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June 04, 2011





until these kids pull themselves out of it they will wander in the wilderness of losers. THEY HAVE TO WANT TO DO IT AND THAT MEANS CHANGING....Can they??? Will they???

Posted by: canechic | June 04, 2011 at 08:27 PM

OH NO! She's back on da ledge!

Six do your best to talk her down my man, talk her down?


86 I will keep screaming until I see some kids with some want....get angry when you screw up....something.....I just see those shrugging shoulders and I want to go over there and pinch some sense into them (I never hit my kids but I would pinch them if they had a temper tantrum).

Now saying all of that...I think that Carey has it...he seems to play better than the seniors.


CC...U now we all love U but please chica, calmate por favor? Sports is what sports does. It's all good.

Except of course if you have a 15 point lead in the finals but the NBA tells U to let it go so the series can go six games to generate more revenue then U just do it!

Wink, wink...


"it is what it is " I will just sit back and enjoy mediocrity!



It's good thing we live in a one-story house! ;)

9-0, 9-0... INTO FSU, HERE WE GO!!


86 - I think you know how I feel about the baseball program and the way it's been handled/headed over the past 4 years now

I've wanted the assistants canned for a little while now and Morris for me is on a short leash himself

I'll take George Horton to replace him - and ya I'm about to say this - I would've taken George Horton over Morris from 2004-present

I have no idea how Oregon landed him, but they're very very lucky

Oregon didn't even field a baseball team from 1982-2008 b/c it was a club sport

They hire Horton, their first season in 27 years they go 14-42

The next year, they go 40-24

This is a quote from Horton about his Oregon team this year ...

“It was a frustrating year, one of the most frustrating in my career,” Horton said. “As I've said before, these kids are good human beings. They're good students, they're good citizens, and they treat each other unbelievably well. I just didn't like their competitive personality all the time.

“Maybe that's being soft, I don't know, but they gave in a lot. We teach toughness, and they make commitments, and they work hard in the weight room and in conditioning, just like all my teams. They just couldn't find that comfort level in the face of adversity.”

He kicked a kid off the team after the kid argued with him. He suspended his best hitter for the first 7 games for breaking a team rule

He's going to turn that program around

Imagine what he could do at Miami


Word on da skreet is dat a turd fan started a rumor bout Ray Ray being out like a scout on a new route



Trying to stay positive....

"I'm tryin' Ringo... I'm tryin' real hard..."



Word on da skreet is dat a turd fan started a rumor bout Ray Ray being out like a scout on a new route

Posted by: 4-Real | June 04, 2011 at 10:01 PM

As far as I know that is a lie, ALL lies on dat skreet.

He has been a STAR since Al took over.


Wanna know who "gets it"?

For starters (this is not a comprehensive list) here U go:

On offense: #5, #6, #12, #72, #46.

On defense: #26, #29, #31, #97, #99.


OK, so U are saying "I knew this" or "That is obvious" but did U know that: These players also "get it":

On defense we have: #32, #22, #58 and #59.

BTW...My friend Al also talked to the new LBs #36, #52 and looked them in the eye and helped them realize that their jobs are not promised and challenged them to well...U know, knock the Shyte outta somebody if they wanna win a J O B right?

On offense #1, #86 and #2 are all looking good, And the guy wearing #78 is gonna get a flag for U know what and my buddy Al likes that?

Oh yeah, and that's just the start of the Storm...


Wanna know who "gets it"?

For starters (this is not a comprehensive list) here U go:

On offense: #5, #6, #12, #72, #46.

On defense: #26, #29, #31, #97, #99.

Posted by: 86Cane | June 05, 2011 at 12:02 AM

That's more good news. If these players have good years, the Canes will have a special season.

Go Canes!


I'm wondering if getting it and doing it are remotely related with #12
If he has an epiphany about his situation like TJ Yates did as a senior maybe so.


CORAL GABLES, Fla.--Today, senior defensive back Lee Chambers is on the hot seat.

"Standing on stage receiving my diploma I was nervous, but I felt a relief. Like a bunch of weight was lifted off my back. A lot of people don’t realize how hard it is to be a student and an athlete at the same time. You have to be able to balance time between the two, and it’s difficult. Now, I could lean more toward one that I have my degree. I’m trying to get my Master’s, but at the same time, the things I was missing in football I can focus in on more now without the stress of school. It’s a blessing to finally get my degree in four years.

I didn’t think I would be playing defensive back. I had 25 scholarship offers coming out of high school. A little over half of those were offering me to play defensive back, and since you can only take five official visits, that helped me with my eliminations, because I knew running back was in my heart. All the schools that wanted me to play defensive back I eliminated. I never thought in a million years the position that everyone recruited me for, is the one that I would end up playing.

