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May 30, 2011





Well done Piece!


Larry B is always working hard, I like the man.


Posted by: Old Skool | May 30, 2011 at 10:15 PM

classic old skool!

from last blog, that was good stuff skool


best Tweet since I started reading those things:

@AKuperstein Why doesn't the Jim Tressel Sports Illustrated cover say "Should Ohio State Drop Football?"


I am not a crook



University School rising junior WR Jordan Cunningham a major target for BCS powers

Rising junior WR Jordan Cunningham has offers from Miami, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Western Michigan and Wake Forest.
By Patrick Lammer, Sun Sentinel

11:11 p.m. EDT, May 30, 2011
Ohio State offered a third wide receiver out of Broward County in the past two weeks, putting out an offer to Davie University School Class of 2013 wide receiver Jordan Cunningham.

The 6-foot-3 Cunningham, who helped the Suns (13-1) reach the Class 2B state title game a year ago, also holds offers from Miami, Florida, Florida State, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Western Michigan and Wake Forest.

The Buckeyes had offered Miramar wide receivers Malcolm Lewis and Devonte Mathis this past week.

The 5-11 Lewis, who also holds offers from Miami, Florida and Florida State, is the No. 4-ranked prospect in Broward County for the Class of 2012. Rivals.com lists Lewis as a four-star recruit and the No. 164 prospect in the nation.


Broward County
Colleges and Universities
Miami (Miami-Dade, Florida)
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Text alerts: Get high school sports news on your phone

The 6-2 Mathis is the 11th-ranked prospect overall in Broward County for 2012. He also holds offers from FSU, West Virginia, UCF and USF, among others.

University School is also home to 2012 wide receiver prospects Macgarrett Kings and Daniel Braverman.

Kings is the No. 14-ranked rising senior in Broward County, while Braverman holds nine offers.


Good stuff as always, soup! thanks as well Solar!


Hey Soup, thanks so much for the box of goodies it is very much appreciated. Thanks for all you do and please keep up the awesome work.



so are there any actual updates with recruiting?


Iraqi...U are welcome and Happy Memorial Day! Be safe and Go Canes, Go USA!!!


so are there any actual updates with recruiting?

Posted by: ftmcane | May 31, 2011 at 06:56 AM

Only the ones U provide. WhachU Got?


j-dub...U got it. Off to jury duty. Wish me luck!




I talked to long-time recruiting analyst Tom Lemming this week about UM’s list of oral commitments for the class of 2012. Lemming said he’s seen each player in person or on tape and here are his brief evaluations (I spoke to Lemming on Wednesday so I didn’t get a chance to ask him about Miami Norland offensive lineman Ereck Flowers, who committed to Miami on Thursday, according to Canesport.)

In no particular order:

Raphael Kirby, LB, Stone Mountain Stephenson, Ga.: “An outstanding ball player. I think he’s a big-time guy. He can run, very quick, very athletic. A kid out of Kirby’s area, they never used to get them. But Al Golden is every bit the recruiter as the guys at Florida and Florida State. I would rank him among the top 5 recruiters in the country, so it’s not a surprise. It would be a surprise if he didn’t get these guys.”

Clearwater Countryside QB Gray Crow.

Angelo Jean-Louis, WR, Palm Beach Central: “He’s one of the better athletes down there. There’s a lot of receiver-defensive back combos down there in South Florida this year and he’s one of the very best. He probably can play as a freshman. He’s ready. Receiver is where he will start right away, but he can play either side of the ball.”

Jontavious Carter, WR, Cordele Crisp County, Ga.: “He’s a three-star player, but a very good athlete. He earned some all-state recognition last year. They liked him a lot and were right on top of him. The Criss County guys will either go to Georgia or Florida State but Golden jumped on him. You would have never seen the old staff in that part of Georgia.”

