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May 25, 2011


dj moonbat


Old Skool

And in second position


when does football star?



PS - I miss football... ='(


Speaking of football...

Papa Cane - New Offer: Miami has offered 4-Star LB Antonio Morrison, 6'3'' and 220 lbs. His favorite player is Ray Lewis and he really likes the U.


SOUP - Found it. Emailed U back. No need for a reply if U don't want. Thanks again!


Justin Antweil - Upset brewing in game one of the ACC Tournament. 6 seed Clemson leads 3 seed Georgia Tech 4-0 top of the 8th inning



"A huge group of former Canes superstars will be working Al Golden Football Camps this Sunday, including legend Leon Searcy.

There is still time to register for the chance to work with Gino Torretta & Leonard Hankerson by visiting AlGolden.com.

Leon Searcy

Kenny Holmes

Larry Jones

Earl Little

Alex Pou

Al Shipman

David Kintigh

Wesley Carroll

Lamar Thomas

Gerard Daphnis

Darryl Fullington

Alex Johnson

Ryan Collins

Rohan Marley

Chad Wilson

Craig Erickson

Bernie Kosar

Leonard Hankerson


HaHa Soup....We Won't Lose At Home....Its GOING to go 7....

12% and DIE HARD BULLS FAN....


Hey whats going on canespace its been a while..... Times flying and my 4 month old daughter is amazing.

I have a question ive embarked on a buisness partnership with a friend of mine and we need to create a website, i was wondering which site is the best at hosting, offers the opportunity to create the website their, and is economical.....or if anyone here builds websites feel free to email me so i can give you the ideas and what we are looking to accomplish my email address is FC.Elite18@gmail.com.


Hey UpNorth, glad to hear parenting is going well. Haven't talked to U for a while. What name did U settle on? We picked Ava Nicole for ours that's due in August.

I don't build websites, but I do chat with a few guys that know what they're doing. If U want to ask them directly, go to www.eq2flames.com and sign up (It's free), and scroll down to the bottom, there's a "Tech Support" question. Start a thread there and ask away.

If U don't wanna do that, let me know and I'll ask for U. There's some jerk that troll there, but generally, you'll get some good info.


**There's a "Tech Support" SECTION**...


Dorsett misses big award -- for good reason

Congratulations to incoming University of Miami receiver Phillip Dorsett, who Wednesday morning was named the Miami Herald's Class 6A-4A Broward County Male Athlete of the Year.

Dorsett also today was named the Miami Herald's Broward County Track Athlete of the Year.

Dorsett is already on campus taking classes at UM, and missed the ceremony. His father, Phillip Sr., accepted the trophies on behalf of his son.

Incidentally, another recent UM signee, running back Kevin Grooms of South Broward High, was a finalist for the Male Athlete of the Year -- and named to the first-team Class 6A-4A offense in football. He also received honorable mention recognition for basketball.

Dorsett helped lead St. Thomas Aquinas to the 2010 state football championship and the 2011 state track title.

He finished second in the 200 meters, third in the 100 and second in the long jump. Dorsett ran the second leg of the winning 4X400 relay.

In football, Dorsett, 5-9 and 170 pounds, had 35 receptions for 806 yards and 12 touchdowns as a senior.

Six members of UM's 2011 signing class have enrolled in the Summer I session that began classes last Wednesday: Dorsett, quarterback transfer (Memphis) Ryan Williams, defensive back transfer (Wake Forest) Michael Williams, wide receiver Rashawn Scott, defensive tackle Darius Smith and linebacker Gionni Paul.

"We are excited to have the group of young men on campus for summer session,'' UM coach Al Golden said this week in a written statement. "It is very advantageous to the guys who are here early. They get ahead in academics, get a feel for the lay of the land, get to know their teammates and not only do they get a leg up on conditioning, but they begin the adjustment process sooner.''



Dabo Swinney leaves his iphone at the BP station here, comes back and leaves a note to please return it, because it has very sensitive information on it.

