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May 20, 2011



I agree with you that Rony will have the very best look at the pros. About the only others I think would have a chance would be Zeke and Whaley with Whaley facing the better chance

Zeke has some amazing speed and is solid at the plate but really needs another year

Whaley is just a good solid pitcher with the #s to back it up. He has some good stuff. Another guy that will get drafted and could have a tough choice to make


`Canes win 5-2 and now sit back to wait the results of the Heels v Cavs game to see if they get the 4th or 5th see in the ACC tournament

`Canes end the regular season 34-20 19-10 ACC


Bolts win 5-3 in front of the most quiet crowd in the NHL.


Bolts win, BOLTS WIN!!!

Tampa 5, Boston 3


Preakness coverage coming on NBC at 4:30 PM.

See U around 5:30 PM with my picks.


This area (813/727) really isnt very supportive of any of their teams


Not a bad draw IMO for the ACC tourney. Whether 4 or 5 seed they'll be bracketed w/ UVA, UNC and a stiff. They will have a winning record against the teams in their bracket as a whole, and against 2 of the 3 individually. They also miss FSU, GT and Clemson-all 3 of them are playing well now. I guess we'll see.

The downside is that UNC seems to be getting hot, however MIami took 2 of three at UNC, and UVA is beatable. The Canes can compete with anyone IMO because of their deep pitching staff, an exceptional leadoff hitter, and the ever improving Harold M. They just have to find some guys who can get that key hit in the key moment beside Harold and Zeke. Rony had a nice game today-love to see him get hot for a few weeks.

The real deficiency on this team is lack of fundamentals, not really a lack of talent. Youth has something to do with that, but if they finish the same way, I'd like to see some changes going forward. Not #3, but the asst's. There is a lot of talent coming back next year, both on and off the mound. If they clean up those fundamentals, they can be a real factor the rest of the way, and perhaps a force in 2012.

LETS GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Correction: Miami swept UNC.

They also swept either 8th seed (NCST or Wake). So with UVA just 6-6 over their last 12 games, I think this is a favorable draw for our Canes. Can they execute?


Trifecta Box both bets.

I've got:

Animal Kingdom
Mucho Macho Man
Dance City

Mrs. 86 has:

Dialed In
Sway Away
Animal Kingdom


I thought the Sunday game the Heels beat the `Canes but I could be wrong

The `Canes are 21-4 when they score 1st so needless to say if they can come out and put some runs up early to back up the staff then they can be a tough team to beat no matter who they play


You're right, Seb. I had it the first time. In any event, I like the match-ups.

Miami is currently 18 in the RPI. With ASU on probation I believe they are unable to host, so a good showing in the ACC tourney and Miami may still have a shot at a home Regional.

They also have one of the lowest opponents' BA in the nation against the 13th rated schedule. Impressive.

macjones de Albuquerque

Longshot Shackleford STEALS the bloody 136th running of the Preakness. oUch.

Mea cUlpa, mea cUlpa. I touted Animal Kingdom as a straight U-p winner.

The Kingdom ran second. Yikes.

So, I hope U-all Hurricane bUbba's had the common sense to " back up " your bets. Not that any of U-all took my tout seriously! LOL

Now, I don't blame John one iota, because he was instructed by the cheerio Brit trainer to sit at the far end of the pack.

But Velasques made his MOVE too late! That and slow fractions at four furlong and six furlong quarter fractions.

When I heard those fractions, I knew Animal Kingdom was in trouble. Still the colt made a strong move down the strectch. Yet came up short, eh.

C'est La Vie

Good evening and Good night


What a bonus it would be if Pelaez could could add something during this tournament

I didnt think he was going to play at all this season and not only did he make it back but he hit .313 in league play

The `Canes sure need the bottom of the lineup to pick it up


Marlins beat the Rays for the 2nd straight day 5-3


Canespace End of the World Update:

business as usual...