Trent Taylor, DE, Lakeland Lake Gibson: “A four-star player. Not real tall, but powerful. Great coming off the edge. He’s a pass-rushing specialist with 15 or 16 sacks last season. A powerhouse of a guy. He’s exactly what they needed, a guy with his type of strength and quickness off the edge. And since he’s not real tall he could grow into a defensive tackle.”

Gray Crow, QB, Clearwater Countryside: “I like Gray. He’s got a big-time arm and is a pro-style quarterback so he fits perfectly into Miami’s offense. He’s a four-star guy. A lot of people like him. Notre Dame offered him as a sophomore. He’s got the arm strength and he’s a thick kid so he can take a hit.”

Amos Leggett, DB, Homestead: “A big-time cornerback. Excellent quickness and runs 4.4 in the 40. Decent size for a corner and I’d say one of the premier corners in the South. Another big-time kid.”

Randy ‘Duke’ Johnson, RB, Miami Norland: “He’s one of the premier players in South Florida. He’s been heavily recruited and he’s obviously been productive.”

Linebacker Raphael Kirby

Keith Brown, LB, Miami Norland: Keith can play linebacker, but he’s fast enough to play safety. He’s very fast. The whole thing here is how fast and athletic this whole class is. Speed is the one recurring theme.”

David Thompson, QB, Miami Westminster Christian: “I invited him to a new All-American game that’s being held on Jan. 3 in Phoenix. He’s supposed to be the best baseball player in Florida, but I love his arm and he’s got great size. If he sticks with playing quarterback, I think he can be an All-American.”

A few other recruiting notes to chew during the long holiday weekend:

…..Lemming has a serious man crush on Golden, who he picked as recruiter of the year in 2009 on his TV show, ‘Tom Lemming’s Generation Next.’ Lemming said the other four are Nick Saban, Jim Tressel, Bob Stoops and Mack Brown.

….The majority of Miami’s oral commitments are from the South Florida area and Lemming said that’s no surprise. “I’ve talked to several coaches down there and they all say [Golden] was very impressive when they met him,” Lemming said. “It’s going to take a while, but the process of galvanizing the high school coaches around the program has already started. You’re seeing it now and you’re going to see it even more in the next couple of years where the top kids in South Florida stay home like back in their golden days.”

….I also spoke this week with Mike Farrell, the very knowledgeable national recruiting analyst for Rivals. Farrell said that Miami’s growing class, while strong, will be determined by what quarterbacks are brought in. Farrell is not as bullish on Crow or Thompson as Lemming. “If I have a question about their recruiting class, it’s that they need a quarterback badly,” Farrell said. “Your recruiting class is only as good as your quarterbacks. Those guys, a lot of people passed on. But Al and his staff saw something. When you look at Gray Crow and Thompson, the only offer is Miami. That’s something that makes you wonder, are they seeing something that nobody else is seeing or are they reaching? That’s something that will determine how good this class is three or four years down the road.”

….Farrell said the biggest threat to UM in the South Florida area isn’t Florida or Florida State, but Louisville. Former UM assistant Clint Hurtt, now at Louisville, was named ESPN’s Recruiter of the Year in February.


SI, never one to kick a football program when it's down offers it's take


Posted by: solarcane | May 30, 2011 at 09:22 PM

The prayer reqyuest box was a nice touch!




so are there any actual updates with recruiting?

Posted by: ftmcane | May 31, 2011 at 06:56 AM

Only the ones U provide. WhachU Got?

Posted by: SOUP | May 31, 2011 at 07:13 AM

Here's what I got. I like what they've done so far and I think we're gonna pick up top ten class, but I agree with Farrell in that we need a quality qb. I am also puzzled that nobody else is after Thompson or Crow. Not sure why we aren't more interested in Kelly's nephew although I like the size of the kid out of Memphis we picked up and I love that Forcier won't be coming. A big QB and DT pickup would make me feel better about our recruiting efforts.


New Offer: Miami offers 3-Star TE Dan Beilinson, 6'5'' and 220 lbs from Panther Creek HS in North Carolina.


