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April 10, 2011





I'm 1st at being 2nd...


On may the 15th we will know a lot more about this squad...Let's play North Carolina, FSU and Virginia before thinking about something bigger...At least that's what she said...

Nice article SOUP. We have to remember the name of the game is pitching and this is the strenght of the 2011 team.


UM officials interview top candidates for AD opening

By Barry Jackson

University of Miami officials spent Sunday interviewing the top candidates for their vacant athletic director job, officials close to the search said.

The candidates who spoke with UM include two current athletic directors: Virginia Commonwealth’s Norwood Teague and California’s Sandy Barbour.

UM also interviewed Atlantic Coast Conference associate commissioner Michael Kelly, who previously was the president of the Host Committee for Super Bowls in Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville. Kelly is well-regarded inside the ACC.

The other candidates include a deputy athletic director at Wisconsin, plus acting athletic director Tony Hernandez. The interviews were conducted by UM president Donna Shalala and Paul DiMare, chairman of the Board of Trustees’ athletic advisory committee.

UM officials have expressed interest in Georgia Tech athletic director Dan Radakovich, but there is some reluctance about pursuing an AD from another ACC school. It is unclear if he will interview but until UM makes a hire, Radakovich cannot be ruled out as a candidate.

Teague, VCU’s athletic director since 2006, previously was an associate AD at North Carolina. Barbour, Cal’s AD for seven years, previously held the same post at Tulane.

UM hopes to cut the list of finalists to three by some point this week and make a hire soon after.

The candidates were not given any indication that they will have input in the search for a men’s basketball coach — a search that is being conducted by Hernandez and DiMare. DiMare said Friday that UM hopes to have a coach in place this week.

Coaches who have been mentioned internally include, among others, University of Alabama Birmingham’s Mike Davis (one report said he will interview with UM), Harvard’s Tommy Amaker, Murray State’s Billy Kennedy, Richmond’s Chris Mooney and Auburn’s Tony Barbee.
Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/11/2161164/um-officials-interview-top-candidates.html#ixzz1JBm5m88n



Morris feels need for Greed

E.J. Encinosa plunked two North Carolina State batters in a row in the first inning, hitting one with a slider and another trying to throw inside.

And he surrendered a double to left field.

But the right-hander also struck out the side, avoiding any damage on his way to a dominant performance for Miami.

The Hurricanes beat the Wolfpack 3-0 Sunday afternoon at Alex Rodriguez Park for their seventh consecutive win. The 'Canes (21-11, 11-3 ACC) completed their fourth sweep of a conference opponent.

"[Saturday] night I was talking to them about 'I want a sweep,' " Coach Jim Morris said. "You've got to get greedy. You've got to get it done. Make sure we're ready when we come out [Sunday] from the beginning.'"



With the win, the Hurricanes are now...

21-11 overall
11-3 in ACC play
27-11 all-time versus NC State
15-6 at Alex Rodriguez Park this season
9-5 in games when the opponent starts a left-handed pitcher
15-2 when scoring first
6-0 in April

10K for E.J.
Sophomore right-hander E.J. Encinosa struck out 11 Wolfpack batters today in 7 innings of work. Encinosa left after throwing 99 pitches - 67 of which were for strikes.

Production in the Clutch
Miami took the lead on a single by Brad Fieger with two outs in the fourth inning.

Fieger Keeps Hitting
Freshman third baseman Brad Fieger has now produced three-straight multi-hit games after going 2-for-3 today.

Making the Defense Work
The Hurricanes' batters put the ball in play plenty today, striking out just five times.

Strong Relief
After a disappointing on Saturday evening, the UMiami bullpen combined for two scoreless innings on just one hit allowed. After blowing last night's save, Daniel Miranda retired all three batters in the 9th for his team-leading ninth save of the year.

Get out Your Brooms
The Hurricanes, who are now 11-3 in the ACC, have swept four out of five ACC series this year (Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Boston College and NC State).


This is what the `Canes baseball teams has to do with these lower level teams

It doesnt matter if its 14-13(although that didnt help my sleep out) or a 3-0 pitching gem they just have to TCB and get ready for the big boyz of the conference

Everyone in the lineup is contributing in someway and thats good to see


Al Golden on Joe Rose this morning...
Laron Bird will ne fine...




No, not first on the comments, but the first to praise Morris for moving Feiger to third.

I am so happy for Morris, I felt bad that he was getting lumped with Haith and Shannon.

Go Canes!


