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May 20, 2011



Shields with a career high 13 Ks .. it's his 8th Complete Game and 4th Shutout for his career

Trade him now while his stock is high, ha

It's not like all the other Rays that have been traded or not re-signed this past year have been doing anything good to great, with the exception of Balfour


article from allcanes about the baseball team..

IN OTHER NEWS : I had a chance to spend a lot of time with the Canes baseball team and head coach Jim Morris on Wednesday. For those who have spent some time with Coach Morris, you know this man has some stories to tell - most of which can't be told here.

One thing I found interesting, in regards to the scholarship situation - Coach Morris has never awarded a full scholarship to any player at Miami. For those who aren't aware, the NCAA only allows each program 11.7 scholarships for baseball, meaning, 99.9% of the time players have to split scholarships.

Coach Morris told me that he lets parents know that if they aren't prepared to pay for their son, one way or another, to attend the University of Miami, to move on. 'The U' costs about $50K a year to attended, while we're talking about under $20K a year to attend either the University of Florida or Florida State. For those critical of how Miami has recruited as of late, take this into consideration when thinking of Coach Morris and staff going after the same guys the Gators and Noles are going after.

Even with four championships to UF and FSU's zero, the talent pool isn't as big as you think when factoring finances into the equation. Some families simply aren't going to take out the loans required to send their kids through private school when a less expensive state school option presents itself.

Think about it - not even the great Pat Burrell had a full ride - which makes what "3" has done that much more impressive.

When taking all that into account, it doesn't excuse that this team hasn't lived up to expectations this year, but it puts things into perspective. Miami will reach the post-season for the 39th straight season and Coach Morris has 800+ wins at UM. The man deserves more praise, not more grief.


Reid has a big blind spot up at the plate in a certain zone and the pitchers are pounding it - Shelton has some work ahead of him with Reid

Other than that, considering it's a $41 million payroll - 2nd lowest in baseball right about the Royals - they're not doing too damn bad

... and that's with all the people they lost this past year, using some players as starters that were throw ins during certain trades


Sling - funny how when one of the teams, such as the baseball team, isn't doing so well .. then the digging for excuses is put into Indiana Jones mode - but made sure to have "it's not an excuse" in it

The guy that wrote that (I refuse to call a grown man by the nickname he goes by) is one of the biggest Cane homers in the world ... and it's not Chris, the guy that can actually write very good pieces for his website

It wasn't a real problem before, so why is it a big problem now?

How about not having the fundamentals down (something that has been preached and beaten down to a pulp by some of us here on this very blog)?

How about having assistants on the staff that are no where near the caliber of 3 former members of your staff (something that has been preached and beaten to a pulp by one particular person on here .. I'm looking in the mirror) - and that being a pretty big reason why Morris did in fact get to that many wins and post-season accolades. There's no doubt that Morris is a very good coach - but also you're as good as your assistants as well

Why is it a problem now, competing with UiF, when it really wasn't that big of a problem before hand when they had Andy Lopez at the helm or Pat McMahon?

If money is the excuse, then how about this ... how about doing what Golden and D'Onofrio have been said to be able to do while they were at Temple - and that is developing the players they brought in?

Why is the money excuse just now the issue? Has the cost of going to Miami changed that dramatically from say 2004 to now? Then how about 2006 or 2008 to now


I was sorry to hear of the passing of Brignacs Grandpa

That was in poor taste of me to bash him today


What worries me the most with the Rays is the catching situation and whats going to happen with the middle infield

The health of the Jeff N. really has me worried. I dont know whats going on with Wades control lately but im hoping he gets back in that zone again. Ive just been a touch concerned about his last few starts control wise


Tuition at enrollment at Miami, according to US News and World Report on America's Best Colleges is ...

$37,836 for tuition and fees

How about Rice University. Private school, around 5,600 kids. Good baseball program. Since 2000-present, they've gone to the CWS 5 times. They have to compete with some pretty good schools in Texas as well

Rice - $33,771 for tuition and fees

How about Stanford University. Private school, around 18,000 kids. Good baseball program. Since 2000-present, they've gone to the CWS 5 times. They have to compete with a lot of good baseball schools in California

Stanford - $39,201 for tuition and fees


Sebastian57 - their catching situation has been atrocious for a few years now, aside from that 1 magical year that Navi had behind the plate

Not only can Shoppach and Jaso not hit that well, Jaso can't set up behind the plate to help his pitchers get strikes called

Right now they have Lobaton and Chirinos down in Durham - Lobaton is hitting better of the 2 and was tied for 2nd on the team in HRs (take that as you will, it's AAA) .. but I think Chirinos is better defensively

They have to address the situation pretty soon simply b/c of their mantra of pitching/defense/run prevention


I think Sean Rod and Brignac are the future of the middle infield ... just gotta give the kids more reps out there together

Zobey can be put anywhere, and as you've seen, he's played everywhere. That's why signing him to that long term deal was huge for this team, simply b/c of his utility type status and also being a switch hitter

Until they signed Kotch this past off-season, I thought Zobey would be the regular 1B b/c I knew Dan Johnson would blow and didn't want him anywhere near 1B ... well, look what happened, he got sent down finally. When you are literally not hitting your own weight, and you weigh under 160 lbs, you've got problems


Six the cost is 52,000.00 for Nicole but she is on scholarship. This does not count her expenses that is just room, food, board, books and tuition. That must be an old article.


Sharks are so mentally weak, they sure took their stupid pills today oh vay going to work out not wasting my time on this garbage.

Wow the teams I seem to follow these days have no mental fortitude at all. Wimps them all!