Sorry all, been out of town for the weekend. Will be back on the twitter updates this week.



Anyone who believes College Football is on a level playing field is really just kidding themselves.

Reading the SI articles and looking back.....I am not sure Miami can even compete with all this garbage that goes on. Randy had to run such a tight ship that it truly got in the way of football. I know I really have been fooling myself thinking this game was some how,some what pure? I am not sure how much I like this game anymore :(?


Focus turns to Terrelle Pryor and cars:




It's the general corruption and decay of personal values in everyday life in America.

The lower personal standards and the notion a little cheating of the boss,the job, the coach, the family, is OK, is the basic reason what was once good is now crap.
We caused it ourselves.

Mike James seems like an outstanding individual to us ( and he is) because he carries himself like most every kid in America did in the 50s when pride in your country, family and yourself meant something important.

Pretending to be a bad azz by wearing baggy clothes, turning your hat sideways and having a foul mouth is a lot easier than actually being a bad azz by
going out of your way for other people, being thankful for each day you have, pushing yourself to be the best you can be the 23 hours you aren't "working" out in the gym where everyone is watching you sell your brand.

Everyday that I read news and sports headlines the more I can't wait to be way out in nature paddling my kayak.


I got you solar! :)

I promise you there are some really good kids out there but these losers seem to get all the attention.

T. Pryor shows up to last nights team meeting with a brand new Nissan, brand new plates that he "purchased" this week. Really dude Really what a complete @ss. The arrogance is just sickening....WOW!

Old Skool

For me it boils down to this: the pursuit of excellence or the pursuit of ego.


We get crapped out of the 2002 Nat'l Ship and Clarett is living the life of Riley, with pockets full of dough. The NCAA is just like racing, if you get caught cheating you can still keep the win, will just fine you some money and cut a few schollies.FSU could of got popped too but instead they just took away some victories from out going Bowden.
Apparently this had been going on at OSU, almost a decade and nothing has been done. The NCAA picks and chooses, who they want to bully. What they don't see or hear about they let it go but now the rats are out looking for the cheese. They'll end up about like USC and we have no excuses not to wax OSU's azz, when they come visit us.
On the recuiting front, things look like they going fairly good early on but we need to load up with some top notch DT's, space takers aren't going to get it.


Herb - well said. My best friend is a Buckeye and when I called his ass yesterday, he just dismissed it like "oh well'. Had that been Miami's head coach (or players), he would have been all over me.

Even though I can't stand Clarett, it appears that that he was telling the truth. Of course the NCAA turned the other way so they should take some of the blame for what is happening at OSU. Sweatervest figured he got away with it while at Youngstown State, then with Clarett and then with Troy Smith. It got to what TP and everyone else was doing was normal.....

Personally, the AD needs to go too and the President of OSU needs to step down as well. These knuckleheads knew what was going on but as long as JT was beating Michigan and winning BIG 10 titles, they didn't care.


Personally, the AD needs to go too and the President of OSU needs to step down as well.

That's very true.
I'm wondering what kind of "thank You" notes were passed to under the table to Tressel for admitting he is stank and keeping the spotlight focused on himself.



Years ago you just heard by way of mouth or a newspaper clipping so and so is an azzhole, now the kid himself can convince you of it in ten seconds of YouTube or 140 keystrokes on Twitter.

Watching Discovery Channel and seeing little kids that never heard of PS3, Twitter, or Face book out in a field playing soccer with huge smiles on their faces, kicking a half inflated old ball can remind one of what college football was supposed to be like to the student athletes.


Buh bye sweatervest. SI had the article somewhat right. It has been going on for longer than 8 years though! Michigan fans might just make this a holiday




Ten Hurricanes have been tabbed for All-America and/or All-ACC honors by Phil Steele.

Steele's publication is considered one of the top college football prognosticators.