Competition is like fuel to me. When you play football, you enjoy competition. That’s what the game is mostly about. At the end of the day, you want to see who the best is. We come to practice every day and compete, because one thing about it, you can’t get hurt, you can’t get tired, or any of that, because the man behind you is just as good as you. One mistake and you might never play again, so you don’t want to risk that. That’s what competition is all about, not only going against another team, but competition within our own team.

Switching to defensive back was hard. To be honest, it was very hard. Since I’ve been here my biggest problem has been injuries. I wasn’t the smallest running back on the depth chart, but I was pushing it size-wise at the position for the college level. You have to be at least 200 pounds, and I was always between 190 and 195 – I could never get over the hump. Because of that, I stayed injury-prone. Every time I felt like I was at a breaking point, an injury would pop up and set me back.

Me and Coach Shannon sat down one day and discussed it because on defense, we knew they would be thin at defensive back. I’m a team player, so I don’t care. I’m an athlete, and I’ll do whatever to help the team. Whatever it takes to win, I’ll do it. He said he felt I would be a great fit, and it would be a good opportunity because a lot of guys were leaving and it would give me a chance to compete for a starting job, so I just took it and ran with it.

When I first got out there and started running, first thing I realized was that I had to lose weight. I was like 195 pounds and couldn’t fly around at defensive back at that weight, so I had to drop and become more conditioned. I adjusted well, and I’m surprising myself everyday with how I’ve gotten better at it.

I secretly wish that we didn’t have to condition so much (laughs).

Playing football has given me other opportunities in life. I never thought, coming from Mississippi, that I would be playing football for the University of Miami. But because I played so well in high school and worked hard at it, and did what I had to do, it got me here. I just got my degree, and it’s given me other opportunities in life. It also taught me that when football does end, I can take the same things I learned from football— like working hard and being on time—and use it in other aspects of my life once football is over.

Mississippi is very family-oriented, and every city is small. Houses are spaced out; down here, when you want to go to a grocery store, it’s right around the corner. There you might have to drive 15 or 20 minutes. The next big city was 25 minutes away. I grew up climbing trees and running around barefoot. You never forget about home, and I love Mississippi, because it made me the person I am today.

I’ll never forget scoring my first touchdown here at the U. It was on the goal line, it was only a two-yard touchdown, but it was a great experience to finally get in the end zone on the college stage. You’ve been through it so much in high school; the dream is to do it on another level.

The U is a team that feels we are against the world, with our backs against the wall. No one respects us, so we feel we have to go out and earn their respect. When you talk about the U, it’s all about hard work, competing every day to be the best. We feel that we are the best.

We are all family here at the U. We take care of each other, on and off the field. It’s like a brotherhood. The NFL guys come back, and we have a great time seeing them in the weight room, laughing and talking with them when they talk about their experiences here and in the NFL. It’s like we’re all one big family.

I’m very excited for this year, to see what’s going to be the outcome. It’s my last year; I’m trying to put all I can into it. That’s the main thing – giving it all I got. Because this is my last go-round, and who knows? This could be my last year ever playing football in my life. I’m just trying to give it all I got. I just come out everyday with an open mind and work and hope for the best.

I can’t lie, there have been plenty of days, from freshman year even until yesterday, and people don’t realize what goes into football. A lot of the fans think you just throw us a football and we go play. They don't see the preparation we put into it, throughout the summers, throughout the offseason, during the season with all the film study and all that, they don’t see it. As an athlete and a student, guys get stressed. Practices are not easy. Nothing is easy. It’s hard work all around."


Owe u an apology 86, will xplain later :)


86 for years we have been saying these kids get it cuz someone watched a few minutes of practice, had an interview or watched a tape. The only way we know for sure is by what they show on the field on Saturday! I am not impressed with anyone's "insight " these days. More wrong impressions than right impressions. Wait and see is my mode, my attitude! Everything else is wishful thanking and just pure wanting!
“Truth may sometimes hurt but delusion harms." - Vanna Bonta


Mike bianchi on the heat and the u:



I haven't weighed in for a while but I just want to add my two cents from the last blog.

The athletes should get paid. There are already students who get free scholarships and get paid. TA's, Grad Assistants, researchers hell work study staff. They are students can get scholarships and get paid.