My plumber friend writes on the note,
"like instructions to get back to my house"

some 15 year old kid around here has already jammed his sim card into it and is talkin ish I bet.


SOUP - Found it. Emailed U back. No need for a reply if U don't want. Thanks again!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 25, 2011 at 12:52 PM



12% and DIE HARD BULLS FAN....

Posted by: RCCF | May 25, 2011 at 02:25 PM

I have to tell U a story.

I am in Jacksonville staying at a hotel and so last night night I walked over to the bar at Appleby's (only thing nearby) to catch the game with some other sports fans and cheer the Heat on.

There's a guy there rooting for the Bulls so we are having a good time ragging each other as the the game goes on.

As regular time expired and the game was heading into overtime I buy the guy (and myself) a shot and a beer and tell him:

"I GOT THIS!" (READ: Heat was gonna win)

So he looks at me funny and then we drink up and watch the Bulls lose and the HEAT WIN.

Being a good sport he buys the next shot and beer and I tell him about the origin of the "I GOT THIS".

We both have a good laugh and drink up. Sports are good that way...


12% and DIE HARD BULLS FAN....

Posted by: RCCF | May 25, 2011 at 02:25 PM

BTW...I wrote an article about U and Al Golden. Turns out he's a 12%er too. Who woulda thunk it?


Me?....no Way...LoL...Al 12% Get Outta Here...
He Better Be...LmaO....good deal man...Love the Site..



From Barry Jackson at the Herald

• Golden wants more from his quarterbacks, has questions about middle linebacker and said his team is “far, far” from being in great shape and not wearing down. After analyzing the spring, Golden said neither Jacory Harris nor Stephen Morris is even slightly ahead.

“Flat-out dead heat. And just to make it easy for me,” he said sarcastically, “they decided to throw the same number of interceptions in the spring game.”

So does he go with the younger or older player if they are even in late August? Golden said he hasn’t considered that scenario.

Here’s what he wants more of from each: From Harris: “The preparation, the film study, the reads, the decisions making,” he said. “Where we want the ball to go. That’s key with both, most particularly with Jacory. He’s going to a couple of camps this summer so he will be around pro quarterbacks and the best college quarterbacks. Hopefully, he will learn a lot from that.”

And Morris? “With Stephen, we’re trying to get him to be more vocal, be more of a leader, be confident in his skill set and ability to lead,” Golden said. “You can’t play quarterback if you don’t lead. He’s made a lot of progress there, but that’s the area we’re looking for more.”

• Golden wants five or six quarterbacks for 2012, meaning he must add two or three to supplement Morris, Memphis transfer Ryan Williams and Clearwater’s Gray Crow, an oral commitment who will enroll in January. Westminster Christian’s David Thompson also has orally committed but might play pro baseball instead.

“If you’re a quarterback, this is an incredible opportunity, the greatest deal in college football right now,” Golden said.

Golden raves about Williams, who will be eligible in 2012. “Big, strong arm, he said. “Clearly a pro-style quarterback. He got rid of the ball with speed and authority and made good decisions. He started nine games and college coaches all over America slobber over a guy that starts nine games against good teams.”

• Golden is comfortable with JoJo Nicolas at one corner spot. The other? “If we can get Brandon McGee going, he will be a really talented player for us,” he said. “ Lee Chambers came on — [defensive coordinator] Mark D’Onofrio is impressed with him. Thomas Finnie has been a nice addition. [Senior transfer] Mike Williams gives us a guy that’s been in the league at Wake Forest; it’s not like we’re tied into a four-year deal.”

And Golden said safety Kacy Rodgers will play some corner.

• With Storm Johnson leaving, look for Maurice Hagens to get more carries behind Lamar Miller and Mike James. “It’s funny,” Golden said, “because I was the guy at the end of spring really pushing the coaches to make sure we’re getting Hagens enough work in one-back sets because he is a good runner. At 235 [pounds], he gives us a power back, too.”