Brandon Washington appears on both the preseason All-America and All-ACC lists. Washington joins defensive standouts Ray-Ray Armstrong, Marcus Forston and Sean Spence as Canes who appear on both lists. Last season Spence earned honorable mention All-America honors from SI.com and Pro Football Weekly.

Earning the preseason All-ACC nod are offensive players Lamar Miller, Travis Benjamin, Seantrel Henderson, Washington and Tyler Horn. On the defensive side, Vaughn Telemaque and Olivier Vernon join Armstrong, Forston and Spence.


RG, Brandon Washington, 4th Team

LB, Sean Spence, 2nd Team
RT, Marcus Forston, 3rd Team
SS, Ray-Ray Armstrong, 3rd Team


RB, Lamar Miller, 1st Team
RG, Brandon Washington, 1st Team
WR, Travis Benjamin, 2nd Team
RT, Seantrel Henderson, 2nd Team
C, Tyler Horn, 3rd Team

RT, Marcus Forston, 1st Team
LB, Sean Spence, 1st Team
SS, Ray-Ray Armstrong, 1st Team
FS, Vaughn Telemaque, 2nd Team
RE, Olivier Vernon, 3rd Team


This should be required reading for young people:


"The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than fact. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than apperance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company...a church...a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannont change our past...we cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude...I am convinced the life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you..we are in charge of our attitudes."

By Charles Swindoll


I like that cane rock!


Love that, CaneRock! Great quote!

orange 'n green in the vein

Cheatervest was saved by MoCla because the future prison biatch/former crybaby RB wouldn't talk to the NCAA, but he'd run his mouth to everybody else. The NCAA has no subpena power, they cannot force testimony, they can only work with those willing to detail infractions to investigators.

Besides, the prayer I had stuck in the OSU football office prayer box without their knowledge in the wake of the fake PI flag retroactively took care of the whole thing for us anyway a decade down the road, so all's well that ends well and we can all chide the sucknuts for, well sucking nuts from a diseased tree of liars, cheaters, and never do wells from now until the world ends next year.

Now, about that Oscar Meyer fella they want to hire next year . . .


The expose showing Tressel to be exactly what we all knew he was, a holier than thou, lying, cheating, hypocrite scumbag has been even more satisfying to me than the way the Heat has given the entire basketball establishment the finger on their glorious title run.


Beautiful day in college football! Buh-bye "Senator."


some of the funniest Tressel bash yet



LaRron Byrd interview

With the 2011 season fast approaching and an opening match-up with Maryland on the horizon, it's time to learn more about the Miami Hurricanes football team. Every day until Fall camp begins, we'll introduce you to a Hurricane.

Coral Gables, Fla.--Today, senior wide receiver LaRon Byrd is on the hot seat.

The U is one of the most prestigious programs in the country. When you think of the U, the first thing you think of is Miami. That landmark, when it was first created, everybody wanted to throw up the U for their university, but there’s only one. A lot of success has come through here – not only through football – business-wise, lawyers, doctors, it’s a very successful place.

Competition is everyday. Day-in day-out. Definitely with the new coaching staff, it’s something that’s big. Basically, it’s like in real life. Everyday, you have to go out and compete in the workforce either to get a job that you want or maintain the job that you already have. I think competition at the University of Miami prepares each one of the student-athletes to be successful in the future.

Playing football has given me the ability to meet new people, to network, and to hopefully fulfill a lot of dreams and goals I had growing up. Growing up wasn’t so successful for us financial-wise, and football was an escape from that. If I didn't have the new cleats like all the rich kids had, we had the same uniforms on, so it kinda was an escape for me getting out of my community and my surroundings, to being on a team and having a family atmosphere, because I never grew up with that, so football for me is big. It kind of saved my life.

