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June 11, 2011



Wet Your Pants Tour II
July 22-24

Whitewater rafting on Section three of the wild and scenic Chattooga River.

Sightseeing in the North Georgia Mountains.

This is the less intense more user friendly section of the Chattooga River than Section IV that the WYPT crew ran last year.

This run has spectacular scenery and plenty of chances to go ashore to wade, swim, take photos and eat.

Visit Helen, Anna Ruby Falls, Unico State Park, or just kick back Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Arrive Friday afternoon and stay through Sunday morning at our home in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

Mrs. Solar is setting the limit to 6 guests staying at our home this trip.

There are very reasonable hotels and the fantastic Unico Lodge less that 15 minutes from our house. If you stay at a hotel or share a room, you are still welcome to eat at our house and hang out.

The cost of the all day Saturday white water trip, including lunch is 100 dollars per person which goes to N.O C. to rent our raft(s) and provide our guide.

If you stay at our house it's a 30 dollar donation per person which pays for your lodging, snacks, full real home cooked meals, and your transportation to South Carolina and back. ( maybe)

Friday night appetizers

Sat breakfast, Sat Dinner, Sat late evening snacks

Sunday breakfast, snacks to go for the trip home.

Iced tea, coffee, and soft drinks are on us, haul in any beer, wine, energy drinks you would like.

We need to have our rafts reserved and paid in full by June 23ed.
You can get a full refund up to July 16th if your plans change.

This is a wonderful chance to spend some time together, share experiences that will be life long memories, and get away to the mountains.

I hope to see you on the river and on the front porch this July.
email me at

[email protected]
[email protected]

You can't win it if you ain't in it.


I hope we whup Ohio State by as many points as tattoos they traded memorabilia for LOL


I hope Jacory gets used to sitting on the bench

On another note - rumor is that Shane Rowland is transferring from Miami?

If it's true, gotta be something serious for him to do that, esp. since his dad won a ring with the Canes as a player back with the Wizard of College Baseball

And before anyone rags on his stats this year - he was a Frosh catcher that was surrounded with an inept assistant coaching staff who have obviously shown just how well their player developing skills are. Gotta get Yaz Grandy out of your head as well - even Yaz didn't have the kind of stats his Frosh year that blew people's minds

Rowland knows how to play baseball, it's not only in his bloodlines, but when you watch him behind the dish - the kid is good - he's a hell of a lot better defensively and won't have to work as much in that department as just getting hits. He works the count well, fouls off pitches he doesn't like a lot. Kid has a cannon arm, even as a Frosh - when you're throwing the ball to 2nd base in the 1.7 second range, you've got a nice freaking arm


Jerry...welcome to The Space! Post here, post often.

Love your site BTW. Post a link here?


Six there are issues with the baseball team. I told you guys way back some things I heard from my high school friend who sent her son to FSU instead of the U. She being a huge cane fan but her problems were not so much with coaches but players themselves and there influence on her son, wink wink.


On another note - rumor is that Shane Rowland is transferring from Miami?

I cannot believe that Rowland played for the Canes in the first place...Morris and his coaches better get their act together for this upcoming recruiting class otherwise they will all be out before they know it. Jim Morris doesn't have much left in the tank...It has been very sad to watch Canes baseball since 2008.

Big Daddy Cane

Coach Morris just missed his opportunity to re-define himself at the right time IMO. All great leaders go through a re-branding and I just think he missed his chance. similar to Coach K in 1995, Roy Williams in 201o, Mack Brown this year. Some guys just know when its time to re work things....he just missed his chance.

Big Daddy Cane

BTW SOUP, those were some big hits on the photos above.


canechic - there might be character issues with some of the kids, but my main concern is with the coaching staff and the decline that has happened over the past 4 to 5 years with it. Like I said, when a kid whose dad played for Fraser and won a ring with him is ok with his kid getting the hell out of there .. something is up

Montreal-Cane - you know a lot about Rowland and watched him consistently? or are you just going strictly by his batting average this year

He wasn't too far off Yaz Grandy's hitting stats as a Frosh in some categories, and Yaz was a pretty damn accomplished player in college - ACC All-Star, ACC Player of the Year, 1st Team All American, 1st Round pick (12th overall)

Rowland had better defensive stats than Grandy did in their Frosh years, 10 points higher in fielding % - Grandy is a more accomplished hitter in average, slugging, homers - over a hell of a lot of other players, not just catchers .. I mean damn, Grandy hit .401 in 2010

Rowland is a kid that was an Aflac All-American, excelled in a wood bat league over the summer, was in the Connie Mack World Series a couple of times, numerous scouts said he was the best defensive catcher out of High School in the nation and pro ready on defense - even in high school, it took him a while to heat up at the plate but the kid has it

Anddd if he does transfer, then who do the Canes have on deck to take his place

Rowland is not a kid that you want to leave your team


Rowlie also had offers from South Carolina, GTech, Arizona State, Vandy and SoCal

His pops winning those rings with Fraser when he played at Miami in college might have had a little influence on Shane heading to Miami


BTW SOUP, those were some big hits on the photos above.

