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April 08, 2011





hope the defense stop the run, and the receivers catch some deep passes.


I remember when these events used to excite me.....not so much anymore :(

Not sure if you covered it already but the rat is definitely coming down, I believe next month. Nicole is bummed the new one will not be complete until after she graduates. She will most likely be there for medical school but she will have no time to party then.




from last blob


Gang I'll be heading up to talk to the outfitters and guides at NOC Chattooga River in a few weeks.
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We will run Sec III this trip.

You won't have this much fun this cheap doing anything else legally.

The raft trip is $99.00 which goes to NOC

$ 25 dollars for your transportation to SC and back to my house, lodging for 2 nights at our house, two full dinners, snacks, an breakfast for the trip back home
( yea my wife and I are nuts)

$125.00 for memories you will talk about for years.

Check this short clip by NOC to get an idea of what it's like, most of this clip is from sec III the more forgiving section of the river.


Think about it.
The full amount needs to be in my hand by June 1st

Full refund if you cancel before July 15


This years
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Ask old skool,Ocalacane or soup about their opinion of the entire weekend, I am 100% confident they had a blast.

Posted by: solarcane | April 08, 2011 at 09:59 PM


Id like to hear somebody on defense tackled one of the running backs for less than a 4 yd gain too.

I'm thinking Fisch tries a few play action passes and J12 pulls them off nicely.
I expect the offence to pummel the defense again, unless Golden tells Fisch to lay off.


The majority of the WRs need to learn how to run every route 1st

I wouldnt put to much into the run D just yet

What I would look for is the size of some of these kids when they come out on the field

No thats not Ray Lew in the #5 jersey..that really is MJ

Trying to find #31s neck is like looking for Waldo

#46 will be one of the guys that you can be sure people in the crowd will be asking "who in the hell is that guy?" and not in a bad way


#99 is missing #26 hasnt been let loose yet. Thats 2 big pieces to the run game

Not being able to touch the QB really effects every part of the D


Trying to find #31s neck is like looking for Waldo



#26 The current guy?

I expect maybe a big hit that gets everybody juiced that hes remarkable, then nothing for anothert month or two.


What is AJ doing during practice? how does he body language look on the sidelines out there?




ACC notes

"42% of Duke's team are classified as freshmen"

April 8, 2011

N.C. State us working on their fundamentals and individual growth this year in spring practice. (AP
ACC Football Spring Notebook
Scout.com: Latest Recruiting news
Irving leaving Duke after 1 season for NBA
Mark Gottfried Hired By N.C. State
ACC Hoops Final Report Card
Rounding the Bases
Baseball runs deep in the Wren family
N.C. State football coach Tom O’Brien must be a great poker player. He never shows his hand.

Recently, following the Wolfpack’s latest scrimmage, O’Brien spoke the party line about his team’s work this spring. Trying to pry anything of substance from him is a task, one he’s generally not willing to oblige.

“There were flashes here and there of everything else,” he said about the scrimmage. “There wasn’t a lot of consistency, which you can’t expect to have at this point, because spring practice is hard to be consistent. For us, it’s about the fundamentals and trying to be better individually.”

Of course, State has a new starting quarterback in Mike Glennon, but his performance in a scrimmage is just a fraction of his development, so O’Brien refuses to read too much into it either way. That even-keeled nature often makes the fifth-year coach appear more like he’s hiding something than not.

When asked about Glennon, a former Elite 11 signal caller in high school, O’Brien naturally steers the discussion toward the program’s dearth of wide receivers. For the record, “nobody has stepped up” at receiver.

Some changes have been made at linebacker, where Audie Cole has moved to inside linebacker from the outside, where he led the Wolfpack in tackles. Cole started 25 games the last two years, but now must anchor a defense that lost heat-seeking missile Nate Irving.

Sophomore D.J. Green is being asked to fill a role along with Terrell Manning, who has served well in the past.

“Audie Cole and D.J. have had some things to work out,” O’Brien said. “It’s the first time for them in those situations. So, without not having looked at the tape and studied it, I think they’re going to be a lot better next Saturday once they go through this tape and understand what’s going on in terms of how they relate to what the offense is doing and getting into the positions they have to get in to.”