When I was six years old, the first memory I had was Christmas time, and my mom looked like she had just hit the lottery or something. She said, write down something that you want Santa Claus to get you for Christmas, and I wrote down a four-wheeler and a go-kart. I guess I kind of put pressure on my mom. (laughs) I’ll never forget waking up on Christmas morning, and my mom said, “LaRon, Santa Claus wanted me to tell you that it was too big to fit in his bag, so he got you something else.” I was crushed. I still hold that against her. (laughs)

I secretly wish that I could be a famous actor. I definitely want to take Denzel’s job.

I’ll never forget my first touchdown at the University of Miami my freshman year against Duke. I’ll never forget my first start in college against Texas A&M. I’ll never forget my first year playing football in high school, in 10th grade. I’ll never forget my first time buying my mom a Christmas present. I bought her a butterfly bracelet. It was advertised on television, and she said, “I wish I had that bracelet.” So I cut grass all throughout the spring and summer to save up money. The bracelet was $99, and I went to Wal-mart and I bought it for her. I was like, “Mom, guess what? Somebody left this on the doorstep!” and she was very happy. That was good for me, to say I earned something for my mom, after all the work she’s done and all the sacrifices she’s made in her life, it was good giving back to her.

I’ll never forget the first time I didn’t get a Christmas present – because I had so many brothers and sisters. I’ll never forget when I caught my first strawberry playing in the yard. There was this guy – Dirk Summers – he was like Allen Bailey, always the best football and basketball player. He was a bully. He always used to bully me, every day. He pushed me down one day and I caught a strawberry on my hand and I was mad. So I went up to him and punched him and knocked him out, and everyone in the neighborhood was like “LaRon! LaRon!’ (laughs)

Louisiana is where everyone wants to be! Great food, it’s a great culture, music, everything. If I had Miami weather in Louisiana, I would never wanna leave. It’s very family-oriented, Cajun food, everything you would expect.

Everybody can criticize until they’ve been through it. That goes for parents, peers, teammates, fans, no matter who. Everybody can say, “he should have done this better, if that would have happened,” or “he might have done this if this had happened.” There’s a lot of if/then statements, but no one knows until they go through it.

I’m big into giving back. Every time I see a homeless person at a stop sign, I always give change because I don’t know what happened to that person. A lot of people would assume, “He must be on drugs, that’s why he’s in that predicament” but you never know. Maybe he was born into that situation, maybe he lost a job or got fired, or something happened in his family life that stressed him out and put him in that situation. Everybody can criticize before they know, but I want to know the full story before I can make my own opinion.

The best catch was my first touchdown against Duke. I’ll never forget it. It was a fade route, and I told Coach Nix, “Please, just give me a touchdown.” He was the offensive coordinator at the time, and he said, “I’ll throw it to you this time, you better come up with it.” I was on the 12-yard line and ran a fade route, and the cornerback jumped up and I tipped the ball, I thought it was gonna go out of bounds. Just so happened I caught it, put my feet inbounds in the back of the endzone, it was a nice catch. I think it was the best catch I ever had.

I didn’t think I would be in this position I am today. I would never take back my situation growing up, because it shaped me to be the man that I am. I never thought in a million years I would be where I am today, as far as about to be a future college graduate, hopefully a professional football player, and not even that, just being successful in life. I never would have imagined this because of the way I grew up. A lot of kids I grew up with are in jail right now or dropped out of high school, and you would assume that everyone from the neighborhood I grew up in would have been unsuccessful. I never would have thought in a million years I’d be where I’m at today.

We are all learners of life. We’re all learners of life, learners of the game, we all learn from each other.

I was raised in a single-parent household. My mother was 17 when she had me. I grew up in the Homeville projects, in a one-bedroom apartment. My mom had little knick-knack jobs for us to help provide – she never backed down from the challenge, never once wanted to give me a wailing or anything like that, she stuck through it. I don’t let a lot of things get to me, I am a firm believer in hard work, and that if you stick to something and believe in God, anything is possible. That’s how I was raised.