The biggest problem is training for these sports take up so much time outside of classes. TA's, work study kids etc etc. do not have to spend nearly as much time outside of their classes working to get paid as these athletes have to spend on their sports. Even if you change the rules to let them work, they don't have much time after putting in the sports hours unless they give up the "other" parts of college life and that is like winning the War on Drugs it ain't happening

I think Canechic said her daughter mentioned the kids have time to do things eg watch tv etc etc. But those are the ones who aren't getting good grades. They are putting their study time into these other things. Which many kids do in college.

Plus other students get to travel all of the time. If you are in a club you can travel. A debate team, band etc etc. But if you do these other things you can get paid. Athletes are not the only ones who travel on the school dime. They maybe the most high profile ones but they aren't the only ones.

Another problem. When I was on an academic scholarship I could have people buy me meals. Hell I had Keggers with professors that they paid for. But somebody can't buy these football players a hotdog much less a subway sandwich.

This is a money society. Would you take a job where you were told all of your expenses would be paid for by the company but you get no cash do little individual things you want to do. You can't just what expesnses would be covered? What kind of benefit is that? People in prison get free meals and can get a free education also?

I was in a meeting on Friday a bitch session for staff at my job. The topic of overtime came up. My job doesn't like to give out extra cash for overtime they prefer you get extra holiday days. One of my co-workers said "Holiday time is nice but money says you love me"

These kids break there bones for us, seriously. I tore an ACL and Lateral Meniscus once and the two surgeries and months of rehab and the inability to sprint full speed anymore for theh rest of my life ...these kids do this so we can laugh and sometimes cry. Partly so we can have a little more meaning and substance in our lives these kids play sport. So we can have more memories. I am not saying break the bank but money says you love me. I love watching Canes play, I hate watching the Canes play. I say pay em. Hell I would go further than most would go and say pay them based on performance. That is the American way.

"But small school wouldn't be able to compete blah blah blah" Hell they can't compete now. But even if my idea seems a little extreme they should still be able to get something outside of tuituion coverage.

Once again Prisoners get free room, board and academic opportunities. Hell they even get free clothing.


HillView...we will do a feature article on this issue soon and have a poll to take an official vote on whether college athletes should be paid or not.


Owe u an apology 86, will xplain later :)

Posted by: 4-Real | June 05, 2011 at 01:48 AM

No apology needed. Just bring the 411.



The University of Miami got out to an early lead, made a highlight defensive play and received several strong individual performances, but all that was not enough as the Canes dropped a pressure-packed regional game to the University of Florida, 5-4, on Saturday evening at McKethan Stadium.

The loss puts the No. 2 seed Hurricanes (37-22) in the loser’s bracket of the draw, needing three wins over the next two days to advance to the Super Regionals. Miami faces No. 3 seed Jacksonville in an elimination game on Sunday at Noon. Jim Morris has announced that freshman Bryan Radziewski (9-2) will make the start on the mound for the Hurricanes. The winner of the game will play No. 1 seed and No. 2 national seed Florida (47-16) at 4 p.m.

Heartbreak occurred once again for Miami in Gainesville on Saturday, as the Canes have now dropped seven-consecutive games to the Gators, and ten of the last eleven ballgames.

An unconventional rally aided by miscues in the bottom of the ninth led the Canes to their downfall on this night.

A Stephen Perez error on a groundball allowed Florida’s Daniel Pigott to reach safely to start the rally. After Canes’ pitcher Travis Miller was called for a balk and walked Vickash Ramjit, Jim Morris brought in closer Daniel Miranda. The lefty proceeded to walk third baseman Cody Dent to set up a walk-off single by shortstop Nolan Fontana, sending the crowd home happy in Gainesville.

The beginning of the game looked promising for the Hurricanes as they jumped out to a 2-0 lead, and received a spectacular catch from right fielder Dale Carey in the first inning. Preston Tucker ripped a liner deep to right, but Carey dove back and to his right to make a sprawling grab to keep Florida from scoring in the first. It was another play to add to Carey’s growing outfield highlight reel.

The Hurricanes manufactured a run to start the scoring in the third inning. Brad Fieger drilled a double to left center and advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt from Shane Rowland. After Zeke DeVoss worked a walk after falling behind 0-2, Nathan Melendres lifted a sacrifice fly to center field to bring in Fieger for the first run of the game.

Miami kept the momentum going with another run in the fourth.

Harold Martinez worked a tough at-bat into a single, and scored two batters later on a double by Perez to give Miami an early 2-0 lead after 3 1/2 innings of play.

The usually raucous McKethan Stadium crowd was hushed at this time, as Miami starter Eric Whaley was cruising – and Miami was getting to Florida star pitcher Hudson Randall who dominated the Canes back in March.

However, the partisans came to life in the bottom of the fourth inning after the Gators roped three doubles to tie to the score at two. One of the runs was unearned, as third baseman Brad Fieger dropped a foul pop to allow Florida an extra out in the inning.