Clemson’s new sack-man: Malliciah Goodman has served as an understudy to two of the best pass rushers in college football over the past couple of years, notably Da’Quan Bowers, who might be the top player taken in the NFL draft later this month. Now, it’s his turn to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

Goodman, a 6-foot-4, 265-pound junior from Florence, S.C., is now anchoring a fairly green defensive line that isn’t without potential, starting with Goodman. He recognizes he has big shoes to fill, but he certainly doesn’t lack for confidence.

All of those days watching, learning and at times putting that act to work places him in position now to lead the Tigers’ front line. And there’s no rocking Goodman’s confidence.

“I am not Da’Quan, but I feel I can be just as good as Da’Quan,” Goodman told TheTigerNet.com. “I am trying to work on all of those things.”

Those things are the 15.5 sacks Bowers registered last year, and the concern he imbedded into the eyes of every offensive tackle that had the responsibility of keeping Bowers from their quarterbacks.

Devils finish spring: While the rest of the college sports world was checking out the Final Four, Duke’s football program was holding its annual spring game at Wallace Wade Stadium last Saturday. Of the many developments this spring, coach David Cutcliffe, who is a master at training quarterbacks, is excited about the depth he has at a position for which the program previously had few answers.

Sean Renfree is Duke’s starter under center, but he was pushed enough by sophomore Brandon Connette and redshirt freshman Anthony Boone.

In fact, Cutcliffe went so far as to suggest that Connette might get some snaps before blowout time next fall.

“He’s a good runner,” Cutcliffe told the Durham Herald-Sun. “We all know that. He’s got a good arm, but he’s become a better quarterback the last two weeks. He’s grasped our system, and he’s throwing to secondary receivers and understanding our coverages.”

By the way, 67 percent of Duke’s scholarship roster next fall will be underclassmen, and 42 percent will be classified as freshmen.


Chipper Jones reaches 2,500 hits in Braves' win


What this #26 was asked to do last year was just flat out dumb and theres no other way to call it

He was ripped for his play and at times deserved it but overall did not have that bad of a year and when watching the game films and seeing some of the places he was asked to play you really had to wonder how he made some of the plays he did


`Canes win like we all knew they would

Marlins win like we had hoped they would tonight

Rays score 5 in the 9th tonight like I never thought they could do to pull out a win

The only baseball teams in the state of Fla. that matter doing their thing


He didn't have a bad year sebas, but he didn't seem to be nearly as intimidating or as savvy as we were led to believe.

A lot of that is our own fault of course, we tend to get carried away with the star system. We had the highest rated defensive high school football player in the nation here in AB and he couldn't get on the field.
Maybe 26 is just a pretty decent football player with a great press agent.
I think he takes plays off myself.


This of course is just my opinion but I would consider AJ a complete non-factor right now

His interest just doesnt seem totally on football

Not only would he have to fight like heck to get on the depth chart but Rashawn Scott and Phillip Dorsett could pass right on by him very quickly

#8,#2,#3,#80 will be part of the regular rotation no matter what. the new #85(PD) should be in there as well. 83 will get every chance to do his thing because he can make the catch and go

It could be the where am I going to fit look


I love this PLACE!


Solar...as far as the WYPT 2011 goes U know I am all in. If anyone out there wants to go please email us at:

[email protected]


[email protected]


Sebas...I thought U said that #3 couldn't run a route or make the first team IF he tried?


I appreciate very much what Jim Morris has done for the baseball program...He has been great for the U. But right after the game tonight he said that Miami may never win a National Championship again...Sorry folks but i don't like to hear that from a coach at the U...Sports Psychology 101...Make your players believe....I hate to say it it's time for a younger and hungrier coach for the baseball program...If you can coach and recruit everything is possible at UM! Morris has done very very well until 2008 but in the last 3 years he didn't recruit well. Miami should always be at least in the top 25. The canes may win against NCST this WE but when they will face teams in the top 10 it will be different.


On many occasions during games last year they had 26 come creep up to the line and instead of rushing he would be asked to go man on a guy that was starting off on the opposite side of the field. No matter how could a player is thats just not going to happen.