Legacy is the University of Miami. When I think of legacy, the person I would best want to follow is behind Ed Reed. As far as the legacy he left, it’s wonderful. I’ve never had the chance to sit down and talk with him one-on-one, but I’ve seen a documentary on him, and he grew up the same way I did. It’s kind of crazy when you see something like that, it impacts you. He grew up and had to leave his house as a junior and live with someone else in order to finish high school, came to the University of Miami, excelled at the University of Miami, also got his degree, went to the NFL and is now a future Hall of Famer. When I think of legacy, I think of Ed Reed. Great people person, you never hear anything bad about him, no off-field issues, great on-field player. I would definitely want to follow someone like that.


let me get this straight, Terrell Pryor showed up for a team meeting after the Tressell signing in a new 350Z with dealer plates on? How many classes you think this kid is attending.


I meant Tressell resignation


I am not a crook


Posted by: solarcane | May 30, 2011 at 11:26 PM


Great article attaching, too solar.

"So I went up to him and punched him and knocked him out, and everyone in the neighborhood was like “LaRon! LaRon!’ (laughs)"

I wonder if he gets confused at Heat games, when he hears "LeBron! LeBron!"

macjones de Albuquerque

Apparently this had been going on at OSU, almost a decade and nothing has been done. The NCAA picks and chooses, who they want to bully. What they don't see or hear about they let it go but now the rats are out looking for the cheese. They'll end up about like USC and we have no excuses not to wax OSU's azz, when they come visit us.

Posted by: Herbieibis | May 31, 2011 at 11:08 AM


U should research Brian BOZ Bosworth's take on the corrupt N.C.A.A. Because he speaks truth to power and some of his opinions on the shady N.C.A.A. have been on-going for the past decades.

I remember in BOZ's last game as a senior, he wore his headband in the Orange Bowl which took aim at the N.C.A.A. lol

I always respected and admired THE BOZ while he played havoc on opposing college football teams back in the day. Of course, he and his Boomer Sooner squads didn't have quite the success against U-know-who, Eh.

Bosworth even came out and defended K.W.-II,s lockerroom tisk, when Kellen was getting crUcified by most of the major college football media-nexus. Say it ain't so.

Heck, some of U-all Cane loyalist were even dizzing on Winslow-SON for speaking his minds-eye. Get outta' here.

As HERBERT said above, the corrupt N.C.A.A. been looking the other way of some college basketball and college football programs ( Herbie CornSUXker's anyone. ) for so long, that they've had to come down hard, now, on these lying, cheating, gaming the system programs.


some of the funniest Tressel bash yet


Posted by: solarcane | May 31, 2011 at 03:11 PM

LOL! LSUFreek is GOAT on using old movies.
solarcane is GOAT on those computer ones though.

BTW, I enjoyed the recruiting article, but I thought the kid in the first photo was flipping off the camera.

And if Blustein can't do the U right, how can you trust him?


Final question:

If OSU is already known for having an * on their tainted title, dues this put a double * on their name?

OSU**, looks like I am blotting out a CK in there...

macjones de Albuquerque

The Tainted Vest makes Sneaky Pete look like St. Pete, eh.


Papa Cane - Hearing T. Pryor will not step on a college football field as a player again. Associated with drug traffickers, etc. Imminent bombshell.


macjones de Albuquerque

U...rban myth has it, that approximately 30% of INK PAD's are fronts for high-level drug peddlers. Get outta' here.

I believe they call that " laudering-sp the Benjamins. " If U-know-what I mean. LMAO


Someone named "Speed Kills" on twitter, retweeted by Papa Cane: 5-star OT Kyle Kalis (OSU commit) seems to be reopening his recruitment to #Michigan, Miami and Auburn - Mattison is in his ear!


"verbal comitt" - SOUP, minor change...

And macjones, you get away with alot here, but putting a big U on Urban makes me think of Urban Meyer, the next coach of the Buckeyes.

Please don't do that again near lunchtime...

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