Posted by: Big Daddy Cane | June 11, 2011 at 01:54 PM

Those were the dayz! The best hits lately were by our former kicker (Bosher) outside of a few by Spence and the one by RayRay against OU.


Update on the player sit down with Golden...it was more than three and more like five.

Various issues but none major enough to go buh bye. They got the Summer to get things right or maybe a suspension or two but no big deal.

That is all.



If U have a Facebook page do this:

Click on the Account tab (top right corner)
Click on Account Settings
Go to Account Security and click on Change
Mark the box that says "Secure Browsing" and "Log In Notifications" (by email).

U will be glad U did and reduce the risk of having your account hacked!

Big Daddy Cane

Update on the player sit down with Golden...it was more than three and more like five.

>>>>>> meet Al Golden....the symphony conducter, he's a maestro I tell you.


Miss st beats Fu whoo hoo!

Six I think honestly think it is a mixture of things, you know more about coaching than I do but UM baseball does not have the same luster that it once did. Change just may need to be made, can't keep going down this road.


Soup I did that a while ago. Made mine completely private.


Latonya Sadler - Camp just wrapped up. 254 campers attended today's @AlGoldenFBCamp. Campers from all over FL & country today. Even from across the Pond."

Big Daddy Cane

Good report OHIO.


Considering the recent lack of tight-end production, the program that once prided itself in difference-makers such as Bubba Franks, Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow and Greg Olsen is hoping Ayles can provide short-term star power.

With rising sophomore Asante Cleveland sidelined this spring with an apparent shoulder/arm injury, and junior-college transfer Chase Ford struggling in 2010, UM coach Al Golden said Tuesday the Canes wanted Ayles out of “No. 1: necessity.’’

Last season, three UM tight ends combined for 21 catches for 236 yards and one touchdown.

“We didn’t have quite the depth we wanted there,’’ Golden understated. “He did a great job in the offseason program and looked really polished for a guy who is just starting with us. He did a great job with his routes.’’

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/09/2104980/new-miami-hurricanes-tight-end.html#ixzz1OzyqZlwX


Six watching Rowland all year he didn't improve his batting at all. Behind the plate he is a small target because of his small frame. Morris lost patience with him in the regionals. I would be curious to know the real facts regarding his transfer.
Six do you think it's time to replace the coaching staff? By Miami standards i think so.


Congrats to Ti’erra Brown

DES MOINES, Iowa – University of Miami senior Ti’erra Brown is a 2011 NCAA national champion after her outstanding performance in the 400m hurdles Friday night at Drake Stadium.

The Hampton, Va. native circled the track in 55.642 seconds, just 0.004 seconds ahead of UCLA’s Turquoise Thompson. The win is the first national championship for the now six-time All-America performer. She became the sixth woman in program history to win an NCAA Outdoor National Title.


Lady Canes know what being a badazz is all about!


may have been posted already

WR Herb Waters landed an offer today from the anes, at Golden's camp. Expect a commitment shortly. No doubt, he's part of 2012 class.


I think you are allowed to offer 780 scholarships and receive 500 oral commits
a year before any of it means anything concrete by either party.

Now guys are going to have 90 offers a year instead of 15 legit ones, but that's just the way it goes.


I hope When we are 4-0 and are moved way too high in the rankings way too soon, Golden keeps their feet on the ground.
@VT @UNC back to back.


responded to your email
thanks as always


Lady Canes are where it is at...you know the ladies always have to pull the men out of the depths of hell or if you believe in Christianity put them in hell. ;) LOL!!!


responded to your email
thanks as always

Posted by: solarcane | June 11, 2011 at 04:49 PM

Roger that! I hit U back.

Belmont Race on now on NBC. My picks coming soon...


My picks for the Belmont: Master of Hounds, Animal Kingdom and Nehro.

Mrs. 86 picks: Shackleford, Animal Kingdom and Mucho Macho Man.

macjones de Albuquerque

Animal Kingdom on the nose, Bozo's. Get the fUc! outta' here. Ain't no way some daft whimpy clown is going to be toUting on this here forUm.

dj moonbat

My picks for the Belmont: Master of Hounds, Animal Kingdom and Nehro.

Mrs. 86 picks: Shackleford, Animal Kingdom and Mucho Macho Man.

Posted by: SOUP | June 11, 2011 at 06:31 PM

Thank God my bookie's phone was busy.

macjones de Albuquerque

Bloody LONGSHOT Ruler on Ice wins the Belmont at 24-1.

Matter of fact, the longshots ran 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Go bloody figure.

Animal Kingdom broke badly, once again.

macjones de Albuquerque

Muddy ovals tend to produce longshot winners.

And the prices at Belmont today have seen many, many, many longshot odds hitting the boards, Eh.

macjones de Albuquerque

#3 Ruler on Ice 51.50 26.00 13.60
#2 Stay Thirsty 19.40 10.80
#5 Brilliant Speed 7.90

$1 Exacta $464.00
$2 Daily Double $994.00
.10 cent Super $3702.00
$1 Trifecta 3-2-5 $4134.00

Bon nuit


Thank God my bookie's phone was busy.