Canespace End of the World Update:

Iceland's Meteorological Office confirmed that an eruption had begun at the Grimsvotn volcano, accompanied by a series of small earthquakes. Smoke could be seen rising from the volcano, which lies under the uninhabited Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland.


The end is nigh, the end is nigh...NOT!

orange 'n green in the vein

Posted by: SlingBlade | May 21, 2011 at 07:21 PM

Obviously the entrance pyro for at least one of the four horsemen if not all of them as a tag team unit.

I'm sure the cretin's listening to the gospel radio stations that propagated this non-story will now renounce their false prophet and turn to science and reason instead as a result of this, right? No, I'm not holding my breath for it either.


Storm Johnson is barred from transferring to nearly 30 schools, about 25% of all Div 1 schools, according to fresh disclosures made by Wesleigh SJ Sr.

The Johnson family is crying foul, and vowing to lawyer up.



Ogv.......lol! When Mother Earth decides it is time to go, it will be time to go, until then enjoy every day and love your loved ones like it is your last :) And if she decides it is time to go ain't a damn thing any of us can do. SO DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY! :)


The Mavs are not fooling around tonight!!!

The most complete team of the 4 left in the playoffs


And the Award Goes to…
Being the last home game of the year today, several Hurricanes were honored with team awards. Recipients were as follows:
Rookie of the Year – Bryan Radziewski
Homerun Award – Rony Rodriguez
Fraser Top Pitcher Award – Eric Whaley
Werner “Winner” Award – Nathan Melendres
Novins “Fan Vote” Award – Bryan Radziewski
Most Valuable Player – Zeke DeVoss

ACC championship starting wednesday may 25th

Pool A

#1 Virginia 0-0
#4 North Carolina 0-0
#5 Miami 0-0
#8 Wake Forest 0-0

Pool B

#2 Florida State 0-0
#3 Georgia Tech 0-0
#6 Clemson 0-0
#7 NC State 0-0


Thanks for the info on the pools M-C

Its going to be tough for the `Canes but they can make a nice showing in this tournament and end up hosting a regional


The Earth, as we know it, will be pulverized by the sun.

The Sun will flame out, and thus the end of our solar system.

This will all happen eventually after quadrillions of years later pass.

Billion of years before Earth would be pulverized, our descendants who will gradually be about 25 feet tall and about 1000 lbs,will be billion times smarter, and will produce jumbo jets & spaceships crusing at 10 light years per day at any altitude.

We would colonize another planet, i.e., Gliese-581G, in the Gliese solar system. Humans will habit in the new system, continue living, and will try to bring their One God (from old planet Earth) with them, only to find that He was already ruling there.


Montreal - don't even get me started about the so called "Bolts fans" that live here

The whole flap about that moron radio host that was crying about Boston putting up some hilarious ads, ragging on Tampa fans, and the analogy he used by saying that Tampa fans swept in like Seal Team Six when it came to flooding the Bruins media people with phone calls to get the ad taken down

Great job idiot. You just made the Bolt fanbase look like a bunch of cry babies .. bandwagon cry babies at that

And how about the Bruins people actually taking the ads down? When did they turn into eunuchs? I would've said to hell with Tampa and those fans calling up

The entire lower bowl of the St. Pete Times Forum is an embarrassment. Sitting with their hands under their asses for all the games (except when they're on their cell phones, updating their Facebook), hardly making any noise - esp. the people sitting right next to the glass, not standing up and slapping the glass with their hands when the play is right in front of them ... if the Bolts announcer Paul Porter didn't get on the mic to try and get people loud or the music didn't play in between stoppage of play, then it would be about as loud as an open area of a mall

Pathetic fans here in Tampa


The Johnson family is crying foul, and vowing to lawyer up.

Posted by: Scribe747SP | May 21, 2011 at 09:13 PM



Pathetic fans here in Tampa

Posted by: Six | May 22, 2011 at 12:13 AM

In ALL of Florida really.