Six...Stanford has an excellent atheletic department. Football is their only weakness, and that is improving. They dominate alot of "lesser" sports, plus have outstanding programs in basketball and baseball. We should copy what they are doing.

Old Skool

I got to hand it to our newest commit, Whitfield. Every one says the U is their dream school. This guy showed it.

He gets an offer and commits a year early.

Sounds like this is one guy who even if he never speaks to the coaches again won't be complaining 20 months from now that they haven't shown him enough love.

He just wants to come, not have his hand held and his ego stroked.


Coral Gables, Fla.—The University of Miami and head football coach Al Golden have announced that six members of the 2011 Signing Class have enrolled in the Summer I session. The group began classes on campus on May 18.


VA Cane

Thanks Canechic...I know what you mean. My niece is about $50,000....my brother in law said he could help with his daughter...after he gets drunk, high and pays for his cars...he gave us $2,000 last year nice guy...loser. It is not cheap...but I adopted her as mine, so I dont care....Still not cheap

VA Cane

Regarding predictions....anyone catch RL52 talking about if the lockout continues, crime will go up because there is nothing else to do....hmmmm

Honestly, I do not care for the pro...ho hum game...HS and college are what I like...not fond of most pro sports...overpaid underachievers I think...


Canechic & VA Cane - that's what was reported by US News and World Report for the year 2010-2011

So if they're wrong about the tuition of Miami, then they're probably wrong about Rice and Stanford ... so they're most likely higher as well

My point is, Rice and Stanford are private universities in states that have just as much or arguably more competition for recruiting than what Miami does with FSU and UiF when it comes to baseball .... and they aren't using those excuses that the guy from AllCanes was using for Miami

CaneSniper - I've always admired Stanford and what they've done with their student athletes. I wonder just how far they really could've gone with their football team if Harbaugh would've stayed. They already have the #1 pick overall as their QB and also have a MLB in Skov that is better than any Cane MLB in the past 8 or 9 years



Stanford tuition - $38,700
Required fees - $438
Room and board - $11,876
Est. books & supplies - $1,485

Total - $52,499


Rice tuition - $34,900
Required fees - $651 (Student Activities, Student Rec Center Fees, Health Services Fee)
Room and Board - $12,270
Est. books & supplies - ?

Total - $47,821


Miller sucks where is James Jones?


Schedule Set For ACC Baseball Championship

The ACC announced the times for the 2011 ACC Baseball Championship on Sunday and the No. 4-seeded Tar Heels will begin play on Thursday when they take on No. 5 Miami at 11 a.m. at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. North Carolina was given a bye for the championship's first day of action as Georgia Tech and Clemson will open play on Wednesday at 11 a.m


SaveUMFootball Blog
After The Storm
Mark Adleman

Miami Hurricane’s fans have spent the past 2 springs salivating over practice reports and video clips of Storm Johnson. We’ve touted him as an heir to the long line of explosive UM running backs. We called him the Frank Gore to Lamar Miller’s Willis McGahee.

We questioned why Randy Shannon would waste such an enormous talent and surefire superstar’s redshirt on 9 carries and 10 kick returns in a crowded backfield. Since he first told us that his name is Storm because it was raining the day he was born, we were pumped. And now he’s transferring.

After 1 season in which he never truly got a chance to shine, this potentially great running back is making sure his talents have absolutely no bearing on the South Beach locale. We’re left wondering if he didn’t want to compete with Miller, Mike James and the incoming recruits, if his academics weren’t up to par or if the mysterious incident in the dorms on April 27 that led to Travis Williams’ transfer is to blame.

Really though, there is only one question we should be asking. Who cares?

Sure, it never hurts to have depth, especially with Miller and James potentially draft eligible after next year. Yet this is a team that takes a huge, experience O-line and 2 tailbacks into fall practice that have proven dependable and seem primed to take the next step to stardom. Injuries are always a concern, but James weighs a stout 222 and Lamar Miller’s, explosive speed and all, he’s not a small guy. At 212 he compares favorably to the 195 Clinton Portis played at in his Canes days.

For 2012, James and/or Miller may be back, and Kevin Grooms and his 4-star potential will have a year on campus. The depth added by Darion Hall and Maurice Hagens will be there, as well. If Al Golden can hold on to the commitment by Miami Norland’s Duke Johnson* and maybe pick up another stud RB recruit next February, we may not see any drop off in production when Miller and James move on.

*Check out Duke Johnson here, he’s the polite young gentleman taking the time out of his day to make everyone else look silly on his way to the endzone. Keep in mind that’s Miami-Dade competition he’s making fools of.

So the Canes lost a talented player. Not the first time, won’t be the last and not the end of the world. This kind of thing happens when a new coach arrives. Just remember, your energy would be much better spent renewing your season tickets than getting upset about a transfer.

VA Cane

I think you got it right Six....expensive and hard to track...CC and me just happen to know first hand.

I do agree excuses are just that....excuses. I also want to commend you on your words on here....you are on top of many subjects, and I always read your posts. They are accurate, informative and fair. I respect your baseball knowledge and input. You certainly have a pulse on HS sports in FL. Kepp bringing it brother; I love your stats, opinions and info and learn a lot from you. JMO

VA Cane

So the Canes lost a talented player. Not the first time, won’t be the last and not the end of the world. This kind of thing happens when a new coach arrives. Just remember, your energy would be much better spent renewing your season tickets than getting upset about a transfer.

Its just the way it has to be, facts are facts. Many times I have found out that players dont always work out. No need to be hateful or ugly, just move on. Well put Solar!!!


Bosh a career night!


Great win by the Heat.


Laird Hamilton Just Smiles at Chuck Norris Jokes
Solar Zone Hit of The Week http://solarcane.net/index.html



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