Monty...good to see U around consistently and active on the blog again!

Sebas...I spoke to #58. He wants to have a word with U.

Solar...FB friend request accepted.

CGNC...Kentucky Derby favorites yet?


Just watched the U win the 2002 National Championship against Nebraska on ESPN classic. Talk about heaven and probably one of the best teams ever assembled. Purely made you remember all that was good about that year.
Been quiet lately. Diagnosed with Thalassemia,an inherited defective gene that causes a blood disorder.
When will my misery end?

Posted by: MaryLouAlumni | April 10, 2011 at 09:04 PM

Sorry to hear that MaryLouAlumni.

As for when the misery will end, nobody really knows, but better the misery than the end. My mom had Crohn's disease, and was in constant discomfort, but I know she would rather still be here in discomfort if given the choice.

Glad that they showed that game on ESPN classic. They do tend to show the "classics" where the Canes end up on the losing end.


We watched too Mary Lou and watched the J vilma hits at least 20xs! as nick says you cannot watch those hits enough. Don't think we will ever see a team that like that again but glad at least we can go back and watch. Watching those kids hug Coker at the end....they really loved him! Seeing Randy in the press box just really made me sad.... How as fans we have treated two men who really love the U really saddens me :( !




From Mike Bernardino at the SS:

Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith appeared on 790-The Ticket this morning and defended his record against host Jorge Sedano.

Love how Haith and his supporters like to trot out those ”five postseason appearances” in his tenure while conveniently leaving out the fact only one of them was an NCAA Tournament bid.

Haith also denied Tim Hardaway’s recent assertion that he told Timmy Jr. he “couldn’t play in the ACC,” said he went hard after both John Wall and Brandon Knight before losing them to Kentucky and did not recruit Kenny Boynton, apparently because he liked his other guards better.

Sorry, that can’t happen.

The next Hurricanes coach must keep his share of the best local talent home and he must get this program to the point where an NIT bid isn’t held up as a symbol of success.


Dana Holgorsen is implementing the diamond backfield set this spring at West Virginia.

It’s a set Holgorsen (39) first used at Oklahoma State, featuring three running backs in the backfield.

Holgorsen told Mike Casazza of the Charleston Daily Mail, “It's a little different. We can go inside and talk the rest of the day for, like, seven hours for me to explain the blocking stuff and schemes and all that, but what we do with one back or two backs, we can put a third one in there and do the same thing."

West Virginia defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel admits, "It poses problems. You have a chance to insert a tight end or a lead back to outnumber you at the point of attack. But there's a balance. It's a lot like our (3-3-5) defense. We have the three linebackers and you don't know where the overload is coming from. It's the same thing in the run game."

"When you've got three backs in the backfield and the two wideouts go out, you've got to go out and cover the wideouts and take your chances stopping the three backs, or you have to drop a safety in and go one-on-one with your corners," said Casteel.


"Saturday night I was talking to them about 'I want a sweep,' " Coach Jim Morris said. "You've got to get greedy. You've got to get it done. Make sure we're ready when we come out Sunday from the beginning.'"

- Jim Morris

This how you're supposed to think anyway. You're supposed to have that mindset in the first place of wanting to sweep everyone & beating them down. You're supposed to have that mindset of winning every single pitch, taking it one pitch at a time .. not this one game at a time bullcrap

One of the many things I admire about George Horton's philosophy about baseball

To use Chris Rock in Bigger and Blacker as an example (and I'll clean it up):

"******* always want credit for some s*** they're supposed to do. They'll say something like,

“Yeah, well I take care of my kids ... You're supposed to, you dumb motherf****r.

“I ain't never been to jail ... Whaddya want? A cookie? You're not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having motherf****r!"

Canes are supposed to be running down and chewing up on the damn wildebeests of the ACC like VTech, Wake, BC and NCState

Canes latest team to beat up on, NCState, got swept by GTech - being outscored 32-6 ... and lost the series against Duke, being outscored 18-8 against the Dookies

Next up in conference - a bad Maryland team

Swept by GTech. Lost the series to BC. Swept by UVA. Lost the series to FSU. Lost the series to Clemson.

Outscored in all those series combined - 95 to 31 and scored 3 or less runs in 10 of those games

These are the tomato can matches that are placed in front of the Canes by promoters to get them some practice before actually getting into the ring against legit fighters



Posted by: Canechic | April 11, 2011 at 12:31 PM

You have passed. But aren't you a bit old for the FCAT?