• Golden said he’s “not satisfied yet” with his middle-linebacker play: “I think [incoming freshmen] Eddie Johnson and Gionni Paul will have something to say” about the position, he said. “ Jordan Futch made progress; Jimmy Gaines made the most progress of anybody. Kelvin Cain was hampered by injuries. He needs a good summer, needs to have a consistency in his game.”

• He said he feels better about tight end than he did earlier. “And it’s not just because Blake Ayles showed up, “Golden said. “It’s because Cory White established he is going to be a really good point-of-attack guy. He gave us more in the pass game than I thought he would at 278 pounds. Clearly, Clive Walford’s emergence made us feel better. The irony is, when I watched practice last December, I thought Asante Cleveland was our best tight end. So the guy who didn’t practice this spring still might be a wild card in this whole competition.”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/05/25/2233219_p2/golden-talks-quarterbacks-barkley.html#ixzz1NQ1Gz3Nb


Interesting read on Obama -



"The leadership provided by President Obama has been questioned by many. In fact many have criticized his leadership including Governor Barbour of Mississippi"

Geez what a shock, the Governor of Mississippi questioning the wisdom of a black man. Who would have ever believed it?


Ohio_Cane whats going on glad to hear from you also... I love the name you gave your daughter we settled on Alexia Mia loll i had to force the miami initials in their somewhere...... Thanx
For the info i appreciate it i will definately
Visit the site and if i have any questions ill let chu know... Godbless your daughter enjoy it as i know you are and hopefully will meet up in the future at a game and we can dress up the lil
Ones in miami cheerleader outfits...


You're full of swag, you're a bad ass, you have survived the fastest roller coasters in the US of A that get up to almost 60 mph.

Then you trot over to the brand new Ferrari Land Amusement Park and jump on the Ferrari Formula 1 coaster.

A 10,000 horsepower catapult( like those on an aircraft carrier blast you out onto the rails.
You hit a legitimate 150MPH... yes one hundred and fifty MPH , triple that of almost every roller coaster on earth.

Check the distortion in the two Ferrari Formula One race drivers faces,as they try out the brand new ride.



USC appeal denied



stop it at 0:24 and watch the guy on the right's wallet, money and credit cards get sucked right out of his pocket and blasted out out over Abu Dhabi.



Morris calls this the Real Season

ACC tournament

Wednesday’s results

(6) Clemson 9, (3) Georgia Tech 0

(1) Virginia 13, (8) Wake Forest 1

(2) Florida State vs. (7) N.C. State, late

Thursday’s games

(4) North Carolina vs. (5) Miami, 11 a.m.

(2) Florida State vs. (6) Clemson, 3

(3) Georgia Tech vs. (7) N.C. State, 7

Friday’s games

(1) Virginia vs. (5) Miami, 11 a.m.

(2) Florida State vs. (3) Georgia Tech, 3

(4) North Carolina vs. (8) Wake Forest, 7

Saturday’s games

(6) Clemson vs. (7) N.C. State, 11 a.m.

(5) Miami vs. (8) Wake Forest, 3

(1) Virginia vs. North Carolina, 7

Sunday’s game

Championship, 1 p.m.

By George Richards


Jim Morris doesn’t call this time of year the postseason or even the second season.

The coach of the 17th-ranked University of Miami’s baseball team simply calls it “the real season.”

With the regular season behind them, Morris and the Hurricanes begin their postseason journey at 11 a.m. Thursday at the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament in Durham, N.C.

UM will face No. 12 North Carolina before facing No. 1 Virginia on Friday morning.

Miami hasn’t been its usual dominating force this season. The Hurricanes have struggled at times (UM started 4-7 after being swept by Florida) and have had some frustrating losses this season.

That all can be forgotten Thursday when the conference tournament begins at the home of the Durham Bulls.

“Everything we’ve been doing has led us to this,” leadoff hitter Zeke DeVoss said. “I feel that we have a lot of confidence; we’re looking to do good at the ACC tournament and move on. In baseball, you have to put losses behind you and forget about them. We have a chance to prove that we have the best team in the conference.’’