Or the other famous calls when BH would get the call from the sideline and signal it in and half the secondary went to zone and the other half was still in man

I started seeing it so many times it become normal for me. Harris, DVD or Hill would pass the WR off while 26 was locked on the TE or 26 and 7 were sitting zone while the DBs were man and guys were open all over the field

The secondary communication has sucked for a few years now

You think the fans were going wild when Sam made a few INTs last year can you imagine if Harris and DVD pick off some passes next year...This site might blow up


sebas good stuff my man,
you bring a lot of information and observations a lot of us out of state fans can't see on TV game broadcasts, you being able to view a lot of practices and clue us in, is very much appreciated.


I didnt say he would be 1st team....I meant that he would be part of the rotation

Theres 2 things the guy can do well and thats taking 2 steps off the line and turn for a catch and run a fly pattern. Other then those 2 he doesnt do any of the routes worth a darn

He is just to dangerous to not get on the field in some way

3 WR formation 2, 8, 80...8 is also going to have to sharpen his route running skills but thats going to improve

85 comes in and jumps in on the playbook he will be in that top 4 bumping 3 to the obvious passing downs and trick plays


I dont know what they plan on doing with the close to the line of scrimmage passes but if its in open space it needs to go to 6 and their should be no 2nd option....Beep Beep

If you want to break another team down and make them say uncle just toss it to 5 then just sit back and watch how a RB does it


Montreal - good to see you finally coming around about the baseball team and Jim Morris

Staff needs to go, Morris needs to look in the mirror as well

God help us all if JD is the coach in waiting


Posted by: thepinkmaskedavenger | April 08, 2011 at 02:10 PM

Look at this jackhole, bwahaha

Ahh, nothing like a heavy dose of keyboard courage

Roll up to Tampa sometime, I'll drive you or fly you in on my dime, get us tickets to a Rays game and we can sit and discuss it -or- this upcoming season to a Canes home game

I'd love to sit and hear your takes on either for the entirety of the game

86 and raizecane have done it, so should you


No.7 Tar Heels Drop Opener At No. 6 FSU

Freshman Colin Moran blasted his sixth home run of the year to give No. 7 UNC a 3-2 lead at No. 6 Florida State Friday night in the eighth inning but the Tar Heel bullpen was unable to hold off a late Seminole surge as Carolina dropped the series opener 5-3. Moran finished with a pair of RBI, while catcher Jacob Stallings added one of his own.


UM coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio are looking for the Hurricanes’ defense to make a statement after allowing the offense to run for 259 yards and three touchdowns in last weekend’s first scrimmage.

Golden was not pleased with the overall effort by his players last week, and he wants the defense to get some turnovers – which means, of course, that the offense would be in the doghouse.


Sebastian57 - the thing with Maddon making all the lineup changes in my mind simply comes down to really the lack of a consistent position player in too many of those positions

Rays had Crawford, Upton, Longo, Pena, Bartlett - that was about it - that you could pencil in to be at their position .. then you had utility guys like Sean Rod, Zobey, Reid, fill in the blank with whoever you wanted to play RF - never have really had a consistent RFielder for a while now

Moving the youngsters in and out of the lineup was mainly attributed to trying to get them reps, possible matchups and if there were to be a late season run, these kids would've had some experience already out there on the field and wouldn't just be thrown into it

Never been a fan of Shields, no freaking idea where he got that nickname of "Big Game" or why he was the #1 starter ... well, he's not the #1 this year and frankly, I don't think he's better than a #4 ... but last year, Price wasn't ready to be the #1, Garza was a #2, the Big Texan and Wade were still basically cutting their teeth in the rotation

When the club is giving him players like Gabe Kapler, Gabe Gross, Gregg Zaun, Chris Richard, Joe Dillon, and sign Pat Burrell (who for some reason couldn't hit AL pitching) ... then you gotta move people around

Remember just how bad the Rays catchers (all of them) were, along with Pena not hitting, Upton not hitting, Burrell not hitting, etc. Brad freaking Hawpe was brought in as well as Rocco?