Posted by: dj moonbat | June 11, 2011 at 06:43 PM

U got that right. Talk about a swing and a miss? That was a total WHIFF!

After the Derby both mw and the Mrs.both declined in accuracy with each race.

Now, back to playing the FL Lotto...


I knew I shoulda picked "Stay Thirsty".

I'm ALWAYS "thirsty" don't U know!


Montreal - I've said the Canes assistant staff has needed to go for 4 or 5 years now ... really, after Gino was the last to leave and Morris tried to replace them with some different people

Who the hell is the hitting coach? Who is the primary fielding coach?

Where is the player development been in either category in the past 4 or 5 years

Shane being 5'11 185 doesn't really mean much behind the plate, defensively he's a stud and like I said, several MLB scouts and publications had him rated as the top catcher coming out of high school in the nation

Offensively ya, he struggled. He was a Frosh, he'll get better. He was 4th on the team in Walks and 5th on the team in Strikeouts. He put the ball in play at least

Morris needs to fire the staff and then look at himself

Think about it this way - just like Leon Searcy said in the U Documentary ... Erickson was handed the keys to a Porsche and told not to crash it

Fraser did the same with Morris (Brad Kelley for that one year didn't really count). Morris never even went to the CWS while at GTech (although he did improve them and they went to a Regional in his final 9 years there '85-'93) - then he comes to Miami in '94 and goes to the CWS 6 years in a row and wins it in his 6th year?

What, all the sudden the light switch turned on for him to go to Omaha like that? Or, maybe he had a really good coaching staff behind him that had built a baseball machine through good recruiting/player development and he was the head coach of that

It's been a decade since the last title

CWS since 2001:

2003 - Miami got knocked out in the 2nd Rd

2004 - Miami got knocked out in the 2nd Rd (and beaten by a guy who I think is actually better than Morris - George Horton - who won it all that year with CSFullerton)

2006 - Miami got knocked out in the 2nd Rd

2008 - Miami got knocked out in the 2nd Rd


Marlins are just having a complete meltdown....this is when the weak pitching starts to show.

The Diamondbacks are really ruining the Ludacris show later tonight....about 500 more in the crowds for the Super Saturday with Ludacris.....The Marlins have to be losing money??? Nick says they will make it with merchandising when they change the colors and the logo next June....LOL!


OK....so this will be my last posts before heading off for 7 days. I will be out of touch with all that is Hurricane info :-(.

I hope every has a wonderful, safe week and i am hoping that when I get back, the NCAA hands OSU the death penalty instead of waiting till August, LOL.

Peace.....and GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have fun raize!


I hope that when I get back, the NCAA hands OSU the death penalty instead of waiting till August, LOL.

Posted by: raizecane | June 11, 2011 at 09:13 PM

Them AND Tennessee. The Suckeyes and dem thar Rocky Tops boys are going down HARD.

Have fun on your trip and stay safe. Sing along time:

Bring me two pina coladas, I need one for each hand,
Set sail with Captain Morgan, and we never leave dry land...


Drew Rosenhaus was out at Louis Murphy's camp for kids today at Lakewood High .. you want to talk about him snapping his fingers and his clients running to where he is?

That cat has it all under control

Ahmad Black was there, BJ Daniels, AJ Jones, Cornelius Green

Some of the advice they were joking around about was this

"Forget chasing girls. Chase the money. Get the money and then the girls will chase you"

Pretty funny


North Carolina is the first team to qualify for thr CWS.

Mike Fox the HC for NC took the Heels to CWS in 5 of last 6 years.


SOUP thanks for the tip on Facebook.

Good thing for Canes baseball Morris is going hard after recruits...

KC Draft Pick High on Attending UM



Guess which pro team TE Dedrick Epps is playing for now?


Guess which pro team TE Dedrick Epps is playing for now?

Posted by: SOUP | June 11, 2011 at 11:05 PM



Jack Lopez is the kid that raizecane was talking about and he goes to my alma mater ... he's not that far away from Fran either

He's got that baseball bloodline as well, like Rowland .. think I read a story about how he was saying that he talks/texts with Joey Votto all the time, that he attended his first pro baseball game basically right after he was born - he's got baseball in his blood


Anyone in the 813/727 want to see that kid Chase Litton that I was talking about ...

USF Sling N Shoot tomorrow, the final day, starts at 10:30am, games running all day

Chase is there with Wharton High

Mom was a Cane cheerleader. Chase loves the Canes, always pimping Cane gear. He's around 6'4 or 6'5, can't miss him. His family adopted Shawn Vanzant, the point guard for Butler University. Chase said that the only school in Florida he'd go to was Miami - his other 2 schools he likes are Rocky Top (b/c of Peyton Manning) and Oregon for some reason

The Manning brothers are pushing hard for Chase to come to their camp

A kid that Chase is throwing the ball to at Wharton .... Vernon Hargreaves (Jr.) - son of Vernon Hargreaves, who used to be the LB Coach at Miami from '98-'05 and who is now the DEnds Coach at USF


Soup, I know u said trust the process but it looks like every kid that shows up at Golden's camp gets a scholly...juss sayin.


Thurston Armbrister? Did anybody know that we signed somebody else to the 2011 class:


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