Speaking of the FCAT, anyone having to suffer through that? My kids don't, but some of our friends do. Funny that even the books given to the kids are marked "Florida Edition" to prep them for the FCAT. After viewing a few pages of the American History book, I was stunned how poorly it was written. Is it true that the books provided were sold by members of the Bush family? Not trying to get into politics here, just saying that was poorly done if so.

8th grade history book was weaker than my 6th grade history book back in the old days.

Canechic, sorry for the hijack, I was just letting you know that the comment was noticed. 8-)


I am not drinking the Morris Kool-aid yet! Canechic my freshman son has the joke called the FCAT this week!


Via eyeofthecane - @ChrisFreet Stephen Morris leads FCAT Rally at his alma mater, Miami Shores Elementary: http://bit.ly/dIhXvZ


I am not drinking the Morris Kool-aid yet! Canechic my freshman son has the joke called the FCAT this week!

Posted by: canesteeler | April 11, 2011 at 01:42 PM

I have a FRESH batch made up for U when U are ready. Just let me know when...Six ain't gettin any!


Sorry it is the iPad...trying some new things with it.

The FCAT is a joke sorry for your son canesteeler glad those days are over my kids were always stressed about when it came to FCAT time


CC - yea I remember those FCAT days - the teachers would stress out and pass that down to the kids. Heather used to tell me about a girl in her 3rd or 4th grade class that would actually get physically ill from all the pressure.


Always amazed me how kids with 4.0+ GPA's always said thay didn't test well to explain poor standardized test scores.

How many tests did they take to get that 4.0?


86 - I don't want any! haha .. the kool-aid packets known as Canes baseball the past couple of years have gone real sour .. almost Tang like

Morris, please get a new staff to make yourself look good again


Can someone please confirm the schedule for the spring game on Sat? I'm pretty sure the game starts an noon. What time is the autogragh session, gates open, etc?


Im pulling for 58 to be the very best MLB he can be and hopefully take over the starting spot

Theres a long way to go between now and kickoff but theres no way hes ready to lead this team on the field as the starting MLB at this point

Ive made it known how I feel around there and while some dont agree theres quite a few that have even stronger feelings then I do about this

Believe me, I love every kid on this team and wish them nothing but the best but I have to call it as I see it

Theres some kids on this team that might not have the hype but are real monsters out there, then they have some others that are.....well, not so much


No coach should be lumped in with that toad stool Haith

Timmy Jr. wanted to come here and he made that very clear and that Toad told him and Tim Sr. that he didnt think he would fit his style of play

I never figured what that buzzards style of play was but to say a player of Tim Jrs. talent doesnt fit it is just idiotic

A flat out lie. Way to come on the air and lie about that situation you Dung Beetle of a coach


Way to come on the air and lie about that situation you Dung Beetle of a coach

Posted by: Sebastian57 | April 11, 2011 at 04:10 PM

C'mon and tell us how U REALLY feel? LOL


In my mind Haith has every reason to lie about running off Tim Jr. to try and stave off looking like a fool. Unfortunatly for him that is too late. The Hardaway's have no reason to mis-represent the situation and should be laughing hard seeing Tim Jr's success at michigan and haith falling on his face here. Missouri, have fun with him i'm certainly glad he is out of town!


OK, I just spent the most stressful two hours of my life mailing out MOST of the new 2011 Canespace shirts. U should have them by Friday no matter where you live.

Here is the list of what I sent out today:

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AlpharettaCane: 1 M
Galvin in MD(?): 1 XXL
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Gastonia Parks and Rec: email me.


Haith is a jag-off

He found someone out there willing to pay him at a good basketball school, good for him. If he thinks hes fooling anyone with his yap about the postseason or about what hes done with recruiting hes nothing but a buffoon.

Haith should just zip the yapper, because that kind of talk about the Tim Jr. situation will bite his backside in recruiting

Hes talking about the King of the Crossover Dribbles son and thats not a good thing. Besides he LIED!!!!!!!!


OK, Canespace T-shirt update...ADD to the list of shirts mailed today:

Drew in Ft. Myers: 1 LG

JerseyCane: 1 LG

OMFG_Ginn: 1 LG

1Canesfan: 1 M


Also...I will be giving Manny Navarro a shirt and a gift certificate to purchase items for his new baby girl from the donations that were mailed in.

Thanks for ALL of the support!



Don't even get me started on the FCAT.....