Miami (34-20) didn’t fare poorly in the ACC this season, winning 19 of 29 conference games. But by ending up with the fifth seed, the Hurricanes draw two of the toughest teams in the league.

The Hurricanes took two of three against UNC this season before losing two of three to Virginia. Both of Miami’s losses to the Cavaliers were by one run.

“We didn’t do as well in the regular season as we wanted to, but we got a spot in the postseason, and this is the real season now. This is what we all play for,” starting pitcher Eric Whaley said. “We started off slow and people doubted us, but we’ve shown people what we can do. If we hit the way we’re capable of and pitch the way we can, we can beat anyone.”

The ACC tournament uses a round-robin format, with UM in a pool with UNC, Virginia and Wake Forest. The team with the best record in the pool will advance to Sunday’s championship game against the winner of the group composed of Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech and N.C. State.

Miami went 6-3 against teams in its pool and 4-5 against teams in the other pool. Miami did not face Clemson this season.

“The ACC tournament gets you ready for the big tournament because of the way it is set up,” Morris said. “A double-elimination tournament can blow your pitching staff up. For me, this is the way to go.”

The Hurricanes have won the ACC tournament once since playing their first season in 2005. Winning the tournament this season would help the Hurricanes’ chances of playing host to an NCAA regional next week.

Even without winning, the Hurricanes, who have made a record 38 consecutive trips to the NCAA regionals, are expected to be no worse than a No. 2 seed.

“This is what counts around here,’’ Morris said. “This is when it’s the most fun.”

Where UM lands will be announced on Memorial Day. For now, Morris and the Hurricanes are focused on familiar foes. UM has played North Carolina and Virginia within the past month. The Hurricanes three-game sweep of Wake Forest came in March before the Demon Deacons got hot and slipped into the tournament as the eighth seed.

“If you win two-thirds of your games in the ACC, a terrific conference, it gets you ready for the [NCAA] tournament,” said Morris, who has taken UM to the College World Series in Omaha, Neb., in 11 of his 17 seasons. The Hurricanes haven’t made that trip, however, since 2008.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/05/26/2235509/miami-hurricanes-real-season-set.html#ixzz1NSBhm212



Winter Garden West Orange strong safety Lucas Thompson has been quite the attraction this spring. Recruiting scouts have been flocking to the Orlando-area high school to see what all the fuss is about with the 6-foot-2, 180-pound athlete.

He’s had numerous coaches come to watch spring practices, and he had 12 scholarship offers when a huge one came in on Monday. The Miami Hurricanes invited him to the ‘U.’

“It’s exciting … shocking and exciting at the same time,” said Thompson. “It’s shocking to be getting recruited like this, especially since last year I wasn’t getting anything. I say since I started going to all the combines, and I’ve been doing good at all of those combines, that’s what helped me get all the attention.”

Now he has 13 offers, with Miami on top, followed by Washington State, as his top two. Other schools which have offered Thompson are UCF, FIU, East Carolina, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Marshall, Memphis, Mississippi, Temple and SMU.

“Yeah, [Miami] shot to the top of the list, them and Washington State,” Thompson said. “All my family is in Florida though, so it would be kinda hard to go that far. I’d just have to get used to it if I go out of state since everybody is here.”

Thompson said he currently carries a 2.5 GPA coming out of his junior year, but will be taking what is called a “grade forgiveness” program this summer with the Florida Virtual School. Thompson said once he comes out of that program, he should see his grades rise to an overall 3.4 GPA.

“I’m not gonna lie. I struggled my freshman year,” Thompson said. “But now I’m focused and I know I have to get the grades up.”

“He’s worked so hard on the field and off the field. He’s having a strong academic finish to this year,” West Orange coach Chip Petree said. “He’s taken himself from an in-state Florida recruit to a national recruit and we’re really, really thrilled.

