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June 23, 2011


Old Skool

really ok

Old Skool

Informative article gracias


Virginia up 6-0 on Cal in the bottom of the 8th


Papa Cane - "Lots of rumors going around Bama DT Sentimore possibly not coming. That's why I wrote "looks like he could". Cold feet? We need DTs bad."

This is why I always say not to fret about commitments this early.


Old Skool is WAY cool.

See U at SolarCane's retreat in July.


Kelly Jennings was good while he was here....

Clamped down Calvin Johnson fairly well in 05'


Got some praise from Papa Cane on twitter: "You do such a great job with your blog. Everyone should read it. Good piece. @86Cane Check it: Heavy Weights bit.ly/juv7hi"

Old Skool

More trouble for USC

Former Southern California football player Lonnie White says he took $14,000 in illegal payments during his four-year career in the 1980s, mostly by selling game tickets allotted to scholarship players.

Yeah the NCAA will investigate this for 4 years and then make the Trojans forfeit a couple of games from 1982. Fans will be heartbroken


"That was back when Miami players started the tradition of holding "Four Fingers" high above their heads going into the fourth quarter.  To opponents it meant four quarters of in your face football."

Crazy to see that still being done pee-wee on up to this day. Even way up here in Ohio. :-)


At 6'8" 290 Taylor Gadbois would make a nice DT


At 6'8" 290 Taylor Gadbois would make a nice DT

Posted by: SinisterCane | June 23, 2011 at 10:24 PM

I'd just call him "Sir".



Check out the WYPT2.0 countdown clock




The U 2011 Freshman Orientation promo


you will commit as soon as you finish watching it

Big Daddy Cane

I was expecting some strippers and a hard rock concert @ SOLAR....lol


you will commit as soon as you finish watching it

Posted by: solarcane | June 24, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Where do I sign?


Off topic - Tell me this isn't the best announcer in lacrosse history! LOL



Behind the Facemask: Ben Jones

"I always wanted to come to Miami. When I was a little boy, my uncles and cousins always talked about the school, and I would watch the Canes on television and everything. Seeing the great players that came through here, you know, since I'm already from here, I thought I would try and become great too.

My purpose is I want to be a blessing to everybody. I just praise God to put me in a position to help other people get through things in life.

Family is everything to me. I’m a big family person, that’s part of the reason I’m in a position to do certain things, because my family means everything. I have four brothers and one sister, and I’m the oldest.

Playing football has given me an opportunity to see new things and meet new people in a different atmosphere. You get to travel everywhere. My first time traveling was in high school when we played in Texas, but this has given me new opportunities.

Protecting the quarterback is everything. He’s like a baby back there, and we’re his father (laughs). We put our life on the line for him, protecting him is EVERYTHING.

Miami Northwestern is my school. I loved that school. I transferred from Miami Springs in the middle of my sophomore year. The two schools were two different atmospheres. I experienced a lot of good at Miami Northwestern.

When I was six years old, I was having fun, running around, being bad. Getting into everything (laughs). I started playing football my freshman year of high school. I hit my growth spurt around 6th grade or so, and I played basketball. I ran track too. But football was it for me.

Competition is great. I love competing, that’s why I came here, to compete. Compete against the best competition, because I feel like I’m the best, so I want to compete with people who are of my caliber.

Brandon Washington is my boy, man. I love that man (laughs). He’s a funny dude, he keeps me smiling. I don’t smile much, but when I’m around him, he helps lift my spirits. He’s a good person to hang around, I see him as a brother. Of everyone on the team, I feel myself closest to him.

I never thought I’d be in the position that I am today. Just with the background I came from and the things I went through, I didn’t see myself here, until my uncle took me under his wing and showed me the way. If it wasn’t for certain people in my life, I wouldn’t be here.

Legacy is another reason I came here. To build a legacy, and to be a part of the legacy, with all the great football players that came from here. We’re building our own now, and I want to be a part of it before I leave.

My first year playing football, I played defensive end and tight end. I started playing offensive line my senior year. My first year after transferring to Northwestern, I got hurt in practice and hurt my knee. I sat out the whole season, and for some reason, I couldn’t move right and wasn’t as fast as I used to be. They asked if I wanted to play offensive line, and it took off from there.