No real comitment to the teams, just a simple passing glance as we go by.

orange 'n green in the vein

Monty is just bitter because the Habs took their foot off the throat before the bear was dead. Well that plus Carey Price is still in net for them I imagine.

Turd fans will still turn out when the team is living up to its historical average performance I'd say, so there's one part of Florida so starved for entertainment they'll be hardcore despite mediocrity. Of course, Lightning haven't been a mediocre example of a franchise for a while now except the one year they tanked for the draft pick that was Stamkos so by now they should have figured it out down there as paying customers. Bucs fans were as good as you could expect during the sherbert jersey years I'd say given what they had to cheer for and once they went all pewter they've been a decent pro fan-base. It's just too nice of a state too rich in other things to do for the most part to let sports rule everything for the average attendee, this isn't Alabama after all and the weather isn't horrible six months out of the year like it is on the NE seaboard so that's the biggest factor I imagine in the malignant levels of passivity of fan-hood around the state.


Billion of years before Earth would be pulverized, our descendants who will gradually be about 25 feet tall and about 1000 lbs,will be billion times smarter, and will produce jumbo jets & spaceships crusing at 10 light years per day at any altitude.

Posted by: Scribe747SP | May 21, 2011 at 11:01 PM

Ludicrous. 10 lighy-yrs per day would require said ship to be traveling at roughly 3652.5 times c (the speed of light). Not happening. Furthermore, the concept of altitude does not apply in space. I don't know what was more preposterous, rapture talk or this.


The Mavs are not fooling around tonight!!!

The most complete team of the 4 left in the playoffs

Posted by: Sebastian57 | May 21, 2011 at 09:48 PM

I thought defense was a pretty important part of the game. If by complete you really mean completely deficient at one end of the floor, then you are right on with your assessment.


Soup - no excuse for Bolts fans to be apathetic - these are the Eastern Conference Finals!


MacJones - Ugh! Another 1/16 and Animal Kingdom would have caught him for sure. Sometimes the best horse does not win :\


From The Vault in 2007:

I can just see it now, shannon and mike barrow running out the smoke like old times, they will be fired up as coaches, shannon will be on a real high, because he's got his dream job now, so it's over for college football, they can hang it up.

Posted by: Calvin | May 19, 2007 at 07:08

To the rest of college football....STRAP UP!

Posted by: Cavaleer | April 30, 2007 at 23:21

The one statement i want to hear, that'll be music to my ears, will be this "shannon has no class, he's running up the score", that's when i'll know for sure, them boyz are back".

Posted by: Calvin | June 02, 2007 at 16:43

Shannon is bringing in a lot of young thoroughbreds. In two years we'll pick up where we left off in '01-'02, although I honestly think Shannon's teams will be deeper and better than those teams, yeah, I said it. 86, put that in the vault. Yeah, I said it. lol

Posted by: Cavaleer | June 02, 2007 at 15:42


Kiper's latest Big Board for 2012 has Ray Ray Armstrong at #18 and Forston at #23

Posted by: OhioCane | May 20, 2011 at 10:53 PM

Wurd on da skreet...is that the new UM football coaches are totally FREAKED about #26's talent, size and ability.

And when I say totally, I mean like TOTALLY!

Posted by: SOUP | May 20, 2011 at 11:13 PM

I agree with that. When I saw #26 Ray Ray this spring, I was very impressed. #26 is strong, athletic and a legitimate 6'4" or taller, and there is not one person he cannot tackle once he gets his hands on them. He made a lot of plays, including big hits and turnovers. #26 looks like the most talented safety at UM since Phillips and Taylor. With the right development, #26 will be a force this season and beyond.

UM has talent on campus. UM will have a great 2011 season now that they have real coaching and player development. UM can win at least 10 games, its first ACC crown and have more than just two first round picks.


UM has talent on campus. UM will have a great 2011 season now that they have real coaching and player development. UM can win at least 10 games, its first ACC crown and have more than just two first round picks.