“It’s really exciting the number of coaches who have been here at our school interested in our kids. It’s a great time to be a Warrior.”

Petree is not surprised to see UM jump to the leader spot on Thompson’s list.

“The University of Miami still holds a lot of stroke with our local kids ,” Petree said. “We’re very, very flattered and very, very appreciative of every school that has come out here.

“Now he’s in the middle of trying to decide which official visits he will go on.”



^^^^^^ Ahhhh..... the old grade forgiveness at the virtual school trick.



Figueroa, Figueroa, Figueroa

Sixth season allows Hurricanes’ Figueroa to leave back problem behind him
by Jorge Milian

There were times early last season that Joel Figueroa’s back bothered him so much he could barely move.

So imagine what it was like for him trying to block defensive ends from Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Clemson. But with UM’s back-up offensive tackles lacking experience, Figueroa pushed through it.

“We didn’t want the opponents to know anything but I was banged up pretty bad,” said Figueroa, who started at right tackle against Ohio State and Pittsburgh after spending the first three seasons of his UM career at guard. “From the get-go, I was never healthy. But you do what the coaches ask. I was just trying to be a leader and help my teammates. That’s what we needed.

“The guys on the outside were too young. Coach [Jeff Stoutland] felt they weren’t ready. Coach just said, ‘Do what you can out there. We understand that you’re hurt.’ I wasn’t going to say no. I kept going.”

During warm-ups before the Florida State game on Oct. 9, Figueroa was in so much agony that he had to shut himself down. Even tough guys – and the 6-foot-6 Figueroa is certainly that – have their limits.

“It got to the point where I could barely do the easy things,” Figueroa said. “I tried to go. It was a hard decision for me. That’s a rival for us. But I had to set my pride and feelings aside and tell coach that if I was out there, I would be a detriment to the team.

“It was tough. It was hard. But if I was out there I could have gotten my quarterback or running back hurt. I didn’t want that to happen. I thought about the team first and did what I thought was best.”

That meant undergoing surgery and missing the rest of the 2010 season. After the season, UM applied to the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility on Figueroa’s behalf. Everyone at UM thought the process to be a formality but Figueroa was kept from participating in any football-related activity during spring practice while awaiting the NCAA’s decision.

Earlier this month, word came that Figueroa was cleared to play a sixth season.

“Definitely a blessing,” said Figueroa, who holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and plans on enrolling in a graduate degree program. “I have a lot of friends who are done playing football. They have to face reality…they have to go into the real world. This gives me another opportunity to continue on and have another chance to get better, get healthy and have another season so I can get to the next level.”

The offensive line was already UM’s best and deepest unit before Figueroa’s return. Four starters are back from last season and three other linemen who started at least one game also return.

Where Figueroa fits in will likely be determined during fall practice. Figueroa has started 13 games at guard during his career but will have to battle for playing time with incumbents Brandon Washington and Harland Gunn as well as top reserve Brandon Linder. Seantrel Henderson, Jermaine Johnson and Malcolm Bunche finished spring practice as the top three tackles.

“When I get back, I plan to start,” Figueroa said. “That’s what I want to do. But I have to work at it because I’ve been out for such a long time and I have other guys in front of me now. I have no problem working myself back.”

Figueroa admits he’d rather play guard because “at guard, you can be more aggressive and I’m an aggressive player. I would like to play guard, but I will play whatever.”

Figueroa said he only recently began to run, but has kept himself in pretty good condition despite the long layoff. At one point early in his UM career, Figueroa weighed 350-plus pounds. He’s at 323 pounds now and plans to be at 315 once fall practice opens in early August.

Few Hurricanes are anticipating the start of practice more than Figueroa.

“I can’t wait,” he said.



Dang Native. I'm jealous. Hopefully you get a severe case of bluebird skies and crystal clear water.