Florida took its first lead in the fifth with a leadoff double from Vickash Ramjit, scoring on a single from Fontana and an error by Rony Rodriguez in left field. The play was made worse when DeVoss made an errant throw attempting to catch Fontana rounding first base. After a single from Bryson Smith, Tucker roped his second double of the game to give the Gators the 4-2 lead. Whaley limited the damage by recording a strikeout and a fly-out to end the inning to give the Canes a chance to come back.

The Hurricanes added their third run with a two-out rally in the sixth inning on a Dale Carey double down the left field line and a RBI single from Fieger to bring the Canes to within 4-3.

Whaley left the game for Adam Sargent in the sixth inning. In five innings of work, Whaley allowed nine hits, three earned runs, while striking out three and not surrendering a walk. Sargent went one scoreless inning.

Randall went six innings for the Gators, giving up six hits and three earned runs. He threw a season-high 96 pitches.

The Hurricanes tied the game in the seventh inning off reliever Greg Larson. DeVoss led off the inning with his second hit of the game, and advanced to second on Nathan Melendres’ third sacrifice bunt of the regional to set up an RBI hit from Rodriguez. Miami threatened for more, but Fontana made a diving play at shortstop on a pinch-hitter Cade Kreuter grounder to force the runner at second to end the inning.

The game became a battle of the bullpens from there, with Sam Robinson pitching 2 1/3 perfect innings for Miami, and Nick Maronde and Tommy Toledo keeping the Canes off the scoreboard for the Gators in the final innings.

The Hurricanes had chances to score in the top of the eighth and ninth innings, but came away unsuccessful each time. DeVoss struck out with runners on the corners and two outs in the eighth after Carey and Rowland singled. Moreover, after Melendres doubled to start the ninth, Toledo retired the next three batters in succession to end the threat and set up the heroics in the bottom of the ninth inning for the homestanding Gators.

Toledo (5-3) earned the win for Florida, while Travis Miller (2-2) took the loss for Miami.

DeVoss and Fieger each recorded two hits and Rowland caught two runners stealing for the Canes. However, four errors led to two unearned runs for the Gators and the downfall of the Hurricanes in Gainesville once again.

In order to get another shot at the Gators, Miami will need to beat Jacksonville on Sunday. The Canes defeated the Dolphins on Friday, 7-2.


Took my grandson to his first college game in Gainesville yesterday.
Was disapointed in dropped balls, lack of concentration, men left on base,but in spite of that Canes were still in it til the bottom of the ninth.
This baseball team has the same symptoms that the Shannon led Football team had and that is lack of hustle and taking care of the little things that win ball games.

I asked the G-Unit what his favorite part of the game was and he said watching Sam Robinson pitch in relief and I agree that kid is fun to watch.

Go Canes!!!


His name is: Alfred James Golden.

I'll just call him AJ from now on, I like it better than Al.


If they SEC coaches start paying the players 300.00 per game like Spurior suggested they wouldn't the players being taking huge pay cut?


From College Football News:

Apparently, there’s a report making the rounds that North Carolina will receive its notice of allegations from the NCAA “on or around June 10.”

The UNC football program has been the subject of an NCAA investigation into both multiple players receiving impermissible benefits as well as academic misconduct. A total of 14 players missed games in 2010 as a result of the scandal, with a handful of players — including starters on both sides of the ball — missing the entire season.

Regardless of when the school receives their notice from the NCAA, they’ll have 90 days to respond to the sanctions handed down by the Association.


Canes baseball on ESPNU at noon.


R-Rod thrown out at home trying to score from second on a hit to LF from H-Mart.

Canes do NOT score in the top of the first, Jax coming to bat...


When did Randy start coaching basball? How many errors on the season so far?

Cane Beisbol Fever, Catch It ... Errrrr, Boot It ...

Error numero 1 … 1st. Inn. stay tUned.

2 Nada, U down

Big Daddy Cane

Mike Bianchi's story is not right...forget about our history for this year's Heat team, NEVER EVER try and seperate us from our proud history.


Morris nothing left in the tank...Time to go. Thanks Jim for the good years and the 2 NC.

Old Skool

Big Daddy

I don't think Mike's point is to try to separate us from our history. It's about marketing a program.

To my reading Ken Dorsey, Vinny Testaverde, Bernie Kosar are all ancient history to recruits. The impact of former players other than from the time the recruits started playing high school ball and actually thinking about which college they wanted to play for is minimal unless, the recruit was a U fan from the get go. In which case, he commits the moment an offer is extended.