If I'm Maddon, I'm laughing my ass off at some of those moves, wondering if management is also going to go bring me back Toby Hall, Jason Tyner and Ben Grieve

I can understand the frustration with the roster moves, believe me

Before the year started, I wanted:

- Catcher the Rays are screwed until they bring up Robinson Chirinos to see what he can do
- Kotchman to play 1B
- Sean Rod at 2B
- Reid at SS
- Longo at 3B
- Dan Johnson or Jaso to DH
- Zobey at RF
- Bossman Jr. at CF
- Joyce, Fuld or Jennings at LF

Now that Longo is out, I wanted Zobey at 3B and Sean Rod at 2B

He's gotta plug all these utility type guys somewhere .. and when is Joyce going to start hitting the damn ball as well as fielding/throwing a hell of lot better than he has? Now is his chance to show what he has and he's not exactly giving me a lot of confidence in him at all

I'm not real high on the 3Base Coach either, Tom Foley (the hell does he have to wear my number for as well?) - he's made some piss poor decisions on when to send people home .. for example, sending Bossman Jr. home against the Orioles when Felix Pie was in short left and would've thrown Usain Bolt out from that distance

Come on, you gotta know better than that

I'm just glad they finally won a damn game

Shields and Damon need to get the hell off the team



Second Scrimmage

South Florida football fans have another chance to watch the Miami Hurricanes at 10 a.m. Saturday, when the second of three UM spring scrimmages will take place at Traz Powell Stadium on the north campus of Miami Dade College.

UM coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio are looking for the Hurricanes’ defense to make a statement after allowing the offense to run for 259 yards and three touchdowns in last weekend’s first scrimmage.

Golden was not pleased with the overall effort by his players last week, and he wants the defense to get some turnovers – which means, of course, that the offense would be in the doghouse.

Golden will be watching quarterbacks Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris closely, as he said the competition between them now is too tight to call, and he will likely choose the starter in August. The coach said he will probably mix in more deep passes Saturday, but that he’s “more concerned about the decision-making process – and are they distributing the ball accordingly?’’

Traz Powell Stadium is at 11380 NW 27th Ave. The scrimmage is free. Parking opens at 8 a.m. and the gates open at 8:30 a.m.

The UM spring game and final session until fall practice begins is noon April 16 at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/09/2158569/um-scrimmage-at-traz-powell.html#ixzz1J1EHZiba

Canes beat Wolfpack

The University of Miami Hurricanes (19-11, 9-3 Atlantic Coast Conference) outlasted the visiting North Carolina State Wolfpack (18-13, 5-8 ACC) 4-1 on Friday night in the first game of a three-game set inside Alex Rodriguez Park.

The Hurricanes were powered by a huge first inning that included three runs on five hits, and a dominating performance on the mound by freshman left-handed pitcher Bryan Radziewski.

The first run of the game – eventually being the game-winning RBI – was driven in by left fielder Chantz Mack who laced a double to straight away center field, scoring second baseman Zeke DeVoss from second.

After a bunt single and stolen base by center fielder Nathan Melendres, first baseman Rony Rodriguez hit a sacrifice fly that plated Mack, and advanced Melendres to third. Freshman third baseman Brad Fieger gave the Canes their third run of the inning with a RBI single to right.

UM junior right-hander Travis Miller replaced Radziewski for the final 2 1/3 scoreless innings.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/09/2158557/miami-hurricanes-top-nc-state.html#ixzz1J1FFMBfF


The countdown is on for Scrimmage #2, this one at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 9, at the north campus of Miami-Dade College. Parking opens at 8 a.m. and the gates open at 8:30. Traz Powell Stadium is at 11380 NW 27th Ave. The scrimmage is free and open to the public. Bring your sunscreen!

Guarantee you that the defense is going to be pumped for this one, as head coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio made it clear this week that players weren't as well-conditioned as they would have liked, and, basically, weren't playing with the fire and emotion they want.

"We're not playing with the toughness we need, both mental and physical toughness,'' Golden said. "We have to get more ownership from the units and particular positions.''

Golden was asked Thursday if he were comfortable with the defensive tackle position, and he said, "I'm not comfortable yet. We need more guys to step up there. We don't have quite the depth we need at that position, which is obviously a glaring issue... Clearly there's an opportunity for guys to step up."

The depth chart lists DTs Luther Robinson or Olsen Pierre at first team on one side and Micanor Regis (followed by Curtis Porter) on the other side.


Quarterbacks, who will presumably wear all white again Saturday, are absolutely off limits. But you can bet that those linebackers and linemen (and DBs, for that matter) will be looking for a sack -- and to stop the running game that decimated the defense last Saturday at the Spanish River High scrimmage.

This week I asked linebacker Jordan Futch the most fun part of scrimmages. "Making tackles and sacks,'' he said.