Posted by: Old Skool | May 23, 2011 at 11:19 AM

Dude, Im not big on riding around the caribbean with 2000 strangers but this 15 year anniversary cruise I did for the wife turned out to be a lot of fun and now Im solid gold for another 5 years.
We hit Cozumel and the Mayan ruins in Tulem built on the bluffs of the most beautiful beach Ive ever been on in my life,
Zip lining, cave tubing,and drinking Beliken Beer in Belize,
Clear kayaking and reef snorkeling in Roatan,
Snorkeling the Barrier Reef in Grand Cayman,
...and generally sporting around the ship in Canespace Gear!

Go Canes!!!

Old Skool

Solar LOL


Native - when are you going on your trip and what boat are you on? It sounds axactly like the cruise I am going on.


Native - nevermind...it looks like you already went. Any tips you can give me?? I am leaving on the 12th and gone for 7 days. That's 7 days of sun and drinking......

Looks like you did an excursion at each port. Do you recommend we book through the cruise line or wait until we get to a port to book something?


Thanks for all you do, Native.

Five years though? I get my wife a cruise and it doesn't last a month. You are a lucky man...


raizecane, You have a "cleaner" experience booking through the cruise line but they wouldnt book both the zip-line and cave tubing so we opted for X-Stream and they took us on a wild bus ride that Solar could write one helluva story about and though I had a good time in Belize it was my least favorite of all Ports.

Are you leaving out of Tampa or Miami?

Go Canes!!!


Are you leaving out of Tampa or Miami?

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | May 26, 2011 at 09:02 AM

Leaving out of Miami......


Five years though? I get my wife a cruise and it doesn't last a month. You are a lucky man...

Posted by: Ungar | May 26, 2011 at 08:39 AM

Ungar, Mrs. Native is a great femalegirlwoman but I may have been exaggerating about 5 years. ha

Go Canes!!!


With a name like raizecane I bet you'll have a higher liquor bill.

Go Canes!!!


Yeah Raize leaving out of Tampa on Carnival Legend I had to put up with the usual mix of Semigatorbulls and just a few Canes but in ports with the sister ship Glory out of Miami I ran across a lot of Canes!


Gary Kubiak thankful for Andre Johnson's connections - http://www.procanes.com/files/57a6f79e6c94ccb10b5842fea67b8e3b-8960.html


With a name like raizecane I bet you'll have a higher liquor bill.

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | May 26, 2011 at 09:12 AM

You know it brotha. I'm researching what the best way is to smuggle in booze. I hear those drinks on board are not cheap.


My son went on one a couple years ago and they let him bring 2 gallons of water so he replaced one with tequila and one with vodka and made out good.
I didnt and had a $700 bill.

Go Canes!!!


I didnt and had a $700 bill.

Go Canes!!!

Posted by: NativeCane | May 26, 2011 at 12:12 PM


Oh yea, $100 a day on drinks can happen real easily. I am looking forward to it. 2 weeks / 2 days and counting.


Tar Heels score another run on a single to center.Canes don't seem to have an answer for UNC bats today. Carolina leads 5-0 in the 5th.

Old Skool

Raize if you're going to Cozumel, there's an excellent Cuban restaurant down the main avenida from where the ships dock or the tenders land. It's on the second story about three quarters of the way down the Avenida Rafael Melgar (never fails I can remember the road but not the restaurant name)

When I was there, you got to listen to great Cuban jazz, eat some very good food, drink mojitos made with real Cuban rum and smoke some fine stogies.


InsideTheU - Northrup Extremely Interested in UM http://t.co/Ntogfzv


Canes score! Carey bloops one in shallow center top of the 6th 2 out 2 men on base.

Go Canes!!!


OLD School - I have added that to my "places to go' list. I love good cuban food and a cigar is the perfect way to end the meal.

I think we are going to rent jeeps while in Cozumel so we will be able to go all over the island.


Bases loaded Devoss batting.

Go Canes!!!

Willie Will in Nashville


whats going on my friend? I think the last time we talked we had both found out we were bout to be dads. I think i heard you're having a girl, if so what did you name her? I found out i'm having a boy, so maybe he'll be a future cane!!

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