Excluding genuine silent commits, anything beyond that immediate response becomes more a matter of marketing prowess and recruiting ability that program history and a recruit's affinity for it.

LeBron and the Heat are strictly a marketing hook, a chance to make the spotlight on the program seem all the brighter.

Big Daddy Cane

I just think it would be a bad idea my friend thats all.


U can't win if U can't score.

Miami can't score...still 2-0 Jax going to the bottom of the fifth.


Official attendance at today's Al Golden Football Camp is 312 campers! Great group & everyone is having fun, working hard & learning.


Shane Rowland the starting catcher for the Canes 5'10 180

Batting .178 13 RBI

Boy do we miss Grandal!

Very painful to watch Canes baseball this year.


I don't really think the comparison of prisoners and athletes is that great .. maybe that's just me but that's kind of a whack analogy

If you're going to pay football players, you better pay the men/women basketball players, baseball players, softball players, men/women tennis, track & field, cross country, swimming/diving, lacrosse, golf team, crew, etc. as well

Why discriminate on just playing football players? Esp. at basketball schools or hell, even lacrosse schools


Six...I think they should pay bloggers, not student-athletes. U agree?


86 - of course, if it's a quality product such as Canespace, there's not doubt their should be payment

(I will take my cut now for propping you up, ha)

I'll tell you this, no one should be paying anyone on Bleacher Report - that site is straight dookie ... I avoid that website at all cost, even hesitant to read any link to it posted on here out of sheer fear of losing any IQ points


Mike bianchi on the heat and the u:

Posted by: canechic | June 05, 2011 at 09:29 AM

hey team, been away for a while. glad to be back. lebron came into the league straight out of high school right? the U should give him some kind of honorary degree and make lebron an honorary alum of the school.

get some of that money he's making for facilities, name a building after him, utilize the connection for marketing.

send my my commission check when you're done!


“Truth may sometimes hurt but delusion harms." - Vanna Bonta


I remember a guy's mantra that is

"I'd rather be right than popular."

canechic is 100 % right it doesn't matter what the word on the street is, or some one's inside opinion of who gets anything.
It boils down to seeing results on Saturdays from the player, not his supporters.

Andre Johnson and Lamar Thomas , two guys that definitely got it while playing were clueless when it came to predicting guys that "get it".

Rivals experts were certain a linebacker from Kansas got it more than any other defensive player in America, he didn't.

We saw the best high school QB in America, go to college, get it, lose it, and struggle to get some of it back.

Sean Spence gets it, everybody else needs to have more than a couple nifty runs, a couple big hits, and being able to talk trash at practice to even be taken seriously yet.

orange 'n green in the vein

How come the people who want to professionalize amateur athletics are intent on discriminating against students at a school who just matriculate?

Then they want to throw in comparisons to Roman slaves and prisoners because scholarship football players are given a chance to go to school for free and participate in a sport?

It doesn't hold any water, the Roman slaves were there against their will, not because they signed an agreement for an education in exchange for their displaying the finer points of running somebody through, prisoners are in prison because they were found guilty of a crime by a jury of their peers beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt and sentenced, not because they signed a deal to go spend some time matriculating for free in an 8 X 10 in exchange for being allowed to break a law.

All this professionalization ruckus because an institution . . . *GASP* . . . sells tickets . . . FOR MONEY . . . to people for admission and that's JUST NOT FAIR! Then don't sign the LOI if you're feeling like you'd be getting the raw end of the deal, it's just that simple. I'm sure the next person in line will find enough equity in the terms being laid out in the deal beforehand to take your spot while you go pro for your precious game playing abilities to be properly compensated with something other than free higher education. But that totally equates to slavery, or prison, or whatever other joke of a false allegory you want to draw because the revenue generated isn't being divided amongst the participants in the form of a paycheck in addition to their already provided and agreed to benefits? Spare me the sob story, please.




Miami wins 6-3 over Jax.

UM vs UF at about 4:45 PM on ESPNU and WVUM.


Sometimes theres things seen at practice that havent been seen in quite awhile. Who knows what kind of record it leads to. Nobody has a clue what the teams Mia. will be like. The practices are intense&much tougher then they can imagine. Anyone who were lucky enough to attend a spring game should be able to agree most of these kids were in alot better shape then the end of last year. AG&the kids have had a good start&if that cant be seen by some fans then I dont know what to say. Take a wait&see approach if some wabr to but IMO I will stand&applaud the efforts most of these kids are giving. I cant predict the future&will only go off the now


Six I don't remember saying that only football players should get paid. I said athletes.

Why is it a whack analogy? It maybe a whack anology I am just curious as to why you think it is.