CC - let Angry know he needs to purchase a bluetooth for the PS3 so we can communicate during our COD sessions. :-)


On to pro baseball news:

Ryan Braun .353 4 HRs 8 RBIs
Gaby Sanchez .343 4 RBIs
Chris Perez 5 Games 0.00 ERA 5 IP 4 Saves

3 `Canes all off to hot starts to begin the MLB season

Lets go `Canes


Raize...your article will post the week after the Spring game this Saturday.

Your Canespace shirt is in the mail!


Thnx Soup....
Question when do they expect to get tht transfer DB? And is he eligible this season?


RCCF...the one from Wake? I think this Fall and YES he is eligible from what I was told.


Isn't Sanchez leading in doubles again, too?


Posted by: SOUP | April 11, 2011 at 04:54 PM





CFSIC...U got it bruddah!


CORAL GABLES, Fla. - The Hurricanes will hold their spring game and Canefest on Saturday, April 16 at Lockhart Stadium. The action is set to get underway at noon.

2011 Football Spring Game
When: Saturday, April 16
Time: Parking - 8:30 a.m. at the South side; Gates A & B - 9:30 a.m.; Golden Cane & Football Club Reception - 9:30 a.m.; Players Autograph Session - 10 a.m.; Kickoff - Noon
Where: Lockhart Stadium (5201 Northwest 12th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309) MAP
Game Ticket Price: Free
Radio: 560 WQAM
TV: CSS - Tape delayed at 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 17

Parking will open at 8:30 a.m. on the south side and will be free of charge. Tailgating is allowed and Gates A & B will open at 9:30 a.m. For more information, Hurricane Club members can call (305) 284-6699, while high school coaches can call Hurlie Brown with football operations at 305-284-6883.

To reserve season tickets for Miami's upcoming 2011 season at Sun Life Stadium, visit HurricaneSports.com or contact the UM ticket office by calling 1-800-GO-CANES.


University of Miami sophomore center Reggie Johnson has elected to submit his name for the upcoming NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent to retain the option of returning to the Hurricanes for the 2011-12 season.

A 6-10, 300-pound center from Winston-Salem, N.C., Johnson was the team’s leading rebounder and third-leading scorer, nearly averaging a double-double with 11.9 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. He converted 59.1 percent of his field goals, while adding a team-high 1.3 blocks per game as a redshirt sophomore in 2010-11, and finished the season ranked second in the ACC in offensive rebounds (3.5), fourth in both defensive rebounds (6.1) and overall rebounds and 20th in scoring.

“The chance to play in the NBA is something that has been in my mind for a long time – since I was really young,” said Johnson. “Now the chance has presented itself so I can see where I stand. If it doesn’t feel right, I know I still have the opportunity to return to play college basketball.”

Johnson – who earned All-ACC honorable mention honors – started 34 games this season. He posted 13 double-doubles – including a 14-point, 20-rebound performance in the NIT first-round win over FAU. His 347 rebounds this season are the most for a Hurricane since Rick Barry posted a school-record 475 in 1964-65, while he scored in double figures 23 times, including four 20-point outings.

Underclassmen who declare for the draft have until May 8 to remove their name and maintain college eligibility. The NBA Draft is scheduled for June 23.


"OK, I just spent the most stressful two hours of my life mailing out MOST of the new 2011 Canespace shirts."

The world doesn't realize how lucky it is you don't work for the postal service. lol


Thanks for the new shirts looking forward to wearing them all over ACC country.


I didn't hear the Haith interview but here is what I thought a couple weeks ago

Haith sees Katie has her complete team back, ranked in the top ten next pre season.

Golden has won over the Miami football fanbase and will more than likely improve the team from the get go.
Haith smelled smoldering azz and realized it was coming off his Lazy Boy.


Gaby has 4 doubles which is 1 behind behind the 2 leaders and he is also 19th in BA

Ryan is 16th in avg. 1st in HRs and 6th in RBIs 3rd in BBs 3rd in slugging 9th in OB% 4th in runs scored

Pat the Bat is tied for 2nd in HRs

Huff is tied for 10th in RBIs

Perez is tied with the Sandman for 1st in the AL in saves



I appreciate the out of state fans that hang on Canespace because I know just how tough it is to get good Canes info
Go Canes!


Your Canespace shirt is in the mail!

Posted by: SOUP | April 11, 2011 at 05:34 PM




Reggie Johnson has elected today to submit his name for the upcoming NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent to retain the option of returning to the Hurricanes for the 2011-12 season.

I think he should calm down and return for the Canes in 2012 in his best interest.

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