High school football was easy, it was like nothing. The type of team I played on, with Marcus Forston, Sean Spence, Kendal Thompkins, Tommy Streeter, Brandon Washington, Aldarius Johnson, it was nothing. When I got here, we were playing with guys that were just like us, so it was harder.

Art Kehoe is a funny man. He’s a good coach, real hands on and makes sure things get done. He’s a player’s coach, and not just with football. He’ll make sure that you’re on top of your schoolwork too. He loves his players, so he wants to see them successful in life. I like that man.

I didn’t have a tough time transitioning with the new staff. I like all the new coaches, they’re all cool guys, and they seem like great coaches. I can’t wait for the season to start so we can really get into it with them.

Teamwork is the reason we’re doing everything that we’re doing now. Working together, coming together, they’re setting all these rules for all of us to be on one page, so we won’t have the same things that happened last year. We weren’t really on the same page last year, and this year, we’re starting to get things right. We’re getting there. We aren’t there yet, but we’re getting there.

I think the offensive line is the closest group on the team. We never argue, we never get into fights with each other. When there is a problem on the team, we get together and talk about it. That’s my family.

When I first came to Miami, I didn’t really know anything about film study, playbooks, all that. I looked up to Jason Fox, because he was the man. I told him before he left that I was going to be better than him, and I still owe that. I learned a lot from him.

Last words…Never quit. Anything is possible. If things are hard now, later down the road things will change for you."



Itu reporting 5* cincinnati de Aldolphus Washington very interested in the Canes. Better hurry up & pay his $ 55 lol. Juss messing witcha soup :)


Papa Cane - New Offer? 3-Star CB Tyreece Jiles, 6 foot and 175 lbs, claims that UM has offered. His sister will be attending the U on a track scholly.


Chris Free
award candidate @B_Wash72 said that @PDorsett4 is ready to contribute for #Miami. Impressive since he's only been here a month.




Chris Freet - #Canes award candidate Brandon Washington said that Phillip Dorsett is ready to contribute for Miami. Impressive since he's only been here a month.


Damn U, Solar! Lol




Mine's readable by non-twitter users tho! HA! =P

3G Cane

If BWash said it, it must be true!

Big Daddy Cane

UM a Surprise Contender For Ohio DE

Cincinnati Taft defensive end Adolphus Washington, who had a monster junior year with 151 tackles and 19 sacks.

Washington (6-5, 245) Has us VERY high on his list....Snagged right out of Buckeye country.

Big Daddy Cane

CB Davis Attracted to UM's Swagger
T.J. Davis (6-1, 168) being recruited by Coach Williams and Coach Fisch. Has MIAMI in his top 3.


If BWash said it, it must be true!

Posted by: 3G Cane | June 24, 2011 at 10:35 AM

3G...welcome to The Space!

Post here, post often.


Papa Cane - "Potential Al Golden Camp Attendees: 4-Star Athlete Nelson Agholor, 6'1'' and 175 lbs, and 3-Star DB Lucas Thompson, 6'2'' and 190 lbs."


If BWash said it, it must be true!

Posted by: 3G Cane | June 24, 2011 at 10:35 AM

Could this be THEE 3G??

Regardless, welcome, 3G Cane!

3G Cane

Thanks for the welcome! While I'm not THE 3G that will be arriving on campus next week, I am a third generation Cane. My grandfather, both parents, as well as myself all graduated from the []_[]. So it runs in the family!


3G, glad to have U either way!


Phillip Dorsett
I need a pedicure.. the bottom of my feet feel like sand paper

Today's generation lol

Think Rohan, Morgan or Ed Reed mentioning their feet aren't feeling cute when they first got here.