I am not comparing the character of the men just saying that I disagree with the opinion that because they get free room and board,food and education they shouldn't be paid because prisoners get the same thing. Atheletes have to perform for these benefits. Prisoners get it just handed to them. They can get it for 30 seconds of effort for 15 years at a cost on avg of 47,000 a year in some places and you can get paid while you are in prison

OGV I am supporting the athletes vs those who just matriculate because of the extra time they have to put into their sports.

Some may say if academic scholarship recepients don't perform they lose their scholarships but think about this for a moment, student athletes can have their scholarship revoked FOR NOT SUCEEDING ON THE FIELD AND IN THE CLASSROOM.

I am not discriminating I am distinguishing and trying to show compassion.

When they don't perform we all say stuff like Jacory needs to spend more time in the film room. This one needs to hit the weights etc etc. We make additional requirements on their time that we don't make of students that are just matriculating or on academic scholarhips with a scrutiny that those on academic scholarships don't receive.

Because you know the terms of a deal OGV doesn't mean the terms of the deal are fair and contrary to popular belief just because you sign a contract does not always mean you should be legally bound by it. Courts frequently don't uphold contracts because they are unfair.

Also the whole Roman slaves thing, I may need to go back and read the comments because I am missing where that comes in. Once again I only used the prison thing because they also get free room and board etc etc. and clothing.

I believe in the American ideal that a man, woman or hermaphrodite should get paid for their labor. This isn't Oliver Twist give them cash. It is as American as Apple Pie. All this no cash stuff is Socialism, Communism or whatever you want to call it. Plus just BS in my not so humble opinion.

I will be honest. I maybe to compassionate for some of you. I like to see people get more. It doesn't take anything from me. I also like to see processes improve. But just remember we all have the right to our opinions. I just have the right to be right.

Actually OGV I have a question for you. Not an antagonistic question to get your panties in a bunch but I really am curious about hearing another opinion. We both agree that we currently have a system in place. The kids sign the contract with the permission of their parents. I just personally believe allowing the kids some extra cash or at minimum the ability to work IMPROVES the system. It's another step forward.

Why do you think the system shouldn't be improved or more fairly why do you think paying the students actually hurts the system?

Also I will preempt the argument of the potential for a Rhett Bhomar from Oklahoma getting paid for nothing by saying summer accociates in law firms get can get paid $10,000 per month for not doing anything of significance but other interns, getting drunk and typing up a few memos.

Even prisoners can get paid for work. Not much but its enough to buy cigarettes and condoms. And really what more do we need than that in life.

Also I will not spare the sob story because I grew up watching GI Joe. I was taught to be a defender of men and speak up when I think I see an injustice. Don't get me wrong I have lived in the third world so I don't think it is a grave injustice but an injustice none the less.

I will speak up for what I think is right and if you want to be spared the sob story spare me the lack of understanding for the possible plights of fellow human beings.


Also OGV I apoplogize because I forgot to put "please" at the end of my comment you had the decency to do that and I should have followed suit.

Pretty please with cherries on top.


HillView...U have too much time on your hands! Your arguments are weak and the prisoner analogy is ridiculous. I'm certainly NOT going to spend four hours of my life coming up with all of the obvious and logical reasons why your arguments are weak, they just are.

I'm jus sayin...


Gators 3, UM 0 top of the third inning.

UF with two on and no outs against Ecinosa...

orange 'n green in the vein

HVC, I'm LMAO in a good way at your last two posts. Before I get to my response to your legitimate question I just have to say, "Yo Joe," since I too grew up watching the military industrial toy complex propaganda that taught us the good guys and bad guys shoot different colored rays of light and everybody ejects before the equipment explodes harmlessly behind them. Those PSA's at the end of them were only useful to me in making Beavis', "Fire, fire, fire," that much more hilarious to me though when I got older, but good to see others milage varied when it came to the codas that didn't have to do with fire safety.

I don't think there is a problem with the system of amateur athletics, I don't think the ability to run fast, jump high, or catch an oblong pigskin is really worth anything tangible. I think an opportunity for higher education is worth something when you compare it to the relatively worthless physical competitions of skill and ability to determine who's better than who in those areas. People should get paid for labor, but to me, labor produces a tangible benefit to the society it is expended in. Putting more points on an electronic scoreboard before the expiring of an artificial timing device doesn't create any benefits for the society and isn't labor by my definition, more like effort that is expended in IMO. Putting more effort into the education of those who try to put more points on an electronic scoreboard on a Saturday does have a tangible benefit on the other hand to the society that those two efforts are expended in, but without the former, the latter is useless, so the labor of educating people should be compensated, the effort of playing a game, not so much. Now as to the ability to work thing, maybe that does have some milage to it as it relates to this discussion but again, like you preemptively pointed out, it opens up a huge avenue of abuse of the system thus I believe, the NCAA's ban on it to this point.