Posted by: WindyCane1 | May 22, 2011 at 11:42 AM

Let's hope U are correct!


OGV - The Bolts are easily the best sports franchise Tampa has had in the past 8 years when it comes to being in the playoffs and winning the ultimate prize

Last 8 years = playoffs 5 times, including winning the Stanley Cup

that's including being a franchise that has gone through different owners, GMs and coaches

Melrose was an absolute joke and so was the ownership group that brought him in, they should've just stuck with producing 2 1/2 Men and the Saw movies. Tocchet was just a babysitter that was completely out of place


Monty is just bitter because the Habs took their foot off the throat before the bear was dead. Well that plus Carey Price is still in net for them I imagine.

orange 'n green in the vein | May 22, 2011 at 01:54 AM

OGV i think most of the people following Hockey will agree just like CGNC said: "no excuse for Bolts fans to be apathetic - this is the Eastern Conference Final"

I want the Bolts to win and face Vancouver in the Stanley cup final...Sorry canechic about your Sharks but they have to play 60 minutes to beat the Canucks.

OGV i never expect the Habs to win against Boston because like the Pens they had key players injured. I had the Bruins winning in 5 but they did it in 7.

Let's go Heat tonight is the night!


with that being said, there's way too many Bolts fans that absolutely suck

It's easy though for them to be bandwagon, b/c when the team loses, they just shrug their shoulders and then go donate their newly acquired Bolts gear (t-shirts, jerseys, flags for their car) to one of those Salvation Army or Goodwill bins

then they wait for the Rays to make the playoffs so they can go purchase new Rays gear and go to the game to "be seen" ... and during the game, ask people where certain Rays players are that haven't been on the team for a few years

It's funny b/c even yesterday when I was wearing one of my Rays fitted hats, a guy told me that my hat is old school and where did I get it from .. Lids, Champs, Sports Fanattic?

I said "1998"


Old Skool - that pic you sent me in the email was classic and ya, I did appreciate it

Also, have a story for you about that Navy SEALs shirt from that day, involving the Governor

orange 'n green in the vein

Six, I've always despised Tocchet as a player. Plus I hear he isn't much of a gambler either. (Oh! Was that a cheap shot? Well now you know how it feels on the receiving end if you're reading this Rick.)

Melrose on the other hand was only brought in so he could complete his lifelong dream of coaching both the Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan of hockey I thought? He was obviously better with the guy in the broom-ball helmet than the skate wearing guard/center of the future.

You don't think the Buc fan-base has been decent through the laughingstock days to Morris' first season all things considered? I would go to Bears games against the sherbet soft serve ice cream teams and the fans seemed like they would turn out all right and were into the games even though they knew they were going to eventually lose thanks to Testeverde's color blindness. At least that's what I remember them saying was the reason why they sucked.

orange 'n green in the vein

Monty I'm not saying they are a good fan-base, in fact they have the worst fan-base of Tampa's pro teams, which if you follow the (no longer Devil-)Rays at all, you know how much an indictment that is against their fans, even more so when you consider the success they've had over the last decade. I also think playing Boston amplifies the crowd issues because of so many transplant fans cheering for the Bruins in the first place overshadow the home team's supporters to begin with.

Of course, I'd contend that hockey is not what you'd define as a native Floridian sport in the first place so it's going to take multiple generations of fans raising their kids raising their kids and so on down the line to be die-hard Lighting fans to grow a fan-base the team can be proud of in how fanatical they support them, something which hasn't been there so far but it's going to take a LOT of time to do that. I went to go see them play the Devils out at the fairgrounds when they first were created, that was not going to engender a good fan support system when you're playing almost literally in a big tin barn. The Times Forum however is a different story all together.

And admit it, after the Habs took the first two games you were planning another riot after last years upset in the first round, you can cop to Monty, we won't hold it against you in a court of law, lol!