Canes Pundit >> Perfect Storm: How Many Yards Will Lamar Miller Rush For In 2011? http://buzztap.com/-H948cj


Funny how a lot of people were questioning and even wanting Swasey fired over the past few years ... come on, those people know who they are

Hearing complaints about how this or that player are undersized compared to other teams, how they get pushed around here and there by other teams, how Swasey is JUST a certain type of strength/conditioning coach (mainly speed type training but not brute type strength)

It's not Swasey -never was Swasey- that was the problem with the conditioning or workout regime for the kids

Maybe now peeps will realize that? The guy takes his marching orders from the head coach ... hell, this is the first year in how long that the players were made to eat breakfast? but it was Swasey's fault the past how many years? I bet this team still doesn't have a proper training table like FSU or 'Bama has

Come on, stop it with all that crap about how it was Swasey's fault


Nice save by Miami Fire Rescue today



Papa Cane - CBS Sportsline's Chris Dodd writes something positive about UM: http://t.co/cs0ssMc - First time so I'm speechless.



I don't think it's Swasey's lack of knowledge or that doesn't know what he is doing.

I think Swasey is basically the type that will do the minimum he has to to collect a check.

Why wasn't he insiting the players eat breakfast, workout harder,longer and everything they are doing now under him?

Why didn't he have the nads to go to Donna and say the strength program I'm told to use is crap, these players are going to get their dks knocked off?

Did he just remember how to coach again since Randy left?

I don't think Randy purposely went to Swasey and said hey the team doesn't need to eat breakfast, don't make waves.

I think Swasey thought hey nobody else on the coaching staff is busting their azz so I'm not going to either.
The country is full of people with that mindset, you probably work with guys that can do a hell of a job, but just do what they have too.

I'm real happy Swasey has his shyt together now, because he was a big member of The Coasters for a few years here.

Players come back to workout at The U under Swasey is like a fabricated fable handed down from generation to generation.

The players come back to workout here because it's The U

If Swasey was working for LSU now I doubt you would see the former Hurricane players heading over their to workout rather than be with Canes at Miami working out.

Big Daddy Cane

Wisconsin fifth-year senior RB Zach Brown is in Coral Gables investigating a possible transfer to Miami.



Off to Bass Pro Shop
catch you guys tonight


The breakfast story is bs....these boys spend most of their time in the dining hall and there is certain player who is seen all the time stealing food from the freshman dining hall....lots of stories heard and believed by some is just insane.


And remember when immature kids don't get their way they tend to lie.


Or embellish stories to make themselves look better.


If we ever get our QB situation straightened out and if our defense can quit coughing up 7o yard runs, this team could roll.



orange 'n green in the vein


For all the people who want to just, "get over it," somebody still holds a legit grudge. The biggest miscarriage of football field justice in the history of the game.


Papa Cane - Analysis Of Current UM Verbal Commits -

WRs: Jontavious Carter, 6'4'', Angelo Jean Louis, 6-foot, D'Mauri Jones, 6'4''. Emphasis on height.

DEs: Jelani Hamilton, 6'5'', Dwayne Hoilett, 6'3'', Jake O'Donnell, 6'6'', Trent Taylor, 6'3''. Big.

QBs: Gray Crow, 6'3'' and Preston Dewey 6'3'' - both tall and Pro-Set QBs.

DBs: A.J. Leggett, 6-foot, Vernon Davis, 5'10'', and Larry Hope, 5'11''. Pure cover guys.


^^ For those who can't get off the "Stars" idea, here you are: There are currently 7 4-Star commits, and 10 3-Star commits, per Rivals.com. Other site ratings vary.


We needed to get bigger. The old days of having smaller faster players is out dated. These days you have guys 6'4 250 running 4'6 40's. One area we truly need to get bigger is at LB. Miami, it seems, for the most part, averages 6'1 & 220 a man at that position. For years we got by on the speed factor, but now everyone has speed plus size. I guess we are one of the last dinasours on that front. We also need to get bigger and taller on the dee- front. We truly need some 6'4 or 5 dee-tackles.
Mcgahee is right OGV we did get cheated out of the Ship in 2002, whether they had illegals or not. That was about one the greatest injustices, I've ever seen & we've been snake bit ever since. All we need is 6 stars to emerge, 1 at QB, 1 at RB & 1 at WR. On defense 1 at Dt, 1 at LB & 1 in the secondary. If we get that, everyone else just as to be productive. We have to take the state back over in recruiting and the only way to do that is being a consistant winner and I'm not talking about going 7-6 or 8-5, i'm talking 10 win seasons. The conference we're in should be ours for the taking, every year. It's ridiculous that we haven't even won a conference or division championship, in a mostly basketball conference.

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