So to throw it back in your court again, why do you HVC want to discriminate against the students at a school not on athletic scholarship? Why should the pie be divided without pieces being distributed to them as well? And if participation in a sport equates to being entitled to a share of the revenue, why would you think there wouldn't be a line stretching from campus to South Beach of horrible football, basketball, whatever, players willing to sacrifice a few social events during a season for some extra scratch rather than getting a real job with real labor being exerted and instead putting in some effort on the practice field for their piece of the action?

Miami has a great quiditch (or whatever that stupid Potter make believe event is spelled as with the brooms and the, "magic") team apparently, don't they deserve some payolla for entertaining . . . somebody right now? Of course not, they need to go to class since it's summer school in session, just like their football entertaining brethren so all of them can hopefully one day produce something of real value for this country with their labor, mental or physical.

orange 'n green in the vein

SOUP, I took 30 minutes to do it for you, or how long it takes for the Hurricanes to get three outs in Gainesville. :-(


SOUP I do have tons of time on my hand. It is Sunday and I have no wife and kids so I am killing time before a date at six and whatever happens later. Just because somebodys argument is not yours doesn't necessarily make it weak. You usually can find supporters for any argument. Any argument. Attempting the idea will test the strength of it.

OGV I see your point. I went to pick up my little cousin from her college the other day in VA for a visit and saw those kids running around on brooms playing quiditch.

I would make the point thought that I am not discriminating against the non athletes. The Student Athlete system is discriminating against them. Once again they are the ones who can't get paid and are not allowed to work. I had academic scholarships at different times of this college thing and was always allowed to work and get paid.

When I started college my older cousin told me spend 3-4 hours 4 days a week on homework and do whatever else you want. Your grades will take care of your self and you will have a blast. I did about 2 hours 5 nights a week. Was able to keep my scholarships but also was able to work and get paid.

I am not discriminating against the non-athletes the system discriminates against the athletes. They have to put in more hours, can lose their scholarships for two reasons and not one plus can't get paid.

I just don't think it's right. The current system works. I just think it can be better.

Entertainment has always provided utility. It produces the benefit of making people feel. Entertiners have always gotten a spot in the kings court gold coins etc etc etc. Check outside any subway. Athletes are service providers.

Katie Couric got 15 mill a year to read from cue cards.

The system discriminates against the student athelete, OGV. I think we should at a minimum let them work even though I prefer to give them money so they can spend that work time "studying".

Anyway gotta run. Good discussion

Tupac Back

VA Cane

“Truth may sometimes hurt but delusion harms." - Vanna Bonta

Well put short and sweet...its time to get back to hard word, dedication, commitment, desire and if and whewn failing...it happens...no excuses. We will be better when we have a 100% commitment.


11-0 Crocs in the 4th

Whoever drove there this weekend, when you should've known what the result was going to be .... sorry ... love that you're a die hard fan though

O'Sullivan & his staff > Morris & his staff since arriving to Jortsville

What are the excuses going to be about it this time. The new bats. The youth. The bad mojo thinking brought by me or whatever on this blog (that's my favorite)

For those that try to defend any of it, then explain these numbers

Canes record against O’Sullivan

2008 – 2-1

2009 – 3-2 (both losses in Gainesville Regional to get knocked out)

2010 – 1-4 (2 losses in Gainesville Regional to get knocked out)

2011 – 0-5 (getting knocked out AGAIN in Gainesville for the 3rd straight year)

6-12 .. 0-6 in post season play


Sad just sad glad I went to the beach :)


Go get a young and hungry baseball coach.


What are the excuses going to be about it this time.

1. The new bats.

2. The youth.

3. The bad mojo thinking brought by me or whatever on this blog (that's my favorite)

Posted by: Six | June 05, 2011 at 06:07 PM

All of the above but ESPECIALLY #3 above.

It is ALL your fault...LOL


HillView...Since you care so much, I have an idea. U take your money and give each player at UM $300 if U want to. How does that sound to U?

Now in the latest in a long line of the EVER POPULAR list of them, college student-athletes are VICTIMS?



Its hard to watch a lazy ass defense of Dallas get rewarded for reaching and no foul called. This is the most one sided refereeing in a playoff that ive seen. Everyone loves to hate on Miami.


Jim Morris, Jim Morris, Please report to Mr. Eichorst office ASAP!