OGV - I think this town is still divided on what went down with Gruden and they refuse to give Raheem a chance ... it's be evident since he's taken over, even with the really good draft picks Dominik/Raheem have made since they were appointed to their positions

I'd say there was maybe 2% in favor of Raheem pining hard for the Bucs to draft Josh Freeman - and that 2% was at One Buc Place and also in the household of Josh Freeman. That pick proved everyone, I mean EVERYONE wrong. They bring in K2 for Freeman in 2009. Then, they add some young big beef at the DT positions ... then give Josh Freeman some young weapons at WR ... they go get a big bruising back that can run (and also sucker punch) in LeGarrette Blount off of waivers from being on the Titans practice squad ... they have a pretty damn decent draft this year as well

But the fans would still rather stay at home than go to games - hence the entire home schedule basically being blacked out for the Bucs. When a home game vs. the Steelers is blacked out, then you know something is wrong

Football is still king no matter what in Tampa, it will always be, esp. since we're in a nothing but football state

The Glazers have also helped immensely in souring the Bucs fan base as well - on top of the byebye-Gruden fans vs. pro-Gruden fans that think Raheem is a joke

On a side note, I talked with Raheem for a while this past Friday on the sidelines of a high school football jamboree at Jefferson High School - he was attending the Plant High vs. Leto High game. I started clowning him for wearing a Nike Oregon Ducks shirt - asking him if he lost a bet with LeGarrette or something, b/c Raheem went to Hofstra and is from New Jersey. He asked me why I was ragging on him about it, about how he thought we were cool with each other and I was being mean to him while he was just there to enjoy some Friday night lights football. Real cool cat Raheem is, very cool .. he can take it and dish it as well


Speaking of the Plant High vs. Leto High jamboree game

You heard it here first - remember this name ...

Austin Roberts

He was a Frosh last year at Plant High and could've been on their Varsity team, some of their coaches told me. He's a WR/TE hybrid type player. He's good. Real good. Very athletic. The coaches said the only reason they didn't put him on Varsity last year was b/c they wanted to keep his head from ballooning - he's not exactly shy in his abilities and telling people

There were 5 different college scouts there, (Rutgers, Bowling Green, Georgia, FAU) - and they were all asking about him after a few of his catches

He's going to blow up on the recruiting scene very very soon

His dad was roaming around on the Plant High sidelines in coaching gear, helping out with the WRs/TEs

His dad has some time for that b/c his real job is kind of on hold right now - he's the TE Coach for the Bucs .... and he's a Cane

Alfredo Roberts


MacJones - Ugh! Another 1/16 and Animal Kingdom would have caught him for sure. Sometimes the best horse does not win :\

Posted by: CGNC | May 22, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Carolina Cane girl, Animal Kingdom is and or was the best colt in the Preakness!

What cost the Kingdom- No not the House of Saud- was a bloody TACTICAL error by Kingdom's connections.

The 3 year-old was freaking' EIGHTEEN ( 18 ) lengths off the front runners down the backstrech. Baby, that way too many lengths to be back.

And baby, not too many Grade A horses are going to win, let come up short by 1/2 length that far out of the running.

Like you said CGNC, another ten or twelve yards and Animal Kingdom would've nipped Shackleford-sp at the wire.

Put it this way. Animal Kingdom is gonna' win the Belmont!

BLOODY gUarantee it!!


Put it this way. Animal Kingdom is gonna' win the Belmont!

BLOODY gUarantee it!!

Posted by: macjones | May 22, 2011 at 01:53 PM

Agree 90%.

Or maybe Dialed In?


Alfredo Roberts enters his second season in Tampa Bay as tight ends coach after spending two seasons (2007-08) in the same capacity with the Cleveland Browns.