I then asked him "How weird is it not being able to touch the quarterback?''

Futch: "Oh, it sort of sucks. It sucks more for them than for me, because they can't get touched now, and then they get hit in the game and it's a shocker for them. But it's OK, because it's our natural instinct to just knock the quarterback out.''

Translation: Good thing, actually, that we can't touch the quarterback.

Golden said Thursday that the Canes will probably mix in more deep passes at the Traz Powell scrimmage, "but a lot of it will be dictated by what Coach D'Onofrio calls. I'm more concerned about the decision-making process -- and are they distributing the ball accordingly?"

I asked center Shane McDermott if it would be a little bit tougher Saturday protecting the quarterbacks, since the defense is motivated to do better.

He laughed. "It'll be a little bit tougher,'' he said. "But we'll block them.''

I asked guard Brandon Washington the same thing. "The defense feels like they didn't win last week's scrimmage,'' he said, "so I know they're going to come out harder. That means we're going to have to play even harder than we did last week.''

Here's a nice photo of Brandon when he played at Miami Northwestern High.

NOTE: Condolences are in order for Brandon Washington, another standup guy, who said his grandmother died a week and a half ago. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brandon and his family.


Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/04/scrimmage-2-almost-here-and-qbs-be-careful-tomorrow.html#ixzz1J1G9Sc44




The University of Miami holds its second scrimmage of the spring beginning at 10 Saturday morning at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami.

However, coach Al Golden is hoping that it's not a repeat of last week's scrimmage at Spanish River High School.

Golden, who wasn't happy with his team's conditioning, said neither the offense nor defense played with "energy I'm looking for" and added that both units were in "too much of a survival mode."

As it has been all spring, the focus of today's scrimmage will be on quarterback Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris, who are listed on the team depth chart as co-starters.

Both played well last week at Spanish River, throwing 34 passes between them without an interception. But most of the passes were within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage and there were few deep shots down the field. That may change today.

"We're going to see if we can stretch the field a little bit and, obviously, see if we can maintain the consistency of not turning the football over," offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said.

Golden added that today's scrimmage and next Saturday's spring game at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium would have "weighted" value in evaluating Harris and Morris.

Defensively, the Hurricanes have a lot to work on. UM's offense ran for 254 yards on 58 carries in the first scrimmage and generally pushed the defense around.

"I didn't think we were physical enough," defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said. "We weren't pushing back the piles. And I don't think our conditioning is where it needs to be at this point.

"I think we're making progress, but we do have some bad habits that need to be broken."

Noteworthy: Traz Powell Stadium is at 11380 N.W. 27th Ave., and the scrimmage is open to the public.


Old Skool

Article on the disparity in NCAA punishments that's worth a read



Old skill thanks for sharing this year has opened my eyes to the extreme hypocrisy of college football, my desire to be a fan is waning.


Ray ray gives up a TD on a pass
storm catches a TD,
James runs for a TD
Byrd just stiff armed Chambers helmet off his head



Just like last Saturday in Boca, the `Canes opened the scrimmage with goal line drills. Starting from the 3-yard line, a pair of Mike James runs accounted for the first TD before a Jacory Harris pass to Clive Walford on first down accounted for the second score. Since, Adewale Ojomo has gotten into the backfield twice forcing Harris to throw it away. After goal line drills are completed, the `Canes will open up the field and start from their own three.


Im really hoping nobody else in the ACC has a running back


awesome 20 yd run by Storm


Finnie picks off Stemo


ray ray knocks M james on his ass,
aight! a pick and a big hit by the d


Miller slices through for 18 yds


spence knock James out of the scrimmage


James up runs off the field


Ask old skool,Ocalacane or soup about their opinion of the entire weekend, I am 100% confident they had a blast.

Posted by: solarcane | April 08, 2011 at 10:40 PM

I had the time of my life,
And I owe it all to U,
I swear...


gaines picks of J12


I had a fantastic time with you guys, that was a great weekend.
Rafting this summer then kayaking fl together with you native and more friends, cant wait!


86 and raizecane have done it, so should you

Posted by: Six | April 09, 2011 at 01:54 AM

Been there, done that...had a good time.



Best play of scrimmage so far: morris launches deep pass over middle, ball bounces off benjamin into hands of ford who runs for 56-yd catch

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