honoree Guron Suton. A Michigan native, he returned to the Spartans after four years at Marquette under Tom Crean where MSU had back to back NCAA Tournament appearances in 2002 and 2003, and advancing to the Final Four in 2003.

6. George Blaney – Connecticut
Entering his 10th season on staff at UConn, Blaney has helped guide the Huskies to two Elite Eights, two Final Fours and the 2004 National Championship. Before Uconn, Blaney spent 22 years as the Head Coach of his Alma mater, Holy Cross, leading the Crusaders to three NCAA tournament berths and five invitations to the NIT. He also spent three seasons as head coach at Seton Hall and Dartmouth.

7(a). Steve Wojciechowski - Duke
Blue Devil standout turned coach; Wojciechowski has posted an incredible 291-60 record and won seven ACC Tournament championships as well as 2 NCAA Championships since arriving in Durham. Working with Duke’s paint players, he has been instrumental in the development of key players such as Shelden Williams, Josh McRoberts and Kyle Singler.

7(b). Chris Collins - Duke
Collins’ ten-year resume at Duke includes an overall record of 262-55, six ACC Tournament championships, three ACC regular season titles, five in-season tournament titles and most importantly, the national championship in 2001 and 2010. The guards under his tutelage receive First Team ACC and All American recognition, those included JJ Redick, Demarcus Nelson, Greg Paulus and Jon Scheyer.

8. Billy Hahn - West Virginia
This coaching veteran has coached a total of 20 NBA players during his career and has been to the NCAA Tournament 11 times in his career. He has seen WVU make its first trip to the Final Four in 2010. Hahn spent most of his career at the University of Maryland and saw the Terps go to the NCAA tournament a school-record eight straight years, including the 2001 Final Four.

9. Mike Dunlap – St. Johns
The former Associate Head Coach for two Pac-10 schools, Arizona and most recently Oregon, Dunlap is considered by many as one of the greatest coaching minds in the game today. Dunlap also spent 2 years as an assistant with the Denver Nuggets and guided Division II Metropolitan State College to two NCAA Division II national championships.

10. Greg Gard – Wisconsin
Gard has spent 17 seasons alongside Bo Ryan, including the past 9 at Wisconsin. Gard has helped guide the Badgers to three Big Ten regular season titles and two Big Ten tournament championships. Wisconsin has also made the NCAA tournament in each of Gard’s nine seasons, advancing to the Sweet 16 in 2003 and 2007 as well as the Elite Eight in 2005.


"So what's next? any ideas or suggestions as to who the next head coach should be?"
Posted by: Oby-1

Oby-1, name this tune:
"I feel for U,
I think I Love U":



Potential coaches:



So what's next? any ideas or suggestions as to who the next coach should be?

Posted by: Oby-1 | April 04, 2011 at 01:15 PM

I vote for Sebastian57 or VACane.

Speaking of which, where is VACane?


There is NO reason why Miami can't be relevant in men's baseketball.

Just because we haven't done it does NOT mean it can't be done.

Just ask Howard Schnellenberger...


Thanks Lou that is what I thought

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