In his first season with Tampa Bay, Roberts welcomed his former pupil TE Kellen Winslow to his unit following an offseason trade. Winslow continued to excel under Roberts, posting one of the best seasons for a tight end in team history. He finished first on the team in receptions (77) and receiving yards (884), both good for single season franchise records among tight ends. Winslow led or tied for the team lead in receptions in 12 of the 16 games in 2009 and also led the team in receiving yards eight times. He also led the team with five receiving touchdowns, matching his single-season career-high and tied for the fourth-most in a single season among Buccaneer tight ends.

While on the Browns staff, Roberts tutored standout TE Steve Heiden and Winslow, who recorded 125 receptions for 1,534 yards and eight touchdowns from 2007-08. In 2007, Winslow was one of the most dominating tight ends in the game, setting a career high with 1,106 yards and five touchdowns. Winslow was named to his first Pro Bowl that season and ranked third among NFL tight ends with his 82 receptions and 1,106 yards.

Prior to joining the Browns, Roberts served in the same capacity with the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2003-06. With the Jaguars, Roberts worked with veteran tight ends Kyle Brady, Brian Jones and Todd Yoder. He also worked with promising young tight ends George Wrighster (39 receptions for 353 yards in 2006) and the Jaguars first-round selection Mercedes Lewis (13 receptions for 126 yards in 2006).

Prior to joining the Jaguars staff, Roberts was a member of the inaugural coaching staff at Florida Atlantic University from 1999-2002. Roberts served as wide receivers coach for his final two seasons at Florida Atlantic before exiting the college ranks for the NFL.

Roberts attended the University of Miami from 1983-87, where he was a member of two national champion¬ship teams. The first was under Howard Schnellenberger in 1983, which was the school’s first championship, and again in 1987 under Jimmy Johnson. Roberts played on five bowl teams for the Hurricanes, including two Orange Bowls, two Fiesta Bowls and one Sugar Bowl.

Roberts was an eighth-round draft pick by Kansas City in the 1988 NFL draft, spending three seasons with the Chiefs. In 1991, he joined the Dallas Cowboys and was a part of two Super Bowl championship teams under the guidance of Jimmy Johnson, in 1992 and 1993. Roberts played in 16 straight games for five consecutive seasons until his career ended in 1994 following foot and knee injuries. During his six-year NFL career, Roberts was considered one of the best blocking tight ends in the game.


`Canes baseball for ACC tournament

Thursday 11am v Heels

Friday 11am v Cavs

Saturday 3pm v Wake Forest

Lets Go `Canes


When Miami and Florida met early in the 2011 season, the Gators came away with a 4-1 win at the ITA Indoor Championships in Virginia. This time around the time zone is different, the Canes' line-up is very different and stakes are obviously much higher.

The seventh-seeded Hurricanes will face second-seeded Gators in the NCAA quarterfinals on Sunday, May 22 at 3 p.m. EST at the Taube Tennis Center. The winner will move on into the NCAA's Final Four.

"I sense more of a calmness from the girls this time around going into our match with Florida," head coach Paige Yaroshuk-Tews said. "It helps that we have already seen them once this season and it helps that we had a lot of really close matches with them."

Miami (21-6) has reached this point in the tournament by taking down FIU in the first round, Texas in the second and Michigan in the Round of 16 on Friday. The Canes beat the Wolverines, by a score of 4-2, getting a big win from freshman Kayla Rizzolo in the No. 4 position to secure the victory and keep Miami's run going in California.


Rays might actually salvage a game in the series with the Fish - could possibly stay top the AL East with a win today .... need the Cubs to take care of business today as well to keep the Red Sawks back

Longo is hitting like complete crap in the past 6 games, .076

Still no idea who this guy wearing the "Shields" jersey is for the Rays this year ... then again, not being counted on as the #1 helps him as well - never was a #1 in the 1st place


Brignac has been beyond pathetic, if thats even possible, this season at the plate as well as leading the team with 4 errors

Their catching situation is out of control

I dont think they can hold on for a playoff spot but that wont stop me from pulling for them to make it or attending as many games as I can

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