Old Skool

Outscored 15-7 over 2 games...
That's gonna be one long quiet ride back to the U from G'ville.


Outscored 15-7 over 2 games...
That's gonna be one long quiet ride back to the U from G'ville.

Posted by: Old Skool | June 05, 2011 at 08:31 PM

U forgot the most important point:

Beat up and sent home by your in-State RIVAL for the second (or is it third?) straight season.


Well.... if the Gators work hard and play hard someday they MAY... win a National Championship in Baseball. Ha

Soup I did notice yesterday in center field they have a sign on the fence of one of their few proud moments at Omaha.......
It was from 1991. Ha

Go Canes!!!


These refs are doing all they can to keep Dallas in this game...


They are miamicane and nick is saying things like you want to see a foul I will give dirk a foul....he really really dislikes dirk the jerk!


As an athlete and a student, guys get stressed. Practices are not easy. Nothing is easy. It’s hard work all around."

Posted by: solarcane | June 05, 2011 at 12:31 AM

News for ya Lee - LIFE is hard. Suck it up


Damn they finally called a foul on Dallas!


Let's go Heat!!


James is getting fouled all the time. Dallas gets automatic fouls on their shots... soooo one sided.


If they SEC coaches start paying the players 300.00 per game like Spurior suggested they wouldn't the players being taking huge pay cut?

Posted by: TJL | June 05, 2011 at 11:25 AM

LOL why at Auburn and LSU yes they would ;-D


D-Wade is something to see. So great to see him with a team that can showcase what he can do. Poor Bosh can't buy a basket.



News for ya Lee - LIFE is hard. Suck it up

Posted by: CGNC | June 05, 2011 at 09:08 PM

CG I was thinking that same thing when I read how Chambers thinks college football is real stressful .
Wait till he has a houseful of kids and is about two mortgage and car payments behind, maybe the hardship of playing college football won't seem so much to bear.


Flipping through the channels, watching rock hard beautiful women tennis players covered with sweat grinding it, out or watching a group of the homeliest grown men ever assembled trotting up and down the court is a tough dam decision.


Bosh is getting mauled and no foul... this should be contested


Solar - LOL! This must be one of the kids CC is referring to. He has it great. If he thinks that is hard I refer him to Warrick Dunn whose mother was killed and he had 5 younger brothers and sisters to take care of oh and he was a STAR at FSwho


Wait till he has a houseful of kids and is about two mortgage and car payments behind, maybe the hardship of playing college football won't seem so much to bear.

Posted by: solarcane | June 05, 2011 at 09:33 PM

Oh no my friend, everyone knows that playing a game for fun and "studying" is way harder than REAL life.

U silly goose U!


what a stupid call.. traveling ....


The Heat have run out of gas..,.. they dont have an offense


Dirk gets better treatment than james ... its crazy..


CG I hear ya.
I wonder if college football players ever look up at guys that aren't biching at all doing roofing in 100 degree plus heat day in day out,
or notice the single mom giving two thirds of her paycheck check to the daycare center so she can stay at work to feed her kids?



I thought about what you said about Traveling calls in the NBA
They should just be allowed to run with the ball after they reach the foul line, that crap is a joke.


Solar speaking of hot, it has been really hot here - 90's for the last week or more - how about where you are?


CG it was 97 Saturday on my front porch
but only about 38 % humidity.
Its hard to realize you are in the midst of having a heat stroke without a drop of sweat on your body lol


Wade needs to handle the ball, James is not the answer tonight. Get back on transistional defense. Refs, are keeping it close.


Man up defense


Any body around Dirk gets called for a foul...the Heat are playing against 6 men


Chalmers is a beast!


Is a basketball game like 60 minutes of pure stress or what?


We need to get some late drives to the basket to force a foul


Any body around Dirk gets called for a foul...the Heat are playing against 6 men

Posted by: mi@mic@ne | June 05, 2011 at 10:18 PM

Totally agree. BOGUS!


dirk even gets to plow into the lane geeezzzzz


james gets mauled ... dirk gets a touch and hes on the line...


Somebody needs to send a tape to the nba this is cheating...


I'm Blind
I'm Deaf
I'm Gonna Be a Ref!


Solar it has been humid here and something weird about ozone warnings - the sky doesn't even look blue sometimes. Can't wait to relocate.....:-D


hes around dirk bull


what is it about this guy why does he get special treatment


From the suggestion list for The Solar Zone Hit of the Week that didn't make it on.

six, native, alph, skool, roach, DTX, VaCane
you guys would have voted this one in.
4 million hits, it must generate some interest??



foullllllllllllllllllllll foulllllllllllllllllll

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